Chara hit goes to crown prosecutor


If charges are to be filed, it won’t be until autumn.
Montreal police have passed along the results of their investigation on the hit that knocked out Max Pacioretty. (Photo by the late, great Shaun Best of Reuters)

HIO’s opinion, based on careful study of 300 episodes of Law & Order: This is over.

Police wrap up Chara investigation

Eric Engels on line combos

J.T. on adding some parts

THN on Carey Price

EotP on prospect Magnus Nygren

Nostalgia from Dennis Kane

Who will own Jaro’s team?

Will Richards captain the Rangers?

NHL will test bear hug


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  2. can hardly wait for this next season rematch. them bruins need to be brought down a peg. a fresh sound Canadiens club will be just what the doctor ordered.

  3. Everlasting1 says:

    Beating the perverbial dead horse here, but after much reviewing of the Patches hit (objectively of course), I’m not convinced Chara intentionally lined him up for that stanchion. Watching Chara stretching for the puck along the boards, then chasing down Patches (who had a half step on him) in the pursuit of the puck, not once did he look down the ice and along the boards. This suggests to me he was unaware of the stanchion when he laid the hit. Patches was skating hard and the hit was, well..unfortunate timing. It is the most perilous part of the ice/boards, and incidents like that have been known to occur. Certainly Chara deserved the major penalty for interference. That still pic of Chara’s arm to the head does look incriminating, but can be misleading. MHO, so please, spare the venomous replies based on the screen name.

    “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    • Bripro says:

      Didn’t you read (or see on sports casts) how most players in the league stated that they know exactly where those stanchions are?
      He knew what he was doing…

      • Everlasting1 says:

        I don’t buy that. Perhaps they know where the benches are, and having more familiarity of where the stanchions are in their own rink.

        “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

        “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

  4. adesbarats says:

    Article on TSN about AK sounding off on Jacques Martin in a Belarussian interview:

  5. longtimehabsfan says:

    And let me tell you something: I really like Engels’ line combos.

    “It’s a moo point. Like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter. It’s moo.”

  6. longtimehabsfan says:

    All right, enough with the Chara hit. You cannot prove intent. Just drop it already. This is making us look bad. Let’s look forward.

    “It’s a moo point. Like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter. It’s moo.”

    • OneTimer says:

      Yup. Let’s move on from this whole incident, it’s clear justice will never be served. Just looking at that goddamn picture about makes me simmer with rage, I hope I never see it again >:(

  7. AK_PK_Usay says:

    Ok, I about have it with the blatant corruption and incompetence in Quebec.

    And, nothing will ever change for the best, im almost in virtual tears as I think of organized crime and syndicates controlling this beautiful land and treating the rest of us as chumps.

    The mobs generally think of themselves as wise guys, because they take what they want, with payouts and intimidation.

    The law is meant to keep the honest man honest, but when dishonest people have such a big impact on everyone’s lives you start thinking the system does not work.

    The punishment does not fit the crime, and the aggressor has so many more rights than the victim, which is usually left scarred for life or dead.

    Society is crumbling because no one is accountable. And the laws are inappropriate… Why are there no clauses for organized crime, so that they stop playing the system for moppets.

    Why are teens treated like innocent newborns when we all know a 12 year old knows fair well that having your friends beat up your grandmother for her change is wrong…

    Why does the meat industry get subsidized when the money should be used to clean our oceans and eat a healthy fish and vegetable diet.

    Why do we subsidize foreign industries instead of helping out local universities? Which by the way could backbone all our RnD done by senior/master/phd students.

    Society is a joke, but watching Habs play you forget how rotten our world really is behind the colorful facade.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Thanks for reminding me I have some of that Montreal Steak seasoning left. Gonna fire up the BBQ tonight for sure. Rib eye or New York cut? Hmmm.

      By the way, LA is just as bad or worse. 6 cops just kicked an unarmed 135 lb retarded homeless guy to death for laughs – only it was caught on video and there were witnesses.

      Recently a San Francisco baseball fan was kicked into a coma by some LA Dodgers baseball “fans” – the LA Cops arrested the wrong guy, then two months later found the right guys – but didn’t apologize to anyone.

      And then we have Gary Bettman..

  8. Bripro says:

    Thanks Shane…rub it in. Still in God’s country.
    Do any of you think that we might want to look past a top 6 forward now?
    What I mean, AK can be every bit as good, if not better thank Max when he’s on fire, and definitely better than Gomez (I know, different position.
    If I take Stev.R’s 3rd line, give it a year or two, and we could be looking at a second line. If Eller and AK have the same chemistry as last year, I don’t see why JM would’nt give them the same ice team as an under-performing second line.

  9. Sun for three days.

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  10. TheKarl says:

    Quick anecdote on Nygren from a know hockey reporter a few days back –

    “The best thing any Farjestad player did during the exhibition game was during the pregame when Nygren spotted a few hooligans dressed in Farjestad gear who were trying to fight with Leksand fans. Nygren skated up to the side of the rink, knock his stick hard against the boards and shouted at them with enough force to put them in their place.”

    Shouting at his own fans? This guy could cause controversy if he ever makes it to the Bell Centre….

  11. Hockey Socks says:

    How’s this for lines:

    Cole – Plekanec – Cammalleri
    Eller – Gomez – Gionta
    Pacioretty – Desharnais – Kostitsyn
    Moen – White – Darche

    • Stev.R says:

      I’de rather, and Pacioretty would rather be in the AHL than on the third line. Let’s put our best prospect in the best position where he can develop and succeed.

      Cammalleri – Plekanec – Cole
      Pacioretty – Gomez – Gionta
      Kostitsyn – Eller – Desharnais
      Moen – White – Darche

      3rd line has speed, skill, and a little size and chemistry.
      4th line has strength, grit and heart.

      • Malice says:

        love this combo! i really hope this is how the lines look come octobre

        Abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness was

      • TheKarl says:

        Agree 90% with Stev.R’s combo

        I see the top 2 lines exactly like that – I hope 3rd and 4th are like this

        Kostitsyn – Eller – Moen (they had chemistry last year no?)
        Desharnais – Engqvist – Darche/White

        • AK_PK_Usay says:

          Having a plugger like moen on 3rd line is stupid, DD on third, moen on 4th makes much more sense.

          when your line has a weak link, the D puts extra pressure on the two real threats… thus making it harder for them to produce.

          • TheKarl says:

            agree with your reasoning but didn’t didn’t those 3 have a good 20-30 game stretch in feb-mar last year? Not sure about this but I remember them just clicking together and if they do so again I’d be willing to look beyond their traditional styles/roles

      • 1010 says:

        Pacioretty would rather be in the AHL than on the third line?
        Sure he would!
        But really, I’m sure, baring an early injury, this will make itself quite evident in the first couple of months.

        GO HABS…

      • J_P says:

        I agree. Paccioretty put his money where his mouth is last season, and Kostitsyn is still all talk. If kostitsyn wants to crack the top-6, let him earn it.

        • AK_PK_Usay says:

          what has gomez earned? with the ice time and pp time gionta gets, how is he any better than AK? cammy is streaky as hell if you think ak is streaky… and makes almost twice as much, yet that doesnt bother people, or the fact he brings 0 physical element, nah, its ok, cos he’s not russian

        • Hahahahahahahaha what? A one time 14 goal scorer has put his money where his mouth is but a three time 20+ goal scorer is all talk? Ok then.

          • 1010 says:

            You don’t get it Andrew: Everyone knows that all Russians are lazy underachievers and all North Americans bring it to the max every shift.

            GO HABS…

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      Are those really our best 6 players?

      If AK starts on 3rd, wont be long before Martin Benches him… cos he’s streaky or whatever Russian (belarussian) haters want to call him.

      The team won despite martin and NOT because of his coaching.

  12. HabFanSince72 says:

    Oh no. A new sport is coming to US TV that will be more popular than hockey.

    Yes: it’s bare handed fishing, or as they call it (JD-style): Hillbilly Handfishin’.

  13. ProHabs says:

    AK has shat for brains. Martin has probably told him 100 times what he needs to do but it doesn’t register. Get rid of him for Lauri Korpikoski.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Gee, you are just SO SMART. I wish I was a smart as you.

      If the issue was one player who didn’t respond to Mr. Happy it would be one thing, but when there is a steady stream of skill players who JM tries to turn into 4th line grunts…. maybe the fish rots from the head, just a little…?

      “We aren’t going to win the cup with Martin, so dump him now.”

      • HabFab says:

        Amen brother!

      • Mattyleg says:

        It’s always the underperformers who complain the most.

        Ask Pleks and Cammi and Gio about how bad JM is.

        Oh, and what ‘skill’ players are you talking about? Poupou, whose only determinable skill was being able to slide around the ice on his back/ass/stomach…? Guidoune whose skillset included “can eat an entire box of oreos in under a minute”?

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • LA Loyalist says:

          You should watch some video of Poo before you post. the guy has freaking skill. I’m not saying he’s not a head case, maybe he is, but there is no question about his ability. And big AK is very skilled also. Again, is there an altitude problem? Maybe. Is there a coaching problem?

          In my opinion, absolutely.

