Cap on the rise to $64 million: report


TSN’s Bob McKenzie reports that the NHL’s salary cap is on the rise to $64 million with the floor at $48 million. Interesting news to cross the desk of Canadiens GM Pierre Gauthier, who still has an inbox full of dossiers to settle as the July 1 UFA period looms 11 days away.

This day in 1972, former Canadiens forward Phil Goyette was named the first head coach of the New York Islanders. Phil is one of the great gentlemen in hockey.

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  2. mike3131 says:

    This is great news! We should easily be able to sign Wiz now. I don’t think he is worth more than $5 M as some are describing. I see him being worth a GENEROUS $5.25 – $5.5 M MAX. Only Toronto or NYR would throw $6 M his way.
    And in regards to Markov, if we do not come to terms with him, perhaps we can make a splash in the UFA market and sign Eric Brewer. He is good defensively (as proven in the playoffs), durable, experienced, not overly physical but strong (6’3, 222), and can provide offense (good for a 2nd PP unit). He might also come cheaper than Markov (also age 32). How about:

    Brewer – PK
    Gorges – Wiz
    Yemelin – Gill

    And the PP:

    PK – Wiz
    Yemelin – Brewer

    ♪ And we’re livin’ here in Allentown… ♪

    • Polar Bear says:

      That’s not going to happen Mike. Wiz is gone and Brewer is not on the radar. Habs defence is set with the new signings and once Markov is on board. Extra money will go into getting a forward and allowing a little cushion for possible stretch run trade.

    • DLHABSNUT65 says:

      I wonder if they are in a rush to sign either of Markov or Wiz!! Right now they are concentrating on the RFA’s! Markov is damaged goods and maybe Wiz is asking too much!? Remember next year they’ll need to resign Price and Subban, so maybe they’re looking to the future!! Just wondering!!

  3. B915 says:

    Your only as good as your last cup

  4. marriedtoabruin says:

    FYI I was at the parade and saw one guy with a HABS SUCK T-shirt. He was ahead of me at Starbucks. Also saw him walking by us on Copley street. I’m looking forward to the near future to attend a stanley cup parade for the habs. I’m a little tired of seeing black & yellow, and that damn song….

  5. Graceland says:

    The only statistice that counts is the following: Habs 24 – Boston 6.
    Anything else are for losers. And that’s the name of that tune.

    • NightRyder says:

      I think a current championship actually carries a lot of weight for fans. Our team’s history obviously trumps all others, but only Boone was around for the Howie Morenz titles.

      The Habs won a boatload of titles when I was a kid, another when I was a teenager and a final when I was a youngish adult. Now, with only two titles in 31 years, I think I’d really appreciate another one.

      I can always throw out the 24 titles to trump any argument, but a fresh title would mean that much more now.

  6. coutNY says:

    Ideas for Molson to make a splash – with a cap at $64
    ~ Go after Richards @ $8.5 milllion and Go after Wiz @ $5 milllion

    Gomez – Trade, Buy out, or Waive to the minors
    1.) Trade – virtually impossible, but no Cap or Salary implications
    2.) Buy out – Frees up (using CBA methodology below) Savings:
    $5.55 million this year; CAP hit = $1.8014
    $3.55 million 2012-13; CAP hit = $3.8014
    $2.55 million 2013-14; CAP hit = $4.8014
    stuck with $1.94 per there after for 3 addtional years 2015-2017
    3.) Send him to minors (ei: Redden / Sauray) No Cap but paying an AHLer as a top line player

    Any one of the scenario’s savings coupled with the CAP @ $64 mil CAP can allow for Richards @ $8.5 and Wiz @ $5 and resign of Markov @ current salary.

    Gomez eating up $7.357 no matter how much of a locker room guy he is will inhibit this team from a CUP. Tough descision but necessary with his crippling salary.

    Also try moving Spacek for further space… again impossible but

    • SnowManHabs85 says:

      The idea of buying out Gomez’s contract is ridiculous, Habs would be stuck with his cap hit for years still, much like signing 1 year deal to UFA for the next 6 years. Buyout is not an option since this season, only option is trading. His trade value has decrease since the season he had last season, so I think we’re stuck with him unless PG trades him but whatever we’ll get, probably won’t include 2 former 1st round pick players which what Gainey traded for him.

      “Responding to the media , or playing to the media, or listening to the fans is the quickest way to start losing” – Sam Pollock

    • fofe84 says:

      “Gomez eating up $7.357 no matter how much of a locker room guy he is will inhibit this team from a CUP.”

      Hasn’t he won twice as many Cups as anyone else on the team?

      • coutNY says:

        Doesn’t mean jack… a lot players can make that claim of winning a cups over the past 8 years. Gomez was on a team that was not strapped by the CAP system, he wasn’t best player on the the team or a huge contributor offensively during the season or Playoffs in winning the cup during the 2003 or 2000 cups, and he was a winger on those teams. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike the guy, he plays hard in meaning full games as much as anyone. But he’s not a #1 center but paid as one. It’s more of a dollars and cents business than in the past. Gomez @ 4 million is more inline with his output but @ $7.357 he is hurting the team.

    • NightRyder says:

      I have had my Gomez-bashing stick out since the day he arrived. But I’m sure we’re stuck with him for at least one more year.

