Clearing up the Habs’ TV picture

For Canadiens fans who are still confused about how they can watch all 82 Habs games on TV this season, here’s an update:


Ever since Rogers outbid TSN for the NHL national TV rights in Canada, Canadiens fans outside Quebec have been wondering whether they will be able to see Les Habitants.

In recent years, they have had access to all 82 regular-season games by subscribing to RDS as part of their cable or satellite package. Under the new deal, Rogers sold the French-language rights to TVA Sports, which will televise 22 Canadiens games. RDS retained the rights to the other 60 games, but it appeared that fans in Ontario and points west would be out of luck because RDS had become a regional network limited to Quebec, Eastern Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces.

It appeared that the only recourse for Canadiens fans was to purchase the NHL Centre Ice package for $200.

But Rogers, which has received its share of complaints from irate Canadiens fans, has provided a solution with a French-language package that provides fans access to the RDS package, which has 60 Canadiens games and 54 Ottawa Senators games.

Judging from the reaction on HIO, there seems to be a lot of confusion over the package, but here are the important points:

  1. The package will be available on cable and satellite television as well as for online devices with Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE (the NHL streaming service).
  2. Fans will be able to buy the French-language package for $60 and aren’t obligated to buy the full Centre Ice TV package. If fans want the regional games in English on TV, they will have to spring for the full Centre Ice package.

The French package will give fans outside the Eastern region access to every Canadiens game this season. The 22 games not carried by RDS and any playoff games will be available across Canada on the various Rogers outlets.

In most cases, fans will be paying more than they did in the past to add RDS to their cable package, but if you do the math it comes out to $1 a game even if you pass on the Senators.

For more details you’re best to contact your cable or satellite provider.

(Photo by John Mahoney/The Gazette)

New TV package aimed at Habs fans, by The Gazette’s Pat Hickey

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  1. Cdnman1 says:

    So I purchased CentreIce for more than $200 and I could not get the Habs/Jets game last Wed. It was listed on TSN3, and on Sportsnet E and both were blacked out. The centre ice package did not even list the game. It was also blacked out on RDS. Thanks Rogers! I pay more for less. What a joke! What other businesses treat their costomers lilke this? I called bell that they say is is nothing to do with them. I cannot find a contact at the NHL to answer for centre ice. I guess I’ll cancel centre ice and get what I get. By the way I am in Hamilton. There is no reason why I couldn’t get that game!

    Number 25 in 2015!

  2. Drive4twenty5 says:

    I HATE ROGERS, Just got out of a 14 year never ending phone contract with them, switch providers and they are still making my life difficult.

    “Well, he’s a thoroughbred, and maybe your wife doesn’t recognize that, but then again, I can’t bake bread all that well. We all have different skills.” …Bob Gainey “Classic”

  3. pikachu says:

    Is the Habs French Center Ice package going to be available on BELL FIBE?

  4. RetroMikey says:

    Will there be a package similar to the Rogers package for Cogeco subscribers in the Hamilton to Burlington to Niagara region?
    I’m confused.

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

    • Drive4twenty5 says:

      I’m in Burlington also. This is all way to confusing. Can I buy this package Online since I have Bell Fibe here?

      “Well, he’s a thoroughbred, and maybe your wife doesn’t recognize that, but then again, I can’t bake bread all that well. We all have different skills.” …Bob Gainey “Classic”

  5. Frank2468 says:

    Pat I already have the french theme pack from Rogers called Varitie which includes RDS TVA and TV5 and RDI and so, but I’m only paying $6.99 a month for it. Is it the same one your talking about or is there a different one Rogers is offering now? Unless If you already have it they can’t increase the price and new subscribers are going to pay the $60.00 month?

  6. Hobie says:


    Habs fans storm the Rogers building in downtown Toronto in protest over the Rogers TV deal:

  7. Keener_7 says:

    Hi everyone! I live in Alberta and like most you outside the habs region I have looking at my options on how to view all 82 habs games. My service provider is telus, I called and inquired about centre ice, price they quoted me was $200 for the regular season. No thanks!

