Comment: Martin fans on chance with Price

Canadiens head coach Jacques Martin could have publicly stood up for goalie Carey Price in face of booing fans.
Pierre Obendrauf, Gazette

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Goaltender Carey Price has endured a season from hell – some of it has been his doing, some of it through fluke goals and/or his team’s untimely collapsing in front of him.

His last two starts might have been his year in a nutshell: in Buffalo on March 24, he was 1:59 from his first shutout in 81 games when the Canadiens imploded in front of him, the Sabres scoring twice in 71 seconds before going on to win 3-2 in a shootout despite his 40 saves. And two nights ago at home, Price was beaten twice – once by his own defenceman, Roman Hamrlik, and for the winner by Carolina’s Eric Staal, who swatted home a short rebound after slipping behind rearguard Ryan O’Byrne.

Price earned third star vs. Carolina but was booed by some in the Bell Centre crowd for it. Yesterday, I asked Canadiens head coach Jacques Martin if he’d been angered or if he otherwise felt strongly about his goalie being heckled. Martin replied: “I respect the fans. They pay good dollars to be entertained and they have a right to an opinion. As a professional athlete, or a coach, you have to work within the framework. Sure I’d like to see better results (for Price), as he would. At the same time, I can’t say we lost the game because of him.”

With this answer, Martin blew a golden opportunity to publicly support his goalie who’s been working hard in practice, trying to get better results, keeping his team in games and yet been victimized by bad luck. Martin taking the fans’ side in this case was disappointing, to say the least. With five games to go in a heated playoff race, he could have shown he had his goalie’s back, and by extension that of his team, but he didn’t.


  1. K-hab25 says:

    Ward didn’t start genius!!!

  2. topher5468 says:

    What you say is a good point but its moot because that didin’t happen. All we as fans can do now is hope Price can become what his potential is. I for one hope is with us

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  3. topher5468 says:

    Ouch, great point Shake, A guy I work with who is a Sabres fan will lose sleep over that till the day he dies, is still writing  letters to Bettman. 

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  4. Habsrule1 says:

    If the Habs had lost 1-0 in a shootout, it would have been “something” then too?

    You’re seriously pathetic…..imho

    Go Habs Go!! “I don’t have a copy of Georges’ code, I don’t know what it is,”. “I think the code is that you’re here for your teammates. It’s not your code, it’s our code.” – Bob Gainey

  5. G-Man says:

    Price should have spent 2 or 3 seasons learning how to be a pro in Hamilton. He didn’t and the NHL club is paying for that grievous error.

  6. G-Man says:

    Price was so fantastic he lost…again. Ward stole the game.

  7. G-Man says:

    Too bad Ward was the best Cane, right Habfan?

  8. G-Man says:

    Ward did everything in his power to win, too. He didn’t fail. With Price this season, it’s always something.

  9. slapshot777 says:

    Also helps when your own players don’t score on you either.


    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  10. jimmy shaker says:

    Should’ve, should’ve, should’ve…..what about Dallas and Brett Hull vs Buffalo and Hasek……should’ve, should’ve, should’ve………anyhow!


  11. Trots says:

    The only reason Torts won a cup, was because they never reviewed the play where Martin Gelinas scored the winning goal in Game 6…the cup should have been Calgary’s.

  12. jimmy shaker says:

    And he won a cup a couple of years ago didn’t he?  What has JM ever done? 

    Thanks for coming out though!  I’d take Torts over JM anyday my friend.


  13. MontrealAtheist says:

    The Canes scored one goal yesterday vs. the B’s and guess what, it was enough to win thanks to an outstanding performance of Cam Ward.

  14. HabFanSince72 says:

    John Tortorella is doing a bang up job in NY isn’t he?

  15. twilighthours says:

    Why be upset with the fans who booed Price?  Timo and countless others are on this site doing much worse than booing, and they aren’t paying $50-$500 a ticket.

