Cinderella vs. Cinderella in East final

And you thought the Canadiens’ run to the Eastern Conference final was amazing.

In Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love is celebrating the Flyers’ stunning comeback semifinal win over the Boston Bruins, rebounding from a 3-0 deficit in games, and a 3-0 deficit in Game 7, to beat the Bruins 4-3 last night in Beantown.

Pat Hickey and Mike Boone will be at the Habs’ 11 am practice in Brossard today.

I’m on the road to Philadelphia, where I’ll catch up to the Canadiens at their late afternoon media availability. News, audio and images from Gazette photographer Pierre Obendrauf to come here later today and this evening.


  1. Danno says:

    I think that Leighton has kept them alive but cannot and will not perform at the same level as Halak. In the playoffs it all comes down to goaltending and we will win because we have the edge where it counts most.

    And don’t forget we have a huge team effort supporting Halak by
    blocking shots like nobody’s business. Because of this I think we have a far superior
    defensive squad than Philly.

    We are the 2010 playoff leaders in the blocked shots department with a
    total of 320 so far. Chicago is second with only a paltry 190. That
    tells me our guys have character, courage, desire and grit and will do
    whatever it takes to win. Guys like Hall Gill with 54 blocked shots,
    Josh Gorges with 44 and Roman Hamrlik with 34.

    Not every player on every team is willing to block shots as
    frequently as our guys do. Why? Because it’s dangerous, frightening and
    hurts like hell when a shot smacks you in the wrong place. Just ask
    Vancouver’s Sami Salo. He sufferd a ruptured testicle while attemting to
    block a hard shot by Chicago’s Duncan Keith right into his family

    Philly plays tough that’s true. But they will pay a big price if they
    wind up in the penalty box too often as their relatively weak defense
    will not be able to stop the Habs powerplay for very long.

    Just ignore the experts. This is our year.



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

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