Chewing over the latest L

Habs vs Panthers

And now the schedule gets REALLY tough:
Philadelphia, then two with Boston.
And there are reports Max Pacioretty has a wrist injury.

(Photo by Pierre Obendrauf of The Gazette)

Dave Stubbs on the loss to Florida

Quotes from the room

Hickey’s game summary

Pierre Ladouceur’s game report card

Marc de Foy on the travails of Martin

Hickey on Petteri Nokelainen

Boone on faraway fan

J.T.’s take

Finally, video researcher Jarred Friedman offers an estimate on the time left to turn this season around:


  1. bleublancrouge says:

    Can we all quit whining! The Habs have had bad puck luck mixed in with injuries and a 7 million dollar handicap.
    Sure it stinks to watch only one shot get by out of 40 and an injury riddled inexperienced defense looking just plain silly sometimes but the fact is they are still competitive enough that you ARE watching.
    PG’s only real big screw up so far was letting hammer and his steady minutes and shot blocking get away which has shown on the PK (Halepern would have also been a smart return)
    JM’s system hasn’t changed and will work when the young and new guys get used to it… the line changes well they have always been a bit of a joke.
    Price will be back to form when he gets out of the new equipment… I am all for the fight against breast cancer but I have seen a trend over the years where Price plays below average every time he switches up.
    The Habs will be just fine so please stop complaining based on your armchair GM experience and realize bad luck when you see it.

  2. Habit in the west says:

    Sorry, have to write this one. The team is crumbling like the city. For what I have seen, there has been a band aid program for about 18 year or more with this team, desparation to just stay in the playoffs, not a team with a plan. They got lucky for the last couple of years and reality is finally setting in. Sorry, I have voiced my complaints in the past, but I can finally say, I told you so. I have tried to put a postive spin on this team, but even if they are able to get past win number one, they are totally messed for the rest of the year. You can’t possibly believe that this team will even come close to making the playoffs, time to cut your losses, make the right management moves and put a proper plan in place. I’m fed up with the lack of power on this team, a team full of smurfs, with no balance, no real game plan and only a couple of bright spots. Jeff, if you’re listening, I could do a better job than this in 2 years. It will take more than that, but you have to have a solid plan, and scrapping the team they had to start 4 years ago to rebuild with the lack of size they have now doesn’t work. I don’t care how fast you are, there isn’t enough room on the ice to make that much of a diffrence. At least, at this pace, you can bank on a top 5 pick. It’s something that’s been needed since Price. Good luck habs, on the ride to the bottom of the league….. oh, I forgot, they’re already there. RIP: 2011-2012

  3. RetroMikey says:

    What’s the difference between a cigarette machine and our Montreal Canadiens? …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… a cigarette machine has players…………………….

    ouch, that hurts for the jokes to be coming in so early in the season.

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  4. eric says:

    It scares me to think what PG is going to do .Who’s he gonna trade to save his and JM’s job

    • RetroMikey says:

      Just remember, Bob Gainey is still an advisor to Pierre Gauthier.
      Don’t let the organization or media fool you, Gainey is still in the picture with the club.
      So to blame Gauthier, you have to blame the organization as well.
      “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  5. Jdub1985 says:

    “Should something happen with Martin in Montreal, Therrien is the guy I would put at the top of the list if I were Gauthier. Therrien has been there once, has gained a ton of experience since and came two wins away from a Stanley Cup championship in Pittsburgh. He knows how to deal with the pressure.”


  6. Feraco says:

    Excellent article by JT!!!!

    Molson Ex mon ami

  7. Hab-Q says:

    We need Coco and Big Bird behind the bench for the interim.

    JM and the Committee of Randy’s ain’t cuttin’ it!

    “I went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out”

    ~Rodney Dangerfield

  8. Feraco says:

    I would think twice before throwing Cammalleri under the bus to anyone who has been targetting him about his feet moving, looking for offense. If I remember correctly he had over 80 pts with Calgary and was putting up a point a game before his injury in his 1st season. He also made it clear that he wanted to be named captain and I believe he felt like a pushover when it was Gionta. He loves the team, trains like a fiend and is our best offensive player.
    He knew what he was getting himself into when he signed here under Martin, but I bet hes just frustrated after 2 yrs of this system. They have guys that should be able to score, they just can’t. But its frustrating when Darche is getting all of the offence.

    Topic 2 – lack of toughness – who do teams target – their best player. Markov, PK, Cammy, Pacioretty and Price are targetted every game with no support physically from any of their teammates. a) that gets you frustrated over season after season and b) it results in injuries. PK has taken a beating and was great when he stood up for himself, when was the last time we see him do that? He is a fragment of his self when he came into the league.

    Molson Ex mon ami

  9. nellis13 says:

    thank god they’re finally playing him on the PK! what a joke.

  10. The Pickle says:

    Keep Emelin and Diaz and Weber, play them a ton so they can gain some experience and write this season off. Finish last and grab Yakupov. Next year Spacek is off the books, so is Gill. Sign Price and Subban, challenge for the cup. Simple formula, really…

  11. thehags says:

    How about Pierre Mcguire with PJ Stock for coaches? They seem to know EVERYTHING about how it SHOULD be played!

  12. Neutral says:

    it won’t matter whom coaches this team. untill they learn how to play defence this will be a losing team. you’re not gonna win games averaging 2 goals for and 3 against even a dummy like me can figure that out…and that’s exactly what’s happening. inexperience defence is our problem and I’m not saying emelin and diaz are no good. up front is ok not great but good enough to get a couple of goals per game. with good defence I think we would win our share of games. so the answer is do you go and look for 3 good experience defencemen don’t know where you’d find them, or keep weber, emelin, diaz and what happens, happens…I’m not a fan of martin guy’s but I can’t blame him for not scoring or being scored upon that’s the players responsibility.

