Cristobal Huet on becoming a Capital

Updated 9:40 a.m.

Many Montreal hockey fans remain stunned, if not in shock, that veteran goaltender Cristobal Huet was moved to the Washington Capitals on Tuesday’s trade-deadline day for a second-round, 2009 draft pick. There he joins a less-than-overjoyed Olaf Kolzig in a very crowded Capitals net. Read more in today’s Washington Times.

Huet, beneath the cap of his new team, is interviewed on the CapsTV portal of the Capitals website.

In the meantime, the Canadiens dodged a goaltending bullet in their Wednesday practice when Jaroslav Halak was drilled in the knee by a shot. Halak finished the practice and said it’s just a bruise.

A bruise that surely is felt by every Canadiens fan who understands that their team will go only as far this season, and perhaps beyond, as Carey Price and Halak will carry them.


  1. skoehn says:

    Huet wearing #33 is perfect.. He got treated badly and kicked to the door JUST LIKE ROY…..

  2. The Teacher says:

    Haha, and some were forced to read the comments Blitzen and I were making 5 minutes after the fact.

    “Are the Habs ready to pay the Price?”

  3. 1010 says:

    If Price falters this year it will be Gainey who takes the heat. Everyone will be howling that the kid wasn’t ready and everyone knows it was Bob and not Carbo whose been pushing for Price all year.

    GO HABS.

  4. skoehn says:

    not me if if he is smart he will look at the history of habs goalies.. the fan pressure and go elsewhere for more money…

  5. moser17 says:

    People were pretty sour on the chat when it was 3-0. Some even left! (yours truly included) 🙂 Bring it back for New Jersey!

  6. wd40 says:

    lol.. you bet. do you remember how folks thought that perhaps the Chat was a CURSE for a while 🙂

  7. moser17 says:

    Very good call my friend.

  8. Ian G Cobb says:

    I think you said it right for most of us Geoff. thanks

  9. usversusthem says:

    Hey Stubbs & Co.,

    Any chance of getting the chat back now that we have a new-and-improved server? I don’t know if you guys remember but our record with the chat is 1-0-0-0 (Historic Comebacks-Wins-Losses-OTL). That’s a convincing argument if ever I’ve heard one.

  10. NightRyder says:

    Price could let in seven a night through the end of the year and Huet won’t be back. Maybe Red Light Racicot is available.

  11. Scott in Montreal says:

    I completely understand you. Added bonus: the whole team got a shake-up over it. This already worked on the level of scaring them all to care about defence again, as seen against Atlanta the other night. With two young – but talented – goalies minding the store, the rest of the team bears a greater responsibility for not letting them hang out to dry, and they got into the bad habit of doing just that over the past couple of weeks. This one move was more than just a signal to the goalies in the system – it was a message to everyone on the team.

  12. carmine007 says:

    I’m feeling the same way. I listened to the game Tuesday night and it was awesome and everything but. it just felt like I was a trader…. I felt kind of low key for a game we won 5-1….

    Just like the Rivet and Ribiero trades. That took me about 4-6 weeks to get over those. This may take just as long if not longer!!!

    It’s NEVER over til it’s OVER!

  13. carmine007 says:

    Here’s an insane thought.

    Maybe Gainey figured we can resign Huet for less money during the offseason! Remember he is a free agent after the season. If Halak and Price dont get the job done or look to shaky then maybe just maybe Huet will sign another 2 year contract for let say 3 million for both season’s?????????

    It’s NEVER over til it’s OVER!

  14. N.B.habs fan says:

    Krob 1000,You explanied it well,no pressure,I hope not ,but the media and fans will be on them when they lose their first real bad game.Then and only then we will see how they react to the pressure.They couldnt be in a better club to learn from the best and I feel they will do just fine. I really love this young team because we are allowed to make mistakes and only to get better in years to come. GO HABS GO.

  15. NightRyder says:

    All the best to Huet. Nice goalie, appears to be a great guy and a solid teammate, but we have aspirations Huet would never help us reach. Who thinks Price will get one of those 10-15-year contracts in the next season or two?

  16. krob1000 says:

    Sometimes when there is too much pressure there is less pressure. This is one of those situations. He has so much pressure on him and everyone knows it that expectations have almost been lowered. If he doesn’t succeed people can point to the fact that he is a kid and is just learning the ropes in a trial by fire. This kid can really only go in one direction. Gainey has all but relieved Price of any criticism by making the move he did with Huet and taking full responsibility for it. If Price falters Bob will assume much of the blame. We also have a lights out backup who many think is a darkhorse to be a star goalie in this league.

