Cinderella vs. Cinderella in East final

And you thought the Canadiens’ run to the Eastern Conference final was amazing.

In Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love is celebrating the Flyers’ stunning comeback semifinal win over the Boston Bruins, rebounding from a 3-0 deficit in games, and a 3-0 deficit in Game 7, to beat the Bruins 4-3 last night in Beantown.

Pat Hickey and Mike Boone will be at the Habs’ 11 am practice in Brossard today.

I’m on the road to Philadelphia, where I’ll catch up to the Canadiens at their late afternoon media availability. News, audio and images from Gazette photographer Pierre Obendrauf to come here later today and this evening.


  1. light_n_tasty says:

    ESPN is picking Flyers in 6.  They also picked Pens in 6 and Caps in 5.

  2. HugeHabsFan says:

    Just emailed.  Thanks Adam.


    “Thank you Cammy for making my day even more amazing!”


  3. adam76 says:

    another method.


    surf to


    enter in the url:




  4. Corporate says:

    Good analysis… but logic didn’t reign during the first 2 rounds. So I don’t think any logic will work here. It will come down to who wants it more and won’t get gased…

  5. Jbird says:

    I seriously wish I was going there. trust me.  Although at any other time I would be very happy to go to Peru – still am, but this might make the trip a bit more of a kick in the nuts.  

  6. Jbird says:

    I Don’t think you can do this this year.  I did it a but a few years back before I just got RDS on my cable.  I’ve gone to the and can’t find it and remember a discussion on here about it not being available.

    I also just tried to use a canadian IP proxy to see if i could watch CBC video’s and no luck – they have some large firewall around that.

    I’m starting to just hope that Justin TV works – and that the internet feed I get is good enough – It wasn’t last year when in the hotel I was at in Dominican.  God Damn – Who would have thought they would make it this far into the post season.   

  7. joeybarrie says:

    You are pretty much out of luck for TV. I looked into Directv Latino for Peru, and NOTHING. There is the Copa Peru going on right now too, so your SOLO…

    That being said what about RDS online? I heard you can buy that streaming.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  8. Ian Cobb says:

    Ditto Harani,

    Peel’s last game was not to bad, in fact I was a little impressed with his development, he has matured a little I believe. 

    I have to tell you that he was a disaster in Junior and earlier games in the NHL, he thought he was the show!

    My blog

  9. Slovak says:

    I would call there if they got the channel so that I can sleep well…:-) Or go Bratislava instead of Peru and you will experience some madness at the bar 🙂

  10. Storm Man says:

    Hmmmm Cammy 12 goals Gionta 7 goals in the playoffs team blocks 306 shots. I see your still a child maybe a good sport for you to cheer is tennis that is not a team sport.

  11. Big Ted says:

    Happy with McCreary, Walkom, Sutherland, O’Halloran, Watson. O’Rourke was the guy who nailed us for the three diving calls and Devorski was part of the worst-reffed game this playoffs when PK Subban was tackled by Fedotenko and the calls went down-hill form there. Tim Peel is pretty damn close to being Chris Lee. That being said, McCreary and Walkom are old-school guys who keep their whistles away, and we may need the refs to keep the Flyers in line, so I’m hoping more for guys like Watson and Sutherland, O’Rourke and O’Halloran to ref early in the series and set the tone, and then have guys like McCreary and Walkom ref later.

  12. Slovak says:

    It is, you don’t want embarrassment like USA… and it would be nice to win some medal… but you are right it is no match against NHL finals this year

  13. Big Ted says:

    Not sure I agree with THN’s series break-down, although based on their shoddy record I guess that’s not surprising. The fact that guru Bob McKenzie went 0/4 with his 2nd round predictions tells you it’s as much luck, heart, and momentum in the playoffs as it is skill. So this is what I would say about our match-up with Philly:

    Forwards: Phi is built around size and grit with a little bit of finesse. Montreal is built around speed and finesse with a little bit of grit. If you were to single out the top forward in this series, it would be Mike Richards, but then again, we recall that we didn’t have Ovechkin or Crosby or Malkin and our forwards still out-played our opposition in the first two rounds. Phi has more depth at forward than Pit or Was, featuring guys like Briere, Gagne, Hartnell, and Carcillo, and maybe Jeff Carter later in the series. But the Habs have also got some depth, and they have guys who have won before. Any of Gionta, Cammalleri, Plekanec, Gomez, AK46, or even guys like Lapierre or Moore could be a guy to score the key goal in a game. The leaders have also been much more consistent than they have in past years. With Carter still out, I think right now the forwards match-up is EVEN. If Carter makes it back, slight edge to the Flyers.


    Defence: Pronger is a very good defenceman. He was a great add for Phi this year, and he provides size and both offence and defence. But I think it’s also fair to say that he’s a tad over-rated, that he is getting on in age, and that he sucked it up big time at the Olympics on the big stage. Coburn is a guy I love with his speed, but Timonen seems to be on the down-side of his career, and the Flyers don’t give any kind of minutes to the bottom 2 guys. The Habs are missing Markov right now and even if he comes back, he won’t be close to being what he was. But they have two shut-down guys in Gorges and Gill (just like Scuderi-Gill for Pit last year), and PK Subban has the potential to be the best defenceman in this series and OB if he gets back in, could be a factor against the bigger team. The farther the playoffs fo, the less I like Philly’s chances of riding four guys, especially after a long physical series against Boston. The Habs D is much more blue-collar, but right now, I wouldn’t trade our 6 guys for their 6 guys. More veterans, better shot-blocking, and the potential of Subban gives the edge to the HABS even without Markov.


    Goaltending: no need to go into this. Halak > Leighton. Price > who? Edge: HABS.


    Special teams: as noted in THN, very even comparison. Will give the slight edge to Phi on this one, just because they have a few guys who can quarterback the PP and we’re a little short with Markov out. Halak is the main reason why our PK has been so good, with kudos to Gill and Gorges too. Phi gets more traffic on the PP and I like their chances of using special teams to their advantage, if they can stay out of the box themselves. Edge: FLYERS.


    Coaching: I wouldn’t have ranked either coach very highly coming into the playoffs but both have done a nice job since the post-season began. I don’t think it’s fair to say one has done a better job than the other, they both have their teams playing hard. EVEN.


    Prediction: Habs need to capitalize on the Flyers being banged up a bit from last series and take the first game. Flyers will try to play big and intimidate, so a lot depends on how the refs call the games. The difference maker in this series will be how Halak plays compared to Leighton, and unless he proves otherwise, we have no reason to doubt Jaro can’t outplay a guy who couldn’t make our team. HABS IN 6.

  14. HFX-HabFan says:

    I know the “World Championships” mean way more in Europe than in North America, but is it still meaningful in an Olympic year? 

  15. Jbird says:

    OK now we are talking – really ESPN America.  . .  OK – I am a sweet talker at a bar.  To bad Halak it not from Lima – I’d be golden! 🙂  

  16. Jbird says:

    Sling box – uhg –  I just bought an HD PVR box – UHG – great suggestion but not an option for me – it would be $75 per game.  

  17. LizardKing1967 says:

    We blanketed Ovechkin. We shut down BOTH Crosby AND Malkin. Varlamov AND Fleury are definitly BETTER goalies than Leighton. All we have to do is shut down TWO guys. Gagne and Richards. THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE. They have a bunch of goons and thats it.

    Boys, take this series and smell the cup!!!



    Jim-out. I BELIEVE!

  18. nightmare_49 says:

        H – L’Anti Chambre will love this, eight names avec le tonque de Shakespeare …………….  Joannette must have forgotten to buy Gregson a Xmas present.

  19. Slovak says:

    In Slovakia I watch all games on ESPN AMERICA – so i think there is always a chance if they got satellite…

  20. Jbird says:

    Thanks man. The Blackout world wide is nuts.  

    What about buying Satellite Direct online, Anyone?  could I then watch Versus or CBC?