      With his declining salary and massive cap hit, he’ll be eyeballed by teams looking to hit the salary cap floor.
      There could also be changes to the buyout terms after this year that will allow us to jettison him without future penalties.

      Move him to the wing (alongside Eller perhaps) where his speed would be useful; his declining defensive play wouldn’t be as harmful; his endless puck-carrying forays would be curbed and he’d be forced to go within 25 feet of the net on occasion. Hope he bounces back and gets about 55 points. If we can get a bag of pucks for him after next year, great. If not, gun him then.

  7. J Haul says:

    The guys running i/o should be ashamed of themselves. I’m getting mighty sick of them constantly stirrIng the pot, obviously in an attempt to drive up posts. I sure hope they don’t get all upset when things get nasty in here. They’re the ones creating the negative environment.
    We come to this site to discuss and get news on the habs, not be antagonized by “one of our own”.

  8. BeeGee says:

    @renhockey: Max Pacioretty (mtl) 2011-2012 1.5 + 2012-2013 1.75


  9. Mike says:

    ok, since non of you are putting reasonable lines/ numbers ill put mine up. These are REALISTIC PPL!!

    cammy-Pleks-X = 6+5= 11
    Patches-Gomez-Gionta = 1.7-7.35-5= 14.5
    Darche-Eller- AK = .7+1.5+3.25 = 5.45
    Moen-X- White = 1.5+1+1= 3.5
    X = 1
    Total = 34.95

    Markov-Yemelin =5.75+.95 = 6.7
    Gorges – Subban = 4.25 + .875 = 5.125
    Gill – Weber = 2.25 + 1= 3.25
    Spacek = 3.83
    Total = 18.905

    Price = 2.75
    X = 1.25
    Total = 4

    Total Spent so far 57.855
    Cap Ceiling = 64
    Space = 6.145
    Needs: top line winger, 4th line center, 13th offensive player. (sign accounted for back goalie, meaning no extra cap hit)

    • veryhabby says:

      Mike one error….no way Gorges is making $4.25M. I know we all love the guy, but I think $3-3.5M long term is resonable. Remember he isn’t a UFA, he’s a RFA. So it’s not like Wiz situation where he can ask for the moon. He has little bargaining position, when do you see a #3-4 D style Dman make over $4M when not a UFA?

      • Mike says:

        true.. my bad. so make it 3.5 per for 3-4 years

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          Even that is a bit high. The guy is worth 2 Million. He could get more though… 2.5 tops.

          Then again if Gill makes 2 something….

          • mike3131 says:

            Hobbie – You are terribly underrating Gorges. 2.5 tops?! The guy would do ANYHTING for the team, great guy, sacrifices, (took a 100 MPH Mike Green shot to the head, played next game). I know he has limited offensive ability but he is amazing defensively, plays with heart and puts it all out on the ice. If he takes $2-$2.5 M, great, but he DESERVES at least $3.3 M.

            ♪ And we’re livin’ here in Allentown… ♪

      • coutNY says:

        Patches- B. Richards- Gionta = 1.625+8.5+5= 15.125
        Cammy- Pleks- Darche = 6+5+.7= 11.7
        Halpern- Eller- AK = .7+1.5+3.25 = 5.9
        Moen-X- White = 1.5+1+1= 3.5
        Desharnais = .65
        Total = 36.4874

        Markov- Subban=5.75+.875 = 6.625
        Gorges – Wiz = 2 + 5 = 7
        Gill – Weber = 2.25 + 1.1 = 3.35
        Yemelin = 0.9842
        Spacek = 3.83
        Total = 21.7922

        Price = 2.75
        X = 1.0
        Total = 3.75

        Gomez year 1 buy-out cost – $1.801444444

        Total Spent so far 62.979
        Cap Ceiling = 64
        Space = 1.020356

        Gorges is coming off a major injury and IMO won’t demand more than $2

  10. fire2nv says:

    max pac just signed a 2yr with montreal according to tsn text i just recieved

  11. BeeGee says:

    Sign the Wiz if it can be done at a somewhat reasonable rate and without an NTC… There’s room for him now and he’s got value, so you can always trade him down the road..

  12. BeeGee says:

    I’m starting to worry PG likes his team just the way it is… I, like quite a few participants here, see an urgent need for size and grit throughout the lineup. Specifically, I would love to see 3 rugged wingers and one scary shutdown Dman added (one of the wingers should be able to play in the top 6).

    But sadly, if along with Darche, PG resigns Pyatt and DD, I don’t see a whole lot of change coming to this team…

    • BeeGee says:

      Cammalleri – Plekanec – x
      Paccioretty – Gomez – Gionta
      A.Kost – Eller – x
      Moen – White – x
      / Darche / (DD, Pyatt & Pouliot in hamilton?)

      Markov – Subban
      Georges – x (or Wisniewski)
      Gill – Webber
      / Yemelin / Spacek

    • shootdapuck says:

      Scary thought, Mr. Sit_on_your_hands Goatier trotting out the same lineup next year!

      … the fans of the Boston Bruins now have lost forever any right to complain that “the league” is out to get their team, and that the Montreal Canadiens have some kind of pull inside the NHL home office.

