Tampa Bay looks destined for a date with Boston.

The Bruins went three up on Philadelphia – which, recent history suggests, is not an insurmountable lead. But it might be with Tim Thomas.

Playoff factoid: Tampa Bay has not lost with Marc-André Bergeron in the lineup. MAB was a healthy scratch for the first four games of the Pittsburgh series, and TB has reeled off seven wins since.

Bargain of the Playoffs: Sean Bergenheim, who’s on a one-year contract paying $700,000 and has scored seven postseason goals.

Right behind Sergei Kostitsyn and Ryan McDonagh on the mulligan list: Dominic Moore.

• Arpon Basu looks at the Andre Kostitsyn situation and Marc Antoine Godin asks: Will the Canadiens keep James Wisniewski?

MAB pushes the broom

Questions in Washington

Lightning losing money

Dan Shaughnessy on the B’s

Detroit nears death

Photo of Sean Bergenheim by Mike Carlson/Reuters


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  10. Habfan4lfe says:

    If they get rid of AK, be the another stupid move. Fans upset about him? Why? He doesn’t make $5 mill like Plekanec who most other players can use him as a toothpick. How many playoff goals did Plekanec get? I think AK did more in the playoffs than Plek has ever done. I’d keep AK and trade Plek. Problem is nobody will want a wimpy player on their team who can’t compete when the game gets rough. AK however does more than fine. Maybe give AK a little more attention in the lineup and he will do more. Anyhow, I think this team is going to slide down instead of go up. We got the wrong GM and we have the wrong coach and from this perspective its only going to get worse when Muller is officially gone. You know Muller is gone, he doesn’t speak french and we all know how important french is in the NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE.

  11. Tony McLean says:

    Boucher, Ribeiro, Latendresse, SK74, McDonough, D’Agostini, O’Byrne, Boucher-Raymond, Halak, Lapierre, Bouillion, Robinson shucked off, Carbonneau jammed, Eric Chouinard drafted ahead of Gagne`, this is getting ridiculous.

    Props to “Canadiens South.” Away les boys!

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  13. HabFanSince72 says:

    The thing about Boucher is everyone knew last year he was special. It isn’t hindsight to say he should have been kept. Most of us said so at the time.

    • CHsam says:

      Exactly ! I was really hoping we would square off with them in a series just to see what Boucher would come up with.

    • Habfan4lfe says:

      “everyone”?. You were just dissing him the other day. Glad to see you woke up. Boucher is 10x the coach that JM is. It’s like I said, the Molson boys are out to lunch. To leave Gauthier and JM there is such stupidity. Both of them are useless. We’ve already lost a lot with them and how much more are we going to lose this summer. Lets see.

  14. Gindan69 says:

    All the whining about Boucher is really pathetic. Put yourself in molson’s shoes last spring. Your current coach, who still has 3 years on his deal, and your still paying the previous coach for another year, just took your team to the conference final. So your supposed to fire him also and take a chance on a coach with zero NHL experience. Not logical. Life is timing folks. The timing was bad. I expect we will hear the same whining about muller next year also. Get over it. One day he will be the habs coach, just not today. So far he’s done exactly what JM did in his first year here. Took the team to conference final on the back of great goaltending, good team play.

  15. Gindan69 says:

    All the whining about Boucher is really pathetic. Put yours

  16. Willy the bum says:

    Read an article on Guy Boucher in the National Post. It mentioned about having a three-hour long breakfast between Boucher and Steve Stamkos, and Boucher was asking a lot of questions to Stamkos not on hockey but also life and stuff. The article tend draws on Boucher’s understanding on each player of the Lightning team ’cause to know them better the limits he respect to coaching the team that won the past 7 straight playoff games so far. All about communication. We should’ve give Boucher the Habs coaching job a long time ago.

    Now we’re stuck with Jacques Martin’s 375-page manual on “The System”…

  17. HardHabits says:

    SergeiK draws a penalty from Laps

  18. habs365 says:

    Thought I’d throw these names out there see if Halifax can figure out why the Habs kept these under .500 players = Darche, Eller, Halpern, Moen, Pouliot, Pyatt, White. and let go two .5oo plus players go Grabovski, Sergei great management.

    • punkster says:

      I’ll play.
      Trouble, with a capital “T” and that rhymes with free. As in trouble free. I think an organization has an obligation to only go so far with what they will tolerate from an employee. You can under-perform or make mistakes but if you show the desire and ability to improve you can buy time. Buck the system and you’re likely to find yourself on the street. And so it should be.
      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

    • I’m going with…. This is Tony’s new ID.

    • habsguy says:

      WOW, that really happened…Thats the reason I come here, it keeps me informed on the latest happenings, thanks!!!!

    • Propwash says:

      I agree with AB, however, if you paid any attention as to why they were let go, then you’d understand.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I enjoyed that read very much. I can’t listen to McGuire. Yes he has been involved with some NHL teams, but to listen to him he talks like he has been Exec and Coach of the year in the NHL.

      I have wished for a few years now that some sunbelt team would hire him and the airwaves would be a much safer place.

      Thanks for the read.

      Great Effort Boys, PG get to work this Summer!

    • Malreg says:

      Wow, so Pierre McGuire thinks the secret formula to build a stanley cup winner is a star goalie, a star puck-moving D, a star defensive d-man, 2 star centers, a power forward, and a “specialist”?! I can’t believe no one else has come up with this formula!

      Hire him as GM!

      • otter649 says:

        Maguire also knows how simple it is to break down Tampa’s 1-3-1
        defence formation – I guess that’s why he has not coached since the mid 90’s ? and current coaches in The NHL are not as smart as Maguire……..

      • HabFarmer says:

        On my hockey team, the specialist is the guy who brings the beer.

        “No, I see. The monkey’s out of the bottle now!”

    • Steven says:

      I gotta agree on all your points. I personally like McGuire – and before any of you say anything, it’s SOLELY because his babbling makes me die of laughter. Regardless, you’re right on every point about him. He thinks he knows more than he really does.

      Remember what he said when we drafted Price? He was so solidly against it, saying we need Anze Kopitar. Was it a bad move now, Pierre?

      There’s obviously more, but I can’t think of it.

      Nevertheless, great read, man. 🙂

    • The Cat says:

      Nice piece…I dont mind McGuire, we cant forget that he must entertain also, hence the fluff. But Bolland is better than Plekanec, so to say only Bolland’s mother thinks hes better than Plekanec is very McGuireish 😉

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • The Professor says:

      Nice piece, Andrew, and thanks for writing it. Great use of evidence and solid arguments you make. I’ve always felt that McGuire was such a loudmouth about the Habs because he wants people to listen to what he has to say. With all of the pro-Habs “experts” running around town, I think it’s a move to differentiate himself from the pack. Personally, however, I’d rather be lumped into the category of “analyst” than stand out for being a moron.

      Was the first article of yours that I have read but look forward to more. Keep them coming!

    • Tremblant Habs Fan says:

      Don’t you love the lob ball questions Melnick offers up to him?

  19. LA Loyalist says:

    From Vancouver Sun. I leave the editorial comments to you guys, I already feel lousy enough watching all the guys still playing who weren’t good enough for us.

    NASHVILLE — People are starting to talk.

    Max Lapierre and Chris Higgins are almost inseparable. They eat together on the road, hang out together at home, often sit together around the Vancouver Canucks’ dressing room.

    “He’s like my new girlfriend,” Lapierre joked Monday.

    And that’s okay. Whatever.

    But the main reason people are talking is that the two former Montreal Canadien castoffs — Hab-beens who arrived at the trading deadline with more red flags than Tiananmen Square — have suddenly become key pieces on a Canucks team that can move on Thursday to within one win of Vancouver’s first conference final since 1994.

    In Tuesday’s 3-2 overtime win against the Nashville Predators, Lapierre logged 17:09 of ice time and went 11-6 in faceoffs as the third-line centre, while Higgins scored a go-ahead goal in the third period, finished with four shots and continued to play with a surprisingly robust competitiveness.

    While $20-million acquisition Keith Ballard is a healthy scratch — unexplained by coach Alain Vigneault — and prized free-agent recruit Manny Malhotra is out indefinitely with a serious eye injury, it is Lapierre and Higgins who are making a difference.

    Read more:

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      I was and still am a Higgins fan. He was a victim of the “what have you done for me lately” mentality that can set in rather fast here. He had 3 consecutive years of 20+ goals before he stumbled in his final year here (in which he still had 12 goals in 57 games).

      I didn’t (and still don’t) understand people bringing out the pitchforks. Offensive dip aside, he was still a good hockey player. He was solid in both ends and great on the PK and hustled every night.

      I’m not gonna argue that he wasn’t poor in NY and Calgary, but I think the trade shook him a bit. It’s nice to see that he’s getting his game back this year. I’d still like him on our third line for 2-2.5 million.

  20. LA Loyalist says:

    Speaking of Pouliot wiping out all by himself, there’s a funny bit in Dryden’s THE GAME about Rick Chartraw who had a similar tendency, and (forgive me for not quoting exactly) Dryden quotes Shutt’s analysis as being “When he gets the puck and heads up the ice he is overwhelmed by options and his brain cells just explode.”

    Sorry, I’m re-reading Dryden’s book and will probably drive you all crazy posting bits from it. It’s a good thing to read to get over the depression of losing to the ‘Ruins.