    Its bloody pricey, and might be a complete scam, but at this point I do not care (well I do not want to be scammed but . . .)

    I’m nervous about justin TV and want a magic bullet here.

  21. LizardKing1967 says:

    And Hal Gill would be my choice for darkhorse Conn Smythe!


    Jim-out. I BELIEVE!

  22. LizardKing1967 says:

    RDS should be offering the games for a small fee. If not, you better go out and buy yourself a sling box and set it up before you leave. Then you won’t miss a minute.



    Jim-out. I BELIEVE!

  23. Slovak says:

    Don’t worry they will stick to kind of play they did against previous two simply because they found themselves in it.

    I understand it will take some time for fans to realize this is the playoff team already and they can beat anybody.

    Come on even if things will go bad HABS ARE ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL – they play for each other and I don’t really think Flyers do this – they have some individuals but there is only one team out there…


  24. Jbird says:

    That’s what i was figuring.  American’s eh?  So no one in the world outside of the USA can watch the games? God i hate Garry Bettman.  

    There has to be a way!  

  25. Jbird says:

    Thanks,  it said it no longer provided Live NHL games – did not look like it  – but I will be checking on Sunday.  

  26. joeybarrie says:

    Last season all the games were blacked out when Versus was showing it…

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  27. Harani says:

    Reds who qualify for the next round: Devorski. P, McCreary, O’Halloran, O’Rourke, Peel, Sutherland, Walkom, Watson

    No Chris F. Lee but hope we can stay away from Peel

    “I gotta feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  28. joeybarrie says:

    Your right. ZERO chance of a Bar in PERU that will be showing hockey a month before the kickoff of the WORLD CUP.

    I think the fact that Versus has the game means its blacked out on and center ice. I HATE VERSUS.

    I am sorry to tell you, IN FACT, you have a big crisis. I think its justin tv and the web based radio for you. But you should look into it. There might be some sort of package you can buy in Peru to get American tv that might have versus. Buts the odds are the same as being attacked by a ‘Polar bear AND a regular Bear inthe same day’…

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  29. bigjames says:

    am pretty sure that will offer the game on the day itself. just check in a few hours before puck drops…

  30. Somethingwithhabsinit says:

    I was being somewhat facetious with the “genius” label, I hope that came through. Sticking with Price over Halak is obviously the big stumbling block for many. It was a mistake. He realised that he wasn’t a good fit for coaching this team and found a suitable replacement to come in and lead the team he assembled. As I’ve said previously, Bob made some great moves and he made some terrible moves, just like every GM in the history of sports. We’re where we are now because some of his moves paid off, and these guys are playing excellent hockey. I couldn’t be more excited about this team. Go Habs Go!

  31. mrhabby says:

    who cares ..there winning now thats all that matters. i give credit to BG for changing the culture of this organization. he could have done it earlier but hey thats life.

  32. bigjames says:

    yet another reason to hate boston. i really think we matched up better agains t the B’s yet they had to choke like that. probably did it to spite us! cause they know philly maches up better against us. how else do you explain that nonesense. i am actually really worried about playing philly. but i remain super proud of our boys and know they will bring everything they have against those goons. GO HABS GO!!!

  33. joeybarrie says:

    I don’t know about what any of you think, but I’m not doing very well. This does NOT look good.

    Everyone around is saying Habs in 6, Habs in 7, Habs in 5.  THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR ME. We need it to be like it was against both Wash and Pitts. The opponents in 5…

    Im not happy with this at all.

    I am happy that there is Hockey in Montreal in late May……… GO HABS GO.

    Philly in 6.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  34. mrhabby says:

    gainey does deserve some of the credit for changing the culture of the club…where are all those players that he let go last summer…thats right there golfing.

  35. Jbird says:

    Help.  I’m going to Peru on Monday for two weeks and must be able to watch the games – its crucial.

    I thought I could buy the package online and watch the games, seems like they stopped this (WHT?!?!?!).  I can watch them on line for free through or something, but I wanted some better quality and gauranteed access. (I got this projector and want to see the puck)

    Any idea’s – I assume only the Sunday NBC game will be able to be viewed on a TV in a bar – Their is zero chance of a bar with a salalite getting VS or CBC.  Right?