      Charles P. Pierce – Boston Globe

  13. Rudy says:

    Max Pac just tweeted he signed for 2 years

  14. RGM says:

    With the cap set now at $64M for next season, the Habs at the moment have about $22M in free space and need to decide what to do with the following:
    Pouliot, Pacioretty, White, Desharnais, Pyatt, Gorges, Weber, Picard
    Of that lot, I think only Pacioretty & Gorges will cost a significant amount above the NHL minimum. Pouliot will likely be dealt or allowed to walk. The other guys are depth players who will likely all be re-signed for under a million each.

    Halpern, Markov, Wiz, Hamrlik, Sopel, Mara, Auld
    Halpern may or may not be re-signed. The Markov/Wiz dilemma will be the high drama issue facing the team until a decision is made. I don’t see Hammer, Sopel, or Mara being re-signed. If Auld wants a million dollars to play 8 games again this year, I have no problem with that.

    We all foresaw the cap going up a fair amount but I didn’t think it would hit $64M. That’s a good boost and will give Gauthier more options – but he definitely needs to keep an eye on the payroll for 2012-13, as both Price & Subban are due up for some pretty good raises.

    During the long summer, we all get to be pretend GM.

    • Rugger says:

      I would resign the RFA’s except for Picard, with Poulet going to Hamilton unless he excells in camp. Pyatt I could see going up & down several times, not a bad guy to have in reserve. UFA’s are tougher, Markov & Wiz if resonable, Auld. Beyond that it only ones I would consider would be Halpern & Hammer if cheap.

    • TomNickle says:

      Eller and Yemelin control their own destiny in terms of what their next contracts will look like too. They both could put themselves in position for big raises.

  15. avatar_58 says:

    Why are folks crying over that pic? Surely you give boston and leaf fans shite all the time? Can’t take it yourselves or what?

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      My tear ducts are dry, I just wanted H I/O to know how I felt about it.

      I find it funny how many people are acting like it’s a crime to voice your opinion to the mods of this site.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      A few points:

      1. Here we are actually giving ourself shite, if you think about it.

      2. It isn’t really funny or original is it? The golfing thing. I mean, that’s what they always say to teams that are eliminated. You’re golfing.

      3. Is it really better to be a loser wearing a backwards baseball cap at a parade then to be PK golfing?

      4. The guy is smoking a cigarette and implying that standing around is better than physical exercise (golfing). Should H I/O be encouraging this kind of unhealthy lifestyle choice?encouraging

  16. longbow says:

    A reminder to those thinking we need to save money for Subban and Price…..Spacek’s money will go to Subban or at least a chunk of it so it’s just a matter of finding money for Price. I think ,keeping Price in mind, we can still sign Wiz. My fear is that if we don’t sign him he will end up in Detroit as a replacement for Rafalski,Toronto or Boston as a replacement for Kaberle.
    Hope we do well at the draft this week and I hope we stop trading away 2nd rounders.

    Einstein’s definition of insanity – “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

    • RobertAlanFord says:

      Gomez’ contract drops by roughly 2 mil that year as well. And I’m assuming the cap will increase by 1. Shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

      Dont think we have a second round pick this year but if Florida actually does want Spacek then thats a good place to start. My pick in this years draft is Mark Mcneill. Centre, power forward, good shooter, net presence and will kick ur arse in about nine seconds. Highlight reel link below:

      -When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro-

  17. RobertAlanFord says:

    Non related and silly question: how do i change my profile pic on this site? cant find it in the edit profile screen.
    -When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro-

  18. Neutral says:

    someone mentioned signing simon Gagne, that’s exactly what we need another injury prone player. no wonder we can’t win a cup all the injury prone is injured come playoff time. sure they put up good points during the season come playoff rough them up they’re gone injured that really helps a team.

  19. huge_polar_bear says:

    Lidstrom is back for another year… The man is a work horse.

    Let’s hope PK has a similar career with the Habs.

  20. johnny_habs_4ever says:

    PK Subban is NOT golfing.

    PK Subban is partying in this beautiful city of ours. Yes, he was at Buonanotte this weekend. Ironically, he was a lone wolf trying to keep things low key. Bro, word of advice … you gotta shave that chin strap beard.

    That being said, I wish I was a black famous hockey player in this town. I’d pick up all the babes. 😉

  21. SmartDog says:

    1. ON D. In a best possible scenario, a lot of people say PG signs both Marky and the Whiz AND finds a taker for Spacek? Could that actually happen?
    2. JA–GRRRRR BABY! Would you want Jagr? If not Jagr, who is the most LIKLEY upgrade to our top 6 forwards? Put your thinking caps on…. who has Martin coached who’s available?
    3. IS ANYONE THAT STUPID? With the cap floor rising some people seem to think there might be a market for Gomez out there. I’d like to think so but really… could that happen? What else would we have to giveaway to get out from under being cursed with this expensive floater in our line-up?
    4. DEPTH FORWARDS. Do our depth forwards need replacing? This is not too hard to do usually and some have said Pyatt and Moen at least are too 1-dimensional to be clutch contributors.
    5. BACK-UP. Ramo had a great year and would make a good back-up. But Ramo isn’t coming. Was this a bad trade? And who should PG try to get?

    • habaholic68NJ says:

      I’ll bite SD.

