Costly loss


Tomas Plekanec and Jeff Halpern both left last night’s game with undisclosed injuries.

Not good.

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  1. mrhabby says:

    1. 6..(improving and growing)

    2. Very confident.

    3. Hammer, AK, Subban, Darche (was until injured), Moen, Gionta , Max.

    4. Cam , Gomez,BP.

    5. I would put some money on it. Need Sopel, Spacek, Darche back. Hopefully Pleks is not injured badly. Any more serious injuries were being really stretched.


  2. Mark C says:

    The Bruins latest rat Marchand at it again with a blindside elbow to the head of R.J. Umburger. Gotta love how the homier announcers don’t think it was a penalty.

  3. sag says:

    Gary Bettman.  How is it possible that my distaste for a man I’ve never met continues to grow like a YMCA pool hairball?  When he speaks, his facial expression and tone exude a total distain for all others and incredible hubris.  However, the facts are black and white.  The league hierarchy is corrupt, archaic and incompetent (again….).  Even a hapless detective could get a whif of the stench of the Campbell email, quiet Bettman contract extension, Sunbelt TV/investment crap, injury/safety policy, etc. How do these people still have jobs, let alone positions of authority/responsibility.

    So my crazy, never will happen, not based on reality or law,  thought is that the Canadian teams take the 40″ish”% of league revenue that they generate and go home.  Home to the Jim Ballsillie/Air Canada/Moores/VIA funded  renegade canadian league.  Keep the 6 canadian teams, any northern teams and original 6 teams that want to leave. Add quebec city, winepeg, halifax, saskatoon, GTA#2, Hamilton…..  

     I know, rediculous.  Just hate the NHL right now.  Life was easier when you could take your ball and go home when some dictator tried to run the game.



  4. Habs4Lyfe says:

    Habs 4 Lyfe

    Dany Heatley suspended 2 games for hit on Steve Ott


    Chara gets away scott free. I don’t get it.

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