  13. Thomas Le Fan says:

    After watching last night’s game, yes Markstrom played very well but this is a team that’s playing like they want a new coach. They just weren’t contesting the puck the way one would expect a desperate team to do. Winless in seven and not fighting for their lives? I don’t think so. I now join the Martin Must Go Club. When the team stops listening or playing for a coach, he’s done.

  14. LA Loyalist says:

    What time is the press conference? 🙂

  15. 44har48 says:

    I would love to take this team over behind the bench and show what this same bunch of guys are capable of with some organization and a system that puts these guys in positions to succeed and use their talents, not waste them away. I would also make your lines so skill played with skill and grit played with grit so we could actually have scoring lines and a checking line. My skilled guys would play on the PP and get the most ice time becuase talent wins at the pro level and not the “system” all the time. The team I would put on the ice in the way I would do it, would still only have enough talent and depth to get 4-5th in the conference, but they would not be floundering around in their own end waiting for teams to take it to us. If we were to lean on our golaie per say, it would becuase we are deep in the other end, cheating and trying to score goals not sitting back in our end waiting for the other teams to make mistakes, that I will tell you, the good teams just dont make many.

    I would not sit my best physical Dman and play gill and gorges that are just killing us right now.

    I would…oh heck…who am I kidding, I can’t do anything, I don’t speak french!

  16. Ali says:

    If there was any way for JM to make us feel even less confident about his abilities as a coach, he’s found it:

    As per Arpon Basu: “Emelin skating as a forward at #Habs skate. I’m sure he’s thrilled.”

  17. The Pickle says:

    PG has given JM some tools, but Count Chocula has no idea what to do with them. We needed a big physical forward, he goes and gets Cole. Cole is big and fast and he hits everything. So the Count plays him 12 mins a game on the 3rd line with no PP time while Darche gets shifts on the first and PP time. What happens when the Count puts Cole on the PP after getting called out by J-Rud? Boom, goal. We need a big physical D-man so he scratches Emelin who’s done nothing to deserve it. Not to mention his inexplicable hatred of AK46. This is on Chocula, not PG. Wiz was never going to sign here seeing what he got elsewhere, plus he’s average at best defensively. Hammer is done at his age. The Habs thought Weber was ready to be an everyday defenseman, and that’s based on Chocula’s evaluation more than anyone else’s…

  18. likehoy says:

    another reason JM is lost:

    who puts a player with no heart on the PK?
    Cammalleri just floats there and is looking to just rush out 2 on 2 every time.

    – Gomez is holding down the “overpaid” button

    • J_P says:

      Ive never seen a hockey player who is so stationary in my life. Apparently Cammy has trouble understanding that you have to keep your feet moving. Even a player with the best wheels will have trouble getting up to speed from a standstill.

  19. TomNickle says:

    I would like to say that if firing Gauthier and Martin leads to Patrick Roy being hired to be anything other than a scout I’m not interested.

    We need passion sure, but not lunacy.

    • Ali says:

      I would rather see fire than ice. But yeah, would like to see if theres someone who comes somewhere in the middle. I can see Patrick taking costly bench minors a la Michel Therrien and being a coach with a short shelf-life.

      • Mattyleg says:

        Hearing P. Roy, my childhood idol, being proposed as coach brings one AMAZING scenario into my head:

        Coach Roy pulls Price after leaving him in to get 10 pucks past him against Columbus. Price heads to the locker room, then turns, shuffles past a glaring Roy, and informs Pierre McGuire that he’s played his last game in Montreal. Next day he is traded with Gionta, to Tampa Bay for Ryan Malone, Nate Thompson, and Pavel Kubina.

        It’ll happen, I’m telling you.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      I’m not sure we’d get lunacy.

      We wouldn’t get a coach who has a blank look every time his keeper gets run over by the opposition.

      • TomNickle says:

        No you’d have a coach who humiliates the organization with elitist tirades. There’s a lot about Patrick to like, but for me, there’s more to dislike. There has to be a balance of passion and professionalism. He’s too immature at this stage in his life to run a professional team.

        • Ali says:

          I see where you’re coming from, but I think some guys are made for this stuff and he’s one of them. If he was allowed to run things his way I don’t see the tirades things being a problem. But his way would be the only way, and he’d make a scene every time he doesn’t get it.

          As you can see I’m in two very different minds about him.

        • LA Loyalist says:

          I’m undecided on this, but surely Roy is older and has matured? He’s raised a kid (kids?) he’s an owner… he’s been successful in the Q… I think our evaluation should be current.

          Would you wish to be judged today on who you were 10-12 years ago?

          As I said I don’t have a dog in the fight, yet (beyond that JM is done) and my first choice is Muller, but let’s at least frame the discussion maturely.

          • ed lopaz says:

            I don’t think Roy would take the Habs job.

            If and when the Nords return, Roy will be given that franchise on a silver platter to run.

            that could be as little as 3 seasons from now.

      • Bripro says:

        He’s got an ego the size of Manhattan. How do you think that will play over in the dressing room? Not a good choice.

    • KevinT says:

      TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!

