Carey Price steals a point for Habs in shootout loss to Lightning (Video)

Carey Price for HIO

(Photo: Dario Ayala/The Gazette)

The Canadiens managed to salvage a point in their 2-1 shootout loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning despite a lacklustre performance that left their coach unimpressed.

Canadiens goaltender Carey Price turned in a brilliant performance, making 44 saves.

“He kept us in the game,” said Canadiens’ captain Brian Gionta. “He’s the reason why we’re able to steal a point out of that game.”

Coach Michel Therrien called it a great performance by Price. But that was the only effusive praise from Therrien in his post-game press conference.

“We didn’t compete hard enough to get success for two periods,” he said. “And Carey gave us a chance to stick in the game. I thought we were a little bit better in the third before we took those two penalties. But to be able to score some goals you’ve got to compete and skate. And this is not what we did honestly for two periods.”

“We created some momentum in the third because we had more urgency in our game. But I’m not impressed,” Therrien added.

The other team skated and won the battles along the boards, Therrien said.

“(It’s) not a secret. When you don’t skate and and you don’t compete for the puck it’s hard to have success.”

The Canadiens were out shot 45-29. In the second period, the Lightning out shot the Habs 13-5.

After his sensational performance, Price was characteristically modest.

“We probably blocked a lot of shots, too,” Price said.

“I don’t really recall many big saves I had to make,” he added. “Our guys did a pretty good job of letting them shoot from the outside.”

You can hear more of what Price had to say after the game here:

And you can hear what Gionta had to say here:

(Video: Brenda Branswell)


  1. rhino514 says:

    Any word on Prust?
    I thought he was already skating last week, has there been some type pf setback?

  2. Timo says:

    … and here is the brave Mtl media – sure, go ahead and delete a comment of a frustrated spectator, but god forbid ask one of these stiffs why they forgot to show up for the game. (Good job, Brenda)

    • jols101 says:

      I’m surprised your comment got modded. You were just being critical of the team. They deserve to be criticized. Especially the older veterans that are suppose to provide the leadership. Many of our ‘leaders’ put in gutless efforts on a consistent basis. I guess we are all expected to be sheep and just be grateful they are on the team we love.

    • Bill says:

      They’re not Woodward and Bernstein, man.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

  3. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Millionaire athletes not giving 110% each & every game is a disgrace. I wish the players just STFU & say nothing at the post game. “we didn’t compete, we were flat, we didn’t show up, blah blah blah””.
    Thank You Carey Price. The only bright spot on that pathetic team effort.

    • Timo says:

      I still don’t understand why none of the reporters who get “we did not compete” answer from a player don’t just immediately ask one simple question: “why?”

      Seriously, how can you honestly not just ask that. Why is everybody so afraid of Mtl media when in fact they are nothing but a bunch of fluffy kittens.

  4. The Jackal says:

    This is for those Price haters.
    This is the Price we’ve always had. He didn’t have to bail out the team last season because we actually scored goals. He’s a lot better this year but he has always been good. Now that we are not getting any goals you see how important he is, keeping us in games and stealing points.
    Without Price, wtf kind of team are we? We’d be almost as bad as the Oilers. PK, Price, the EGGs – everyone else is an asset that can be traded.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Timo says:

      For what it’s worth I thought Briere was decent tonight. Not that I wouldn’t trade his ass in a heartbeat but, perhaps, in light of DD, he didn’t look horrible.

      Something needs to be done about the 4th line. Absolutely dreadful. Worse than a junior team.

  5. Bill says:

    Terrible effort by the Habs. Really sad. Gotta question the leadership on the team – starting with Gionta – after a no-show like that. Pathetic.

    Nice work by Price at least.

  6. Feraco says:

    Hey did you know that of the top 12 shortest players in the nhl the habs have 8 of them?

    I thought that was interesting

    • Timo says:

      Interesting is not the word I would use.

    • Michael says:

      More interesting is the fact that this is not even close to being true. Montreal has 3 of 12 shortest players in the NHL.

      68 inches
      Francis Bouillon, MTL
      Chris Conner, PIT
      Cory Conacher, OTT
      Martin St Louis, TBL
      Jordan Schroeder, VAN
      Cam Atkinson, CBJ
      Mark Arcobello, EDM

      67 inches
      Stephen Gionta, NJD
      Mats Zuccarello, NYR
      Brian Gionta, MTL
      David Desharnais, MTL

      65 inches
      Nathan Gerbe, CAR

      Not saying we’re tall, but get the facts straight! Montreal does have 2 of the 5 shortest, but not even close to 8 of the 12 shortest. In fact, we only have 6 of the 28 shortest players in the league.

      Where did you hear that we had 8 of the top 12? NESN or something?

  7. Feraco says:

    You seem really upset lol

  8. Timo says:

    And can we end the Pacioretty experiment? He is another Benny Poulliot only with a lot less talent.

  9. Sportfan says:


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