Carey’s comparables

What Price is right?

Put less cloyingly, what should the Canadiens pay their newly-anointed Number One goaltender?

As per CapGeek, the team has 20 players under contract and $4.7 million of salary cap space.

Carey Price’s base salary through his first three seasons has been $850,000. Bonuses have brought his annual cap hit to $2.2 million.

Josh Harding, the backup goaltender in Minnesota, signed a one-year contract for $1.2 million today.

Harding played in 25 games last year, cmpared to 41 for Price. But their career numbers make an interesting comparison:

Price: 134 regular season GP, a record of 60 wins, 48 losses and 18 overtime losses. GAA of 2.73, save percentage of 91.2

Harding: 83 GP, 28-39-8, 2.66, 91.5.

Harding is 26. Price turns 23 next month.

Here’s a look at some other NHL goaltenders in their 20s:

Let’s lead off with two goaltenders who were, like Price, first-round
draft choices:

Marc-André Fleury, picked first overall by
the Penguins in 2003, is 25 and has played in 302 regular season games and is
148-106-30 with a GAA of 2.82 and a save percentage of 90.7. Fleury will
make $5.5 million for each of the next three seasons and $5.75 million
in the last year of his contract.

Kari Lehtonen, second
overall to Atlanta in 2002, is 26: 204, 94-83-17, 2.87 and 91.2. Dallas just
signed him to a contract that will pay $2.7 million, $3.7 million and

Some other relevant 20somethings:

Craig Anderson, Colorado, is 29: 180, 74-68-20, 2.77, 91.3. $2.125
million this season, then a UFA.

Jonas Hiller, Anaheim, 28: 128 GP, 63-45-6, 2.49, 92.0. Signed through 2013-’14 at $4.5 million per.

Mike Smith, Tampa Bay, 28: 98, 41-42-11, 2.53, 91.0. $2.4 million
this season, then a UFA.

Pekka Rinne, Nashville, 27: 113, 62-32-9, 2.46, 91.4. $2.8
million, $4 million, then a UFA.

Jonathan Quick, Los Angeles, 26: 119, 61-44-9, 2.54, 90.8. $1.9
million, $1.8 million, $1.7 million and a UFA in 2013-’14.

Jimmy Howard, Detroit, 26: 72, 38-20-10, 2.32, 92.2. $800,000,
then a UFA.

Annti Niemi, Chicago, 26: 39, 26-7-4, 2.25, 91.2. He and the
Hawks are going to arbitration.

Jaroslav Halak, St. Louis, 25: 101, 56-34-7, 2.62, 91.9. $2.75
million, $3.5 million, $4.25 million, $4.5 million and a UFA in

Jonas Gustavson, Toronto, 25: 42, 16-15-9, 2.87, 90.2. $1.35
million for the next two seasons, then a UFA.

Tuuka Rask, Boston, 23: 50, 25-13-6, 2.01, 93.0. $1 million this season, $1.5 million in 2011-’12, then an RFA.

Steve Mason, Columbus, 22: 61, 33-20-7, 2.29, 91.6. $765,000 this season, then a RFA.

Semyon Varlamov, Washington, 22: 32, 19-4-7, 2.49, 91.5. $850,00 this season, $765,000 in 2011-’12, then a RFA.

There are many other variables – including playoff performance (Hello, Jaro!), injury history (which didn’t prevent Dallas from making Lehtonen rich), quality of supporting cast (notably the D), etc.

The numbers cited above, however, give you – and Price and Pierre Gauthier – some sense of the market.




  1. TorontoHabsFan says:




  2. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Tony, it’s nice to see that you’re a true renaissance man – woefully ignorant about everything, not just hockey 🙂

  3. Mark C says:

    Hyperbole much?

  4. Mark C says:

    Other teams have. Hey, there is always the WC.

  5. TripleX says:



    “And I am really looking forward to watching Michael Cammalleri in the NHL. He had an awesome year in the AHL.” PIERRE McGUIRE

  6. SeriousFan09 says:

    I hear this National Hockey League has their own site on the interweb now with all these accurate stats.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  7. Mike Boone says:

    Fixed. Wikipedia had ’em wrong

  8. Mark C says:

    Playoffs are hard to make when you play in the AL East, by far the best division year in and year out. I want to know how Jose Bautista became a “monster?”

  9. NightRyder says:

    Nice job Boone, not being able to do something as simple as look up Carey Price’s career stats. 

    Although, I wouldn’t mind forgetting Price’s record from last year either…

    NOTE: Man, the Internet must be a wonderful new addition to lazy reporters. No longer is your mistake etched in ink forever and ever. Just go back, update the story and mistake all gone.


  10. Bill J says:

    Agreed the competition RE: closeness is certainly better suited for the central.

  11. Bill J says:

    I think the Habs are probably trying to get him signed for 3 years.

    By then, some big contracts will be off the books, and some soon to expire. (Gomez)

    So if the Habs can lock him down at 2.5 – 2.75 for 3 years.

