Canadiens third … in Forbes rankings

Forbes, the authoritative business magazine, ranks the Canadiens as the NHL’s third most valuable franchise.

Forbes says the team is worth $334 million. The Leafs are valued at $448 million and the Rangers at $411 (all figures U.S.)

The least-valuable franchises are the Blue Jackets, Islanders and Coyotes.  

George Gillett bought the Canadiens and what was then the Molson Centre for $181 million in 2001. Since the lockout, the team’s value, according to Forbes, has increased from $230 million in 2006 to $283 million in ’07 to the current $334 million.

Canadiens’ revenue of $139 million is second in the league to Toronto’s $160 million and slightly ahead of Detroit’s $137 million.

Forbes estimates a 25th Stanley Cup would be worth $10 million in additional revenue for the Canadiens. 

The team’s ratio of debt to value is among the league’s highest at 72 per cent.

Four teams – the Red Wings, Blackhawks, Rangers and Oilers – have no debt.

James Myrtle breaks down the numbers

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