          • Mattyleg says:

            I just don’t understand how you (or any poster on here, for that matter) can make any kind of comment about JM’s management of his players. We have no idea. The only thing we know for certain is that unhappy players blame other people for their poor performances. To me, that’s not news.

            There is no problem with our coaching, as far as I see it. When there is a real problem, there are significant symtoms: a serious drop in standings being the most obvious. Competing for top spot in your division or your conference is not the sign of poor coaching.

            Seasoned underperformers or Eastern Stars complaining that not enough people are kissing their rings does not a bad coach make.

            —Hope Springs Eternal—

  14. HabFanSince72 says:

    Since we’re on the topic of air travel:

    ” Ryanair has been blasted for allegedly failing to provide CPR to a passenger who went into cardiac arrest – offering him a sandwich instead. Per-Erik Jonsson, 63, had a heart attack during a flight from the UK to his his home in Sweden, according to his stepdaughter Billie Aftonbladet. She told Fox News that when he lost consciousness his wife alerted crew, who were unprepared to give him treatment.”

    “Billie said: ‘They said he had low blood pressure and gave him a sandwich and a soda. And they made sure he paid for it.’ When Per-Erik had stabilised, the crew issued the family with a bill for the food.”

    I will have to add this to my “food doesn’t make everything better file”. The only other item in it is a story about the Phoenix Coyotes offering fans all you can eat at one of their games and still getting only 5000 fans. That’s Phoenix AZ – the obesity capital of the USA.

    • shiram says:

      I can understand being woefully unprepared for a medical situation.

      As as teenager I had been given the 12 hour emergency course for a job, and I had the responsibility to provide first aid if needed.

      I nearly crapped my pants when I was told one of my colleagues had been hit by a car and I was being rushed on the scene.

      I was so very glad that the ambulance got there before me.

      In my rush, I left my backpack on the ground, and it was stolen when I got back. The girl was fine except shock and bruises.

      Still, on a plane you’d think they’d have better emergency training.

      Also a reflective vest won’t protect you from an old driver! He fled the scene too.

      If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

    • TheKarl says:

      In regards to paying for the sandwich, that doesn’t surprise me one bit. Every time I’ve flown Ryanair they literally wake you up if you are sleeping and ask you if you want to buy something…

      …but, the flip side is that you can fly anywhere in Europe usually for less than 50 bucks if you are willing to play by their hell like rules. I’ve flown UK – Sweden numerous times for less than 5 pounds (albeit at 4 in the morning with perfectly measured hand luggage). Compare this to Canada (I live in Toronto) where prices are so effing high you feel like Air Canada is holding you hostage in your own city.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      What kind of sandwich was it?

  15. HabinBurlington says:

    I know little or nothing about Slava Malamud, but would it not be in Russian Sports Media best interest to constantly stir the pot as it relates to Russian born players currently in the NHL? Wouldn’t it be natural for these guys to want their best players to rather be playing in the KHL. Who owns the media outlet this individual works for, and is it possible it is an individual that also happens to own a KHL team?

    I don’t doubt AK used bad judgment in what he said, and he is not excused for it. However I don’t think these “journalists” are exactly pure as the driven snow in trying to get players to slag the NHL.

    I very well could be reaching here, but just wonder if this is not TMZ Sports Russia finding a player they know has some frustrations and picking at that soreness as much as possible to get a story. Can’t blame the journalists, just commenting.

  16. New says:

    Wow…everybody is picking on Chara. Look, for the last time, Chara said he didn’t know it was the guy he had been fighting with most of the season. Chara said he didn’t know the turnbuckle was there. Chara said he didn’t mean to drive MaxPac’s head into the post.

    Geez, next everybody will be saying Roger Clemens was on roids even when the evidence of his own words denies that stuff. Who are you gonna believe: your senses or the athlete?

    The thing to remember is that Chara can lose it big time, to where he can’t focus on the game. That is important.

    And yeah, it’s done. The prosecutors will say that there is *** sorry, withheld due to solicitor / client privilege***

  17. JD_ says:

    From this piece on the hypersonic Falcon HTV-2 aircraft, “A test flight of an experimental aircraft capable of speeding through air at 20 times the speed of sound ended prematurely Thursday morning when the arrowhead-shaped plane failed and stopped sending back real-time data to engineers and scientists who were moderating the mission.”

    Followin’ the incident, lead scientist on the Falcon program, and erstwhile Chicago Blackhawks’ fourth-line mouthbreather, Dan Carcillo, released the followin’ statement, “Fall down, go boom.”

    Mach 20, baby!

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Now I’m not an aerospace engineer but is this the way to design a plane?

      It sounds like the first test flight ended after 9 minutes.

      This one lasted 36 min but it doesn’t look like it was much better. Seems a rocket took the plane up into the stratosphere, released it, and the thing then just hurtled earthwards until they lost track of it.

      • HardHabits says:

        Ever see all that stock footage of early attempts at flight. It’s going to be a series of all those and more until some new Wright Brothers company gets it right. Then the US military will force the company to shut down, confiscate it’s technology and sequester all it’s brightest minds in a top secret research facility.

  18. kempie says:

    Not to pound a dead horse, but…
    If it was Tommy Pyatt or Travis Moen barrelling down the left side, Chara gives him a little rubout on the boards and nothing else happens. That’s the truth.

  19. glaxko says:

    Chara’s hit on Pacioretty was late and caused an injury.
    Rome’s hit on Horton was late and caused and injury.
    Chara said he had no idea that Pacioretty was on the ice.

    Personally, If the NHL wont deliver fair punishment for the hit (suspension, fine), then punishment should come down even harder. The only problem with this is that the NHL “Executives” (Guys like Bettman, who get hard-ons everytime a shareholder smiles) probably wont realize or wont admit that their “New NHL” is much, MUCH worse than what it used to be. Perfect example of hockey justice would be Larry Robinson on Dave Schultz (YouTube it if you aren’t framiliar, it didn’t take “rules” or Suspensions to fix the problem. Besides, Men fix their own problems, and that’s exactly how it should be.

  20. kid87 says:

    Re-member awesome people… the people that laugh, hate, ridicule and point fingers are really lying to themselves and don’t realized that we’re all one consciousness… thus they lie, cheat, steal, laugh and hate themselves yet don’t know it. The irony.
    My Corner Of The Web

    • el heffe says:

      Pacioretty will recover best by taking a run at Chara the first time they step on the ice together. Then move on.

      • Everlasting1 says:

        There is no conciousness in a capitalist society.

        “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

        “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

        • LA Loyalist says:


          You can only take away everyone’s money once. Then they don’t have any.

          What do you do in your worker’s paradise after that?

          I’ll tell you: East Germany circa 1957. Have a nice trip.

  21. Mats Naslund says:

    Re: AK46 – Just once I’d like the NA media not to blow up an alleged story from Russian papers. Who translated this? You know how easy it is to translate “I don’t really get along with the guy” into “I hate the Montreal Canadiens and wipe my butt with the sweater”? We’ve all seen it a million times before – why do we keep falling for it? Non story.

  22. JoeC says:

    AK is right, JM is a terrible coach and we will see the real JM with Muller gone mark my words

    • thehabsfan29 says:

      I disagree

      im not saying martin is the best coach and his ways of getting a lead and sitting on it instead of continuing to attack is very frustrating to watch but martins style has worked.
      we took the champs to game 7 last season
      and two seasons ago we knocked out the caps and pens.
      i think AK46 is the one to blame. we have given him enough chances on the top line. he didn’t rise to the occasion and put in the effort so he was demoted. Martin did the right thing.

      in the end i think personally AK46 will be traded either before the season/ by the beginning of the season or by trade deadline day the latest. i just hope we get something decent for him

      i don’t think martin will change now muller is gone but im still not happy that muller is gone but we all knew it was bound to happen

    • el heffe says:

      yes. nobody puts em back with the boys like old Kirk. Jacques will have to spike the gatorade once in a while to keep them happy

      nobody knows the pain of being a Habs fan in a world of Habs fans…

  23. Old Bald Bird says:

    Perhaps it’s the NHL and not Montreal that should be embarrassed.

  24. HardHabits says:

    REPOST from last page:
    I was thinking that in all my years of watching hockey I have never seen a greater parade of injuries to hockey players, most specifically head shots and concussions, as I’ve seen in recent years.

    This was unheard of in the 80’s and 90’s. Yes there were the concussions and dirty hits but not to the extent we see today. Is it the body armour and the speed of the game or is it the instigator rule? Or is it a combination of the two? Perhaps it’s neither and just piss poor officiating?

    Whatever the reason(s) I am getting a little sick of this new roller ball mentality that has taken over the game. Players like Matt Cooke are a fine example of this new element of the game.

    So, a few people, and you know who you are, I’ll call you guys the the Scaredcrows™, say that an enforcer wouldn’t have changed Pacioretty’s mishap. Really? No sh*t Sherlocks! <sarcasm>Because that’s what all the size and gritters have been arguing about all the time.</sarcasm> Apparently I’ve been saying it although nobody can produce the quotes.