    Went to for information on game centre live. Clicked the link and got redirected to the Rogers webpage. It had very little information, only a phone number. Called the number and waited on hold for a half hour, only to be informed that as of now you can only get GCL if you are Rogers customer with either cable, Internet or mobile phone.

    I asked if it would be available to everyone later. I was told that in the near future I probably will but they don’t have any details on pricing yet. She said the this all got rolled out a couple days ago and they are still working out the details.

    Guess I’m just gonna sit back and wait a couple weeks until things get sorted.

    • habs_1978 says:

      I’m in Alberta too, and I just got off the phone with Rogers. It’s absolutely ridiculous that it’s THIS complicated to get a freaking package to watch all the games.

      From what I read earlier, you didn’t need to be a Rogers customer to have GameCenter Live. Ugh…it’s just so sad.

      EDIT: And also, if I HAVE to be a Rogers customer to have this Game Center, why is it on my playstation for me to just sign up for? None of it makes sense. St00pid NHL and they’re dumbass deal with Rogers.

  8. JohnBellyful says:

    I think I figured out how to solve this conundrum with Hab games and broadcasts:
    Everybody signs up on Skype. It’s free and apparently includes group video calls (up to 25?). So if HIO-ers living east of Belleville could point their webcams at the TV when the games are being played we po folk at the other end, in the hinterland, would be able to watch them as well — for FREE.
    And everyone could carry on a conversation, as if we were at Hurley’s. Or sitting down in the man cave (and the best part, the hosts wouldn’t have to worry about providing booze or snacks, or the washroom getting all messed up).
    It would be a case of Hab fans helping each other in a time of need, East and West coming together as one.
    Is Skype all hype? All check it out …

  9. Thomas Le Fan says:

    So … does TSN still own the HNIC theme song or did Rogers get that too?

    Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

  10. bwoar says:

    Whoa, GCL won’t show the playoffs? Game, set & match – these guys just really, really aren’t interested in my business.

    Hopefully we can get back to talking hockey soon!

    • Habshire says:

      They will as long as you have a television subscription.

    • HammerHab says:

      why would they when all playoff games will be nationally televised?


      It’ll always be Habs Inside/Out to me

      • Habshire says:

        So people around the house can watch on their tablets even when they have to sit on the throne for while. 🙂

      • bwoar says:

        $40 a month for basic cable from Shaw is not interesting to me. So “nationally televised” doesn’t help. I don’t want cable TV. I don’t watch any programs & only use my TV for movies, hockey and video games. YouTube. ETC.

        Rather than trying to hold everyone hostage to the 20th century business they want to run, I expect telcos to actually innovate (and by that I mean use already existing and well understood technology) and offer an online solution.

        Dammit, I would rent a box for $10 a month and pay $1 a game on demand, if they would make it happen. They COULD do this, but they won’t. So I’m done with these primitive screwheads. It’s not bloody 1984 anymore. There are few remaining record shops, no more Blockbusters, and Big Cable Packages should be next.

        • Habshire says:

          Funny you should mention cable packages:

          Al a carte menus are around the corner. Yahoo!

          • bwoar says:

            A step in the right direction. Reading the article, I would expect any channels on the point of going under to consider online streaming as a way to broadcast. If enough people like it, they will pay for it.

          • Habshire says:

            Now that you mention it I think eventually individual shows will do their own streaming and cut out all middle men except for those providing the pipes.

          • HammerHab says:

            This is not going to be as good as most people seem to think. The prices of shows a la carte will go way up. The prices stay down because a provider can guarantee a certain number of subscribers. If you can guarantee 1,000,000 basic cable subscribers channels like TSN & Global will keep the price low on a per customer basis. If you make those a la carte you won’t have the same amount of subscribers. TSN will get say 20% of the viewers they did before so they will raise their price accoringly so they can stay in business. Don’t be surprised to see the prices of a la carte channels to be like $10 per channel. I don’t see this being very successful at all.