    Then they can afford to sign him to a big long term contract, OR like Theodore trade him if unwilling.

    in 3 years, he will still be a RFA. So not a big risk.

  12. Bill J says:

    Pure speculation.

  13. likehoy says:

    could we hire howie mandel to do our negotiations and have 1 hour special hockey celebrity deal or no deal?

  14. Mark C says:

    He’s off to a good start, IMO. It’s time to petition Bud to move the team into the central.

  15. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Lets hope so. But again, no playoffs, unless they really string some together and start getting base hits. HR can only win you so many games, but damn, they are free swinging this year!

  16. Caper says:

    Right you are. Alex A. is going to build himself a contender within 3 years.

  17. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Thanks for “catching” the humor.


    I hope it all works out in the end. I would sure love to see them back in playoffs again.

  18. Chuck says:

    Yep… they’re missing last season’s stats.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  19. Max_a_million says:

    Aren’t those Carey Price stats wrong?!?  He has 60 wins and 48 losses I thought.

  20. Chuck says:

    Plus he’s 6 years younger…


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  21. Muckbringer says:

    oct yet?   balls!!!

  22. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Aw man, the playoffs were never a possibility this year 🙂 Richard Griffin has been doing some good work, pointing out that the team is actually quite well set up for the near future – 2012. There’s a tonne of young players on the team now and in the system:

    1B – Wallace

    2B – Hill

    SS – Hechavarria

    3B – ?

    OF – Wells, Snider, ??

    C- Arebencia

    DH – Lind

    Rotation: Marcum, Romero, Cecil, Morrow, Litsch/Drabek


    And yes, summer time certainly does make one want to Catch De Taste!



  23. Chuck says:

    He’s no longer on his entry-level contract, so I don’t believe that he’s bonus-eligible.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  24. Muckbringer says:

    who else is with me? were lookin good eh?!!!!!!”

  25. Mark C says:

    Escobar has been horrid this year, but his past two seasons have been very good. Based on WAR Escobar was the 5th best SS last year. The kid can play, also he’s a second half player.

  26. JasonM says:

    I’d guess he’ll get a 3 year 7M deal with bonus incentives that’ll bring his cap to about 3M a year.

  27. Muckbringer says:

    “i believe in you carey, cammi, gommer, gio and lapps….marki, pk and giller, ….

  28. Muckbringer says:

    i would have him sign something for sure, you?

  29. Mark C says:

    I’m a Red Sox fan and this is a great trade for the Jays. Getting Yunel Escobar with three years of control for A-Gonz is a steal.

  30. Muckbringer says:

    let me break it down like this…carey price is youre rock….do you embrace or do you shun….?

    youre vote please

  31. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Selling high by getting crap in return (EDIT: ok not crap). I agree with callyjo, it was a salary dump. See ya playoffs, AGAIN!

    Back to back champions and then this! I am now craving McCain punch, weird eh?

  32. Muckbringer says:

    yes sir…he is worth it if only these bastards would believe rather than critisis


  33. Muckbringer says:

    3m/yr given the obvious that you dont support him and then he proves himself after 3/4 of a year and you arse holes trade him for a third round

  34. RiverviewCanadien says:

    If he does not want to play in Montréal, then good riddance. He could be the most talented goalie in the league, but if you don’t want to be a Hab, then I don’t want you playing for my Habs. But I don’t think he feels that way, at least I hope not.

    He should NOT get anymore than a 2 year deal. Make him work for that BIG contract. If he can progress over those two years and get back to his early form, you lock him up tight like the Federal Reserve. You pay him the money up front and you keep him around for a while.

    I favored Halak. I know he will be great, but he no longer plays for the Canadiens. So my bet is on Price, that he will be the BETTER goalie, but that is only because he plays for my Habs right now.

    Carey…your serve.



  35. TorontoHabsFan says:

    I dunno, Gonzalez’ stats for the first half of this season are WAY above his recent averages…and as we all know, regression to the mean can be a real btch 😉

    I sincerely doubt that Gonzalez was in any long or even medium term plans – in two years our Cuban saviour should be manning short.

    It looks like a case of selling high to me.

  36. Muckbringer says:

    ive never seen this asked yet so ill slam them on the table

  37. Chorske says:

    Buddy, this deal doesn’t make sense for either party- the Habs commit to a major salary and a big cap hit in a market swamped with decent underpaid goalies– and Price gives up TWO years of UFA on a pittance salary. It’s a dumb deal for both parties.

    Explain how this deal makes sense to either party. And there’s a trick- you need to stay in reality: no trips to Wonderland.

  38. Muckbringer says:

    i really cant decide

  39. Muckbringer says:

    k, brass balls…Roy or desjardins?

  40. Muckbringer says:

    “we wouldve gotten away with it too if it wasnt for those meddaling refs”

  41. Muckbringer says:

    maybe, juat rolling the dice…id take price long term


  42. HabFab says:


    Noticed you had queried a few posts back about Hamilton’s D this season. The name not mentioned back was David Urquhart (6th signed D).

    But believe they will need to sign two more to be able to keep 2 teams stocked for the season.