    The fans have the right to boo.  I wouldn’t do it and it does no good for the team or Price, but they have the right.

  16. jimmy shaker says:

    Yep, there is our faithful leader, the guy that everyone is supposed to rally around.  JM is most likely our worst bench boss since Mario Tremblay……..Can you imagine John Tortorella saying “That’s the fans opinion, and they are entitled to it.”  NO! He would have been all over that with a profanity laced tirade that would include the word “Gutless”.  That’s what Carey needed, and the only guy he got that from was Gill…..Another reason why JM sucks, and Larry Robinson should’ve been the coach brought in during the summer.  I hope he goes with 7D tonight with MAB back there and 11 Forwards, but he won’t because he doesn’t see that winning formula there…….But Jaro will start and hopefully get the W.


  17. Jbird says:

    On the topic of goaltending you have to like the matchup tonight vs the Flyers.  Got to think Boucher will be in nets over the career ECHLer Duchesne who has only played in 2 AHL games plus last night in his NHL debut where in came in for Boucher and let in one goal on 4 shots.  

    Boucher stats vs the Habs are bad.  In 9 games vs the Habs he has 5 loses, 1 win, and 3 no desicions.   His only win vs. the Habs was in Montreal in October 2001.  He has a career .866 GAA Vs. the Habs – which is crappier than his career total of .899.

    Big bounce back in Montreal for Boucher?  The Habs up against a mediocre ECHL goalie (Duchesne has a GAA below .900 in 45 or so career ECHL starts)?  I like the Habs chances . . . . . 

    Halak needs the start tonight cause if CP is in and he, or more likely the team, finds a way to lose to these bums Price may need electroshock therapy to deal with the wrath of the dumb Price haters.

  18. coachdoug says:

    While I agree with many of the things written in this article the team focus is really becoming about individuals, coaches, GMs and not about a team…

    I feel like my favorite hockey team is miles away from getting it together and icing a competetitive Cup contender…The management of this team is mostly to blame for all this circus sideshow foolishness…Coach hirings and firings, goaltender contraversies, summer team blow-ups.  

    A team win’s Cups, not individuals, especially in the salary cap era.  When will the Habs be a team again????

    The only bright spot right now is the farm team…lets hope the management doesn’t f#ck that up also!

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  19. ed lopaz says:

    from stubbs twitter:

    #Habs fans booed Plante, Durnan, Dryden, Roy; Rocket, Béliveau, Lafleur.

    Idiocy doesn’t recognize the decade

  20. madmat411 says:

    I find that, reading it closely, he DID praise Price, But what I think he is trying to do, is make sure Price doesn’t get a big head about it. This way, Price will keep working hard to improve and win everyone over. If he does what’s right, Price will use this as motivation to push himself harder and, as i said before, win everyone over.

  21. Danno says:

    What goes around comes around. Martin may live to regret his poor choice of words.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  22. RJ says:

    The media creates conflict and controversy to sell papers and increase web/blog traffic.

    “My face is my mask,” Gump Worsley

  23. MikeMcLaren says:

    If you’re the coach in Montreal you know that any little thing you say is going to be magnified at the least and perhaps blown out of proportion… and so one would imagine that you measure your words very carefully.

    Is there any chance that this statement by Jacques Martin was something he tore out of Ken Hitchcock’s playbook in an effort to have the TEAM rally around Price?

    As many are wont to point out, Price seems to be more technically solid as of late, displaying far more confidence, not sulking, not letting in weak goals, making great glove saves, and yet still the team doesn’t seem to be able to pull off a win for him.

    Are there some in the locker room that think, like a number of fans, that Price has been overly coddled by management?  Is this Martin’s way of trying to tell the team that Carey is no longer the boss’ son?

