Update: Comments on the sacking of Gauthier and Gainey

Now that the news has sunk in, the punditocracy is offering up pearls of wisdom and analysis.
Here’s some good late-day reading.

Red Fisher on his great and good friend Serge Savard

Dave Stubbs on Geoff Molson’s difficult, emotional day in shaking up Habs front office

Players react to Gauthier firing

Sean Gordon’s take

Gauthier’s draft record

Gauthier’s trades

• Renaud Lavoie offers a list of general manager candidates

Savard says new GM should be bilingual


  1. immortalhab says:

    The Bell Center should have a ‘No JM Allowed on Premises’ Policy. Why is he allowed to give his opinion? If he had one good idea he wouldn’t be famous for the worlds most idiot coaching moves.

    Major shakeup (finally) in the organization. Ya, who do we want to hear from? Let’s get some thoughts from the most out-to-f’ing-lunch coach of all time.

  2. Un Canadien errant says:

    I love how Tim Thomas was utterly embarrassed in the shootout, all floppy and looking ridiculous flat on his back on a deke, then did his patented storming off the ice, only to take another header just inside the Bruins bench.

    I’m so rooting for the Senators to catch these guys and bump them to seventh or eighth in the Conference.

    How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?


    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Oh, and Carlo Colaiacovo coughs up the puck and gives up a two-on-none goal to the Blackhawks. Wasn’t he the great next Leafs defencemen, pre-Luke Schenn, the one who was forced on me for years by TSN until he turned out to be, uh, maybe not so great and not so Leaf?

      How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?


    • alwayssunny says:

      i love how Little Timmy Teabag is having a hard time ever since he drew attention to himself by telling us all that he loves Glenn Beck. Like we give a * about which way mentally stunted athletes lean politically. But this fool decides he is a politician. Love watching him drown.

      • Armitagej says:

        +1 to this. Love watching this guy make a fool of himself. You see him fall in the shootout last night?
        and then fall again in the tunnel after leaving from the loss? Hilarious.

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