Canadiens visit new igloo

Playoff foes back at it

• Pat Hickey on the Penguins’ new arena

Poor drafts hurt Habs

• Red Fisher on Pat Burns

• The Hockey News profiles Lars Eller

Benoit Brunet brouhaha

• François Gagnon on P.K.

• Mario Tremblay on Canadiens’ worrisome D

Bergeron gets Plekanec money

• Thrashers goaltender collapses during game



  1. SeriousFan09 says:

    And the 2000 draft, Marcel Hossa and Ron Hainsey? Missed on Brad Boyes, Anton Volchenkov, Brooks Orpik and Niklas Kronwall.

    Imagine our series against PHI with Volchenkov, Kronwall to just crush anyone entering the zone.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  2. 1010 says:

    Cowan’s a genious. Why the hell shouldn’t the Habs be able to draft better than a team that drafte first or second for four years running? It’s a disgrace actually.

    GO HABS…

  3. Greg says:

    Hey Stu. Good Call. Pittsburgh and Chicago have indeed made better first overall picks than Montreal’s 15th overall picks. Wow. Timmins get your s*** together.

    “I lined up next to him at a faceoff, looked over and said “Hi Rocket”. All he did was growl.” -Gordie Howe

  4. Beaco says:

    Reading that back I’m stuck by how curmudgeonly I’ve become! LOL!

  5. Beaco says:

    Stu Cowan moronically weighing in as he is wont to do.That he is the editor of a sports section is mind boggling. I tend to believe he doesn’t really know much about or really have any passion for sports. I’ve never read any opinion that I couldn’t have gotten from a 10 year old. He always displays a completely shallow consideration of sports topics. Cowan editting Fisher, and  Todd. The Gazete sports section is a joke. I enjoy Stubbs. I am sometimes at odds with Hickey, but that’s ok, his is always the opinion of an intelligent, thinking adult. Just because a writer doesn’t write your story doesn’t make them a write off ;).Zurkowsky gets a thumbs up as well.My disdain for Cowan, Fisher and Todd isn’t based on differing opinions it’s the yahoo quality they all exhibit. I used to read Fisher and Todd 20 years ago and enjoyed it. They both seem to have turned into boring curmudgeons. Cowan? If he ever had a good period as a sports writer, I’m not familiar with it.

  6. Exit716 says:

    A more effective column would have been pointing out the fact that Andre Savard totally botched the 2003 draft.

  7. Cam_1 says:

    Oh believe me ..I saw lots of people complaining on this site after the first game..not on this thread but on various other threads.

  8. Number31 says:

    Funny that because it was no secret the Habs would have most likely picked Benoit Pouliot–you know, the highly touted big bodied forward which was apparently a need at the time as well–if the Minnesota Wild didn’t pick first. Chances are he probably wouldn’t be a Hab today if he was drafted by them (and if he doesn’t smarten up, probably won’t be one next year anyway).

    Yet another unoriginal piece from Stu Cowan. This time with old McGuire and McKenzie quotes! I swear these editorials are on a loop. Get a new thing to whine about already.

  9. pathockey1 says:

    OMG! Stu Cowan you’re telling me the Canadiens could have selected GILBERT BRULE instead of Price?! The horror! We could have really used his 37 points last year!

  10. showey47 says:

    When has timmins ever drafted in the top 3? Do you also know since the timmins drafting era began,the habs and the kings are tied with the most players drafted to play in the nhl? Both have 21. While the alleged detroit redwings drafting guru’s comes in last with 8.

  11. ritcey14 says:

    was this comment even needed? I don’t remember anyone blaming price after the last game.. he will be fine, the team will be fine..

  12. king ddd says:

    a  10 year surely can do that, i doubt timmins can,


  13. fun police says:

    a ten year old can draft in the top 3 for four years and end up with good players.  first stu writes about the leafs, now this.  all he has to do is pen and article about the halak trade and he’s hit the trifecta.  

  14. The Cat says:

    It can be done tonight I think.


