Darche to sit out


That was the only news out of the morning skate as Mathieu Darche becomes a healthy scratch to make room for Michael Cammalleri, who returns to the lineup after serviing a one-game suspension.

Cammalleri was a thorn in the Penguins’ side during the playoffs and Pittsburgh coach Dan Bylsma said his team will attenmpt to do a better job of defending against him.


  1. newbrunswick troy says:

    after one period…the Price is right!!!!!!keep it up , if he can steal one it would go miles for his confidence!!!

  2. showey47 says:

    This is why darche made the team an white didn’t. It would be pointless to have white sitting in the pressbox instead of playing big minutes in hamilton. I want white to be on the team full time but i don’t know who’s spot other then darche’s he can take right now. Our bottom six looked very good on thursday night.

  3. twocents says:

    Bang on, showey.

    When an injury happens he’ll get his chance to play.

  4. adam76 says:

    I hope you are right.


    The “Thoroughbreds” win loss record in 2010:
    5 – 13 Why worry?

  5. Kooch7800 says:

    I think Darche also only makes 500,000 this year. White would be a bigger cap hit as well.

    But you are right.  There is no reason to have a kid in the press box when he could be developing.

  6. Da Hema says:

    You hit a bullseye. Moreover, if Darche plays more games like he did against Toronto, White might well be up sooner than he thinks.


    Nigel Tufnel: It really puts perspective in things, doesn’t it?

    David St. Hubbins: Oh, too much. Too much fu*king perspective.

    –This is Spinal Tap

  7. jimmy shaker says:

    White’s spot is being occupied by Moen this year…..but when Moen’s contract comes off the cap next year, White will slide right into his spot.  For the money that Moen is making, I really don’t see him contributing much.  I like him and think he’s not hurting us when he’s on the ice, but in a cap world, White is cheaper for the same role as Moen, so Moen will be moving on!


  8. JD_ says:

    Now that people can actually see what could have happened to White if he stuck with the club, I was goin’ to post the same thing. Otherwise, tryin’ to explain it is like pissin’ in the wind.

    Better to have Darche as the expendable crew member. He knows full well he’s goin’ to be sittin’ out games and has accepted the role. When the injuryin’ starts, White’ll spend some time with the squad. By next season, there’ll probably be a full-time spot for him.

    And Darche will be stored in Belleville, in a glass vat filled with formaldehyde.

  9. showey47 says:

    Moen has 2 years left,this year and next. If anything it will be helpern is he isn’t brought back next season. Eller may move to 3rd line center depending on pouliot and AK. Boyd or laps can play 3rd line center next season if eller moves into the top 6. White will definately have a full time role on this team next year,probably as a 4th line center or a 3rd line winger.

  10. jimmy shaker says:

    Got ahead of myself, your right!  Helpern for white I can see as well.  AK46 getting traded for a top 4 D-man and Eller sliding into top 6 spot……I want Max Patch up here too, I like his potential!


  11. Mothstoflame says:

    defend against cammys skill or stick,  watch out cindy

  12. skoalbandit says:

    any thoughts on brule vs morrison for my pool. the pool is all about points.

  13. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Gilbert Brule. He can get 40-45 points this year, had 37 last year. 

    35-year-old Morrison, had 42 points last year with an offensive-minded Capitals team. With him playing with Calgary this year, expect his point production to drop to 30-35 points. Maybe even less, considering the fact Calgary has been struggling mightily with their offense the last 2 years.

  14. kordic says:

    Morrison? Seriously? No contest.



    “The ghosts are gone. The Canadiens have two choices, try and win the cup or be French Canadian” – Ken Dryden

  15. skoalbandit says:

    thanks for your input!

  16. kordic says:

    I hope this guy never plays again for the Habs. He is a total embarrassment. He is on this team simply because of his last name, I wish the Habs would start playing players because of ability and not simply to comply with the french fans and media. I hope the Molsons bring the cup back to Montreal by picking and playing the BEST players available.



    “The ghosts are gone. The Canadiens have two choices, try and win the cup or be French Canadian” – Ken Dryden

  17. habs-hampton says:

    Darche is an embarassment and you’ve got Kordic as your name and avatar???

  18. fbkj says:

    eh? troll fail

  19. joeybarrie says:

    Do you watch the games? Did you not see how Darche played last season when we needed him to? 5 goals and 5 assists in 29 games and ended up a plus 2…. HUGE EMBARRASSMENT. Don’t knock the guy because of one single game where he is filling in anyways.

    If you really think he is on the team because of his last name and not his contract compared to others, then I guess I except this kind of thing from you anyway.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  20. SPATS says:

    You’re a Darchebag


  21. observer says:

    No way he should be on the team now over Ryan White. For that matter there is no way he should have been signed IN JUNE nor Pouliot IN JUNE also be given a half million dollar raise after his disgusting late season acomplishments here. Yes, your reason is correct though not the fans – only the sepratist ones and only those nationalists in the media are the ones Gauthier tried to soothe with these petty moves.

  22. Chuck says:

    But is he worthy of one of the deluxe, glass-cased models, or will he be shoved into one of the older ones with a just cheap nameplate attached?

  23. JD_ says:

    Darche used his AeroplanĀ® points to get an upgrade.

  24. fbkj says:

    LOL this makes me sad, darche is a friend of a friend…

  25. JD_ says:

    Be happy for the guy. He’s livin’ the dream, even if a bit on the margin.

  26. observer says:

    not at all! if pouliot and kostisyn continue doing little they will be replaced and eventually gone. white could move up with experience – darche will never be better than his is now this far into his obvious minor league career.

  27. kordic says:

    I did my job! What’s Darche’s?. ….. I think It’s to serve no purpose whatsoever and to cause countless turnovers.


    “The ghosts are gone. The Canadiens have two choices, try and win the cup or be French Canadian” – Ken Dryden

  28. W35T5ID3 says:

    Man, i hope we get off to a flying start in Pittsburgh tonight.My fear is that Crosby will net an early goal and some one else will too and we’ll be down early 2 zip.But i hope im wrong.Ya gotta believe that the pens are still ticked over the playoff losss to our boys.


    Carey Price better be on his  game tonight……..

  29. SPATS says:

    Darche will lead by example in the broadcast booth. He works as hard as anybody, he knows his job and he also knows he’s got the coaches confidence. The youngsters (and some vets… ubla belaruski?) know they’re one bad shift away from the end of the bench and the pressbox for the next game. We have depth this year. We’re going to be dangerous (again) and I for one will not be surprised (just like last year when I had to take a lot of grief for being the eternal optimist) Quiet confidence and cerebral play are the name of the game and we have it in spades with this bunch from JM on down. Gill and Gomer are the class clowns, but they also have cup rings. The rest are going to lead by example just like Gio (and tonight like Darche) It’s a nice chemistry. Go Habs Go


  30. observer says:

    Darche took a couple of stupid un-necessary penalties in that first game.

  31. kirkiswork says:

    I’m pretty sure that Darche is the first guy to ever do that.

  32. observer says:

    ryan white a superior player, and younger – darche took 2 stupid penalties vs. toronto.

  33. observer says:

    a career minor leaguer – habs have better now , younger and players with more future in the nhl than him. ONLY reason he is on this team is his surname.

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