Canadiens sign free-agent defenceman Jakub Jerabek

Following the philosophy of never having too many defencemen, the Canadiens have agreed to terms on a one-year, two-way contract with free-agent defenceman Jakub Jerabek.

The 25-year-old Czech recorded 34 points (five goals and 29 assists) in 59 games last season with Vityaz Podolsk in the KHL. The 5-foot-11, 190-pounder ranked fourth among league defencemen in assists and fifth in points. Four of his goals were scored on the power play and he tallied one game-winning goal. The Plzen, Czech Republic native averaged 21:47 of ice time per game and added two points (1-1-2) in four playoff contests.

Jerabek played 308 career games with Plzen in the Czech Elite League, registering 99 points (16 goals, 83 assists) and 230 penalty minutes. On the international stage,  Jerabek represented the Czech Republic at the 2009 U-18 World Championship, the 2010 and 2011 World Junior Championships and the World Championship in 2016.



  1. on2ndthought says:

    new thread

  2. bwoar says:

    I shouldn’t be surprised at the noise, but I wish the hockey world would quit with the babe-in-the-woods routine each time a superstar gets treated the same as a lunch-pail player.

    It’s the playoffs, in front of the net. We all saw Shaw take a hard cross-check to the back of the head, no call, ended the series concussed. Any number of brutal licks on both teams in the Habs-Rangers series in those zones. So Sid gets worse for wear – that’s how the game’s been called for ages in the post-season. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

    As much as I’d like to see enforcers back in the game, the end of the Instigator rule, etc. that ain’t gonna change the vicious play in those areas during this time of year.

    Instead of a hue & cry when a big name takes a hard smack, they can feel free to do something about it and spare us all the bombast. As Joey S—head always says, “Talk – Action = 0”. It’s pretty clear neither the NHL or the PA feels like anything needs to change.

  3. Phil C says:

    While I agree the PA is a part of the problem in general when it comes to player safety and changung existing rules or policies, not enforcing the existing rules is squarely in the domain of the league. If the league directed the officials to actually call the infractions that are, you know, against the rules, there is nothing the PA could say or do. The biggest lament I hear from players is consistency in calling the game, not how it’s called.

    • Ozmodiar says:

      That’s not quite true.

      The competition committee not only discuss the rules, but also how they should be enforced. For example, like when there was a crackdown on hooking, or more recently, tighter enforcement of charging and boarding. When they do this, they will send a referee (or representative) to team training camps to explain how the enforcement will change.

      The whole issue with putting the whistles away in the playoffs is another matter. Not a fan of this at all, but it seems to be engrained in the hockey culture, and not a priority to be dealt with by League or PA.

      • Phil C says:

        That’s a fair point, they have some say. But by allowing the refs to put the whistles away in the playoffs shows that the league can change how the game is called without consultation with the competition committee. And I don’t think the players could protest if slashing was penalized as slashing and cross checking was penalized as crosschecking. The players are complicit for not caring, but how the game is called is the league’s job.

  4. adamkennelly says:

    Pens should do a better job of protecting Crosby.

    Edmonton has

    Lucic, Maroon, Kassian, Nurse, etc.

  5. montreal ace says:

    Why are players from the KHL, offered so much more money and opportunity then AHL players, when they are older. Is the KHL that much better of a league

  6. mrhabby says:

    The playoffs without Crosby will really suck. Kind of like losing a Peyton Manning or Brady type player.

  7. Ozmodiar says:

    No suspension.

    Not surprising.

  8. montreal ace says:

    Suspensions do nothing, as far as justice is concerned for me. Backstom and the guy who likes to do the bird, would be getting a hockey play from me. Niskenen saw what he was doing, as eyes are a wonderful asset when used. OV’s slew foot does not even get noticed, by commentators, they must have the same vision as Niskenen. Don Cherry is going to be interesting, one of the few guys who can say what he wants, as the networks make money off him.