            It’ll always be Habs Inside/Out to me

  11. Hobie says:

    Best one I’ve heard in a while lol. front after dealing with the Bell Call Center located in India. After learning the deal he got for Center Ice was a mistake and had to be cancelled:

    September 4, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    Me too amigo! Dealing with those Two Bit Carney Hypnotists in that Bucket Shop in India was the last straw.


    Thanks as usual front for a good chuckle after a busy and hectic day at the office!

  12. myron.selby says:

    I don’t think this french package is available by simply using your existing RDS (which I cancelled anyway). I think you have to buy it separately as the french Center Ice package. My question is, will this be the RDS HD or vanilla RDS?

  13. habs11s says:

    Stuck in Leaf/Buffalo land, have a choice between NHL Center Ice through my cable package ($31 per month) or NHL Game Center Live through Rogers fro 200$ for the season…


    “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” -Jacques Plante

  14. HabFab says:

    News release from Steve Moore announcing an out of court settlement. So I guess this is finally laid to rest;

  15. HabFab says:

    Re the Marty F Brodeur story below on him willing to back up Price this season. Have a strong feeling he is prepared to back up any goaltender this year.

    • Timo says:

      I’ll see if my old buddy’s beer league team is looking for one. Marty will fit right in.

    • 24 Cups says:

      Frank – Can players no longer retire with grace the way Jean Beliveau did decades ago?

      Brodeur has made 82M during the life of his NHL career. He holds most of the goaltending records and has Stanley Cup rings as well as other awards. He is unquestionably one of the top five goalies of all time. Yet he can’t find the class to know and admit when his time is done.

      How sad.

      24 Cups

  16. Hobie says:

    I am in the Habs region. I get all 82 games in English and French. Let me know what happens to the rest of you. I can no longer discuss this. Head about to explode. Good luck.

  17. Maritime Ronn says:

    Changing the subject a little…

    For any P.K. Subban fan having withdrawal symptoms because he is almost nowhere to be seen since his contract signing, a few blasts from the past.

    PK’s 2010 Rookie camp doing some unbelievable skating drills:

    Subban’s class act of taking care of a family when one of his shots hit a youngster in the crowd:

    Subban almost taunting Bruins fans after a win in Boston, and watching the replay of that with Gallagher.

  18. habsfan0 says:

    Joan Rivers passes away at 81.
    All the good comedians are leaving.

  19. aversglay says:

    Wow, What exciting discussions we have been having lately on cable packages inside out!

  20. Habshire says:

    Pelly says you can watch the blacked out games on GCL including playoffs provided you enter an authenication that you have a Sportsnet television subscription. Sorry Shiram you do have to go grey.

  21. Deliverance58 says:


    Hello all habs fan, in case this has not been covered yet I want you all to know that I called Cogeco today Sept 4, 2014 and I am in Burlington. According to the person I spoke to Cogego just got new information 2 days ago and they told me there is 60 games being aired on RDS and they will not be blacked out here in Burlington. They said the remainder of the games 22 will be aired on TVA Sports. I asked the person a couple of times about them being blacked out and she assured me they will not be blacked out in Burlington and that was according to the new information they received 2 days ago.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Wunderbar! So do you keep your RDS pack for this, or is it a new package?

      • Deliverance58 says:

        Hi I have had RDS for few years now so not a new package. I called Cogeco twice today and got same info from 2 different people.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Cool, I’ve also had the RDS feed the past few years, I will put in a call next week again, when hopefully this new package may have been fleshed out a bit more. Thanks, and welcome to the zoo!

          • Deliverance58 says:

            Thanks! My first call to Cogeco I waited on the phone 45 mins then my second call waited half hour but did get the same info from both representatives from Cogeco. So hopefully, within next week they will have it all sorted and we can enjoy the games when they start.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            I will give Cogeco credit on this also, they have local Cust. Service Representatives and they are usually extremely helpful within the confines of what their company offers.