      1. Yes. Spaceman will fit the needs of Florida
      2. No thanks. I’ll take Laich
      3. We are stuck with Gomer at least one more year.
      4. Yes. White, Moen and Konopka.
      5. Auld for 1 more year but give him 20 games

      *Listen to my instrumental tribute entitled “Habs at War” at

      • RobertAlanFord says:

        Brooks Laich is my first choice as well. He can play with the top six and also fit nicely between Moen and White.

        I agree about Gomez sticking around. If anything he’s going to drive to put up better numbers next year and at worst his cap hit is down to 5 mil the year after.

        When the going gets weird the weird turn pro

        • Neutral says:

          Laich would be a good pick up but he’s a center and they would have to play him on the 3rd line. couldn’t move Gomez there, management would look bad $8,000,000 on the 3rd line, not good for politics.

          • RobertAlanFord says:

            Which is why I dont think this would happen but its nice to dream a little. If he was willing to skate between Moen and White then offer him 3.5-4. Probably wants 4.5 ballpark though.

            When the going gets weird the weird turn pro

    • RobertAlanFord says:

      1. We can keep them all now and if Hamrlik wants back I’d say no more than 3 – 3.5. But he’s not essential to the d core unless Spacek can be moved. He could play tag-in with Yemelin. The way I see the d:
      Gorges-Spacek/Hamrlik/Yemelin/Weber …..?????…who knows?

      2. Plenty of other options than Jagr. He was the one that put the Habs on his list, not the other way around.

      3. Much better potential for moving Gomez. Cap space has opened up more potential takers and theres a floor to be met by some teams as well. This goes for Spacek too.

      4. I’d say the depth players have made themselves known and are in place already. One more grinder and its all set. Desharnais-Darche-Pouliot/Eller. Moen-White-(sign FA here).

      5. Backup is up for anyone who is willing to sit on their arse for 70 games, play twelve and take home a mil for it. Its not an issue for PG. Ramo can stay over there as long as he wants. Trading for him was to open up a spot for a younger guy at some point. I’d say Auld re-signs 1for1 again.

      -When the going gets weird the weird turn pro-

    • Viruk42 says:

      1. It could happen, but I doubt it will. I think Wiz is gone, Spacek stays, and Hamrlik returns for ~2mil. Then Spacek, Hamrlik and Emelin take turns in the pressbox, barring injury. Spacek and Hamrlik to rest them, Emelin because he may not be quite ready for 82 games in the NHL.

      2. I would like to see Jagr join the Habs. I don’t think there’s any free agent winger who could match him, even with his age and time in Russia. He signs for 1 year, meaning that afterwards his salary can be split between Price and Subban.

      3. Gomez will move between January 2012 and October 2013. Let’s not forget that halfway through the year, half his salary will have been paid, so teams like Phoenix will be more willing to take him. However, that depends on the season he’s having, the position Montreal is in, and what we can get for him.

      4. Not all of them. I think Moen is a good physical body that we need, a middleweight fighter that we can sacrifice to the penalty box, but I guess so is White. The main question is whether we think we can upgrade on them. If we can, then go for the upgrade. But if we can’t, better to stick to guys who fit in the dressing room and into the system.

      5. I think Ramo will eventually be traded to a team that will convince him to come back. I think Auld did a good job as Price’s backup, so I’d be okay with him returning. Otherwise, maybe bring back Theodore? He’s really the only other option I see among the UFAs.

    • G-Man says:

      One more time from old (really old) thread.

      1. Spacek not going anywhere- added cap space makes Wiz possible. That would leave Weber very tradeable. Too small anyway.
      2. 2 to 2.5 mil max for Jagr.
      3. IMO, the only place for Gomez is here in Montreal.
      4. Talbot is available- another Cup winner for depth.
      5. The Ramo trade was for insurance- if Price has a career threatening injury or the like. Drop Auld and get McIntyre or Sanford as Price back up.

      • patience is a virtue says:

        I like the idea of Talbot. He’s gritty, only 27, good on the PK, French Canadian + the ring you mentioned. Also insurance at centre in case DD doesn’t work out on the 4th line. If we get him, trade Moen? I don’t think we should give up on DD, or Pouliot, yet.

    • patience is a virtue says:

      1) Yes to Markov + the Wiz, I doubt Spac is going anywhere
      2) Not sure. I would much rather Laich, but it’ll be a bidding war for him.
      3) No. And if Gomez has a bounce back year and Carey stays healthy, those are the two biggest factors that will make the Habs contenders.
      4) Trade Pyatt for pucks, keep Moen – he’s got a couple dimensions: grit and high-end defense/PK duty. I suggest a bottom six of:
      5) Auld

    • BJ says:

      1) A taker on Spacek yes. Wiz & Markov or Bieska & Markov
      2) Jagr for a year yes.
      3) Maybe someone owes PG a favor
      4) Konopka (toughness and faceoff man) instead of Pyatt.
      5) Trade was OK and maybe an insurance policy in the future? I have always been a bit nervous about Price deciding at some point he wants to be closer to home (as on the west coast). Auld was OK.

