Doing the math

For what it’s worth, the numbers crunches at say the Canadiens have a 97.9-per-cent chance of making the playoffs even after last night’s meltdown in Carolina. 

There’s one scenario in which the Canadiens have control of their own destiny. If they win – or lose in OT or in a shootout – against Toronto tomorrow night, they’re in.

If the Canadiens  lose in regulation, there are several back-door opportunities. They’re in if:

• The Rangers lose one of their two remaining games against Philadelphia or win one of of those games in OT or a shootout.

• The Rangers sweep the Flyers in regulation time.

• The Bruins lose their two remaining games in regulation – against Carolina tomorrow and in Washington Sunday.


  1. wotever says:

    The Canes, 11th, are not the worst team in the NHL, 6 points behind the flyers and Ward was out for a good bout, and have won or overtime’d 7 of their last ten (including us), Islanders, 12th, won or overtime 6 of their last 10, including.  These late eliminated team pushes are normal.   

    You’ll have to speak up – I’m wearing a towel.

  2. Natrous says:

    No, they had a system, and his name was Patrick Roy.

  3. Garbo says:

    Wrong – 1 point from Islanders

  4. dicktracy says:

    As I recall it was 2 years @ Pat Burns + 1 year Demers = Cup

  5. Klondike Habs Fan says:

    Not to worry, I am not in the runnung for the coach job, and I agree Pyatt has been great, but lets put a few offensive forwards together and let them play!

  6. Danno says:

    Their selection of Habs stuff is pretty limited. And most of it ships out of the U.S. so you pay more.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  7. smiler2729 says:

    Ever wonder how come the Leafs always come out to play vs. the Habs and the Habs never do?

    I used to think it was the Canadian factor, the Leafs had more North American born players that knew and understood the rivalry whereas the Habs were predominantly a bunch of uncaring Europeans that treated it as another night off on the ice.

    I don’t get it.

  8. nastyHABit says:

    count chocula and his SYSTEM need an OVERHAUL

  9. mike g says:

    I know it sucks…

    I stopped buying from NHL.COM….it’s wayy overpriced, and always out of sizes. All my stuff is baught of ebay now. You catch some nice deals, and unique stuff that the NHL website doesn’t offer…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  10. 100HABS says:

    Last time they won a cup, they had a system ingrained into them by Pat Burns. It was still part of the team. Demers just made them believe they could do it. Pat taught them how to play hockey, Demers showed them how to win.

    Martin has a system that I now understand. I don’t like it – I don’t think it works for this team. We are now healthy and losing to teams who are not in the playoffs when it matters most to us. This is not right. We should have already clinched the Sabres in the first round and now it’s looking like a backdoor date with the Caps.

  11. smiler2729 says:

    Markov. Souray. At least Souray had heart.

  12. smiler2729 says:

    Summing up the Montreal Canadiens of the new millennium:

    “To you from failing hands we blow the torch out, because you have no idea what being a Montreal Canadien is all about. Basically you all suck.”

  13. Fabio D says:

    LOL…this whole scenario is a joke.

    They had 2 chances to clinch a play-off spot against 2 of the worst teams in the Eastern conference and couldn’t steal 1 point from either.

    Now, it comes down another bottom feeder, who ALWAYS comes out to play against the Habs.

    Does anyone honestly think the Habs won’t crumble on Sat against a team that always turns it up a notch when they play the Habs?

    The back door in is great (insert rolley eye smiley)….did wonders for the team last year, when Boston spanked them out in 4.

    At this point, they finish to high to earn a decent draft pick, so might as well make what they can of it in the play-offs.

    Let’s hope neither of our goalies have a bad game, they unfortunately don’t have the luxury of taking a night off or letting in one bad goal.

    Let’s hope the boys have somehting left in the tank for whatever scenario they find themselves in.

    Break out the Rabbit’s feet, four leaf clovers, horsehoes and lucky pennies Habs fans. This team needs all the help it can get.

  14. nastyHABit says:

    here we go again……same as last year…….BACKING INTO THE PLAYOFF DOOR ARSE FIRST

  15. DOAHABS says:

    Only his pension plan,..and I hope he’s on it Soon

  16. TomNickle says:

    I’ll sell you an old Souray hat if it makes ya feel better!  Could you really expect anything less from the NHL?