    So let’s get back to a player named Claude Lemieux. Many of you younger kids never saw this player in his hey day. Maybe you saw the footage of his infamous hit on Kris Draper. Darren McCarty took him to task for it. Lemieux turtled ignominiously the first time they met. Next season they scrapped again and this time Lemieux actually fought back. Up until then Lemieux was a turtler. What changed? Claude Lemieux was never as dirty a douche as he was up to that point. His game always had that edge but he matured and tamed down a bit.

    What’s my point? That fighting has a place in NHL hockey and dirty hits will happen regardless. However without a team’s response they happen more often. A team that is able to play physical and also brawl will not eliminate injuries including those from questionable hits, but they will lessen them.

    A team unable to defend itself on the ice runs a greater risk of injury (and taking bad penalties for that matter) than a team that can defend itself.

    It’s no coincidence that the Habs were leaders in both categories (penalties and injuries) last season.

    • G-Man says:

      Geez, HH, just say sand and grit.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      Today folks, we have the good HH!!

      (Why does it take so many screens and finagling to log in and reply to a post? A guy could get old doing this, and I’m starting to run out of time.)

    • shiram says:

      I don’t see how your post explains why fighting has a place in the NHL.
      I agree with the part about piss poor officiating, and I’d add piss poor disciplinary actions as well.
      Those dirty hits that you say will happen less often if we have a guy that fight frequently, well they should be more stricly punished, not ” taking justice in our own hands” that will just escalate the injuries.

      Basically my point on this is the league does not protect it’s player, does not follow with consistency the rules they set forth and the rules are not strict and clear enough.

      That’s my opinion.

      If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

      • HardHabits says:

        Your opinion is very valid and I don’t disagree. I love International hockey, the Canada and World Cups and any IIHF sanctioned tournaments like the WJC and Olympics. These dirty plays and the fighting it generates are generally unheard of in those contests. All that and the hockey is fast, exciting, as well as physically intense.

        IMHHO It boils down to the culture of the NHL and sadly what we Canadians bring to the game. Is it in order to please Americans, is it part of our Canadian good nature in the world to take out our aggressions and be the nastiest of the nasties when we hit the ice with a stick in our hands, or is it a combination of the two?

        If the NHL is in the Dark Ages as far as the rules go why then is it the best league on the planet?

        You are right in a sense that the league doesn’t protect it’s players. But these mishaps happen, apart from the rampant pugilism, in all other hockey leagues as well as at pretty much every level of every contact sport. So I would have to also contend that players have to protect themselves by keeping their heads up on one hand and in NHL hockey by having an esprit de corps backed by able bodies (meaning a team, not one goon or enforcer) to engage the enemy with a beat down if needed.

        Here’s a flash from the Habs past:
        The Flyers felt they had lost some of their edginess after having lost in the 1976 Stanley Cup finals to the Montreal Canadiens both on the scoresheet and in the trenches. Reports say the Philadelphia organization was extremely impressed by the Canadiens’ 6’4″ Larry Robinson, who not only contributed points to Montreal’s Cup victory, but also handed the likes of the Flyers’ Dave Schultz and Don Saleski a humbling lesson in fighting.

        • shiram says:

          I’ll give you this HH, as long as the culture remains the same in the NHL, it would definately help the Habs to have a tough player who can chip in some 20-30 points.

          I don’t think it would have made a difference in the playoff runs the team has had in the last seasons, or that it would have prevented the injury to MaxPac though.

          As for “mishaps” happening in other pro sports, I guess that’s right, baseball has bench clearing brawls for sure, but I’d bet that the frequency of fights happening is much higher in NHL hockey than in any other pro sports, because while the rules says it’s illegal to fight, it is still tolerated, and I’d go further and say encouraged.

          If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

          • HardHabits says:

            So what would you do in such a world where fighting is, as you say, encouraged; ask for a far away and disconnected judge to make a ruling on a so called hockey play, thus not only playing the victim but also being one, or meet out some good old fashioned frontier justice?

          • shiram says:

            I’d try to have that illegal element of the game be the most minimal part of my game, and make sure the GM of my team is well aware of my concerns.
            It might not achieve much, but at least it’s not stupidly continuing a cycle of violence.

            And what you are talking about is not justice, but vengeance.

            If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

          • HardHabits says:

            No it isn’t. It’s not about what happened. It’s to avoid it happening again. Did you have the fortune of watching the Habs in 1976? Do you know the history of the Broad Street Bullies and how the Habs not only beat them at their game but raised the bar even higher in the hockey skills department?

            As PrimeTime correctly states, the Flyers of that era were not just a bunch of goons but they were a highly skilled team. Reggie Leach didn’t win the Conn Smythe Trophy in a losing cause for nothing. They were however an incredibly nasty team to play against. Ask the Russians.

            If you are too young to have witnessed it live you should get and watch game 1 of the 1976 SCF’s.

          • shiram says:

            Well HH, I still think what you said up there equates to vengeance, and not justice, that’s the point you made then.
            Now you are saying it’s a preventive measure…

            An yeah I was not born then, and have not seen those games, but hopefully you move on from the past and try to improve on it, keeping and encouraging fights is not an improvement. Retaliation hits, fights or whatever else dirty, is not improvement.

            Again I understand how frustrating it is to see the way the things play out in the NHL, but I still don’t think it’s a good idea to just go with the flow of things.

            In the end it’s up to the GM’s and they have shown what they think of the issue.

            If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

    • el heffe says:

      thank you for re-posting. i found the post to be pretty stupid the first time i read it but now after reading a second time i find it ludicrous

      nobody knows the pain of being a Habs fan in a world of Habs fans…

      • HardHabits says:

        Of course it is. Because you say so that’s why O Buddha of Habs fans, for is it not true that all existence is suffering, and that being a Habs fan is an even greater albeit misunderstood variant.

        You’re welcome.

        • el heffe says:

          no. thank you, for so eloquently putting the struggle of our people into words that even the humble servants of our cause can understand.

          nobody knows the pain of being a Habs fan in a world of Habs fans…

          • el heffe says:

            Oh, and yes. it is true

            nobody knows the pain of being a Habs fan in a world of Habs fans…

          • HardHabits says:

            OK. So let’s say your the leader of a revolution for an exploited and impoverished people against a corrupt puppet government that is being controlled economically by a foreign super power, do you:

            a) take the fight to the streets and over throw the government

            or do you

            b) go to the United Nations and plead your case?


            I just knocked out two rebuttals in one fell swoop.

          • el heffe says:

            if i’m the leader of the party. first off, i divide these two points of action equally among my aptly appointed co-leaders. You being my first in command would be delegated the task of leading the people’s army. For obvious reasons, most notably your ability to rile people up with your impassioned speeches about equality and free-will. My second in command, my friend simon, would do my lobbying for me. I, being the leader, would mostly sit around my shaded verrandah drinking cold tea and smoking cuban cigars while the streets drew bloody around me.

            nobody knows the pain of being a Habs fan in a world of Habs fans…

          • el heffe says:

            ps. i’m starting to enjoy this

            nobody knows the pain of being a Habs fan in a world of Habs fans…

    • shiram says:

      I’m pretty sure JM would at least have the class not to bash his players like that in the news.
      I know he talked about a contract year for AK last year, but is that as bad??

      If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

      • thehabsfan29 says:

        JM has class. he wouldnt bash AK46 in the news for sure&Its for sure not as bad.

        We have given AK46 plenty of chances on the top line and he didn’t perform well enough. thats why he was demoted.

        I think we can all agree that AK46 doesn’t put the effort into every shift on a regular basis like someone like darche or subban does.

        He can blame Martin all he wants but in the end its AK’s fault not martins.

        plus personally i would take cole on our top line with plek and cam over AK46 any day.

      • JoeC says:

        Ya JM’s example of class is benching any player under the age of 27 that has a bad shift, but if your a vet you get to play as muich and such as much as you want.

        Gomez NEVER played less then top 2 line minutes, usually one of the highest, and was one of the worst players on the team, AK wants off the team or JM gone, and i dont blame him

    • G-Man says:

      As long as it slags the Habs or their organization, TSN is there….
      picking up a story with no confirmations and a poor translation at best.

    • slamtherimtim says:

      i guess he wants to get traded , this is why he should have gone before , i would send him to hamilton just for the heck of it ,

  25. Timo says:

    Crown: Did you mean to drive him into the stanchion?
    Chara: I did what I had to do.
    Crown: : Did you mean to drive him into the stanchion?
    Chara’s Lawyer: You don’t have to answer that.

    Silence and heavy breathing in the court room.

  26. JasonM says:

    More problems with the Count? Say it ain’t so!

  27. joeybarrie says:

    WHAT??? The Crown is investigating a crime??? How dumb do they look? How terrible does Montreal look. Someone almost got killed during a game, and they had the intelligence to look into it. What a bunch of idiots… How dare they get involved with things like the Law. Wow does our city ever look stupid, wanting to investigate something like this and not simply ignoring an assault that almost killed someone…
    No one expects Chara to be put in jail for 10 years, but overlooking and not investigating this incident would have been neglectful.
    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

    • shiram says:

      It seems alot of people are of the mentality that what happens under the ice should not regulated by laws…

      If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        As much as I hate Chara, and am convinced he intended to injure Max, the reality is there is no way to prove this wasn’t just an accident.

