Canadiens sign free-agent forward Antoine Waked

The Canadiens have come to terms on a three-year contract with free agent forward Antoine Waked, the club announced Friday.

Waked is a 20-year-old forward who played with the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. In 67 games, he recorded 39 goals and 41 assists during the 2016-17 season. 

Waked is 6-foot-1 and 190-pound native of St-Bruno-de-Montarville.

In 224 games with the Huskies, he scored 68 goals and 89 assists. 



  1. 😆

    Hockey Is Life, Me and My Boy
    Shane Oliver
    One Giant Leap Backwards, 2017

  2. RUSTIE says:

    I think we need another coaching change, this one did not seem to help. lol

    Joe Laplane

  3. WVHabsFan2 says:

    I wanted them to win the cup this year too, Alex. The last time they won a cup I was a freshman in high school. I am 39 now.

    I remember reading about you awhile ago. I hope you are doing well!

  4. Captain_Alex says:

    Hi Everyone im still
    Sad the Habs lost I wanted to see my 1st Stanley Cup

    • Brinkley says:

      I feel really sad for this younger generation – I have had the good fortune of seeing MANY Habs’ all-time great players, great teams and multiple Habs’ dynasties.

      The bottom line in Montreal these days seems to be ownership that is apparently happy to make a profit (to which they are entitled) and a team that makes the playoffs, on a regular basis.

      Strongly doubt the Habs will ever win a Cup under Geoff Molson’s ownership (and definitely not under Bergevin’s management). Hope they both prove me wrong.

  5. The ice ghost says:

    Wow. Another goalie (39 shots) stole a game in the playoffs. Oilers up 2-0 — on the road no less.

    We should get a goalie like that.

    Bitter? Yup.

    Oh, and now he wants a new contract. I need to stop thinking about this because I just get more pissed.

    • Grimmly says:

      And look, Edmonton scored more then one goal? I guess Talbot must have scored too right?

      • The ice ghost says:

        You’re deliberately ignoring the point. Price had multiple leads, and Ducks certainly have more firepower than Rangers.

        Price is a great goalie. He’s just not a great PLAYOFF goalie. How many series do you want him to lose before you’ll be happy with the sample size?

        If Price wants to go to the Hall of Fame, he’ll have to buy a ticket.

  6. unclefester says:

    Anyone know how to pronounce his dernier nom??

    Does it rhyme with “naked”…..or not?

    …”in rapier-like fashion”… Danny Gallivan…

    • RUSTIE says:

      Maybe its time they thought of trading Price, he will want a long term contract and big dollars, and to me is not worth it. Trade him while he worth something before he get to far down the hill Get rid of a bunch of dead wood on the team. We need a little bit of pain like they did in Toronto

      Joe Laplane

  7. Loop_G says:

    Nice numbers, Okay size, maybe he turns into something. If not, no loss.

  8. Nilan25 says:

    Bergevin panning for gold in the dirt.

    • The ice ghost says:

      As he should, there’s gold in them thar hills!

      … but that should not be “Plan A” when your stars collectively choke in the playoffs.

      He needs to ship out at least one of our chokers to send a message to the troops. In fact Pacioretty should bring a good return from a team with playmakers and leadership but needing a floater who can finish.

  9. Ian Cobb says:

    Another prospect, 3 yrs to find out if he can play pro or not.!! Crap shoot.!

  10. Sluff Adlin says:

    How do you pronounce Waked?

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