  21. habs001 says:

    there is no excuse for plecks not to work on his faceoffs…he has been pathetic in key faceoffs for 2 years ..yet he starts every pp on the draw loses most of them…same with pk and last minute faceoffs in our zone…

    • LA Loyalist says:

      We had a legendary face-off man here a few years ago: Joe Juneau. He works in northern Quebec with kids. Bring him in for training camp. Hell, Kirk Muller was pretty damn good, too. My 8 year old takes specific face-off training from an ex-NHL player. Surely we can figure that out.

      • ManApart says:

        Or one of the best faceoff men of all time. Yanic Perreault.

        • LA Loyalist says:

          Yes, I should have thought of him, too. And it’s so damn important, getting that initial control of the puck so you’re not chasing after it.

          I wonder about hockey sometimes. Maybe the NFL goes a bit too far the other way with specialists, but geez, something like face-offs is really critical.

      • The Cat says:

        Yeah I dont get that either -hows theres been little improvement since a couple of years.

        [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      Really seems to be his only glaring flaw, and one of the only reasons I don’t consider him a selke candidate. Hopefully he can improve next year.

    • It’s exasperating how often this BS is repeated. Plekanec was well over 50% on PK faceoffs.

      • habs001 says:

        where can we see pp and pk faceoffs % in your zone and in the other teams zone where it does not combine neutral zone faceoffs..we like plecks but he is not reliable in key faceoffs…

      • jmsheehy19 says:

        Which site has those statistics? and has him at 43% in the playoffs, and 50% (minus one faceoff) in the regular season. Actually the playoffs is lower than I thought and the regular season is higher. I thought both were about 47%

        EDIT: That puts him around 100th for centers. Again I love Pleky, but as our number one that does need to be a bit better. Even just getting to 52% would get him into the top 75, which would help out a lot.

        Also, I’m not knocking on Pleky, the whole team needs to improve on faceoffs. Needs to be a key focus this offseason.

  22. habs365 says:

    Why The Habs Are out of the Playoffs–Management–I want you all to Imagine–Pouliot, Grabovski, Sergei Kostitsyn as your 3rd line
    don’t you think these guys could have scored a few winning goals

    Right now the Habs would be close to moving on to the 3rd round two of our future players given away for what? and we will pay for years to come…..

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      You’re %100 correct, the Habs are doomed without studs like Grabs and S Kost… you should check out a new favorite team, one that has a management team that makes moves that you approve of.

      Your new favorite team probably has a cool website you could post on.

    • ManApart says:

      Yes, I’m seeing that more and more people are finally realizing how management has been mediocre the past 7 years. We’re going on year 8 of the 5 year plan. This is getting ridiculous. For 2 years I’ve been saying that this team will never come close to winning anything (except on the golf course) with current management in place. people are seeing a team like Tampa, and how quickly things can happen with the right people at the helm. Geoff Molson, are you watching?

    • The Cat says:

      The best 3rd line in hockey was here last year: Moore, Lapierre and Moen.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  23. Mark C says:

    Eklund was here. Eklund must have paid HIO a visit today, as Brooks Laich to Montreal is (e3).

    Am I the only worried that Laich will be paid as a 25-60 player, whereas he’s more likely going to produce at the 20-45/50 level tops?

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      I’m a tiny bit worried they overpay, but at the end of the day I think he could be a significant upgrade to our forwards. I would like to see him in Habs uniform.

  24. JIMVINNY says:

    I just want to let everyone know about the newest Habs fan to enter the world; Sienna Marie, born May 4th at 2:50 pm, 6 lbs, 6 oz., and 21 inches tall/long.

    Mommy and baby are home now and doing great, and daddy is freaking out trying to figure how he is going to deal with all the boys who are going to come calling for either this one or her big sister.

    Now that the long gun registry is out, I think a shotgun is priority one.

  25. naweed235 says:

    For all you people calling for Gomez’ head: Tell me… Who do you want to replace him with? Eller or Desharnais? no thank you… none of these two players is ready to play top 2 centre position … If they are to get rid of Gomez they better replace him with an elite Center or the move will not make this team any better if not worse…
    the tricky question is who?

    • Tony McLean says:

      Ovechkin. Price and Subban in return. Get Nabokov from the Isles.

      Props to Jaroslav Halak, what he did was special.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Hey, DD knows where the freaking net is and isn’t scared to go there.
      Eller is learning and may have some upside, Gomez has nothing but downside.

    • NightRyder says:

      You don’t think Eller or Desharnais could put up 7-31-38 -15 totals if given 20 minutes a game? Shyte, Glen Metropolit would have easily surpassed those totals if given that ice time.

      If we can replace him with Brad Richards – outstanding. Otherwise, addition by subtraction.

      • HalifaxHabs says:

        If we can replace him with Brad Richards…

        sometimes I dream about that too… Richards, Pleks, Eller, DD, down the middle is exciting… BUT no way in hell that ever happens for many reasons.

  26. slamtherimtim says:

    Lots of people talking about player changes but it will be difficult as long as PG is the boss. He believes this team can win. Right or wrong until he is gone there will be no major changes. I like the core guys. But change is good sometimes and i am wishing J.Molson has his own plan for the franchise.

    All everyone wants is a cup not a playoff run

  27. NightRyder says:

    I’m always amazed the Canadiens team brass doesn’t listen to message board schlubs like us. We are all excellent GMs waiting for the call…

    Last year’s very simple post-season plan from this corner:

    1. Keep Price, trade Halak. Check.
    2. Get rid of Gomez at any cost. Fail.
    3. Boot Martin upstairs, Boucher head coach, Larry Robinson running the defence. Fail.

    This year, I’ll keep it simple:

    1. Get rid of Gomez at any cost.

    That is all.

    I think we underestimate the power of the pud Gomez to have the team spinning its wheels. I’m certain he’ll get one more kick at the can next year but if anyone out there can slap Gauthier around and make him see the light, please do it.

    Full plan:
    I’d target three players in the off-season: Brooks Laich, Joel Ward and Zenon Konopka. Note we could get all three of these players for the same price or less than we pay Gomez. Please don’t tell me we wouldn’t be a better team in that case.

    Players I’d jettison: Gomez (Hammy Beach), Kostitsyn (qualify, then trade), Pouliot (ditto), Spacek (trade), Moen (trade). Don’t resign Hamrlik, Sopel, Mara, Halpern. It’s pretty much a given that many of these guys will be back, but we can hope.

    Money left to re-sign Markov, Wiz, Gill, Darche.



    (any other reliable old guy)

    No spectacular changes, no enormous signings. Solid team from top to bottom, still lots of skill, plenty more grit, a franchise goalie and (best of all) no Gomez.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      God I get excited at the thought of
      Gorges-Wiz (Weber in training) OH MY GOD!

      I’d keep more depth guys than you. Halpern is inexpensive, not sure what Sopel/Mara cost but it always costs more to go out and get them during the year.

      And yes, Gomer has to be Goner. Not only is he useless, he makes his wingers easy to defend.

      My other worry is back-up goalie. We are a groin pull or knee tweak away from being f*cked if anything happens to Price. Also it’s more and more common for players to run the goalies with impunity. Not sure if you guys have noticed that.

    • ManApart says:

      Maybe if management would listen to some of us, they would have gone past the 2nd round more than once in the past 18 years. Or not be teeing up right now, while some other teams are actually trying to win a Cup.

      Also there is no way a team with Eller as their 2nd line center, with his grand career total of 7 goals and 10 assists go anywhere in the playoffs. And Joel Ward on the 1st line? C’mon, how exactly is that going to improve this teams offensive woes?

  28. Critical-MASS says:

    yo check it out:

    …..You’ll never get to heaven if you’re scared of getting high…..

  29. Malreg says:

    I’d like to start a conversation on the term “Powerforward”, or “Top 6 forward with size and can hit!”.

    Many people throw the term around as if these players grow on trees, and we are the only team who doesn’t have one. There are just countless posts of “Trade this guy for a Top-6 with size!” “Make a package for a powerforward!” “Why doesn’t PG get a big forward who can score?!”.

    How many players can you name that even fit this description? Off the top of my head: Lucic, Ovechkin, Perry, Ryan, Nash…

    What do you think it would take to acquire one of those players?

    My point is, these players do not grow on trees, and there are MANY teams in need of such a player. The teams that do have one are not exactly in a rush to get rid of them. But of course anyone can go on a message board and say “We need a powerforward, get it done!!!!”

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Your grasp of the obvious is um… terrifying?

      No, we’re not getting Getzlaf or Perry or OV. However, we don’t have to waive the white flag with Gomer either. It’s about building a dangerous and balanced team.

      St. Louis is small, but he’s skilled, and HE GOES TO THE EFFING NET. As does Desharnais. So what should we do? We put a guy like that on a line with some protection. Gretzy played his entire NHL career with bodyguards, this is nothing new and I don’t know why we’re in such denial about it here in Montreal.

      The point is when we have choices to make, we need to add size, muscle and most of all some edgy attitude and killer instinct.

      We had our skate on Boston’s throat and we let them up. We get all summer to think about that. Hopefully PG understands and will do the right things and get some players who HATE to lose, whatever their size.

      • HalifaxHabs says:


      • SeriousFan09 says:

        No star player plays with bodyguards anymore, they’re too slow and they can’t keep up and contribute. Not Pavel Datsyuk, not Steve Stamkos, not Crosby, nor Ovie, nor any of the elites play with the ‘policeman’ on their line because the game has passed them by, you make them play 18 minutes the other side is going to laugh their asses off as you’re only coming at them with 2/3 of an effective line, remember how painful Moen is on Top-6?