    Any help is very much appreciated in this moment of crisis.  

  36. Somethingwithhabsinit says:

    I do credit Gillett for hiring Gainey. He takes a lot of heat here, but his purchase of the team turned the franchise around. No one is saying that Gainey is the only person responsible for putting the Habs where they are. The reason he is getting so much credit now is because of the severe beatings he has taken over what he did with this team in the last year. Of course it is the players and coaches who are actually getting the job done. They are the reason we are where we are, and he is the reason they are where they are. They get the credit for the play, he gets the credit for putting the pieces together. Why is that so difficult to accept?

  37. adam76 says:

    anyone who wants in in MP3 – email me.

  38. adam76 says:

    I hope the fans simply ignore Carcillo – he gets off on all the boos.

  39. Slovak says:

    Beside all I have to thank Flyers for sending Chara and Satan to World Championship.

    It will be hard like hell to go over them and to go over Chicago in finals.

    But easy things suck right and HABS are no suckers at all


  40. HabsoluteFan says:

    Question about tickets for today :

    How many can one client purchase, is it 2 in each games or 2 tickets max ( for exemple, 1 ticket for game 3 and one for game 4)?


    On december 18th, in the middle of a 5 game losing streak, this guy said the habs would turn it around and make the playoffs.

  41. MontrealAtheist says:

    Hmmmm … then why did Gainey as a coach not play Halak last year during the playoffs even though Price kept on losing game after game? To Gainey’s credit, he did play Halak once after the series was effectively over.

  42. gohabsgo25 says:

    if you want the song go to google type in youtube video to mp3 converter paste the song and kaboom you got your song.


  43. MontrealAtheist says:

    100% agreed … Halak and Jacques Martin are the principal architects of this great playoff run. Gainey never even believed in Halak and it’s no secret that he wanted to get rid of him … Besides, he had 6+ years to shine in Montreal (as GM that is) and he didn’t deliver, so let’s just move on.

    If you want to give credit to Gainey for drafting Halak (in the last round nonetheless when there were not too many players left anyway) and signing Jacques Martin, why not credit Gillett for hiring Gainey?

  44. Somethingwithhabsinit says:

    I definitely agree we’re not here without Halak putting in a Conn Smythe performance. That’s why I’m glad Bob drafted him, signed him, and moved him up the ranks to the NHL, where he showed that he was one of the best goalies in the league. What a genius BG is.

  45. MontrealAtheist says:

    Yeah and once the team does all of the above and wins the series, someone will probably step forward and give Gainey 100% of the credit … lol

  46. nightmare_49 says:

    Scott Burnside has the Flyers in Six – East finals preview: Flyers-Habs … ESPN        ……………………………………   Tomas Plekanec started the playoffs on fire, but has not scored in his past eight postseason games.  ………………………………………….   Why bust a trend that has been so successful? We picked the Habs to lose in the first two rounds, and we’re going for the triple, picking No. 7 Philadelphia in what would be a strange upset given that Montreal is the eighth seed. Flyers in six.   ………………………………………  If voting for the Conn Smythe Trophy took place now, many would give the nod to Halak; but Mike Cammalleri, goal machine, would have to be near the top of the list.

  47. Slovak says:

    I can hear it permanently, despite I am some thousands kilometers away…

  48. HugeHabsFan says:

    Ok, then if I find it, I’ll be sure to let you know.  Do the same, if you come across it please? Thanks! :o)

    ……….. “Thank you Cammy for making my day even more amazing!” I STILL BELIEVE. I WILL ALWAYS BELIEVE.

  49. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    Any of the remaining teams could win the Stanley Cup. Isn’t amazing that our Habs are there?

    Forget comparisons – 1993? 1971? I’m old enough to have seen both. What matters to me now is that I’m young enough to have fun with 2010, wherever it goes.