    • natethegreat says:

      1) i personally think that it would be tough to trade spacek, but not impossible. witht the salary floor coming up, some of the bottom feeder teams might need to take on some salary. BUT, with the salary cap going up this much, maybe they can keep the wiz without having to try to dump spacek. maybe get rid of moen instead.
      2) i don’t hate they idea of jagr coming to the habs, but i have a feeling he won’t he the force he was. there are some drawbacks to jagr as far as attitude. he seems to have a reputation for not backchecking, being lazy and has a big ego. could he disput the chemistry in the habs dressing room. id like to think not, but he could. im a tad skeptical. As far as who else could the habs bring in, not laich!! everyone wants him! read any blogs or websites of almost every other team. they all want brooks laich! If the GM’s areof the same opinion as their fans, his price will skyrocket out of our range-if we want to keep the wiz. personally, i doubt that gauthier will bolster the offense in a significant way.
      3) about trading gomez, i have been wondering alot about that. maybe dallas would take him. i know he still makes 7 million this season, but after that it drops off drastically. maybe they would pull that move. a “Gomez for the rights of Richards(and maybe a conditional draft pick if the habs can’t sign him)” -this is a bit of a fantasy, but it could work. dallas would trade away a top centerman for another one. they might take that- other than the fact the ownership thing could prevent that. maybe another team could take a chance on Gomez, but i doubt we could get much back. (as long as he’s gone, its good)
      4)As far as depth forwards, i think this has been an issue in montreal for too long. Pyatt is too small to be a physical presence, and has NO HANDS whatsoever. he is ok at defense..when he plays. Moen i really dislike. he also has no offense, rarely hits and is a really slow skater, and comes in at a 1.5 million dollar cap hit. trade them both, or put them in a package with spacek or gomez. other than keeping white up in Montreal this year, some UFA’s that the habs brass should look at are: Rupp, Torres, maybe Talbot. Also, i read somewhere that the devils are possibly going to buy out Clarkson. if they do that, we should try to get him for cheep. His contract right now is a little too high right now tho, so i wouldn’t trade for him.
      Kostitsyn Eller Darche
      White Talbot Torres/Clarkson
      i like this much better, but will we have the money to sign some of them, because guys like torres and talbot might ask upwards of 1.5 million. are they worth it at that money, i don’t know. either way, that bottom 6 would be better IMO.
      5) lastly, yes, this was a bad trade, but nothing devastating. their are lots of quality backups available after july 1st, and the longer you wait, the cheeper they get. i hope the habs pursue a guy like Boucher. He could play 20 games or so, and be good enough to replace Price for a short time if Price ever got injured. (something Auld can’t do!)

      • mrhabby says:

        the gomez plus picks for richards rights is pure fantasy , pure fantasy. joe niewendyk would be fired the next day.
        i agree on torres to add some nastiness to that line and pyatt is just awful.

    • mrhabby says:

      1…please sign marky and wiz..offence created from backend the more the better. spacek will be here for another year and depending how team plays could be traded at dead line.
      2. i say sign Jagr 2-3m for 1 year. he is an instant upgrade. i would need him to convince the powers to be that he can handle a 82 game schedule and is in great shape.
      3..gomez is staying for for another year…..he owes the organization a very good year from last years gong show.
      4. i would like to see some more depth players on the 4th line…call them pluggers/ dirty/ nasty with more offense. pyatt has hands of stones. would like to see less nice guys and more ugly/nastiness.
      5. i have no idea about ramo ..sign auld let him play more minutes.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      1. Best scenario is Ehrhoff or Bieksa. Worst scenario is no Wiz but Hamr returns.

      2. Jagr was already getting too old three years ago.

      3. The floor is rising but no team is so far from it that they need Gomez. We are stuck with him.

      4. I’d take Talbot and Dupuis over Moen and Pyatt.

      5. Biron.

  22. Neutral says:

    what a bunch of whimps crying over a picture, like the sign says they’re on the golf course right where they should be. they were not good enough to win a cup. everyone is saying they took Boston to 7 games, it’s the other way around Boston took them to 7 games. up 2 games and blow it don’t try to say they were a stanley cup team. Boston’s management did something Montreal’s management couldn’t do and that’s build a stanley cup team so if Habs want a cup do better with building a stanley cup team, not looking good so far.

    • SmartDog says:

      Boston’s team is the team that Toronto built.
      And Thomas is the only reason you guys survived. And Price outplayed Thomas.

      More to the point: HERE’S HOW BOSTON WON…
      There’s a saying “you have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good”. To suggest that Boston didn’t have luck when it was needed otherwise they could been gone (in the first round) is ridiculous. Boston won on hard work, a strong team, great goal-tending, VERY uneven officiating, and a lot of luck when needed.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      Genius post Neutral, very well worded. You raise many thought provoking points.

  23. Viruk42 says:

    So we now have 13 players, and around 23mil in cap space. We need 5 forwards (to make 13) and 3 Dmen (to make 7), along with a backup goalie.

    If we assumed that Pacioretty and Gorges would get 2.5mil each, Markov 6mil, and the group of White/Desharnais/Pyatt/Halpern 1mil each (I’m trying to overestimate, and use nice round numbers), that’d leave around 8mil for 1 extra Dman.

    Of course, with so many players needing new deals next year (we have 4!! players locked up for next season; Gomez, Plekanec, Cammalleri and Gionta), PG isn’t going to break the bank. I doubt Wiz will stay, just because he’ll be aware of the extensions he needs to give to guys like Subban and Price. But I could see Hamrlik coming back for something like 2mil, which would be reasonable. He’s done a great job in Montreal, but he’s been overworked with all the injuries. Give him lower minutes, more games off, and I think he’d have a great season.

