Carolina inches closer to Canadiens

The 5-3 loss left the Canadiens seven points out of a playoff spot – and two points ahead of the 15th-place Hurricanes.
Next up, a Wednesday evening visit by the Bruins.

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  1. Gerry H says:

    Man it must suck not being able to enjoy this team. It must suck even more to want them to do even worse in order to improve their position in the draft. I don’t understand why people won’t allow themselves the joy of rooting for a team that is not yet out of contention. The last week has been a blast. Watching them roar back into it last night was a hoot and, even though they let the game slip away, the pace of the last week shows that it ain’t over.

    OK Scott Gomez’s anus horribilus has not escaped my attention. Neither has Tomas Kaberle’s soft play and defensive ineptitude (nor that absurd mini-stick he uses). So sue me if I prefer to revel in the speed and commitment of Erik Cole, the wiles of DD, the monster hits of Emelin and the lionhearted play of our man Josh. Hell, Plekanec seems to be getting his Mojo back, Bourque is getting down and dirty and PK seems to have cleared his head a bit.

    I see tons of upside with this team. Eller is progressing nicely. Diaz and Emelin are adjusting to the NHL game. LL, while certainly no skills bonanza, shows tons of smarts and grit. We have Markov to look forward to and the Captain.

    This team lifts me up. I don’t get why some want to drag them down. Takes all kinds, I guess.

    • twilighthours says:

      The play of Gomez and Kaberle tarnishes, nay, shats upon the fine, fine play of those others you mentioned.

      It is truly a joy to watch Cole, Plex, Emelin, Gorges, etc play.

      Unfortunately, they also play with Gomez, Kaberle, Kostitsyn, Campoli, etc.

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