        (As I said I’m sure it wasn’t but that isn’t the point.)

        This is why there will be no prosecution.

        • shiram says:

          Well I’m not the best to talk about the law (where’s Judge Dredd when you need him?) but it seems to me something like that can require an investigation, considering the history both men had together.
          Besides the police got the calls, and they had to investigate because of that.

          As for a conviction, I too doubt it will happen, I was just trying to defend the point that the investigation is not ridiculous.

          If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

          • Timo says:

            I say this has to go to a jury as an attempted murder. Let the jury decide. Most people (even not hockey fans) will be able to see through this “I was not aware it was him” BS.

          • HabFanSince72 says:

            ” Besides the police got the calls, and they had to investigate because of that.”

            I called them several times last year to complain that Jack Martin’s suits were a crime. They never investigated.

          • shiram says:

            I guess if those suits had caused injuries to your eyes that might warrant an investigation, but that’s a little bit more far fetched than the hit on Max Pac…

            If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

        • JD_ says:

          No, in all likelihood nothin’ will make it to the courts.

          The point will, however, have been made.

          Good enuff for me.

        • JIMVINNY says:

          In a court of law, when a victim is injured because of an “accident”, the perpetrator isn’t necessarily absolved of all responsibility.

          “I accidentally ran over that pedestrian because I didn’t realize I was driving on a sidewalk” isn’t going to help much.

    • PrimeTime says:

      Do you honestly think if the roles were reversed that there would be an investigation??Or if Chara received a suspension, which would actually be evidence supporting a wrong-doing?? How many NFL municipalities investigate a deliberate headshot causing severe concussion /injury?? I believe the Chara hit was deliberate but in no way does it merit an investigation outside of the NHL. Yes, MTL is looking silly but I can see how some Hab fans (not John Q Public) might see it as justice being served.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        Your username is the name of the tightest band in the history of music, but your thinking is very fuzzy. I refer you to JD’s arguments above.

  28. HFX-HabFan says:

    The Score’s annual Hockey Forecaster has hit newsstands, and they’re predicting:

    -Chicago will win the Cup
    -Crosby will come back to win the Hart and Art Ross
    -Boston will win the Northeast and finish second to Washington in the East
    -Montreal will finish sixth in the East
    -Price will win the Vezina


    • habaddict_andy says:

      Maybe it will be whether Price wins Vezina OR they finish 6th in the east. Not both.

      Go! Hockey! Go!

    • savethepuck says:

      Well at least they got #5 right

      “That beautiful bastard scored semi-conscious.” On the Rocket’s Game 7 game winning goal against the Bruin’s April, 1952

    • LA Loyalist says:

      It’s a trick question – Price will win the Vez IN WHAT YEAR?

      Not in any year we finish 6th (and we are going to have to work hard to finish 6th this year).

      That’s about as likely to happen as Gomez scoring (in hockey).

      • HFX-HabFan says:

        Always the optimist, eh?

        I don’t know of any “forecaster”-style hockey publication that makes predictions for multiple seasons in advance. So they’re clearly picking Price to win this coming season (2011-2012). And I didn’t post in the form of a question.

        If you want a question, how about this: guess what place we finished in the East this past season?

    • kempie says:

      Chicago Blackhawks? Stanley Cup? Uhhm, okay.

  29. SeriousFan09 says:

    The ‘bear hug’ is Burke trying to get obstruction and holding back in the NHL so he can really build a thug hockey team and succeed, rather than fail.

    • shiram says:

      They should allow the figure four leg lock and the atomic suplex too!!

      If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

    • habaddict_andy says:

      So how does it work with GM’s when dealing with what is missing in the team? You put together a team and assess the need. Than realize what is missing.

      “Can we please allow bear hugs in the game?”

      Go! Hockey! Go!

  30. TorontoHabsFan says:

    JT’s suggestion of Trent Hunter as our last UFA is interesting. He’s certainly a big guy, averages between 170-250 hits/year, scores some.

    Anybody recall seeing him play?

    • HFX-HabFan says:

      I advocated for acquiring him via trade in late June/early July. Now that the Devils traded for him and bought him out, his asking price could be cheaper. Why not throw a million at him for a year and put him on the third line with AK and Eller? That’s a pretty strong, physical line that can score a few goals, and none of those guys would look out of place taking on top-six minutes if one of our top-six guys gets hurt.

      As long as Moen doesn’t have to take a regular shift on the first line for stretches of games…

      • TorontoHabsFan says:

        He played 2nd line minutes for NYI right? Not having seen him play (or rather, paid much attention to him if I did), then he does seem to be an intriguing choice – he’s big and he hits (to satisfy the “grit gang”) with some offensive upside (for the “balanced scoring brigade”)

        His last contract was $2m/yr. I’d imagine that he’d be available for a little less than that on a 1 yr deal – if only to prove that his knee (?) is healed after surgery.

        Sort of a low risk addition – if he works out, great. If he doesn’t, you’re up Mr. Engqvist!

  31. JD_ says:

    Meh. I really could not care less if anyone finds the Chara investigation laughable. Really. If one expends any effort worryin’ about what other people think in regards to efforts founded on basic decency and legitimacy, then one is livin’ a handcuffed life.

    Set yourself free, baby.

    We’ll never know the underlyin’ rationale behind the process, be it purely a legal enterprise or, more likely, an organized effort to embarrass the NHL – which I can only applaud – but the reality on the ground is the only hockey plays that have ever been dragged through the courts have stunk to high heaven from the get-go.

    It isn’t like this is the first time this has happened.

    Nor, unfortunately, will it be the last.

    Hockey is inherently violent and stimulates us at a very basic level, somethin’ deeply nestled in the tribal aspect of our human psyches. I’m grateful the enjoyment of it is part of my life. I live, however, under no illusion the practitioners of the sport don’t every so often cross the line and violate basic societal norms.

    There is an ebb and flow to the violence and I just won’t pretend it’s always ok; that notion just smacks of more ignorance than I can reasonably withstand. More importantly, the NHL is not the final arbiter of what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour, try as it might.

    Not too long ago, the most advanced civilization in the world threw men into the ring for the sole purpose of watchin’ them maim and slaughter each other. At the time, that was the prevailin’ standard.

    How times have changed.

    What kind of hubris suggests the existin’ model for the NHL is fully enlightened?

    Admittedly, I love the NHL’s product and wouldn’t want to see much changed. I can bear the tweaks, but don’t want anythin’ wholesale to occur. But, the simple reality in my little world is, because of the violence innate to hockey and pro sports, in general, there are rules in place designed to protect the players and the haphazard, inconsistent manner with which they are enforced is a constant source of irritation.

    The unabashed incompetence, however motivated, with which the Chara hit was handled resulted in an outpourin’ of anger that went far beyond Hab fans and the league’s hierarchy momentarily teetered. I think Bettman is a sharp guy but, boy, did he ever miss an opportunity to step up and show some real leadership.

    So, instead, a couple of overzealous law enforcement officials decided to remind him that he’s just a guy runnin’ a pro sports league.

    Good on them. They have my full support because I still have a lot more faith in the criminal justice system than I do a private, profit-oriented entity when it comes to drawin’ lines in the sand. And this is comin’ from someone on the right side of the ideological spectrum.

    So, scoff and deride with all your sincerity and muster, it is the stuff of weak character and, yes, I’m lookin’ right down the end of my nose as I type that, the way I would to someone I can’t be bothered to know.

    • HardHabits says:

      So I am assuming that CSI: Montreal wasn’t asked to investigate.

    • kid87 says:

      +1 Yesterday I woke up and was interested in Rome and World History, and since the beginning of time there was wars, and the Romes Colosseum was there to distract the masses into finding out the real truths of this world. I see the similarities in today’s culture, yes it’s gotta way better than what was going on in the ancient times, yet at the same time it’s gotten worse.

      Money = War plain and simple.

      There is enough for everyone on this planet.

      Okay end rant.
      My Corner Of The Web

      • HardHabits says:

        I highly recommend that you read The Godmakers by Frank Herbert. Given the nature of your comment I believe you would be very interested in reading this novel.

        BTW. My comment was supposed to go up top but I sent it via my Palm Pre so it messed up. JD’s comment is a +1000.

  32. Propwash says:

    Anybody sure it wasn’t an interview with Sergei, and the interviewer screwed up the name? 😉

  33. Bill says:

    Kostitsyn has been a really good player for the Habs. Those who slag his “lack of production” pay no attention to his ice-time, power-play time, and line-mates. He’s probably been the third or fourth most productive player on the team the last three years.

    Everything he allegedly said about Martin sounds about right. However, he probably just talked himself off the team. Which is too bad because I’d rather have him on the second line than Martin anywhere within a 25 km radius of my favourite hockey team.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

    • I doubt he talked himself off the team, Sergei was much more of an idiot and it took 3 or 4 incidents to get him traded. I don’t think the Habs are as intolerant of this stuff as people pretend, as much as they don’t like it. Look how many times Kovalev trashed Carbo in Russian and the team never did a thing. Not that AK has the same profile or respect that Kovalev had around the league, but I can’t see Gauthier making another Kostitsyn mistake.

