Curious Habs facts, one in a series

Canadiens goaler George Hainsworth, who followed Georges Vézina into the Montreal net.
James Rice Studios

We’re going to serve up the occasional bit of bizarre Canadiens historical fact, simply because the writer needs a bit more of a life. To begin:

Today in 1928, the first game was played in Boston Garden, the Canadiens beating the hometown Bruins 1-0. The win came on the strength of the shutout of Montreal goaltender George Hainsworth, who replaced the late Georges Vézina on the Habs roster.

Hainsworth would record 22 shutouts that season to go along with his seven losses and 15 ties, playing all 44 Habs games that season. So in every game that Hainsworth gave up even a single goal, he didn’t win. For Hainsworth, a future Hall of Famer, to win a game, he needed a shutout.

The Bruins laughed last that season, sweeping the Habs 3-0 in a playoff semifinal and going on to beat the New York Rangers in a two-game Stanley Cup final.

Montreal, which finished first in the NHL’s Canadian Division, had 71 goals for, fifth-best in the 10-team league; their 43 goals-against were the NHL’s best.

An ad in the Montreal Gazette on the day Hainsworth blanked the Bruins, Nov. 20, 1928:

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