Canadiens sign European Dman


Diaz, 25, is 5’11”, 194 lbs.

He was plus-14 with Zug this season.

The team announcement:

Montreal Canadiens general manager Pierre Gauthier announced today the signing of free agent defenseman Raphael Diaz to a one-year, two-way contract (2011-12). As per club policy, financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.
“We are very pleased to have reached an agreement with Raphael Diaz, who we strongly believe has all the attributes to play in the NHL. Raphael is a defenseman with excellent offensive and defensive skills, who constantly improved his play over the years. We look forward to seeing him at training camp,” said Canadiens General Manager Pierre Gauthier.
Diaz registered 39 points (12 goals, 27 assists) in 45 games with EV Zug in 2010-11. Diaz, 25, displayed a +14 plus/minus differential and served 26 penalty minutes.
In eight complete seasons with EV Zug, the 5’11’’, 194 lbs defenseman totaled 118 points (33 goals, 85 assists) with 212 penalty minutes in 352 games.
Diaz, who is part of the Swiss team at the 2011 World Championship in Slovakia, collected four points (3 goals, 1 assist) in six games. He maintained a +3 plus/minus differential, while playing 20:52 in average per game.
A native of Baar, Switzerland, Diaz played for EV Zug (junior) from 2001-02 to 2003-04. He was part of the Swiss team at the 2005 and 2006 World Junior Championships, and at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.


  1. Everyone remember to vote for Cammalleri in the TSN plays of the year competition:

    It’s really close as of now, Cammalleri is losing by less than a percent! Make it reverse HIO!

  2. HardHabits says:

    I had a discussion today with one of my friends who is an avid Habs fan. This is what he had to say about the Diaz signing.

    It’s a direct shot across the bow to Don Meehan, the agent for Markov, Emelin and AK46. His take is that should Meehan screw around and in view of Emelin wanting a guarantee to not have to play in Hamilton, the Habs might just move on. Meaning no Markov, no Emelin and possibly AK46 traded. The Habs might very well be going the no more Russians route. If no Markov then Wiz is resigned.

    So the likelihood is it’s either all or nothing for those 3. Mind you this is speculation but I liked the gist of it. Don’t forget, Gauthier is very shrewd and holds his cards close to his chest. He never confirmed nor denied his intentions with Emelin and both sides have yet to come to terms as far as Markov is concerned.

    • Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

      I’m pretty sure Pierre Gauthier doesn’t believe for a second that Alexei Emelin will have to play in Hamilton.

      Also, you do know that Don Meehan negotiated this deal for Diaz, right?

      • HardHabits says:

        No I didn’t. I guess neither did my friend. Hahahaha. I need to tell him that. Looks like those three are in the bag then.

        • Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

          Yeah, I’m pretty sure all 3 are going to be with the Habs. Last one to get signed is AK46.

          The article from Godin that I linked to further down in the thread says that Meehan was the one who negotiated the deal.

          I know you’ve been pretty down on the Habs today, but I do feel that Gauthier has been much more pro-active than Gainey ever was. And I liked Gainey, even though he did make some bad decisions. *cough* Gomez *cough*

          Gauthier seems to have a plan. He just doesn’t want us to know what it is.

  3. NCRhabsfan says:

    All discussions must begin with “Gomez has to go!” He kills the cap.

  4. Propwash says:

    Stupid question….
    Which acquirable UFA forward(s) that meets the criteria de jour (must be big, gritty, scores tons of goals, can basically carry the team on his/their backs) are actually available come July?

    • Chuck Chuck Goose says:

      Not sure if any UFA really fits that criteria (barely anyone under contract even does 🙂 but Brooks Laich would be my first target

  5. shakey says:

    Bulldogs updates PLEASE!!

  6. Number31 says:

    I like that he actually looks and aims when he shoots, and actually aims to bounce pucks off things like other players’ legs, goalies, posts, etc to score. Habs need guys like that: Intelligent shooters.

  7. showey47 says:

    He can’t be that bad. Steve “sam pollock” Yzerman also wanted his acquire his services.

  8. RobertAlanFord says:

    This is a minor league signing. PG didn’t sign him to replace someone in the Habs top 6 dmen. If anything it says that Weber is no longer a Bulldog.

  9. TorontoHabsFan says:

    I seem to recall reading the same sort of teeth-gnashing when Montreal signed Engqvist to a similar deal, and he worked out alright.

    I swear if some didn’t find something to freak out over, they’d waste away into nothingness.

    This is a flier on a d-man that may or may not work out…hence the 2-way contract.

    (or an optimist might say that Montreal’s history with Swiss players, like Streit and Weber, has given us an advantage over other teams with signing these types of free agents)

  10. gerrybell says:

    i have been thinking for a while how the habs could not afford to bury gomez in the minors because this would send a bad message to other UFA’s who would want to sign with the habs. then i realized this team has cammy, gomez, gionta and plek signed long term. montreal will never sign another big UFA contract until these deals expire.

    with that in mind – sign brad richards and then send gomez to the minors for the rest of his career. bad message sent to other UFA by sending gomez to minors? more like the message is “we dont have any caps room and wont until 2014 so go away.”

    with that i am back on the bandwagon to sign someone and get rid of gomez.


    • Mike D says:

      Not that I’m against sending Gomez down (though part of me would like to see if/how he rebounds next year), but Brad Richards is not a good fit for our team.

      Yes, he scores a lot of points and that would certainly be welcomed, but he’s also a career minus player and you have to wonder how someone who puts up as many points as he does ends up in the minus ledger. Obviously he has no 2-way game at all. Like “The System” or hate it, 2 way players are better than 1 way, skills being equal. Plus BR is not very big and I’m confident that if PG did something drastic like send Gomer to the ‘Dogs, then he would get that big #1 Center we’ve been needing.

      – Honestly yours

  11. Mike D says:

    For anyone getting all hot and bothered one way or another over this signing, as Carey Price would say, “chill out”.

    He might be the next Mark Streit or better, he might be a career AHLer or worse. Maybe he’s part of a larger strategy to make trades or other types of moves. Fact is, we don’t know squat about his play or how it would translate to Hamilton or the NHL, nor do we know what the organizations plans are for him (assuming they have a plan in place for him at this point). Debating these options I have no problem with – that’s a lot of what makes this site a fun place to come to.