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  15. Cam_1 says:

    Just a heads…don’t expect Price to pitch a shutout and score a goal himself to win the game…we have to score more than 1 or 2 goals for him for a change …we score 1 or 2 goals and everyone blames Price ..goal support gentlemen…goal support !!!

  16. The Cat says:

    I think Price gets her done tonight, Im betting on it!


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  17. jimmy shaker says:

    Auld getting the call tonight as per RIS….


  18. RGM says:

    Nice to see that Stu Cowan and Jack Todd are on the same wavelength with regards to Kopitar. That’s always a solid indicator that something that didn’t happen is a better idea than something that did happen.

    Here’s the rub – a lot of people at the time were flummoxed by the fact that the Canadiens drafted a goaltender with their first pick in 2005. I was among them, and I’d wager that a significant majority of the regulars here were in that same boat. After all, we had Jose Theodore as our #1 goaltender, Yann Danis was developing in the system, and we’d just made a trade for Cristobal Huet to be the backup to Theodore. We were totally set in goal!

    Wait a second….

    We had Jose Theodore, Yann Danis, and Cristobal Huet….no wonder we drafted a goaltender!

    It is impossible to know what would have happened had we picked another player, be it Kopitar, Staal, Bourdon, Rask, or whomever. Maybe Theodore would not have turned into a sieve. Maybe Danis would have continued to grow and become a legitimate NHL goalie. Maybe Huet would have won a playoff round or two for us. I realize that Pierre was lamenting the loss of the glorious breakout pass of Brisebois. I realize that we still don’t have a domineering hulking #1 right hand shooting centre. I realize that in 2005 the Canadiens had a lot of needs. Clearly goaltending turned out to be one of them. So maybe, just maybe, before we clamour for Kopitar, we should take pride in Price.

    Go Habs Go!

  19. says:

    YOu know?  For a Scotian, you’re pretty smart :)


    They Call Me Shane

  20. JF says:

    Good post.  Price has a ton of potential of which we’ve still only seen glimpses, and  from his reactions and comments so far, he seems to be a lot more mature and mentally tough than last year.  He has the team behind him, and despite the booing in the first pre-season game, I think the majority of the fans are prepared to support him and believe in him.  I get very tired of reading endless laments over our choice of Price and, even more, of Andrei Kostitsyn.  As you point out, we don’t know what would have happened had we drafted different players.  But the fans and the organization tend to be very impatient with our young players, rushing them, expecting them to develop their potential immediately, and giving up on them if that doesn’t happen.  I hope people will be patient with Price, P.K., and our other young players.  Give them a chance, support them, and maybe we’ll see more of our early round draft choices succeed with us.

  21. Fool of Chu says:

    It seemed odd to me at the times because I don’t think anything foreshadowed the downhill path Theodore was about to take.

    After 2003/04 he was considered to be among the best goalies in the league, and his lock-out performance in Sweden wasn’t that bad either. He was still just 29 years old, and basically a fix on the Canadiens roster for years to come. He was considered a franchise player, not just in Montreal, but league wide.


    Nothing pointed towards him losing his game at the time we drafted Price. I thought it was the plan to slowly develop Price under the tutelage of Theo, so that there would be no hole left in the development of “fresh” goalies. But that did not happen!

  22. New says:

    But…the fans loved Theodore, and they worshipped Huet, and Danis was so plucky! I totally agree with you (otherwise I wouldn’t post I suppose 😉 that essentially what-if senarios are a fools game. I too wish the team had a bucket of 1 through 3 first round picks, the blue chippers in good drafts, but they did not tank and did not have them. Just for a moment after number seven was drawn in 95, just for a moment I thought, maybe, just maybe, even with the fix in, maybe they’ll get drawn for number one and Syd. They didn’t, and they picked a pretty great player instead when their turn came.

    Tremblay is surprisingly astute on his remarks about the Habs D. Picard looked anything but NHL level when he was on the ice. I hope he for one  plays better next time. Picard wasn’t the only one though. Guys like Gomez have to realize that there is a time and place to do what they like, and what the team needs. Too often they make plays that they like to make instead. What a waste of the puck.