      Was just discussing this this weekend. If and when Patrick Roy ever becomes coach of the Habs…I hate to say it but they will have lost one fan for at least the amount of time he’s there. I’m already having a very difficult time seeing his jersey up there beside Lafleur, Beliveau, and the Rocket (guys who dedicated their lives to the Bleu, blanc, rouge…not some high on his horse goalie who played 45% of his career elsewhere!). Seeing him behind the bench will end it for me.

  20. TINMAN17 says:

    So, I see my beloved St. Patrick being mentioned on here with frequency as of late. I grew up idolizing him! He was the reason the team won their last two cups. (I don’t feel this is even debatable.) If not for him it would be “33” years since the last one. Now, I’m no numerologist or soothsayer or anything like that but is that an odd coincidence or what?

    Born and Bred in Enemy Territory (Boston).

  21. piter says:

    One thing that stood out last night were the rebounds Budaj was giving out . I’m not sure who said this last night, but in one of the threads I read, and laughed, “they weren’t big rebounds, think of them as short outlet passes.” LOL

    • habs178 says:

      I noticed the rebounds last night….but I also noticed that he was good at direcing them away from Florida and not out into the open to give them a juicy rebound.

      “How would you like a job where, every time you make a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?”
      ~Jacques Plante

      • Hab-Q says:

        Budaj’s rebounds are a red herring.

        Again 41 shots on goal- we can’t finish!

        No even strength goals – JM says we outchanced them 13 to 7 and still can’t put the biscuit -in -the-basket

        “I went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out”

        ~Rodney Dangerfield

    • J_P says:

      There were rebounds, but you could tell a lot of them he was intentionally kicking to the corner. He didnt give up many threatening rebounds. Markstrom gave up far more threatening rebounds, the type that bounce out right in front of the crease. Too bad the habs didnt have net presence or guys rushing the net to capitalize. Cole crashed the crease a couple of times last night, and its about time.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      He hasn’t played. Rebounds are a rhythm and timing thing and should come down if he plays more. Plus he’s playing behind an inexperienced D, so that is distracting. I’m not judging him at this point, but consider the above as we evaluate him.

  22. DAVE. N says:

    I just know we have to see some changes soon. I walk into Tims’ with my Habs coffee mug, and the bloody Leaf fans are smirking… I hate that smirk…

  23. nellis13 says:

    At some point you’ve got to start looking to the top. If I was one of the 20 owners of the team I’d be starting to wonder why Pierre Boivain got fired.

    • RGM says:

      Huh? Why would you be wondering about something that didn’t happen? Boivin stepped down, he was not fired.
      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!

    • Cardiac says:


      The Habs were the pits during the 90s and M. Boivin helped turn it around breathed life, respect and dignity back into this organization. The man received the Order of Canada for his dedication to sports and the community.

      Also, Bronfman hired him as the new president of Claridge. Yep, the guy is inept for sure!

      “There’s genius everywhere, but until they turn pro, it’s like popcorn in the pan. Some pop… some don’t.”
      – Jerry Maguire

    • J_P says:

      Boivin was a great President. For the business side, he was amazing. Retaining Pierre Gauthier….not so amazing.

  24. Mattyleg says:

    To follow on with a theme I had the other day, and with great apologies to T.S. Elliot:

    The Lovesong of J. Alfred Martin

    LET us go then, you and I,
    When the evening is spread out against the Montreal sky
    Like Gomez or MaxPac or Markov etherized upon a table;
    Let us go, through certain half-deserted Plateau streets,
    The muttering retreats
    Of restless nights in front of RDS
    And sawdust brasseries with Molson Ex:
    Streets that follow like a tedious argument
    Of insidious online posters’ intent
    To lead you to an overwhelming question….
    Oh, do not ask, “Will they fire PG?”
    Let us go and take on Philly.

    In the room the reporters come and go
    Talking of PK, Gill and Gio.

    *** more to come?***

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  25. HabinBurlington says:

    Tony Marinaro is having a field day today. I understand he makes some good points, but the fact he seems to thoroughly enjoy his days when Habs are struggling is troubling. The fact his greatest thrill is to say I told you so is bizzarre.

    The team has problems, they need to be fixed. Don’t understand the element of enjoyment going through this process however.

    • TomNickle says:

      He’s a fan. He believes that he can do a better job and step in for Gauthier immediately.

      And he gets enjoyment out of the thought that him running the team could have lead to a better start.

    • TommyB says:

      It’s what makes his show successful, I would imagine (having never listened to it). Not unlike what makes HIO successful.

    • Taipei 101 says:

      Marinaro does a good job…he’s a fan, but he’s pretty connected. Plus, everyone in town calls in when the team is losing…when they’re winning, it’s like a beerfest with your best buddies. It turns into alot of “I Love You Man” and “Cheers!” comments…boring as hell.

      I’m anxiously awaiting the announcement when the Habs call a 3pm press conference. I’ve woken up every morning the last week hoping it’s today…

      “Music is the best.”
      – Frank Zappa

    • Bripro says:

      If the Habs hired him, and he ran the team like his verbal diarrhoea, we’d win the cup for sure!

    • J_P says:

      Marinaro loves himself WAY too much. Is he still droning on about Dave Steckel?

      I always turn to TSN 990 in the car, and whenever Marinaro is on I usually change the station within 5 minutes. Cant listen to the guy anymore.

  26. Ali says:

    Unless Geoff Molson is willing to fire Gainey, I don’t see any big changes happening. It starts with him, his thumbprints are still all over this team and Gauthier is a disciple. I respect Bob, but his time of having a say in the future of this franchise needs to be done. It makes me cringe to see our defense falling apart and McDonagh averaging 25 mins a game in NY.

