Fan rally precedes Habs-Capitals


A Facebook-spawned fan rally, promoting safer hockey, supporting injured Canadien Max Pacioretty, and generally insulting NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and the Boston Bruins, unfolded an hour before Tuesday’s Montreal-Washington Capitals game at the Bell Centre.

Fans congregated in Centennial Plaza, wearing Pacioretty T-shirts, others that were less than complimentary about the Bruins, and generally milled about. They were hoping to make some kind of statement about Pacioretty’s injury suffered last Tuesday when he was checked into a bench stanchion, at once supporting the player and asking for a safer game for all.

A half hour before the rally was to begin, Pacioretty announced on his Twitter page that he intended to attend the game.

More to come.


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    Gravitar test.

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    …more to come?

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