    I hope there’s some method to the madness here.  It may just be that this was Martin’s effort to minimize the situation, or perhaps it’s motivational genius! 😉 


  24. Mats Naslund says:

    Whether Martin whiffed on a chance to support Price or not, I don’t really know. What I do know is that this was a great article to do the exact same in the Media by Mr Stubbs. I don’t know about throwing the coach under the bus, but for as much grief as people have given Carey during his time here, it will help to know there are people out there who support him, JARO, and the team. That is what the sometimes silent majority of us feel. So to the rest, please feel free to take your Maple Leafs-esque sideshow elswhere. It is disgusting how so-called fans of this team have turned because they are sore losers. 

  25. Habsrule1 says:

    Price can only do so much. He did everything in his power to win lately and the team let him down. That’s not “rationalization”, it’s fact.

    Go Habs Go!! “I don’t have a copy of Georges’ code, I don’t know what it is,”. “I think the code is that you’re here for your teammates. It’s not your code, it’s our code.” – Bob Gainey

  26. ddupuis says:


    Jaroslav has had a terrific season, and the team has averaged approximately 3 goals per game for him.

    Carey hasn’t been quite as lucky as his team-mates have consistently failed to deliver any offensive output for him this season, averaging a meagre 2.3 goals per game.

    So to win games, Carey needs a 2.20 GAA…the leauge leader is now is Tuuka Rask at 1.99, followed by Ryan Miller at 2.22…come on Price, pick up your socks – we need you to be second in the leauge with no defence and 40 shots a game – what is your problem?

    I love both these young talents and I hope we keep both!  The question is will either want to stay!


  27. Habsrule1 says:

    I don’t completely agree with this article. Booing is something fans are entitled to do, and I believe any Hab would have been booed, but Price was the one who came out onto the ice. Further to that, there were definitely more cheers than boos, and add to that the fact that 50 boos sound really loud given the tone of a boo. I really and truly think this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. I also think half the people on this site would have crapped all over JM if he had said anything against the fans after having led this team to a very mediocre season. He’s already been the target of hate all year on this ite and I’m sure calling out the fans would only have made things worse.

    He said Price was not the reason for the recent losses. I think that was the right thing to say. Honestly, if Price wants to leave because of 50 or 100 stupid fans, he probably does not have wat it takes to play here anyway.

    Go Habs Go!! “I don’t have a copy of Georges’ code, I don’t know what it is,”. “I think the code is that you’re here for your teammates. It’s not your code, it’s our code.” – Bob Gainey

  28. karpen33 says:

    Price’s early success in his career has given the fans hopes of a Dryden or Roy. And when your GM pegs you as number one at such a young age I believe has just been too much pressure. As I’ve heard many say that Price is ruined in Montreal and that he will never overcomes this. For him it probably would be best to just move on. As for the “fans” that booed him the other night – who are they fans of. I believe it embarrassed the true Canadien fans. 

  29. HabFanSince72 says:

    Team game G-man.

    Price was the best Hab on the ice that night.


  30. Mats Naslund says:

    Remind me again who ‘almost won’ the prior game? You said it yourself. Jaro lost the game before. Carey was fantastic the last game he played. Anyone with ANY understanding of the game wouldn’t be amazed that Price started whatsoever.

  31. HabFanSince72 says:

    In JM’s favor I think he was probably trying to minimize the whole thing.

  32. says:

    At least Carey sucks it up and doesn’t go running to his agent.

    Well done I say and as for Martin, his focus was on the loss, and now newspapers are selling triple copies today over something that will be history after tonight’s win or lose game.

    I hope to see Price in nets and a big win or I hope see Halak in nets and a big win.  Either way if the Canadiens don’t go back to that 6 game winning streak mode and fire wagon hockey then they aren’t going anywhere.

    They call me Shane

  33. Jbird says:

    I’m really liking everyone agreeing that it is nuts that CP was Booed, and that JM should have had a better answer to Stubbs well placed question.  But really CP does not need verbal support from his coach, the guy needs goal support from his team FFS!!!!