    Getting emotional over it one way or another though, is completely ridiculous – sorry. It’s a no-risk move which means it’s fantastic if pays off, and it’s not a problem if it doesn’t.

    Those of you complaining about his size and our team’s overall lack of size need to get a grip. It is an issue, but not one that can be addressed by PG at the moment – and frankly, it’s not at all related to this news story. Quityerbitchin

    – Honestly yours

  12. If the guy who scouts for the Wings advised us to sign this guy, I’d be impressed. Otherwise, he’s just another pebble on the long and winding road to #25.

  13. 24 Cups says:

    Can we get a grip here. The Habs just signed a guy who is 25 years old and has never had a sniff from another NHL team. I’m going to hold back judgement. He could quite well be cannon fodder for Hamilton.

    Did I mention that he’s only 5’11”.

  14. DrA says:

    This is absolutely brilliant. Two young defenceman for 2M and the savings go to sign players up front. This is how PG will work around the albatross that is the Gomez contract.

  15. Steven says:

    I don’t exactly get this signing*.

    We’re already shored up on defence unless something’s in the works, so why get him?

    Maybe he’s going to be in Hamilton to develop. That makes a lot of sense, I guess.

    At the same time, some of you are saying he’s like a Mark Streit and one of you(Sorry, I didn’t read who) linked a site that said he might be the best D-Man out of Switzerland. If he’s that good, why didn’t anyone else take him?

    A head scratcher. Or maybe I’m just a bit slow today.

  16. Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

    Here’s another article on Diaz from Godin:

    Another thing about this signing is that if he is indeed as good as his agent and other people from Swiss hockey would lead us to believe (comparisons to Mark Streit and statements that he could become the best Swiss player ever), then Weber becomes expendable, which could lead us to a package deal that brings in some forward help or allows us to move up in a draft or something. I realize this is coming from his agent and all, but it seems like this guy has some good potential and other teams were trying to sign this guy.

    Let’s at least give him a chance to show us something before writing this move off.

  17. HardHabits says:

    Taken from Hockey’s Future

    Montreal Canadiens Prospects
    Team Strengths: Depth on defense
    Team Weaknesses: Gritty/Physical Forwards

    They can’t be right though because all the “optimists” at HIO beg to differ.

    • Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

      Nobody here is DENYING that it is a weakness. It’s certainly not a strength. What people are saying is that PG is slowly trying to address this and that it isn’t such a simple thing to fix. Also, making moves like the one PG made today doesn’t mean he won’t try his best to address this weakness on July 1 or at the draft.

      The kind of forwards we need don’t grow on trees.

      • HardHabits says:

        Are you kidding me? There are numerous posts saying the Habs size and grit is not an issue. Puh-lease! Gritty/Physical Forwards (size) and a true elite prospects at the forward position are the Habs glaring weaknesses.

        What really kills me is the Habs had a glorious opportunity to turn this team into a juggernaut during the debacle that was the Centennial of 2008-2009. 11 UFA’s were left walking with nothing in return. Nice team BG said he liked. The Habs had the worst 2nd half of the NHL that season. Had they played like that during the whole season it would have been a #1 pick. There was no doubt in my mind that that team was going to flame out in the play-offs, and they did, falling 4 games straight to the Bruins. Anyways, the point is they should have traded what they could have at the trade deadline for picks and prospects and simply bowed out of the play-offs hnourably. They would have still had all that money and would have not needed to go for the Gomez trade. They could have also tanked one season or two. Garnered a few elite prospects and some decent complimentary players with the plethora of picks at hand and we’d be in the upper echelons of the league right now in both the standings and in terms of prospects, with immense cap space to sign whoever our hearts desired.

        Instead we’re a middle of the pack team with little cap room that might, maybe, if all things pan out have a chance of entering the top 10. Is top 5 in our sights? I don’t think so. Not with what we have, because what we have is not enough. The fact is since the Conference format was introduced only two teams outside the top 5 have won the Cup. The other two were top 10.

        I am not a fan of making the play-offs every year only to see a 1st and 2nd round exit in perpetuity. For all the hopes we raised after the incredible and other worldly Halak run up to the ECF’s the fact is the Habs got extremely lucky and were horribly outplayed. That is no way to win. It’s actually disgusting.

        Until I see better I will criticize and point out these glaring deficiencies.

        • Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

          While I may agree that certain moves could have been made with impending UFAs (such as Souray), I find it laughable to suggest that the Habs should have traded everybody that was a UFA during the centennial season. That was the season that followed our first in the East performance. It was the Centennial. No way Hab fans would have been happy with a fire sale. NO WAY.

          • HardHabits says:

            Yet Habs fans are pleased with a middling team in perpetuity. I am beginning to think Habs fans are not that knowledgeable. In fact Habs fans are the probably biggest suckers in the NHL, they believe that once they make the play-offs anything can happen. Maybe they should look at the record. Top 5 teams win the Cup. Middling teams stay middle of the pack. We’re being duped, conned and lied to and all you suckers buy the lie. Not me.

            Look at the record over the past 10 years:

            2000-2001 24th
            2001-2002 18th
            2002-2003 20th
            2003-2004 13th
            2004-2005 lock-out
            2005-2006 15th
            2006-2007 19th
            2007-2008 3rd
            2008-2009 13th
            2009-2010 19th
            2010-2011 14th

            That is nothing to get excited about. 1 top 10 finish, albeit top 5. The Habs were contenders once in a 10 year span. Once! Apart from that they have been nothing more than a mediocre team, albeit a cash cow for the NHL.

            We can all hope the Habs get better. Meantime we watch as other teams (Detroit excepted) rise and fall and then rise again around us.

          • TomNickle says:

            Plekanec, Cammalleri, Pacioretty, Kostitsyn, Subban, Price, Eller, Desharnais, Leblanc, Gallagher, Tinordi, Kristo, Pateryn and yes, even Yemelin are worth being excited over. This team lost by one shot to their bitter rivals. Did they fall short? Absolutely. But any idiot can see that this team is among the elite in the Eastern Conference come playoff time and that they aren’t far away from being a perennial contender with the core that’s in place. I think maybe you should take a break from hockey for a while if a team full of so much promise has you so down in the dumps.