    The more important question is whether PG uses some of the cap space to bring in some physical guys like Konopka, McCormick, Rupp, Eager, Winchester, or whoever (all those guys had 100+ PIM while averaging 10-11min per game. So guys who can take a regular shift).

  24. nunacanadien says:

    It would be a shame to lose the Wiz in the hopes of snagging Jagr, only to have Jagr walk to some Russian team in the end for less. At any rate what kind of skill can Jagr provide when we already have a dead stick in the form of Gomez? What, we’ll have two very highly paid midgets? Better to keep what you know than to throw all the money at something that talks loud but walks away with the money all the way to the bank ala Gomez!

    • Viruk42 says:

      Please tell me you didn’t just call the 6’3″, 240lbs Jagr a midget…

      • HalifaxHabs says:

        Jagr is a rare form of midget… a midget that suffers from gigantism… it’s just a medical coincidence that he ends up being 6’3 & 240lbs.

    • Clay says:

      Jagr is not a ‘midget’, FYI.
      He is 6’2″, 240 lbs. That’s a big boy.

      Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.

      Winston Churchill

    • issie74 says:

      Jagr dosen’t play Gomez minutes, even in NY,he dictated how much he would play.

      Note: When Jagr played everyone played like him.i.e Lundquist.his team down by a goal, would put his arm in the air,
      to let Renney know he had had enough,and the back-up goalie
      would come in.He stopped that when Tortz came in

      Please no prima dona’s needed


  25. HardHabits says:

    This gives the Habs much wiggles room.


    Here’s an interesting notion that should stir up some more HIO angst.

    1993 the Habs win the Cup ending years of futility.
    1994 the Rangers win the Cup ending decades of futility.
    1997 the Red Wings win the Cup ending decades of futility.
    2010 the Blackhawks win the Cup ending decades of futility.
    2011 the Bruins win the Cup ending decades of futility.

    So you know where I am going with this. Yes people, the next original six team to win the Cup will be Toronto.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      oh my lord… what comes first, the Leafs hoisting the cup, or the end of the world?

      • issie74 says:

        Or it could be NJ Devil’s turn.They have 63m committed,and 11 RFA’s are not included in that.

        Remember Chicago prior to Boston,they were way over the cap,won the cup paid a penalty and traded away players to meet the cap in the following year.


    • Viruk42 says:

      Two things:

      1; the Red Wings won more than just 97, so they had a couple without ending decades of futility, and I feel that throws off your calculations.

      2; These kinds of things are meaningless garbage (though I suspect you are joking). Like when people were saying that all Canadian cities won the stanley cup the year after having the Olympics. A sample size of 2…right. And they convienently ignored the fact that Toronto came close to having 2008, something that would not have led to them making the playoffs in 2009.

      It’s trying to create a pattern, that will somehow apply to the future, where no pattern exists.

    • mrhabby says:

      leafs win the cup..not anytime soon. still lots of holes and unproven goalie keeper..

      ps..they are improving give them that.

    • ZepFan2 says:


      7 years = YEARS of futility?

      If we could only win the cup every seven years, I’d be ecstatic!

      Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

  26. Mike D says:

    Also, forgot to mention that with the cap floor rising to $48 mil, those teams looking to just meet the minimum will need to spend some extra dough to get there.

    Hopefully this means trades involving Spatch and Gomez. At the very least, it increases the chances of that happening.

    Holy S#!t guys! Imagine having all our key players back from last year, including re-signing Wiz, Marky, Gorges, Weber, Max-Pac, DD, White, and even Pouliot……and still having over $12 mil in cap space?!?!?!?! Oh my, the possibilities!!!!! 😀

    – Honestly yours

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Florida (as an example) have $18M committed for next year. However they need to sign 13 players. None of their UFA/RFAs are particularly good except for Tomas Vokoun.

      It would seem taking on one year of Spacek might not be a bad way to do it – assuming they want to tank again this year.

      • Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

        The Florida situation will be very interesting to watch play out. With only 18 million committed, they will have to spend 30 million to reach the floor. They already have 13 players, so only 10 spots are open. They would either have to add 10 3 million/year players or they will have to take on some BIG salaries.

        Somehow, I don’t see UFAs running to the Panthers right now. That team is rebuilding and doesn’t really have any impact prospects right now, outside of Markstrom and Gudbranson, and those two aren’t the type to attract free agents. They will either have to grossly overpay on the UFA market, which doesn’t seem plausible, gieven that they operate on a budget and will need cap space to re-sign their young talent in 3-4 years, or they will have to make some trades to take on some big cap hits for one year.

        Spacek certainly is more tradeable now. Gomez is as well, if only because of his declining salary after this year and the greater potential for a buyout after the CBA expires. However, I don’t think we will deal Gomez, since there doesn’t seem to be too many replacements out there at centre, except for Richards, who will command a HUGE deal.

  27. JoeC says:

    Honestly stop the complaining about the site pictures. We pay nothing to come here and we have no right to complain about anything, if you dont like it go somewhere else. Only thing i can complain about is how thick skin the mods are because there are a handful of people on here that should be banned.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      “we pay nothing to come here”

      here’s your internet lesson for the day… the traffic that the regulars on this site generate, is what pays for this site.

