Canadiens win a wild one

A fight 10 seconds in.
A blown 4-1 lead.
A shootout win secured when the Minnesota shooter fell down.
It was one of the weirdest nights in this wacky hockey season; and when the dust had settled, your Montreal Canadiens had a 5-4 win to break their losing streak.

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Quotes from the room

Red Fisher’s column

Dave Stubbs on Andrei Markov

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Pierre Ladouceur’s game report card

Stu Hackel on the Nystrom hit

Ken Holland weighs in on fighting


  1. Greg says:

    Great article on Markov by Stubbs. Despite what everyone on here thinks, I can’t wait to have him back in the lineup.

  2. HardHabits says:

    Sad that we’ll never get to see AK46 and SK74 as DD’s wingers.

    Any guesses as to the name of that line?

  3. mjames says:

    To pick up on VintageFan’s post, the Canadiens fielded a team last night that is hardly NHL caliber. 50% of the forwards are AHLer’s. Gomez, Nokelainen, Palushaj, Staubitz, Geoffrion and White do not have the offensive skills to compete in the NHL. I did not count but I doubt if they have five goals amongst them. The mess beomes worse if you factor in Kaberle and Campoli on defence.

    Injuries have nothing to do with this travesty, it is the creation of PG. If PG was a decent and honest man and had the good of the team first and foremost he would resign.

    I am concerned about Pleks. I think he might go the way of AK. People are saying he is having an off year. That is the first sign of being targeted. I really feel for the guy. Last night his wingers were Geoffrion and Staubitz. I would not be surprised if PG and others do not start putting the blame on Pleks for this mess. It is very difficult playing with no wingers.

    I recognize we won last night but that win was not without its price. Firstly it alleviated some of the pressure on PG to resign and secondly we moved further away from Edmonton for the second to last place in the league.

    • sanman_11 says:

      Pleks is the ultimate team guy, he’s not going to go the way AK did. It’s not in his constitution.

      As for PG and Bob blaming him, since when do they blame veterans? Almost every post on this site is about how they play them too much.

      Don’t worry about Pleks, he’s a professional and will probably have Gregorenko beside him next year.

      I’m a HABS fan not a Leaf blower.

  4. JF says:

    I wonder if David Desharnais is the Quebec-born star the team has been missing for years. They tried to put Guillaume Latendresse in that role, rushing him and putting too much pressure on him. Now this diminutive player who has been dismissed as too small since his career began, who was never drafted, who has had to fight every inch of the way to the NHL, is quietly becoming a star. I’d be willing to bet that he’s still almost unknown around the league, but he’s looking more and more like Martin St. Louis, and his numbers are better than St. Louis’ at the same age. When he came up, he was thought to be too slow, and he didn’t win enough faceoffs. He doesn’t look slow to me, and he wins key faceoffs. His size will always be against him, but he plays big.

    The best thing about last night was the way the guys stood up for each other. It was great to see Ryan White react to the slashes on Price. How many times this season have we seen Price run while his teammates skate away? Having guys like Ryan White and Brad Staubitz in the lineup makes everyone play bigger and gives them confidence. It was a treat to watch after the way we’ve been pushed around all season.

  5. VintageFan says:

    As of March 2, 2012 our Canadiens do not have an complete NHL-caliber hockey team. Kaberle, Campoli & Weber are not top 6 NHL defensemen. Budaj is not an NHL goaltender. Gomez is not a top 13 forward. The team would have a better chance if the will-bes and the might-bes played instead of the usedto-bes and the never weres. It’s tough to win with half-a-team.

    • Say Ash says:

      and yet only five points behind the Leafs

    • sanman_11 says:

      Campoli and Gomez are fixable and with Gomez’s ice time last night I believe the organization is finally ready to what has to be done. Lets not give up on Webber so early. In a bottom pairing he can be effective, especially on the PP. We always talk about giving up on players in MTL early. He’s not top four but with a DEFENCE COACH (Hall Gill?) could he be a decent 5th or 6th? I say absolutely keep him and try to develop him properly.

      We may have had half a team but we also were missing something else – toughness. Not many people are talking about Subban much anymore. He’s playing top minutes, not talking as much, and throwing some thunderous hits. Teams now have to focus on getting filled by White and Staubitz rather then getting PK off his game. It’s an element that will help this team immensely next season. Simple things like putting White on in place of a top 6 on the first line will tell the other team that our top players are untouchable. I agree we were playing with half a team but one quarter of what we were missing was toughness. I think we have that now.

      I’m a HABS fan not a Leaf blower.

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      Budaj is actually a decent goaltender. Against the Panthers he made some great glove saves (I wish Carey could do that, but I don’t think his glove hand is as good).

      The team just has a habit of not showing up in front of him when he’s in net.

