Draft week begins

Start the countdown.
Four more sleeps before Friday.
And then, after we all wake up, about 12 hours until the Canadiens make a draft choice that culd jump-start the franchise.

There are no Sidney Crosby available in the 2012 junior crop, no players guaranteed to become superstars.

But there are promising prospects; and the Canadiens, picking third overall, should be able to grab  a very-good-with-gusts-to-great player.

Pat Hickey has been assesing the top prospects in The Gazette this week.

Here are Pat’s takes on:

• Consensus top prospect Nail Yakupov, who probably won’t be there at 3.

Ryan Murray, the top defence prospect … and a longshot to be picked by the Canadiens, even if he’s available. General manager Marc Bergevin says he’ll draft the best player available, but the Canadiens have gone D for two straight drafts, with Jarred Tinordi and Nathan Beaulieu.

Filip Forsberg, widely touted as the safest pick in the draft … but not the most spectacular.

At HIO, we’ve been touting the virtues of Alex Galchenyuk, whom we see as the Canadiens’ chance to hit a home run with the third pick.

TSN, which will telecast the first round of the draft live from Pittsburgh, beginning at 7 p.m. on Friday, has Forsberg third in its final rankings.

Bob McKenzie, who knows his stuff, describes Forsberg as “a big strong guy with a tremendous shot, a love of phsyical play and capable of playing the hard, pro-style grinding game.”

That’s great, but the Canadiens need the next Anze Kopitar, not an upgrade on Travis Moen.

Their perennial quest for a big centre could motivate the Canadiens to draft Mikhail Grigorenko, who certainly will be available at 3 because the Quebec Remparts star has sunk like a stone on many draft boards.

The kid is huge and highly-skilled. But there are concerns about Grigorenko’s compete level and the possibility he’ll end up at home, playing in the KHL.

The last great Russian playing for Patrick Roy in Quebec City was Alexander Radulov. ‘Nuff said.


  1. Un Canadien errant says:

    Damien Cox does a good job of evaluating the risk of drafting a Russian player due to the amount of money the KHL can offer. No xenophobia or jingoism, just an explanation of the options offered to a Russian player.


    In the very long view, it is important that kids growing up in Québec love the Canadiens and recognize themselves in the team, and a bit of the team in themselves. There must be a strong, visceral, emotional connection between the fans and leurs Glorieux.


  2. jon514 says:

    HAHA. To all the people who say Pierre McGuire knows all the prospects inside and out. He just said in a video on TSN that the habs should go after Galchenyuk because at 6′ 3″ Galchenyuk has the size they are looking for. You know why this happened? Cause this guy reads off a teleprompter and the guy who writes the script for the teleprompter doesn’t know the difference between Galchenyuk and Grigorenko. GM of the montreal canadiens… in your dreams.

    • shiram says:

      There’s an inch of difference between the 2, and those measurements seem to vary depending on who you get them from.

      • jon514 says:

        It’s more like 2. I saw a report I trust that has Gally at 6′ 0.5″ and Grigs at 6′ 2.75″. Pierre also suggested trading Subban and the 3rd overall for the Yakupick…. which is just stupid.

        • shiram says:

          To be clear, I was not defending Pierre, just saying hockey player measurement fluctuate alot. I’ve seen Gal listed from 6’1″ to 6’2″ and Grigo from 6’2″ to 6’3″.

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          I remember Pierre saying a player wore white socks during the morning skate when he really wore blue ones. He’s such an idiot!

          • Habsrule1 says:

            Ya that pissed me off.
            I think that’s actually why he didn’t get the Habs GM job.
            It turns out Bergevin knows all the sock colours of all the prospects.

            Go Habs Go!!

            “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

          • jon514 says:

            I know I shouldn’t but… If he really did, that would be awesome. Since he probably doesn’t, I’d settle for him knowing their “names, ages, heights, weights, career statistics, what teams they played for, which leagues they played in, projected career paths, how they’ve lived up to projections in the past and how far away they are from playing in the NHL” as many as four days before the draft. Call me crazy but I’d like to win a few games next year!

        • savethepuck says:

          If that trade so much as popped into his head, I’m so elated he is not our GM. That deal would be just plain stupid.

          “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
          Carey Price

      • steve17 says:

        Galchevuk is listed at 6’1″ and Grigorenko at 6’3″ unless math has changed since I wen to school, that makes 2 inches. They are almost the same weight, Again, Grigenko has 2 lbs on Gelchenyuk.


        • shiram says:

          I’ve seen Gal listed from 6’1″ to 6’2″ and Grigo from 6’2″ to 6’3″.

        • jon514 says:

          If Grigs “really had mono”… (what sensationalist nonsense, cause all the teams looking to pick him can ask for his blood test results and if he really didn’t have it, the truth would have come out the next day) he probably dropped about 10 – 20 pounds. When I had mono my throat closed up to the size of a quarter and I could only drink food for over a month.

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      Actually, if you look at his forehead you can see the reflection of the teleprompter said 6’4″, but Pierre saw this as blatantly wrong and corrected it to 6’3″ on the fly.

      Don’t believe me, look into that shiny dome.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Ya people have a hard time understanding that people make mistakes, even people on TV.

    • Habsrule1 says:

      You convinced me. That 1 mistake rules him out as a smart hockey guy.
      Give your head a shake.
      He also said they could offer that deal….not that he would do it.
      Nice investigative reporting though.

      Go Habs Go!!

      “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

      • jon514 says:

        3 days before the draft and he doesn’t know who the different players are. Wasn’t everyone going on about how he knew the players in the CHL better than anyone? These guys should have been on his radar all year.

    • habs-fan-84 says:

      According to Wikipedia, Galchenyuk is listed at 6’2″. I fail to see how this has ANYTHING to do with him not being GM of the habs.

      • jon514 says:

        Has to do with the fact that 3 days before the draft he doesn’t know who the guys going in the top ten are. Also that’s wikipedia so… I can change it to whatever height I want. There was a twitter feed from the Canadiens mini combine that had him listed at 6′ 0.5″.

  3. HabinBurlington says:

    3 sleeps and the draft, then this place can go nuts trying to praise or complain of the first significant moves made by this new mgmt. team. MB’s honeymoon will most likely be over, if the hiring of Therrien didn’t already do so.

    I myself am still happy with his early changes to mgmt. and have found a way to cope with the hiring of Therrien.

    Looking forward to the draft and whatever other deft moves he makes.

  4. krob1000 says:

    While everyone assumes that Cole-Pacioretty and Dd will be a line again…we must consider that Ples-Ak and Ak was once thought of that way…the chemistry evaporated over the summer. There is also injury to consider. The Canadiens need to have 3 second lines and a 4th line that is as good as a typical 3rd line to make the playoffs IMO. It is quite possible with our centers and with Cole and Patches, gio all being pretty consistent …if Bourque rebounds then you need only to fill two spots between the FA market, the trade market, Leblanc, our first pick this year, Moen? (amthough I think he should be the acnchor of the 4th line), Gallagher,etc. Depth is essential in todays game as the cap limits the top end talent and the amount of injuries require it be a part of any successful run anymore.

  5. NightRyder says:

    Anyone interested in Gilbert Brule as a bottom-six forward? Remember when folks were touting him over Price as a draft pick?

  6. HabFanSince72 says:

    What about Hudler as a free agent? 25 goals last year. Still only 27. He plays LW which we need, and he could play with Pleks and Gio, although he is a bit smurflike.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • Bill says:

      An LW is crucial. Hudler woud be a good stop-gap, but as an FA he’ll probably be aiming for big money and long-term, or take a discount and stay in Detroit. He’s probably dependable for 20 goals – 45 points, and he’s a decent playoff performer (about .5 ppg in the post-season).

      So I would say yes, except I wouldn’t want to give him more than two years. You can see the Habs are moving to become a more physical team based on the hirings, and he doesn’t fit the mould.

      Good idea though! Hadn’t thought of him. We certainly do need a scoring LW.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

    • habs-fan-84 says:

      The smurf experiment is over. No thank you.

  7. Chrisadiens says:

    Has anyone heard anything about Ian’s HIO BBQ?

    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  8. habs11s says:

    Adding PA Parenteau and Galchenyuk to the mix and obviously resigning Price and Subban would make for a very successful offseason IMO..

    “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” -Jacques Plante

  9. Ozmodiar says:

    Check out the twitter account picture @Nail10_1993

  10. adamkennelly says:

    I think Moen is going to be too expensive – would love to see Staubby kept, I like his style a lot, he punches mean, not just going through the motions and he can skate. – but if he is not, I can see MB going for bigger and badder. I’m for trading Gionta cause he is small, is now injury prone and frankly Cole should be captain of this team… if we can get a first rounder for Gio – I would do it.

  11. FishOutOfWater says:

    chances of jagr?

    • krob1000 says:

      chances of jagr sporting a mullet this season…about 70 percent
      chances of jagr using Montreal ,Pitts and the Rangers to jack up the money req’d to stay in Philly? about 104 percent
      chances of jagr scoring 50 points..about 50 percent

      • Marcusman says:

        Jagr needs 60 points in each of the next two seasons to end up 5th in all time scoring….he had 54 with the flyers last year..play him with Pleks and give him some powerplay time and he’ll score 60 points easy in that role for us.