    With Jacques Martin at the helm, we are doomed to be a good team instead of a great one

  17. SeriousFan09 says:

    What the hell is the point of offering up custom t-shirts on their shop if you aren’t allowed to put current players on the back of the shirt? I want my damn Markov t-shirt but they’re out of XL, again. Won 100$ today in school and have it burning in my back pocket, got Toews and Ovechkin shirts in the cart already but it doesn’t feel right not having a new Canadiens t-shirt, especially since Lapierre is likely to get kicked to the curb this offseason.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  18. Bogie Man says:

    Despite all the so called back door oppertunities to get into the playoffs I truly believe it is a must win against Toronto tomorrow night!

  19. Danno says:

    Sad. but true.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  20. fuhgawz says:

    Josh Gorges has always talked like a Captain and acts like one its why he should be appointed as so.

  21. TomNickle says:

    Metro is hurt and if you’d have Pyatt on the 4th line I’m glad you aren’t our coach, no offense.  He’s just been our best defensive forward since the Olympics in my opinion.


    With Jacques Martin at the helm, we are doomed to be a good team instead of a great one

  22. Storm Man says:

    Booooo him at the game on Saturday Im leading the charge

  23. smiler2729 says:

    Let’s put the Kostitsyn brothers together… in the pressbox.

  24. smiler2729 says:

    The system. There’s that word again, a word always attached to Jacques Martin as if he invented “the system”.

    Every team plays a system, hell, they play many systems over a course of a game as it evolves. It’s a catch-all phrase to describe playing basic fundamental hockey, a game even 5 year olds can play.

    These guys need forget about Martin’s strict “system” and play the system they were taught as kids simply called hockey.

    The last time Montreal won a Cup in ’93, I believe Jacques Demers had no “system”, they played and reacted offensively or defensively to whatever the score was

  25. Storm Man says:

    JM has no plan

  26. fuhgawz says:

    Dear Jacques Martin:

    I have watched 81 agonizing games with you as head coach of my beloved Montreal Canadiens this season and i would like to touch on a few observations i have taken to note.   You suck.  Your system sucks. You obviously have no idea how to prepare a team when it matters.  You treat players like feces. You do not support any of your players.  Your funny looking.  You show the same amount of emotion as the rock i kicked before coming into the office today.  Your a joke.  You have a love affair with MAB.  Your predictable.  You will NEVER win a cup in this city.  Your idea of coaching rivals Gaineys idea of being a GM.  I frankly do not you here coaching this team anymore.


  27. Captain aHab says:

    These stats are nothing more than meaningless mental masturbation. This is real life, not XBOX.

  28. Klondike Habs Fan says:

    If I were JM, and I am not, because I dont put pyatt out there when we are down goals and need offense, these would be my lines going forward:

    AK Plek SK

    Gio Gomez Cammel

    Moen Metro Poulio

    Pyatt LAP Darch / Who am I missing here?

    Anyway, those are your best top two we ca get right now. Time to put the Brothers Kostitsyn together, might genreate a bit of offense, and it might make this game seem a bit fun to the boys.

  29. Kooch7800 says:

    Ah don’t knock the bulldogs (sarcasim). They are a well coached team that plays hard.  I have been very impressed with them this year and with their goaltending think they have a good shot at winning the Calder again 

  30. TomNickle says:

    Cammalleri doesn’t play tonight!



    With Jacques Martin at the helm, we are doomed to be a good team instead of a great one

  31. Danno says:

    JM’s secret plan is to make sure the Habs are play possum to secure 8th place. After that, they will be miraculously be transformed into ferocious tigers and destroy the Capitals.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  32. mike g says:

    Let’s all cheer for our favorite Mike tonight…..


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  33. Storm Man says:

    The bottom line who draws up the game plan? who puts the lines together? who gives icetime? this would be why this team is where it is at.

  34. adesbarats says:

    I would say the entire habs team are fully aware of these statitstics as it is the only explaination I can conjure up for that piss poor performance last night.I can just hear the locker room chatter now:

    “Ah, don’t sweat it guys. Let’s just coast. Don’t wanna work too hard. Don’t have to cause our stats guys tell us we have a 97.9% chance of getting in even if we sit on our asses. Somebody pass me a beer”

  35. dicktracy says:

    Josh Gorges talks like a captain. Too bad. Too late.