    • TomNickle says:

      How does a man get blamed for a coach’s mis-management and a General Manager’s refusal to surround his talent with the appropriate role players?

      Bob Gainey is very hands off right now. And I can tell you that with 100% certainty.

      • Ali says:

        Gainey picked the coach. Gainey picked his successor.

        edit: Also, after last nights loss team 990 (or I guess tsn 990 now)’s Connor McKenna tweeted: “Gainey and Gauthier were still on press row having a low toned conversation that they sshhed when I walked by just now.”

        Gainey is very much involved in this teams direction.

        • TomNickle says:

          Yet at the end of the day, they are their own men and make decisions. He isn’t making the decisions. You can say that he made a mistake in who he picked, but you can’t blame him for the way Martin coaches and Gauthier manages.

          Martin came in and sang a line that he wanted to be potent offensively and has yet to use the tools that he’s been given effectively. That’s not on the guys who gave him the tools.

          In fairness however, Gauthier failed in the off-season.

          • Ali says:

            Absolutely. But management have surrounded themselves with people who think exactly like they do. They’ve all drunk the kool-aid, they all have to go. Gainey was no more capable of filling the holes we’ve seen in thsi team for the past 15 years than Gauthier has been, but to compound that is their stubborn refusal to even acknowledge theres a problem in the first place is where I find it the problem stems from. They claim to want to be a top-third tier team, but they have gone about building what could only ever be a middling one.

          • TomNickle says:

            I think they’re building long term the right way. I believe the short-term decisions have been awful.

            There were veteran players available who could have provided lineup protection at a very reasonable cost. They were ignored. By lineup protection I don’t mean fighters. I mean Travis Moen duplicates.

            If you believe that they all think alike you’re being naive.

          • J_P says:

            Well it is on the guys who gave him the tools, because they can fire him at any time if he doesnt know how to use the tools they gave him.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          So then lets replace PG and JM. Geoff Molson is a big boy, his family has owned a hockey team before, he can make a decision. It is time for Geoff Molson to put a stamp on this team. I just pray that when he is making that decision Rejean Houle and Mario Tremblay are far far away from the Bell Centre.

        • joshua94k says:

          The Canadiens struggled after the 2009 season. They needed an experience coach. Besides Martin, who else was available that was experienced and could speak French

          Name another team in the playoffs that was forced to play an elimination game without three of their top six defencemen at their disposal. Without James Wisniewski, without Josh Gorges, without Andrei Markov…These are your Canadiens; a team of warriors. – Eric Engels CTV

        • habbernack says:

          Right on Ali. If they want to change the culture of the team BG MUST GO TOO

          ability is what you’re capable of doing.
          attitude determines how you do it

        • TommyB says:

          No doubt Gauthier and Gainey would have a conversation that is both private and priviliged to their own ears only. Gainey is an “advisor”. Stands to reason PG might have been seeking some of that advice. Does that mean Gainey is in control? I doubt it.

          • Ali says:

            I’m not saying he’s running the team. I’m not saying he’s in control. I’m saying the culture he implemented, after all Gauthier worked for him and he hired JM, is still in place because he brought in people who would help him fulfill his vision and are carrying on the work he started. Im saying that vision no longer holds promise.

          • TommyB says:

            To Ali…..fair enough statement. You would not be alone in those thoughts, but I would not be joining you.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Was going to post something similar. I understnad the fans frustration with the Gomez trade, but do people not recognize this is now PG and JM’s team. This last 2 full seasons including offseason are theirs.

        If Bob was pulling all the strings he would still be GM. At best he is an advisor.

      • habbernack says:

        Tom , fill us in on your 100% certainty please.

        ability is what you’re capable of doing.
        attitude determines how you do it

      • TommyB says:

        You’re right. Why do people keep pointing to Gainey? He is out of the picture as you have stated. Why not point to the janitors as well. Gainey is not involved with the day to day running of this team anymore. He passed that torch. People should get over the Gainey bashing.

    • joshua94k says:

      Fire Gainey…

      He is only a consulatant. Gauthier has the final say.

      Gainey’s thumbprints on this team are a good nucleus as any today.

      Carey Price when everyone gave up on him
      PK Subban when many passed him over on the draft
      Max Paccioretty
      Andrei Markov
      Josh Gorges when most of the league overlooked him
      Mike Cammalleri when the Maple Leafs had the 1st chance to get him
      Brian Gionta
      Hall Gill a rock solid defender
      Travis Moen who is playing dynamite right now
      Plekanecs who is one of the better two way forwards

      Name another team in the playoffs that was forced to play an elimination game without three of their top six defencemen at their disposal. Without James Wisniewski, without Josh Gorges, without Andrei Markov…These are your Canadiens; a team of warriors. – Eric Engels CTV

      • ed lopaz says:

        you named 10 players – that is not nearly enough depth to compete.

        and Markov? who is that?

        I would add Eller to your list, by the way.

        Hal Gill is a great leader – he is far from a great defenceman.

        Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

        • joshua94k says:

          Those are some of the players that make up the nucleus on this team. It has been 2 years since Gainey stepped down.

          Eller was obtained by Gauthier.

          Gill is a solid defenseman who was a big part of the Habs beating Pittsburgh and Washington in the 2010 play-offs. If he is available, several teams would love to have him.

          “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

  27. Le Jadester says:

    All of the bad and selfish things JM has done with our club are catching up with him. All he cares about is himself, with all his political rhetoric in interviews and thinking he’s the man in Montreal. Karma is a beeatch. JM is a loser and will always be one and he’s making our team a loser team. He will never win a cup. Serves him right, self serving bastage. As much as I puked all last year cause the Broonz won it, at least Julien deserved it in a sense after the way he was treated here and NJ.