        • shiram says:

          But he was playing with Giroux and Hartnell I believe? That would be better than Pleks and Gio, no?

          • krob1000 says:

            Hard to say…Hartnell is a North/South and Jagr likes his East/West as does Pleks. He would def help the pp.

            Re 24 below…I think if you sign Jagr it is as a RW (which I was for last year but not this year unless it is a one year deal)…..I think if you put Pleks with Jagr and Bourque and then gave Eller a legit winger in Gionta you might just have some depth…..maybe throw Leblanc on the LW?
            The Habs need to be three scoring lines deep to compete…the cool thing is guys like Eller and Pleks are scoring threats but also very responsible defensively….somewhere though some grit needs to be added whether it be up front or on the back end it is a necessity.

        • krob1000 says:

          will he be healthy? he has a lot of miles on him…and they weren’t the easiest of miles…..he usually had two defenders hanging off his back and another trying to chop his hands

          • 24 Cups says:

            He would have to play LW for the Habs (he does shoot left) but I can’t remember him ever playing on the left side.

            What else have we got right now?

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Jagr completely ran out of gas halfway through the season. I’d never sign him.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I drink it everytime I watch the German soccer team. I also find many other excuses to partake in it. You did mean Jagrmeister right?

  12. Habsrule1 says:

    I still say keep Bourque. Were those two 27 goal seasons just luck? He has the size and skills to do well. We all seem to agree that the coaching was suspect. Let him play under a new system for a whil and see what we can get out of him with Gionta & Plekanec for a while.

    Go Habs Go!!

    “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  13. Chrisadiens says:

    Shoutout to Dad who is enjoying his first day of retirement today and also celebrated a birthday yesterday. Enjoy it Dad, you busted your ass for 35 years, now relax!

    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  14. aroma says:

    speaking of Radulov… somewhat forgotten in the draft excitement is the availability of Radulov, supposedly going cheap after his playoff misstep. The possibility of getting a potent winger cheap exists; hopefully it’ll be the Habs that acquire him and not the Leafs.. or the Bruins.. or …

  15. gordon bombay says:

    With the third overall selection in the 2012 NHL entry draft, the Montreal Canadiens are pleased to select, from the Sarnia Sting, Alex Galchenyuk.

    With #33 Pick = C Mark Jankowski
    With #51 Pick = LW Brian Hart

  16. steve17 says:

    With the draft coming up fast, I wonder when they will announce the last assistant coach. I am surprised they haven’t done it yet!!


  17. Cal says:

    Looks like a few changes upcoming simply due to roster players becoming UFA. Campoli, Moen (may be re-signed), Staubitz and Darche.
    I hope only Moen and Staubitz of these 4 are retained, giving room to add some new blood to the lineup.
    Dumping Gomez to Hamilton gives more cap room and ability to bid on the Parises of this season’s free agent crop.

  18. That's-Hockey says:

    Lot of ideas on here in the end Management wins out we get our team like it or not. all the name calling and disagreements among the commentors all for not.

    Guess it’s just a pass the time thing.

  19. Greg says:

    Some thoughts on HIO tendencies:

    1) Why does everyone want to trade the highest draft pick we’ve had in decades?
    2) Why does everyone want to trade Gionta?

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      You forgot plekanec and Subban as well… 🙁

    • shiram says:

      If Jersey offered their late first, I would not take it for Gio. But he’s a vet and he has value so he could be a good bargaining chip.
      also there is not much going on so everyone is dreaming up scenarios to pass the time.

      • Strummer says:

        Why would Jersey want Gio’s cap hit when they need to sign Parise?

        “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Fair questions. I personally have little to zero interest in seeing this pick traded. First chance in years to get elite talent through the draft at forward position. Gionta has gotten a bad rap I feel. Look forward to watching him have a bounceback year.

      Even if it were time to move on from Gio, makes zero sense to trade him after an injury plagued season, he needs to show he is back in form so his value is higher.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Gionta is going to be barreling allover the ice and score 30 goals this season. He’s the captain for Pete sakes and he’ll be pumped and ready to go.

        He’s not going to be playing on a line with Cammalleri who did nothing but cough up the puck entering the zone and/or lose it in the corners.

        Bourque will battle back and come up with pucks in the corners, along the boards and behind the net.

    • Chrisadiens says:

      Probably because most experts are saying there is only 1 elite player in this draft. Whether that is accurate or not, I dont know.

      Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

    • FishOutOfWater says:

      who wants Stephen Gionta to play with his big bro? ahah

  20. HabFanSince72 says:

    The Russian soccer team disappointed massively at the Euros. Drawn to the weakest group, and after a 4-1 opening victory against the Czech Rep, they just stopped trying and exited the tournament.

    “The fact that we didn’t live up to your expectations isn’t our problem. It’s yours.” Andrei Arshavin’s response to a fan after Russia crashed out of Euro 2012.”

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  21. That's-Hockey says:

    Grigorenko and Galchenyuk – I would say Grigorenko is probably the better of the two so it depends on your needs. Grigorenko is a Right winger Galchenyuk is a center. both close in size and in talent.

  22. durocher says:

    Here we go:

    Trade: the 3rd overall pick, Eller, and Bourque to Florida for 23rd overall pick, Huberdeau, Matthias, and a 2013 2nd round pick
    Trade or cut ties with: Gomez (buy out), Kaberle, Diaz, Weber, Nokia, Darche, Campoli
    Sign: Parenteau (who has played the left side before; 4 year deal), Souray (2 year deal), Boullion (2 year deal), Carkner (1 year deal)

    First call up: Geoffrion, Dumont

    First call up: St-Denis


    • Greg says:

      Nah dude. Florida is not going to part with Huberdeau. Bourque is worth very little on the trade market right now, best to keep him and hope he improves. This is our highest pick in decades, why is everyone trying to trade it away?? Teams win Cups by drafting well, there’s no way the Habs are trading this pick.

    • Price07 says:

      Forget huberdeau, Florida is not stupid, you like him a lot but guess what..so do they!

      And Paranteau..I would take him for cheap but if he thinks he’s making big time money after getting 67 points, 49 of which were assists and he played with not one but TWO 30 plus goal scorers on a first line with first line minutes. No way. He ain’t getting those caliber line mates or minutes here and so I think you would be overpaying for him.

      • krob1000 says:

        that second pararaph …you could easily insert DD’s name in there and it applies… I like DD and I understand where the rebuild mentatlity has people saying trade Pleks and keep DD…..I just can’t see it. Dd is a hockey genius, he works hard and hats off to him for doing what he does….but let’s put things into perspective…he had the teams top two wingers. I would prefer to have one gritter two way center like a Dubinsky if he really is available…..any forward who can contribute 20 goals and do the physical things Dubinsky can is someone Montreal should strongly consider

    • steve17 says:

      Signing Carkner if he ends up being available would be nice for the bottom 2 to add some size and nasty. I wouldn’t sign Souray and I doubt Florida would trade Huberdeau. I wouldn’t want to trade the 3rd overall to get him anyway. Send Bournival, Pulashaj and Weber to Florida if they would do it at all. I might consider signing Konopka for the 4th line, great on faceoffs, solid team guy and gritty. That would give Nattinen another year in Hamilton to progress.


  23. commandant says:

    Team 1200 Ottawa is reporting the Rangers aggressively shopping Brandon Dubinksy.

    10 goals, 34 points, 4.2 million cap hit for three years.

    Sounds like they want to clear some space for yet another free agent splash.

    Go Habs Go!
    Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

    • Timo says:

      Too bad Bobo is not a GM. He’d be the first person Sather would call.

      • krob1000 says:

        Then I wish Bobo where there …I would love to have Dubinsky…get rid of Desharnais, Dubinsky and Eller as 2a and 2b centers, add in Galchenyuk and we are now a big and ultra talented team up the middle and Dubinsky provides plenty of grit. Dubinsky at 4.2 is not as bad as it seems …he is normally a 20 goal guy with 100 pim’s, can skate and will do anything to win a game….

        I could even live with trading Pleks instead of Desharnais if we got Dubinsky and got decent return on Pleks from someone….this is again under the assumption we are drafting Galchenyuk or another big and talented center….Dubinsky is a much needed type of player in Montreal, he can fight, can agitate, will block a shot with his teeth and can play some offense and serious minutes to boot….he would add instant toughness without much of a drop in offense IMO….yeah he had an off year but the year before he had 54 points, 24 goals,etc…..given the other elements he brings….would love him to be a Hab

        • steve17 says:

          I agree, Plekanec would be the guy I trade to make room. Sather would need prospects or picks in return if he is trying to clear cap space. He would probbably want either DD or Eller.


        • Un Canadien errant says:

          “…get rid of Desharnais…”

          Really? Get rid of him? Like warts?

          In the very long view, it is important that kids growing up in Québec love the Canadiens and recognize themselves in the team, and a bit of the team in themselves. There must be a strong, visceral, emotional connection between the fans and leurs Glorieux.