          • HardHabits says:

            @TomNickel. I love your posts but get real dude.

            A team that is up 2-0 in games, that was winning 3-1 in game 4 at home, that loses three OT games and fails to win the series is not elite and only the most rose-coloured lens wearing fan would say that they’re among the elite in the Eastern Conference, play-offs included.

          • TomNickle says:


            With a healthy lineup, this team is without a doubt an elite team in the east. Add Markov, Gorges and Pacioretty to the lineup that squared off with the Bruins and where is this team right now? Still playing is where. Just my opinion though.

        • Bill J says:

          How many times do you need to be reminded that there is no way the Habs would have traded all or any asset of value in the centennial.

          It’s called marketing, they spent millions on it. Come on HH be realistic about things.

          • Mark C says:

            Also, the Habs were on a 98 point pace at the deadline, its silly to think they should have traded away UFAs.

        • pat s says:

          HardHabits–well stated, not enough fans like you these days and thats why we are on a golf course. For 5 years, I had to hear how great Gainey was a GM and now look. I watched 98% of the habs game this year and I had to turn the channel many times b/c I hated watching our players get physically pounded out there

          For some reason, montreal lacks the desire to go towards more of a canadian blue collar team whereby its an eye for an eye on the ice. I believe to appease a certain faction of the habs fan base. Look at 86/93, we had the blue collar players that helped us win the cup.

    • HabFarmer says:

      yawn…….stretchhhhhh…….. . Ok, you’re beating a dead horse with a hammer right now. What’s to say that PG isn’t putting a few resources aside to get that big gritty forward or two with some skill? Assuming that there are any available.

      I think we should see where this is going before we get all uptight.

      “No, I see. The monkey’s out of the bottle now!”

    • TomNickle says: is the last place I would reference with regard to the strengths and weaknesses of each team. First of all, the strength and weakness department for that site specifically is geared toward the prospect pool and not the current roster. Second, this is a website that has the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators in the top half of the league in terms of best run organizations from a talent acquisition stand point. Not only are those teams both in the bottom five in the league, but they’ve been there for years, a decade at least. Calgary may be the only team who rivals their ineptitude. Hockeysfuture’s former #1 organization was listed as the Nashville Predators, an organization without a single elite forward prospect at the time of their placement in those rankings. They are a shoot first ask questions later website that throws darts at a board with team logos on it to determine who fits where. If you take the time to read an actual scouting report on a player not in the top 10 of the draft and compare it to anything provided at hockeysfuture it is like comparing black and white.

  18. habs365 says:

    Habs problem always rebuilding from other teams–17 of our present 26 man roster is from other teams–those players were let go for a reason–if a team lets a player go unless for personnal reasons, team problems or a money issue shouldn’t that tell ya something–so what makes management think they’re gonna be the answer to the Habs problems–the players we aquired haven’t gotten us to the stanley cup finals–isn’t that why you keep improving your team every year–making it to the playoffs just indicates you have a good team and we have that no question–but nothing to show for it–the route we have taken for 18 years and unless management wakes up it will continue..every year we don’t get to go to the stanley cup finals–I think about all the great teams we had in the pass–teams use to fear us–now we’re just another team “sad”……

    • punkster says:

      Actually, sad is thinking that trades are made to simply get rid of problem players (apart from personal reasons, team problems or money issues….which by you listing them pretty well blows donuts holes in your premise). That’s sad.

      But let us not ask what our team can do for us, but what we can do for our team…or some such.

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  19. hansolo says:

    Sweden vs. Czech republic:

    Jagr, no SOG. Does this mean we shouldn’t sign him?

    Or should we sign him b/o his hatty against USA?

    Or should we just evaluate him on neither game per se but on his being 39 years old, with good offensive skills, but perhaps suspect defensively, and his being an unknown as far as dressing room demeanor?

    • SnowManHabs85 says:

      I don’t know if some would want or not but i think some just want to see Jagr in Habs jersey. If Pouliot was to let go via trade for draft picks and Jagr puts up better numbers than Pouliot, then wouldn’t be a bad signing. Just a thought..

  20. HardHabits says:

    Here’s my worry. The Habs have a tendency of repetition.

    They won two Cups with the outstanding goaltending of Patrick Roy. They’ve since been looking for that franchise goaltender. Theodore didn’t pan out hence the Carey Price pick. The Habs had a great puck moving Swiss defenseman in Marc Streit but lost him to free agancy hence the Weber drafting and now the Diaz signing.

    So don’t be surprised when the Habs trade Jarred Tinordi, a first round draft pick, Ryan White and Brendon Nash for Danny Briere after Gomez is sent to the minors.

    • punkster says:

      Oh for heaven’s sake HH. If you’re going to pick a topic to stir the poop try to come up with something realistic, something that reasonable people would actually bite on.

      On second thought, there are those out there who will believe this to be a prudent and doable move. So in that regard I suppose it’s a credible troll.

      Carry on 😉

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  21. savethepuck says:

    An awful lot of discussion on here about a minor depth signing that may have a positive upside.
    If it works out, fanfreakingtastic. If it doesn’t, who gives a crap.
    The posters with negative reactions to this need to get a life.

    “That beautiful bastard scored semi-conscious.” On the Rocket’s Game 7 game winning goal against the Bruin’s April, 1952

  22. Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

    As per shiram’s request, a re-post from further down in the thread:

    I don’t disagree that we need to add some size, but I fail to see how this move precludes us from adding size to our team.

    Also, some people act like that hasn’t been a priority for PG, but he acquired some size in the Halak trade with Eller and Schultz. He made another depth signing in Berger that added size and youth. He drafted Tinordi which gives us size and toughness on the backend. He will likely add Yemelin which again adds size and toughness. Certain media outlets have reported that he is interested in signing Brooks Laich should he be available, which would certainly add size as well.

    So, really, what’s the problem? Is it just because PG isn’t adding the specific players YOU would want him to add? Play some NHL 11. It will be therapeutic for you.

  23. Timo says:

    PG’s next move – negotiate contract extension for Gomez. 5 more years at 50 mil.

  24. PeterD says:

    Not a big deal with this signing of Diaz. I’m not expecting this guy to make the jump to our top 4 D-men this season or maybe never…but who cares.