  36. habsnyc says:

    Sadly, this passes for excitement in Montreal hockey.  However, the odds are so overwhelmingly in favor of Montreal making the playoffs, even if they lose to Toronto, that fans should not invest any emotional energy in the Toronto game and just gear up for the playoffs.

    The team is structurally impaired for the near term because their older, less productive players are signed to long term contracts and their younger more productive players are not.  Unless they find a $1million a year forty goal scorer or Norris winner, they cannot overcome their self inflicted salary issues.  It speaks volumes about player development when an organization with only one possible franchise player can be uncertain after three years if he is their go to player.  I cannot develop much enthusiasm for a team that places so many obstacles in the way of their own success. 

    There is a chasm between the fan base and ownership.  The fans identify with the team and want to associate with a winning heritage.  Ownership wants the fans to identify with the brands controlled by the owners while generating sufficient cash flow to cover their costs.  This is at least better than prior ownership who used financial leverage and good marketing to flip the team.  However, neither scenario has lead to building a supeior hockey organization.  Ownership will not take financial or organization risks deliver on what the fans want because from a business point of view, the risk is unjustifiable.  The system ensures perpetual mediocrity offset only by random bursts of unsustainable success or failure. 

  37. wd40 says:

    agreed, but i did say ALL of the above, which includes the lowly Leaves beating us on Saturday night.  Gawd I hope not, but … you know they are going to be up for that game.

  38. tony d says:

    The only math I know is:

    Back door entrance = early exit

  39. Laramy87 says:

    Just beat the F***in leafs… problem solved

  40. Laramy87 says:

    Rangers sweeping flyers is still okay, because Philly is a point behind us so we still get in. If rangers win both games and one is ot then Flyers have tie breaker against us

  41. habbyone says:

    If given the chance I believe the Bull dogs would have given a better performance these last few games. Year after year of this crap. This is how they play with the season on the line? You watched it the last few games. This is what the real habs look like!!! Problems start with coaching but there’s a lot more problems with this bunch. Brutal to say the least. I hope Toronto sends these aholes packing. They don’t deserve to be in the playoffs!

  42. wd40 says:

    97.9 % chance eh, well, sadly, i think the chance of ALL of the following happening over the next few days are also pretty high:

    * Leafs beating the Habs on Saturday night.  

    * Rangers sweeping the Flyers

    * Boston winning one of their remaining two games.

    Sad it’s come down to this.

  43. HabsFanInTampa says:

    Did any of these “geniuses” crunch the numbers on the odds that we get swept in the first round???

  44. Diriangen says:

    This is pathetic. Crunching the numbers should relate to a team’s strategic outlook and players acomplishments / achievements i.e. how much salary cap room will the Habs have next year? or Does Halak deserve any recognition for the Vezina award this year, given his numbers (I’m just saying this as an example).

    We shouldn’t have to crunch numbers because of a team’s undisciplined and uninterested approach to playing its last few games… and (players) doing their jobs.

    Like Boone said, “no pride” whatsoever on this team. Instead of practicing today, they should take them to a local hospital or fire station or elementary school to see how normal folks go about their days on a regular basis… with hard work, real challenges, genuine effort and a sense of responsibility (pride).

    Except for a few players on this team, most notably: Georges, Gill, Gionta, Moen, Metro, Darche, Moore, Halak, and Pleky, the rest are just floating out there.

    I’ve been a Habs fan for a long time. Given the circumstances, yesterday’s game was one of the most dissapointing Habs games I’ve ever seen.

  45. smiler2729 says:

    Hell, the Habs are, when rolling and engaged, a rockin’ entertaining team… but where did that team go?

    Is it really all Jacques Martin? Was it all Guy Carbonneau? Or Claude Julien or Michel Therrien???

    No, too many passengers with no terminal on this team, the only guys who played like their hearts and souls were on hockey fire on past post-lockout teams were Saku Koivu, Sheldon Souray, Tom Kostopoulos, Craig Rivet and Christopher Higgins. But the Habs of those seasons were littered with soft gutless wonders like Jan Bulis, some guy named Perezhogin and a dude so enamored by his immense talent he was dubbed L’Artiste (no, not Prince).