          • krob1000 says:

            warts are not that easy to get rid of…they burn…like the departure of DD would for many on here…60 point centres making under a million are rare….poor choice of words on my part but if we are drafting Galchenyuk and a guy like Dubinsky is available…I jump all over both and one of DD or Pleks becomes expendable. Eller does not have the trade value to match his potential while both Pleks and Dd could draw a decent return and Eller’s size and where he is at with his development is ahead of both Dd and Pleks at a similar age…if rebuilding is the game then I do not see Dd and Pleks as both aprt of the equation….Eller I do and Galchenyu7k or whoever? I dop then as well….the real question is how soon would Galchenyuk be ready? maybe you keep all of them for one year…

          • Un Canadien errant says:

            Yeah, it’s the choice of words that was arresting. I’ve seen the words ‘get rid’ used in relation to Brian Gionta lately, and now David Desharnais. People say “Get rid of Gomez, Kraperle, …” and it’s cathartic, but then they want to get rid of René Bourque, Lars Eller, next it’s Carey Price, then we should sign P.A. Parenteau so we can get rid of him because he’s no good without John Tavares….

            In the very long view, it is important that kids growing up in Québec love the Canadiens and recognize themselves in the team, and a bit of the team in themselves. There must be a strong, visceral, emotional connection between the fans and leurs Glorieux.


      • That's-Hockey says:

        Dubinsky is a 3rd liner so is Eller

        • krob1000 says:

          So was Desharnais until we put him betwee Cole and Pacioretty ….put Eller, Pleks or Dubisnky there and the results will be similar (but Pleks would probably have scored 75 points) …Eller likely around 50 and same for Dubisnky IMO…all hypothetical but Cole and Patches were the best forwards so I really think anyone with any playmaking ability would have scored consistently with them flanking them

      • Rad says:

        Bobo the monkey?

    • That's-Hockey says:

      we don’t have to worry Gainey is gone

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      I’ve always liked Dubinsky, and would be willing to take a chance on him returning to form if the price isn’t very high. High cap hit for what you get, but he’s a solid 3rd line option that can fill in on the 2nd.

      Though it would require dealing with Gomez or Kaberle.

  24. Greg says:

    Just a thought on Montreal’s draft pick… Scouts say that Grigorenko was like a “man among boys” in the Q. While Galchenyuk is a year younger than a lot of his contemporaries, including Nail Yakupov. Personally, I think that shows over-achievement on behalf of Galchenyuk, while maybe Grigorenko is successful because is has developed earlier than his competition. When they’re both in the NHL, maybe Galchenyuk will be the better choice…

    Just a thought.

    • HabsTrueBlue says:

      Why make up or repeat nonsense. Galchenyuk is not a year younger than a lot of his contemporaries. Galchenyuk is just over four months younger than Yakupov. (Galchenyuk is listed as being older than Grigorenko).

  25. shiram says:

    Since it’s not being done as frequently, or maybe I’m just missing them, how about a round of 5 questions?

    1.Bourque for a second round pick at the 2013 draft, yes or no?
    2.New Jersey offers their late first round pick for Gionta, yes or no?
    3.What Center is best suited to move to the wings, Pleks, DD or Eller?
    4. In hindsight, would you have kept Roman Hamrlik on a 2 year deal at 3.5millions per?
    5. Where does the Habs finish in the East next season?

    • adamkennelly says:

      I’ll play

      1. Absolutely
      2. Absolutely
      3. Eller
      4. Yes
      5. 8th

    • commandant says:

      1) Yes
      2) Maybe… I’d have to think hard about it.
      3) DD
      4) No.
      5) 7-10th

      Go Habs Go!
      Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

    • Greg says:

      Good questions.

      1) No, I’d like to see how Bourque responds this year before throwing him out.
      2) Not unless we’re committed to a full-blown ground-up rebuild.
      3) Probably Eller, but I say that because DD had a phenomenal season at center.
      4) Yes. Maybe we could have avoided the Kaberle pickup.
      5) God knows. Optimistically, 6-8th… pessimistically, 8-12th.

    • Rugger says:

      1. No, give it until deadline to see what the new staff can do with him.
      2. Yes if someone like Grig continues to drop, otherwise no.
      3. DD
      4. No, might have finished several positions higher.
      5. 6-7

      • shiram says:

        Might not have picked up Campoli and Kaberle, that’s what I was wondering on Hamr. He was serviceable for the Caps, and could have helped on the second or third pairing.

        • Greg says:

          Yeah, we’d probably be in the same spot with more cap space.

        • Ozmodiar says:

          Would Emelin have come over if there wasn’t an opening in the top 6?

          Markov, Subban, Gorges, Spacek, Hamrlik, Gill

          Markov wasn’t expected to miss very much time.

          • shiram says:

            Would have tried to move either of Spacek or Gill, to fit in Emelin.
            Diaz would have been doing great in Hamilton too…

          • Ozmodiar says:

            Gill was a free agent.

            So, the question would have to be:
            Do you wish they had signed Hammer @ 3.5×2 instead of Gill @ 2.25?

            or, now:
            Would you rather have Hammer with 1 yr remaining @ 3.5 or a 2nd rd pick?

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      1. Yes. He’s dead weight.
      2. Aren’t they forfeiting their pick this year? In any case I don’t see them doing this.
      3. DD
      4. No. He wasn’t what we needed at the time.
      5. Depends on the team. If no major changes are made, and trade #1 is done, then we are looking at last season’s last place team minus AK46 and Cammy. Won’t be pretty.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • shiram says:

        So all the management change won’t have an effect on the players? If anything I’m hoping fewer injuries will have an effect on the Habs ranking.

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          Maybe, but we had wholesale coaching change last year and the team played the same.

          On paper, this is just not a good team. There’s no way around it.

          Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • Ozmodiar says:

      1. Yes
      2. Yes
      3. DD
      4. No
      5. 5-13th

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      1. Of course.
      2. Of course.
      4. No. He would have played better than Tomas Kaberle, Chris Campoli, Yannick Weber or Raphaël Diaz, but all that would have meant is a lower draft position. He wouldn’t have been the difference maker to turn us into a contender. I wanted his minutes to go to the kids, and that happened until Chris Campoli came back and Tomas Kaberle was acquired.

      Now Steve Wisniewski, there’s a guy who could have helped us sneak into the playoffs. The powerplay would have been much better, and he would have provided an edge on defence.

      In the very long view, it is important that kids growing up in Québec love the Canadiens and recognize themselves in the team, and a bit of the team in themselves. There must be a strong, visceral, emotional connection between the fans and leurs Glorieux.


  26. Hobie Hansen says:

    @ HabinBurlington

    The thought did cross my mind that TSN/Leafs conveniently listed Galchenyuk as the consensus 5th pick.

    • issie74 says:

      I don’t think that about Bob McKenzie he has always been an honest reporter,so I do think it is the consensus ,compiled by the opinion of the 10 scouts interviewed.
      That dosen’t mean the scouts have it in the right order though.


    • jedimyrmidon says:

      The lower he’s ranked, the better it is. Don’t want CBJ to get any ideas…


    “That’s great, but the Canadiens need the next Anze Kopitar, not an upgrade on Travis Moen.”

    really? Show some respect to forsberg , my goodness, you call yourself a professional, forsberg when drafted would instantly become, on any team, a blue chip prospects and you ruin the kid, because of your ignorance. stop following the consensus and praising these other prospects with torn acl/mcls and make a sound opinion, remember not to long ago kopitar was being shopped around out of LA because he wasnt always giving it his all, ( even had rumors to bring hm back to play with cammy)

    forsberg is a very good pick and is will be way more professioal then youre writing style.

    geeze. that was a stupid comment, bad joke, and totoally uncalled for

    • shiram says:

      Now I won’t pretend to type correctly, grammatically or even on punctuation, but this :

      “forsberg is a very good pick and is will be way more professioal then youre writing style.”

      was funny.

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      The kid plays in the 2nd level Swedish league and we’re supposed to show him respect? I’m not sure where the love comes from. He doesn’t sound like a first round choice to me. I’d take Matt Dumba, myself. Of course, I’ve been called bigoted for preferring the black, Canadian kid to the Russians. Go figure!

    • Cal says:

      Forsberg is 2 years away (at least) from the NHL, IF he keeps improving.
      The Habs need an impact player who can deliver ASAP.
      By the way, what’s “professioal”? 😉

    • Greg says:

      HABSGUARDIANANGEL, I think you may be overreacting. This is a draft class lacking in star power. There are high ranking players (Murray, Forsberg) who don’t seem show any jaw-dropping ability, but are just good all-around players. This doesn’t mean they will be bad, but if some of them were drafted next year, they may be in the 10-20 range instead of 1-5. That’s why Boone says we don’t need an upgrade on Travis Moen (not that an upgrade on Travis Moen would be BAD, but with the 3rd pick, we want a franchise player).

    • jon514 says:

      Why is he a blue chip exactly? Please make your case clearer. What in his stats vs his level of competition make him a blue chip?

  28. Dr.Rex says:

    What’s Hot: Zach Parise, Lebron James, US Open crow guy

    Whats Not: Facebook Stock, Tim THomas, M Grigorenko

  29. That's-Hockey says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about – we have two good lines
    cole, DD, Max-Pac (could use a #1 center for this line)
    Bourque’ Pleks, Gionta (What’s wrong with that line)

    our problem is the 3rd and 4th lines. very little production and we’re going nowhere with these Guys. fix those two lines and we have our self a pretty good team.

    we’re not winning the cup for a few years till our young guys is good enough for the NHL so forget about it and build a playoff team for now. give these young guys time to grow and mature and we’ll have a stanley cup team in Montreal….

