Canadiens’ Paul Byron already looking forward to training camp


The Canadiens’ Paul Byron already can’t wait for training camp to start.

Almost two months after the Canadiens were eliminated by the New York Rangers in the first round of the playoffs, Byron skated for the first time since then Wednesday in Brossard as part of a Canadian Grand Prix promotional event with Formula One driver Valtteri Bottas of the Mercedes team (photo above).

While Byron hasn’t been skating, he’s already working out five days a week in the team’s gym at the Brossard practice facility with strength and conditioning coach Pierre Allard.

“I follow his program and it seemed to work for me last year, so hopefully it will again,” said Byron, who posted career highs in goals (22) and points (43) during the regular season, but had only one goal in the six-game playoff loss to the Rangers.

The Canadiens only scored 11 goals as a team in the six playoff games.

“It was a tough series … tough loss,” Byron said. “You just kind of think back and wonder what went wrong. Obviously, we didn’t get enough goal scoring to get the job done. Carey (Price) was great for us like he always is, giving us a chance to win every night. At the end of the day, I think our top scorers in the regular season just didn’t score enough in the playoffs. I only had one goal. To win in the playoffs you need timely goal scoring and we just didn’t have it. I think it’s something that’s going to come. I believe in this team, I believe in everyone in this room. You just work harder to get better next year.

“I think a lot of us it was a new experience in the playoffs, my first,” Byron added. “So I’ll have a better understanding next year and try not to change my game too much.”

Byron is looking forward to training camp and expects coach Claude Julien to make changes to the team’s system he only tinkered with after taking over from the fired Michel Therrien on Valentine’s Day.

“I think so,” Byron said about Julien implementing his own system. “I don’t think he tried to change to much coming in, especially halfway through the year. It’s hard. You’re almost in robot mode by January, February, where all the work you’ve put in at that point is just habit at that point. So coming in and changing everything I think would have been tougher for us and maybe not have put us in the position to get first place (in the Atlantic Division). In the summer, I think he’s trying to implement more of his way of play and his style. It’s going to be a good training camp I think for the team.”

The Canadiens could have quite a few changes to the roster before training camp starts with the Vegas Golden Knights expansion draft coming up on June 21, followed by the entry draft June 23-24 and then the free-agent sweepstakes starting on July 1.

Alexander Radulov, Andrei Markov, Dwight King and Brian Flynn can all become unrestricted free agents on July 1, while Alex Galchenyuk, Nathan Beaulieu and Nikita Nesterov can become restricted free agents.

(Photo: Pierre Obendrauf/Montreal Gazette)

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  1. CowanS says:

    PK didn’t have to yap his mouth at Crosby, but, he did anyway. Poetic justice, Preds didn’t win a game or score a goal after listerine gate. Thankfully the Habs or Hab fans no longer have to put up with PK’s childish antics anymore.
    Cue the insults.
    +6 for MB

    • habsr4ever says:

      he loves the attention that’s for sure.
      I was honestly more disappointed with his game 3 guarantee win night comment. Why give the cup champs bulletin board material when you yourself have not won Jack.
      Would love to be a fly on the wall in PK’s exit meeting for the summer with mgmt I tell ya.
      Nobody though can discount his love for the game and effort on that ice surface along with his talent. He also does so much for the community and put his money where his mouth was and his own time. That is a class act human being! So why oh why has he not figured out to let his play on the ice to all the talking for himself? Just baffles me.

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        There was nothing wrong with his guarantee. The coach said so. If Weber did that here with the Habs down 2-0 you would be saying “what a great leader…blah blah blah” but for PK you have a different standard.

  2. FormalWare says:

    Nooth Red.

    Montréal Canadiens: “Season after season under the same, low ceiling.” – D.M.

  3. bwoar says:

    I’ll just report this for chili:

    But it’s #fakenews right? Bruce Arthur, pfft. No credibility.

    • habsr4ever says:

      Yup its a good article telling the truth on PK. He will wear out his welcome every place he goes with his TEAMmates and coaches and mgmt folks. Just the way it is and he is. Love him or hate him.

  4. Habs62 says:

    …our top 5 GM blah blah blah…

    This is the summer where he proves he’s in the top half or the bottom half IMO

  5. HabinBurlington says:

    So the last owners handpicked by Bettman to save hockey in Arizona are now gone from the team and a Philly Hedge Fund manager has complete control of the Coyotes.

