Fantasy Habs come up empty in Buffalo

Ryan Miller

Suffering Canadiens withdrawal? The Gazette has the answer with the ultimate fantasy experience as beat writer Pat Hickey and Gazette techie Eric Tobon employ EA Sports NHL 13 to produce The Season That Isn’t. Here’s how things might have looked in Saturday night’s game between the Canadiens and the Buffalo Sabres at the First Niagara Center.


The Gazette

BUFFALO _ The Canadiens threw everything but the kitchen sink at Ryan Miller but the Buffalo goaltender was unbeatable as the Sabres blanked the Canadiens 1-0 Saturday night at First Niagara Center.

“If someone had told me we would have 39 shots and not score a goal, I wouldn’t have believed them,” said Max Pacioretty.

With David Deshatnais nursing an abdominal strain, Tomas Plekanec moved between Pacioretty and Erik Cole and the line accounted for 19 of the Canadiens’ shots.

“You have to give (Miller) a lot of credit because there were a few times when I had the opening and he shut it down,” said Cole, who led the team with 10 shots on goal. Pacioretty had seven and Plekanec had two.

“Our guys deserved an A for effort,” said coach Michel Therrien. “We generated a lot of chances, we limited their chances. Both teams had great goaltending but there are times when you do everything right and it doesn’t work out. The good news is that we get these guys back home on Monday.”

Carey Price had a shutout of his own until John Scott’s shot deflected off Matt Ellis.

“(Ellis) didn’t even see the puck,” said Price, who made 24 saves. “Josh (Gorges) had him tied up in front of the net and the shot hit him on the back on his leg.”

Therrien had some injury updates and there was a mix of good and bad news.

Desharnais had a light skate in Brossard Saturday. He has been officially listed as day-to-day but Therrien said he wouldn’t be ready for the rematch against the Sabres.

The news on defenceman P.K. Subban isn’t as encouraging. Therrien said he will be out for a month with an upper-body injury which we can tell is a hip pointer. Therrien said Subban would probably join the team for its post-season trip to Florida but only so that he continue his rehab under the watchful of athletic therapist Graham Rynbend.

“P.K. has been told to rest for a week and then he’ll start working after the Christmas break,” said Therrien. “The doctors say a month but P.K. says he expects to be back sooner and it’s possible because he’s young and he’s in great shape.”

After Monday’s game, the Canadiens hit the road for six games. They’ll visit Ottawa, Washington and Toronto before Christmas while Tampa Bay, Florida and Carolina on the other side of the holiday.


  1. nunacanadien says:

    Let us hope that eventually while he may be a great Olympic and Triple AAA type of developer, Trevor Timmins has helped to make the Habs the Smurfiest hockey team in years! What kind of cruel and nasty experiment are Trevor and the Habs ownership committee mostly from Toronto, getting even finally. Toronto based owners and their puppet Molson, overseeing the final destruction of champion hockey in Montreal! Thank you Geoff Molson, your dad must be turning in his grave.

    This fantasy loss story sucks. Time you Gazette writers stop this nasty. The habs are not NHL calibre and probably never will be as long as a bunch of Toronto investors have their say.

    In a way I’m glad Bettman destroyed the NHL. The Habs were already destroyed by its ownership committee!

  2. habstrinifan says:

    Haven’t posted for a while but gotta say that one post jumps out at me and which I feel is 100% correct. It is Cammandant’s post with the statements concerning the ‘contemplated action’ to decertify and the NHL’s counteraction. The main gist is quoted below.

    “Its nearly impossible today to know how a full fledged lawsuit would play out at the end of trial (2-3 years from now) and the risks to both sides are great.

    That’s why I believe this will never get that far. These two sides may argue some preliminary motions, but they will never reach trial IMO.”

    Bang on! These are not actions which either side expect to be ‘adjudicated’ to an end process. They probably are best described as pre-emptive and pre-cautionary legal wranglings, which both parties are hoping NOT to have to argue in court.

    So all these developments indicate are that the two sides are very much apart (maybe not in a huge lot of ‘items’ but in some hugely significant items); that NO ONE from either side has any clue as to how to reasonably proceed towards ‘agreement’; and that both sides are aware that they are teetering at the edge of the cliff. The only optimism then is that they see the rocks below and there may be someone(s) fron either or both sides who will step forward and come up with an ‘imperfect’ but ‘workable’ escape plan. And fraankly this may be more imminent than it seems… simply because it is the ONLY AVAILABLE OPTION.

