Fallen star Ryder will be hard to move

From Atlanta, The Gazette Pat Hickey asks, "Is there a player in the National Hockey League whose star has fallen faster than Michael Ryder?"


  1. idle says:

    In fareness, Leclair was given every chance to succeed in Montreal and it just did not happen. He did some good things at times but then would disappear for games at a time.

    hmmm…could it be that there really is such a thing as “player X will never fill his potential in Montreal?” I mean we talk about players like Ribeiro and say we gave up on him to soon (which I agree)and then he comes back and has a season like he is currently having with another team, but the truth is how do we know he would have ever done it in Montreal? Same as Leclair and all the others you want to discuss. How do we really know??

  2. doug says:

    last year was there a bigger free agent disappointment than samsonov?

    was there a worse trade than leclair and desjardins for recchi ten years ago, after which leclair showed his megastar potential?

    how about tonight’s visitor, mike ribeiro?

    it’s time to look in the mirror. we don’t allow offensive players to prosper here and they haunt us later, even though samsonov has not done so and won’t. ryder will.

  3. rogus says:

    Just a thought. Everyone keeps referring to Ryder as a sniper. From what I’ve seen in most cases, snipers can hit the net, and have some sort of offensive flair and creativity. Ryder is a one dimensional player that needs a good set up man aka Kovy. If Ryder is to break out of any slump, why not put him on #2 P unit as he wasn’t working out with Koivu and Higgins, maybe it is a psych issue. While I am not a fan of Ryder, letting him rot in the box does nothing for his value to other teams as a trade. He should be a 3rd liner on a team that needs to focus on offense more. I watched Chipchura as a junior, he is a very capable set up man. Move Lapierre to the wing and roll 3 lines, not 4. If a solution can’t be found before the trade deadlne then dump him for a pick. We need him to pick it up quick though or we’re just wasting cap space on him…and unless he’s good at laundry, I’m sure other teams won’t pay him to sit in the press box.

  4. Girth says:

    It is my view that Ryder has benefited from an enormous amount of patience on the part of his coaching staff as well as his fellow line & team mates.

    It is also my view that the team’s management could have handled the situation a little better. However, few teams, if any, would be in a position to assume the related risks of persisting with a player this far gone. Ironically, I do not believe the fans have completely given up hope.

    Never the less, there are games to be played and we happen to have several young gunners ready to assume his position. I sincerely hope he comes out of his slump, however, not at the expense of the team.

    On the up side(if there is one)… He has held his head as high as can be expected, and has maintained an air of dignity and poise. Perhaps someday he’ll look back on this as a tremendous learning and character building experience.

    Bottom line… I believe Ryder has great potential, but I cannot envision him rising out of the ashes this season… and thus, sadly… not with the Canadiens.

    Until then…
    Game on!

  5. RetroMikey says:

    Who wants an overrated “sniper” who is a defensive liablity? Not me nor the Habs. Sure he’s lowered his +/- stats this year thanks to Guy and his staff but that can drastically change back to his old ways wherever we dump him to an NHL that wants him. Sorry Michael, we all have personal issues we have to cope with but you are supposed to be a role model to young Habs fans out there! Winners find there ways to come back and find their way to be put on a Wheaties box, but you have disappointed and shocked alot of Habs fans…..but not me.

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  6. The Cat says:

    Yes exactly Timo. When Carbonneau benches Ryder and puts Defensemen as forwards, what does that do to the slumping Ryder’s confidence? Snipers and goaltenders need babying. Yes I agree some of it is Ryder’s fault, that its up to him to snap out of it but, at the same time, Carbonneau hasnt made it easy for him in the least. But as I said in a post somewhere about Stephane Richer, every goal scorer here in Montreal gets crucified at one point or another. So in my opinion I wouldnt want Ovechkin in Montreal as the same fate would await him…eventually. The blueprint of the modern day habs is to be like the NJ Devils of the 90s. Mind you that blueprint wins championships.

  7. Macurd says:

    if the habs tried to run and gun with their opponents, they would lose big on a regular basis.

    they dont have the offensive players to play that style. the only way to do it is to shut the other team down so our pathetic offense acutally has a chance of scoring more than the other team.

  8. linp says:

    Carbo seems to be in love of playing D-men as forward. That is equivalent to “play not to lose” vs “play to win”. As for Ryder’s case, both him and the management are at fault. The statistics aside, his play just didn’t look good and there was no chemistry with his line mate. Carbo’s defensive PK style system didn’t help player like Ryder. He prefer to use another defensive minded player instead of Ryder. We miss Ryder’s quick release. Carbo’s system is not giving him opportunities to use it. Now we are shooting ourself in the foot. It becomes a lose-lose situation.

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