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

    • mrhabby says:

      acquiring one of those players.

      the conversation would be ..can we have carey price , subban and or lots of 1st round picks in return….so it would never happen.

    • habs03 says:

      Agree, size is overrated in todays NHL, and like you said guys like Perry don’t come free. A guy I think PG should look at is Eric Fehr, big body at 6’4, plays dirty, can score goals, but is not fitting with the Caps, he would fit PERFECT on a line with Cammy and Pleck.

  30. Take at look at what the Habs should do with Andrei Kostitsyn or Benoit Pouliot how their contracts will pan out…

    Habsnation is still standing.

  31. Mattyleg says:

    I love all the Kirk Muller talk on here. It makes me chuckle. Nay, giggle.

    He’s proven himself to be a pretty good assistant coach. What makes ANYONE think that he’d be a good coach? I’m not saying that he can’t be, or won’t be, but I’d love to have an insight into the thinking processes behind Kirk’s presumed success.

    Is it because he talks a lot behind the bench? That’s what assissants do while the coach is reading the play. Carbo talked a lot behind the bench as assistant, then became a ‘bad communicator’ as coach.

    John Maclean will tell you what a big jump it is to be a coach after having been an assistant. It ain’t the same deal.

    I’m happy to see Kirk go off and cut his teeth elsewhere. Just like I’m happy to see Boucher do the same (though in a different position than Kirk). I’m tired of Montreal being a testing-ground for inexperienced coaches. Good luck to them!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      Fair enough. It’s just speculation on my part. But I mean c’mon, what else are we gonna do around here for the next few months?

    • Mark C says:

      Because it fits in perfectly with many people’s the grass is always greener on the other side, and anti-management narrative.

    • otter649 says:

      Good possibilty there will be 2 maybe 3 ex-Hab property head coaches in the final 4 but last year only one………

    • LA Loyalist says:

      You probably posted the same trite drivel about Boucher, too.

      Watch his Bolt’s rip Boston a new one. Washington was a far better team than Boston (though Thomas is better than Neuvirth) and it only took Bolts 4 games to leave them stunned and spinning. Heck, we nearly beat Boston, and we aren’t much aside from 5 or 6 guys.

      If you’re happy with JM, then maybe you don’t care. But lots of us can’t stand JM’s “oh god don’t go over the blueline, let’s turtle up here in our end” boring loser system and losing Muller after losing Boucher is just adding insult to injury.

      • Mattyleg says:

        “You probably posted the same trite drivel about Boucher, too.”

        I like how you use the word ‘probably’ with an insult. It doesn’t mean that it’s true, nor that you are coming from a place of insight or authority, but that you are making something up so that you can be offensive.

        I could, if I wanted to be boorish, say: ‘You are “probably” a complete idiot that doesn’t understand grammar or know what he’s talking about.’ Doesn’t mean any of it’s true, but it means that I think I know what I’m talking about because I consider myself very observant. But, then again, I don’t say those sorts of things because it’s not the kind of thing to say in a forum amongst fans of the same team.

        In the future, LA, leave that stuff out of your posts and people might start taking you seriously.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • LA Loyalist says:

          Well, I apologize, we are after all on the same team.

          That said, I’m offended by opinion posted as fact. You can say something like “Well, I’m nervous, we’ve had bad luck with rookie coaches.” and that would be fine, and based in fact because we HAVE had terrible luck with rookie coaches.

          But to make a blanket statement that it’s unreasonable to think that Kirk Muller wouldn’t be a good coach? You can have that opinion, too. but lots of us will disagree with you.

          I thought Gainey/Carbonneau would be legendary and we’d have another cup or 2 by now, but that blew up on us, so anything can happen.

          Anyway, I’m sorry and will try and phrase things more carefully. I still think if we lose Muller after losing Boucher we will regret it.

  32. Tony McLean says:

    Game winning goal by MAB and…those coaches look familiar….

    Props to Jaroslav Halak, what he did was special.

  33. CHsam says:

    If Caps give Boudreau the can, I’m willing to bet that Kirk Muller has a good shot of being their next head coach.

    And if that happens….. @#$%!!!!

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      man, that could be scary if they go with Holtby and trade Semin for a physical powerforward.

      It’s just so hard to understand how a team with all this talent can’t get past the second round.

      • I would trade Semin i think he plays a one dimensional game and doesn’t play with much Heart. What is it with some of these Russian snipers?

        Habsnation is still standing.

        • jmsheehy19 says:

          I really didn’t understand resigning him. He is a very talented player but I just thought he could be moved for a more pressing need for them. Hindsight is 20/20, but you have to imagine Semin and Varlamov could have been ingredients in a trade to get a player like Chris Stewart, or a great shutdown D (though to be fair they tried to fill that gap with Scott Hannan, and Carlson and Alzner progressed nicely).

          • LA Loyalist says:

            I think Carlson and Alzner are really young. D take longer, sometimes.

          • jmsheehy19 says:

            To LA Loyalist, I agree they are young and still need improvement. I referenced them to try to explain (more so to myself than anyone else) why they didn’t go after that stud D that they lack.

      • habsindepth says:

        and at the same time, do you notice how ppl on this site keeps saying that Guy Boucher got handed a silver spoon with a really talented team?

        You think Boudreau would do the same with Tampa as Boucher did? Comparatively, Boudreau has a really talented team as well.

        Web: – For the Fanatics
        Twitter: @habsindepth

        • jmsheehy19 says:

          Boucher was handed an extremely talented team, I think it’s hard to argue against that. That said, I think it is even more difficult to argue that Boucher is not a major component, if not THE major component, to Tampa’s success.

          I was sad to see Boucher leave, but some of the people here are completely unreasonable as to the feasibility of keeping him. He wanted a head coaching job, and that wasn’t gonna happen here. You don’t fire a coach that just took your team to the ECF for the first time in over a decade.

          And to answer your question in as longwinded a manner as possible; No, I do not think Boudreau would do with Tampa what Boucher has.

          • G-Man says:

            Roloson is the main key to TBs success right now. He is playing way over his head. If he comes back down to earth, they will have a very tough time.

          • jmsheehy19 says:

            True, Roloson is playing great. What a playoff performer. I still think the Oilers win the cup in 06 if he doesn’t get injured.

      • mrhabby says:

        they need players that hate to loose. not sure the mentality of the current set of players that have the burning desire.

        When you think about it TB has quite a few players who have been there and done it, washington does not really have those players with hard experience.

  34. LA Loyalist says:

    Have you guys seen the Washington owner’s (Leonsis) open letter to their fans? It’s pretty blunt. He said, in part:

    Their highest paid players outplayed our highest paid players.

    In fact, their role players outplayed our highest paid players.

    Ouch. Change’ a comin’….

    • CHsam says:

      hooooo boy. I bet he’s damn pissed. I would be.

    • Tony McLean says:

      Price and Subban for Ovechkin.

      Props to Jaroslav Halak, what he did was special.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        Actually, I would not do that trade — and I LOVE Ovechkin, but as you saw, he can’t do it by himself (he played well). We have to build from the net out, show some patience. Serious has convinced me we have the cavalry coming in 2-3 years, and by then Gomez and JM will be gone.

        I can’t wait for Bolts to shred ‘Ruins. Ya!

        • citizenSanto says:

          Hey LAL,
          you and I disagree on many points, but in this instance I must say that I agree wholeheartedly.
          OV is great, but Pricer and Subby are more important to this team.

          I hope we will eventually see Guy B back in the fold coaching in MTL.
          go bolts, or anyone who is not Boston.

          Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.
          — Augustine of Hippo

      • habsfansince91 says:

        no thanks

  35. HabsFanInTampa says:

    Strange how the NHL didn’t deem Guy Boucher’s turnaround of the Lightning, a Coach of the Year nomination. I never saw Coach Boucher speak before he was the coach of the Bolts. But, I’m impressed by his ability to speak to the “every man” and to the players. He’s very poised and intelligent, you can tell immediately this man is a college graduate with several degrees on his wall. Also, the fierceness in his eyes when he’s behind the bench is amazing. If I was a player, I wouldn’t want to be in his doghouse.

  36. NightRyder says:

    Joel Ward. 6-1, 220. Good penalty killer, some scoring touch. Big body. Having an excellent playoff. UFA. $1.5M this year.

    Could add Ward and Konopka for less than $3M per year. Size, toughness, faceoff prowess.

    • Mike D says:

      Not saying it’s a bad idea, but who do you leave off of our current roster (or not re-sign) to make room for these two?

      – Honestly yours

      • LA Loyalist says:

        You have to ask? We have more passengers than Via Rail… ah maybe I should rephrase that.

        • Mike D says:

          I agree we have an abunance of bottom 6 guys – but who to exclude to bring in these two? If it were me, I’d likely go with Pyatt and Halpern but both are good PKers and Halpy excels like a mofo in the faceoff circle. Both these guys are excellent value since both of them combined are cheaper than just one of Ward or Konopka. GottA be careful you don’t sacrifice too much in one area to satisfy another.

          – Honestly yours

      • Simply don’t sign Darche, Pouliot, and maybe Halpern….

        Habsnation is still standing.