  34. topher5468 says:

    Im constantly amazed how fans can throw a 22 YO under the bus because of the team he plays for has this winning tradition and of late its been 17 years since they won. Its not all Price’s fault and all of whats happening to him will benefit him in the end, hopefully its with this organization and not for another one. I.E (Quebec/Colorado)

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  35. adrian says:

    JM was probably trying not to throw this whole thing out of proportion.  Now that he has tried to keep a low profile and have everyone concentrate on Hockey the idiot circus has come to town.

  36. habs11s says:

    What an embarassment for a coach….. as much as i hate Ron Wilson and Brian Burke, atleast they would stick u for one of their players


    FIRE JM!


    “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” -Jacques Plante

  37. adrian says:

    Give Price a couple of support goals and watch the win column.

  38. bigjames says:

    how about booing the fact that we only scored one goal!

  39. adrian says:

    Who cares what JM said or didn’t say.  The idiots here are the booing fans.  Here are a bunch of guys trying to make the playoffs and the so called “fans” are booing them after what I saw was a good effort and dissapointing loss.  There is no need to be booing Price!  In my opinion he  and Halak are excellent goalies.  The fans booing need to shut the F up.

  40. Fansincebirth says:

    JM should have manned up and publicly supported Price.

    There are a lot of folks on this site who would have booed Price as well, so don’t go pointing fingers. People who said the Price should “redeem himself”, for instance or “Price doesn’t know how to win” etc.

    This love/hate relationship with Price is just getting old, tired and pathetic. He’s a friggin kid playing in the toughest city in the world. Just because he was annointed by BG to be the next ‘one’ and he hasn’t matured or grown into the ‘one’ he’s supposed to be yet, is this his fault?

    Price has his moments of what-the-hell-was-that but then again, so does Halak and every other goalie in the league. This is a team thing and they live and die as a team. We owned Buffalo for 57 minutes and someone suggested it was Price’s fault that we lost. We outplay the ‘Canes for two periods and people suggest that Price should have stopped the second goal.

    Anyways, enjoy the rest of the season because it’s going to be a rough one. Personally, I think we’re going to make it and sit in sixth spot when the playoffs start.

    “Without the strength of the past, the team may face a choice – to win, or to be French-Canadian?” — Ken Dryden

  41. mrgordon says:

    And hey, listen, I’m not a big fan of Martin’s style of hockey, but can’t someone dish out a little credit for Martin and his staff for taking this team which has been riddled with long term injuries to key players? I think the coaching staff has done a good job of keeping the team alive in a heated race when a lot of teams might’ve curled up and said “maybe next year.” I’m not calling for the jack Adams here, just for some admittance of a job well done up to this point.


    If they blow the last 6 games, rip away…but to be in this position I think is a small accomplishment at least.

  42. G-Man says:

    I’m constantly amazed by the rationalization of Price’s failure to win on this site. Like Yoda said,”Do, or do not. There is no try.”

    I’m still struck by how stupid it was to start Price when the team needed a win.

    The only thing that counts in the NHL is wins, not almost wins.

  43. mrgordon says:

    I really don’t think Martin is showing Price a lack of support here at all. Honestly, I believe he’s just calling it as it is in that yes, paying big money allows you to be an ignoramus. Do I agree with ignorant behaviour? No, and I don’t think Martin is saying he does either. But lets face it, when you’ve got a packed rink there’s bound to be many who just don’t get it.


    As bluntly as I can put it, Price ought to man up and take it and take comfort in knowing that he indeed played great games and simply had bad luck; he’s a professional and so are his teammates…I highly doubt his players “don’t play for him” or blame him for either of those last two losses. 

    I mean geez, the Martin quote itself even says they didn’t lose because of Price. Does he want better results (wins) when Price plays? Of course! But nowhere did he tag the losses on Carey himself. I think Stubbs is reading way too far into this at a critical juncture in the season. Nowhere really do I see a lack of support… there’s just not a war-cry. He didn’t take “their side”, he just gave a logical and honest answer!


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