    And so far, they’ve done it:

    without the Laraque, Kovalev, Sergei line half the site wanted in September;

    with MAB, Gomez, Gorges, Gill, Halak, Price, Moen, Hamrlik, Spacek and Jacques Martin, all of whom our little forum spent six months wanting to throw under a metro.

    You know what? There is nothing left to vent about (hockey-wise). It’s all fear, fun and screaming from here on in.


  50. Harani says:

    Anyone else already hear the boos for Briere and Gagne? 

    “I gotta feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  51. habsguy says:

    Kinda makes me want to puke!!!!!!!!!… could anyone take those to seriously!!!

  52. Corporate says:

    Ok.. I have been reading a lot of posts regarding the Philly/Habs series. We can compare every aspect of every team and give the edge to one or the other. I believe that doesn’t count anymore. I love Cammy for scoring 12 Goals, but those goals mean nothing in this series. Same goes to Gionta and company. We are meeting a different type of team. No superstars but very tough grinding bunch. They go out to hurt. They go out to injure and score in the process. Montreal will have to be ready and alert. We might lose a few bodies during this series and it won’t be pretty. The trick is we can’t play their game. We must play ours and be disciplined. We need not to retaliate becasue then there wil be trouble. We must protect Halak and make sure they don’t kill him out there. Also he won’t be facing 600 shots a game, so will he be able to keep his focus?

  53. habsguy says:

    here we go,  seems like some @ss#ole always finds negatives in something SOOOO positive…BTW was it Cammi or Halak who scored the record amount of goals so far ??????

  54. Slovak says:

    It is really no brainer and beside that I like the word dozen 🙂

  55. Slovak says:

    Ok Jaro aka Spring,

    I know I was making a little fun of you for repeating some words again and again and again but now I beg you – please don’t stop with your super efficient magic formulas!!! After first game please tell everybody: “We should not be here”, after second game tell them your second favorite one  “Nobody believed us”, after third game repeat once again “We should not be here” stuff and after fourth game would you be so kind and tell as all ours favorite one: “But you know what, here we are”

    Slovakia checked and

    B E L I E V E

  56. HardHabits says:


  57. nightmare_49 says:

       Congradulations to Robert L  for having his blog ‘Habs Eyes on the Prize’ being ranked #2 on Ball-Hype, Bravo.

  58. dufour says:

    Philly’s D looked exhausted last night, and they don’t have time to rest. Habs need to take it to them right away. Their 5-6 pairing never sees the ice. Cycle down low and keep the pressure on. Leighton is a predictable goalie too, every time the puck gets close to the net he goes paddle down. Fire that puck high over his right shoulder and its a goal every time.

    This isn’t gonna be an easy series, but the Flyers have more noticable flaws than the previous two opponents. If I noticed two, I’m sure JM and his crew have noticed at least 10, and are showing the guys tape right now.

    “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” Jacques Plante

  59. petrov14 says:

    I KNOW! I want it too!

    ______________________________________ Gionta for Captain.

  60. jimmy shaker says:

    Might as well make it a dozen….it’s the weekend!


  61. DavidKB says:

    I remember the two games against Philly just before the Olympics; PK was one of the best Habs in those games. I particularly remember when he ducked a hit from Pronger who seemed a bit peeved, as if to say, “Hey punk, you can’t do that against me, don’t you know who I am?!”. 

    While I would have preferred another chapter in the Montreal/Boston rivalry, now I would like nothing more than to see the Habs bring down the Flyers.

    I know that we got to this point with one of the best “team” performances, game after game that I have ever witnessed from the Canadiens, but wouldn’t it be nice to see PK put a move on Pronger that says, “Hey, old man, do you like me now?!”.

  62. Slovak says:

    Am going for 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 maybe 8 or maybe 9 or maybe 10 beers…:)

  63. HugeHabsFan says:

    I was saying the same thing about the Flyers’ play.  Just another reason why I was hoping for the B’s.  But, I agree with your post that if they stick to what they’ve done the last two series, they can do this!

    ……….. “Thank you Cammy for making my day even more amazing!” I STILL BELIEVE. I WILL ALWAYS BELIEVE.