    Pierrre did the same thing last season when he picked up Klubertanz out of the Swedish league…an entry level two way contract won’t hurt us on the cap issue if he stays in Hamiton… and Gauthier needs to stock that team as well as the big club.
    Also, never a bad idea to stock up on D-men.

    And hey, if the guys works out and shows he can be a player that can’t hurt either. If he makes the big team, then the entry level contract doesn’t hurt the cap either.

  25. Old Bald Bird says:

    From All Habs, quoting from somewhere else.

    “At only 25 years of age, Rafael Diaz has rapidly grown into the best D-man playing in Switzerland. A franchise player in the making, he spent time in the EV Zug in the junior ranks before graduating to the Swiss league A in the 2003-2004 season where he became a asset at the blue line on the same team ex Habs player Glen Metropolit joined last summer. He was first selected on the national team in the 2008 WHC held in Québec City, but really started to attract the attention during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, seizing the spot left vacant by Mark Streit. Moreover, during the present WHC held in Slovakia, he was the most used player on the Swiss national team.”

    Seems like the kind of guy we should definitely avoid. We sure don’t want any franchise players in the making, especially if they’re 5’11” as opposed to 6’0″. For shame Mr Goat.

    — formerly notbigbird —

    • Mark C says:

      I don’t know, the cost of spending a roster spot and ELC to acquire him, sure seems steep.

      • HardHabits says:

        No risk, no reward. Maybe there is some hope for this short, soft, European after all.

        • Mark C says:

          How much have you seen him play, enough to know he’s soft and can’t play in the NHL?

          He’s standard size for a puck-moving defenseman, his size is similar to: Wisniewski, Ballard, Shattenkirk. Boyle, Zidlicky, Robidas, Goligoski, Ian White, Visnovsky, Timonen, Rafalski, Hillen, Cumiskey, Enstrom etc.

          I know he’s not the prototypical D Montreal “needs” but what’s wrong with taking a filer on him, if it doesn’t work out noting is lost. From everything I’ve read, it seems there is at least chance he could turn into a useful NHL player.

        • pat s says:

          HarHabit–I with you on these soft players–Montresal is full of these players and every year its the same story with these fans that try to justify Montreal’s lineup and the management loves it and this what they say “our jobs are safe as long as we these type of fans”

          its so ridiculous that just b/c they went 7 games with boston, they believe that the habs are a serious contender–

          for me, i don’t care if you lose 4 straight or in 7, we lost so the better team won

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Bah, smallish skilled players are a dime a dozen.

      The big tough skilled ones are the one we need.

    • HardHabits says:

      He’s quoting a swiss blogger. That would be like saying that if Andrew Berkshire wrote a glaring review of Diaz he’d be a shoo-in for top D pairing minutes with 50 points potential and a +25.

      I think I’ll wait for what the actual experts say. 🙂

    • Doooie86 says:

      Speaking of Streit….. he had similar numbers in his last year in the Swiss A league, and is built pretty much exactly the same way. I don’t see too many teams not wanting a far younger, far healthier version of Mark Streit. Plus, Gomez (Assuming he isn’t in Hamilton or other parts unknown) to Diaz would be a ridiculously awesome goal combination.

  26. Mark C says:

    NYI just signed Grabner for 5 years at $3M AAV. If I’m PG I’m trying to get Max to sign for 4 or 5 years at south of that number. A bit risky, but outstanding value if the player continues to progress.

  27. FormalWare says:

    My interpretation: Gauthier has concluded he probably won’t have the cap room to sign The Wiz–corollary: he WILL be signing Markov, by hook or by crook–and has found someone with the same (lack of) size and potentially the same offensive upside.

    Of course: Nobody Beats The Wiz!

    Habs: Possessors of the league’s best PK–now, and for the foreseeable future

  28. Habitoban says:

    I didn’t want to “weigh in” on this, but it’s a slow day. Making snap judgements on player’s value and ability based on height and weight seems a bit silly — as if 5lbs or a couple of inches determines whether or not a player will emerge form the corner with the puck.

    I’ve read HIO folks pining for us to get some Nilans and Fergusons on this team to give it some toughness. Nilan is listed at 6.0 and 205lbs, and Fergie at 5:11 and 178lbs. Crosby is listed as 5:11 and 200 — I’d say he seems pretty tough despite his lack of size.

  29. HabsFanInTampa says:

    Just another ho-hum mediocre signing by our mediocre GM. Under 6′, less than 200 lbs. and a European at that. We’re destined to be a mediocre team for the foreseable future. How hard is it to sign a gritty North American player over 6′ tall and over 200 lbs?!?!

    • Hobie Hansen says:


    • Mark C says:

      Right now, very hard if you care about that player having NHL level skills. Seeing as only un-drafted, non-draft eligible, un-signed, and non-NHL team rights players are available.

      But let’s not let those pesky facts get in the way of bashing management.

    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      Chad Kilger’s a UFA.

    • SnowManHabs85 says:

      Rather have the size than skill? Not assuming you can’t find an ideal prospect with size. Basically at 5’11”, I assume a lot of you dont have that height and myself, I’m 6’1″, LW who can play D, can you put a good word for to y’all who want size in the roster? Oh yeah, I’m 235lbs.

      Did Gauthier signed Berger who was 6’3″? Can’t always have 6′. Missing 1inch isn’t that big of difference. Letang, even Mike Richards are 5’11” and even Betmann owns Crosby is 5’11”.

      Just wait until we get to see him in action then we’ll play pretend GM again for this subject.

    • pat s says:

      well stated habsfanintampa

  30. Hobie Hansen says:

    I thoroughly enjoy debating all the topics at hand with all you guys on here and the last thing I’d want to do is overkill an issue. But the issue of adding size and toughness isn’t going to disappear when it’s the most pressing need facing the Habs today.

    We could add a couple more highly skilled smallish players over the summer but it would change absolutely nothing from this year.

    The Habs would go flying down the ice, make a few pretty passes but if the goaltender makes the first save we’ll never be able to battle for a rebound. If the puck ends up in the corner the larger defenders will bump our small forwards off the puck and clear the zone with relative ease.

    It’s as simple as that! This is hockey, not rocket science!