          • HammerHab says:

            hey thats me! thanks! 😀


            It’ll always be Habs Inside/Out to me

    • Timo says:

      So if RDS not blocked in Burlington which is outside of the Habs region it should not be blocked anywhere. Wondering if Bell will have the same, in which case the hell with NHL Center Ice.

    • jimmy shaker says:

      Got that same information yesterday from cogeco and I’m down here in Windsor. He switched me to the “FRANCO” package that includes TVA sportsHD and RDS HD which will cover every other game that isn’t on the national scene. It was listed for 20 bucks but he was giving it to me for 10 bucks. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, as I too explained to him the blackout situation for us here in southern ontario, but he again reassured me that everything will be okay, as did his boss.

      The last point of confusion with this new announcement is that it needs to be explained that this 60 buck package is only available with rogers tv, not bell or cogeco or shaw.

      Shaker out

    • HammerHab says:

      I work for Cogeco and have a pretty good contact who would know….I’m waiting on a reply back from him before trusting what a regulat rep over the phone would say


      It’ll always be Habs Inside/Out to me

  22. HabinBurlington says:

    Okay, so just spoke with a buddy who is the cable/dish maestro to the sports bars in the area I live, he is also a huge diehard hab fan. I asked him about this recent $60 announcement on the 60 games made available.

    His response? “Rogers is offering that, you live in Burlington with Cogeco being only cable provider, good luck getting an answer from them”

    So alas I am back to that final statement in Mr. Hickey’s article which apparantly was supposed to make this situation clear.

    And end of day I continue to wish disparaging things on the Rogers Corportation, Bettman, and Cogeco and a few others.

    • HammerHab says:

      If you have a package higher than basic you will get all the Sportsnet channels included with your package. If you have basic you can add the below channels for $10/mth.

      • Sportsnet Ontario
      • Sportsnet East
      • Sportsnet West
      • Sportsnet Pacific
      • Sportsnet One
      • Sportsnet 360

      From what I understand with the above channels you will get 22 Habs games. If you want the other 60 you need to pay the $60 to get GCL (in french only), or purchase the Super Sports Pack. What I will probably do is purchase the GCL, watch in french and listen to TSN690 online in english.


      It’ll always be Habs Inside/Out to me

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I’ve got all those channels, I am happy to watch the 42 games in English (will stream audio from elsewhere if need be) on them as advertised. But the new offer of 60 games is the stickler.

        My issue is that this new wonderful, great offer from the generous hearts of Rogers is from Rogers. Cogeco usually doesn’t give a flying firetruck as to what either Bell or Rogers does and may or may not offer said package.

        But at least Rogers is telling me that I am well taken care of, this helps tremendously. And Gary is backing them up along with Mulroney, so obviously the truth is now out there, those bastards don’t lie do they?

  23. Habshire says:

    Last year’s review on GCL:

    Some people might not like a 60 second time delay in the broadcast for example.

    Rogers has changed the Blackout rule but wonder if they have fixed other issues.

  24. mrhabby says:

    Marty Brodeur interested in playing back up to Carey Price

  25. Maritime Ronn says:

    @ Un Canadien errant/Shiram

    On the last thread, you, Shiram, and myself were discussing the details of a PTO contract (Player Try Out ) such as one the Habs signed with former Carolina player Drayson Bowman this week.

    You asked:
    “…does a player on a tryout at an NHL camp like Steve Bégin or Simon Gagné do so under an AHL PTO? What happens if he gets injured, let’s say he blows out his knee? Does he go on IR at the NHL minimum contract amount, or AHL?”
    I was just in contact with a person involved in the NHL, and here was his spin.

    First, there is no minimum contract or pay as the player was never part of the NHL roster, or part of the 50 allowable contracts.

    A PTO is not considered a bonafide NHL Standard Players Contract with its (insurance) protections under the NHL CBA.
    See below the details of a PTO.