  3. Haborama says:

    four things…..

    1. Galchenyuk. (enough said)

    2. I think that the best possible 1st round pick for us would be Sean Monahan. he is a big, physical, skilled center and having him and Galchenyuk as a 1-2 punch down the middle would make us one of the best teams in the NHL down the road.

    3. I am disappointed that their seems to be no true power forward prospects (we have discussed what that means) in the top 60 at the draft. Perhaps we can find one lower down, anything’s possible.

    4. It looks like Dalton Thrower is back from the dead, I wonder how long this will last………

  4. commandant says:


    That’s still Not a full proposal, merely three points the NHL wants linked together. There are issues that neither party has even discussed yet, much less made a proposal on.

    All proposals are still only partially done.

    • ZepFan2 says:

      I was just pointing out to Mr. Biter that it wasn’t a contract. I know it isn’t a complete package. Some here believe it was not only a full package, but a contract ready to be signed.

      Ka is a wheel.

      Fans Theme: “You’re Breaking my heart, You’re tearin’ it apart” – Harry Nilsson

      You’re breaking my heart

  5. commandant says:

    Things missing from the owners proposal also include any discussion of how teams get under the Salary Cap going forward. This is a big issue that would need discussion (grace period? Buyouts? Etc…)

    As far as contracts. Is it possible all contracts are voided? Yes because they are tied to the CBA. Is it possible the court would say they still stand, despite no CBA? Yes that is also possible.

    There is just no precedent for this stuff which makes it impossible to know how a court will rule. All we have is what is possible.

    Go Habs Go

    • Bill J says:

      Re contracts, yeah I guess that’s a very valid point, would have to come down to the courts deciding how CBA contracts would be handled going forward.

      Go Habs Go!

    • Bripro says:

      You would have to think, given that it’s the owners who are pushing for a reduced salary cap, they collectively looked at their current caps, and have already established a contingency plan.
      I doubt an owner who is currently up against the cap (Jacobs, for one) would be pushing for a reduced ceiling if he (they) have no means to reach it.

  6. commandant says:

    As far as decertification/disclaimer goes, and an antitrust suit is launched. I think we all have to remember, you can get 100 lawyers, law professors, and judges in a room and ask them what will happen, and you will get 100 different answers.

    Its nearly impossible today to know how a full fledged lawsuit would play out at the end of trial (2-3 years from now) and the risks to both sides are great.

    That’s why I believe this will never get that far. These two sides may argue some preliminary motions, but they will never reach trial IMO.

    Hopefully the settlement comes this year though, instead of next.

    Go Habs GO

    • Mr. Biter says:

      If the players decertify would that not void all player contracts? Also so far there has been no talk of “replacement players” by owners. Could this bring this to the table?

      Mr. Biter
      No Guts No Glory

      • Bill J says:

        As far as I understand it, contracts are contracts. Commitment must be met, however I’m not certain.

        So maybe a legal mind that reads here may offer their opinion.

        Yes, replacement players could be invited to play. But what fan will pay $100 per ticket to watch Beer league hockey players?

        Go Habs Go!

      • Sean Bonjovi says:

        Replacement players are the guys that aren’t good enough to play in the watered down 30 team NHL. Any threat of using replacement players would be laughed off by the players and the fans if not instantly, then in February 2014 when the best players in the world play a tournament in Russia while Darryl Boyce and Alex Henry face off in the NHL “all star game”.

  7. HabFab says:

    Not sure how many caught this the other day but apparently almost all the condo units in the new Tour Canadiens are sold. They are now looking at increasing the number of floors. Have they started construction yet?

    • Bripro says:

      I don’t think so. The Gazette reported two weeks ago that they were detailing the personalized bricks and that would take up to a month.
      I have to say, even going downtown every weekend, the only reason to go down there is to watch hockey.
      So I haven’t been in a while.

  8. HabFab says:

    According to Renaud, PA voting has commenced.

  9. HabFab says:

    Not sure how the supporters of either side think that a total victory for their side would be good for hockey.
    I’m guilty of teasing pro-players supporters in regards to what if this BUT please think about it… not a good thing.
    And the supporters of blow up the NHL and then what… player funded and run league?…again head is for thinking and heart for feeling.

