Complaining Is For Losers

In the good ol’ days, back when the Habs lost as many – or more – games than they won, there were plenty of things to complain about: Mike Ribeiro is spending too much time at Buonanotte… Sergei Samsonov is trying to re-kindle the Cold War… Why isn’t Bryan Up-In-Smolinski trying harder?… How could Patrice Brisebois give the puck away right in front of his own net? Well, maybe some things never change, but one thing is for sure: There’s no reason to complain this year if you’re a Habs fan.

Well, except for maybe one…

It’s the first couple weeks for the Habs in perhaps the highest-pressure season of the last century. The top line has yet to get going (Alex Kovalev only has 2G-2A-4P in 6 games). Six potential starters (Chris Higgins, Francis Bouillon, Georges Laraque, Steve Begin, Andre Kostitsyn, Carey Price) have all missed either games or practice for medical reasons.

And so what?

Les Glorieux are 5-0-1 and are showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. This team is hot. This team is deep. This team is determined.

That’s great news if you’re a Habs fan, but bad news if… you’re a Habs fan.
Your team might be winning games but the major downside is that the conversation at the water-cooler has definitely been dulled down:

"Hey co-worker, what do you think about those Montreal Canadiens?"

"I think that they are an awesome team."

"Yes – a very awesome team."

"Yes, I agree. ‘Very awesome’ is more appropriate."


I remember last year when guys could harp endlessly about Slo-inski and how he was hurting the team and why did we sign him and wouldn’t Kyle Chipchura be sooooo much better than (he got) Smoked?

Even if you liked old number 20, you could still rag on Mike Ryder who hadn’t netted his requisite 30 goals… or Mark Streit, who may have racked up a ton of points, but who also erred defensively and couldn’t keep the puck in the offensive end while on the powerplay.

Fans could find anything…

Wasn’t Carbo such a crazy coach last year? He couldn’t keep his lines together if his life depended on it?

Oh, and that Latendresse, was he actually trying to forecheck and eat a BigMac at the same time?

Jiminy Cricket!

Now the Tenderness is a part of the Habs most productive line along with Saku (600 points) Koivu and once-controversial-but-now-universally-loved acquisition Alex Tanguay.

Both goalies are solid.

Everyone is working hard. Everyone is contributing.

The only thing to complain about is that there’s nothing to complain about. And as a true Habs fan – I just did that.

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