      No one is seriously complaining, or screaming at the top of their lungs. If regulars to this site want to voice thier displeasure, then they should. How else will the mods know how we feel? Why should you care?

      • JoeC says:

        Wow, read my line again that you reposted, WE PAY NOTHING, income generated by the site is not out of our pockets, hence the term “WE”.

        But thanks for that amazing internet lesson for the day. And the amount of slack these guys have been taking from to start you for this threads first post, and the numerous post on the parade post is disgusting.

        • HalifaxHabs says:

          why are you so defensive? I’m just asking you why you don’t think regular users of this site should be allowed to let the mods know how they feel?

          the amount of slack they are taking? from preople posting on the internet? I have a feeling the mods are going to be alright, and get through all the horrible slack they are taking. But if not, good thing you are here to defend them.

      • RobertAlanFord says:

        If anything it shows how lame Boston fans are. I think its great for pointing my finger and laughing at while I sip away the last of my mocha latte. At first glance though I thought it was Scott Gomez poking fun at his team mate but I’m pretty sure Scotty dont smoke.

      • 44har48 says:

        Exactly…it should be done with tact and diplomacy but our voices should be heard and I would hope the mods would want to here us.

        Laughable this guy/gal thinks this is a public service and free. And yeah, just so you know, Joe, I do go to other sites now. I only occasionally visit this site now, and I find I get my fix and al the info I need. There are a lot of good Habs sites that provide all this same information.

        • JoeC says:

          And we complain about the Bruin trolls we have, I make a comment on how this still costs us nothing at all to read and that statment eludes you since its “laughable” that since i still see no money coming out of my pockets I think that.

          • HalifaxHabs says:

            your next lesson Joe:

            time = money

            the regular users of this site trade their hard earned time to come on here and talk Habs, and see all the ads they post, and occasionally click on them. Why don’t you just talk about the Habs instead of trying to enforce some stupid code that no one is allowed to voice displeasure with anything regarding our site.

    • Tony McLean says:

      Thank you.

      “Rebuilding since 1979.”

    • ZepFan2 says:

      I’m sorry. Maybe this will help.


      Ahhh, I feel much better. You were saying?

      Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

  28. RobertAlanFord says:

    Enough to sign Wiz and Markov if they ask for 5 with plenty of change left over if Hamrlik stays out of the picture. Theres alot of potential for moving people around now….like Gomez for example. Not saying that specifically just that theres a better possibility now. The next two weeks are going to be very interesting. PG could either sit on what he has right now, make some huge changes and or everything in between. We did go to game seven overtime with the Cup winners (I refuse to say Champions) so dont expect ant big moves on draft day or July 1st.

    Speaking of draft day……. my pick: Mark Mcneill. Great shot, power forward, centre, net presence, can whoop your arse in about sixteen seconds.

  29. scrowe21 says:

    Couldn’t care less about the picture. It’ll be interesting to see if the Wiz wants to stay here..the money is there.. Just a random thought, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see PG throw some money at Simon Gagne. Hopefully with the cap going up, not everyone will want Gomez money.

  30. Stuck_in_To. says:

    I love the picture because it says to me that even though Boston won the cup their fans are still worried about our “rookie” d-man. Way to have an impact P.K.!

    The other things that all this Bruin fan pumping does is set it up so beating them will be all the sweeter.

  31. Mike D says:

    $64 mil?!?! NICE, that definitely helps! We could use the extra loot on either an impactful forward, or to keep Wiz. Since the UFA class at forward is relatively thin, and the players near the top of that list are likely to be overpaid, I vote to keep Wiz or sign another offensive defensman if he decides to test the market (Ehrhoff would be my next choice as he’ll be less expensive than others like Bieksa).

    – Honestly yours

  32. JayBee says:

    I will laugh when Wiz walks and Hamr is re-signed.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      Being a Habs fan, I defintely won’t laugh at that. Perhaps cry a bit, and punch the wall, lol.

    • Rugger says:

      I wouldn’t mind that as long as Hammer is a reasonable 1 year deal. I would just as soon see PG not go wild with the UFA’s this year and keep his powder dry for next year when Price & Subban are up for new contracts and the UFA market is supposed to be much better.

      • JayBee says:

        I don’t want Hamr. The D needs to get younger and quicker. As far as the UFA market next year. We say this every year. A lot of the key players get signed during the season. They will have money for both PK and Price. Gill, Laraque and Spacek are off the books. That’s close to $7M.

        I think they need to make a run at the cup this year.

  33. kirkiswork says:

    If the cap is going up maybe we could keep the Wiz and get a big top 6 scoring forward.
    We can dream.

    • BeeGee says:

      Was my first thought. Guessing salary demands from the Wiz and potential top 6’sers will go up accordingly though.

    • nunacanadien says:

      What I can’t get is we keep overpaying deadsticks like Gomez. The Stanley Cup game showed two things: 1: Goon hockey rules 2: skill beats goon hockey in the final end.

      We don’t have enough size or enough small dirty players to play good goon hockey.

      We have skill but we can’t survive a series against a team that plays goon hockey.