    I could go on and on… but suffering some serious vertigo on this soapbox… cripes how did I get up here?

  10. aj says:

    I’ve been mum on this lockout. Right now, I’ve given up hearing a promised NHL season. I would rather see another season cancelled. To me, BOTH the players and the league are culpable! Even if they say they don’t owe it to the fans, but it seems the main issue that revolves the stupid melodrama is THE MONEY.

    Interesting to find this interview:–nhl.html

    I know PK Subban is optimistic about this (and he wants to have a contract deal done), but let’s face it! I don’t see it logical to have a season where both sides are hurting, money issues from CBA to HRR to whatever will linger between them, court battles (instead of puck battles) have drawn lines off the rink.

    If I’m going to say to every hockey fan is this: enjoy the WJC, enjoy junior hockey. If there’s a 2nd NHL season cancelled, SO BE IT!

    One more thing, if there will be any fan who will petition to fire Gary Bettman, I’m pro on it. He is unfit to be a commissioner of the NHL and a truly incompetent individual! 1 work stoppage and 3 lockouts is enough for this guy to end his career. Evidently, what happened to Pierre Gauthier last season is the same scenario we’re seeing right now – hard headedness and total ego tripping!! I wish the owners and the league committee to vote this guy out!

    • Mr. Biter says:

      Don’t want to get into the merit’s of your Bettman opinion, however Fehr was the cause for the 1994-95 baseball strike and was beaten to the punch by Bettman on the NHL lockout/strike. Also if anyone is interested in the Fans reaction to the return of baseball after the strike do a wikipedia search 1945-1995 baseball strike and the reaction of the fans the following year. Really hurt baseball and I am afraid it will also happen to the NHL on their return. Fans blamed both the owners and players harshly.

      Mr. Biter
      No Guts No Glory

  11. Mr. Biter says:

    Interesting that Fehr allows Dcertification vote but no vote on the contract offered by NHL and according to TSN it was a contract (before certain posters rebutt that it was not a contract).

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

    • Bill J says:

      proposal you mean? And no, tsn has not reported accurately that a complete proposal was tabled.

      They haven’t even discussed realignment to get Winnipeg into the Western conference. (Among many other non listed topics in said proposal).

      Go Habs Go!

    • ZepFan2 says:

      Nope, it was not a contract.

      From TSN (your source):

      “The NHL is looking for an even split of revenues with the players. When it agreed last week to increase an offer of deferred payments from $211 million to $300 million — a package aimed at making the lower percentage of revenue easier for the union to take — it was part of a proposed package that required the union to agree on three nonnegotiable points. Instead, the players’ association accepted the raise in funds, but then made counterproposals on the issues the league stated had no wiggle room.”

      So essentialy the NHL offered a proposal and when the NHLPA came back with their own proposal Bettman’s head exploded.

      Ka is a wheel.

      Fans Theme: “You’re Breaking my heart, You’re tearin’ it apart” – Harry Nilsson

      You’re breaking my heart

      • Bill J says:

        Not even a “full proposal” though, it was a proposal on certain key elements. And yes, Bettman and Daly’s heads blew up at the meer thought of getting a counter proposal, unreal reaction I wish I had PVR’d lol.

        Go Habs Go!

        • ZepFan2 says:

          “Not even a “full proposal””

          Excatly. Not even close to being a signable contract.

          Besides, after Bettman’s head blew up, he pulled the “proposal” off the table. Bad Fehr. Bad, bad Fehr. 🙄

          Ka is a wheel.

          Fans Theme: “You’re Breaking my heart, You’re tearin’ it apart” – Harry Nilsson

          You’re breaking my heart

  12. HabinBurlington says:

    Great day on the NFL docket, enjoy everyone, and Go Steelers Go!

  13. Habhopeful says:

    Does anyone know if the bulldogs game will be on tv tonight? Could have sworn sports net released a schedule and this game was included but can’t see it on any schedule…thanks! And galchenyuks awesome!!!!

  14. Carta-Hab says:

    Encouraging words from the head coach and GM of the Sarnia Sting, Jacques Beaulieu. He believes that Alex Galchenyuk is very close to being NHL ready, if not ready now. The way he is playing right now, I would not be surprised in the least if he is part of the opening night lineup of the Habs (if there is one this year).