    That team was blown up to bring in more grit and character and for the most part, it’s in place, other than The Magnificent Floating Kostitsyn Brothers and an apparently sublimely talented puck moving wonder named Markov, this team IS a no quit, driven bunch -BUT- where the HELL is the drive???? Maybe it’s time to pull a Lamoriello and pull the plug on the coach.

    I’m really at a loss and this is all so scarily predictable.

  46. nick says:

    It’s a pretty sad story when the team has to hope someone else other than TO loses in order for MTL to make the playoffs. If the guys can’t get their collective heads around the idea of winning during the season against none contenders, what makes people thing that it’ll happen in the post season against a top seeder team?

    As for who starts between the pipes next game? I say Price.

  47. Tis Himself says:

    It all comes down to truculence and belligerence, neither of which the Habs possess.

  48. smiler2729 says:

    Are you Brian Burke?

  49. Harani says:

    I have changed my picture to give props to Dominic Moore who I think works his butt off every single game. And the Cammi picture wasn’t doing me any favours!

    “I gotta feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  50. RetroMikey says:

    Moore gets a $500,000 bonus stipulated in his contract if the teammakes the playoffs, that is why he is busting his butt off.

    You really think he;ll bust his butt if they make the playoffs?


    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  51. Off-side says:

    Let’s do the math with Gomez: $8 million dollars, people.  That will buy us a s**t-load of good talent.  This isn’t rocket science.

  52. avatar_58 says:

    Math sucks. I’d rather they win.

  53. Frank2468 says:

    Pat thank you for clarifying the situation but do you honestly believe that the Habs deserve the chance to be in the post season the way they have played all season.  They are up and down more often than a toilet seat and the way things are going with the Habs I’m sure they will find a way to screw up all the present scenarios and be playing golf come April 11.

  54. BJ says:

    They deserve as much as the other 3 teams still not qualified that is: NYR, Boston and Philadelphia.

  55. wmarcello says:

    “The Canadiens have a 97.9-per-cent chance of making the playoffs even
    after last night’s meltdown in Carolina.”

    I hope the Habs don’t take that as a challenge!

  56. beeg says:

    Not following. If the Rangers win one of their games in OT/SO and the other in regulation and the Canadiens lose to the Leafs in regulation, the Rangers will finish with more points and more wins. The Flyers will finish with the same number of points but with more wins. Thus, in the first scenario Pat describes, the Habs could fail to make the playoffs? In other words, the scenario to be avoided is a Rangers regulation victory and a Rangers OT/SO victory. Or am I misreading things?

    (Of course, a Flyers’ victory tonight would settle things.)

  57. wutabi says:

    Exactly.  The second half of the first scenario is the only way the Canadiens are eliminated. 


  58. wmarcello says:

    Yes you’re right. The original post is wrong concerning the Rangers. If the Habs lose to the Leafs in regulation on Saturday, the backdoor opportunities are:

    – Rangers lose one game to the Flyers in any way, shape, or form

    – Rangers win both games against the Flyers in regulation

    – Bruins lose both final games in regulation

  59. Iceberg84 says:

    On the subject of math and sports, there’s a really interesting podcast called
    Radio Lab that combines science with storytelling and if you haven’t heard of it, I recommend you check it out.
    It does require something of an ability to pay attention and an
    attention span though, so if you don’t have those, it’s probably not for
    you :D.

    Anyway, they do an episode all about chance, fate, numbers etc. and one example they use is whether or not the hot hand means anything in sports. I won’t spoilt the results of their discussion, but it’s neat and their answer is one I’d never considered before. Anyway, their example can be expanded to relate to anything in sports including the performance of a hockey team’s forwards, defensemen, goalies etc. or the team in general. If you’re curious, you can find the link here:

    The whole episode is interesting, but if you want to jump to the sports discussion, it starts at approximately 22:00. It could give us some insight into why good teams lose to bad teams or good players have bad nights from a mathematical perspective.

  60. slapshot777 says:

    He gets a $500,000 bonus for making the playoffs. There should also be a pay back if the miss the playoffs. Each player should get a bonus if they make the playoffs, but not be part of the salary cap. It also should be a fixd amount so that every players gets the same no matter what his contract is.