    Insurance coverage is the player’s/agent’s responsibility, and depending on the Agent’s relationship with a team’s management, they may find some shared common ground.

    Regardless of some garbage written in the media, good and smart GM’s (not all) always want to keep good relations with the top Player Agencies ( Newport) as these guys can influence their ‘stable’ of players to consider ‘Best Places’ landing areas for UFAs, or convince them to wave a No Trade Clause if a ‘Top to Bottom’ organization is superbly professional – think 2014 Habs vs. Islanders as just one example.

    If anyone believes there was any bad taste left after the Subban contract, Newport founder Don Meehan is the agent of Drayson Bowman….

    PTO details:
    A PTO or Professional Try Out is a type of AHL contract that is offered to professional hockey players.
    This contract can last a maximum of 25 AHL games (but can be shorter.)
    A player may sign 2 PTO’s in any one AHL season.
    A player may not play any regular season or playoff NHL games while on a PTO, he must be signed to an NHL SPC (standard player contract) in order to play for an NHL team.

    Goatender PTO: A professional Goaltender may be signed to a NHL Goaltender PTO and play in the NHL, however this only acceptable in an emergency situation and the goaltender is only eligible to play for one NHL game.
    A Goaltender PTO is subject to approval by the League.

  26. Buzz Lightbeer says:

    I live in BC and telus is my provider. I still have no idea whats going on. It seems it would be less complicated to just move to Montreal.

  27. thehabs21 says:

    So when the playoffs begin will they be on cbc or any basic cable channel or do i have to get sportsnet to watch playoff hockey

    “I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears”

  28. elliottko says:

    I thought I had finally unsterstood this but now this artcile raises a couple of questions:
    1) Game Center Live – the article suggests that it will also be available on television as opposed to us having to stream it – is that the case?
    2) Since NHL center ice is free until the end of the year, can we buy the GCL for a prorated $60 starting in January or will we have to pay the whole amount anyways?
    3) On GCL can we pvr the game or do we have to watch it live? Probably the most important question.

    I think in terms of what games we get with each package, it is totally clear now.

  29. shiram says:

    So my options are now basically both illegal.

    I either donate money to hockeystreams and watch illegal.
    Or pay for gamecenter live, and use an illegal method to unblock the blacked out games.

  30. george_is_getting_upset says:

    Called Bell again re $50 center ice and of course the answer today is “that was last years pricing”. They said that the price will be updated if you have it in your programming automatically to 2014/2015 pricing. Anyone on the $50 plan is bound to get hosed eventually.

    I tried the “but its advertised on your website” with no luck.

    • Timo says:

      I suspected that this is what would happen. I set a reminder to call them 2 days before the free 2 months promo expires and will cancel if that’s the case.

  31. HammerHab says:

    sigh. okay do I need to subscribe to TVA to get those 22 other Habs games or are those same games nationally broadcast on an english channel?


    It’ll always be Habs Inside/Out to me

  32. Ozmodiar says:

    A little summary, as i understand it, for those in Canada, west of Belleville.

    Cable only
    Cable package (incl SN, CBC, City)
    + $60 Center Ice (RDS), if offered OR full C.I.

    Cable + Stream
    Cable package (incl SN, CBC, City)
    + $60 Gamecenter Live (RDS) OR full Gamecenter Live

    Stream only
    Gamecenter Live (+ ~$5/month US ip address)
    OR hockeystreams
    OR xbmc + mashup

    One of the above should give you 82 habs games plus all 4 rounds of habs playoffs. 😉

    • Hobie says:

      Cable only
      Cable package (incl SN, CBC, City)
      + $60 Center Ice (RDS), if offered OR full C.I.

      **That might not be correct. Boone is the first person to mention this.

      The US IP Address might work for 70% of the games on GameCenter. Depends where your US IP is located. Also, If the game is broadcasted nationally in the States it won’t work.