  43. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I am pissed at that deal. Gonzalez was having a great ride with 17HR, how much does this guy have…none?

  44. Muckbringer says:

    5 yrs 15, ill leave it up to you to run him out of town

  45. The Capitalist Pig says:

    The amount is fine. I would just like to lock him in for the term up until he becomes a UFA. He’s going to go after than on his own anyway. Why go through this melodrama again before he leaves?

  46. Muckbringer says:

    i will believe in everyone they sign untill after the allstar break and then ill pick my goat

  47. sidhu says:

    2 years, $2.65m per year.

    I think it’s high, but the Habs brass seems so into Carey I think they’ll settle in on this contract, with the expectation that Carey will blow them away after two years and then be entitled to a better deal.

  48. Chorske says:

    Jaysus, I think I just barfed a little. 😉

  49. Chorske says:

    I think anyone who reads this list of comparables and still thinks Carey is worth more than $2.5 million is too stupid to post on HIO.

    Anyone who thinks the Habs should lock him up for term at 4 million was dropped on their head as a baby.

    Two years max, 2 million per max. Anything more is egregious overspending.

  50. Muckbringer says:

    think about how many cups we wouldve won without the ontario connection……props to the french, save roy et Desardain!!!!!let us all just remember the win and realize we will see at least one more before we are done here!!!!

    are we not one?????



    whoes with me???!!!!



    GO HABS GO!!!!!!

  51. ProHabs says:

    12 year 52 million dollar contract front loaded. 6 million for the first 6 years than 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 1. Habs trade AK to fit Price under the salary cap this year.  Build the team around this guy he is a thoroughbred.  

  52. nickster13 says:

    and their dog!

  53. Muckbringer says:

    k who has a better farm?  go….

  54. Muckbringer says:

    “we wouldve gotten away with it too if it wasnt for those meddaling refs”

  55. Muckbringer says:

    i really think goalies should be exempt from the hit

  56. Muckbringer says:

    we know, thourough bred and such but like i proposed earlier, isnt the modern tender just a 4th post?”i may be wrong”


  57. The Capitalist Pig says:

    That seems reasonable to me. I think you want to construct a contract that carries him to the UFA season as well with a reasonable cap hit. Deep down, unless they win something over that four-year term, I think he will bolt on his own at his first chance.

  58. Mark C says:

    What makes Price’s market value hard to determine is his cross-point between factors, such age, experience, and numbers and the NHL’s contract structure. This list gives everyone a general sense of what the market is, however I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a divide between both camps on his worth.      

  59. Gumby1964 says:

    3 year deal, 2.25M, 2.50M, 3.0M

    This should work for everyone involved

    Gumby has spoken



    Ken Dryden: “There are two types of forwards. Scorers and bangers. Scorers score and bangers bang.”

  60. kempie says:

    That’s a very good point. That’s likely what the holdup is. PG insisting on language that stipulates that Carey must burn his red pads and melt down the Grim Reaper mask into an ashtray. I can see this being a deal-breaker.

  61. Chuck says:

    Elissa, don’t gorget about Rememberance Carey and his special mask, too.

    I wonder if anyone has done a breakdown of his record in regards to the mask that he was wearing.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  62. Chuck says:

    Four years: 2.0, 2.5, 3.25, 3.75

    That takes him to his UFA year. And if the Habs want to go in another direction down the road, his contract is a very trade-friendly $2.875 million cap hit.

    Of course, I fully expect a slightly larger cap hit if the term is around 2 years. If they go for 2, then a couple of big money defense contracts come off the books allowing for a higher cap number for the second 2 years that would take him through until he’s a UFA.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  63. Muckbringer says:

    yes!!!carey in red w/brown…….bring it!!!!!!

  64. Don Carnage says:

    Moved to the end of the page

  65. Muckbringer says:

    the vintage gear… the browns!

  66. Eliisa says:

    What is clearly more important here, Chuck, is Cowboy Carey’s stats (wearing The Cowboy mask) vs Badass Carey’s stats  (wearing The Hardcore Grim Reaper on Chopper mask). Upon deciding which mask he is going to don we can then work out a salary from there.

  67. Muckbringer says:

    i say he takes that in la

  68. arcosenate says:

    I say 3 years: 2.5, 3, 3.5.

  69. arcosenate says:

    I say 3 years: 2.5, 3, 3.5.

  70. arcosenate says:

    I say 3 years: 2.5, 3, 3.5.

  71. Muckbringer says:

    kovi was offered 17yr deal, he has others around him. how do you not offer price a long term deal @2m per? if a goalie is truely important, why dont separate them from the cap and prove it?

  72. Chuck says:

    Stats-wise, he seems to be a cross between Craig Anderson and Jonas Hillier, though 5-6 years younger.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  73. Muckbringer says:

    my point is why do goalies make so much less, even throughout career when they get all the pressure?  should netminders be separate from the cap?

  74. Muckbringer says:

    “we wouldve gotten away with it too if it wasnt for those meddaling refs”

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