Day dawns bright for Heritage Classic

It’s shaping up to be an excellent day for this afternoon’s Heritage Classic, temperatures between 4-7 pm MT game-time forecast to be between minus-7 and minus-10 degrees Celsius. Could have been a lot worse, though the wind could yet play a role in this. The teams will switch ends midway through the third period to give both a mostly level sheet of ice.

Speaking of which: the McMahon Stadium rink came apart pretty badly during the alumni game last night, so icemaker Dan Craig and his team tarped the surface and fed it some warmth overnight, hoping to make it less brittle this afternoon. It’s currently minus 20 in Calgary, minus 30 with the wind.

The Canadiens will leave their hotel around 1:30, long after the team’s equipment staff headed to the stadium. I chatted with assistant equipment manager Pat Langlois over breakfast and he was on his way around 8:30 am, with jersey and miscellaneous equipment repairs to be done.

I’ll be at McMahon by 1 pm and on Twitter from then on; find me here. Updates will come on this site as well, and I’ll upload postgame video from the dressing room before the Canadiens board their charter this evening and fly on to Vancouver for Tuesday’s game against the Canucks.


  1. xiaozi says:

    Remember to keep warm. Good luck to you. Even thought so cole there, How I wish to vist. The only reason is that I have’t seen snow yet.

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  2. gohabsgo25 says:

    oh man soo excitedd. go habs go.

  3. HardHabits says:

    Enjoy yourself. Hope the Habs win.

  4. Danno says:

    Find a way to stay warm and have fun!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  5. WestHab says:

    Great coverage Dave.

    – Who will be at the Heritage Classic? See me in Section “i” row 20 seat 20.

  6. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Fantastic work Mr. Stubbs – you’ve been on a roll the last two days!

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