    Mike Milbury, Don Cherry, and PJ Stock….The three stooges of HNIC.

    • Bill J says:

      To somewhat support your statement.

      I firmly believe unless the Decertification revokes the Habs rights on Gally. That he will be on the starting roster when the NHL returns.

      Go Habs Go!

      • 24 Cups says:

        Or the Habs can leave him where he is so he can play maximum minutes in all situations. Totally build his confidence for next season. This move would also go along way to helping us draft a top five player this summer which in theory would give us four building blocks to finally rebuild a team that can actually compete for the Cup.

        • Bill J says:

          I don’t believe the Habs would keep him in OHL, not after a Lockout.

          To many fans want to see him in Montreal.

          Gally is not the second coming of Guimauve LaTenderness. 😉

          Go Habs Go!

        • Carta-Hab says:

          Honestly, if he if makes the lineup, I would like to see him at least get the 9 game tryout. I think all of us here would admit that we all would love to see what he could do playing against men in the NHL. He doesn’t seem like the type who will buckle under the pressure or start to falter if he has one bad game. I am a hockey lay person in the purest sense, so I trust the people responsible for evaluating him (Marc Bergevin et al) to make the right choice. That being said, I do understand your theory re: keeping him in the OHL. Gives us possibly less of a chance to win and then draft another stud in he 2013 draft. Interesting choice to make, no question.

          Mike Milbury, Don Cherry, and PJ Stock….The three stooges of HNIC.

        • JF says:

          Completely agree, Steve. Good as Gally is, he’ll be better after a full year in the OHL. And the main reason I’m still hoping there is some kind of a season is so we can finish near the bottom again and draft another elite offensive talent. Especially after watching a few Dogs games and seeing how much trouble they have finishing.

      • Boomer says:

        there’s also the question of his contract. Do they want to burn a year off it for a shortened season? It’s an interesting choice.

      • HabFab says:

        Decertification or disclaimer wouldn’t make him a FA, all individual player contracts would still be valid with their teams. The NHL has requested in their legal suit that if they lose, that all contracts be declared null and void.
        Can’t remember “lose what” at this moment but believe it to be that the lock out is valid and not in violation of anti-trust legislation, even if the players get their disclaimer.

        • Boomer says:

          Sorry HB, what do you mean wouldn’t make him an Free agent?

          • HabFab says:

            Responding to Bill’s comment above that reads “Decertification revokes the Habs rights on Gally”

            In the “worse” case scenario for the NHL, they lose the anti-trust case that the players are threatening and have to pay up to 3 times their salary for those locked out. The NHL is asking now for court protection that if they do lose their attempt to block, they can cancel all contracts and everybody becomes an UFA. IMHO that if the NHL loses the anti-trust the owners will allow the teams to go bankrupt and dissolve the league. The 3 times figure would be almost $5.5 billion. As Ian keeps reminding us, this most likely will get a lot dirtier before it finishes.

          • Boomer says:

            Oh ok, thanks man

        • Bill J says:

          The league likely as part of its scare tactics aluded to the fact that the contracts wold become null and void if a decertification were to take place.

          Thus the thought that the Habs could lose Gally, seeing as he is signed to a contract with the Habs.

          I’m not thinking this will actually happen, just mentioning it because Bettman seems to want that to happen perhaps as punishment?

          Go Habs Go!

          • HabFab says:

            The NHL actually asked for it in their law suit if they lost the right to have the lock out declared legal even if the PA does it’s disclaimer. The owners don’t want to pay $1.8 bl let alone get hit with $5.5 bl if their worse case legal scenario occurred.

  15. HabFab says:

    And for the CBA conspiracy theorists;

    • frontenac1 says:

      I think shakey goaltending has been huge factor also. I have a feeling this year will be different. Subban will be key IMO. He played lights out against the Russians in the U18 and hopefully he brings it again in WJC.

  16. frontenac1 says:

    So Gally gets 3 Goals and 2 assists against the Fronts last night. I”m OK with that amigos,I really am., but please don’t tell me he went for a Gordie Howe and beat the sh*t out of one our Lads.

  17. Mondou6 says:

    Can we start an HIO campaign to simply post “BOOOO” for these fantasy game reports? After that, we can go on to discussing more interesting things, like Hamilton, or the lockout, or anything.