        • Mike D says:

          Darche?? Seriously?? That guy is all heart and plays for peanuts. While not as gifted as MaxPac, he’s perfect for playing PWF on a 3rd line and to fill in for injuries. He’s a keeper for sure.

          Poolio, while frustrating, still represents too good a value to give up on at his young age considering his skills.

          – Honestly yours

      • NightRyder says:

        Gomess, Pyatt, Pouliot, Halpern, Moen, White, Kostitsyn.

        About $17M worth of cap space right there.

        Ward would be a nice complement to Cammalleri and Plekanec. Eller plays with Pacioretty and Gionta.

        Konopka makes Moen redundant, flog his ass. Others are just spare parts anyway. Lots of money to spare in that case (yes, it would mean exiling Gomez to Hammy Beach).

        Spending another $10M-$11M on Gomez and Kostitsyn next year would make me physically ill. I realize it’s likely to happen, but we need to move forward with some new blood in those key roles.

        If we brought in Laich, Konopka and Ward, it would change the culture of the team, especially if Gomez was gone. Laich would be a good complement for Desharnais on the third line, and Konopka centres the fourth line. Handful of spots still open for some kids or other cheap vets, more money left over to bring back Markov, Wiz and Gill.

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      I’ve really liked what I’ve seen from him this playoffs. That said, I have to imagine that the Preds have also and that he’ll be re-signed at roughly the same money, maybe up to 2 million.

      I’m still hoping we give our own guys a chance. Or if we do go looking, we trade away Benny’s rights for another young RFA (Like an Anthony Stewart type).

      In my mind, the top 9 will consist of Cammy, Pleky, AK, Patches, Gomez, Gio, Eller, and DD. That leaves on spot open for either Benny, Darche, White, or maybe Palushaj.

  37. Ian Cobb says:

    Once the Hab’s started playing golf, I picked the Tampa boys to win the conference and play the San Jose Sharks or Nashville Predators for the cup!
    Boston is playing well, but I think Tampa beats them, I hope.!!

  38. lavie says:

    Dr. Boucher is so cool!

    Hope Dr. Boucher will be Habs’ coach before his retirement.

    • christophor says:

      he’s half a decade’s worth of education short of that title.

      • Old Bald Bird says:

        How about we consider it honorary? 🙂

        — formerly notbigbird —

        • christophor says:

          then Martin gets the same honour for going just as far last year, since it seems the honour is based on reaching the ECF and not on winning the Cup.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        Wait until he wins a Cup in his first year.

        I think Bolts will leave Boston’s D looking like those orange cones we use for hockey drills.

        And if they get to the final, well, anything can happen then. I think San Jose or Vancouver are eminently beatable.

        And boy, are we going to look dumb. But what else is new.

  39. JD_ says:

    Caps’ GM George McPhee on the fate of head coach Bruce Boudreau, “I expect him to be back, yeah. He’s a good coach. Someone said he’s not a good playoff coach. There’s no difference between a playoff coach and regular season coach. Either you’re a good coach or you’re not. He’s a good coach.”

    Sounds like Iggy immediately after the electoral slamdown tellin’ everyone he would like to stay on as party leader. Suuuure, George, I believe you.

    The only thing missin’ after the “yeah” is a Lovitzian “that’s the ticket”.

    When someone throws in a “yeah” at the end of an answer to a difficult question, it usually means “I almost said ‘no’ but quickly caught myself because I haven’t yet lined up all my ducks”. In George’s case, the lined up duck is at least a good idea of who Bruce’s replacement will be. Nature abhors a vacuum ‘n’ all that.

    Washington’s situation is somewhat reminiscent of the Habs in ’95, with a hugely talented prima donna runnin’ the room, the coach reduced to the role of bloated cheerleader. No, I don’t know this for a fact, but it has smacked of this for a long time now, in particular in light of Boudreau’s public comments followin’ Ovy’s suspension last season.

    And we all know how that ’95 thingy played itself out.

    Not expectin’ a repeat of that unparalleled disaster, but whoever takes over is gonna have to do so in the biggest sense of the notion. The Caps are not as bad a team as Tampa Bay was good in the series; this one is, once again, on Boudreau.

    The regular season and playoffs are two entirely different beasts. The sooner someone takes George M. aside, and explains that the EC banner and $2 gets you a cup of coffee, the better.

  40. CHsam says:

    @G-man yeah I understand what you’re saying, but every team needs leadership to hold ppl accountable. Sadly, Gomez is not the case

    • G-Man says:

      Gill was the man last year, when it came to the “accountability” department. Gionta, the captain, should have gotten everyone on the same page.
      An earlier post mentioned secondary scoring. Moore and Lapierre did provide some last season’s playoffs. For some reason, they were both deemed “replaceable.” They were replaced, but their timely goals sure as hell weren’t.
      On to Gomez: EVERY PLAYER HAS POOR SEASONS- think of Price last season unable to buy a win- think of Gretzky in St.Louis. Fans who think that players perform wonderfully every season are being a little too “entitled.”

  41. zozotheclown says:

    Biggest surprises of the playoffs for me so far:

    Boucher, he managed to pull his team out of a 3-1 deficit and then go right through the Caps, as Mike Knuble said, they seem to be able to score at will, thats just good motivation right there, plus hes also gained massive publicity for his 1-3-1 system, something he probably doesn’t want lol.

    Then there’s Chris Higgins, a journeyman to say the least who’s arguably been the Presidents trophy winners’ best player so far. He’s all over the games I’ve watched and in almost every highlight package every game, while I doubt he’ll keep it going into next season, he’s a big reason Van is where they are right now despite the Sedins doing nothing.

    Then there’s the Moore/Bergenheim tandem, a dominant force of secondary scoring for Tampa It’s like every player on that team has stepped it up for playoffs, credit Boucher on that as well. Moore is one player I regret letting go, he’s been great all season and playoffs. But I also think it had to be done, we have too much depth at center, with young guys like DD and Eller, to be holding them back just to play Moore, whose great and all, but in the long run, will hopefully place behind the other 2.

  42. CHsam says:

    I know Ovie is their captain and all, but who really is leading that dressing room ? For the life of me, I can’t see Boudreau being such an inspiring or motivating coach

    • G-Man says:

      Why do pros earning millions need “inspiration and motivation” ffs? If you pay them big money and they float, trade them or demote them. I can’t understand these young, “I’m entitled” idiots.

      • Mattyleg says:

        Just making more money doesn’t mean you will work harder. Just that you’re more valuable.
        In every job, you have people who work harder than others, and those who spend the greater part of their day on HI/O. They both earn the same, sometimes the slacker makes more. It’s about how they worked prior to their current salary, or just some kind of promotion regime.

        More money ≠ more work.

        Ask the Queen.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • G-Man says:

          My comment was about motivation and inspiration. A professional should not need “walks down by the river.” Lafleur, Shutt, Lemaire, Beliveau, Cournoyer and a host of other greats never needed that psychobabble bs. They wanted to win, period. No excuses.
          The new breed is all excuses, all the time.

          • Mattyleg says:

            Yeah, I hear ya.
            But in those days there weren’t as many players, and the NHL was reserved for the ones who REALLY wanted it.
            Now there are so many teams, there are too many floaters.
            Hence the ‘soft’ approach of which you speak.

            —Hope Springs Eternal—

  43. Propwash says:

    Just goes to show that regular season standings mean S.F.A when it comes to the playoffs.

  44. savethepuck says:

    Just a thought. Could the reporters here give us articles on the Bulldogs? They are at least in our organization and still in the playoffs.

    “That beautiful bastard scored semi-conscious.” On the Rocket’s Game 7 game winning goal against the Bruin’s April, 1952

  45. habs001 says:

    with martins strategy and style of play we are in most games and series…when we get the bounces like last year we win a couple of series when we dont we lose like this year…with martins style and gauthiers roster selection it makes no difference who we play in the playoffs we can win in 7 games vs boston,flyers,san jose or lose in seven games to toronto,islanders etc….with these two in charge we will be competitive but will not have dominant teams ..each year we make the playoffs every series will be a toss up…

    • patience is a virtue says:

      Disagree. I think you are under-estimating the impact Markov, Gorges and Patches will have on the lineup. Not to mention one more season of experience under the belts of Carey, PK, Eller and DD.

      As discussed below, if PG is willing to take a chance and bet the farm signing both Markov and the Wiz, and they both stay healthy, watch out.

      You are generalizing the outcome of JMs system too far.

      • habs001 says:

        i agree if we sign the wiz and markov is healthy this will improve our scoring….but moen,white,pyatt,darche,halpern,gomez,eller,dd need to improve their scoring but they could still end up with single digit goals at the end of the year…

        • stevieray says:

          Simple solution ……like Gomez says … ” I need to be better ” … so problem solved …
          now Moen,White,Pyatt,Darche,Eller & DD repeat after me …” I need to be better ”
          Mr Gomez .. seeing is believing !
          As if it was that easy !!

        • JayBee says:

          But the thing is, we won’t re-sign the Wiz. Habs management don’t tend to do what they should do. We’ll be looking for someone to replace him on the PP in November just like every year.

      • theflower says:

        That’s a funny one, generalizing the outcome of JM’s system. Where has he ever won? What has he ever won? He has had much better teams than this Habs team and couldn’t win anything. How is it possible that he could we here? Are you expecting a miracle or something? Never a bride, always a bridesmaid, never a winner, always a loser that is Jackie Martins life as a coach in a nutshell, do you think suddenly it will change? Delusion is a funny thing, when you are in it, you don’t know you are. As long as JM is coach we won’t win a cup who wants to take the bet, I need the money:)

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      This year, we missed oportunistic scoring from the Bottom-6. Last year Laps (now departed) and Moen scored some big goals in the swing games, even Pyatt got one, plus the Moore goals.

