Fearless forecast: Angry Hawks


The defending Stanley Cup champions pay a rare visit to the Bell Centre on Tuesday.

Tampa Bay’s Mike Smith made 31 saves and shut the Blackhawks out in Chicago Sunday night.

The loss left Chicago clinging to eighth-place in the Western Conference.  They will need a win tomorrow. Much like the home team.

Sunday results leave Canadiens closer

• Red Fisher on Mathieu Darche

• Dave Stubbs on Martin Brodeur and superb Habs road game that ended Devils’ hopes
(In the 1997 film Turbulence, actor Ray Liotta described Stubbs like this.)

Jack Todd predicts one and done

Who is Marc-André Gragnani?

• Pierre Ladouceur’s CH report card

• Arpon Basu’s playoff check-up

Mandi Schwartz succumbs


  1. Bill H says:

    The nicest thing about the win against NJD – we don’t call their goalie Martin F. Brodeur anymore. Nope, he can call us the Montreal F. Canadiens. Sorry New Jersey. It was a great second half you put together, but not quite good enough.

    I know Jack Todd is not very popular around here, but I loved his comments about government money for professional hockey arenas, jails, fighter jets, but no money for schools. Something to think about.

  2. rocketsglare says:

    A win tomorrow night more than likely puts the team into the playoffs.
    The Blackhawks have not been world beaters this season and can be
    had if the team can play a solid game like they have against some of
    the better teams this season. The Habs have shown an ability to play
    up to the level of the better teams and won but did so by playing in-
    spired and team hockey. They must come out and simply outplay and
    outhustle the Blackhawks if they are to prevail tomorrow night.

  3. Habitroll says:

    TSN allows only 1 thumb up or down…Cheers from new member!

  4. HotHabs says:

    OK, condolences to the Schwartz family.
    But, what does this have to do with all things Montreal Canadiens?
    Just wondering…

  5. Habby2CU says:

    Good to see Jack Todd once again going out on a limb and predicting a first-round loss for the Canadiens. I agree with Todd on many things but his pontificating about the Habs’ playoff chances is getting old. We all know how his predictions turned out last time:

  6. Shiloh says:

    Like Todd’s idea of 3 points for a regulation win, 1 point for a tie, and 1 point if you win in OT. Scrap the shootout.

    • eric says:

      Until they scrap the SO I’ll 3 pts reg time win, 2 pts OT win 1 pt SO and no pts for the loser

    • t1tan5 says:

      I don’t think a win in OT should be valued less than a regulation win. If you win by scoring in the course of play, you should not be penalized. With that in mind, 3 pts. for a win in regulation or OT, 2 pts. for a win in a shootout, 0 pts. for a loss in regulation or OT, 1 pt. for a loss in a shootout.

    • gp52 says:

      i think this system is better

      3 points for win in regulation
      0 points for loss in regulation

      2 points for overtime win
      1 point for overtime loss

  7. higginrs says:

    Darche is the kind of player that gives me hope for our Habs to do well in the playoffs. PK and Price have turned in great performances that generally match our expectations, whereas Darche also turns in good work night in and night out but his performance exceeds our expectations. His work is definitely inspiring to his teammates and challenges under-performers to rise to the level they know they can play at.

    Looking at the standings, if Montreal finishes where they are today, we get Boston. If the boys can get over the Max-Chara incident, then I can see our team handing them a stunner. If the boys can keep from getting distracted by the Bruins sideshows of dirty play (and that will take a good deal of discipline) then we will send the B’s packing. Can our Habs keep their heads in the game, can they stay out of the box? Who knows!

    PS: Glad the thumbs up/down option is gone. It was too easy to approve/disapprove of what someone was saying without justifying it with a well thought out reply.

    Now the site needs to improve the flow of conversation by organizing the posts by Boone and others better. Too many posts in a day is breaking up any single line of discussion and makes it hard to figure out what the focus of the blog is on any given day. Also, it would be nice to see the quality of Quick Hits and About Last Night return to their former excellence. The analysis in these reads has been very average lately (homage to Gomez perhaps?).

    • Max_a_million says:

      thumbs up and down was good fun, and prevented stupid arguments.