      • Ozmodiar says:

        Sorry, what might not be correct?

        Gamecenter –> yes, but you should be good to go for the Habs games. Not sure if any will be nationally televised in the US.

        • Hobie says:

          At my work I have a roaming US IP Address. I had GameCenter during the shortened season. When the Habs were playing a big US team the games were sometimes blacked out. I was on the night shift at the time :-).

          If you read the fine print on the GameCenter page you’ll see that there’s games blacked out in the states. Even for the Habs. NBC has national games, the NHL network….plus there’s some other instances where games can be blacked out.

          You will get a good chunk of games but not all.

          Cable only
          Cable package (incl SN, CBC, City)
          + $60 Center Ice (RDS), if offered OR full C.I. <— Not correct.

          • Ozmodiar says:

            All quiet on the night shift? 🙂

            If a blackout happened, you could switch locations, I believe, including reverting back to the Canadian ip.

            If it was nationally televised in the US, and available in your region, the I guess you’d be out of luck. Then you go to a friend’s place. 🙂

            Edit: did you notice the “if offered”? still incorrect?

          • Hobie says:

            Yes. If you really play with it and are tech savvy enough you can probably get a large portion of games but not all. I’m a diehard. I need all 82 games. Plus GameCenter doesn’t show playoffs.

            Back to TV. The announcement I heard yesterday was GameCenter Canada built a special ONLINE package for all the blacked out games for $60. They made no mention of that being available on TV. So I think Hickey might be wrong about that. It’s also only available to Rogers Internet customers.

  33. Hobie says:

    “The package will be available on cable and satellite television as well as for online devices with Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE (the NHL streaming service).”

    I thought that 60 game package was only available Online?

  34. pottymonster says:

    Damn. Super complicated for you guys outside Quebec. I’m not often glad I live here, but when it comes to watching Habs games I sure am.

  35. Maritime Ronn says:

    Well now, that clears things up.

    The last sentence of Hickey’s article was:
    ” For more details you’re best to contact your cable or satellite provider.”
    My conversation yesterday with my satellite provider.
    Unfortunately, I kid you not.

    MRonn: Can you please let me know what the NHL package will cost?
    Bell person: Yes, please thank you Mr. ronn-please hold while I talk to my supervisor about the MHL.

    Bell Person: Thank you, please, you’re welcome for holding Mr. ronn. I could not find the MHL package you say.
    MR: Umm….maybe my Bell Samsung phone is causing problems, but it’s the NHL package Center Ice…not MHL.

    Bell Person: Yes, please thank you mr.ronn you’re welcome…yes I will check again about the MHL. Please hold, thank you.

    tick-tock tick tock….

    Bell Person: Thank you mr.ronn you’re welcome yes the NFL package….

    MR: My dear, let’s try this again. NHL – “N’ as in Nancy, “H” as in hockey
    Bell person: So sorry Mr. ronn, I apologise thank you-please-you’re welcome. Oh, hookey, yes yes yes hookey.

    Cutting to the chase.
    Bell Person; Yes mr.ronn thank you. Yes 2 payments of $24.99 for CENTRAL ice. Yes yes, I will confirm by email.

    …which ended up being complete BS after a this morning follow-up.

    For the politically correct that may take offense to the conversation above, I couldn’t care less where a call center is located and who answers the phone and what accent they have – although in a perfect scenario, I would always want it to be in Canada employing Canadians.

    What IS offensive is a company employing people that are not trained and clueless about their product…and BS their customers.

  36. Luke says:

    If this TV thing was one thread, it’d have crushed the Ryan White Threshold.

    Oh, what might have been…

  37. Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On ® says:

    Still clear as mud. 🙂

    Hab fans want choice! Sign the petition to give us back our games!