    Is it bad luck that the best players available the year Gainey gave us a face lift were all size impaired, maybe? Pacioretty is a great player and he did display the ability to win a puck battles in the corner and drive his way to the net. Unfortunately, he’s all alone!

    So until Gauthier makes a trade or another younger player emerges, why wouldn’t people be complaining as discussing the Canadiens most pressing need?

    And on the toughness side of things. The majority of teams do have a player or two on their top six that can score his share of goals and defend a teammate or do what is right if need be be. Montreal has zero.

    The regular season is a monstrous 82 games long and like it or not this is hockey and there is still a thing called “fighting” that takes place on a semi-regular basis.

    Nobody in their right mind thinks the Bruins intimidation tactics and sometimes goon style of hockey is entertaining or the correct way of play. However, when I see feisty players from other teams running at Subban or punching out Spacek and laughing about it on the bench, it rubs me the wrong way. Then to top it off, nobody on the Canadiens even so much as gives the other team a dirty look.

    And if people think the referees or the NHL head office is going to protect us they might want to give their head a shake.

    All we ask is that Gauthier looks into adding some size and abrasiveness to the top six and there’s also nothing wrong with picking up a fourth line player who can take an honest shift that will also ring the bell of another heavyweight in a scrap.

    What ever happened to the days when we either challenged or won the Stanley cup with a mixture of toughness and skilled players? What was wrong with that blueprint?

    • LA Loyalist says:

      We are all about overkill. Problem is we don’t overkill THE OTHER TEAMS.

    • joshua94k says:

      The Flyers have size and tougness, where are they…
      The Capitals have size and toughness, where are they…
      Last year’s Cup winners, the BlackHawks have size and toughness, where are they….

      “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Flyers have no goaltending…we do

        Capitals have a bunch of egos and leaderships issues…we don’t

        The Blackhawks lost 5 key players, two very big and tough ones and their goaltender…we didn’t

        • Old Bald Bird says:

          Exactly, most clubs if not all, are missing something in the cap era. Getting as many viable parts as possible is the key.

          — formerly notbigbird —

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            Ya I agree. Philadelphia fans have been pulling their hair out for years over goaltending as habs fans have over a bit more size and grit.

            Why didn’t we trade Halak for Hartnell again?

            imagine Hartnell on one line and Pacioretty on the other…would have been sweet!

        • pat s says:

          egos–PK has has the biggest ego of them all–please,

    • Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

      I don’t disagree that we need to add some size, but I fail to see how this move precludes us from adding size to our team.

      Also, some people act like that hasn’t been a priority for PG, but he acquired some size in the Halak trade with Eller and Schultz. He made another depth signing in Berger that added size and youth. He drafted Tinordi which gives us size and toughness on the backend. He will likely add Yemelin which again adds size and toughness. Certain media outlets have reported that he is interested in signing Brooks Laich should he be available, which would certainly add size as well.

      So, really, what’s the problem? Is it just because PG isn’t adding the specific players YOU would want him to add? Play some NHL 11. It will be therapeutic for you.

  31. HardHabits says:

    here’s some sobering stats for anybody who thinks the Habs are anything other than a middle of the pack team. Only once in the past active 10 years have the Habs finished in the top 5 or in the win it all zone. That was the only year they were top 10 as well.

    How anybody can think the Habs have had success over the past 10 years is beyond me. Are you people all clueless? Top 5 teams win the Cup (this year top 8 as there are only 4 points difference between 2nd and 8th). The rest are cannon fodder. People who say once you make the play-offs anything can happen are idiots. Plain and simple.

    1999-2000 19th
    2000-2001 24th
    2001-2002 18th
    2002-2003 20th
    2003-2004 13th
    2005-2006 15th
    2006-2007 19th
    2007-2008 3rd
    2008-2009 13th
    2009-2010 19th
    2010-2011 14th

    The Habs have been a perpetual middling team. That’s what we Habs fans are folks. We support mediocrity.

    In ten years from now I will post the progress report. If the Habs remain in 10 to 20 zone for that time you will all be having tank avatars.

    • shiram says:

      No way, I completely disagree, if I’m still here in 10 years, I should still have a poutine avatar.

    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      That’s 11 seasons over 12 years.

    • mbplekfan says:

      Let’s see: Kyle Chipchura 1st rounder never worked out. David Fischer 1 rounder never worked out. Ryan Mcdonagh working out somewhere else. AK46 1st rounder playing like a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

      You cant build a top 5 team without a string of 1st rounders turning into top 6 players.

      The habs draft a lot of middle of the road players but no top end talent. Now that PK is turning into an elite player and Carey Price is becoming the goalie BG thought he could be the building blocks are there. But without a few more treats from the minors this team will continue to scrape into the playoffs and exit 1st or 2nd round.

      We have no top six forwards playing in Hamilton. We have no top 4 defence left in Hamilton. If Leblanc, Kristo, Avtsin, Tinnordi dont work out we are going nowhere.

      Palushaj is not the answer. Ryan White is a useful player. Endqvist is 3rd liner at best. Schultz is a 4th line tough guy. There is nothing else on the farm.

      The short term future relies on MaxPac becoming a 30 goal guy, and Eller developing into a 2nd line center. Get used to just scraping by.

      • G-Man says:

        You mean Hamilton doesn’t have 23 1st round prospects? The horror; the horror.

      • Sean Bonjovi says:

        “You cant build a top 5 team without a string of 1st rounders turning into top 6 players.”
        The Bruins are in the final 4 with Chara (doesn’t take a genius to sign a $7 million free agent), Good goalies, and GREAT 2nd & 3rd round picks. Where are the Bruins without Bergeron, and Lucic, and Marchand, and Krejci?

      • LA Loyalist says:

        I guaranty you Danny Kristo will put his best foot forward.

      • habaddict_andy says:

        Let me guess, you are one of those still disappointed about first round exit. I know! I know! You will preach me with history of the drafts and how we have not gone anywhere for 2 decades.

        We were missing Pacioretty, Markov and Gorges and we were one goal away from moving on to second round. Second round would have been Washington, to me that’s another upset written all over it. But that didn’t happen.

        We will not have a 50 goal scorer next season. But we are not a weak team, especially when we are healthy. I saw the other day i quote “Chara team Strong and Gionta team weak”. For a strong team, they barely beat a weak team in during the series. The only expectation I have for Canadiens is to make it to playoffs. Once in the playoffs and if you have a good team players, you never know what will happen.