  9. Phil C says:

    Lots of good comments on the Crosby incident. The sad part is the league seems oblivious to their role in this type of thing. I’m sure every owner and NHL official would nod their head and agree that losing players like Crosby is bad for the game in all aspects, including the bottom line. Yet they allow all this stick work in the playoffs.

    Because it isn’t usually called, Niskanen’s reactionary instinct is to get the lumber up in that situation. But because the league doesn’t see the connection between allowing dangerous behaviour and injuries to star players, Niskanen’s crosscheck is just seen as an unfortunate accident and Methot’s injury was seen as unlucky. They don’t see the inevitability of these incidents by allowing so much stick work even though that is the root cause of the injuries if they were to analyse the problem.

    Thankfully the NHL inherited a great game because they have been a lousy steward of the game for the last 40 years. The game would be so much better if they had zero tolerance on stick work. And it’s all in the rules they inherited, assuming they ever bother to read them.

  10. Danno says:

    Yes Gallagher and others get zero recognition when they get a dirty hit. There has never been a conference of refs after Gallagher got hit to increase the penalty of the offender.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

    • montreal ace says:

      I am sick and tired of Gally, getting dirty shots from players that are bigger then him. I support Bergy, but he has to do something about that this year.

      • New says:

        I think he is rather dumb not to figure out where goals come from yet. Little? Feisty? Willing to crouch in the blue or the lip, pestering the goalie, until hit over and over again with little or no results on the scoreboard?

        Gallagher is a better hockey player than that. He just thinks he has to do that to play NHL, and so do his fans.

        • montreal ace says:

          I would like Gally to be more of a centre piece on a line, as he is a natural scorer. It is not just right in front of a goalie, Gally gets undue punishment, so if big Mac is not the player who is able to feed him the puck, while offering protection, get someone who can.

  11. roberge12 says:

    Following the Preds now. It is clear to me watching them that they are playing as a team. Subby, although very talented has become just one of their very good players. They have all ratcheted up their game, Montreal has a long way to go, lacking playoff chemistry and I fear dark days are coming.
    Have to do something about our Captain.

    • mrhabby says:

      Not to mention Price.

    • New says:

      Nashville was a strong team last season. Took out Anaheim in 7 and got bumped by San Jose (who went to the finals) in seven. San Jose had taken St Louis in 7, so it is fun to see Nashville against St Louis this season.

      A wise man once said “There are players who get you to the playoffs, and players who get you through the playoffs.” He has since collected 22 of them.

      Now Guy Lafleur is alleged to have said “Do not settle for a good season.  You do not play hockey for good seasons. You play to win the Stanley Cup.  It has to be the objective.”

      But the Club doesn’t employ Guy to tell it like it is. They employ Marc to tell it like we want to hear.

  12. HabinBurlington says:

    I find it curious that 35 mins. ago TSN announced the League’s decision not to have any supplementary discipling on the hit last night, but moments ago neither Sportsnet or NBC Sports had it on their respective sites.

  13. punkster says:

    Lots of solutions being suggested and that’s good. Somewhere in all the noise the right ones will eventually (some day) surface and be embraced by the league, the PA and the fans.

    What impresses me is that this same discussion on HIO 10 years ago, heck even 5 years ago, was laced with concussion denial or topic evasion comments.(he got a conky, he had his bell rung, he’ll shake it off, it’s part of the game, etc.).

    Seems concussion research and education is paying off, at least in the fan base. Now if only the league and PA can get a grip on it and work towards solutions.

    “Do not fear mistakes. There are none.” – MD

    • New says:

      The game interpretation changes over time.

      You are not going to prevent concussions in a contact sport. I doubt you can prevent concussions at all. A concussion is a bruise on the brain. Can you prevent bruising on hockey players? How about baseball, it is not contact, unless contact with an object or person happens.

      Some people can take a noggin rattling from collision, strike, tumble, accident, and walk away. Some people, well, their skull shatters. Some people are in the middle, the brain slams around and bruises.

      So, from my point of view it isn’t that it happens, it is that we really can’t fix it fast enough to help. Sometimes it takes years to heal from an injury, including brain or neck injuries.