      We need guys who can chip in more goals on the checking lines, hopefully Engqvist, Palushaj can train like maniacs to make the big club, better hands and Engqvist is HAM’s defensive forward ace.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

      • patience is a virtue says:

        I too am excited about Engqvist and Palushaj, but didn’t Eller and DD prove they can be those guys as well?

        • habs001 says:

          dd battles but because of his size there has to be a concern that he will not be able to play a full season…eller will be better next year but i dont think his scoring stats will be that much different…if he ever becomes a score producer it will take a few more years just like maxpac…

          • habsindepth says:

            Why does everybody keeps putting DD down because of his size? Is Gionta big? Is St. Louis big? Can anybody deny that this guy is talented?

            You guys are sooooo quick to shoot ppl down. Relax. The minute he played with Gomez/Gio in Game 5, he was killing it. He sparked that line up. And hey, he goes in the corners and hits.

            Web: – For the Fanatics
            Twitter: @habsindepth

        • ed lopaz says:

          Eller and DD have excellent futures in the NHL.

          that’s for sure.

          One of them needs to establish himself as a 2nd line center early next season.

          I think DD deserves a shot.

          Eller might be 1 or 2 seasons behind.

          • JayBee says:

            DD will never be a 2nd line Center. If he survives in this league it will be as a winger. I like the guy but he wouldn’t be in my future plans. He doesn’t fit anywhere.

      • savethepuck says:

        Some people may be forgetting that some of our young 3rd and 4th liners will be 1 year older and better next year. Eller’s only 21 and just finished his first full year of NHL experience ( and look how much he improved the last 2 or 3 months). DD only has less than 1/2 year of NHL experience ( 24 I think). White has less than 1/2 year NHL experience ( 23?). That’s 1/2 of our bottom 6 that should be even better next year. Even Pyatt’s only aroundd 24.

        “That beautiful bastard scored semi-conscious.” On the Rocket’s Game 7 game winning goal against the Bruin’s April, 1952

  46. SeriousFan09 says:

    Gabriel Dumont, who led the QMJHL in goals in 09-10, has scored 4G in his last 3 playoff games for the Hamilton Bulldogs. The 5’10” RW/C has become an integral part of the Bulldogs 3rd line partnered up with Andrew Conboy and Ryan White.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  47. Le Jadester says:

    A hypothetical question ?

    What would have happened if Stevie Y and Guy Boucher were at the helm for the Habs and JM and the Goat were in Tampa for the last two years ?

    Please resign Markov ! Please !

    Habs, OLE !

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I asked that exact question yesterday. My response would be our team would have more offense and would be more entertaining to watch.

      PG hasn’t done a bad job and really JM was one goal away from the second round this year. In saying that the team was not prepared when they blew the 3rd and 4th games.

      I much prefer Boucher’s style over JM. Boucher is great with young players and getting the most out of his teams. they could go to the cup this year.

      • HardHabits says:

        The Habs had a 2-0 lead in the series, were up 3-1 in game 4, lost 3 games in over time.

        And it took everything out of them to get so close and miss by so much.

        What annoys me most is with a 3-1 lead Boucher tells his troops to get more goals whereas JM would’ve just tried to have his team play responsible defensively, sit back and protect the lead.

      • G-Man says:

        The Habs do not have Stamkos, Lacavalier, and StLouis. What on earth makes you think the Habs would be more entertaining just because of a management change?
        My “entertaining” hockey is stifling the opponent into giving up good opportunities. Kind of like how the trap or even the 1-3-1 set up works.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          Well for starters, Boucher is not afraid to play the hot hand. Vinny was on the 4th line at points this season, do you think JM would ever do that…i.e. Gomez? Boucher would have not been afraid to play DD in the top two lines and give him a lot more ice time and bench Gomez or others if not producing. DD was our best forward from the all star break and never got a ton of ice

          Boucher’s coaching always seems to get the most out of players…not sure how/why but he does. He helped Max & DD last year with the dogs as well.

          With AK, Cammy and Plek’s, and Gio I bet you he could get more goals without a doubt.

          I am not arguing that JM doesn’t do well at his style but in my opinion Boucher is a better coach and for entertainments sake it is more fun to watch.

  48. Timo says:

    Jacques Martin or Guy Boucher. Jacques Martin or Guy Boucher? Hmm… was tough choice then, seems even tougher now.

  49. 123456 says:

    i know everyone likes to dump on gomez and there is a post comparing gomez and vinny L – well look at it this way. vinny has 11% of tampa’s points in the playoff and gomez had 9% of the habs points…. not really that far off!!!! i’m not trying to say gomez has had the same impact but what has to be taken into account is team style and goals scored before points are compared across teams.

  50. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Do the Flyers suck or do they really suck?
    Couldn’t be happier for Mike “Bitch”ards.

  51. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Couldn’t be happier for Steve Yzerman. Great Canadian hockey player that represented his country & the nhl with class & pride and is leading his Bolts in the right direction with help from a former Habs product in Guy Boucher. Fans in Detroit are pissed that the Wings let Yzerman walk without offering him a position with the team. I see a Bolts/Sharks final.

    • ed lopaz says:

      Stevie Y is a total class act, and Boucher is a perfect fit there.

      Agree 100% Windsor

    • G-Man says:

      He walked into a set situation with a team that already had stars on it, including Hedman, Stamkos and Lecavalier and StLouis.

      • ed lopaz says:

        really?? you think it was a “set” situation??

        that team was in complete disarray.

        there were only a few of us here at HIO who thought the Lightning would do well this season.

        most posters thought the Habs were a “far better” team than TB.

        the same posters who thought Tampa had a TERRIBLE defence,,
        who thought Lecavalier was the Worst CONTRACT in the NHL, that thought that a ROOKIE head coach would fall flat on his face,
        that thought Yzerman was a crap GM because he already made a lousy pick in the first round last summer

        now that TB is moving into the conference finals, suddenly they are “stacked” with talent, and anyone could have coached them or been a successful GM??

        • G-Man says:

          The ownership was the problem that was solved by the end of last season. Stevie Y’s most significant move was Roloson and the next was Brewer.
          Starting with 2 stars in Stlouis and Lecavalier and already having Hedman and Stamkos didn’t hurt. So the short answer is, “Yes.”

          • habsindepth says:

            And of course, won’t agree to give credit where credit is due. Moore was an Yzerman move. Getting the team up from a 3-1 deficit in the first round was a coaching move. Sweeping the Caps…. hmm.. maybe it was just a Boudreau move.

            But Yzerman deserves credit, tons of it, for turning this team around from last year. Boucher deserves credit for getting every single one of his players to show up and compete. He uses his entire team on the ice, win or lose, all the players play, compete and have respect for the coach and his staff and they have the coaching staff’s confidence.. which probably gives them another boost.

            Compare that to the Habs. You make a mistake, you are benched, confidence shot down, no respect by the coach given and that’s probably reciprocal. Habs played the first two games against the Bruins with a FULL team, all the players played. We never saw that for the rest of the series, and we all know what happened then. Coaches just don’t show respect or confidence to the players and would you say that is probably reciprocal too? You need your bottom line grinders to play hard int he playoffs, but not if they play for 2-4 minutes. Not gonna happen.

            Give credit where it’s due please, the management / coaching staff for Tampa has done a great job with their team this year. They have stars, but they also know how to use them along with all the other players who don’t have the star-status.

            Web: – For the Fanatics
            Twitter: @habsindepth

    • issie74 says:

      and even with their playoff run they stand to lose millions again,
      does anyone understand why V.L thinks playing in Montreal
      would be a fate worse than death.

  52. habsfan0 says:

    First the Lightning steals our head coach (Boucher), then they steal our OLE OLE song. Sheesh…

    • smiler2729 says:

      They can have that Ole Ole Ole crap… but it just goes to show the continuing effect everything Montreal Canadiens has on the rest of the league.

      From first class pre-game ceremonies to ex-Habs popping up everywhere through out in coaching, management and scouting positions, we are the NHL’s measuring stick for a solid hockey organization.

      I don’t see too many ex-Leafs doing anything anywhere eh…

      “If the Bruins played the Taliban, I’d root for the Taliban”

    • Timo says:

      They did not steal him. It’s the idiots like Gauthier and Gainey who let him walk for in favor of the old pal JM. Until the old boys club mentality is gone, Habs will continue to be mediocre. 6 series wins since the cup. Woo!

      • onlychineseguy says:

        What is PG or Gainey supposed to do, fire Martin after the team made the conference finals and gave the job to Boucher? If the Habs did that no one in their right mind will ever work for the team. Big companies lose important employees to other places all the time, the Habs or other teams in the NHL are no different.

        • HardHabits says:

          Martin did not take the team to the ECF as much as Halak did. The Habs traded Halak. I guess no goalie will ever want to play with Montreal ever again.

          The truth is the Habs did not want another rookie coach. The Habs do not want to play exciting and winning hockey. The Habs only interest is giving the illusion of building a contender in order to ensure a full house night after night at the Bell Centre and make the play-offs.

