Canadiens refuse to be intimidated

The Gazette’s Pat Hickey writes that the Philadelphia Flyers held true to their reputation so far this season with several ugly incidents late in last night’s game when the Canadiens were in control on the scoreboard. The first incident was the Ben Eager vs. Tom Kostopoulos fight – “I was just trying to hand on,” Kostopoulos said. – followed by a shot to the head of Alex Kovalev.

While the perception was that last night’s game was a battle between the giant Flyers and the speedy-but-small Canadiens, the reality is a bit different. While there’s some fudging on both sides, the NHL lists the average Flyer at 6-foot-1 and 203 pounds. The average Canadien is listed at the same height and weight.

And, from the start last night, the Canadiens showed they wouldn’t be pushed around. Mike Komisarek came out on top in a fight with Scott Hartnell and, when Eager got in Steve Bégin’s face, Bégin planted his stick across Eager’s face. It cost Bégin two minutes in the sin bin, but it sent the message: the Habs would not be intimidated.

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