        Peace! when does the puck drop in September?

        Go! Hockey! Go!

        • HardHabits says:

          How many times do you pollyannas need to look at the record. Since 1994 when the Conference format was introduced every team, except two, that won the Cup was top 5 over-all or better. The other two were top 10.

          Once in the play-offs, if you finished top 5 in the regular season, then you have a chance at winning the Cup.

          It means that if a team that finishes 11th or lower ever does win the Cup it will be an anomaly or an exception.

          It’s like all the people who use Marty St. Louis as a type of excuse for the Habs vertically challenged players. St. Louis is an exception. Not the rule.

          The rule is this, finish top 5 and you have a chance (this year top 8 as the difference between 2nd and 8th is 4 points).

    • G-Man says:

      Calling optimists “idiots” is just another way you’re crying out for help, isn’t it?

  32. Timo says:

    5’11” – and the midget tradition continues.

  33. habsindepth says:

    Posted a video of Rafael Diaz here:

    I think it should be a good signing, another guy who plays like Yannick Weber. I wouldn’t expect him to be in the big club next season, but would be interesting to see how he fares with the Bulldogs. We will definitely get to see him play in the training camp!
    Web: – For the Fanatics
    Twitter: @habsindepth

  34. HardHabits says:

    Ça sent la coupe….. Calder!!!

    One things for sure. Management sure knows how to build an AHL team.

  35. jon514 says:

    Any chance they signed this guy to keep Weber happy / fighting to be the 6th dman for 1 more season?

    “Let’s be clear on the facts…”

    • LA Loyalist says:

      the joke is Switzerland is a bit like Canada in that you have the more French side (Geneva) and the German side (Zurich) where they speak “schwarz Deutsch” not French and probably speak English to each other.

      My point is they may not have that much in common. Like a Torontonian and someone from Scarborough

  36. CHsam says:

    I don’t know why a few people are complaining about this one.

    To me, it looks like a great move. Never know how it’s going to go, and it could be good. Weren’t people bashing the brass for letting Streit go a few years ago ? aside from Weber who wasn’t ready for the show we didn’t have much in the pool for mobile defencemen. We could have more injuries later, so why not shore up some D now ? plus rumours that other teams were in for this guy ? i’m sold. Nice small moves by PG.

  37. SeriousFan09 says:

    Allow me to enlighten everyone to a few facts about the NHL.

    Big, talented players go early in the draft, Big, less talented players follow that. Some small skill players fit in there if their skills are off the charts. Then we go to small skill players, mixed with big players who have trouble skating or hitting the broad side of a barn with a puck. At the end, there is a couple of guys which no scout saw (Enstrom, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, etc) or took seriously, but what’s left in the Undrafted pool is a whole lot of guys who were rightly not taken even with a 7th-round selection.

    To expect to find some 6’4″ beast amongst the undrafted players is a little ludicrous, last big man with scoring talent to be undrafted and make the NHL with notable impact is Dustin Penner, who if he was named Dmitri Putin would be a pariah for being a lazy Russkie. Ask the Kings what they think about paying through the nose for him.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      the people you are addressing have absolutely no grip on reality.

      keep up the good work though

    • Propwash says:

      Don’t let the facts get in the way of a reason to complain. 😉

    • HardHabits says:

      Really. I thought the early rounds were a crap shoot? Or are you saying that it’s important to have high draft picks? You can’t have it both ways SF09.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        It’s important to properly execute your 1st-round draft selections. Hence the success of the Flyers in finding key players in the early rounds. Habs are on the right path and have made some very good early round selections in recent years. They have a head start and the Habs are playing catch-up as I have said before.

        The draft has a huge risk element as developments can stall, injuries can wreck promising prospects and personality issues come out that make a player useless as well. You need to draft well more importantly than where you draft though, Jackets and Panthers can clue us in on that.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
        SF09 on Twitter

        • HardHabits says:

          Steps to building a champion in order of importance:

          1) draft high
          2) draft often
          3) draft well in the later rounds
          4) player development and coaching
          5) trades and free agency signings

          For too long the Habs have relied exclusively on step 5. They’ve recently invested in step 4 and have improved considerably there. Recently, they have also had limited success with step 3 and are improving with regards to this criterion as well. Nothing happening in the two most important areas to build a team though.

          Currently the Habs are a middle of the pack team trying to inch its way to becoming elite. There are two possibilities: either the Habs do eventually become an elite team in the NHL or they stay middle of the pack, because apparently the Habs being in the draft lottery would mean the end of western civilization as we know it.

          • I guess we’ve relied exclusively on step 5 so much that 8 roster players were drafted by this organization even after a massive blowup.

          • HalifaxHabs says:

            LOL, I would love to watch a draft some day when the Habs picked in the lottery… but can you imagine what the season would be like on this board, if we were doing that bad???

            oh man, I’d have to stay off the internet all together.

          • Mark C says:

            2003 -2007 3rd round or later picks: Weber, White, Valentenko, D’Agostini, SK74, Yemelin, Grabovski, Streit, O’Byrne, Halak.

            Do you really believe that that much talent from five draft classes is “limited success?”

            Based on the same criteria Detroit produced this: Mattias Ritola, Jan Mursak, Helm, Franzen, Kyle Quincey.

          • HardHabits says:

            @Berkshire: Typical. Why don’t you read what I said AB.

          • I read what you said, same thing you’ve been saying for 2 years now, and still wrong.

          • Rob says:

            Not true…last year at about this time he “saw the light” and realized his tanking message was not only counter productive but annoying. BEFORE that he was advocating the same message he has now returned to. Just thought I’d clarify. I’d hate to see HH mislabelled as consistent.

            The Montreal Canadiens: sporting the best AND worst fans since 1909!

          • NoTinFoilCups says:

            If we do 4) and 5) well and 3)draft well in all rounds we will never get to do 1)

          • Sean Bonjovi says:

            You can’t tell what you’ve got until you make the playoffs. Had the Canadiens missed by a point these past two years Mike Cammalleri would look like a waste of money. If not for the playoffs we wouldn’t know that the Capitals suck. They Have a team of giants and a lot of them are their own 1st round picks, but they don’t win in the playoffs. Also, how good is Rick Nash? We would all know exactly how good he is if he played in the playoffs.