          Never a top pick in sight. And imagine. The Bruins are winning without Seguin in the line up. The Bruins can only get better. The Habs look like more of the same, barely making the play-offs and going nowhere fast once they get there.

          • ed lopaz says:

            I am not a Martin fan. But I think there is more reason to be hopeful today than you think.

            In my opinion, Subban and Price are going to dominate this league for the next 10 seasons.
            (and I was a Halak fan last season for sure)

            Add Paccioretty in that Subban Price combo, and you get a better core of young players than the Habs have seen for many, many seasons.

            keep the faith Hard Habits.

            there are brighter days ahead.

          • patience is a virtue says:

            Agree with Ed. Chin up HH. We went down to the wire with Boston – either team could have won that series. Yes, the Bruins have a bright future, but so do the Habs. I expect more playoff show downs between these rivals in the years ahead! And I expect Markov, Gorges and Patches to make a difference, not to mention our other young guns who are gaining experience (PK, Eller, DD).

        • JayBee says:

          Boucher should have been made an assistant coach for a year or 2. Muller coaches Hamilton. This was suggested by Marinaro and I think it was a good idea.

          • Mark C says:

            Why would Boucher turn down a great head coaching gig in the NHL to be an assistant?

        • issie74 says:

          Got that right and by the way if they hadn’t traded for Gomez they would never have been able to sign Gionta,Cammy,free agents don’t want to play in Montreal,if you don’t believe me,ask that favorite son Vinny.

        • OneTimer says:

          Chinese guy, don’t expect Timo to address a good counter-argument. This is when he slinks back to the shadows after his usual (yawn) jab at management.

  53. mrhabby says:

    compared to round 1 ..round 2 is a dude for me excluding the nucks/preds series.
    i picked the flyers/caps to go the final vs nucks.
    wow..who would have thought the flyers and caps would be gone in 4 straight games. is that parity or what. can be beaten in any game.
    when will philly ever get a stud keeper…unreal.
    heres hoping bb stays on as coach of the caps he is good man. not all his fault some players just dogged it.

  54. ooder says:

    Lecavalier, who has a crazy contract has been nagged by injuries and has not played well in a very long time.. this season he was even demoted to the 4th line.
    then the playoffs come along and he becomes a completely different animal and begins to dominate.
    while gomez stayed as crap as ever.. and his 3rd assist only came because he wasn’t able to put the puck into an empty net but his stick happened to touch it anyway
    Gomez: 36 and counting!

    • issie74 says:

      If you listened to Greg Millen on Hockey Night in Canada,Vinny told Greg he was unhappy at the beginning of the year because rumors were he was going to be traded to the Habs but Stevie Y assured him that their was no such plan to trade him,he started to play better.

  55. krob1000 says:

    I made a rather lengthy post hte other day showing that with the new cap increase that we CAN sign both Markov and Wiz….here is another fact to consider re Markov…we could sign him long term because he uis under 35 and lower the cap hit significantly. what if we say gave him 8 years at 32 million. If he retired or anything later the contract is still not cap worthy because it is signed before he is 35 and it would definitely not be deemed unreasonable by the league…

    If Wiz wanted 3-5 years at 4.5 I would do it….not only because iof his offense but be3cause he brings some jam on the back end and that combo with his skill makes him worth the money IMO. If we had an injury to any one of our top three dmen we owould still be in pretty fine shape IMO BUT when healthy we have a new BIg Three. Spacek is onyl around this year and fortunately his salary moving forward will just simply go to PK. Hammer’s money coming off the books in combination with a long term deal to Markov alone wmakes Wiz very signable if he wants to play here and if we want him…I think we should…he played great the whole time he was here, was an instant team player despuite being a new guy in the room and really toughens our back end…he is a boit crazy too and that is something we desperatley need….a skilled crazy guy.

    I also think that somehow managing to get these three (PK, Markov and Wiz) helps our offense immensely….I honestly believe we end up a top5-10 team with the exact same forward group with those three anchoruing our d next year. I think it is reasonable to expect we sign one more big forward or another top six. I like the prospects of getting Frolov from the bargain bina nd I know many disagree but I really like it. Ryan Jones is an interesting one but he doesn’t IMO helps our top six but he would be interesting.

    I know everyone loves Gill and Gorges but Wiz seems every bit the team guy and offers more skill in one arm than Gorges and Gill combined and Spacek will could just play stay at home and Hammer would take peanuts to play here IMO. I
    F anyone had to go I would say it is one of those guys….nice helps but reality is that ist is about winning games and Wiz gviwes us a better chance. If the cap goes to 62 as expected we CAN sign both Marky and Wiz….


    • ed lopaz says:

      Sign Wiz – I agree 100%

      Wiz’s overall package is easily worth 4.5 to 5.0 million for 3 or 4 years.

      Picking up Wiz for a 2nd round pick was easily Gauthier’s greatest move as a GM – as long as WE sign him.

      I was speaking to an Ex-NHL player last week at a local arena about Wiz.

      Asked his opinion.

      He agreed with me (and you Krob) entirely.

      Wiz has the offence, the grit, and he will bring us a package with Subban (and perhaps markov) that makes our lineup much more dangerous.

      before Max went down, we were humming.

      With Max and Wiz, and Gorges (and perhaps markov), this team can compete.

      Sign Wiz!!

    • smiler2729 says:

      I like Wiz too, he seems to have an underlying timebomb that just may keep foes on their toes and he has a cannon.

      He played hurt a lot too which limited his effectiveness but I’d take him over re-signing Hamrlik, whom I also like but he has reached his expiration date and is entering Brisebois territory (7th dman).

      I’d also obviously re-sign Gill but also Mara over Sopel.

      A d-corps of Subban-Markov-Gill-Gorges-Wiz-Spacek and Mara would suit me fine.

      “If the Bruins played the Taliban, I’d root for the Taliban”

    • patience is a virtue says:

      IMHO this is the single biggest question facing PG this off season – is he willing to bet the farm on signing both Markov and the Wiz?

      Markov has to be the priority, regardless of his knee. If healthy, he is one of the best D-men in the NHL, entering his prime years. I expect the 2 year deal for about the same as last time – $5.75M per.

      The Wiz will cost $4.5M per for about 4 years. Unfortunately, I can’t imagine PG going for it or the Wiz settling for less than 3-4 years. PG doesn’t like to buy high. Because the Wiz has weaknesses, there’s a chance he could be a bust if he doesn’t continue to produce. The Habs would be in deep doo doo if they ended up with an untradeable $4.5M contract. On the otherhand, the Wiz has improved his production season by season, despite a lot of bouncing around, and he tied for fifth in d-man points last year playing for the Isles and Habs – not exactly offensive powerhouses.

      It’s a very risky situation. If management jumps and it works out the Habs have the most dangerous blueline in the league, PG’s a genius and the Wiz is a hero. If they jump and Markov’s knee turns out to be shot, PG looks smart for covering the offensive d angle with the Wiz. But if PG jumps and the Wiz disappoints, ouchy. In some ways this is a more risky situation than Price-Halak, because there’s more cap space at risk.

      On the other hand, folks keep talking about prioritizing money for a big tough scoring forward as if there is a magic tree out there that they grow on. Unfortunately, just like gritty offensive d-men, they are very very hard to come by and the UFA crop is thin thin thin.

      So maybe we should go with what we know is good and take a chance betting the farm on the Wiz…

      The size/length of Gorges and Markov’s contracts will indicate whether it is doable.

    • Mike D says:

      Fantastic post Krob. I 100% agree btw. If it’s doable under the cap and the salaries make sense for the Dmen we resign (ie we don’t overpay), I’d love to have our D for next year be:

      Marvov-PK-Wiz-Gill-Gorges-Spacek with Mara as a 7th and Weber playing forward 5-on-5 and D on the PP.

      If PG can somehow trade Spacek, then bring Emelin over from the K and give him a shot. Even if Emelin isn’t up tp snuff, we’d have Weber and/or Mara who can fill in as the 6th.

      – Honestly yours

    • G-Man says:

      8 years? Are you Charles Wang? No contract should be longer than 3 seasons with gusts to 5. A career-ending injury can happen at any time so why take the risk? Especially with the now-brittle Markov.
      Wiz will be offered $6mil by a team needing an offensive Dman.
      Gill, Gorges, PK, Markov, Spacek + 1 big hitter and Mara for a 7th Dman. Then, hope to hell Gorges and Markov do not fall to pieces by Xmas.

      • patience is a virtue says:

        lol. i agree about contract length – 2 max for markov.

        the bonus of not signing the wiz would be cap space and we have quality depth without him. i totally agree about signing mara – affordable toughness is what the Habs need. He obviously fits in.

        all that said, i’d take a chance on the wiz if he’ll sign for 4.5 to 5M per. he’ll want a long (3-5 year) contract no doubt, so I can’t see him getting more than that.

      • krob1000 says:

        we wouldn’t be on the hook re the cap for a career ending injury or retirement…since he is signing before age 35…the team would be on the hook I believe but they have enough money who cares…it is merely a way of playing within the rules of the cap….

    • LA Loyalist says:

      I agree sign wiz have new mini big 3 but no way frolov too soft not where we want to go.

  56. Exit716 says:

    Trading McDonagh for Gomez was incredibly stupid. Higgins would have been sufficient. But hey let’s throw in one of our top two defensive prospects instead for a funny guy that jokes a lot and weighs down the team with his onerus salary.

