Devils won neutral zone battle ‘and it shows in the score’ says Habs Gionta (Video)

(Photo: John Mahoney/The Gazette)

It was Martin Brodeur’s 70th game in goal against the Canadiens and it ended as it often does for the Habs when they face the future Hall of Famer in net — with a loss.

The Canadiens outshot the Devils 30-19 in their 4-1 loss, but it was New Jersey who made the most of its chances, creating heavy traffic in front of goaltender Carey Price.

“They did a good job of bottling us up,” Canadiens captain Brian Gionta said.

“We weren’t sharp coming out of our own end. We didn’t really get much clean. So therefore we weren’t able to get much established in the neutral zone.

“I thought they won the neutral zone battle and it shows in the score,” Gionta added.

The win brings Brodeur’s lifetime record against the Habs to 45-19-6.

The Canadiens started the game on the right foot and had scoring chances, said coach Michel Therrien who contends the 41-year-old Brodeur made the difference.

“I liked that we had a lot of chances to score,” Therrien said.

“We directed a lot of shots on net, which is rare against a team like New Jersey. We didn’t play a bad game. The difference in that game is simple in my eyes it’s Martin Brodeur.”

Therrien also said he felt the Canadiens tried to set the tempo, pushing the pace.

“I believe the story of the game was Marty Brodeur. He was phenomenal tonight.”

The Habs continue to struggle on the power play. They failed to capitalize on their three chances and are now 0 for 17 with the man advantage over the last five games.

Max Pacioretty scored the Canadiens lone goal. A goal by Brendan Gallagher in the second period was waved off after a video review concluded he kicked the puck into the goal with his skate.

The Canadiens were without David Desharnais who was out with the flu. They head out Wednesday on a four-game road trip and don’t play again at home until Saturday, Jan. 25th when they face the Washington Capitals.

You can listen to what Max Pacioretty had to say here:

You can watch what Gionta had to say here:

And you can listen to what Josh Gorges had to say here about the Habs power play:

(Video: Brenda Branswell)


  1. Marc10 says:

    So much for ‘no excuses’.

    The Devils just wanted it more, which sadly has been the norm over the course of Martin F’s tenure. Still I despise them and their ‘joy kill’ style of hockey.

    • CH Marshall says:

      Maybe it’s time to use the Oilers’ “chop wood, carry water”.

    • TMan1969 says:

      @Marc – Brodeur shut the door played great and the NJD clogged the middle, stuffed the net and scored on the PP (Mtl had 3 and did diddly squat)…sweep this one under the carpet and move on to the Sens who somehow have the Habs under their spell…this one is a must win simply because it will lift the gorrilla off their backs..GHG!

      Do not scorn a weak cub. He may become the brutal tiger.

      Mongolian Proverb

  2. BCG says:

    One day MT may learn how to coach a D while having an offense. One day MT may check his ego when coaching youth. And one day MT may not be insecure. That day is not now.

  3. Timo says:

    When was the last time Habs won 2 in a row? November?

  4. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I’m gonna get flack for saying this but Martin Brodeur in my humble opinion gets way too much credit when we lose to the damn Devils. Same excuses from our Captain after each loss. Too bad. This one is totally on Therrien. He sucks & so does Martin B.

  5. Frank2468 says:

    Saturday night we had Dr Jekyll on the ice and tonight it was Mr Hyde. That pretty much sums up the team.

    • rjcp says:

      That is very true, have said it myself a thousand times to most people I know when they ask me about my team. Having said that, a lot can be read into that assessment, the most important being that this team is good enough, the problem is between the ears. Getting a little tired of Gionta’s post game after a loss. If he’s so astute at knowing why they lose AFTER the game, is he too stupid to know that DURING a game and do the frick something about it?

  6. jols101 says:

    Therrien’s team motto of ‘no excuses’ should be changed to ‘any excuse’.

    • The Jackal says:

      That’s yet another sad trope about coaches.
      People cite an explanation or analysis of a loss as an excuse and evidence that the coach is breaking his promise. What a crock.
      There are excuses and then there are explanations and dissections, they are similar but ultimately difference.
      On top of that, don’t eat up what the coach says to the media, as what he is telling the players in the room is usual quite different. Coaches are expected to make comments on the game and the team’s performance, uttering them is not making an excuse. This is yet another failed criticism that conflates commentary as an excuse for the team to be forgiven. The coach has never done that and neither have the players.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

      • scotland says:

        therrien is a brutal coach. bet ayears pay this is his last nhl job. the other 29 team will never hire this guy. pens would have been his last job if habs dropped the speaking french a must.

        with markov getting both goals on sat and patch getting one tonight. thats what 2 goals between all 12 forwards in the last 3 games.

        ginta and therrien leading this team is why its lack strong leadership.

        ps…gorges stunk and was in all the first 3 jersey goals. most overrated hab of all time

  7. Timo says:

    As long as Michael Therrien liked it I am good. All you doom and gloom crown need to relax. The coach liked the game. What more is needed?

  8. The Jackal says:

    Just like those saying “here are the real Habs,” we can now see who the “real fans” are. (Kidding)

    Really though, after last win, the team could do no wrong and MT was actually getting praise. Now after a loss, that game did not even happen and once again we are looking for a new coach.

    None of the bipolar comments paint an accurate picture of what the team is. The comments that Hickey described perfectly are typically knee-jerk reactions, sometimes (unfortunately) actual opinions. But in between those comments are the thoughtful criticisms or praises about the team, and while MT deserves his share of criticism, the biggest problem the team has is a lack of size and scoring up front. A close second is D which is mediocre to above average on a good night. The roster contains the largest trouble-spots on this team and getting a new coach is not going to make a tangible difference.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • WindsorHab-10 says:

      I’ve been calling for his head from the first day they hired this useless tool. He sucks & so does the person that hired him.

    • scotland says:

      therrien got no praise from this fan. he got alot from himself. and for what. winning a home game 2-1 in ot where your forwards managed ZERO goals. praising that sounds an awful lot like leaf nation stuff

  9. GL says:

    Habs had a shot on net every two minutes and could only score one goal that pretty much tells the story.

  10. rogieshan says:

    Is Therrien delusional? Brodeur was simply “the difference”?

    • scotland says:

      i laughed out loud at his comments on the game.

      and gionta “they won the nuetral zone and it showed in the score”

      lol…yea and they won in your end, their end, on the boards, behind the net and specialty teams. and the 41 year old jagr was better than every forward on the habs team…..on montreal ice too boot

      if they has standings for leadership….habs would sit in 30th

    • scotland says:

      therrien ” i liked that we got shots on de net”

      is this guy for real. i lose respect for mb every with every game that this hack remains coach.

      if they make the play offs….one and done (again)………..and everyone in the hockey world knows that

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