      Far as I see it, Kostitsyn wants to get top line minutes, sometimes he doesn’t. It’s totally logical that he gets annoyed. It was unprofessional to go to the media about it but it’ll be water under the bridge by October.

  34. TorontoHabsFan says:

    My free advice to Andrei Kostitsyn:

    If you want to play top line minutes this season – you’ll have to earn it with your play.

    If you want to stay in the NHL after this season – you’ll have to earn it with your play.

    Recent history is littered with talented players who weren’t able to find a permanent home in the NHL and went back across the ocean to ply their trade in the KHL.

    Andrei Kostitsyn can be the next Frolov or the next Grabovksi – it’s up to him.

    • shiram says:

      I agree with most of what you say, but I think even if he does not sign with the Habs come next season, another NHL team will give him a try, unless he really wants to play in the KHL.

      If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

      • TorontoHabsFan says:

        If he has another 20g 20a campaign where he disappears for long stretches at a time I think he’d have to take a cut in pay to stay in the NHL. I can’t foresee anyone giving him more than a 1 yr $3m deal if that’s the case.

        I sure hope he comes into camp with a fire in his belly to prove everyone wrong!

        • shiram says:

          Yeah, the Habs need guys like Kostitsyn, who can score, go physical, and can play from the first to the third line.
          I do also hope he brings that fire, and remains as physical as he can be.

          If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

          • TorontoHabsFan says:

            When he’s on, he’s a force. The problem is he’s almost never on for more than a dozen games at a time.

            I think Montreal needs Kostitsyn to play angry – as I continue to fear that Pacioretty will struggle this year…but that’s just the pessimist in me talking 😀

    • ed lopaz says:

      when AK was growing up, there was no KHL.

      he dreamed of making big money in the NHL.

      today, the KHL is offering very competitive contracts, millions, with great benefits.

      benefits include:

      language and culture, teammates, coaches, press
      geography, playing closer to home
      lighter schedule
      more open ice, style of play and actual ice surface

      if I was AK, and the habs were playing me 3rd line minutes, I would

      rather go back to my own corner of the world, earn great money, and

      be treated and played as a star.

      also, jacques martin is the last guy I would want to play for.

      so although it is entirely up to AK to produce if he wants top line minutes,

      and the habs have every right to play Max ahead of Ak (and I believe Max will be the better and more valuable player),

      I would not blame AK one bit if he wanted to play in the KHL.

      talking about it to the press – complete and total B.S. – which should get him traded.

      Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

    • Timo says:

      Gomez, Scott.

  35. Feraco says:

    Way to go team! Right when we have a chance to have 3 big bodied forwards on the team someone has to find a way to cause and start some drama.

    Kostitsyn’s last year? Well he spent it with Eller (a rookie) and DD, or Moen, or Darche. The guy wants to be a goal scorer, has played on the 1st line for the last 3 years, has been consistent in hits, goals, and points, had to babysit his little brother, hardly spoke English when he came to the team, has had serious medical issues while playing hockey, and if its true and he has tried to speak to JM with no response he has every right to be upset.

    By the sounds of it his role has not been defined, there is no communciation, he is in a contract year and currently has no contract for next year. Someone talk to him and straighten him out. We have the opportunity to succeed this year with more depth than the last 4 years.

    The guy is a 1st line guy and then you bring in someone else for 4 years to play on your spot on the 1st line. I don’t think he is being greedy by wanting to play himself into a big contract but doing with 3rd and 4th line guys would be frustrating.

    That being said, he has the ability to play himself into a big contract, whether its with the Habs or not, with being drafted in the 1st round, his consistency, his size and scoring ability, he will get offered 3.5 – 4 Mil.

    Lets hope Habs can get this guy on track before everyone telling him to get the F*** out, otherwise we’re in the same position before we got Cole.

    Molson Ex mon ami

    • G-Man says:

      Ever get the feeling these Russian “journalists” like slinging mud across the pond?
      AK had great chemistry with Eller last season while dishing out some nasty hits. IF the 3rd line is Eller-AK and DD, Habs will have the most depth since a donkey’s age.
      If AK wants the big bucks, it’s up to him to show consistency. That means not going 20 games without a goal. Oh, showing up in the playoffs would be nice, too.

    • GenerationYHabs says:

      It just always seems that as soon as we get rid of one problem case, another one pops up right after.

  36. Trisomy 21 says:

    Brian Burke and his goddamn bear hug from behind. This isn’t much different than when the players were allowed to be pinned against the glass. I just picture him during the first practice after this is implemented, bear hugging everyone on the team to show them how it should be done during a game. He’d love every minute of it.

  37. HabFanSince72 says:

    FYI, I mentioned the great writer Michael Lewis earlier. Here is a superb free article by him on the European crisis:

  38. veryhabby says:

    I always liked AK especially when I accepted that he is no more then a 2 line winger who van plot 25 goals a year. Expect and want more and you will complain about him all year. But one can tell the writting is on the wall with this guy. It’s his ufa year and he wants ice time so he can cash in. With Cole he knows he has dropped ice time. He won’t be resigned and next summer we will be dishing out 4-5 M for another top 6 player. Martin didn’t get along with Lat, Sk, poul, and now AK. Assets we lose for nothing.

  39. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Hockey has to be the only sport in the world that almost entirely depends on former pluggers and goons to explain their sport on television.

    When you compare your average TSN/CBC/Sportsnet hockey panel to your average ESPN/FOX football panel the difference is striking. On the one you have Hall of Famer like Irvin, Sanders, Simms, and Sharpe. On the other you have Mike Johnson, PJ Stock, Kypreos, and Cherry.

    Is it really any wonder why the grinder/goon is exalted on Canadian TV? Outside of goaltenders, they’re the only ones who are paid to discuss the game!

    When was the last time you saw a legitimate offensive star on a Canadian Hockey broadcast? Ferraro is the only one who comes to mind (and he was only a PPG player once in his career…during the greatest offensive era hockey has ever seen)

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Hockeys play by play and analysts is definitely a haven for former backup goalies and goons. There are the odd deviations as you mentioned in Ferraro and Craig Simpson had a nice career but majority are as you described. I have wondered this before also, Baseball you get catchers and pitchers, Football is alot of qb’s doing the analyzing along with other skilled positions.

      TSN dabbled with a variety of players in the playoffs last year, although it did include another backup goalie, but also Mike Peca and Aaron Ward.

      Seems to be a tradition that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.

      • TorontoHabsFan says:

        It’s all part of a broader theme I’ve been thinking about for a while. Canadian hockey fans seem overly obsessed with the 4th line mucker. “The guys you win Cups with” as Don Cherry is fond of repeating ad nauseum. Or the lionization of Detroit’s “Grind Line” at the expense of the dozen or so Hall of Famers they’ve employed over the last 15 years.

        We seem incapable of thinking outside this very narrow box – and I think a large part of that is who is being paid to explain hockey on tv/radio. These types of players are always going to extol the virtues of the player who skates hard, hits, and scores 20 pts because that’s exactly what they used to be. In turn we hockey fans are going to continue to think that these kinds of players are central to a team’s success – regardless of the fact that pretty much every team has a different 4th line hero every year (which suggests that this skill set isn’t exactly in short supply)

        It’s like a closed information loop that we seem incapable of escaping.

    • Mattyleg says:

      I’ll give you a little insight into this, because for me, too, it seemed strange.

      Plus, why are so many grinders like Lindy Ruff et al decent coaches, while Gretzky was not?

      The answer is pretty simple… grinders and goons spend more time on the bench than other, more elite, players. This means that they get not only to watch the game develop as a whole, but also they listen in on the talk between coach and his assistants, and with the other players.

      This gives guys in these roles (the ones with a few brain-cells to rub together, that is) a much better position to analyse the game as a whole.

      When Gretzky became coach, my friends and I laughed, imagining his locker-room talk:
      “Okay, next time you get the puck, drive to the net, make a few moves, and score. Otherwise, hang on to the puck and pass it to one of your teammates to score.”

      Players with great skill can’t always transmit their visions and talents to other players (or to listening audiences) because so much of it is instinctual. Grinders, however, depended a lot on coaching and game analysis to make their skills (high by our standards, but low-ish by NHL ones) work effectively.

      I’m not interested in hearing what Ray Bourque has to say, or Mario Lemieux. I couldn’t care less. I just want good analysis.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • TorontoHabsFan says:

        I’ll give you the coaching angle – but I think that’s a very different kettle of fish than TV analysis. I frankly don’t get “good analysis” from these muckers and grinders – I get people who oversell one kind of hockey over another.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Agree, all sports have always seemed to have middle of the road players who worked hard for everything they got become the coaches. The Superstars retire and either do TV commentary or ride into the sunset. Look at the NBA broadcasters, Charles Barkley, Shaq now, all the players turned analysts were players. The coaches like Phil Jackson etc… were good players to make the NBA but weren’t the all stars every year.

          Maybe the answer is as simple as the NHL media types make diddly squat and only the goons will work for pennies….

          • TorontoHabsFan says:

            “Maybe the answer is as simple as the NHL media types make diddly squat and only the goons will work for pennies….”

            I think you’re probably right.