    I liked Huet…a lot, but I understand the decision and like I mentioned above Gainey only appears to have heaped this pressure on Price and Halak….the heat is really on him. The kids should enjoy the stretch run and any playoff time they get as for this year and this year alone they almost have a free kick at the can. I hope I’m getting the message across I am trying to send but it is hard to explain.

    You want to talk about pressure…..let’s talk about next year…that will be pressure from Game 1 of the regular season on. That is when expectations will be the highest.

  17. doug says:

    Nice, accurate, and classy post, Geoff. Huet will land on his feet – he’s a winner in life, not just on the rink.

  18. the real vinnydj says:

    Maybe Gainey signs Huet in the off season. Whats the average $$$ a team would spend on both goalies? If i had to guess I would say 4 mill?

    Price will not be making big bucks for a few years still, so if huet would take 2-3 mill a year for 2 years he could come back. Some of you may think the money could be better spent elsewhere, but if at the end of the season we have a few question marks on where our tending situation stands……

    Gainey can set the expectation and leave the Cristobal in Huet’s court.

    This is not likely but if Huet was losing sleep over it like some of you may think he is…. problem solved.

  19. teamplayer says:

    just got my new issue of the hockey issue (and the last one at the same time) yeh huet was 22nd and now we dont have a top 30 goalie but price is on the cover of this issue. from a panel of 21 scouts he is ranked #1 overall on the games hottest prospects. 16 #1 votes, ahead of kyle turri and james van riemsdyk. there is a 3page article about him.
    other notes on the issue: thn has gone to magazine print and no longer newspaper style. montreal is ranked 7th up from 9th last yea, as part of nhl’ers 21 and under and top 10 prospects, 1. pitts, 2. chicago, 3. phoenix.
    ryan mcdonagh 31st overall in future watch, max pacioretty is 37th, p.k. subban is 69th. david fischer is ranked 5th on our team, then the next 5 our: alexei yemelin, yannick weber, ben maxwell, ryan white, mikhail grabovsky(at the time of his stats he was not back from his injury)

  20. Shoowtime says:

    All the best to Huet he should help the caps make the push to the playoofs.
    Good for price this Kid seems to like pressure and thrive I don’t think Bob made a bad move.It clears up some space and maybe landing somebody during the off season.
    Go Habs GO

  21. RS says:

    That’s why we would have never had a real goaltending controversy in Montreal. Can you imagine Huet and Price arguing? Someone would have to utter more than one word, or raise their voice above a whisper!

  22. RS says:

    That’s precisely why there was no market for goalies. Every team already carries two and there’s really only one guy that can play. Did Washington really get an upgrade by obtaining Huet? Yes, I think so, but it is debatable. And very few teams in the league would see Huet as a clear upgrade over their current #1. Therefore, no market and voila a second round pick in return.

    I wish Huet well.

  23. showey47 says:

    I know, the way people are talking they make it sound like huet is a 10 year veteran with loads of playoff experience. I also read a post that said what he lacks in playoff experience, he makes up with international experience. Yeah, playing 40 games a year (there’s that number again) playing divion II hockey in france and the swiss elite league compares to the nhl playoffs. I have nothing against huet but this was a good decision by gainey. The ufa market is in huet’s favour, there are only 3 or 4 starting goalies huet, theo, kolzig and maybe conklin. One team will give huet a 3 or 4 year deal, it shouldn’t be us. I appreciate what he did for us, especially 3 years ago when he stole theo’s job. But that was then and this is now, halak deserves his shot and has proved himself last season at this time. This is also cap money saved going into next season to pay our other ufa’s and rfa’s. Good luck huet, just not against us.

  24. Geoff F says:

    Poor Cristo! Just watched the interview and he is normally pretty low key but man he looks like he was just blindsided. You can tell his head is not in it yet…(who can blame him though)

    What a great guy and a super teammate. I wish him all the best in Washington. I was sad to see him go but i understand it’s a business and the people making the decisions decided this was best for the team. I believe that is the case and i also believe that Gainey gave him a nice talk and i’m sure made him understand exactly what/why it happened.

    Good Luck Huet…thanks for the memories and most of all thanks for being so humble and a stand up guy. You’ll be missed.