    I think it would be funny to see a bunch of “BOOOO”s, and it might help display the large number of us who loathe these stories.

    I’ll start…Another fantasy game report?


  18. commandant says:

    My favorite lockout article, for Bill who is educating all of us

    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

  19. commandant says:

    Highlights of last night

    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

  20. Mike D says:

    I know it was mentioned numerous times below, but I think it’s worth repeating:

    What a MONSTER game for Galchenyuk last night!!!!!

    – Honestly yours
    Twitter: @de_benny

  21. commandant says:

    Do we really miss the NHL? A satire from Mitch

    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

  22. Bill J says:

    Frankly speaking, I hated what he brought to the table when Halak was here. But today Allan Walsh hit a home run on twitter.

    Why does the NHL want the union to exist so badly? In fact the owners need the NHLPA to exist much more then the players do, odd how that works eh? Normally unions protect the staff (players) not the other way around.

    Above IS why no court can stop the decertification, because the union serves the employer more then the staff.

    Without the protection of the union, there is no draft, there is no RFA, there is no Salary Cap. In effect the NHL loses all control over the players.

    Go Habs Go!

    • HabFab says:

      Why are you involving me in this?

    • wjc says:

      Are you saying because the NHL is trying to stop “disclaimer” or “decertification” this means the NHL does not want the union to disband.

      Is Walsh trying to say this means the NHL wants and needs the union.

      First of all, the NHL is trying to stop the union from using these devises as a “ploy”. To use them and then reinstate them as means of doing business. The NHL does not want the “union” to expect to bring the union back together once they have accomplished their mission.

      If you decertify or disclaim this could cause a uncontrolled war, that no one know’s for sure where it goes. But if they must use the disclaimer once you are not a union…… then you stay…not a union.

      If the players have gone on record saying they love the Fehr leadership, they cannot turn around and say they want out of the union. Bettman (NHL) would be happy to be rid of the union, and if the union goes it stays gone.

      Once this blows up hockey could be tied up in the courts for a long time and you will have a hard time blaming it all on Bettman. But some will spin it and find a way.

      Try to find people that at least see both sides of the issue, if you need to be influenced.

      Fact….players are rich, they make millions, they have guarantees.

      Owners, need financial stability or why bother?

      I say “blow her up”


  23. L Elle says:

    It was supposed to be simple. Like pirates dividing up their loot. Instead it has turned into The War of the Roses. Not a bad dream, but a nightmare.

    I’m OK with losing this season if it means perpetual peace. But with this same cast of characters, I’m afraid it will go on and on.

    Even with a settlement within a week, we get a watered-down season. Oh boy, we get to see the Sens 25 times. 😉

    • HabFab says:

      So how is the new computer?

    • Ian Cobb says:

      L Elle,
      Long term deal is what is needed for sure. It may be imposed by the courts.
      There are going to be a lot more twists and turns yet I think. I don’t think anyone knows how this will play itself out.

    • wjc says:

      First of L Elle, good morning. You are right should have been simple.

      Players making millions, revenues way up, “hey what could be simpler.

      My take is players wanted a strong leader in Fehr to combat Bettman. Well they got a stalemate, Fehr is strong. Players were looking for a little payback, well they got it. Now we have this impasse, stalemate, two chess masters with the dopey players and niave fans sitting back and wondering, “where the hell is this going.

      Believe me there are over 600 players sweating and saying is this going to end up in a frigging ditch. Maybe a leader with more compromise would have worked better. After all Players are making millions to add to there stack of millions. Maybe Kelly would have been a better answer.

      In 8 to 10 years new leadership will be in place, Bettman will retire along with Fehr before another one of these CBA’s comes due. That is if the NHL is here as we know it.

      Seems some fans want a weak NHL and strong players, how long will that last, if you are thinking of the future. Strong owners and rich multi-millionaire players seems to be the better solution.


  24. Ian Cobb says:

    I am not sure if this vote is to show solidarity to the owners, or to force these employers to the American court for collusion and price fixing etc.???
    But like I said 3 months ago, this fight is going to be very long and very nasty.
    It is going to get much worse by this summer for sure. There will be many scars.

    • Bill J says:

      Ian, I think most of us knew this was not going to be pretty.

      I do prefer they hammer this out till the elements making this an ugly affair are removed (Bettman, Daly, Jacobs and yes even Fehr once those first 3 do not have as much power as they have now) so that we can expect a harmonious relationship between the league and its players.

