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Pierre Durocher of the Journal de Montréal is doing stories on the Bulldogs this week:

Marc Denis 

Max Pacioretty

David Desharnais (whom the Canadiens signed to a two-year contract today)


  1. Fansincebirth says:

    For those of you who are closer to the source….

    Are we in or out when it comes to the Sundin fiasco?

    I was just told by another Hab fan that the French press are still all over this like a wet blanket.

    Just curious…..

  2. sm00re says:

    Does anyone know the logistics of calling up Denis – i.e. will he have to clear waivers?

  3. HABZ24 says:


  4. nightmare_49 says:

    The Empty Netters : Brett Johnson Pressing Theo for #1 Job, Getzlaf Ties Malkin for Point Lead and Woman Collapses at Black Hawk Game, Dies; Mother also Died Attending Black Hawk Game in 1986, really sad .. by Seth Rorabaugh ….. ……………………………………………………… Early Season Trends in the NHL .. by Ted Montgomery .. USA Today ….. …………………………………………. Is Jordan Staal in Pens Future Plans .. The Confluence …..

  5. Neil says:

    Here’s a facebook group to get our 6 Habs into the starting lineup. Join and pass the good word on.

  6. LeGrosBill says:

    Is it Friday yet?

  7. nightmare_49 says:

    Gazette’s Sports Headline : Patience Pays Dividends for Carbo – Well, Tell that to Ryan O’Byrne…………………… Devils Know They Can’t Replace Brodeur, So Why Would They Even Try? .. by Scott Morrison ….. ……………………… Blue Jackets Win Big One .. Puck-Raters ….. ……………………….. Hab’s Mike Komisarek : The Art of Sacrifice .. Radio Canada …..

  8. cautiousoptimist says:


    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Josh Gorges on Montreal’s attack: “They’re comin’, they’re comin’ and they keep comin’. Just line after line, wave after wave…”

  9. J.T. says:

    Great news for Desharnais! I really like him, and if he makes it to the NHL, a certain Gazette reporter owes me a beer I’m dying to collect.

  10. twocents says:

    I am sorry but the thought of the players deciding who gets called up sounds awful to me. There is a lot more to evaluating who has a good shot of succeeding in the NHL than merely deciding who is playing best at their current level. Lever, Timmins, Gainey are all in a much better position to decide these things. Sometimes a player has a set of skills that despite their success at the minor levels their effectiveness will not translate into NHL success. Are you familiar with Corey Locke or Josef Balaj? Other times players have skill sets that may never statically dominate at minor levels however, their skills translate into solid contributions in the NHL.

    I mean if it is simply a matter of who is playing best, why not cut all human evaluation out of it and say that anytime a player needs to be called up that the player with the most points at that position be automatically promoted?

  11. georgesd says:

    Interesting read about the Bulldogs.

    I’m pleased to see Desharnais signing a 2-way 2 year contract. He’s 3rd in scoring, playing on a 3rd line w Ryan Flinn & Ryan White. He’s not w Pax or D’Ag. He also plays the PP & PK. Quite impressive.

    BTW, Danny Dubé just said on CKAC that he wishes the Habs let the players decide who gets called up. He cited Desharnais and Maxwell, one a no pick and the other a high pick. Maxwell gets to play on the second line w Pax and Glumak while Desharnais is on the 3rd line w Ryan Flinn & Ryan White. Flinn is a big bruiser. So Danny D wants to let the players decide who earns the eventual call-up.

    A similar comparison could be made between Pax and D’Ag. D’Ag is performing better than Pax of late. If the Habs call up Pax leaving d’Ag back when the other is doing better, it’s like sending the wrong message.

    But judging from Carbo’s comment yesterday about SK, he and his coaches aren’t blind. They see what gives.

    What Danny D didn’t say is what I suggested in an earlier post a couple od days ago: Desharnais on the fourth line at center w Lapierre on wing. It’s not gonna happen this year but it might eventually bring more speed and physical play w Lapierre on the wing, a more natural position for him possibly despite his face-off percentage of 53-55. Desharnais, like Carbo, had a prolific junior career.

    Just thinking out loud eyes wide shut.

    Good read re. Denis who could come up if BG decides to go for a 4th D and use Halack as trade bait. Melanson is working real well w the 2 keepers. Desjardins is waiting in the wings if needed to up his game.

    In the past two years, we haven’t had the Bulldogs and the Habs competing w the best in both leagues. This is very significant. I can’t imagine how some of the Habs regulars are feeling with “les jeunes loups” breathing down their backs.

    Lever and Carbo couldn’t ask for better!

    Best regards, Georges Drouin

  12. Gr8stFranchizEvr says:

    Nice punch, but that’s not likely to happen at the NHL level with real tough guys with some experience. Stewart keeps swinging like that and he’ll get his clock cleaned real good some day!

    I liked his bravado and commitment though…

  13. Habs fan in SF says:

    i hope the habs call up Stewie at some point this season. check out this fight from the other night.

  14. Corio says:

    HAAH nice, I like that kid!

    “He knows, like, unnecessary facts about putting Sears catalogs on your shin pads.” Sean Avery on Don Cherry

  15. georgesd says:

    A hell of a punch.


  16. georgesd says:


    I wasn’t intending to say that players should decide. Otherwise, why have coaches.