  25. coutNY says:

    GEEZ LIZARD… most people aren’t whining over the trade, just remembering a good player with a great attitude and wishing him well, as he did upon his exit.

  26. Will Longlade says:

    A lot of comments reflect how fans have placed an emotional value on Huet. This is fine, but at the end of the day its his value to the team that’s important, or alternatively, his value in a strict business sense. Huet was the consummate gentleman and teammate and it’s hard not to like the guy. He’s pure class. Its importnat for everyone to recognize that the decision to trade him was a business decision that was made w/the best interests of the team in mind.

  27. LizardKing1967 says:

    GEEZ people…do I have to say this agian?

    As I have said earlier. I am sad to see Huet go, but at the same time….GET OVER IT PEOPLE! 6 playoff games does not make an eperienced netminder. Also, Price has CHAMPIONSHIP experience, twice!
    NHL or not, he knows what it takes to win the big prize, and if you ask alot of NHL players, I am sure a world championship is coveted almost as much as the cup, if not more. You did it for your COUNTRY



  28. the real vinnydj says:

    A month from now we will all be saying “Cristobal Whoet?”

  29. gauvinator says:

    Just watched that locker interview with Huet on the Caps website and, maybe I simply never saw an extended interview with this guy, but he is LOW KEY to the extreme! I had to shut it off lest I fall asleep! Hey, great goalie for the time he was with the Habs but if we need to invest in a low key goalie, Price is the one (what’s Halak like?)

  30. Ian G Cobb says:

    Price and Halak are not the only rookies on this club. What should be said is this team will only go as far as all the rookies on this team can take us this year. There sure is a lot of them and there going to make a lot of mistakes along the way. You only have to look at our poor record of goals against to verify that we are missing out on our defensive responsibilities.

    As these kids gain experience and mature at this level this year and next, our goals against will gradually improve. We have some great young players here now that will take us well into the future and onto the podium.

  31. moser17 says:

    I can see that too, I suppose. It makes sense to bring in a #1 goaltender when your old faithful is 37 and faltering slightly in his play. Call it a gut feeling, then, that I don’t see Huet in Washington long-term.

  32. Habs_008 says:

    The only way to get him is through a trade, and i dont think it will be worth it, we might set our team back 2 years because of the guys we would give up for him. Be happy that we are heading in the right direction. If we do get him great, if not we are in very good shape in the coming years to be a contender.

  33. krob1000 says:

    In red, white and blue makes it that much weirder (if that is a word).

  34. moser17 says:

    I wonder who Washington will start against New Jersey on Friday? In two games against NJ, the Caps have lost two, with Kolzig losing the first and Johnson losing the second, just last week. Neither had a stellar save % in their games. On the other hand, in two games against NJ, the Habs are 1-1, with Price losing the first, and Huet winning the second, finally breaking the Habs’ losing streak against Brodeur and the Devils. But, in Huet’s game the Devils managed just 13 shots, and they scored 3 goals.

    Maybe the starter against NJ will be based on today’s practice.

  35. coutNY says:

    I think he’ll be given the #1 spot and depending on the outcome will determine if he stays or goes… trade bait and motivation would too risky for the Caps to give up a 2nd round pick. Trade bait would only be good if he plays well and pushes the team to the playoffs, than why would not sign him? Motivation for a 37 year vet could backfire.

    No one foresaw Huet taking over the starting position when he came to Mtl with Theodore in Net. This guy has made a living on the unexpected. He’s motivated to do well because he wants a long-term paycheck being UFA. I would bet that would be the expectation of the Washington Org for him.

  36. Wops says:

    Cristo with number 33, feels weird too
    CH is for Chris Higgins

  37. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Get over it,geeze,and thank god we didn’t trade Halak or the farm!

  38. christophurrr says:

    as great as price is, and is going to be, this is gonna sting me for a while.

    huet was my favourite hab, and my favourite goalie since patrick roy.

    i get too emotionally tied to these guys (the goalies especially) for my own good.

    my initial thought was that the caps think kolzig is going to retire, but from the sounds of his comments this doesn’t seem to be the case. doesn’t really make sense for washington, considering they have two reliable goalies already.

  39. moser17 says:

    Huet’s international experience helps make up for his lack of NHL playoff experience, and plus, he’s a calm head, which helps everyone in the playoffs. I think Gainey et al are hoping that Price’s international Junior and AHL playoff experience will help him raise his game.