      So when guys like Ovechkin target a head and guys like Niskanen say they couldn’t help hitting him in the head with his stick and gloves, because he was falling from the previous hit in the head, I wonder why they didn’t just do like we do when it is a fun game – catch the guy before he hits a stick, knee, or ice?

      Why? Because he didn’t care and hoped it slowed Crosby down.

      Those are the ones we can prevent. The ones we are complicit to.

    • Lapointe says:

      There appears to be alot of concussed people on this site at times…no ?

  14. HabinBurlington says:

    I see the League has it right here where they are blaming the Union for Concussions. In Gary we trust.

    • johnnylarue says:

      I’m not going to read that linked story because my blood is hot enough already, but to absolve the NHLPA of guilt in this is equally wrong.

      No player wants to be seen as a baby railing against the institutionalized machismo of the sport. They would, quite literally, rather be brain-dead than risk jeopardizing the “identity of the sport” or whatever.

  15. Paz says:

    When workers are unionized, like the NHLPA, it’s their responsibility to press for rules to protect their members.

    Instead the NHLPA does very little. It took them about 20 years to “agree” to wear helmets, for example.

    Sure management needs to follow suit. But it’s the players, themselves, who need to lead on player safety issues.

    • savethepuck says:

      Unfortunately the NHLPA is more concerned with the all mighty dollar when it comes to their membership. If a player is suspended, it is deducted from their pay, if a player is injured they still get paid while injured and not playing. Very sad, but I believe very true.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

    • Ozmodiar says:


      It appears some underestimate the power of the PA and say that the League could make Rule changes unilaterally, even though the Rules committee is co-chaired by PA and NHL.

      If there was any desire on the PA side to make the game safer, it would get done. We know what happens when the players take a stand.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        You are aware how the negotiations go between PA and League during CBA talks correct? Essentially safety talks have become a leverage point for money.

        Of course the PA plays a role, and they need to step up their concern, just as the league itself needs to actually care about the health of the players too or can we only be altruistic when blaming players?

        • Ozmodiar says:

          You are aware how the negotiations go between PA and League during CBA talks correct? Essentially safety talks have become a leverage point for money.

          I know enough to know that ‘player safety’ was not a contentious issue in the CBA negotiations and was quickly agreed upon.

          I also know that if it was a contentious issue to be used as leverage, it could be done so by both sides. It is a negotiation, after all.

          I’m not ‘blaming’ the players, just pointing out that “the League” can’t simply make a change without player buy-in. When people complain about “the League” and how it deals with player safety, they should mention the PA as well. Both sides seem to be on the same page with how they want it dealt with.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            If I told you that a high level association representative approached Bettman and Daly and raised concern about alarmingly high Cocaine test results on players and that Gary and Bill had a response of “Not Performance Enhancing so not our Problem”, how do you think they react to safety measures?

          • Ozmodiar says:

            Does their response to the cocaine concern somehow tell us that they are at odds with the PA over player safety? I don’t think so.

  16. mrhabby says:

    Given the history between Crosby and the other player I guess it would be easy to blame MN but iam not so sure. I doesn’t look like he raised his stick and hit him on purpose. Looks like Crosby fell and hit the stick and body of Matt N. Appears to be really unfortunate set of circumstances for Crosby. Refs had no choice to remove him Matt N from the game. Iam not sure a suspension is warranted but they will do it anyway since its Crosby.

  17. Stiglitz74 says:

    All this talk and speculation on Crosby being slashed, hacked and wacked… did we forget about how he literally slashed Methot’s finger off? I’d say what happened to Crosby was karma… you can’t defy the universe.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Kind of neat to have Eugene Melnyk himself posting here at HI/O.


    • krob1000 says:

      Crosby gets his hands whacked every game….in fact last year OVie did it to him in game 4…go figure

      Crosby should have a Patrick Maroon type beside him….and OVie and Niskanen should have been made aware immediately they should not be targeting Crosby’s head….hit him clean sure but not in the head…

      Gaudreau and other stars getting their hands whacked….and head shots are ridiculously out of control

      The idea that you can’t touch a head unless the puck is near the net is absurd…you can’t grab a stick or use one hand in the corner BUT…in front of the net or after the whistle you can punch in the face, crosscheck, slash, knock into the boards, etc and whatever…BUT…heaven forbid there is an actual fight between willing combatants…that has to stop???