            Still, I think it’s interesting that Mike Bossy – a Hall of Famer who has been very vocal and critical of goon hockey is almost never heard of on CBC. We’d be a lot richer if we had different voices talking about the game I so love.

        • Mattyleg says:

          I don’t really think that star players would give any better analysis, to be honest. I might be wrong, but I don’t see why they would.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • TorontoHabsFan says:

            Maybe not better – but different? Honestly it can’t get any worse.

            Easily my favourite new football analyst has been Tony Dungy on the Sunday Night show. He consistently shows me something I’ve never seen/noticed before – and he does it in a way/tone that’s completely different from any other football analyst. I think CBC would greatly benefit from a similar new dynamic.

          • Mattyleg says:

            I think CBC would greatly benefit from dropping hockey altogether and just showing endless reruns of ‘Road to Avonlea’.

            —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • TorontoHabsFan says:

            +1 😀

      • Rugger says:

        Really can’t think of too many stars in any sport that went on to successful coaching careers. Only one that jumps out to me is Yogi Berra.

        • TorontoHabsFan says:

          Joe Torre, Ron Lancaster, Phil Jackson are a couple that stick out – but you’re right…stars generally make lousy coaches (or don’t bother becoming one).

          Part of that has to be that stars (in the last 20 years at least) probably made enough money and don’t feel the need to deal with the grind of a season.

          • shiram says:

            Have to give it some like Carbo and Roy that are coaching in the minors, mostly, I would guess, out of a love for hockey.

            If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

      • shiram says:

        Those star players making star money have less need to get an analyst kind of job also, but your analysis seems very solid to me.

        If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

      • Malreg says:

        I think another reason you dont see former NHL superstars doing TV work is because frankly they don’t need to. They all made enough money to never have to work another day in their lives, where as the grinders and pluggers need to keep earning some cash post-NHL.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          But why do NFL and NBA stars like Dan Marino, Joe Theisman, Boomer Esiason, Troy Aikman , Barkley, Shaq, etc… do it. They don’t need the money. Odd that no NHL stars want to do it. But more and more stars are getting into hockey mgmt. Yzerman, Sakic…

          • Mattyleg says:

            I think it’s all about ego.
            NFL and NBA are ego sports. All professional sports are about ego, for sure, but I think that the NFL and NBA are big, loud-talkin’ American sports that create (and cater to) mega-egos.

            These guys can’t take being out of the limelight, and need to continue having their egos stoked by doing broadcasting.

            Egos in the NHL don’t fly. It’s a humility-first kind of sport, where big talkers like Avery get panned, and quiet gentlemanly players like Yzerman get idolized. NBA and NFL are the opposite, and the star analysts are a product of that.

            —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • avatar_58 says:

        I bet Larry Robinson and Ken Dryden could do it…

        • Mattyleg says:

          Larry wouldn’t be interested in playing the media game. He’s too soft-spoken. And Dryden has bigger fish to fry than talking to people who can’t properly string together a sentence.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Exit716 says:

      I remember meeting Bobby Hull years ago. Someone asked him about his brief stint as a HNIC analyst. He said the producers didn’t like him because he spoke the truth. His best quote was “Who knows more about hockey? Some guy that played one game in the NHL or someone who scored 600 goals?”

  40. veryhabby says:

    Bear hug???? Sorrybut that would be silly! Players would be interfering and saying they were planning on bear hugging into the boards . It would bring back the clutching and grabbing all over again. Refs would make bad calls as the start of a bear hug is interference. Sorry but dumb idea buy a GM who thinks his way is the only way. Let’s hope he never works for NHL office again!

    • Malreg says:

      I agree. The concept is interesting, and probably could prevent some injuries, but it’s a slippery slope. The rules as is are already interpreted differently by every referee. Once you start to allow some form of clutching and grabbing, it will start to make its way back into the game.

    • kempie says:

      Once they get a look at the SS Hal Gill spooning with Crosby or Ovechkin behind the net, they’ll probably have to rethink it.

  41. Castor says:

    Oh boy guys. Now Andrei Kostitsyn is bitching about the Habs.

    Kostitsyn if it’d be better to switch teams. “I am not thinking about it for now… My agent’s advice is to play hockey”

    I’ve tried talking to (Jacques Martin), more than once. But he doesn’t care.”

    “I can’t guess about next season. My relationship with the coach is not too good”

    “It wasn’t me who started to play badly, it’s just that I was being put into 3rd and 4th line.”

    “The coach was with “flashes”, that’s why my season was all “flashes” –

    Slava Malamud – Sports Express

    • ed lopaz says:

      if true, AK is gone.

      Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        Who knows – maybe Jacques Martin should be gone?

        He has absolutely no relationship with the players. He is rigid and unimaginative. The hockey is dull. He is a cold fish. Remember after the MaxPac incident? Nothing. No emotion.

        This is the irony of the French speaker clause. The dude never says anything interesting.

        We will never win with him and he will continue to antagonize players. Even Hal Gill implied it when Muller’s departure was announced.

        • shiram says:

          There is alot of bad with JM, and my hope is that when his contract expires, he will be replaced. I look at what he is doing, and I hope that it will have a positive impact on our player, they will definately learn to play responsibly and all that 2-way good stuff.

          But it’s hard not to notice the bad things that come with him.
          I would not say the Habs will never win with him though, as that’s a bit too random for me.

          If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

          • HabFanSince72 says:

            Fair enough. He’s a better coach than Claude Julien for example.

          • shiram says:

            I get the feeling of dread associated with Martin though, the way he coaches does not often create flashy plays, and his track record while good lacks those top shelf honors.
            I just rather try to focus on the good…

            If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      This doesn’t bode well. Perhaps JM can and PG can make the best of this obvious strained relationship and showcase AK for trade if indeed the relationship between JM and AK is unworkable.

      I have given JM the benefit many times, but he does seem to have long memories for players and it is hard for them to get out of his doghouse. Having said that, AK is very enigmatic and we have seen times where he is fully engaged and other times where he appears to be sleepwalking out there.

    • shiram says:

      It really is up to Andrei to prove his worth, we know what he can bring, but there is the sense that he can bring and do more.
      Contract year and UFA afterwards, he should focus on playing the best hockey he can, and hopefully JM gives him the time and linemates to do so.

      If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

    • Chrisadiens says:

      Wow. Thanks for the info. Bye bye AK. Hopefully he plays his tail off this season for that big ufa contract.

      Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  42. knuckle05 says:

    You should all be embarrassed to be Habs fans. I’m embarrassed to even know some of you.


    Bet it still causes mental anguish to read that.

  43. gaqread says:

    This court case is going nowhere. It was, unfortunately, up to the dolts who run the NHL to do something about this, and as they have so many times before (and already since), they blew it. Big time. One can only hope that with Brendan Shanahan in charge of discipline now things might change. But I’m not holding my breath.

  44. 44har48 says:

    I just wanted to share my 2 cents on ESPN as many of you are referring to their stories…I live in the states, as I am sure some of you do, so this won’t be a surpise to some. ESPN is becoming a big joke and a lot of folks are moving away from them to get stories – sticking with them solely to get factual game highlights and scores. I could go on for days about there stories that end up having no merit – look at the A-Rod story (I despise the Yankees and A-rod) where he was gambling his life away and possibly betting on baseball, comarisons to Pete Rose for gods sake, then he is not even at teh game, he is in the world series??? really??. All their stories have “sources close to the situation” or “inside sources” – BS. They love anything Boston and what they did to Tebow (whom I also think does not belong on the NFL as a QB) to stick up for Merrill Hodge of all people (I’m a Steelers fan) was a disgrace. He is too good a guy for them to plaster his incompetence all over the front page because poor Merrill Hodge was taking heat for idiotic and borderline unprofessional comments. I could go on for days…

    Sorry to get off topic…Go Habs Go!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      As a fellow Steeler fan, you gotta remember this is the same Merrill Hoge whom played for the Steelers when they had an exhibition game in Montreal in 1990. He was asked what it was like to play football in another country. He responded with I will let you know when that ever happens. He didn’t even realize when they went up to Montreal that he had left the USA. I love my Steelers, but this guy has never been the sharpest knife in the box.

  45. Chrisadiens says:

    This picture infuriates me. Its too early in the morning to be pissed off. I hate boston. I hope a tsunami wipes out the garden. Too harsh? Maybe, but I don’t care.

    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  46. ds says:

    One of the most embarrassing scandals in MTL. Player injures another during the game so call the cops? Pathetic. No wonder most teams take MTL for granted.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      If that is the most embarrassing scandal for a city the size of Montreal, then that city is in good shape. I would have been worried an embarrassing scandal for a major city would be political corruption, dirty cops, wasteful spending to the tune of millions. But to have a couple cops spend a couple weeks talking to a large Slovakian as the worst, that ain’t to shabby afterall.

      • ds says:

        When I said MTL I meant the Habs. There’s plenty of corruption though just look at the Champlain Bridge. Every year since I can remember there is construction on it, now its falling apart, decarie is falling apart got to wonder where all that construction $$ is going.

        • Considering the champlain was federally designed, funded and built, your a bit off here.

          Other notes of infrastructure however is fair game

          • ds says:

            My bad on Champlain not really up to snuff on everything but living on the South Shore, visiting friends in the west island is becoming more of a hassle every year.