      3 lockouts in 20 years is a Bettman legacy, sunbelt teams that cause the league to be apparently financially unstable? Also a Bettman legacy.

      Fehr and the current players have no responsibility tied to Bettman’s legacy. Time for the little tyrant to be removed.

      Go Habs Go!

      • wjc says:

        Bill J, not following you around stalking you, really I am not. But you and I are on opposite sides of this.

        The power is supposed to be with the owners.

        The players are the talent, the wonderful talent, that can excite the fans.

        The owners are supposed to run the league and be financially viable. Where does the idea come that players are supposed to be equal to the owners financially.

        Being a commissioner for a professional hockey league that has unionized players means that the task falls on Bettman to handle negotiations when they are due.

        The CBA represents both players and owners, I know you know that but, this is where it gets tricky, lookouts, strikes, compromise are all part of the game. Without a union there can be no lockouts, or strikes, with them there can be and has been.

        The league revenue’s went up 1 billion dollars on Bettman’s watch. Pretty awesome by any standards. Unfortunately, the way the CBA was structured the players made a killing and they knew it. What they got they wanted to keep for themselves and the owners saw it differently and thus a stalemate and impasse….a lockout.

        Is this all on Bettman, of course not.

        Every CBA is different, now there is a stalemate, try to get over the blame game and realize as a fan you want a strong NHL. Same with the players, if the players make too much it hurts their game. Examples are many. The players of the 70’s seemed happier and more satisfied then this entitled bunch of spoiled (not all of course) players.

        Forget legacy’s, this is business, and sometimes it gets messy. It’s Bettman’s job to jump in the pig pen once in a while.


        • Bill J says:

          Agreeing to disagree.

          btw, I love it when a owner/Bettman defender says that Bettman grew the leagues revenues by 1Billion, specially when I consider how much more could be made without him at the helm. You know… Pheonix, islanders, devils, stars, even the Stanley cup winning kings are not financially viable.

          At least two of those teams could have been moved already by now to a.better hockey market. IMO, the others would by now be in the process of moving. And instead of speaking about 1 Billion in increased revenues. We’d be talking about 3 Billion in revenues…. And not be missing hockey, as the owners would not be as willing to NOT get that revenue…

          How’s that the players fault?

          Think deep about WHY those particular teams are in trouble, all back to Bettman in some way or other.

          Go Habs Go!

  25. HabinBurlington says:

    Where do we go to vote today?

  26. rhino514 says:

    I like Blunden, maybe he can be a decent fourth liner. Anybody know what Ryan White is doing? He doesn´t seem to be playing anywhere.

    • HabFab says:

      White was one of the half dozen Hab players that were so banged up from last season, felt he would be better served taking the time off…but then I don’t imagine he thought it would go this long.

  27. Cal says:

    Since the players have decided to vote on something, (even though it should be the owners’ proposal) here’s to them. May they find the exercise enlightening.

    • Bill J says:

      What proposal? You mean the incomplete proposal? The one that they could not have possibly voted on? There was no formal proposal from the NHL, they had some points they agreed on, Fehr showed optimism but concern that the NHL kept cutting things short…. 15 minutes later the league pulled everything off the table.

      The owners are not negotiating, they’re playing stupid mind games with fans like you. Please don’t feed their stupid games by believing what Bettman says, he DOES have a track record of lying to the fans you know.

      Go Habs Go!

      • Cal says:

        Do you actually believe the poor downtrodden players (insert sarcasm font here)? Their “union” is a bleeping joke and is proving it with each and every tactic they use.

      • wjc says:

        Spin, spin, spin. Fehr is the only one that could possibly be right.

        The owners are, as you put it, “playing stupid mind games with fans, and you can see right through it. Never believe Bettman, put your faith in Fehr according to you.

        The players need 1 minute to vote and 5 days to be convinced to drink the kool-aid. Lets see how this all works out.


        • Bill J says:

          Feel free to educate yourself as well, see above link.

          Go Habs Go!

          • wjc says:

            Bill J, educate myself with this guy. Larry Brooks is not being balanced in his assessments of the situation. He hate Bettman and twists everything to fit his arguments.

            I now see where you are coming from if he is your influence. All he is, is a name calling information spinner. You would be wise to think for yourself a little more.