      I have seen transformation in a player like Gallagher for instance…fearless and full of heart he repeatedly went to tough areas despite his size….he undergoes a ton of penalties that are not called both during and after the play……they are NEVER called…so what has happened? he has slowly gotten dirty himself…because nobody is protecting him….like Crosby has been doing of late and progressively more throughout his career….it is stupid….let the fighters fight, ditch the instigator rule OR start actually calling the slashes on the games stars hands and heads, start calling the game the same in front of the net as anywhere else, before and after plays….I am fine with either…but this in between crap is garbage.

      • Claude Kane III says:

        “The idea that you can’t touch a head unless the puck is near the net is absurd…you can’t grab a stick or use one hand in the corner BUT…in front of the net or after the whistle you can punch in the face, crosscheck, slash, knock into the boards, etc and whatever”

        I’ve played, watched, been involved in hockey my whole life and this is one part of the game I’ve never wrapped my head around. Elsewhere on the ice those penalties get called regularly and with as much consistency as the NHL seems capable of. But the front of the net is somehow international waters. Anything goes, defencemen given freedom to hack and crosscheck and mug anyone daring to look at the goalie. The NHL allows for this. The same NHL that’s also starving for goals.

        That the NHL allows for this and other absurdities while cracking down on fighting is Picard facepalm worthy, I agree. That said, I don’t think a return to enforcers is the way forward. The argument about the instigator rule seems overblown. I watch every Habs game and many others and I honestly can’t recall the last time I saw it called. I don’t think it really strikes fear into the heart of players when deciding whether to jump someone and start a fight (that happens almost every game, mostly after clean hits, they just don’t get slapped with the instigator call). The NHL needs to actually call the penalties. Be consistent, regardless of when of where the play occurs, in regular season or playoffs, just call the penalties (’cause not calling them and ‘letting the players play’ impacts the game just as much as calling them but instead favours those that broke the rules).

        Up and Atom!

  18. Danno says:

    What message will the NHL be sending if the Caps win this series because Crosby does not return?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

    • mrhabby says:

      They will suspend the player even thu iam not sure its warranted. Its Crosby so they will do it anyway.

    • New says:

      I don’t know what message they’ll be sending. I like to watch Crosby play, I’d pay for that anytime given the chance. Ovechkin, no sorry. There are a ton of good players who have their spot, get them the puck and boom, scoring chance. One day, like every playoffs, someone says “Huh, their production decreased fast.” Big puzzle.

      The message I get is the NHL won’t fix it. So it is up to the players to do that. Most times the players don’t fix anything. They pose, like Montreal did when Carolina’s Justin Williams speared Saku in the eye.

      Some times you have to stand up on your hind legs and let the game or trophy go. There are more important things if you want to walk into dark places and see the rats scurry away.

      Right now the Caps are all hoping Sidney recovers, saying it was a hockey play, and wishing him all the best. What they should be thinking is that this was the biggest mistake they have ever made.

      Carolina never thought that when they took out Saku either.

  19. Captain aHab says:

    MB’s Double Embarrassment Jeopardy:

    1) Subban and Nashville win the Cup this year

    2) Florida hires MT and they win the Cup next year on a OT goal by Radulov who chose them over the Habs.

    Drop da puck already!

  20. Ian Cobb says:

    Writen by Former NHL player and professional coach Bob Lemieux‎.
    Now working for the Concussion Support Group
    It’s happened AGAIN!

    Is this the one that finally brings the hockey brains in New Your and Toronto to their damn senses?

    What now Don Cherry?

    Another 24 million in sales of Rock ’em Sock ’em Hockey. Yes Tim we know you are monitoring us.

    Tell your dad and my former teammate to do us all a favor: Announce he is retiring because he can no longer stand the carnage.

