Denis, Henry clear waivers, join Bulldogs

Goaltender Marc Denis and defenceman Alex Henry today cleared waivers. Denis has already joined the Hamilton Bulldogs while Henry, cleared by doctors to resume practising, will do so tonight.


  1. Tom S. says:

    Well done Prof. IMO, Wilson was trying to find some positives out of the circumstances he finds himself. There’s not much to cheer about if you’re a Laffs fan, so, he tried his best to find a positive, ANY positive for the fans of that sad-sack team. But to say that the Laffs have ANYTHING in common with the Yankees is ludicrous. To me, it’s very similar to the declaration that Maurice made at the beginning of the season last year that the Laffs “would compete for the Cup”. Simply put: a lot of hot air.

  2. 24 Cups says:

    Prof – great post. To summarize, the Habs, under Sam Pollock, were well prepared for the expansion era and had a strong foundation going into the 1970’s. The Leafs, under Smythe/Ballard, plundered and pillaged the team (right after their 67′ Cup win) which laid the foundation for the present day laffs.

    Going for the Brass Ring – 25 Cups in 100 Years

  3. HabsProf says:

    It’s late, so I don’t know if anyone will see this, but what the hey…

    I did some digging. During the 70’s, the Leafs made the playoffs 8 out of 10 years. Sounds impressive, but….

    1) The Leafs won exactly 1 playoff series. The other 7 years that they made the postseason, they lost in the first round.
    2) As you would expect given their playoff “success”, they barely qualified for the playoffs in those years. Their best regular season finish was 4th in a 7 team division.
    3) This occurred during the rapid expansion era.

    Their cumulative regular season record during the 70’s?

    788GP, 334W, 324L, 130T, 798PTS, 2613GF, 2729GA.

    That’s right, the Leafs finished a grand total of 10 games over .500 during the 70’s, and were outscored by 114 goals.

    The Habs by contrast?

    1) 9 seasons in the playoffs. Twice they lost in the first round, once in the second round. The other six years were, of course, Cup wins.
    2) Other than 1970 when they finished 5th in the league, but also 5th in the conference (and therefore missed the postseason), the Habs never finished lower than 3rd in their conference. Six years they won it. Five years they finished with the league’s highest point total.

    And as for the cumulative 10 year regular season record…

    788GP, 499W, 155L, 134T, 1132PTS, 3258GF, 2003GA.

    The Habs finished 344 games above .500. The Leafs, recall, only won 334 games, period. That’s right: Montreal finished more games above .500 than the Leafs even won. Montreal outscored the opposition by 1,255 goals.

    Far from winning during the 70’s, the Leafs were an ordinary/average team. Given that at the start of the decade the Leafs were an established franchise only 3 years removed from a Cup victory and given that the league went from 6 teams in 1967 to 17 by the end of the 70’s, you would have expected the Leafs to have amassed a solid record during this period. Instead, the Leafs’ performance was pathetic. It was, well, Laffable.

    I want what Wilson is smoking.

  4. Tom S. says:

    OT, but I needed a Laff:

    “Goddamn it, I was a Yankee fan in the 1970s and the Sixties, when they stunk — and when the Leafs were winning,” Wilson said.

    Leafs were winning in the 70s?? Who knew?

    Someone’s hitting the sauce!!

  5. HabFab says:

    Robert L ,check out the Canadiens web site and interesting figures re total players in Canadiens history and those that played on Cup teams.Neither figure seems that high especially considering 99 and 24 of each.

  6. Ian Cobb says:


  7. Ian Cobb says:

    Submitted by Robert L on Tue, 10/07/2008 – 15:39.
    Hi people,

    By this weekend I will be posting a new entry here dealing with raffle of Habs items of memorabilia at the Summit for the benefit of the Gainey Foundation.

    Chuck and I will be handling all of the intricacies behind the scenes, and there is a strong chance that a representative from the Foundation takes part in our meal and raffle.

    Our idea is to gather up roughly 50 to 60 items dealing with the Habs, be it books, posters, videos, hockey cards, jerseys and just about anything relating to the Canadiens. Our wish is that there be at least one raffle prize for everyone for purchases tickets.

    I have offered up a $2000, 700 card Wayne Gretzky Collection as a grand prize that will likely be drawn in a separate raffle, and Chuck is putting forth a signed Andrei Markov Habs jersey from the Hall Of Fame Game in Toronto a few seasons back.

    Of course, when asking you for items, we are not expecting anyone to give up items precious to them. Consider it an exanchange of gifts between fans for a good cause. Other than my collections, I will be adding three or four other things myself.

    I’d like those of you that are participating in the summit to discuss this idea with Chuck and I, and tell us if you have anything to offer. This idea can only work with the full participation of everyone involved.

    To view photos of my Gretzky’s, follow this link to a previous post at my site.

    Thanks all, for your help in this!

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