    • commandant says:

      Whats wrong with the second line?

      Bourque has shown 0 chemistry with Plekanec? Bourque played half a season here and was awful.

      I don’t think he’s an awful player, but that line is clearly not working.

      Neither of Bourque and Gionta really move the puck well… neither are big assist guys, and Pleks is usually at his best working give and goes with other players, so I don’t think the line works at all.

      Go Habs Go!
      Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Plekanec was fed up and disinterested because of all the nonsense going on last year and he still managed a decent season.

        Bourque-Plekanec-Gionta has the potential of working just fine. In my opinion.

        Plekanec gains the zone, drops off to Gionta who buries his head and drives to the net like he always does and Bourque is there to pickup rebounds or let a shot rip from time-to-time.

      • That's-Hockey says:

        How could anyone show chemistry with someone like JM on the bench. you guys want to win a cup right away. keep on dreamin.
        you’ll have a lot more years on your body before that happens. that’s why I’m saying. wait for the young guys. bringing in rejects won’t win you a cup. why do you think their management move them out. either because they’re not producing or it’s a money thing. why do you think Gomez and Karberles name come up all the time on this site and you want to bring in more. don’t get it.

    • steve17 says:

      Size is also wrong with that line. Gionta can play his heart out, he still gets knocked off the puck on a regular basis by the bigger wingers and defence. I love his heart and leadership, but he and Pleks just don’t win enough battles.


    • Hobie Hansen says:

      @ That’s-Hockey

      You’re 100% correct in my opinion. Maybe Bergevin pokes around and tries to get another top 6 forward but Bourque shouldn’t be written off yet.

      Therrien is a motivator and I have faith that he’ll get Bourque going.

      But yeah, let the young players develop and really strengthen up the bottom two lines. Sign a physical defenseman and that’s all she wrote.

      • That's-Hockey says:

        Hobie – There’s nothing wrong with bringing in a couple of older players for the time being if they’re gonna help the club make the playoffs no matter what position they play but it’s the young guys that’s gonna win us a cup and we have to be patient and wait.
        like I said we don’t have a 3rd or 4th line that’s very productive and that’s our problem that’s what we have to work on. improve there and we got our self a pretty darn good team. this getting rid of Pleks, Bourque, Gionta and yes some even mentioned PK, I’m glad these guys aren’t managing the team. Boy oh Boy would we be in trouble….

  30. Chuck says:

    Though I don’t agree with trading the #3 pick (in 3 years we’d have to trade the farm to get a player like that) what would you do if Washington came calling and offered Nicklas Backstrom and either their 11th or 16th pick?

    Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

    • shiram says:

      I was gonna say tentatively yes, untill I looked at Backstrom’s contract.

      • Ali says:

        It’s less than Gomez! and he’s a point a game player on the rise, not like Gomez who was on the way down when we got him.

        • shiram says:

          Comparing to Gomez is not a good yardstick, besides Gomez has nothing to do with this.

          I just don’t like Backstrom’s contract structure, basically increasing over the span of his remaining 8 years. And his no trade clause. Also, could he continue his high scoring seasons without the powerhouse offense that the Capitals offered him?

          • Ali says:

            you mean the powerhouse offensive system Dale Hunter employed? and a 6.7 million cap hit (forget the cash, its the cap that maters) is very reasonable for a #1 center.

          • shiram says:

            Discounting the coach’s playstyle, Caps have alot more potential offense to offer than the Habs do, and that was my point.

            Backstrom is a great player, and could help the Habs right now, that’s for sure.

          • Chuck says:

            See, there’s the question. He’s dealt with injuries over the past two seasons. And the Capitals may bee looking for a bit of a culture change considering their last several playoff years.

            We’d be getting a (former, possibly future) 100+ point player, plus a decent pick, but his contract is structured so that his yearly salary goes up, even though the cap hit remains the same.

            As far as his NTC, the restrictions don’t kick in until July 1, 2016.

            Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

          • Ali says:

            what do you mean ignoring the coaching system? did you watch those playoff games? the fact that he got 8 points in 13 games is nothing short of impressive, if not astonishing.

            This is a player who in a NORMAL hockey system that doesn’t employ a 1-3-1 will put up 80-90 points like clockwork, for the next 6-8 years.

          • shiram says:

            Backstrom is not a scoring center, but mostly a playmaker.
            So he’s got to have a decent set of wingers to keep the same production he’s had in Washington, where he enjoyed playing with gifted forwards. MTL does not have as many gifted forward as Washington does.

          • Ali says:

            That’s not his fault, playmaking goalscoring or otherwise, he’s a #1 center. He instantly improves any of Cole, Maxpac, Gionta, or Bourque, and i can assure you they’d all love to play with him in a contract year.

    • Ali says:

      The 11th pick AND Backstrom?
      point 1: You’re dreaming
      point 2: I’d take it in a heartbeat. He’s only 24 and is an immensely talented playmaking #1 center. He’d make Pac into a 40 goal man.

  31. Habsrule1 says:

    WTF is up with people wanting to trade Bourque?
    He’s a big, strong winger who scored 27 goals in each of his last 2 seasons. He was on pace for that same number before coming to this dysfuctional team with coaches and management who were not playing their assets correctly. I want to see Bourque for a much longer time, played properly before shipping him out for a bag of pucks!
    I sure hope Bergevin doesn’t come to this site for advice.

    Go Habs Go!!

    “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  32. frontenac1 says:

    Finally,a new thread! My data plan thanks you! Gracias Amigos! Hola!

  33. aj says:

    I was thinking, what if Ted Bird was right yesterday? He was talking to Bob Mckenzie in the morning show of maybe making a trade with the Oilers if they do happen to get Yakupov as their #1 pick come Draft.

    Maybe. I’m not saying he is absolutely right, but the Habs could make this as a longshot.

  34. aj says:

    @ Un Canadien errant:

    Detroit already expressed interest in acquiring Weber and/or Suter. Weber already agreed that if it will happen and Ken Holland will offer him a contract, he may sign w/ the Red Wings. If Weber’s not available (if only he didn’t bashed Zetterberg’s face in the boards during the last playoffs), the most likely, Suter is the best choice they have. I think this is the logical move to them since Nicklas Lidström retired and they need a DMan who may fill that role he did there.

    In terms of the Canadiens, I do agree that we have a strong blue line both veterans and young prospects. However, the team can put up a more tight defence by either acquiring some of Preds talent pool. And to make the team more robust, shave off some liabilites (like Kaberle) as a ‘long term’ solution.

    I believe Detroit and Montreal are really trying their best in adding more depth and grit in their lineups. Both teams have long term goals.

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      Elliot Friedman said that Suter prefers a city without a major media component. So he’s unlikely to look here. I still think Detroit, Minny, or Nashville will be the spot.

    • mrhabby says:

      disagree on the habs have strong veteran blue line. agree on prospects…were talking about kaberle , crapoli, diaz , weber.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Please provide a link to an article or source that shows Detroit expressing interest in acquiring Shea Weber. They can’t come out and say it while he’s under contract, that would be tampering and would cost them dearly. If you mean there are rumours they are trying to trade for Shea Weber, I’d like to see the source of that as well. In any case, every team would be kicking the tires trying to see if they could get a defenceman of his caliber. Even in the case of Ryan Suter, teams are not allowed to approach him or express interest until July 1. All the rumours you read are based on guesswork of what team has capspace and a reasonable shot at signing Ryan Suter.

      Also, my original reply to your post was in response to your statement that Shea Weber had expressed interest in joining the Red Wings. I’ve never read that, please provide a source on that as well.

      In the very long view, it is important that kids growing up in Québec love the Canadiens and recognize themselves in the team, and a bit of the team in themselves. There must be a strong, visceral, emotional connection between the fans and leurs Glorieux.


  35. ed lopaz says:

    ok Commandant, you keep asking why Kaberle played with Campoli as the 3rd pairing in defence instead of playing with any of the other 4 guys.

    here`s my best guess at an answer.

    Kaberle sucks 5 on 5,

    so his ice time needs to be limited to the 3rd pairing.

    Cunneyworth over played his top 2 pairings 5 on 5.

  36. adamkennelly says:

    would you trade Rene Bourque for

    1- Deryk Engelland?
    2- Roman Polak?
    3- Theo Peckham?

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I actually want to see MB and his entire staff get a sizeable test sample with a guy like Bourque before trading him. He is coming off one of his least productive seasons, to trade him now would be to get the lowest return as we would have bought high and sold low.

      The Habs team last year was a complete mess from Top to Bottom (Mgmt. to Coaching to Players).

      PG halfway through the year has a moment of enlightenment and finally decides it is time to add size to the lineup, but doesn’t complete that transition as our defence was geared for the lightweight division and not the heavyweight.

      I look forward to seeing how MB shapes the backend this off season, and I also look forward to seeing how perhaps Bourque playing with Gionta and Plex could motivate him. A veteran like Gio who fights in the corner and is the captain should provide some motivation.

      I don’t think the roster is ready to compete for the cup, but the roster should be able to compete for a playoff spot. And then in 1-2 more seasons we start adding what we hope are bluechip prospects like Beaulieu, Tinordi, Gallagher and maybe Galchenyuk.