    What Danny said was “let what the players demonstrate on the ice be more the deciding factor than reputation.” I don’t believe I disagree w you. What I understood is that Danny D believes that sometimes players chosen higher don’t quite live up to expectations. So the coaching staff should have an open mind. Like you said about Locke as an example. Remember Beauchemin. Last year we had SK.

    Regards, GD

  17. twocents says:

    Sorry for misinterpreting and thanks for clarifying. I thought that sounded really far-fetched. I think players performance does play a huge part in whether or when they get a shot at the big club. I think draft position indicates what the organization thinks of a player as they enter the fold but it’s the player’s performance after that that is the largest factor. SK, Markov, Halak, Pleks, Lapierre, O’Byrne are all examples of that. If a player appears to not be getting a chance there is often more than easily meets the eye.

  18. georgesd says:

    Glad I got it right. When I type too fast and get verbose at the same time, I somtimes skip some of the logic. Txs for putting me back on track.

    Georges D

  19. Chorske says:

    Hopefully this will silence the Carbo haters who have been yowling to bring Max Pac up to the big club. Actually from the article it seems like he should have been sent to Hamilton SOONER (i.e. earlier in training camp), and not given reason to hope. But it’s nice to see that the kid is settling down and getting used to pro hockey. He’ll make the Habs, sooner rather than later. We’ll just call the past month a character building exercise for him.

  20. georgesd says:

    I don’t see how you hate Carbo if Pax needs more seasoning. He himself admits it in the commentary. He’s still wet behind the ears and is learning humongous each game out. When he gets his chance, Lever-Carbo will be on the right channel. Also, as I’ve said before, you can’t ignore a player who is essentially the best player in Hamilton, D’Agostini. He’s put in two full years prior to this one. And he’s leading his team.


  21. Chorske says:

    I’d call that one a draw


  22. nightmare_49 says:

    Spector : Trade Options for the Devils ….. …………………………………. Weekes Ready and Clemmer in Waiting .. Fire & Ice ….. ………………………………. New York Times Morning Skate : Khabbulin to Jersey? Seems Unlikely .. by Stu Hackel …..

  23. 24 Cups says:

    Bryan – not sure why Lou would trade for any of these young prospects, especially seeing that Brodeur is signed for three more years. I think he would be after a stop gap measure instead.

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  24. nightmare_49 says:

    2009 Entry Draft Hot List : Jared Cowen, D – Spokane Chiefs (WHL): Currently known as the best draft eligible defenseman besides Victor Hedman, Cowen is only one goal shy of last year’s total (four) already. Of course, it’s his size (6-foot-5, 218 pounds) and puckmoving ability that really has NHL teams salivating. Draft eligible in 2009 ………………………… Philippe Paradis, LW – Shawinigan Cataractes (QMJHL): The Cataractes are on a serious tear, riding a 10-game win streak with Paradis getting in on the fun. The Q’s offensive player of the week has 19 points in 20 games and plays physical. Draft eligible in 2009 ……………………………..
    Sergei Chvanov, C – Severstal Cherepovets 2 (Rus): Chvanov made a big splash in his first game at the World Jr. A Championship in Camrose, Alta., torching Belarus for a hat trick and an assist as Russia bulldozed the underdogs 10-4. Draft eligible in 2009 ………………

  25. RetroMikey says:

    Thank heaven!
    Finally a Montreal area reporter covering the Hamilton Bulldogs in my hometown for a whole week!

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  26. nightmare_49 says:

    Sports Illustrated’s Michael Farber – On the Fly – The Five Stealth MVPs’ in the NHL ….. ……………………….. Price Paying off for Les Canadiens .. TSN ….. ……………………….. Ice Chips .. TSN ..

  27. Bill H says:

    Thanks Nightmare for being ever vigilant and digging to find relevant articles. I enjoyed Farber’s, especially the part about Melanson, which I I think deserves to be pasted below:

    No. 5: Roland Melanson, Montreal Canadiens goaltending instructor

    Melanson has no system that can be attached to him like tin cans on the bride and groom’s car. He simply gets results.

    Melanson, who had a middling NHL career, helped José Théodore win the Hart Trophy in 2002. (Théodore then took a victory lap, wasting his time and talent; Melanson’s failure to rebuild him back into a Vézina Trophy after the goalie wandered away is the one blemish on his record.) Melanson also helped turn Cristobal Huet, a former backup in Los Angeles, into a legitimate NHL No. 1, which led to the four-year, $22.5 million contract that Huet signed in Chicago after a fabulous late-season stretch last spring with Washington.

    Now Melanson is molding a prodigy, Carey Price, while also developing another young goaltender, Jaroslav Halak, who is capable of pushing the preternaturally calm Price. Unlike the big-name Allaire brothers, Melanson’s work with goalies has gone unnoticed everywhere, of course, but Montreal.

  28. nightmare_49 says:


  29. showey47 says:

    watching the columbus/oilers game, souray is still terrible defensivly and is a -3 in the third period alone. They also play the ole ole ole song over their speaker system since there are not enough fans in the building to sing it collectivly. Oilers lose 5-4. Man its been a long week without any habs hockey

  30. bigjames says:

    you mean two beer! jeeze, we’re supposed to be canadians here, right?

  31. Chorske says:

    I think you may have misunderstood my comment.

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