Exclusive: Price’s Centennial Game mask

The mask Carey Price will wear Friday for the Canadiens’ Centennial Game at the Bell Centre.
Courtesy David Arrigo

Canadiens goaltender Carey Price has worn a number of different masks this season, a selection of them to be auctioned off for charity fundraising. They’ve all been the graphic work of Toronto sports artist and mask creator David Arrigo, whose work can be seen in detail here.

Friday night, for the Canadiens’ long-awaited Centennial Game, coming on the 100th anniversary of the club’s founding, Price will wear something special – a mask featuring the likenesses of six of the club’s Hall of Fame netminders, as well as a listing of the 24 seasons in which the Habs have won the Stanley Cup. We’re happy to give you an exclusive first look at the mask here.

On the left side you’ll see, from top down, Georges Vézina, Patrick Roy and George Hainsworth. On the right: Bill Durnan, Ken Dryden and Jacques Plante. Also appearing are the various logos that have appeared on the Canadiens sweater through the decades and a face-circling blue border very reminiscent of Dryden’s “target” mask. On the chin is the stylized C that appears on the jersey the Canadiens wore in 1909-10, their first season, and on the back of the helmet are the Cup-winning years, along with mention of the Carson Kolzig Foundation, a cause close to Price’s heart.

Look below for a closer look at the mask, for which creator Arrigo thanks Carl Lavigne, the Canadiens’ manager of history and archives, for his help in realizing the project.

Carey Price’s mask for Friday’s Centennial Game:

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