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      Do we get all three?

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      If it was confirmed Bourque’s attitude completely poor and their was no saving him…sure.
      I think he’ll step it up this year though.

  37. 44har48 says:

    I wil probably still be called crazy on here, but I still want to deal this pick to get a cant miss guy like Nail. I’d give the #3, one of our seconds this year (later one), one of our seconds next year, and a decent prospect to move up to #1 and get Nail. Edm can then get their Dman at #3 and a few more quality picks to go with it.

    • pmaraw says:

      that is insanely overpriced.

    • steve17 says:

      That is way too much to give up for the Nail. next years draft is supposed to be very strong and from what the final Rankings are, he is not that much ahead of the next top 4. Give them the number 3 and Weber. If they want Murray and think they can get him at 3, they just picked up an extra player. I personally think Galchenyuk would be the one.


    • Greg says:

      44har48, you’re absolutely right about being called crazy here. However, what I’ve heard is that Galchenyuk could be Yakupov’s equal or even his better, had he played a whole year. It doesn’t seem worth it to give up an asset to get a player that projects to be about the same as we’ll get in the 3rd spot.

  38. mdp2011 says:

    Why do I have this bad feeling that the Habs will pass on Grigorenko, and he is going to turn out to be the next Malkin? And before anyone slings anything in my direction, this is just a feeling, I don’t claim to have any knowledge on any of the prospects other than what I’ve read. Haven’t seen any of them play.

    • jon514 says:

      I have that same feeling. I try to comfort myself by saying that no matter who we take between Grig and Galchenyuk, provided they stay healthy we are gonna get a really good player. To tell you the truth, Grigorenko impressed me in his interview at the combine more than anyone else as a level headed guy. Didn’t seem to me to be a guy who would bolt to the KHL next year, or when asked to play 3rd line duty.

      • PureGuava says:

        Same…As far as I can tell the only reasons that Grigorenko dropped so far in the rankings is because he had mono, and Craig Button.

        I think Craig Button is a good man, with a passion for the game unmatched by few – but i’ve never thought he was a good ‘scout’ for talent.

        “Of course I’m crazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”
        – Robert Anton Wilson

  39. ed lopaz says:

    I’m not surprised that Grigorenko dropped like a stone, although the guy has talent out the wazoo.

    did you hear bob mckenzie describe grigorenko’s ankle injury and mono?

    “if you believe that the ankle injury and mono…”


    and Mackasey calling Grigorenko a “floater” on May 8th.

    Mackenzie and Mackasey are 2 of the most respected experts in hockey.

    • mdp2011 says:

      From everything I read on him, I think that he is getting a bad rap. If this kid was Canadian, the same people who call him lazy and question his ankle injury and mono, they would be saying that he has amazing character for playing through those two things.

      • ed lopaz says:

        normally I would agree with you. but not when it comes from Mackenzie and Mackasey.

        these are 2 men who not only know their scouting, they also are very
        fair in evaluating Russian and other non-Canadian players.

        these are not Don Cherry`s and Bertrand Raymond`s here.

        these are `pros“

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Could be, but how much direct experience with someone would you need before calling them a “floater” or suggesting they didn’t “really” have mono.

      I’m not suggesting they’re not experts, but that they are going on very little data here.

      And possibly letting their judgement be colored by prejudice.

      There was nothing wrong with Grigo’s regular season either. He scored as a top prospect should. And his “failed” playoffs was still 10 points in 11 games.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • christophor says:

        Which is better?

        (1) 10 points in 11 games; ousted in the second round. Mono and ankle injury.

        (2) 5 points in 6 games and ousted in the first round. No injury except perhaps hesitancy after concussion.

        • jon514 says:

          Actually it was 4 points. In the 8 games since his return he’s got 4 points and is minus 8!

          • commandant says:

            I think you guys are talking about different players. The player returning from the concussion was Yakupov

            However my only advice is that no proper scout makes their decisions based on a stat sheet, or Corey Locke would have gone first overall.

            If you watched Galchenyuk in the playoffs, you saw a physically involved player, whose knee and skating looked great, who played limited minutes as he needed to regain his endurance after a long layoff, and who could have put up far more than 4 points if not for some stellar goaltending by Saginaw. Defensively you saw a player who was fine in his assignments, and most of his -8 was as a result of errors made by his teammates.

            In Grigorenko’s playoffs, you saw a passive player who shied away from contact, looked lethargic, and played on the perimeter. Now don’t get me wrong here… he had mono, so that explains his play to me. I like Grigo alot and would take him if Galchenyuk and Yakupov go 1-2. But there is definetely more here than the stats suggest.

            Grigo also got the majority of those stats in his first round series against a very weak Drummondville club. When he played against MacKinnon and Halifax, the points dried up.

            Go Habs Go!
            Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      “if you believe that the ankle injury and mono…”

      You inferred a different message than I did from McKenzie and that line. I didn’t think he was saying it sarcastically. To me, it was simply, if you do believe this is the case, then you will disregard the latter part of the year and take him higher.

      • christophor says:

        I don’t think he meant anything by it.; it just came out that way.

        If anything, BM was just trying to make the scouts’ consensus more reasonable. He’ll have a hard time tapping his scouting sources in the future if he rags on their rankings on air. He’s just conveying info, not making his own judgement.

    • New says:

      Kids mature at various rates. The teams have had a good look at him now and they see what they see. Five years from now he might have changed because adversity can forge character. Right now though he is what he is. The hype surrounding him (Roy, Quebec, Canadiens) all season didn’t help his development and he may very well be injured or ill. But the guys paid to make decisions smiled, chatted, and watched him like a hawk as he didn’t take the tests.

      Grigorenko might be available when the Habs pick in the second.

    • jon514 says:

      Yeah right. TSN is nothing but a hype machine. 2 top Russian/Russian-American players:

      1) Had a dip in his stats after tweaking his ankle towards the end of the season, but still put up better numbers than the top ranked Yakupov in points and plus minus. Also put up 10 points in 11 playoff games with mono. So he’s lazy and unmotivated.

      2) Had a terrifying ACL injury, which can end careers… See Mr. Markov. Came back and put up 4 points in 8 games with a minus 8 +/- and he’s deemed a stand up guy and a top 5 pick.

      I’m not saying that Grigorenko is the best available guy for the habs, but I am saying that it’s not worth drinking TSNs cool-aid. They get hot about certain flashy players because it helps them sell TSN first and Hockey second.

  40. habs-hampton says:

    So, with Grigerenko, has Patrick developed the next Radulov, or the next Esposito? I don’t think I would touch any of those 3.

    • ed lopaz says:

      dude, how you could put Esposito into this is beyond me.

      Do you know that Esposito gave up a chance to go to Medical school to play Pro hockey?

      Do you know that Esposito suffered 2 serious knee injuries back to back and is still battling to make it?

      Do you know that after being cut not once but twice Esposito had the balls and the courage to try out and made Team Canada and then played some terrific hockey for that team in the tournament?

      Esposito is not a “work ethic”, bad attitude, floater.

      Esposito is a hard working, smart, courageous young man who deserves our respect.

  41. Ozmodiar says:

    I’d be happy with:

    3rd: Galchenyuk
    33rd: Kerdiles
    51st: Grigorenko


    • steve17 says:

      I would too, but Grigorenko will be taken long before 51! I would take Matteau if he is available with Galcheyuk at 3, Matteau at 33 and Kerdiles at 51. If he isn’t there, then Lundberg


  42. top-cat says:

    On another note — are all our RFAs going to get qualifying offers? when’s the deadline? I”m surprised that Eller, Emelin or some one hasn’t been signed.

    • Chris says:

      They don’t have to sign the RFA’s for quite a while. I believe the qualifying offers have to be tendered by July 1st, but those generally don’t mean a lot, just that the team intends to negotiate with the player. I don’t see either Eller signing a one-year deal, although I can see Emelin doing so as he becomes an unrestricted free agent the following summer if I recall correctly.

    • Mats Naslund says:

      Remember last year? And the year before that? Every single year people freak out about how long it takes to sign RFAs and every year each RFA signs before camp. There is no leverage for an RFA. They’ll be here.

  43. habaholic68NJ says:

    MB. Keep the #3 pick. Take the best available from the group of Yakapov, Murry, Forsberg or Galchenyuk and you will not regret it.

    *Listen to my instrumental tribute entitled “Habs at War” at http://petertoliasmusic.site11.com/Music/OtherOriginalMusic.html

    • commandant says:

      Yup use the highest pick we’ve had in 30 years and get an elite player with it

      Go Habs Go!
      Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I have to believe MB/Dudley/Timmins etc.. feel the same way. Really for the first time in a long time we have the chance to add a potential franchise player to our roster and develop him.

      • Chris says:

        Of that list, the only “franchise” player is Yakupov. The others all have question marks, even though they should all become good NHL players.

        • Ozmodiar says:

          Not quite. The question mark with Galchenyuk is the knee, not the potential. If the knee is okay, he’s right there with Yakupov in the category of potential “franchise” players.

          • Chris says:

            Galchenyuk finished 20 points behind Yakupov despite being the center on the same line.