            Finishing 8th in the conference is usually better than picking in the top 5 (unless it’s with Toronto’s pick)

    • JayBee says:

      Then why do the Habs keep giving away 2nd round draft picks?

      • Mark C says:

        Because the marginal value of making the playoffs and giving the team a chance to win is greater than taking a filer on a 18 yr. old who may or not provide any future value.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      But don’t we have to mine those rocks, Serious? We don’t have high draft picks, we don’t have the depth to trade, we’re stuck with Gomer…

      …my recollection is that neither Markov nor Halak were high picks, Streit and Huet certainly came out of nowhere…. there’s not a lot of risk and if we work hard scouting these guys maybe we can find a diamond or two.

      What else can we do?

    • bigjames says:

      i’m 6’4″ and 250. but i fear i’m a bit slow. and old. but i would kill to wear la sainte flannelle…

    • Tremblant Habs Fan says:

      Wasn’t there someone on this site saying that Penner was the player to go and get at all costs, that he was the real deal, big strong, goes to the net and sticks up for his teamates, ask the kings how that turned out for them?

    • OneTimer says:

      You could make the best arguments in the world, SF09, some people whine just ’cause they love whining.

  38. Mark C says:

    Here is video of Diaz’ points from the WC:

    Word is he has been Swiss’ best D, looks real good in the O-zone.

  39. HardHabits says:

    I must’ve stumbled upon by accident.

    Habs management are sticking to their little pop guns. No need for heavy artillery in this war.

    They are convinced that the little Habbits of Middling Earth will slay the dragon.

    Goathier the Grey has some more magic up his wizard’s sleeve yet.

    I hear the Lord Stanley of the Rings shall be a great sequel. The first chapter saw the Habbits eaten by Bears though.

    • _Habsoloutly_ says:


      • Rob says:

        don’t insult Tony like that. At least he is consistent, unlike HH who unfortunately is still struggling to overcome his battle with an obvious bipolar disorder. Can’t wait till he “sees the light” again.

        The Montreal Canadiens: sporting the best AND worst fans since 1909!

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Man, when HH runs out of his happy pills it’s a rough ride.

      They sign a depth defencemen that will play for the Bulldogs and they’re to be slagged for it. This is a minor deal to add depth to the farm and maybe get a tradeable asset if he turns out to be a player.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

      • ooder says:

        “They sign a depth defencemen that will play for the Bulldogs”… or worst… he might turn out to actually be a good NHL defenseman :O

        Gomez: 34 and counting!

    • Mark C says:

      Do you know of any un-drafted, non-draft eligible, un-signed, NHL skilled, large players available on the market right now?

      Or are we just going to keep singing the Habs are small song even if there is virtually nothing Montreal management can do about it right now?

    • Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

      You do know that we can’t actually sign any UFAs from the NHL before July 1st, right? Or that even if we wanted to sign somebody like a Jagr, who played in another league, they can’t still be playing in the World Championships, right?

      What terrific earth-shaking moves should Pierre Gauthier be making on May 13 exactly?

      • HardHabits says:

        What else did you expect from me after my one day rant about size on the Habs. Can I have my hook, line and sinker back now?

        • Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

          Duly noted. Hard Habits is just trying to get a rise out of people and may not even believe half of what he says, considering how all over the map he’s been in the past year.

          Therefore, we should lump him in with Tony and company and not bother reading anything he has to say since it’s all BS anyway.


    • bwoar says:

      You’re definitely more fun this way. The cheerleading HH just didn’t have the lyrical quality of HH Classic ™.

  40. JD_ says:

    I just don’t know about this Raffy dude.

    See, I googled SWICA – apparently, not only is there an “I” in SWICA, it’s also italicized…doesn’t sound quite teamplayerish, does it? – and on this outfit’s website are pictures of a guy in a lab coat usin’ bizarre medical instruments on some ostensibly innocent victim, some kid writhin’ in pain as his family whoops it up, and a couple of greedy investment banker types plottin’ some financial mayhem on a laptop.

    It all just seems so wrong.

    The other problem I have is The Raphster’s from Baar. Now, I’ve been out on the east coast, and that’s how the locals refer to the nearby waterin’ hole.

    I can see this freight train comin’ from miles away, people.

    It gets worse. Just noticed if you take the letters in Raphael Diaz and mix them around, you yield lazed pariah.

    The sense of forebodin’ is impossible to shake.

    Nope, this is not good.

    Not good at all.

  41. G-Man says:

    And the whining that Habs management can do no right is on yet again. Pffft, all this angst over a depth signing. HIO should change its name to Doh(!) land.

  42. RobertAlanFord says:

    His numbers are quite decent for a Swiss league d man. It’ll put some depth in Hamilton. Alex Henry cant do it all on his own!

    Found a highlight reel on youtube. Just keep the volume off cuz theres a really cheesy Swiss rap thing goin on.

  43. habs001 says:

    next season our scoring may improve a little but probably not by a large margin but as long as we maintain a top 10 pp and pk we will be a playoff team….what we really need to work on is the faceoffs in our zone and the other teams zone(i know one poster andrew believes this is bs because plecks stats are 50% in faceoffs but that stat does not show how poor he is in key faceoffs).

  44. habs-hampton says:

    Off topic, but did you see this on TSN about the Thrashers owner trying to sell his team through the media like a used car? No reasonable offer refused!! Maybe he should try Kijiji or EBay.

  45. Tony McLean says:

    Tiny talent time continues with another foreign Smurf.

    Props to “Canadiens South.” Away les boys!

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Hate to say it…I agree

    • Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

      So much complaining!

      Even PG’s depth signings for the farm team don’t make you guys happy. Hamilton was lacking some offensive d-men since PK and Weber made the jump. This seems to be a good move that give us some more depth in terms of our puck-moving D.

      It’s not like this guy is going to play on the Habs next year, so calm down.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Isn’t that what this site is for…complaining?

        Plus aren’t most players in Hamilton supposed to be there in hopes they can be groomed to play in the big leagues?

        • Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

          Funny, I thought the site was for discussion. Complaining about the same things over and over again (even when they don’t really apply or make sense) and sounding like a broken record isn’t what I call discussion.