          • I live on the shore as well and have always been partial to the vic… oldest yet most reliable on the island… that is when they arent dicking around with direction flows >:(

    • cops werent called because of the injury dufus

      • ds says:

        Fact is that if the exact same hit happened except Chara taking out Gabrovsky, Habs fans would laugh at it, I know I would. Just because it happened to a MTL player does not make it a legit crime. It’s hockey not ballet.

        If they are going to do a legit investigation they should add in the fact that Max Pac was diagnosed with a dislocated vertebra & SEVERE concussion but he was ready to play hockey 2-3 mths later, cleared for the 2nd rd of the playoffs. Sounds fishy.

        • I wouldnt laugh at any player doing this to any other player

          “add in the fact that Max Pac was diagnosed with a dislocated vertebra & SEVERE concussion but he was ready to play hockey 2-3 mths later, cleared for the 2nd rd of the playoffs. Sounds fishy.”


          what sounds so fishy about that Dr. Recchi?

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Intelligent hockey fans know that the play was completely dirty and required at the very minimum a 2 game suspension if only to appease fans (including Hab fans) that the league takes injuries and illegal hits seriously. I have many Leaf fan friends that do believe the hit was dirty and a suspension had to occur. Of course the neandrathal fan that just hates Montreal, loves to watch the play. Just as there are neandrathal Hab fans that may have loved watching it happen to Grabovsky. But intelligent people know, that Chara had no business even touching MaxPac at that point on the ice with the play as it was, and it resulted in a horrific injury only because of his choice to push Max into the stanchion. Those are facts, the league ignored the facts! It is that simple.

  47. HardHabits says:

    If ever such a thing happens again, especially if it’s a Bruin against a Hab, I hope that someone on the team two hand slashes the culprit behind the knee ruining that players career. End of story.

    Now drop the puck already.

  48. V says:

    Some people here seem concerned that the ‘league’ or ‘hockey world’ is laughing at the province/City of Montreal/Canadiens because of the police investigation of the Chara hit.

    Like most things, I am sure some people will be doing just that while others will see this as a logical outcome to a real league problem… the growing question of whether the league and/or team owners are explicitly or implicity putting the lives of their employees in danger. And that is a question the justice system has an obligation to address.

    The league and the Bruins condoned this hit – a hit that could have resulted in death. The union wasn’t much better. No one looked like they conducted anything close to a responsible investigation. Sure, hockey players willingly sign up for a dangerous occupation – but so do garbage collectors, fishermen, construction workers, firefighters, etc. (all these listed on the 15 most dangerous jobs in America list) – and when workforce accidents result in near death accidents or fatalities in those industries, they are investigated by the company, union and outside regulators. If those things don’t happen, the justice system usually steps in.

    Professional sports are different in many ways from those other occupations, but are they so different that they don’t have to do all they can to ensure the safety of their employees – especially when there is so much incentive to act dangerously (let’s face it, Chara’s hit helped the Bruins in many ways).

    There was a time not too long ago when some of the industries I mention above thought that serious accidents and the occassional death were just a part of doing business… in some under-developed countries, that attitude still exists. But thankfully, in those industries in North America – particularly the construction industry – job safety has become extremely important. And work force injuries have gone down. Sure, many people laughed and scoffed work-force safety programs – some still do, but they have worked and are now widely accepted as an employer best practice.

    In the NHL, injuries are rising and if those in a position to do something about it are reluctant to act, outside authorities should step in – even if it is in the face of derision and laughter from those that think a person’s safety and life are less important than their entertainment value.

    • JF says:

      Very well said.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I think the Chara hit was simliar in many ways to Bertuzzi’s attack on Moore. Away from the play, skated up to the player in question and instead of puching him, he had the Stanchion there like an old AWA wrestling foreign object (the old chair from under the mat) to use as his weapon.

      The league had to make a ruling on that play, just as they had to make a ruling on this play. The difference? Vancouver Canucks were the guilty party then and Boston was the guilty party now.

      I would like to hope Shanahan has the balls to make his own decisions now as acting Policeman, but he still answers to Colon, and Jacobs still is the Grand PooBah amongst the owners. Until he is no longer the Head WaterBuffalo, Bettman and friends will run this league however they want.

      Good Luck Brendan, prove me wrong and be the stand up kid from Mimico that made you a great player for years in the league.

    • Malreg says:

      It is the players themselves that will have to step up if anything ever gets done.

      The league can’t do anything without the players approval, and if the players don’t seem to care that much, then why would the league do anything about it in the first place?

      • V says:

        This is one of the arguments that used to be prevelent in the construction industry and it does not hold water.

        I agree that the employees attitude towards safety needs to shift to reduce injuries/fatalities but it is the responsibility of the employer to do everything it can to create that shift because they have the power to incent behaviours that increase safety or decrease it.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Agreed. The NHL has proven to be incapable of running its business with player safety as a primary objective. They need outside regulatory agencies to compel them to act. The history of American football offers up the great example of the introduction of the forward pass which was effected by popular outcry about violence in the game. Dinosaurs of that era insisted that everything was fine, and that the forward pass would kill football. The Don Cherrys and Mike Milburys today are doing the sport of hockey a disservice by promoting laissez-faire goonery as ‘old-time hockey’.

      The NHL does not exist in a hermetically-sealed environment outside of societal norms and laws. If, especially, taxpayers bear the brunt of much of the cost of running professional sports (bonjour Monsieur Péladeau) then work safety regulations must apply.

      For my training camp surprise, I want the second coming of Mike McPhee. And maybe Kent Carlson.

    • Everlasting1 says:

      Hockey is a contact sport. Throwing body checks is the nature of the game/occupation, and the fans favor it. Who in Mtl doesn’t wish to see Chara get levelled in retaliation? All the league can do is stiffen fines/suspensions for illegal hits, unsportmanlike conduct.

      Furthermore, what do you propose in making boxing, football safer?

      Hazardous occupations often come with compensation and insurance packages, don’t you know.

      “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

      “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

      • punkster says:

        Hmmm. Most comments I have read on this issue do not appear to be opposed to body checking. The issue here is and always has been the lack of discipline for what was an illegal hit/unsportsmanlike conduct play. The penalties already exist. The application of them is spotty at best. Hazardous occupations also come with safety measures, programs, rules and even laws or those vaunted compensation and insurance packages would not apply.

        Look, how about applying a little of your own Psalms 82: 1-2 to the NHL, NHLOA and NHLPA. You do, however, clearly emulate the Nin quote.

        ***Subbang Baby!!!***

        • Everlasting1 says:

          So make your proposal for dealing with the lack of discipline issues, safety measures, programs, laws for the league. I’m listening.

          “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

          “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

          • punkster says:

            Proposal? To you? Deaf ears. Hell, you didn’t even comprehend my response above LOL.

            ***Subbang Baby!!!***

          • kid87 says:

            God is within the Spirit of each human being, so at times, someone can be the voice of God. And most people on the planet are awesome beings, and know when something isn’t right. There is only One Truth in the universe, and people are starting to feeeeeel it now. Changes will happen, it’s the vamps that attempt to get us worked up over defending what we know is true, and we know that the hit, of which I finally mustered up the courage to watch today, was fucked. Plenty of time not to hit him. I’ve played hockey, and I’ve had friends that wouldn’t hit me in the last second.

            Edit: And finally, to say that you don’t have time to think, or don’t have control over your actions makes you a slave. In this case, a slave to your anger.
            My Corner Of The Web

  49. HabinBurlington says:

    So the recent Sign-Gate dilemna here in Toronto has me wondering if ESPN is being just a bit anti-Canuckish. Kind of reminds me of last year where we saw the NHL essentially bless Boston with their “Style” of play and punish Montreal for not partaking in such a game where Roman Gladiators are encouraged to partake in the feeding frenzy inside the coliseum.

    ESPN has essentially accused Toronto of organizing this somewhat elaborate sign stealing process where they stick a guy in a white shirt up in the stands (similar to sitting atop the grassy knoll) look in at the signs with binoculars, then stand up for a fastball allowing either the batter or 1st base coach to see this. When the 1st base coach catches this sign he can relay it to the batter or better yet, the batters are able to hone in on the fan in Right Field and make the proper adjustments.

    Funny thing is, this apparantly was going on for most of last year, yet no former players have come out or former coaches to rat out this elaborate “system”.

    ESPN’s report was big on numbers yet weak on Facts. Essentially the opposition was hitting just about as well as the Jays at Skydome. The reality is Skydome has always been a hitter friendly park! But oh it was time for someone to squash those annoying Canadians and there high valued Loonie so the conspiracy theory begins. And besides, they have Ozzie Guillen (Benny Hinn) preaching from the pulpit telling us exactly how this is happening and how bad indeed those evil Blue Jays are. I always knew Blue Jays could be an annoying bird, but to piss off the establishment that is baseball? That must be some serious Bird Squaking.

    Anyhow, I think the story is BS, I think every team in the league is always trying to steal signs on the field of play. But there is no way the BlueJays organization is as organized as Bill Belichek’s Patriots to pull off this Sign-Gate off.