    The tell him to apologize to every Canadian mother and father for the carnage the two of you have helped heap, like well matured bull excrement, upon the vulnerable minds of innocent kid.

    And finally, you and your dad can make a healthy financial contribution to the Atlantic Neuroscience Institute, here in Moncton, New Brunswick, of $1.2 million, (of the apparent $24 million), and just 10 % of Cherry’s apparent net worth, of money from duped moronic adults, so we can turn this mess, the two of you, and the NHL cowards have helped create, and allow us to turn this infanticide around and do the good we are doing on a shoestring budget, using our own funds, from our own pockets, while you and your father rake in the dough encouraging kids to continue bashing the brains!

    Bettman, and all NHL owners hiding behind him and Dailey, get out in front and take a stand…..if not for your “kids” then you selfish, morons do it for our kids!

    Face Book friends have you had enough?

    Make a statement!

    “No Hockey Night in Canada” this Saturday night!

    Turn off your TV sets, go to a movie, have dinner with your best friend….but send Rogers, CBC, NBC, TSN and the rest of the providers a message!

    Cancel my subscription and tell the public reaction subscription cancellation specialist you can no longer allow your child to watch the mandatory brutalization of another athlete.

    Oh as an aside, I don’t believe I have ever heard from Don when we were teammates, or on air about his struggles post concussion.

    Could it be his style of play, at arms length, kept him well away from collisions? Maybe somebody should ask him?

    CBC give a guy who knows, me, a platform, face to face with Cherry on National TV and watch him crawl under a rug before he has to justify to millions of Canadian parents why knocking a kids bock-off in today’s day and age, with what we know, is a good idea?

    Neither the NHL or Cherry have the male attachments big enough to accept a fair debate on a very sick epidemic, of greed, narcissism, egomaniacal behavior, and total morbidity!

    A Passionate CSG editorial comment from a guy who has been KO’d eight (8) times, three in the NHL, (and now has been given a video, of the Crosby sacrifice), to the gasps of the fans, and suffer through another series of explanations why this is permitted.

    • krob1000 says:

      ????? what is this???

      How do you people continue to blame Don Cherry? Really?

      Don Cherry has NEVER advocated cheap shots…EVER…..if the instigator rule were not around and enforcers were around Crosby may well have had a better career….Gretzky was the last great to get any respect…that was no coincidence.

    • Don Birnam says:

      The Cops have been pulled off the street and the Punks are running wild amigo.
      Get rid of The Instigator Rule and bring back the Enforcers.

  21. Don Birnam says:

    What a surprise! Star players being targeted.
    It’s the New NHL where Enforcers are extinct and the Rats run free.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Yup, folks don’t want to hear it but it is what it is.

      • Don Birnam says:

        No kidding amigo.
        How many head shots did Gretz receive? Or Yzerman,Shanahan,Lafleur?
        They had Semenko,McSorley,Twist,Probert,Nilan,Big Bird riding shotgun.

    • New says:

      I admit we turned the game off last night after that, and my better half is a Pens fan.

      I don’t know what the refs saw, but we saw Ovechkin target Crosby’s head and then that second player do the same, on a single play. The message was quite clear to us.

      Now if Ovechkin had slashed Crosby’s fingers and taken off the tip of one we would have cursed but shrugged, it happens doesn’t it – karma. If a single player had targeted his head, I would have thought, well it happens, guy is just too pumped up. But when he goes to the net and both players near him aim for the head?

  22. rhino514 says:

    Didn´t they find out in the end that Crosby´s last long absence from the game was due to a neck/vertebrae irregularity (which perhaps became more acute from a relatively minor concussion) rather than the post concussion syndrome almost everyone assumed it was?
    I mention this because he is much more or less at risk going forward depending on what that last issue really was which kept him out for so long.

  23. Danno says:

    MOAR > More


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  24. Mister Wrong says:

    For those who think the league has a different standard for Crosby than other players, that it is harsher on players who injure him than others, please tell me:

    1) How many players have been suspended for incidents related to Crosby?

    2) How many games they were suspended for?


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