    Can’t wait till that piece of chit JM gets his tail booted outta town. He thought he was all that and a box of popcorn.

    Donkey JM.

    I can’t stand seeing my team lose but I am enjoying watching that punk sweat. How does a person get paid millions of dollars to be a loser ???? How does an all time loser get hired to bring a 25th Cup to Montreal when he’s already proven to the hockey world that he’s been nothing but an all time loser ?

    The thing that chaps me the most is I thought we were for real this year bragging to all the leafs losers here that nothing but a SCF appearance is what’s expected, but I should’ve known that would never happen under a loser like JM. And now I hang my head in shame because of him while he continues losing and getting paid millions over his career to do what he does best. Lose.

    Sorry fellow fans but our team is being held hostage by a loser and until we protest or Occupy the Bell Centre than the losing will continue.

    PS – I also think that Cammalleri has had it with him too, IMO.

    Habs, OLE !

    • Asad_B says:

      AMEN BROTHER!!!!

    • J_P says:

      apologists will tell you that JM has a winning record over his coaching career. But im with you, he’s just a big loser. The senators used to be my second team back in the hossa/havlat/chara/redden days, and JM couldnt even get that ridiculously talented group to the promised land. I was extremely disappointed when JM was hired and I knew he would be an absolute disaster.

      If it wasnt for Halak’s RIDICULOUS goaltending performance, and Cammy scoring 13 goals playing like a man on the mission, the habs would have never made the ECF, they would have been eliminated in the first round, and JM would have been re-assigned to pave the way for Boucher being named head coach.

      I think JM owes Halak a nice present.

  28. TomNickle says:

    Well, it pains me to say it because I think this group has done some nice things. But it’s getting time for Martin and Gauthier to be shown the door. Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t have as much to do with the won/loss record as it does for most. Of course, I wouldn’t be complaining if the Habs only had a couple of losses, but facts are facts.

    Mathieu Darche is seeing Powerplay time. He’s playing with top skilled players. Moen also gets time with top skilled players. He’s been successful so far, but that’s more of a problem than a solution. Facing reality, Jacques Martin can’t possibly expect that to continue.

    Yannik Weber is getting time on the penalty kill, same for Cammalleri. The incorrect use of players on this team is mind boggling. Miscommunication is rampant because of the endless line combinations that are used. I’m normally in favour of early line combination adjustments because late in the year when players are out of the lineup everyone has a degree of familiarity with their teammates. But this is too much. It’s leading to penalties, bad turnovers, blown coverages and deflated morale.

    I see some are pointing out that the effort is there. It sure as hell isn’t from some of our more notable players.

    More than anything, at the end of the day, we have Plekanec, Cammalleri, Gionta, Pacioretty, Cole, Eller, Desharnais, Kostitsyn, Subban and yes Gomez. Can Jacques Martin look at himself in the mirror and honestly say that he’s using their talents appropriately? With the odd exception here and there(Cammalleri), every one of those players is defensively responsible. They don’t need a grind it out, tough it out, battle for possession system. I’m not saying that I can draw up some x’s and o’s that will turn this thing around. But not allowing players to rely on their skill at a time when they need confidence will only make things worse.

    This team needs a coach who knows how to use his players’ skillsets to maximize their potential or at the very least extract production offensively. Having Moen with Gomez and Gionta and Darche with Eller and Kostitsyn or Plekanec and Cammalleri is not a solution.

    The team also needs a General Manager who can supplement the talent with players who can role play effectively. Is Travis Moen supposed to be a goal scorer? Darche? Is Josh Gorges suited to be on a powerplay? Cammalleri on a penalty kill?

    Time for a change. If for no other reason than to ensure that our excellent young players like Eller, Pacioretty, Desharnais, Emelin, Subban, Diaz and Price have the confidence in themselves to develop and reach the next level.

  29. DEANDALLEY says:

    Goodbye Jacques Martin
    We never really liked you at all
    You had that stupid look on your face
    While our Habs went down and down
    BG crawled out of the woodwork
    And he whispered into your brain
    He said that you are a good coach
    And you should not change your game

    And it seems us you lived your life
    Like a deer caught in head lights
    Never knowing what lines would work
    When the Habs would lose
    And I would have loved you never came here
    But the top guys were so blind
    Your game burned out long before
    You ever came to Montreal

    Losing games is tough
    The toughest thing we have to face
    The Habs hired a Dinosaur
    And pain was the price we paid
    Even when you talk
    Oh the press never hounded you
    All the papers had to say
    Was that Martin was lost for words

    Goodbye Jacques Martin
    From all the Habs fans of the world
    Who sees you as a complete Moron
    More than just our Pierre Gauthier

    “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”

  30. Habfan10912 says:

    Trying to look at the bright side. As someone who has had cardiac issues, I’ll be able to watch a lot of games without experiencing any chest pain. Plus I will enjoy the draft in June unless PG trades the pick for a 4th liner who can win face-offs.



    SPacek is the worst player on the team!

    MAx Pachioretti gets hurt every 2nd game!

    Gomez, JM, need to go.

    We need a 20 goal scorer to complete the top 3 lines.

    Signing markov after he hadnt played in two season, shows how much PG knows.

    so hey, i’m glad theyre loosing, cause real fans know this team is complete BS!!

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      How does Max get hurt every 2 games? The math just doesn’t work out….