    If they miss the playoffs then the player should have to pay back to the team a 10% of their contract. This would give all players an incentive to make the playoffs. This would avoid the floating a player does. A player making a million would have to give back $100,000, while a player like Gomez for instance would have to give back $800,000.

    I don’t think that Gomez or any player for that matter would want to give back any salary. Thus we would avoid seeing crappy hockey ike we have been witnessing this past couple of weeks.


    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  61. TomNickle says:

    Yeah he will because he’s done nothing but bust his ass wherever he’s been.



    With Jacques Martin at the helm, we are doomed to be a good team instead of a great one

  62. Kooch7800 says:

    Which none that you have noted should/deserve to make it.  It has been awhile since 6,7,8,9th have all been this pathetic.

    I think the part that scares me is we dont’ have any significant injuries right now and we are still really struggling.

  63. pic1983 says:

    Bob Mckenzie said it best this morning on the team 990. He said if the habs can’t muster a point against toronto, and miss the playoffs, they probably dont deserve to be there anyway.

    I dont understand how the habs can challenge the top teams, and get killed by the basement dwellers.  If we played hard last night and lost, I guess I can accept it because Carolina is the 2nd hottest team in the east since January.  However, our effort last night was abysmal.  Last night should have been treated like a game 7, and it wasnt.  Once again, when theres a total lack of team effort and emotion, the only place to look is the coach. 

    I also can’t believe that we have actually gotten worse since Cammy came back.  Maybe playing injured isnt always a good thing.

  64. Habscore says:

    So what is this 11 am meeting about???

    In the meantime, here’s Lats on what he thinks about MTL…on RDS website:

  65. Laramy87 says:

    Tomorrow lines i think would work well:

    Cammy – Gomez – Gio (They played well last nite and created alot of chances)

    Ak – Pleks – SK (SK is better then ppl give him credit, he is being buried in a checking role by JM and he is not a checker, kids got hands)

    Moen – Moore – Pouliot (Pouliot – i jsut dont know anymore, but moore creates alot of open space on the ice, and i think Pouliot can take advantage)

    Pyatt – Lapierre – Darche (I do not understand the scratching of Darche, he is one of the few habs who shows up and gives 110% every game)

    Markov MAB (need him on the powerplay, he was playing like mad man last nite)

    Hammer Spacek

    Gill Georges (Best pair last nite)

    Price starts (Halak has been average at best the last two games. He was way to deep in his net on many goals against NYI and Carolina gave them the entire net to shoot out)

    Although i like OB, i think he needs to sit a few games and collect his thoughts. His big body will be needed in the playoffs 


  66. smiler2729 says:





    leave the D pairings as they always are

    and play Halak cuz Price will get eaten alive if he gets anything less than a Shutout

    BENCH the Ktit Bros.

  67. Habscore says:

    I don’t think I would like to have Price in the nets. If we lose the game it’s pretty sure it won’t be his fault, but this will only put him down and fans will start booing the team (him included). Not only another stupid unlucky loss for Price, but another loss impeding us to go to playoffs.

    Halak does not deserve this either but people will less tend to criticize him in my opinion. 

  68. SLONCOLD says:

    did you watch the carolina game. would you care to explain how halak gave them the whole net to shoot at?

    You could start price tomorrow, i wouldn’t be against it but i don’t think it increases our chances of winning either.

  69. UziMTL says:

    YES Laramy u d Man/Woman! Ive been thinking the same…well at least for the first line. Get the Schtroumpfs line out there if u want a shot at doing some damage in the playoffs(That’s if we make it). I mean, these guys r fast. The speed can def. take care of those bigger dudes. And most of all….We NEED Cammy back! I dont feel safe when hes not scoring.

    YES! AK Pleks n SK. Just like we had at the beginning of the season. These guys are brothers….they must have practiced a lot together as kids. Look at the Sedin twins. Well theyre twins…and they got that Telekinesis shit going on so obviously more of a bond…but u know wat i mean. Pleks can play with ne1.

    I agree with everything u said….great read man/woman. I agree with everything besides the Goalie situation. I think if the Rangers lose tonite…u let Price play. If not…Halak just incase cuz there will be A LOT of pressure on the Habs at home in a game which determines their post-season. Don’t think Price will be able to handle it…although he has made tremendous success mentally this year. I dont think he made enough.