          But you’re right, a lot of people on this site just come here to complain.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            Well if you listen to all the talk shows, read the papers and look at the comments on this site…people want the Habs to toughen up at all costs…

            Are thye correct? Well that’s up for debate and that’s what this site is for…

          • Jan_pronounced_Yan says:


            There’s a difference between debate and what’s going on in here the last couple of days.

            I don’t remember you guys making such a big deal about another depth signing PG made earlier in the year. Remember when he signed 6’2 over 200lbs winger Alain Berger of the OHL? That one certainly addressed size, didn’t it? I don’t remember you guys trumpeting that one as a good move.

            What about Tinordi? All I remember hearing from the complainers was how we gave up a 2nd round pick to get him.

            Point is, the usual suspects who complain about lack of size are just latching onto anything that will allow them to paint management as incompetent. Even when management addresses the size issue, they didn’t do a good job apparently.

          • LA Loyalist says:

            I want to complain about the people who complain about complaining.

            If you guys had been ancient Greeks we’d have less culture than yogurt.

        • Mark C says:

          By all accounts I’ve read, Diaz has the talent to make it to the NHL. He played on Metro’s team, and as a D in 2 fewers games, he came within 3 goals and 14 points of Metro’s totals.

          • Malreg says:

            Metropolit also lead the league in scoring, so it’s not like he was 13 points behind a guy who was 40th in the league.

      • Mark C says:

        It is getting ridiculous around here. It’s not like there are any 6’4”, 220 lbs., with NHL skills that are currently available on the market. Rumor is that the Ducks and Blackhawks were after this guy, isn’t that enough for people? Based on his Swiss stats, at the worst, Diaz should be a good AHL player, with the upshot of making it to the NHL. While, Diaz isn’t likely to be as physical as Wisniewski , he is the same height and only weights 11 lbs. less.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Yes because I mean really, the Swiss league was overflowing with 6’6″ guys but Habs intentionally took the smallest player they could find on D.

      Do people understand what free agent signings of guys like this really are? They’re no-risk pickups, either the guy becomes a player who can make it in the NA Pro leagues and potentially a tradeable asset (he’s going to be playing in HAM most likely) or he doesn’t. What fantasy-land “Good Canadian Boy” is he getting in the way of being acquired?

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

      • Malreg says:

        Montreal must be one of the few places where the fans can turn the acquiring of a FREE asset who will most likely play in the minors into a negative thing.

        • Sean Bonjovi says:

          Had the Leafs signed this guy their fans would think he was Paul Coffey. Had Tampa signed him, most Habs™ fans would think he was Paul Coffey.

  46. shiram says:

    Twitter :
    @BergerNeueLZ Nicola Berger
    Diaz’ contract with #Habs is believed to be worth $810’000 + bonuses.

    Could he be nhl bound?

  47. Hobie Hansen says:

    This isn’t the Davey Manson or Marty McSorley type defender we were looking for?

  48. Old Bald Bird says:

    Changes are afoot … or at least a toe.

    — formerly notbigbird —

  49. CHsam says:

    what the…… whered this come from PG? sneaky bastard

  50. psycnerd says:

    Does this mean the Yemelin deal is bust?

  51. pat s says:

    just my luck, watch gainey become team president— triple AAA midget team will be bigger and tougher than the habs if gainey is team president–if that happens, the habs should transfer to a european league b/c thats the only place they will win under gainey

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Geoff Molson, the new owner of the Canadiens is taking over as Club President as Pierre Boivin steps down. Gainey will remain a senior advisor to the club.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

    • habs03 says:

      Oh ya, the big bad Bruins really give it us in the serier, our midgets couldn’t handle the size of Lucic and Horton. Get a cluee!

      • pat s says:

        habs03–I hope you are just being sarcastic– all year the bruins beat the crap out of montreal–maybe they lost the game but they beat the crap out of them and who won in the playoffs–who is playing saturday night–montreal or boston—again, i hope you are just being sarcastic b/c we are on a golf course–thats the bottom line–and one more word–CHARA

        • avatar_58 says:

          What are you insane? They were blown away in the regular season and were ONE GOAL away from being eliminated. Oh no, so scared of the “big bad” Bruins.

          Give me a break.

          • pat s says:

            scared or not scared we lost–check who we lost to in the last 4 years in the playoffs–bruins/flyers–why, b/c they physically pound us in the playoff–you keep defending a team thats playing on the golf course

        • habs03 says:

          Oh man, last time I checked its about winning games not the fights, we were 4-2 in the regular season vs them, we took hem into overtime in game 7 without Markov,Gorges and Max Pac, and 3 of their 4 wins came in OT. The size excuse is for people that don’t have anything else to complain about!

          • pat s says:

            the habs get bullied every game against teams like boston/flyers–maybe you don’t mind that but i do

      • kakey says:

        And the equally goon Flyers got swept by the same Bruins while the Habs took them to a 7th game overtime.

        • pat s says:

          so what thats nonsense that argument–bottom line is that they lost

          • kakey says:

            If a team loses the series in 4 games is the same as losing in 7 games with an one goal difference, then we might as well not watch any games and just read the score sheets.

          • pat s says:

            kakey–i look at 1 question–did we win or did we lose—i don’t look at “my do ate my homework excuses”

    • Tony McLean says:

      1993 gets further away every day.

      Props to “Canadiens South.” Away les boys!

  52. SeriousFan09 says:

    Depth is always useful. Wouldn’t expect a ton out of this, but with Mathieu Carle possibly being let go (Not much improvement, injury history) the Canadiens would probably like new D blood in Hamilton.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

  53. Habitoba says:

    Something’s brewing. Expect somebody to be traded… or Weber moved to a wing position a bit more permenantly.

  54. Maksimir says:

    Ummm… isn’t this basically a Webber clone?

  55. nek25plus says:

    Great, now what!?

  56. shiram says:

    Seems like a skilled guy, but not overly big.
    I’m guessing some AHL-bound, and maybe an insurance if one of the regular D goes down.
    Any thinking this guy can make the big team at season start?

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      I doubt it, but if they go with the 7 guys it’s looking like they are leaning towards, he may be able to compete in training camp for that 8th spot.

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