      • Maksimir says:

        +1 thumbs to Max_a_million
        -1 thumbs to higginrs

        • higginrs says:

          Here’s an example of “thumbs” being used without any justification. This is an example of the quality of comments you get with “thumbs”. Lame Maksimir.

          • wotever says:

            What’s the difference between using thumbs and what Max and Maksimir did? I know, they wasted a ton of whitespace, which with the multiple pages means you lose comments with actual content.

            And I *liked* seeing observer vastly negative on every single comment he made.

            It’s just a game.

      • huge_polar_bear says:


        Agreed, I miss the thumbs as well. It is too bad that they stopped using them. I understand that some people where clicking multiple times on the thumbs and this was an issue, but can’t HIO link the ability to give thumbs up/down to our log-ins and limit to one choice of thumbs up/down per post? Seems easy enough from here….

  8. patience is a virtue says:

    Todd is a blowhard, but he talks sense about Patches.

    Unless his injury really wasn’t as serious as we are assuming, I completely agree that the young man should wait to come back, perhaps until September. It’s just not worth the higher risk of permanent brain damage to rush a return for the playoffs.

    • Max_a_million says:

      A broken bone is a broken bone, and he seems to have recover from his concussion nicely. Waiting makes no sense at all. Once a bone is healed it is 100% healed, actually stronger than before it was broken to begin with. He is a strong young man in great shape, this waiting business is foolish. Don’t let the scariness of the event cloud the reality of the recovery. A broken bone is a broken bone period 4-6 weeks.

      • patience is a virtue says:

        -1 to you too 🙂 On both counts. The thumbs were superficial and susceptible to self-promotion.

        I agree with your take on the broken bone, but that is secondary. What is important is full recovery from a concussion and minimizing the risk of further concussions and long-term brain damage. Have we not seen enough careers ruined and lives impacted to have maximum patience in such situations?

        If he really has recovered and the risk is minimal, fine. But NHL players, coaches, and doctors have a very poor track record in judging when it is safe for concussed players to return.

        Patches, PK and Price might form the nucleus of future Habs Stanley Cup championship teams. I am not just being sympathetic to the young man’s personal heath here, I want that trio anchoring Cup runs for many years to come.

      • punkster says:

        Learn something about concussions. Read more. Then read them again.

        ***Subbang Baby!!!***

    • huge_polar_bear says:

      wrong thread sorry

  9. secretdragonfly says:

    Very sad news about Mandi. I’ve been following her struggles since last summer and was hoping she could beat the odds. It’s tragic when a bright young talent is lost far too soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this difficult time.

  10. smiler2729 says:

    Jack Todd, moron.

    “My second favourite team is whoever plays the Leafs”

  11. Laramy87 says:

    All we need is one win or any combination of 2 points in the next 3 games or a regulation loss of carolina in their next 3 games. Go habs go

  12. Lafrich says:

    Pat Hickey is losing his mind. The headline is wrong, as well as his statement that “The only way the Hurricanes can finish ahead of the Canadiens is if they win their three remaining games and the Canadiens lose their three final games”.

    • athanor says:

      And how is his statement wrong?
      If Montreal wins one game and loses two, and Carolina wins all three, they each end up with the same total of 93 points. In that case, Montreal advances based on nonshootout wins, which at that point would be 40 to 36.
      Edit: Actually, it occurs to me that they could lose all three (though heaven help my nerves) and still beat Carolina as long as two of the losses were in overtime or shootout. They would have the 93 points and still have more critical wins.

      • JF says:

        The Canes can lose one of their games in OT and still finish ahead of us if we lose all our three.

        • Max_a_million says:

          Do you see how nice it would be to thumbs down people like this who are all caught up in goofy splitting hairs. So much nicer than pointing out to them how ridiculous they sound. Now their feelings will be hurt by my words, they will get all defensive, and lash out in reply. A barrage of thumbs down would help point out that we get what his original point without being foolish about it.

  13. 21BIGGionta says:

    So all we need is a win if i’m not mistaken?

  14. Seriously, 3 game remaining, where did the season go?

    Ah the Playoffs once again, a new beginning where anything can happen. I’d love for Carey to go on a 16 game winning streak 🙂

    Shane Oliver
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

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