  70. Storm Man says:

    Well said

  71. Laramy87 says:

    Ya very true… What if rangers lose tonight and we know we are going anywyas…. Halak will be our starting next weekend. Do we play price then?

  72. UziMTL says:

    Yea…if the Rangers Lose tonight….u let Halak rest up. Give price some ice-time so he doesn’t get all cranky this summer. Hey…i dont live in MTL nemore…but is it true that He was seen doing coke? Ive seen pics of him smoking…wtv hes a goalie…but coke?

  73. UziMTL says:

    Hahahah…..FUCK I hate that Word now. He says it in every other sentence!

  74. UziMTL says:

    Oops…my bad. U wrote Jacques Martin something something Definitivement…but its gone now. Lol.

  75. SeriousFan09 says:

    Okay made my decision, as the bonus right now offered is free shipping and I came into some money.

    Toews, Ovechkin and Cammalleri shirts will grow my t-shirt collection nicely, decided to invest in Cammy as my next Canadiens shirt, I believe in him.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  76. UziMTL says:

    I believe in him too. Hes a hard worker…hell get far. Its just a matter of time. He hasnt felt what its like to score in what…2 months or so? Shiet…..wait till he scores that first 1. It’s only a matter of time.

  77. Bugs says:

    Canadiens up against the fear. We all knew this day would come.

    Ridiculously overhyped, call me

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  78. UziMTL says:

    Did YOU watch the Carolina game last night? How many odd man rushes were there? 1 goal was on a Breakaway, one was on the PP and he couldnt have done anything about it. 1 EN…so doesnt count. And im pretty sure there were 2 goals off of rebounds as a result of odd man rushes.

    Yea true…i dont think the goalies would increase our chances of winning by much…but just to be on the safe side….Halak IF NYR lose tonight.

  79. Laramy87 says:

    More so NYI game then Carolina… He was backed in on the 3rd goal, in the shootout be did not challenge the shooter and could have just said, “here ill move, shoot”

    I guess im okay with either goalie, but definatly Price is rangers lose tonight.

  80. SLONCOLD says:

    3rd goal was a PP and stall was left alllll alone.

    against the islanders i’m sure halak would like the 3rd goal back but he wasn’t playing deep on that one.

  81. ckckckc says:

    97.9 percent….. I feel like this is holdem poker and waiting for the river card.

    ~live and let live~ GO HABS GO!


  82. Willy the bum says:

    Even though it’s really a huge chance, my poker face ain’t that good.

  83. New says:

    I find this all very exciting. Wondering which team can accidently fall into the playoffs in a league that awards a point to the loser and an extra one to the winner. Lose every game and you’re only two points out of playoff contention. Whoopee.

  84. Willy the bum says:

    I’m pretty scared of that 2.1%.

  85. chinien says:

    why we haven’t clinched yet


    boston  has 87 2 games left 37 wins

    mtl has 87 1  game left 39 wins

    phila has 86 1 game left 40 wins

    NYR has 86 1 game left 38 wins


    First tie-breaker is wins 

    MTL has 39 wins

    with Rangers win we clinched today regardless what happens this weekend

    because rangers and/or phila max points is 88 with a win sunday, if boston wins 2 91 point if they win 1 89 if they tie 2 89. Montreal can either finish with 89 88 or 87 point. My point is only team can move up on mtl phila or nyr. If phila wins we finish 8 if nyr win we finish 8. If Boston, Montreal Phila and NYR all finish at 87 points.  We go by wins so Phila 40 Mtl 39 Nyr 38 and bostpn 37. Boston would be out and we finish 7.


    Someone correct me if i am wrong.



  86. moonkid says:

    A Rangers win gives them more points than the habs (88 vs. 87) despite having fewer wins.

    If the Rangers win in overtime, then the Flyers get a point, thus tying them with the habs with 87 points. Because the Flyers have more wins than the habs (40 vs. 39) they win the tiebreaker.

    If such a situation happens, the only way habs are in (assuming they lose to the Leafs) is if Boston loses both their games in regulation.

    Basically, these are the outcomes we’re shooting for:

    Flyers win (in regulation or overtime)

    Rangers win (in regulation)

    If Rangers win in overtime, this needs to happen:

    Bruins lose (both in regulation)

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