            Galchenyuk has a lot of potential, but he really wasn’t being placed “right there” with Yakupov until the past couple of months, which is somewhat odd given that he missed the whole season. A player like Slater Koekkoek saw his draft ranking stall by missing most of the season, but it seems to be helping Galchenyuk to not have had his own game picked apart like those of Yakupov, Grigorenko and Forsberg have this past season.

          • Ozmodiar says:

            Check out this quote from Pronman’s write-up on Galchenyuk:

            “some NHL sources thought he had a great chance to go number one overall before tearing his ACL”

        • commandant says:

          Even if there are question marks I guarantee you this.

          At least 1 of the players picked between 3-10 will become a franchise player.

          Now its up to our scouts to get the right one.

          In Timmins I trust.

          Go Habs Go!
          Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

          • Chris says:

            I’m not so sure I agree with that. I see a lot of second line guys in this year’s draft.

            Not every draft produces more than a couple of franchise players. The 2007 draft (which this one is often compared to) produced Patrick Kane and a ton of good NHL players but few guys that could rightfully be called people you would build a franchise around.

            The 2005 draft produced Sidney Crosby. Montreal fans would argue about Price being a franchise player and the Kings might argue Anze Kopitar…I’m not sure that either guy is quite to that level, although they are both very good hockey players (as is Bobby Ryan).

            In 2004, Ovechkin and Malkin came up together, but the rest of the first round picks are hardly superstars.

            In 2002, Nash went first overall but the next best players drafted in the first round (Bouwmeester, Lupul, Semin plus Ward and Lehtonen) are strong NHL players but it would be a stretch to say they are franchise players.

  44. Price07 says:

    I’ll be crossing my fingers for GALCHENYUK, if not, then I’d be open to dealing the pick (as a part of a package) for an established player (but I don’t want to overpay either, so using the pick to draft a player may be the best bet). If no Galchenyuk or trading of the pick, then I’ll accept Forsberg.

    To all those saying Galchenyuk might be one of those KHL risks…he’s an american of russian decent. Also, he chooses to play for team USA and not team russia. Hows that for a russian!?

  45. HabinBurlington says:

    We all knew Roger Clemens was innocent didn’t we? 😉

    • Cal says:

      The same as Lance Armstrong, the only person ever in the world to come back from cancer better and stronger.

    • habs-hampton says:

      Is he “innocent” or just “not guilty”? There IS a difference.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Yes there is, and I was being facetious, you are correct, he was found not guilty.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        The trial was for perjury in any case. That he used performance enhancing substances is pretty well established.

        Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Please, HiB. No one is, ever, innocent. He was found not guilty. The burden of proof on the prosecution was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The jury was composed of 12 ‘Dancing with the Stars’ viewers, astrology buffs and homeopathy cretins. They had probably the same reasonable doubts as the OJ jury or the Casey Anthony jury.

      In the very long view, it is important that kids growing up in Québec love the Canadiens and recognize themselves in the team, and a bit of the team in themselves. There must be a strong, visceral, emotional connection between the fans and leurs Glorieux.


  46. HabinBurlington says:

    Not sure if posted yet here, but here are Elliote Friedmans 30 thoughts.


  47. HardHabits says:

    I think Gomez should get traded to the Stars. I hear that Dallas has a special advisor to the GM that thinks highly of him.

    Kaberle should also get traded, but he would go to Toronto. Kabs needs a stay at home defenceman to get the best out of him. Would be a perfect fit with Komisarek.

  48. 24 Cups says:

    One of our direct divisional competitors looks to make some noise.
    (Buffalo holds four of the top 44 picks)


    • HardHabits says:

      I wonder what it’d take for the Sabres to snag Kaberle and Gomez from the Habs?

      I’d begrudgingly offer two 2nd round draft picks in return for them.

  49. 24 Cups says:

    Quote from today’s Dobber Hockey:

    “I got my hands on Central Scouting’s final rankings, if you’re interested. I know that by this point all rankings pretty much have the same players in the first five and they just juggle around a bit. The top five, in order.

    Nail Yakupov
    Fillip Forsberg
    Ryan Murray
    Mathew Dumba
    Morgan Reilly”

  50. ths says:

    Looks like Burke is ready to shift his 5th pick for Gomez

  51. kempie says:

    Okay. They’re dead now. Every one of them. I’m sure of it.

  52. VancouverHab says:

    Good point by un Canadien Errant: too early yet to give up on Bourque, If anyone can get him playing it is Therrien….

    (But of course I think that it is too early to give up on Scott Gomez…)

  53. aj says:

    In terms of off-season acquisitions, I would like to see the Habs do the following:

    (a) The Liabilities:
    Send – Gomez to the Minors, NO BUYOUTS!!!
    – Kaberle to a European league like Swiss Hockey or KHL.
    – Bourque to be traded in exchange to either a 3rd or 4th round come next year’s draft.

    (b) The needed:
    two top 6 forwards – A Centre and a LW on the 2nd line.

    (c) The additionals:
    Possible defencemen – Nashville is like Montreal. They have good DMen for the taking. Since Shea Weber express interest in going to Detroit, I would like to have the Habs either take Ryan Suter or Hal Gill back here in Montreal.

    • PureGuava says:

      Bourque, Gomez, and Kaberle have something like 10 years left and 50 million dollars on their contracts combined.

      “Of course I’m crazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”
      – Robert Anton Wilson

      • Lizardking89 says:

        It’s too bad Bergevin didn’t come in sooner I don’t think we would have got saddled with Kaberle or Bourque. If he can get rid of even 1 or 2 of those stiffs his tenure as GM would be a success.

        • commandant says:

          In his time with Montreal, Kaberle was on pace for 40+ assists and 45 points. There were only 11 defencemen in the entire NHL who scored 45 points last season.

          Our PP also went from ~11% without Kaberle to ~15% in games that he played.

          The guy is still a valuable piece as a 3rd pairing guy with PP time.

          The problem was that our coaching was pretty stupid with him last year. Why we would make a pairing of Kaberle – Campoli, I still can’t for the life of me figure out. Why you would put two defencemen together who are both puck movers, are both soft, are both defensive liabilities and play them together (with Campoli on his off side to boot), I don’t think I’ll ever understand.

          Get Kaberle a stead stay at home partner, who is tough, and I think you’ll see a completely different player.

          Yet despite all this, the bad pairing, the villification he’s gotten, and everything else, and playing on a 28th place team… Kaberle was a mere -6 in half a season with us.

          Go Habs Go!
          Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

          • Cal says:

            Lots of hate around here for Kaberle. The right D partner will make a huge difference. MB, make it so.

          • jon514 says:

            You hit it out of the park here commandant. Cunneyworth would have needed to clone 2 more copies of Josh Gorges to have a proper blue line last year.

          • nellis13 says:

            I’m a Kaberle hater but I have to agree with you. He needs a partner with some grit if he’s going to stay.

          • PureGuava says:

            I don’t mind Kaberle, but I can’t stand the fact that the team had 3.5 million coming off the books in Spacek, and decided to add 3 more seasons of it at a million more for a player the team didn’t really need. That said, you can’t have Weber, Campoli, Subban, Markov, Diaz, and Kaberle on the same blue line, while paying Josh Gorges 4 million a season.

            “Of course I’m crazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”
            – Robert Anton Wilson

          • Strummer says:

            Guava- kaberle had 2 more seassons after Spacek. He was younger, had more offensive upside and was less brittle.
            We needed him at the time as the future of Markov was uncertain.
            Weber was the only healthy D-Man signed beyond this season at the time.
            20/20 hindsight is so easy.

            “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

          • nunacanadien says:

            I agree with others. We have nothing but wimps mainly on our defense. We have no scrappers, no fighters, no tough guys, although we have a dirty player in Emelin and Bourque.

            We need some grit on our defense. Then Kaberle would be in his prime, in fact if we had another whole team of real NHL players, this bunch that Gauthier signed could actually score goals and win…..kinda makes you wonder what we are doing cheering for a team of wimps who can only shine if Momma tells the bad boys to play nice.

        • Lizardking89 says:

          Seriously guys? You’re defending Kaberle? He’s atrocious defensively and isn’t really what we need. There’s a reason why Boston and Carolina let him go..because he’s f’ing horrible! You can pair this guy up with Bobby Orr and it wouldn’t make a difference. There were far better options out there and trading for him when Spacek was about to come off the books is just shit management. Now we’re on the hook for 2 more years with this guy!

          It seemed like the goat and Gainey went looking for the worst misfits they could find and trade for them. Hell even Rutherford the GM of the Hurricanes said he made a mistake signing him!

          It was a desperation trade that stemmed from the Markov fiasco and never should have happened.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      a) It’s too soon to give up on René Bourque.


      b) We can’t acquire two Top 6 forwards without creating giant holes elsewhere in the roster or the organization. These players will be acquired organically, through drafting and development, not in off-season trades. We don’t have the trading chips to get these guys, we don’t have the depth.

      c) Not sure where you get your info regarding Shea Weber, I’ve never read anywhere that he stated he wanted to go to Detroit. At most he’s shown reluctance to sign a long term deal in Nashville.

      To ‘take’ Ryan Suter will involve a massive contract, we’ll be in a bidding war with 20 or so other teams.

      Not sure how Hal Gill figures in the same conversation as Ryan Suter and Shea Weber.