      Do we need an additional 20 goal scorer (to go along with our other 20 goal scorers???)? – I am not sure what you mean here. Are you implying we don’t have one or that we are one short…. ‘

      and… for all intensive purposes, Gomez is gone (right now)…. So… this angry rant which I believe was fueled by last nights loss has nothing to do with Gomez.

      Still unsure of how JM system is letting us all down. It seemed like we played a better game (again) but did not score (again). I think we have lost half of the games like this… the other half have been a culmination of bad goals and bad defense (caused by the players, not the system). Offense no defense, defense no offense

      Too bad JM can’t score goals.

      Although, I did enjoy the fact that cole was creditted for the PP goal. Take that JM

    • Mattyleg says:

      With Guardian Angels like you, who needs devils?
      (or trolls, for that matter…)

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

  32. Matt. says:

    I hope the Bruins and Flyers play nice this week, because if they don’t…. well the Canadiens will do nothing, because they can’t.

  33. Jordio-oh says:

    Any truth to the news circling on twitter and yahoo that Pacioretty has a fractured wrist?

    (ie. out 4-6 weeks fractured wrist).

    I was out 10 weeks when I fractured my scaphoid, but it was a terrible break and I’m not an elite athlete with daily, premier medical attention.

  34. Morenz7 says:

    In other news, Kirk Muller’s Milwaukee Admirals are on top of the AHL’s Midwest, with a record of 4-0-0-1, having outscored their opposition 15-8.

    Guess Nashville has some good prospects. I mean, it couldn’t be Kirk’s influence, could it?

  35. NightRyder says:

    What’s the deal with the Darche-Martin story? Kind of low if you’re going to throw someone under the bus like that without naming names. Anyone else have other information?

  36. VintageFan says:

    PG has built a flawed team for 2011 NHL Hockey, true. But JM does not use the limited assets that he has wisely. When your GM brings in a guy to help with size and offence you ride him for 20 minutes a game – PP, PK, 5 on 5 – everywhere; You don’t wait for a cub reporter to bring it to your attention. When your GM brings in a 4th line, faceoff guy you use him for faceoffs everywhere – not 4 faceoffs in an entire game. If JM is doing his best, its just not enough in 2011. If he’s trying to get PG fired and take his job on the basis of PG signing the “wrong players”, he’s halucinating. Unless the Organization wants to continue to be a hockey embarassment, the Prez is out of options.

    • showey47 says:

      I agree. I actually do think we have a good solid team but JM doesn’t use the players he has in their proper roles. Cammy killing penalties and darche on the PP? Cole finally gets decent minutes and PP time from JM and probably only because a reporter made him look clueless. Not only does he score he gets 6 shots and creates more chances by driving the net. If you have a guy who’s speciality is winning draws and killing penalites you don’t have him sitting on the bench while eller and DD are getting destroyed in the faceoff circle and pleky getting gased because he is playing too much.

  37. TommyB says:

    The one thing that worries me, the longer this situation goes, is that PG will be forced to make a trade that is going to include one or two prominent names on this roster. Maybe that is actually what is needed. Take a chance. But the Habs would be dealing from a poor position and are likely to get fleeced. That is what my biggest worry is. Sooner or later someting has to give. A move has to be made. Maybe they make a trade, maybe they make a coaching change, but whatever move is decided upon I hope it turns out for the good of this team, not just short term but long term as well. It’s hard enough to climb out of a slump of this length, but the injuries added to it make it near impossible. Management’s hand will be forced soon.

    • JF says:

      You’re right, Tommy. The most worrying thing about this situation is that the longer it goes on, the more likely it is that the Habs will make a bad move to get out of it – a trade in which we would get fleeced and lose a valuable asset, or a coaching contract to someone who might not be the right person. Aside from possibly firing JM and appointing Cunneyworth as interim coach, I think they should ride the year out without making significant changes. I doubt a good trade could be negotiated from the position we’re in. And any trade that involves giving up picks and prospects is at this point by definition a bad trade. The Habs need to clean house, but they have to do it the right way. Spend the year finding the people they want to run the team (coach and GM), deal a lot of our veterans at the deadline, land a high draft-pick, and rebuild from there. Meantime, let the kids play and focus on their development. Eller is beginning to look great, and our rookie defencemen are getting valuable experience.

      • mrhabby says:

        at the player level, how exactly do they clean house given some of these contracts. its not possible to do the clean given a cap is in place.

        I admit one thing why did they not bury gomez contract in the minors is beyond me.

        • ffenliv says:

          Teams have been very reluctant to do this. One of the reasons that keeps coming up is that there’s a fear that the rest of the team will react badly if the management shuffles a big contract to the AHL. If this is true, it’s likely even worse on this team with Gionta as captain, and presumably one of Gomez’s good friends.

          Say what you will about how they are paid to perform, and this sort of thing shouldn’t be a consideration, it IS a consideration, and would be on most any team.

      • TommyB says:

        Pretty much agree with you. I think what scares Habs upper management is that if they let JM go and stay with the assistants for the remainder of the year, they have to face the francophone media for what remains a long season yet without a french speaking coach to interact with the media. Makes it hard to appoint either Cunneyworth or Ladouceur (unless he speaks french) as interim head coach. And from a PR perspective, that is a concern for sure. If the Habs should miss the playoffs they will then have both the excuse, and the free time, to make whatever changes they see they need to make. I think this is going to be a long year.

    • habsnyc says:

      Yes, if PG is barely average when he is calm, in a panic he can inflict real damange on this team.

      Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

  38. J_P says:

    Pretty funny, leading up to opening night, this was the best I felt about the habs before the season started in years. Who would have thought we would start off like this.

    It was inevitable though. The game has long passed Jacques Martin by. It was just a matter of time before his tactics got old. I think the players are tired of him. They look like a group who wants a coach that shows some emotion, and a coach who communicates. I thought he was a bad hire from day one, and I’m definitely not delighted in the realisation that I am probably right.

    Pleks, Cammy and Gionta were absolutely awful last night. Cammy on the PK? What is that all about? He is as offensive minded as they come. Maybe in NHL12 its good to have your best offensive players on the PK, but in real life you need players who have reach to block passing/shooting lanes, and gritty players to clear the front of the net.

    Pleks also looks lost at the point on the PP. Its nice to put a forward on the point, not such a great idea if you dont draw up a powerplay system to use him effectively.

  39. jrshabs1 says:

    Here’s a thought: replace JM with St.Patrick. The team on the ice might get pushed around but nobody’s going to push St.Patrick around. At least the coach will bring fire and intensity to the game. Replace PG with an English speaking top league GM. I’ve never heard PG speak so the language issue won’t be an issue with the new GM. The NHL is still a league of tough men who don’t like to loose and will win at all costs. Our Montreal Canadiens have lost that winning formula…it’s time for a change!

    Go Habs Go!!

    • GoalieT says:

      I like this idea. I know there’s likely going to be some strong opposition with a move involving Patrick Roy behind our bench, but how much worse could it get? It’s “6 of these, and a half dozen of those” at this point. But what’s frustrating me is the lack of response on any emotional level from anybody.
      Truth be told, I think I could see some helplessness and desperation on JM’s face during the time-out with a minute left in the game and we were about to start our power-play.

      I think he may be starting to realize the weight of all of this. His “System” is a little neanderthal. Especially with how this team is built.

      I hope this week doesn’t turn out the way it looks on paper.
      Let’s go, boys!

      Ultimate Die-Hard Fan Since 1986.


    • mrhabby says:

      Has Patrick Roy matured thats the biggest question and he would have to get along with who ever takes over from PG….do the Canadiens need more drama.

      • GoalieT says:

        I think that Patrick has realized that he and the Canadiens have a shared understanding about moving forward from the antics of his past. I would hope that he would realize that holding that title of coach for this team would be a little more prestigioius than that of his minor league team.
        As far as drama goes, I don’t see any at this point from anyone on the team (players or management). I could be seeing this wrong, but at this point I’d like to see a little fire.

        Then again, change for the sake of change is always a dangerous venture. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

        Ultimate Die-Hard Fan Since 1986.


      • jrshabs1 says:

        Can it get any worse? This team is an embarrassment.

        Go Habs Go!!

  40. Mattyleg says:

    (I always manage to post at the end of a thread. This is a repost.)

    For those of you ragging on PG, think back to the beginning of the season, and how confident you felt about the team. Honestly. Without the benefit of hindsight.

    I felt pretty good, with Markov coming back, paired with PK, Gorges and Spacek, and Gill and Emelin, with Weber and Diaz as extras.

    When PG let Hammer go, he had 4 veteran D-men, a sophomore, a proven KHLer and a couple of rooks. At the time, it looked good to me too. I would rather have seen Spacek walk than Hammer, but the reality of the situation is different than in the Land of Wouldalikes.

    Markov’s injury proved to take longer to recover from than people had thought, Spacek got injured, and PK got a baaaad case of Sophomoritis. Add that to Emelin’s aenemic camp, and you’ve got the D we have today. PG did the only thing he could do, he signed a good FA, who immediately got injured. D’oh!!

    Now don’t take this to mean that I am supporting everything that PG does and has done, but as far as the D goes, at the season’s beginning, I was feeling pretty positive.

    Weren’t you?

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • BJ says:

      PG’s mistake one. Thinking Markov would be back after his third serious injury in 3 years without a backup plan. Backup plan could have been signing the Wiz at a perhaps an affordable price before his UFA (oh ya, I forgot we don’t negotiate during the season, we just lose the players at the end of the season). Hamrlik was the guy that “replaced” Markov last year. No 4th line, no size, no toughness.

      • RGM says:

        “Backup plan could have been signing the Wiz at a perhaps an affordable price before his UFA”
        This was never going to happen. Wiz was always going to go to July 1 and attempt to cash in big due to his short time in the spotlight in Montreal. He is a guy that bounced to 4 different teams in his first 5 years in the NHL – he wanted money and he wanted term, neither of which the Habs were in a position (by choice and by circumstance) to offer him.

        GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!

    • shiram says:

      I was not feeling bad about it, I thought PK and Gill could take top opposition lines like they did last year, and having Gorges back meant a solid partner for whomever young kid he would play with.
      Same thing with Spacek, he ain’t great anymore but the guy certainly can share his experience, and with reduced time he could do ok.
      All in all I had my doubts.

      I think I was more confident in our offence, I thought Cole would help with the tough stuff, and Cammy and the rest of the gang could light it up, with MaxPac back.

      Moen for powerforward 2011/12!!

    • habs178 says:

      I was….not gonna deny it.

      I think my hopes were so high in the offseason that its making this brutal start even that much harder to swallow.

      “How would you like a job where, every time you make a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?”
      ~Jacques Plante

    • 123456 says:

      nice post – all these “i told you so” people need to get a grip… they habs were successful the past two years.

  41. Hobie Hansen says:

    I wasn’t sure if I’d fire up this computer today and see that the Canadiens had called a 4:00 P.M. press conference to announce that they had fired Jacques Martin and perhaps Pierre Gauthier.