            Of course Bettman is going to counter with all the tools he has at his disposal.

            Players have been happily tweeting, their undying support of Fehr, so of course they are going to use the players words against them.

            Over 600 players have made no mention where they stand on this mess and it is quite likely they would like to get back to playing and making their millions of dollars.

            Larry Brooks is a controversal reporter. You know which side of the fence he stands and he hates Bettman, so of course the NHL can do nothing right. He is a joke!

            He has an agenda, not sure why?

            He is not using balanced journalism and if he was showing both sides, I could except and respect that.

            Try to remember, a strong NHL is good for the fans and players.

            A financially weak NHL is not good for the fans and especially for the players. Players are making millions why is that not enough.

            CBA’s have a time limit for a reason. To re-open them and correct things that are not fair, over time things can go out of balance.

            The players did tremendously over the course of the last CBA. Who’s fault, I don’t know, just need fixing. Owners wanted things balanced out and players liked the way it was working out. Now they are convinced that they are being robbed.

            The are hockey players making millions, hard to feel sorry for that.


          • Bill J says:

            Your closing statement says everything about your opinion.

            You’re jealous of the players “making millions”

            Thanks for educating us. I now know discussing with you is pointless, as you are not balanced on the issues at hand.

            Go Habs Go!

  28. commandant says:

    Galchenyuk is a BEAST.

    We got such a steal last year.

    This is honestly the best Habs prospect I’ve ever seen in my life (31), Last season might end up the best thing that couldve happened to this franchise, as painful as it was.

    We’ve FINALLY got that super stud forward we’ve lacked since the 70s.

    Go Habs Go!

    • Fake says:

      Holy cow, you’re old.

    • wjc says:

      Well, Bill J, at least I know where the name calling influence comes from.

      Jealous of the players, I have my own income and I am set for life. So jealousy is not the issue. Millions are being made and they are not satisfied, give me a break.

      I know people that work for 40 years and end up with a half million dollars and are at peace with it.

      A strong NHL (if you enjoy the game) is important. Financially viable ownership. Where the NHL puts teams is not your concern.

      Putting more teams in Ontario only robs Buffalo and Ottawa from ticket buyers. Going south makes more sense because they are new markets and new money and new opportunities where the population is.

      Hockey is a great game and it will and is catching on. Pay-per-view is also huge source of revenue.

      I know this will not influence you, but, I just can’t get down and start name calling.


      • Bill J says:

        Stating you should educate yourself on the facts at hand, and then assuming you are jealous of millionaire hockey players is NOT name calling.

        That’s about enough banter with you now, find someone else to argue with.

        I’ve stated my point, you’re not going to change my position. So go argue with someone else why you should not take the time to educate yourself on all aspects of something before expressing your opinions to others.

        Go Habs Go!

  29. sreuel says:

    A day of sorrow and still hockey the best sports reporters are off till Monday as respect but not some

  30. Chris says:

    Regarding Galchenyuk’s ice time:

    If you watch Sarnia games live, they aren’t doing a bad job at all with Galchenyuk. Too many junior teams skate their stars into the mud with ice time. When Galchenyuk is on the ice (typically for about 17-19 minutes), he’s skating hard all the time.

    When you watch a lot of the guys getting 20-25 minutes on other teams, they are dogging it half the time. There are precious few juniors that I’ve seen in the OHL that have non-stop motors. Ryan Callahan was one, and Dustin Brown was another. Galchenyuk is in that same mould, but with **MUCH** more talent to go with the work ethic.

    I keep seeing people ripping the Sting’s use of Galchenyuk, using him as a winger and/or playing him too little. I don’t like what they’re doing with their other Russian kid (Nikolay Goldobin, who is yet another outstanding prospect at just 17 years old), as I think he needs more talented linemates to really shine. But Galchenyuk is doing better than anybody (including Trevor Timmins) could have hoped for, and is showing a goal-scoring penchant that I don’t think anybody saw coming. These are VERY good things when it comes to his development.

    Sarnia enters the break tied for 5th overall and riding an 8-0-0-1 streak. I think that they’re doing something right.

    • Riga Fraction says:

      I definitely like what I’ve seen out of Goldobin as well myself. The Sting aren’t half bad (contrary to the common opinion). They’re just stuck in a conference with some CHL super powers, which makes it look a little less by comparison (who doesn’t get overshadowed by London right now though?)

