Fearless prediction: Tough practice today

Montreal-born Calgary resident Candace Curry, daughter of the Canadiens’ late forward Floyd Curry, proudly wears her love of the Habs in Alberta. (We’ve blurred her plate for her own protection!)
Courtesy Candace Curry

Welcome back, Max Pacioretty.

Now start skating.

Coming later: update from practice and Robert Rice’s Habs Future.

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Jack Todd doesn’t like Don Cherry

Ovechkin in a fight

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And one fan’s love letter to Max-Pac



  1. Rightwing says:

    If one were to trace why the world’s problems never get solved, Jack Todd could be a poster child.

    The Gazette hires a clown to get people’s emotions riled with non-factual based and often-embittered trite.

    The politics of hatred and his self loathing spill into much of what he writes.

    In the process, facts are scrambled into mush and people are further confused away from the truth of this existence.

    If you want answers, you look to ending abuse of power, from manipulative politicians to reality-warping journalists. Todd is an abuser, with a conscience that has been buried in a life of exploitation and its financial ease that is its payoff.

    But, in the end, while problems are becoming mazed into his Northern Ireland hate model, Todd has to live with himself.

    Don Cherry is just the next distraction away from reality for Jack Todd.

    In the bigger picture, one could even feel some compassion for him; as he is his own prisoner. Getting emotional over anything he writes or says, without understanding this ploy, is the trap that perpetually continues and keeps him employed.


  2. oshawahabsfan says:

    Wow, I believe that’s the first Todd article I’ve enjoyed reading. Well done Jack

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