    I think Martin gets one more chance to right the ship against Philadelphia and then Boston back-to-back. It’s pretty rough that we play Boston in their building the night after playing the Flyers, while Boston had the night before off.

    If Martin comes out of those three games any less than 2-1, I think there’s a very good chance he’s gone.

    If Carey Price plays the best three games of his life, the defense holds up as they did last night and some of the bounces go our way again, we could win the next three games.

    As much as I don’t agree with the blueprint of the team I must respect that Martin and Gauthier know a heck of a lot more about the game than I do!

    I anguish over the fact that they prefer a small and speedier team over big aggressive team but who am I to argue with making it to the Eastern Conference finals and within a game of knocking off the Stanley Cup champions. The best results since 93.

    But lets be serious here! Everybody and their dog knows the Canadines weakness last year was a lack of grit and also getting bitten by the injury bug.

    I personally think the should have kept Wisniewski. And I was saying that since they picked him up last year. Is he as good as Markov when Markov is at his best, no! But Markov will probably never get back to his best. Plus Wisniewski plays with a nasty edge, didn’t quite see it as much with his face injury , which would have been benniffical to a team with zero grit.

    I didn’t want the team bogged down with Hamrlik for another 2 years so i didn’t mind seeing him go. But in saying that, there were PLENTY of 2nd/3rd paring defenseman, some with a physical edge that Gauthier should have brought in! I couldn’t believe it when he signed nobody!

    I still think Cole was a good signing but come on, the fourth line is GARBAGE. Enqqvist and Pulashaj are a total joke and I like the idea of bringing up Blunden and trading for Nokelainan but FAR to little FAR to late.

    The forth line could have easily been Moen-Konopka-White/Darce and Gauthier doesn’t go for it???

    Our defense is paper thin, lacks toughness, and Gauthier lets a 2nd/3rd pairing UFA defenseman like Shane O’Brien sign in Colorado weeks after the free agent frenzy started.

    Some people will say that I’m crazy for thinking that having Konopka and O’Brien on this team would be the difference, that’s your opinion and your entitled to it.

    I think our record would be a heck of a lot better if we had one of the best faceoff guys in the league on the 4th line.

    As well Konopka and O’Brien are tough SOBs that would love to play against Boston, Toronto or Philadelphia, rather than being scarred to.

    Guarnateed if Gauthier gets fired that the new GM will quickly sign the types of players I mentioned to solidify this team’s toughness and reputation around the league. Take it to the bank!

    If Martin gets fired, Gauthier must go as well!!!

  42. Jordio-oh says:

    Food for thought:

    Last season we went 2-8-2 from December 10th until December 30th. A worst stretch of games than we’ve started off with so far.

    We then turned around and went 10-2-3 in our next 15.

    Habs are 1-5-2 right now. Since the lockout, the 8th place team has averaged 92 points. In order to get to 92 (or 93) points, the Habs are going to have to go 41-26-7 (or a similar combination) for the rest of the season.

    Difficult, but not impossible.

    If we go 2 of 3 this weekend, we still have some hope. Easier said than done, yes, but we need to believe its possible or else what’s the hope of even watching the games.

    Go Habs Go.

    • TommyB says:

      Taking what you said, and agreeing with you that the Habs are in a difficult but not impossible situation, the fly in the ointment continues to be the never ending list of injuries to important players. Actually, on a team with no clear superstar(s), every player is very important. But you get what I mean. So, might not be impossible, but it’s a lot closer to impossible than it is to difficult. I wish I could see some light, but I don’t see any in the near future. And I can’t tell anyone how badly I want to be proven wrong.

  43. John Q Public says:

    Goodbye Jacques!
    Suivant – Next !
    Too many assistant coaches.
    What’s with the injuries?
    Bad nutrition? (societal problem?)

    Just like last season I keep falling asleep by the third period.
    Unfortunately change is needed, NOW!

  44. ed lopaz says:

    Boone wrote:
    “I thought Florida played in the image of their coach Monday night. Kevin Dineen was a hard-nosed, 110-per center throughout an NHL career that produced 378 regular-season and playoff goals and almost 2,400 minutes in penalties. ”

    And there you have it folks.

    In a nutshell.

    The biggest reason why Gauthier and Martin have NEVER won a thing at the NHL level.

    Both men are intelligent – no doubt.

    Both know their hockey “inside out” – of course.

    But where is the passion??

    Where is the “warrior” mentality; the one that the great game of hockey forces great players, coaches and managers to have.

    This is NOT baseball.

    Hockey is won and lost by the slimmest of margins usually determined by WHO brings that “never say die” passion to the rink.

    It is time that we see that again at the Bell Center.

    The fans want and deserve it.

    We don’t need someone who screams and yells. Not at all.

    We need someone who screams with his eyes – and by the look on his face – everyone around him knows its time to sacrifice for the greater good of the team.

    Martin should be working in an office.

    Gauthier is a scout.

    Neither has the passion to lead this franchise.

    Its time for a change.

    • Ali says:

      “I thought Florida played in the image of their coach Monday night. Kevin Dineen was a hard-nosed, 110-per center throughout an NHL career that produced 378 regular-season and playoff goals and almost 2,400 minutes in penalties.

      And there you have it folks.”

      But does he speak french?

    • CanadienBoy says:

      I am with you, not long ago i wrote about how long before Cunnyworth and Ladouceur get fed up with the team lack of grit as both man have over 1200 pm.. each in they playing days

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