  38. 44har48 says:

    I have to believe I won’t get left out in the cold on this but I am thoroughly confused. I live in Northern NY (2hrs from downtown Montreal), which has historically been considered the Habs region. When watching CBC (sigh) I would get the Habs on regional coverage and not the national Leafs game. I also subscribe to DirecTV NHL Center Ice package because if not for that, I would not see any Habs games at all, other than CBC (good god!). The US refuses to air Canadian teams on US channels unless they absolutely have to and then its only because they are playing NY R, Bos, or Pitt.

    So my question is…will I now get to watch Habs games with homer announcers like the good old days with Dick Irvin? or will I now not be able to see any of these games because they are aired on Canadian regional channels (I did get games in the past on center ice on TSN, Sportsnet, occasionally RDS)? or will nothing change for me?

    Not sure if anyone knows but I thought I would share my confusion. 🙂

  39. savethepuck says:

    Is this article correct? It reads like the $60 deal is for TV viewing and I was under the impression that it was for GameCenter on the internet.
    Another reason I will be waiting until October before making any decisions.

    “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

  40. Luke says:

    Ok, but what if I want to listen to games on the Radio, and I don’t live in the Montreal region?

  41. Cal says:

    With all the “solutions” that have been flung about on here, I’m glad I am lucky enough to live in the Habs region. RDS for 60 plus the 7 pre-season and then Sportsnet on mute for me for the rest. Easy peezy.

  42. Timo says:

    Well… called Bell the second time in one day. I must hate myself.
    Confirmed with another agent that I will have 2 payments of $24.99 coming out of my account in October and November for the NHL CenterIce for the full season.

    Fingers crossed?

  43. Timo says:

    “For more details you’re best to contact your cable or satellite provider.”… who, will NOT have an answer for you. Moahahahaha!!!!!

  44. Hobie says:


    The cost for regular GameCentre $160.00 U.S. If I bought that I’d get zero Habs games because I live in the Habs region. People in other region would get some Habs games but not all. The reason they do that is so people don’t cancel cable and continue to pay $70-$80 bucks a month for cable. $70 x 12 = $840.

    So if all of a sudden blackouts were removed and they allowed people to get all 82 games on GameCentre you’d have thousands of people cancelling their cable (approx $840 per person per year) and they’d lose millions and millions of dollars.

    SO if they ever allow people to stream all the games online they’ll jack up the cost of GameCentre substantially to makeup for all the cancelled cable subscriptions. IMO.

    • shiram says:

      I know, but the NHL could recoup the revenue in a new deal by handling all online stream options.
      They would make less on tv broadcasts, but the internet fees would help them recoup whatever losses they would get there.

      And I think that whatever the cable big boxes do, they will still lose out in the end, trying to strong arm people into keeping their service is not good customer service.

  45. habsfan1993 says:

    Thanks for the clarification. Now, what about us US viewers? 😉

    “Just because you are wearing a new Maple Leafs sweater, does not mean you make the rules around here, young man.”

    • Hobie says:

      Same as last year.

      • habsfan1993 says:

        Hopefully not. Center Ice refuses to carry the Habs home broadcasts, as they were all in French, and Center Ice is run by jingoistic, xenophobic, racist jerks. So I have had to watch the other team’s broadcasts for years now. Had to endure Rick Jeanerette and Jack Edwards. Enough.

        “Just because you are wearing a new Maple Leafs sweater, does not mean you make the rules around here, young man.”

  46. HabinBurlington says:

    Mr. Hickey, I give you kudos for explaining the details as you know them, however your final sentence is where the Jim Lahey like Sh*tStorm is emanating from.

  47. veryhabby says:

    Darn second..teaches me to write out a full sentence! Lol The downfall of beingg a women, we use too many words to talk. But I will say Pat, what u wrote above explaining the new TV sched…great job! i’ve been saying the same thing in my posts…but no one was getting it lol!

    I prop won’t dish out the $60. Rogers is offering now 40 national games, plus CentreIce free till Dec.31st (if u r a customer). I’ll see what’s available come Jan.

  48. Slackman says:

    Sorry dude!

  49. veryhabby says:

    Can I actually be first- wow, never before

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