    I think the real problem here is the value of our Dollar. Ever since our little loonie started kicking the US Greenback their has been some payback coming our way.

    I look forward to watching our Habs this year, I think this team has a real chance to play some beautiful hockey, and we do have a bit more grit.

    Cheers to our Canadian Loonie! I do recognize that it makes it tougher on our Manufacturing, but it is kind of fun watching that Bird swim above the Greenback.

    • CanadienBoy says:

      What do not make sense, it’s top player like Crosby getting taking out game after game without the league or union saying squat and i blame the old guard of owners for this .

  50. Bugs says:

    Maybe he’ll get 8 years for aggravated assault and get sent to Kingston. Wouldn’t that be totally wicked?
    Imagine how tough he’ll be when he gets OUT though…

    Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

  51. CanadienBoy says:

    When is training camp start again ? Watch the Blue Jay last night ,that Canadian kid Brett Lawrie taking baseball by storm in only one week ,first grand slam last night hitting over 400, very focus and exciting player to watch , miss the Expo that for sure

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Lots of fun young talent on this Jays Roster. If they can all keep developing, kind of reminds me of 90’s expos (not there yet don’t worry i haven’t fallen off my rocker yet) where the team just keeps finding more and more young talent. Just got find some pitchers that can do this for 30-35 starts consistently now to help Romero and Morrow.

      • TorontoHabsFan says:

        I think you’re underselling Brent Cecil a bit – he’s been extremely good since getting recalled. Take a look at his starts since the start of July – he’s only given up more than 3 runs once (5 in a 6-5 win).

        I do agree that Toronto needs a front end starter – it might be time for a free agent signing? ‘Cause Romero-Morrow-Cecil-Drabek? Litsch? Someone else? is a pretty decent 2-5.

        Also, here’s hoping that this Alvarez kid is the answer to that atrocious bullpen – ’cause man alive does that bullpen stink!

        • HabinBurlington says:

          No I like Cecil, just have to see it happen for a full season is all. I think Drabek will end up being fine. Litsch is never gonna be a solid starter on a team competing for the playoffs. But perhaps they have found a good home for him in the bullpen. This team still needs a bonafide closer and probably a new 2nd baseman. Aaron Hill, great kid, but just seems lost out there. I think that concussion really has set him back, to a point I am not sure we will see the player we did that all star year.

          • TorontoHabsFan says:

            I agree with Hill. He’s clearly lost something. Last season could have been an aberration, but two seasons in a row? I think he needs to move. Sorta reminds me of Homer Bush all those years ago – had one season where he looked great, only never to repeat that season.

            But all things considered – there’s not a lot that unsettled with this team – 2nd base, Front end starter, Actual closer (and LF – although I still have hope for either Snider or Thames to assert themselves there).

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Hechavvaria looks defensively to be a magician. Unfortuntately he can’t hit his way out of a wet paper bag right now. Perhaps him at SS and let Escobar play the more traditional power position of 2nd base and we get the pop we need from 2nd (and great defence) and have a defensive gem at SS whom hopefully can learn to hit .250.

          • TorontoHabsFan says:

            I suspect you’re right about Hechevvaria (sp??). Escobar isn’t the hottest defensively, but swings a very good bat. I can totally see him moving over to 2nd next season.

            The upcoming FA season should be telling – if Anthopolous makes a move towards a starter and a closer, then it should be a pretty clear signal that he’s ready to roll with this core. If he doesn’t? Then there’s some tinkering to be done.

            Either way, I haven’t been this interested in the Blue Jays in quite some time!

  52. Rugger says:

    I do not understand the problem with the police investigation. Their job is to investigate “possible” crimes and present the facts to the Prosecuter, not decide which “possible” crimes to investigate. The Pros. then decides if the case has merit based upon the facts provided by the investigation. The police should never decide not to investigate.

  53. G-Man says:

    The NHL decided Chara’s attempt to injure was a “hockey play.” Let the so-called “hockey fans” laughing at Montreal get their panties tied up in a knot over this because, frankly, who cares?
    How many kids were pulled out of hockey programs because:
    a. Chara did what he wanted to and got away with it (after chasing Pax around since his shove after an OT goal in January).
    b. The NHL brass DID NOTHING ABOUT IT.

    The game lost when Chara did this. It exemplified the bullshit that the NHL is becoming more and more.
    So, let them laugh. I am almost 100% sure nothing will come of this, but just the thought of Chara being arrested for it (after getting off free as a bird) is dog-days-of-August-delicious.

  54. Everlasting1 says:

    For prospective buyers who don’t know what to do with their money – now is the time to invest in the Blues! The return looks favorable 🙂

    “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    • Propwash says:

      You should throw your 0.02$ in…

    • HabinBurlington says:

      “The return looks favourable” Well the only team in all 4 Big League’s to be owned by a private equity firm is up for sale. So I am guessing they will be hoping to get a return on their sale. Not sure the new buyer will be getting a financial windfall. However, this has been a very good market for the NHL over the past 40some years and hopefully will continue to be. St. Louis is a sports town, but this team needs a big buck owner to step up.

  55. Everlasting1 says:

    The League and hockey fans alike are laughing at Montreal over this ‘police investigation’.

    “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

  56. The NHL dropped the ball when they refused to suspend Lurch. Chara needs a taste of his own medicine. Prosicuting him only gives all the habs hating scum out there more ammo. The NHL promotes frontier justice everytime they drop the ball on stuff like this, and unfortunately frontier justice is the best way to let players like Lurch know there are consequences to his actions.

  57. not going to comment on the incident or the aftermath, but the comments that we get from the rest of canada in these articles, whether it be about this or infrastructure issues… i am so floored at the amount of hate quebec gets from other canadians

    • 24 Cups says:

      I fail to see any ‘hate’ in the article that is directed against Quebec.

    • Chris says:

      It really isn’t much different here in Ontario.

      I am consistently amazed at how much animosity the rest of Canada harbours for the two largest provinces. Quebec gets bonus hate for the separation threats (understandable) and its use of the French language (Canada is full of rednecks, so also understandable).

      Ontario gets a lot of bonus hate for being home to the federal government (somewhat understandable) and Toronto. Probably the one central thing that unites all non-GTA Canadians is a dislike of Toronto. 🙂

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        It’s the same everywhere. In Britain everyone outside London hates London. In Italy they view people from the next village over as savages.

      • olegpetrov says:

        i’m sorry, but that is crap! i’m from Manitoba and currently living in Ontario, southern Ontario to be precise. I have NEVER been surrounded with so much arrogance in my life. I’ve lived in Manitoba, New Brunswick, Germany and have traveled all over Canada. Immediately when I came here people were dismissing provinces like Manitoba as nothing but dirt. No province is even worthwhile except for Ontario. Then, these Ontarionians (sorry, don’t know what you call yourselve!) sit back and bitch and complain that everybody hates Ontario. Stop being so arrogant. Stop thinking that your province is better than all the others, cuz it is NOT. I actually had an argument with someone who was adamant that Toronto is the center of Canada!!! The center of Canada is just outside of Winnipeg!
        I don’t mean to be rude, nor do I mean to say that Ontario sucks or anything like that. But I get incensed when people from Ontario start to complain about how the rest of Canada is against them.

        A rant from a Manitoban.

        Habs fan…Nuff said

      • Clay says:

        I am from neither Quebec nor Ontario, and I hate neither province (I’m quite fond of Quebec actually, despite the offensive and draconian language laws, which are contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms).
        I reserve my hate (and contempt) for anyone stupid enough to vote for the Harper regime though…

        Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.

        Winston Churchill

  58. Sorry Ian, the entire hockey world is laughing at the Canadiens and their fans because this is still going on.

    I say the puiblic should end the courtroom drama, and get him/Bruins back this season on the ice.

    Other notes.
    It’s still freakin raining here in PEI.

    The kids are tired of sitting indoors.

    The weather in Manitoba is in the 30’s every day.

    We may pull pole and head back to Mb sooner than expected.

    2011 Summit We R Fans

    Taking the kids to the Montreal Hall of fame on the way home.

    Stopping to watch the Jays too and the HOF.

    Had three lobsters yesterday……..yummi.

    Shane Oliver
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

  59. 24 Cups says:

    Shoutout to Brendan Shanahan:

    1. “The game has never been better”. I got news for you, the game is in crisis in terms of the health and safety of players. Half the players are living by the law of the jungle while the other half live in fear of speaking up and being chastised. Act now or run the risk of becoming another Colin Campbell.

    2. “There is no red flag right now on icing”. The present icing rule is the stupidest rule in hockey. No touch icing is the easiest improvement to make in the game. You could do it today and never look back.

    3. Brian Burke is right – the bear hug concept has some merit. It would end all the crap about the speed of the game and that players have no time to re-act on plays along the boards.

    Shoutout to JT:

    I rest my case!

    Gauthier did the smart thing by isolating some long-term cap money for the future. Unfortunately, he didn’t spend it this summer on a short-term one year deal to shore up the line-up. It’s not too late!

  60. Ian Cobb says:

    The intent to injure was there! End of story.

    Criminal assault is a crime! On the street or on the ice. Wonderful to see that Montreal has the balls that Bettman does not.!

    Get this criminal element out of our great game.

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