  64. HugeHabsFan says:

    You wouldn’t happen to know where I can find this in mp3 format?  I have the 2009 version, but I’d love this one.  iTunes only has the 2009. :o(

    ……….. “Thank you Cammy for making my day even more amazing!” I STILL BELIEVE. I WILL ALWAYS BELIEVE.

  65. alestar says:

    Its going to be a tough series…Philly will test our size and toughness by pounding everything that moves, we need to stay focused and stay out of the box.

    Won’t be surprised if they resort to the traditional Flyers dirty play: expect late hits and for them to run Halak, there will be a mob in the crease after every whistle.

    It won’t be pretty, but if the Habs stick to the formula of the first two series, we have a great chance at our first Cup berth in 17 seasons.


    GO HABS, GO!


    XXIV…and counting

  66. jimmy shaker says:

    The main thing the habs are going to have to do against Philly is keep the front of the net clear for Jaro.  Gagne, Richards and Hartnell have to be kept to the outside and our D is going to have to be very physical on those guys as well.  On philly’s back end where they really only play with 4 guys primarily, the boys are going to have to use there speed very well, control the puck and when they get there chances hit pronger, timmonen, carle and Coburn every time they can.  If we get outshot every game we’ll  be just fine.  A split in philly is on the wish list, but if we win the first one, than why not go out and get the second one.  I hope our fourth line can contribute and get some ice time in this series too. Carter will probably make a return, but so will Marky.  I look for a game 3 retrun for Andrei.   No hockey today except for the memorial cup, where my hometown team the spitfires started off with a bang.  What am I going to do?


  67. petrov14 says:

    Annakin Slayd – Feels Like ’93 (2010 Version)

    Great updated tune!!

    ______________________________________ Gionta for Captain.

  68. habssince1909 says:

    We have to keep playing the way we have been doing, and keep out of the penalty box.  I am worried about their dirty players, and the potential for injury.  I don’t think it would be beneath Philly to intentionally injure one of our top guys, including Halak.  Glad Melrose and co. have sided with Philly.  We have been proving everyone wrong all playoffs, let’s do it again……GO HABS GO.  BELEIVE.

  69. BJ says:

    Somehow I’m more concerned about our chances in this one. Maybe the pressure to Silver is building up? Fire power of the Flyers: Richards, Brière, Giroux, Gagné, Van Riemsdyk, Carter (injury), toughness: Hartnell, Carcillo, Pronger, Asham…..

    Our fire power: Cammalleri, Gionta, Gomez, Plekanec,toughness: not too much. Our other +++ , Halak, PK Subban and surprising defense. Great contribution from the Moore-Lapierre line.

    Hopefully in 6. The first one will be very, very important and wishing Philly an adrenal burnout after their comeback.

  70. mrhabby says:

    keys to habs series win.

    1..don’t get involved in the mob mentality with the flyers. the likes of hartnell, cicarelli , asham will be out looking to take some heads and crash halak as much as possible…need discipline and stay out of the box.

    2..halak play the same as the last 2 series.

    3..try not to play passive. Flyers can forecheck the hell out of us as they are bigger. we need to find open ice and use our speed and quickness to gain the neutral zone. put pressure on there defense. aside from pronger i think there defense can be pressured to make many mistakes with our speed. continue to make adjustments.

    5..iam sure there is more but i need a coffee now.

  71. DavidKB says:

    We’ve seen what has happened when the Habs try to play it rough. It’s not their game! The team needs to stick with the game plan that got them this far and not be drawn into the kind of nonsense that Philly will surely through at them. 

    Montreal in 6!

    Go Habs!

  72. zak says:

    I’ve been reading alot about what a genius BG is but if it weren’t for Halak everyone would be saying that he overspent and how small our team is and I don’t believe we would be here without Halak

  73. W35T5ID3 says:

    check out melrose and ej radeks prediction/preview of the habs and flyers series.

  74. gumper says:

    Akost showed signs of waking up in the last two games of the Pens series. Dare we hope?

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