      In the very long view, it is important that kids growing up in Québec love the Canadiens and recognize themselves in the team, and a bit of the team in themselves. There must be a strong, visceral, emotional connection between the fans and leurs Glorieux.


      • steve17 says:

        Not only that, but if Montreal were to pick up 2 top 6 forwards, then Gionta would have to play on the 3rd line, Cole DD, Pacman, and Pleks would not be moved off of the top 6! The Habs need a real 2nd line power left winger, then they could bump Bourgue to the 3rd line and Moen, if they resign him to the 4th and the left side would be strong. If the Habs are going to keep Pleks and Gionta, they need a winger with some, skill, size and grit to help out. I still feel that with Eller and DD, the Hans can afford to trade Pleks to get that left winger, possibly with Weber and Pulashaj.

        If the Habs draft Grigorenko or Galyenchuk and they are ready this up coming seaon, I would try them on the 3rd line with Avtsin and see if there is chemistry. The reports are Avtsin has a ton of skill, and he may just need elite players to bring him out. With Bourque on the left side, they would have skill, size and grit.


      • nellis13 says:

        …and Hal Gill said he wouldn’t play for Therrien

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          We have no evidence that he said anything of the sort. Please provide a source that quotes Hal Gill making negative comments about Michel Therrien. What I think is that you’re making an assumption that anonymous negative comments made to Dave Stubbs came from Mr. Gill, while that was just educated guesswork on the part of HIO posters. This is another meme that is gaining acceptance as gospel here, and is not founded in fact.
          In the very long view, it is important that kids growing up in Québec love the Canadiens and recognize themselves in the team, and a bit of the team in themselves. There must be a strong, visceral, emotional connection between the fans and leurs Glorieux.


  54. nickster13 says:

    here’s my brilliant idea of the day. Flip the 3rd overall pick to Tampa for tthe 10th and 19th picks. We draft Teravainen and Hertl, a winger and a center and start the rebuild out right.

    “I don’t wanna see Maurice tonight, I want the rocket!”

    • aj says:

      I’m looking forward at this draft taking place in Pittsburgh. IMO, i would either choose:

      (a) Take Galchenyuk for this 1st round just to be sure that the Habs won’t waste any effort stocking up some talent. He’s a good insurance (depending on how he would perform, if he gets here). Possibly, if Yakupov is available, the Habs should take him as a consideration too. Assuming the Oilers or the Blue Jackets won’t take him first.


      (b) Take Grigorenko and do a trade for the Habs 1st round plus a Plekanec or Eller in exchange for either Jordan Stall from the Pens or P.A. Parenteau from the Iles.

      Maybe also;

      (c) Take Filip Forsberg just in case the Habs won’t be able to get either Yakupov or Galchenyuk. He’s a top prospect and I say he will be a decent taking at the draft like Galchenyuk.

      • PureGuava says:

        Don’t trade Eller.
        Parenteau is a Free Agent
        Staal isn’t an upgrade on Plecanec.

        “Of course I’m crazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”
        – Robert Anton Wilson

        • piper says:

          Staal isn’t an upgrade on Plec???????

        • steve17 says:

          I agree and would not trade Eller but I do think Stall is an upgrade. He has the skills that Plaeks has, maybe not to the same level, but he has size that Pleks does not have and plays a more gritty style. With the kids coming on the right side, I don’t know that the Habs need to sign Pareteau and if he wants to be a top 6 winger, the Habs would have to move Gionta to the 3rd line which isn’t likely so Parenteau probably wouldn’t sign in Montreal


          • chanchilla says:

            “he has the skills that pleks has, maybe not to the same level”…
            …..so you’re saying hes not an upgrade in your own post… pleks has consistently put up better seasons than jordan staal.

          • steve17 says:

            No that is not what I said, you didn’t read the whole thing. Pleks may be a bit quicker and craftier, but Stall is as good at killing penalties, is stronger on the puck, younger and has not been given the chance on the 2nd line. That is why he has not put up more points. He is still an upgrade becuae he brings girt and size the Habs do not have at centre. Overall I think he is a better player . Maybe a bit less playmaking skill, but better in other areas.


          • nunacanadien says:

            But Eller waits till everything is perfect to shoot or score, kinda like Grigorenko’s assessment, in fact kinda like the way the habs play offensively……makes you want to say “Sh*t or get off the pot!” When will the habs ever shoot the puck on the net?

    • steve17 says:

      I wouldn’t take hertl, I would take Gaunce. I don’t think Teravainen will be there at 10th but I like the pick. Maybe Faksa


    • commandant says:

      Here’s a thought…. Actually use our highest pick in 30 years and take an elite player instead of trading it for two mediocre picks.

      Quantity does not and will never equal quality in the trading game.

      Also Teravainen is highly unlikely to be availalble at 10.

      Go Habs Go!
      Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

  55. db says:

    If Galchenyuk is taken by Columbus, do you take the best player available: Ryan Murray (IMO) or draft for need: Grigorenko, Forsberg…

    I would take Murray. We drafted Price 5th overall when we were “set” in goal. A D core in 2 years that could consist of Gorges, PK, Emelin, Tinordi, Beaulieu and Murray would be too much to pass up. Markov could be good for another 2-5 years too.. I’m confident a good forward can be found with the 5 2nd round picks we have in the next 2 drafts..

    Regardless, things are looking good.. 🙂

    • Lizardking89 says:

      I definitely like the idea of taking Murray. You can never have too many elite d-men. IMO it’s alot harder to acquire a superstar d-man than it is a first line center because teams rarely seem to part with their franchise d-man.

      Don’t get me wrong I’m hoping we get Galchenyuk but Murray would be a great addition to the team. Markov doesn’t have many seasons left and what if he gets hurt again. D and secondary scoring was our biggest problem last year. Murray might also be NHL ready and provide immediate help to our blueline.

    • piper says:

      I agree, build from the back end. I would even try to trade down slightly and take one of the other top D available. The D would be set for years to come. For all the rest of the picks, take the best projected power forward available. If 1 of them works out = great draft.

  56. Marc10 says:

    If we do end up with Fosberg and he is indeed NHL ready, I’d love to play him with Pleks and… Jagr. (I mentioned this on the old thread…)

    Assuming with get a potential top 6 forward that’s ready to make the jump straight away (big if), why not go for Jagr as a UFA to show the kid the ropes. Apparently he was quite good with the kids in Philly.

    It would be a limited role for the big guy with some PP and the odd day rest, but I could see a fit for one year assuming he’s still in good shape. And that would make Pleks happy…

    Heck, even Eller would benefit.

  57. kempie says:

    I am currently drinking heavily and visiting an holocaust of epic proportions on the carpenter ant population in my home. I’m sweating like a … well I dunno something that sweats a lot. Like my mother-in-law I guess. Where’s my beer?

    1. Yak 2. Galch 3. Grigs.

    Don’t ***k this up.

  58. Boomer says:

    If Columbus takes Gally with the 2nd pick I can see MB taking a chance on Forsberg, or even trading down a few slots and taking Teravainen, either way its a good prospect in the pipes.

  59. Timo says:

    Hasn’t the same been said about Enquivist or whatever that useless guy’s name is? Big, tough, lots of potential, yadda yadda… Couldn’t even crack Habs’ pathetic 4th line.

  60. Rad says:

    Forsberg will be at least as good as Max Pacioretty within 2 years.

    • christophor says:

      Sure, maybe, but based on what? Not anything he’s done thus far.

    • Marc10 says:

      That bar is high. But yeah, he projects that way. Nothing wrong with that…

    • Ehabs9 says:

      According to reports scouts and doctors see no issues with Galchenyuk’s knee. That said, a lot of scouting reports are saying both Galcehnyuk and Teravainen have almost equal skill sets, and have the potential the be bigger impact players than Yakupov down the road.

      So if you ask me, given that we have poop for centre now, and pretty much 0 depth for the position prospect wise, Galchenyuk seems like the best choice. I’d say he was the best choice whether we had depth or not to be honest.

  61. Adidess says:

    People don’t seem to understand. Montreal won’t trade PK Subban just because they like the player they’re getting in return (unless they’re getting a star in his prime).

    Subban is a hell of a talent, but in addition he’s good for the Montreal Canadiens and he’s good for multicultural Montreal, the city.

    Teams assess their assets in more ways than on ice production and PK is pretty good in that department to begin with. In a semi-rebuild scenario, the Habs need a young player like PK who turns fans upside down, either by being spectacular and/or by fueling discussion and interest around the team. PK is a ticket and jersey seller, on top of being good. Why would you trade him for a pick in a presumably weak draft when you already hold a top-3 pick?

    Unless PK is way worse in the room than anyone can imagine or contract talks are hell, I ‘guarantee’ PK won’t be traded for a guy who may not play with the big club next year.

    Edit: in response to several suggestions about trading Subban for picks

  62. christophor says:

    Even though McKenzie has him at 12, I doubt Grigorenko falls out of the top 10.

    Still, if I’m Bergevin, I’m scheming a plan to acquire a second, conditional pick in the first round, just in case. Develop a conversation this week with, say, Washington (both of the Habs’ second rounders and a good prospect or roster player for the 11th pick). If Grigor is still on the board at the time, pull the trigger.