      Great game between London and Guelph today by the way, so many great young teams chock full of talent in the OHL right now, even with 11 off for the WJHC.

      • Chris says:

        The Guelph-London game was fun. We were in the London end in overtime and the Storm had some really nice chances to end the game. They were the better team in the 3rd period and OT, but I have no faith whatsoever in Sparks. If the Storm could find themselves a truly elite OHL goalie and another PP quarterback (they aren’t going to take out London using Brock Beukeboom as a defenceman on the PP), they have all the horses to dominate. But Sparks is too hit and miss.

  31. Habilis says:

    Am I the only one who would rather see Sarnia Sting or Hamilton Bulldogs game articles in the place of these fantasy stories? Maybe even a full prospects report once every few days? Or even just a list of Habs prospects with any points they acquired that day. Or just a picture of any Habs prospect playing hockey. Actually make that a picture of Kate Upton in a Habs jersey.

    Seriously though, these fantasy stories are just reminders of the actual game we’re missing on that actual night. It’s painful!

    I get that Mr. Hickey takes the time to write them and that’s appreciated, but I also know that he keeps tabs on our juniors from his twitter feed. Instead of writing about a video game, why not the real deal?

    Just a suggestion. Cheers.

  32. Ron says:

    Dogs win 6-4 Dumont empty net goal. Dogs brought Fortier up to take the released Boyce’s spot and played well. He has some wheels. Mayer was not spectacular but got the win.

  33. Fake says:

    To Ron:

    Oh, Ron, you shouldn’t have!
    Thank you.

  34. Harditya says:

    Galchenyuk has caught fire wow.. 1 point behind Strome for leading the entire OHL in points.

  35. jedimyrmidon says:

    This is shaping up to be an excellent night for Habs prospects!

  36. Ron says:

    Dogs 5-3 9:29 2nd period Blunden 2nd of game

    EDIT: 5-4 12:44 2nd period

  37. Fake says:

    Stamkos’ 2nd and final year before the NHL (in sarnia)

    61GP 58G 47A 105P

    Galchenyuk’s 2nd and final year in Sarnia 😉 (keep in mind this is after draft year therefore almost a year older then Stammer but is coming off of a knee injury that made him miss an entire season)

    33GP 27G 34A 61P

  38. Fake says:

    Was about to point out Gally is a +5 but Kingston scored so still a solid +4. 3 goals 2 assists (5 points) still so far.

    EDIT: End of game Gally with no more points, heads into WJC with 33 games played 61 points 1 point behind Strome (Leading scorer) and tied for most goals (27). What a solid year for the beauty.

  39. Ron says:

    4-3 Dogs 1:44 2nd period Ellis

  40. tippytoes says:

    Sarnia Sting have entertaining play by play guy with a great voice. Much better then Habs guy from last year.

  41. jols101 says:

    Gally with the hat trick. 3 goals 1 assist tonight so far. Tied with Ritchie and Jenner with 27 goals for the OHL lead. Second player to reach 60 point plateau in the OHL this season. 2 points behind Strome with 10 minutes to play. As i am typing he gets another assist. 5 points tonight for a total of 61, only 1 behind Strome. This guy is spectacular.

  42. ZepFan2 says:

    1-0 Dogs in the first.

    Edit: 1-1

    Ka is a wheel.

    Fans Theme: “You’re Breaking my heart, You’re tearin’ it apart” – Harry Nilsson

    You’re breaking my heart

    • Boomer says:

      hmm can’t seem to load for me. ty anyways!
      I saw barkov play against mikko koivu’s team, they were matched up pretty well, went head to head a lot.
      Barkov 1
      Koivu 0
      Now Koivu is no Crosby but he’s a good nhl player and that kid Barkov stood out on the ice. I like the cut of his jib.

      • Fake says:

        Yeah he’s an interesting player for sure. Bloodlines from russia and born in FIN. He’s big too at 6’2 so he’ll be a solid top 3-5 pickup in next years draft.

        BTW: The link was a pic of him with a habs toque on.

  43. jols101 says:

    Gally with his 2nd goal early in the 2nd period. One more goal for the hatty and to be tied for the lead in goal scoring with 27 goals.

  44. Mark C says:

    Gally with a shorty!

  45. Haborama says:



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