Canadiens third … in Forbes rankings

Forbes, the authoritative business magazine, ranks the Canadiens as the NHL’s third most valuable franchise.

Forbes says the team is worth $334 million. The Leafs are valued at $448 million and the Rangers at $411 (all figures U.S.)

The least-valuable franchises are the Blue Jackets, Islanders and Coyotes.  

George Gillett bought the Canadiens and what was then the Molson Centre for $181 million in 2001. Since the lockout, the team’s value, according to Forbes, has increased from $230 million in 2006 to $283 million in ’07 to the current $334 million.

Canadiens’ revenue of $139 million is second in the league to Toronto’s $160 million and slightly ahead of Detroit’s $137 million.

Forbes estimates a 25th Stanley Cup would be worth $10 million in additional revenue for the Canadiens. 

The team’s ratio of debt to value is among the league’s highest at 72 per cent.

Four teams – the Red Wings, Blackhawks, Rangers and Oilers – have no debt.

James Myrtle breaks down the numbers


  1. HabsMadUK says:

    I wasn’t that aware of the Habs finances, to be honest, although I suppose I shouldn’t be that surprised at the high debt ratio given Gillett’s financing issues at Liverpool FC (another of my life long addictions!)

    Does anyone know how this debt is structured? The structure of Gillett and Hick’s debts at Liverpool seem to be a never ending source of instability at the club. They are first in the league at the moment, but barely a week goes by without a story in the press about how the credit crunch is putting the squeeze on Gillett & Hicks ability to retain ownership or run the club…

  2. HABZ24 says:

    geez what a shrewed investor king george is.almost doubled the value of what he paid .hope he doesnt get the idea to charge more for tiks, hot dogs and beer, allready at nutty prices, to catch up to torontos revenue.

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