  57. habs03 says:

    Hope PG resigns Marky, too bad that Wiz won’t be resigned, before anyone says we should keep Wiz and not Markov, remember Wiz had his knee hurt liker Markov twice also just two years ago. Also PG please go get Eric Fehr, he is cheap, big PWF, perfect to play with Cammy and Pleck.

  58. joshua94k says:

    The Capitals have big forwards and are tough to beat. So they said….

    Tampa Bay beat them using their speed and quick transition game. Tampa Bay also learned that you need great goaltending to win in the play-offs. Some teams (Flyers, Capitals) never learn.

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

    • ed lopaz says:

      Boucher’s 1-3-1 destroyed the Caps.

      1 man forecheck / chasing the puck carrier

      3 men back off into the neutral zone and then lined up at the defensive blue line

      1 d-man at the top of the defensive circles, collects the dump in too quick to allow an effective forecheck.

      this 1-3-1 will be copied all over the league next season.

      it flat out works.

      • smiler2729 says:

        1-3-1 isn’t new.

        “If the Bruins played the Taliban, I’d root for the Taliban”

        • ed lopaz says:

          1-3-1 might not be new, but I had never seen the last guy positioned in the defensive zone at the top of the circles before.

          I had seen 1 man forecheck, obviously.

          and I’ve seen 3 men lineup in the neutral zone and defensive blue line.

  59. Old Bald Bird says:

    I was a bit disappointed with both the Goons and the Bolts last night. Apparently, neither teams understands the proper protocol of playing with a lead — to sit back and let the other team come at you in waves. So sad. (kidding — partly)

    Do you think Habs sitting back is a result of the players or the coaching? I think I recall Kirk once saying that it isn’t what the coaches want.

    Also: as much as it would have been nice to see the Goons taken to the woodshed, it’s not all bad seeing Filthy go down so gloriously.

    Prediction: Goons over the Bolts fairly handily. Bolts have been surprising though, so who knows. How’s that for being definitive? 🙂

    — formerly notbigbird —

    • G-Man says:

      The players sit back- coaches want to see that whatever is working continues. If your players have no killer instinct, they sit back. Habs did not have enough players who wanted to keep the pedal to the metal.

  60. Lafrich says:

    I think a lot of us were confused and disappointed when the decision was made to not re-sign Moore. He was impressive in his role as a Hab, and continues to be impressive on the Lightning. Good on him.

    As for the people that think Boucher is such a wonderful coach, in that he employs this “radical” system, you think maybe it helps to have the 2008 1st 0verall pick, the 2009 2nd overall pick, AND Vinnie and Martin St. Louis? I love Cammy and the rest of our guys, but those are league elite material that he is playing with.

    In addition, when the Habs sit back, that is more the nature of a team sport player vs. JMs’s system. Everyone of us has tried to protect the lead – it is built into most of us.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Lafrich, We sure missed the boat on not keeping Moore. I thought he was great last year and he is even better this season.

      There are a lot of players that could not make our roster the last two years, still playing well, late into the play offs on other teams.

      • joshua94k says:

        Jeff Hapern was a good addition. He is good on face-offs and provides leadership with his experience. Although playing hurt he had a good series against Boston this year. It would have been nice to have both Moore and Halpern.

        “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

      • Mike D says:

        I agree that it would have been nice to keep Moore and that he was/is a valuable player…especially after he scored the series winning goal against Wash.!

        We can’t discredit Halpern though. As joshua94k pointed out, Halpy’s great on faceoff’s (the only good faceoff guy we had all season), and provides leadership and experience. To that I’ll add he’s also excellent defensively (even better than Moore, but he’s good too) and on the PK. Furthermore, he also gave us a RH option at C which we didn’t have before, and we paid him 500k less than what Dominic got in Tampa. It’s also fair to say we would have had to pay him a bit more than Tampa considering the Quebec taxes (though likely not a lot).

        Who knows, if Halpern doesn’t get thrown out of the faceoff circle (for no good I might add), maybe he wins that draw instead of Pleks losing it and Boston doesn’t score the OT winner in game 7 off that same play. Maybe we’d be the ones still playing right now.

        – Honestly yours

      • ed lopaz says:

        you think Moore could not have made our roster???.

    • joshua94k says:

      Last year in the play-offs Mike Cammalleri led the league in points. This year after the 1st round he was leading the league in points again. A great signing by Gainey and he is in the prime of his career at age 28.

      “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

  61. Hobie Hansen says:

    Basu’s article is definitely an interesting read. I’ll probably have to agree with him that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep Kostitsyn around for another year.

    However, if his rights or what have you were packaged in a trade that would bring in a fresh face for the top six with a bit more size and intensity, I doubt too many people would complain.

    Yes I know Kostitsyn does have a bit of size and did lead the team in hits but he doesn’t exactly hit to hurt. How many of those hits were an attempt to rattle the cage of an opposing player? The majority of his hits are of the finishing the play variety and there isn’t any real nastiness to them.

    If our club was sprinkled with a couple more aggressive forwards who loved finishing hits I think Kostitsyn would be a nice complement. To have the mind set that he’s our best hitter and we should hold onto him for that reason is just silly.

    If he stays he stays. If he goes he goes…not a big deal either way.

  62. JF says:

    Watching the East semi-finals has given me a better perspective on the Habs’ performance in the first round, and, even more than last week, I feel proud of our team. They battled every inch of the way, and the difference ended up being a single goal. I was critical of them for not starting Game 3 well and for giving up a lead in Game 4; I feel less so after watching the Capitals collapse and the Wings surrender a crucial lead to go down 0-3 in their series. These things happen, and the team showed a lot of character and mental toughness, ingredients which are perhaps lacking in the Capitals’ locker room.

    Speaking of the Capitals, I don’t see how that organization can do other than fire Bruce Boudreau. Like last year, his team was outworked and beaten by a team that, on paper at least, was inferior. Like last year, they weren’t ready. And like last year, he was outcoached, this time by a rookie in his first year as an NHL coach. While Boudreau deserves credit for turning the team around this year and getting them to play more defensively, it is a coach’s responsibility to have his players ready for the relentless, grinding battles that constitute playoff hockey, and he seems unable to do it.

    As for the Flyers and Bruins, that series recalls our lamentable performance against the Bruins two years ago. I don’t know whether it’s the absence of Chris Pronger or whether the morale of the team is completely undermined by their lack of confidence in their goaltending, but the Flyers are being beaten soundly all over the ice. There will be no miracle comeback this year. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t go with Sergei Bobrovsky from the beginning. Leighton and Boucher have both shown they can’t do it. Bobrovsky had a decent season, although I think he found it long; starting him would have given him valuable experience and the organization another means of evaluating him for next year. At the very least, the Flyers’ goaltending woes suggest that the current trend towards inexpensive and unproven goaltenders in the playoffs is unlikely to last. The old formula for playoff success – building a team from the net out – is still the best.

    • twocents says:

      Do you remember having a conversation with me last fall about Philadelphia when they were flying? I basically said with their goaltending there’s is no need to view them as elite or unbeatable.

      • JF says:

        I do remember. At that point, Bobrovsky was playing well, and it didn’t seem impossible that he could handle the playoffs. But he struggled a bit down the stretch, and I was surprised the Flyers didn’t make a move to bolster their goaltending at the trade deadline. You would have thought that the cup-winning goal against Leighton last year would have taught them you aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs without solid goaltending; maybe this series will drive home the lesson.

        • twocents says:

          As JD_ likes to point out, as long as Bob Clarke has a hand in things goaltenders will never be appreciated in the flyers org. That’s why I felt confident in saying what I did. They don’t respect the value of that key role.

  63. 24 Cups says:

    Here’s a look at the best and worst trades at the deadline this year. Say what you want about Brian Burke, but he partly made up for the Kessel flop by dumping Kaberle. Two 1st rounders for a useless rental is a great return. LA also got beat badly on the Penner transaction, a deal that many HI/O posters wanted Gauthier to get in on.–boom-or-bust-looking-back-at-the-best-and-worst-deals-from-the-nhl-trade-deadline

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      True but the Kings traded for Penner when Kopitar was healthy. With Anze they could have beaten the Sharks and maybe the Penner trade would not look that bad right now.

    • Mike D says:

      “LA also got beat badly on the Penner transaction, a deal that many HI/O posters wanted Gauthier to get in on.” Boy did they ever!

      Strangely enough it’s probably a lot of the same posters who think AK is useless at 3.25mil and that we should get rid of him. FYI to whom this applies: both AK and Penner had 45 points in 81 games played this season, and AK only makes 50k more than Penner does.

      When I saw the Penner trade I simultaneously laughed at LA for pulling the trigger on such a brutal move, and rejoiced that it wasn’t PG who got fleeced. Shortly thereafter, I worried about how good EDM is going to be in a few years. Scary!

      – Honestly yours

      • MathMan says:

        Penner is a great player and a short series of unsuccessful games isn’t going to change that.

        LA still made a great deal, more so if they can re-sign Penner past next year. I still wish Gauthier has pulled the trigger; Tinordi’s ceiling is a #4 complementary D-man, and the first round pick is very unlikely to yield as good a player as Penner.

        • Mike D says:

          I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree MathMan.

          I don’t think Penner is even remotely close to being a ‘great’ player. I’d say he’s slightly better than average in terms of production, less than average in terms of skill, and clearly above average in terms of size. He’s also quite slow and that wouldn’t fit well with our forward group.

