With a bullet.

Or maybe with a pebble, eh, Goliath?

Miraculous! Unbelievable! Shocking! Stunning! Yup, those are some of the words you’ll be hearing today around the water cooler. But not from this guy. All you’ll hear from me?

“I told you so”.

Actually, I predicted the Habs would take this series in 6 games… which was maybe a little optimistic (even for me). But I’ll take the win in seven.

I was laughed at by Caps fans. Even mocked by fellow Habs fans.

But I believed in these players.

In Bob We Trust built a playoff team.

The team that Bob Gainey made – and then drastically re-made last summer -just knocked off the best team in the NHL.


The forwards are too small.

The defensemen too slow, too old.

We don’t have a proven goaltender.

We don’t have a superstar.


Nope. We don’t.

The Caps do:
Mike Green? No goals.
Alex Semin? No goals.
And Alexander the Gr8 is going home.

Just a team full of superstar killers, I guess.

(Hear that Sid?)


Slow D? Hal (make fun of me all season but who’s laughing now) Gill is a #1 defenseman. Halak called him a second goalie out there. Well, Gill had blocked 31 shots this series. That’s more than double the rubber than Semyon Varlamov stopped in Game 7. Josh Gorges was awesome. So was Andrei Markov, as usual.

And that opening powerplay goal by MAB put more than a little crow in a lot of mouths.
Hate his -8 all you want but he’s good at what he does.
And that’s score goals from the point on the powerplay.


Our undersized forwards were huge! Mike Cammalleri with 10 points? He’s a big game player. Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta competing in the corners with guys bigger and stronger than them? And winning those battles? Hey – these two are Stanley Cup winners. They know how to get the job done.

Unsung diminutive forward award: Tom Pyatt. Not a ton of ice time, not a lot of flashy plays but w-o-w can that kid kill a penalty.


And there’s no question mark in nets anymore.
There’s no debate.

There’s no controversy.


This victory isn’t surprising. Our regular season was.

The Habs shoulda, coulda, woulda been better in 82 games. Yes, injuries definitely made a big difference but the team never really seemed completely comfortable. They got close at times but never really fired on all cylinders.

But the post-season fits a glove.

And right now, I’m pretty happy that our lousy regular season team is playing like an elite playoff team. I’d hate to be a Caps fan today. Painful. It’s going to be a loooooong summer in Washington – and Russia.

They were supposed to win the Cup, right?

Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Not this year Washington Sharks.


Hey – anyone know if these Pittsburgh Penguins are supposed to be any good?

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