    Leaving the draft with Gally and Grigs will make my summer.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I don’t know how much I’d trust him to fall that far. A big centreman with skill like him is hard to resist. The average of the rankings drops him down to #12, but all it takes is one team who likes him and ranks him much higher to snag him.

      In the very long view, it is important that kids growing up in Québec love the Canadiens and recognize themselves in the team, and a bit of the team in themselves. There must be a strong, visceral, emotional connection between the fans and leurs Glorieux.


      • christophor says:

        Agreed. I said as much but I still think it wise to formulate a plan. I might say the same for Teuvo. Maybe one of the two slips simply because of team-wants, though I doubt it.

  63. DMAN says:

    Eric Weinrich is considering the Assistant Coach job in Montreal according to my sources (E3)
    & Montreal will trade 3rd overall to Calgary for Jokinen and Cammelleri (E2)
    and that is a fact!

  64. parkex says:

    For 2nd Habs pick, go for, if still available: Nicolas Kerdiles. An American who speaks French: “As a fluent French speaker, have you thought about being drafted by the Montreal Canadiens?
    “That’d be a honour because they’re such a great organization. My French speaking skills could help out there, maybe the fans would like that … I talk to my parents in French all the time over the phone, so that helps keep it sharp.”

  65. novahab says:

    Looks like there are two picks to choose from. Forsberg or Galchenyuk. Galchenyuk is a player that will bring scoring and excitment, Forsberg is the type of player that wins you the cup. My pick is Forsberg and he will make the team out of camp.

    • naweed235 says:

      Forsberg will spend the next season in Sweden…

      • Mozeby says:

        My take is that players from Sweden tend to be very good NHLers vs. the Russians who aside from a few exceptions, have turned out to be a bunch of talented but lazy and easily distracted children. It’s like the bright lights of North America have made these guys forget they’re supposed to play hockey 1st, not party and go clubbing like it’s a sport. If I had the choice between 2 equally ranked players, I’d definitely take the Swede over a Russian any day.

        • chanchilla says:

          obvious ignorance is obvious.

          replace swede with black and russian with white and think about what a horrible person you sound like.

        • 24moreCups says:

          Galchenyuk was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so I wouldn’t consider him a Russian player(as in a player from Russia).

          Other then his ethnicity I would consider him North American. Even though he has spent time living in Europe.

        • NickDags says:

          Just because Galchenyuk is a Russian name don’t assume what you don’t know. Gally was born in the US, his parents are Russian but he was born here and playing hockey in North America his whole life. He’s an American player with Russian influence but he is not from Russia.

    • Rad says:

      Forsberg will NOT make an NHL team out of camp. He’s still a kid and needs to grow into his britches.

  66. Marc10 says:

    Bob’s rankings are from a collection of pro scouts… Given that interviews and player intelligence is such a high measure of success these days, you’d have to think Fosberg as done really well in interviews and Grigs not so much.

    Apparently the skill factor drops down a lot out of the top 10. Was surprised in that respect to see Grigs fall to 12. That seems too low for someone touted as a poor man’s Malkin.

    I guess we’ll see on draft day. Here’s hoping MB has a bit of Holmgren in him and can make some moves if he finds the big lug falling too far. We have some prospects in the pipe. if you pick third and then could get him before 15 by moving an asset like Eller… maybe you do it… I don’t know. Our window is in 3 years. Imagine if we brought two top 6 forwards into that scenario instead of just the one.

    Of course next year really features a bumper crop. Maybe we go hard tank just to be in on that action…

    • Mad Habber says:

      if Grigorenko is on the board, I doubt any team would deal for Eller (+ d prospect and a couple of 2nds maybe). The draft the Habs got McDonagh and Pacorietty was very similar in regards to how they say he talent levels off after the top ten. So it will be interesting to see what happens with those two 2nd rounders.

    • pozza says:

      Interesting post and totally agree that our time is likely 3 years at least. Given that (and also not sure Eller gets it done), what about Eric Cole? Every Habs fan loves him, but you have to give something to get something.

  67. chelseafan says:

    Some people are suggesting Subban to dmonton. I love Subban, but if we could keep our three pick I would do it. Nail and Galchenyuk or Murray. Friday should be fun- aatleast until the third pick! And on a free agent note… why are the Habs not going after Nash??? Put Gomer and Kaberle in Hamilton and give the guy 11 million- he would come!

  68. ProHabs says:

    Everyone seems down on Forsberg. He sounds to me like a Kirk Muller type of player. I would be happy with that. I am sure he is not just an upgrade on Travis Moen or else he would not be ranked 3rd overall.

    • commandant says:

      The big question with Forsberg is if he’ll be able to score as he moves to higher levels.

      For many highly touted guys coming out of the SEL or Allvensken, the scoring comes as they mature, the numbers are down to playing against men at a young age.

      For other guys they become decent players, but they just never had the high end offence you hoped for.

      Thats the question that Trevor Timmins must ask himself. Will Forsberg develop offence as he gets older, bigger, more mature.

      Go Habs Go!
      Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

      • ProHabs says:

        Hopefully Timmons knows best. Even Craig Button compared Forsberg to a poor mans Corey Perry (maybe not as nasty but still, that is good company). I just think Forsberg won’t be as bad a pick as some on here are making it sound.

      • chelseafan says:

        Who thought pacioretti would have scored thirty by looking at his previous numbers… if Galchenyuk is gine we may have to opt for forsberg.

  69. ABHabsfan says:

    Perhaps someone can solve this for me; Ryan Murray has been touted as the 1st d-man to go and a “can’t miss” prospect who played at the WHC yet he is the 8th(!) ranked d-man. If he is so good, why is he not ranked higher? Why wouldn’t Edn or CBJ take Reinhart or Dumba since they are ranked higher than Murray? Where is the disconnect here?
    I for one would be happy to pick Galchenyuk, seems like a solid human with great skills and huge upward potential. Not for nothing and I hope this is not weird, but I watched a bit of the combine on TSN and they showed them measuring Galchenyuk’s thighs, dude’s got some serious tree-trunks.

    Edit: I did not read the link from MacKenzie first, I was refering to the latest Craig’ List from Tsn which had Murray ranked 10th ( I think)
    It would seem BM has the more likely scenario in his ranking. Still from what I have read and the jr game’s I have watched, Reinhart is the best d-man in the draft.

    “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
    Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

  70. 24 Cups says:

    I checked a database of the 30 most recent mock drafts from major blog sources on the NHL. The list did not include Monday’s TSN listings http://www.tsn.ca/draftcentre/feature/?id=9825

    Here are the results for the top four spots (ranked out of 30 listings)

    1st Overall Pick
    Yakupov – 28
    Murray – 2

    2nd Overall Pick
    Murray – 10
    Forsberg – 10
    Galchenyuk – 5
    Grigorenko – 3
    Yakupov – 2

    3rd Overall Pick
    Galchenyuk – 11
    Grigorenko – 10
    Forsberg 9

    4th Overall Pick
    Murray 14
    Grigorenko – 4
    Galchenyuk – 3
    Forsberg – 3
    Reinhart – 3
    Dumba – 2
    Reilly – 1

    • Mad Habber says:

      I think the best way to figure out who is going where, is to look at the teams need/draft history under current management.

      #1 is Yakupov regardless who is picking.

      #2 Columbus:
      “Not only was it a terrible year for the NHL club this past season, but the prospect cupboard has been running bare for the past two seasons, particularly with John Moore and Ryan Johansen graduating to become full-time NHL players. In Boone Jenner and Memorial Cup MVP Michael Chaput, the organization has a pair of likely future NHL-caliber players, but outside of those two, they don’t have much in terms of offensive talent. Cam Atkinson and Matt Calvert have already shown the ability to play at the NHL level, but not with a modicum of consistency.

      If the organization did have any strength, it would be on the blue line. It seems every year the club has a new batch of talented defensemen making the leap to the pro ranks – over the past two years they’ve seen Cody Goloubef, John Moore, David Savard, and Dalton Prout turn pro – and 2012-13 will be no different. One of the top defensive defensemen in all of college hockey, Will Weber will be joining the Springfield Falcons next year, as will WHL defenseman Austin Madaisky.”


      Sounds to me like they are going to want a forward…my opinion it’s either Galchenyuk or Forsberg. The article says they like to take guys playing (or planning on it) in North America. So sounds like Galchenyuk to me.

      Crossing my fingers that I’m wrong. Maybe Zeredev will have scared them off of Russians (not likely)…

  71. 24 Cups says:

    I have followed these draft listings for the past eight years and can state that I think Bob McKenzie’s (scout based rankings) are some of the closest ones out there.

    Here are McKenzie’s top 60 picks for 2012.

    He has Grigorenko listed 12th while Galchenyuk comes in at #5. That pretty well does it for me.

    The only real question is who will go 2nd. If it turns out to be Galchenyuk, then Montreal will be looking at Murray or Forsberg (assuming Yakupov goes first overall).

    It really doesn’t matter which two teams select first or second, it’s really about the players and Montreal’s options.

    For those, like Ed Lopaz, who were hoping for Matheson with Montreal’s 2nd overall pick, I think you might want to go back to the drawing board. I doubt he will still be around at #33. Other players who may well be available at #33 include Frk, Samuelsson, Thrower, Kerdiles and Jankowski.

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