      So we need bigger skill defense and obviously bigger faster forwards ala Canucks style. But where can you find a forward these days in the NHL who can both handle the puck and give a player like Charra a good hit? No where to be found.

      There are some on the habs who if they bulked up a bit would be ideal players. Maybe it is time we move from smaller faster skaters to slower bigger defense and an even slower forward in order for JM’s five on five to work properly.

      Either that or we get rid of JM and hire a coach who can actually play the Montreal style of play, fast and speedy. JM’s five on five works in one game. You can’t have the whole team destroyed trying to prove a point.

      We need a coach who can change with the team and with the flow of the game like Bowman did. But no, we have to prove a point that fast is better and we end up throwing our game away to support the smaller forwards like Gomez.

      It is time the habs stop looking for the left overs and concentrate on signing real skilled players at any cost.

  34. JF says:

    Why bother griping about the picture? Let’s talk about something that matters. How much higher is the salary cap than last year and what can Gauthier do with it? Will there be enough to sign both Markov and the Wiz?

    • Clay says:

      It was at 59 mil, so we have 5 million more to play with. Plus we have the 5 mil from Hamrlik’s salary.

      Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.

      Winston Churchill

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      Because the picture is offensive on a Habs fan site. That should be obvious.

      On to your real question… I certainly didn’t think it would be possible to sing both Markov and Wiz, but with such a big jump in the cap, it seems possible now.

      I still feel like doing that will preculde us from spending big money on anyone else, but let’s face it, there might not be any big ticket FA’s out there that PG is looking to spend big money on. And if that’s case, please re-sign Wiz & Markov.

  35. G-Man says:

    I vote to get them to start paying taxes right bleeping now!
    Sh!thead Ruin fan.

  36. howtathor says:

    Mark Recchi is remarkable in that he could earn a medical degree while playing hockey, specializing in head trauma!

  37. JayBee says:

    If the Habs won the Cup, do you think there would be a single reference to the Bruins? So funny how mentally weak Boston and their fans are. They will always be beneath the Habs and they know it.

    As for the cap. SIGN WIZ!

  38. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Pretty classy to post this douchebag and his sign…the pic has NOTHING to do with the thread.

    Should generate some more hits to HIO, which I assume was the reasoning.

    Job done, got me to post. Stay classy guys…

    • Dave Stubbs says:

      Silly me for having a thick enough skin to think the photo is pretty funny. For heaven’s sake, lighten up.

      Dave Stubbs

      Hockey Inside/Out
      Sports Columnist/Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette
      • On Twitter:
      • Email:

      • HalifaxHabs says:

        it would be funny, if we weren’t coming off a weekend where a Boston Stanley Cup pick was left up for 48 hours!

        we’re just giving you a hard time Stubbsy out of Bruin bitterness, keep up the good work.

        PS: thank for adding that goyette hockey card… gotta love the old cards

      • arcosenate says:

        It is funny, but I think everyone has had their fill of all things Boston, including Boston fans, on this site over the past 2 weeks though.

      • RiverviewCanadien says:

        If it was on the Boston Parade thread, no problem, but enough all already about the Bruins. Like seriously…nothing else to post?

        Like a pic of Markov vs The Wiz, which would have meaning to the thread topic.

        Don’t get yer panties in a bunch Stubs, just sick of the Bruins.

      • Deano says:

        Agree … hate the Bruins, but they won and everyone else lost. They deserve the “spoils of victory”. Very glad to see the dunce is a smoker and not a “drag” on our helath care system.

      • Tony McLean says:

        Ha amen Dave!

        “Rebuilding since 1979.”

      • ZepFan2 says:

        Dave, that would be fine if the Gazette hadn’t turned into the Boston globe.

        How many “insights” into the Bruins and their fans do we really need?

        Like the other poster stated. If the Habs had won the cup, do you honestly believe they would print as much stuff about the Habs as the Gazette does the Bruins?!

        As a subscriber (not for long), I don’t want to read about the Bruins in my local paper.

        Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

  39. ABHabsfan says:

    I really admire the look of pride on that Bruins’ fan face as he managed to print that sign all by himself, with his Mommy only helping with the big words. Yeah, Joey!

  40. habs-hampton says:

    I know its a slow time of year, but come on Dave, this is crap!

  41. HabFanSince72 says:

    The backwards baseball cap . Bet he thinks that looks cool.

  42. smiler2729 says:

    COME ON, HI/O, enough Bruins references!! And as for Mark F***in’ Recchi, two years wearing black and gold turned him into an a**hole.

    ‘T’ain’t bitterness, ’tis reality…

    Here’s hoping Subban plows ‘Banana Nose’ Marchand or ‘Faulty Finger’ Ference into IR oblivion next season.

    Looking forward to the Entry Draft and the MILF watching, and July 1st UFAtime.

    “If the Bruins played the Taliban, I’d root for the Taliban”

    • ManApart says:

      Habs could hate him, but Recchi had a great playoff run for the Bruins and was huge for them as far as leadership and timely scoring. He’s had an unbelievable career, winning 3 Cups and is a sure-fire Hall of Famer.

  43. HalifaxHabs says:

    wow guys, thanks for taking down that Bruins Stanley cup pick after leaving it up for 48 hours, and replacing it with this.

    suggestion for tomorrow: A pic of Max lying unconscious on the ice.

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