  40. moser17 says:

    Man, that was sad to see Huet in his Capitals cap, wearing it just the way he wore the Habs cap in his interview, answering questions with his Eeyore-style sad drawl with his sad “que sera sera” attitude. That guy is as cool as a cucumber. I hope he plays against Pittsburgh on March 9 and stonewalls them all.

    I wonder, though, what Washington has planned for him. Personally, I think he’s trade bait for next year, and this year he is there to encourage Olie Kolzig to step up his game and to get a few wins in the drive to the postseason. There is no way the Caps are going to keep Olaf Kolzig and Cristobal Huet as their goalie tandem. And I don’t see them trading their goaltender of 16 years. I think Huet will move this summer.

  41. Corio says:

    Honestly I find it comical that there is all this concern about Huet being traded. Truthfully, Huet is no better in my opinion then Halak or Price. He lacked consistency and was really an average goaltender at best. He did however have his share of strong games but not enough to warrant his expensive paycheck and as someone has already pointed out his playoff experience is nothing to get excited about, he has only 6-ish games under his belt for chrissakes! I think getting rid of him now was a smart decision and although it doesn’t leave us in a better position it also doesn’t put us in a worse one either. I think going forward this is the way to go in a business sense as well as a team dynamic sense. Price will step it up, it may be shaky at times but he will get better and better. Halak is a good goaltender and sharper then Huet in my opinion, excited to see what happens.

  42. coutNY says:

    Looking ahead, I think the chances of Vinny ever becoming Hab are reaching an all time low. Now that the Richards money is freed up. They’re looking at getting a top pick (my guess a large D like Drew Doughty or replacement Center Kyle Beach) among other later round picks, they brought in a young goalie in the trade, and there is plenty of money to extend Vinny. The future isn’t looking that bad for them… which makes our chances slim for the native star…

  43. Habs_008 says:

    thanks krob,this is so tempting……i spent too much money last weekend in MTL! haha. i wish i could go see this one, maybe they will score a goal.

  44. krob1000 says:

    Dave et al, I have nothing to do with this sale but I thought it might be a good opportunity for one of our Toronto or Hamilton area fans to maybe snag a good deal.

    Any Hab fans in the Toronto area ….here is a link to ebay tickets listed under “Canadians” that have 9 hours left in the auction. I have absolutely nothing to do with this sale but I always search under common spelling mistakes or abbreviations and often get deals because they won’t show in most people’s searches. I just asked the wifey and she said not a chance (it’s 4 1/2 hours away and she’s expecting)so I hope someone from this site can maybe land a deal through this person and enjoy the game.

  45. LizardKing1967 says:

    As I have said earlier. I am sad to see Huet go, but at the same time….GET OVER IT PEOPLE! 6 playoff games does not make an eperienced netminder. Also, Price has CHAMPIONSHIP experience, twice!
    NHL or not, he knows what it takes to win the big prize, and if you ask alot of NHL players, I am sure a world championship is coveted almost as much as the cup, if not more. You did it for your COUNTRY.



  46. coutNY says:

    Yeah only 40%… but he has to pay his own medical!
    Better keep that Hammy stretched…

  47. nick says:

    I bet there was atleast a half smile when he realized he wasn’t giving away half his pay check anymore 😉

  48. Mr.Hazard says:

    Huet, my hero

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  49. wd40 says:

    you just have to feel sorry for the guy. i hope his wife is happy about how they pronounce Huet down in Washington! 😛

  50. coutNY says:

    Going from a Hockey Mecca in an effort of pushing a team to within 3 point from the top of the East almost garenteed a spot in the playoffs; to team fighting for the playoffs period. They could easily capture the 3rd Playoff berth or miss the playoffs (Not much pressure). In a system with 3 goalies… one a vetran over 10 years, a hometown favorite…which veiws your existence as “the one who is coming to ruin my way of living”;

    Whats not to smile about?

  51. Habs_008 says:

    I think he is down about it, but if he can lead the caps to the playoffs it would be good for him come July 1st. He is a professional, he knows life goes on, im sure he wishes the habs the best of luck and vice versa. I think it was Gainey’s plan all along to trade Huet this year and have Price as our number 1 guy.

  52. krob1000 says:

    Anyone know if Huet has smiled since all of this???? I feel really bad for him……I can’t remember the last guy that was this disappointed about being traded out of Montreal. Good Luck Cristobal….you can shut the door against 28 other teams and I’ll be happy for you.

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