  23. RGM says:

    I’m a British Columbian. :)

    Go Habs Go!

  24. twocents says:

    The Canadiens record for drafting first rounders has been poor for a long time, through several management teams, that’s undeniable. However, it’s drafting in lower rounds has been very solid. Mr. Cowen, your article does not mention all the players who were Canadiens’ lower round picks who are playing in the NHL. The fact that many are not playing here, is another matter, but, it’s not a drafting issue.

    I also hope that Leblanc and Tinordi prove a sea change in first round results.

    Btw, Cam Barker was not on the Blackhawks Cup winning team. He had been traded to Minnesota before the glory. Another victim of Tallon’s summer of astuteness. 

  25. SeriousFan09 says:

    Barker just wasn’t living up to his draft billing either, 2004 there was a notable drop-off in talent and not a reallyl good year overall. Naming Jack Skille as a name for the Hawks was odd, considering he’s got 31 GP since he was drafted.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  26. SeriousFan09 says:

    Stu Cowan singles out Gilbert Brule as a player we missed out on? Names two teams whose star players are a set of lottery picks aside from the Keith selection in CHI? Jack Skille is hardly an established star in the NHL either, I think Max Pacioretty has more NHL GP than he does. To put Mcguire’s comments from 2005 in context he said our goaltending future was well in hand with Huet, Theodore and Yann Danis…

    Kyle Chipchura’s tendon injury is still no one’s fault, trying to slap the team around with picks from the Houle/A. Savard era is hardly objective, Even the gripers here can at least objectively focus on what Gainey missed out on in his tenure. It’s also little earlier to **** and moan about Leblanc and Tinordi not being NHLers considering their draft position.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  27. RGM says:

    At the time, a lot of people were clamouring for Brule. I was among them, having seen him a handful of times during his tenure with the Vancouver Giants. There was a lot of hype around him. Then he got injured–by then-Flame Roman Hamrlik, as fate would have it–and things didn’t pan out the way anybody expected or hoped for him.

    Go Habs Go!

  28. Bob_Sacamano says:

    Stu Cowan also thinks the Pens draft record is impressive. Wow, it´s really great to suck year after year so you get to draft high. Every idiot (even Sather) would have drafted Crosby, Malkin and Staal (maybe eben a better player than Staal in 2006). You´re right about the rest.

  29. MikeL says:

    If the guy is going to rip Montreal about drafting, he at least should get is facts straight. Brule was drafted by Columbus, not Edmonton.

  30. danedmunds says:

    just to refresh your memory. here
    is a list of guys drafted after kostitsyn

    Jeff Carter, Zach Parise, Brent Seabrook, Mike Richards, Ryan Kesler, Cory
    Perry, Loui Eriksson, Shea Weber, Patrice Bergeron (the canadiens actually
    drafted cory urqheart before bergeron and weber) and the last guy if that isnt
    enough is David Backes

  31. Castor says:

    any news on the Thrasher’s goalie?

  32. secretdragonfly says:

    According to TSN, he is awake and alert – preliminary tests show no obvious explanation and he’s being kept in hospital for observation.

  33. Danno says:

    What’s the story with Brunet? I thought he was fired.

    What’s going on with him? I know he had a bad on-air moment with Jacques Demers.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  34. TOEmastro says:

    I was at that first pre-season game and honestly, from where I was sitting in the lower bowl, behind price for 2 periods, no one around me booed the kid, and the applause from when he left the net was sincere. The problem is the schmucks in the nosebleeds with a beer in both hands and nothing in between the ears that were close to the TV mics that gave the impression of the minority overshadowing the whole.


    People believe what they want to believe, and everything is open to interpretation. Now lets whip the pens, with Price, AK46 and everyone else wi DID draft.

  35. Chuck says:

    It was 2 minutes into the game, so maybe he just realized, “Holy crap! I’m facing Ovechkin and the Capitals tonight! This won’t be good for my GAA or save%!”… and fainted.

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