Farber on Timmins

In a Sports Illustrated piece that listed five under-the-radar NHL talents, Michael Farber wrote this about Trevor Timmins:

Trevor Timmins, Montreal Canadiens director of player
recruitment and development. Maybe Timmins looks this good because the
bar was set so low by the occasionally embarrassing Canadiens’ drafting
of the past two decades. (In 1992, Montreal drafted Kelli Corpse.
After a run of stiffs, it was nice to see the Canadiens choose an
actual Corpse.) While his track record can’t compare with Conte’s or
the estimable job that assistant general manager David McNab and hockey operations director Bob Murray do for general manager Brian Burke
in Anaheim, the anonymous Timmins has been doing some creditable spade
work in rebuilding a Canadiens infrastructure that finally includes
younger players with significant upside, especially first-line winger Christopher Higgins and defenseman Mike Komisarek.

Timmins drafted four NHL-worthy players in 2003 (including defenseman/forward Mark Streit at No. 262), four in 2004 (assuming defenseman Alexei Yemelin ever leaves Russia) and another four in 2005, including, with the No. 5 overall pick, goalie Carey Price,
the rookie who might prove to be the home run that the Canadiens last
hit when they took Roy. Despite public pressure to take hometown star Angelo Esposito, a forward whose stock plummeted in the draft, Montreal coolly picked defenseman Ryan McDonagh,
Minnesota’s 2007 Mr. Hockey. Although it was widely panned locally,
personnel men around the NHL have praised McDonagh’s selection, at No.


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