          LA made a terrible deal. They helped a team already stacked (and stacking as we speak) with top quality youth get even better in that department….and in the same conference as they are. It’s entirely possible that in 3 years EDM will have a powerhouse roster and will struggle to meet the cap floor due to all the rookie contracts.

          As for Tinordi, from the reports I’ve read he’s a physical stay-at-home type with a mean streak. Factor in his huge size and he’s what most are looking for from our team. He’s a few years away, but nevertheless.

          – Honestly yours

          • MathMan says:

            Teubert is a prospect on his way towards busting. Not David Fischer bust, but it’s untrue to say they “stacked” the Oilers even more. Basically, they got a top-line player and in exchange they traded a highly-touted but low-end prospect and a bag of magic beans.

            The Oilers, anyway, are going to require competent management before they get anywhere. Right now, they’re at risk of being one of the countless failures of scorched-earth rebuilds that nobody ever talks about.

            I don’t evaluate players on their visible toolsets… he’s big, he’s slow, he’s skilled — whatever, I actually don’t much care. I evaluate them on their results. What Penner is good at is driving the play 5-on-5 against top opposition. This is an extremely valuable ability, arguably the most valuable ability in hockey. He was perhaps the Oilers’ best forward (and we know this because the Oilers are the most analyzed team in existence, if you are counting real hockey analysis and not soap opera writing).

            Tinordi *is* a physical stay at home defenseman with a mean streak and a lot of size. I know that, but that implicitly means his ceiling is at a complementary #4 D-men. Notice what’s missing from this description: puck skill, first pass, offensive ability, mobility, positioning even, all key skills necessary towards becoming a quality defenseman. “Big physical D-men with mean streaks” litter the bottom-pairings and the press boxes of all NHL teams; they seldom drive top pairings unless they have other skills, in which case they’re invariably “quality positional D-men with puck skills” that also happen to be big and physical.

            He’s likely to reach the NHL, which means he’s not a bad pick in the 22-26 range, but this is not the type of player I’d spend a first and a second on. And it’s not the type of asset I’d hang on for dear life. He’s just never going to be as impactful as a Dustin Penner.

            Frankly, I think “big and physical” defensemen are overrated; all the big physical defensemen who are really good (like Pronger, or Chara) also have several the other, more crucial skills, while those that don’t, well, they’re basically Mike Komisarek: they can be effective so long as they are babysat by quality puck-movers.

    • Mark C says:

      Boston, only 5 wins away from having to give up a 2nd round pick. At this point Kaberle is getting bottom pair minutes.

    • MathMan says:

      Here’s hoping LA will be silly enough to trade away Penner for cheap on the basis of a short string of games and the Habs can pick him up for less than he cost LA.

      Wishful thinking, I know.

  64. mjames says:

    t would not be surprised if the fools running the Habs passed on AK46 and and messed the Markov situation. I would wish we could find some French speaking hockey giy who can run a team like that first year GM running TB. Lets see now we lost Perezhogin, SK76 and Macdough so I guess to be consistent lets lets lose AK46 and Markov. We are such astute judges that we can afford to let hese guys go. Hey we still have Gomez who has personnally promised to score more next year. We do not win because of the ineptitude of the guys running the team.


    PS: What is this business about Gomez doing drugs. Is the just more rumour mongering?

  65. shootdapuck says:

    If it was true that Dominic Moore repeatedly contacted Goatier last summer and wanted to return only to be told the Canadiens were not interested what an indictment!

    Instead of Moore Goatier kept Pouliot and Yappierre both of whom weren’t on the bench for game 7 in Boston!

    Just wonder how much JM has input into these decisions?

    … the fans of the Boston Bruins now have lost forever any right to complain that “the league” is out to get their team, and that the Montreal Canadiens have some kind of pull inside the NHL home office.

    Charles P. Pierce – Boston Globe

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Moore was still wearing habs gloves and cap a week after signing w Tampa at his hockey camp in Toronto. I believe he wanted to stay. Halpern was very cheap as he’d been badly injured last year. Should have kept both.

    • MathMan says:

      He probably wanted to stay. But not for 1.1 million. And Gauthier decided that he could spend the two-million-plus better elsewhere, and he was probably right.

      Keep in mind — Moore only signed at the *end of July* and took a big pay cut comparative to last year. To me, that points to a scenario where Moore had salary demands that no GM was willing to meet.

      I do think he wanted to stay. I just think he wanted more money than the Habs wanted to give him.

  66. 24 Cups says:

    Another solid article by Arpon Basu. I’ve been on AK46’s case since Day 1. In a draft full of great centres, we chose to take a winger (which was not his fault). Eight years later, we still struggle down the middle.

    Having said that, why in the world would we give up on him at this point in time, when we own his rights and can dictate his salary? We’re a team that can’t score and has very little size up front. AK could easily hit 30 goals next year and can give out the occasional solid hit. It’s also pretty well impossible to knock him off his feet. When he wants to, he can also park himself in front of the net. There’s no one down in Hamilton, so unless Gauthier has an ace up his sleeve, I say we bring Andrei back. Right now we only have three top six forwards. If AK46 can shake off the inconsistency, he just might make it four. If Max Pac can recover, we might well have five.

    In other news, it’s interesting to see which teams might make it to the Cup final. There are still lots of games to be played, but a Tampa-San Jose final is a real possibility. I wonder who is the official flip flops sponsor for the NHL.

    • smiler2729 says:

      When AK46 is on, he’s a factor, when he’s off, he’s a liability… unfortunately, his button seems to be stuck in the ‘off’ position more than in the ‘on’ so that makes him an iffy player in the overall scheme.

      “If the Bruins played the Taliban, I’d root for the Taliban”

    • twocents says:

      Steve, I would sign him too. However, I would begin the negotiations by gently pointing out that Andrei has been overpaid over the last three seasons and start with a 3 year offer at the 3.25, asking them to forfeit some UFA years. When the dust settles it would likely be a 2 year deal since they’ll be reluctant to give up those years. I think this would be best for everyone. There’s no way I would give up on him right now, at that money.

      The most important thing about him this past year has been the fact that he seems to have joined the group, after the past two years of moping about. He didn’t start the year looking at ease, but he eventually got there and was celebrating with his teammates and smiling regularily.

      Starting next season, feeling a part of the team, might be the ticket for him to finally break the 30/60 barrier.

      • Mike D says:

        I don’t think the Habs will offer him more than a 1 year deal at 3.25mil. The reasons why are because PK’s and Carey’s contract is up after next season and both will need significant salary increases (assuming they play at, or higher than, the level they played at this year). PG needs to keep some flexibility/room to account for that and Spatch’s salary coming off the books next season likely won’t be enough by itself.

        Also, I don’t think the Habs brass is sold on AK46 just yet, at least not for the long term. Conversely, I don’t know if AK46 is sold on the Habs either. We don’t know to what extent – if any – the deteriorated relationship between the Habs and his bro affected his own feelings towards the team. Also, watching his less-talented brother have a really good season after leaving might have him wondering if he couldn’t enjoy more success with another team and the different system/style they employ.

        – Honestly yours

    • Mike D says:

      Couldn’t have put it better myself. I was under the impression we had to give AK a minimum 10% increase to qualify him (as did many on this forum), but Arpon’s artice says we don’t and I’m sure he knows more than I do about these things. Even at the 3.575mil I THOUGHT we’d have to give him, I felt he was worth it.

      – Honestly yours

  67. theflower says:

    As I have said before, Guy Boucher not good enough for us and we get Jackie Martin, how is it possible that we can never get it right, I am thinking Boucher could win the cup this year. I wonder how all of us fans of the Habs would feel about that. Me personally, I said back at the beginning of the year that Boucher wins a cup before Martin and I hate to say it, but once again we gave up the golden goose for a has been!

    • smiler2729 says:

      Chill out, buddy, the coach doesn’t do EVERYTHING to win hockey games, I have yet to see one don the skates and go out there and score a goal other than Reg Dunlop…

      JACQUES Martin has led his team to two impressive playoff runs, last year’s dumping of the heavy favourites and this year’s injury ravaged bunch one lucky OT bounce from dumping a heavy favourite. Yes, his style is ho-hum but the players seem to play for him… and did you really want ANOTHER inexperienced head coach in Montreal????

      Someday Guy Boucher will coach the Habs.

      “If the Bruins played the Taliban, I’d root for the Taliban”

      • Exit716 says:

        Losing in the first round isn’t “impressive”. As soon-to-be ex-Caps Coach Bruce Boudreau about that.

      • bolder says:

        JM led his team to two impressive playoff runs?
        First year Halak had to stand on his head. This year they exit in the first round after being up 2-0? JM has never won anything, and never will.

        • smiler2729 says:

          Who’s Halak??

          “If the Bruins played the Taliban, I’d root for the Taliban”

          • theflower says:

            smiler, sorry to say but Jackie Martin had much better teams than this Habs team and hasn’t got a damn thing to show for it! He is not a winner never will be a winner and if you believe he is good enough to run this team and take them to the promised land, I have some swampland to sell you in Florida:)

  68. Clay says:

    Lol at Bergenheim getting 7 postseason goals. By which I mean, in comparison to Gomez and his 7 regular season goals.

    By which I mean, lol at Gomez 😀

    The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

  69. G-Man says:

    Haha! The 1st comment is spam. HIO sinks to new lows.

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