    • Lix says:

      Tomas Kaberle is tied for 25th in the NHL for defensemen scoring. You can say his defense is fairly inept, he can’t clear the net and he doesn’t hit anything (except the air around Kyle Clutterbuck which was still enough to send him flying). But he is this teams best tape to tape passer and puck mover on the powerplay so to say he’s not a top 6 NHL d-man is ludicrous.

  6. AllHailTheFlower says:

    Un Canadien Errant brought up a very good point about Ryan White in his excellent (albeit extremely lengthy!) post in the “About Last Night” page. He was wondering if White’s fight 10 seconds into the game was a way to take the pressure off Staubitz, so he wouldn’t feel compelled to drop ’em with someone who had been a teammate just a few short days ago. In my opinion, it was most certainly for that reason, and shows what a stand-up guy Ryan White is. It doesn’t matter whether you like fighting in the game or not, there are still (for the time being, I guess) players in the league who are there specifically to fill that role, and Staubitz is one of them. But I believe White recognized that Staubitz might not be particularly comfortable in that role for this one night, as anyone he fought may have been the guy whose stall was right next door to his last week. So White immediately stepped up and put Minnesota’s focus directly on him as far as any potential fisticuffs might go. In my opinion, that’s class, and I’m damned happy to have Ryan White back with the team!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Agree, Ryan White is an important teammate and role player for this team. His efforts and presence were greatly missed on this team, especially early in season when the team needed a rallying cry. I somehow don’t see Staubitz sticking around next year, but wouldn’t be adverse to a Moen/White/Staubitz 4th line. Perhaps Moen plays 3rd line with Eller/LL and Geoffrion plays 4th line.

      Either way, that sandpaper element is a Requirement for next years squad.

      • aroma says:

        forget about Geoffrion – he’s been acquired to add some offence in Hamilton; he’s too slow for the show. Playing him and using Gomez on the PP and not Eller… these are all attempts to garner that 2nd draft pick. Maybe also to see once and for all if Gomez has anything left. We can all see that he’s trying… but he loses most of his puck battles.

    • TomThompson says:

      White’s great, love the guy. Always looks into the game when he’s on the bench, talking, laughing, or just smoldering after they gave up those 3 goals.

  7. LA Loyalist says:

    Play the kids, Bam Bam, LeBlanc, Palujistan, et cetara. Coach them.

    It will get us a good draft pick this year, and bless us next year that they’ve been in live ammo situations. It’s the only good thing left to get out of this saison d’enfer.

    Why on earth are we playing Gomez? Dude, here’s your check. Here’s your metro pass. Go ride around on the metro, we don’t need you or want you.

    Harsh? Not harsh enough. I’m getting soft in my old age.

    • aroma says:

      to repeat what I just wrote above, that to me IS reason Gomez is getting ice time – to help the team lose. By the way, I haven’t read anything about Palushaj but let’s hope that stick missed his eye.

  8. aj says:

    Good game last night. So far, here’s what i’ve noticed

    (i) Bad Officiating! There was no tripping call when one of our players (i think it was Plekanec) was racing for the puck w/ the opposing player. That costed the team a 2 goal lead. Fans started to boo loudly last night after that commotion.

    (ii) Scott Gomez has to go! I don’t see him being useful in this team.

    (iii) Maybe if the Habs could put Blake Geoffrion as a 4th line center and bring up Louis Leblanc for the moment, that will be nice.

    • Mustang says:

      RE (ii) I was happy to see that Gomez was limited to less than 6 minutes. That means that other players are getting more ice time.

      I am no Gomez fan but at least he seemed to be more involved last night. He was back checking and he even blocked a shot at one point.

      • Cal says:

        Gomez received a stick to the face with about 7 minutes left in the game. He didn’t return.

        • sanman_11 says:

          I’m hpoing he receives a foot in the *ss as well!

          I’m a HABS fan not a Leaf blower.

        • Mustang says:

          I didn’t see the end of the game so I didn’t know that he wasn’t around at the end. At least he wasn’t available for the shootout which is a good thing. Hey, he increased his point production for the season by 11% last night by going up to 10 points from 9.

  9. stevieray says:

    Glenn Healy ….DORK ! ..I haven’t used that adjective for many years..As he continually ranted about how poorly the game was played last nite..I was thoroughly entertained with how we played . Yes it was close and we almost collasped ..but we showed grit and didn’t take any sh*t…and we WON !!!

    • Captain aHab says:

      Cocaine is one hell of a drug.

      McGuire for GM!
      Roy for Coach!
      Sh*t for Brains!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      If the Leafs were playing in that game with that style, he would have been calling it, Inspired Hockey, great team effort, etc. etc….

      But he sure does have a man crush on Carey!

  10. 100HABS says:

    Any news on Palushaj?

  11. Captain aHab says:

    McGuire for GM!
    Roy for Coach!
    Sh*t for Brains!

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