    There is no possible way this committed passionate hockey owner would be setting up a move to Seattle, would he?

    • bwoar says:

      It still cracks me up that Winnipeg got a new franchise and a downtown arena during the time this charade has managed to carry on. Go Gary!! (Really, just go)

    • Arnou Ruelle says:

      The Mayor of Seattle has already chosen OVG to make plans to renovate key arena. Also, this group, which has a billionaire investor and Jerry Bruckheimer, have pledged to bring an NHL and NBA team in 2020-beyond.

      Arizona Coyotes? Its a sad case on their future. Whatever happens there will be anyone’s guess.

      • habcertain says:

        The move to an arena out of the city centre was a large mistake. I don’t see what is so wrong with the NHL wanting to establish markets, specially in the West where there is an imbalance.

        • Arnou Ruelle says:

          I don’t know either. In fact, I like Seattle better than Arizona or Las Vegas.

          For me, the Coyotes should be done and move to Quebec City. That place wants a team and I don’t know why its hard for the NHL not to give them one.

  6. habcertain says:

    Hockey does appear to be the lone holdout about athletes speaking out, maybe rooted in past conservative norms, probably aligned with Canadian culture when we ruled the roost. Today’s athletes speak their mind, which I have no issue with, I just don’t see this as a huge issue and would encourage more insightful dialogue, as opposed to hockey players being the most unquotable folks around.

    • Habfan17 says:

      I agree that more insightful interviews would be welcome. Tired of the clichéd answers, although I do understand why they are given at times.

      I am old school as far and follow the statement; “It is best to shine and let others spread the word, than it is to shine and then broadcast your virtues to the world!” I paraphrased, however, I think you will get what I meant. When you are very good and do good deeds, you don’t have to go out and tell everyone, they will see it for themselves.

      PK seems to need to be in the spotlight. It is awesome that he does so much for the community, but let others spread the word. I subscribe to the “be appreciative and humble in your success and endeavors and they will be appreciated more.”


      • habcertain says:

        I agree with the statement, but I think people confuse his promotion as a brand ( in terms of a Jordan, building his brand), as opposed to self gratitude. I never hear him speak in terms of “me” when discussing all things related to hockey.

    • cbhabsfan says:

      Hockey is a lot more laid-pack than most other professional sports in North America and even around the world, where the Internet has turned empty-headed blowhards into an entertaining cartoon figure cartoons that the more gullible kids look up to.

      That’s the problem I have with some athletes speaking their minds on the various platforms available to them in the modern world. So many of them don’t have the common sense or insight to realize that they are being offensive.

      I’m not confusing blowhard-isn with outspokeness here. PK is an intelligent man who can’t live without the spotlight but even his detractors admit he’s not about tearing his peers down and then laughing about it online with his fans. If you go back and read his comments in the press, he can be bold and provocative, but there’s no evidence that he’s a mean-spirited person.

      But some of these other athletes, particularly a few world soccer stars I could name, think the sun rises and sets on their world-class selves and rarely even bother to make the effort at even the appearance of civility.

      It was easier for everyone involved to be more down-to-earth back in the days when hundreds of millions of dollars weren’t being thrown at 20-year-old kids, daily.

  7. JohnBellyful says:

    If Montreal decided to go with eight skaters, would that automatically leave Weber unprotected?
    (I’ve been led to believe he’s not much of one, especially at his advanced age.)

    • FlyAngler says:

      You could say the same thing about his shooting ability. I mean at his age how can he possibly generate any power or velocity so as to constitute any kind of a scoring threat? Radar guns be damned! We might as well just let him go to Vegas to be the face of the Golden Knights, or the Dark Knight or whatever……….

      “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

    • cbhabsfan says:

      There’s not a player on our roster who hasn’t been called down on here by multiple posters at one time or another since the season ended. Not one, and fairness has little to do with it.

      Even Subban only gets a pass here because he’s no longer one of ours. If he had been in the lineup that lost to the Rangers a few weeks back this place would have had him traded to any team that had a pair of spare goalie nets.

  8. chilli says:

    An ugly fact about our beloved franchise – (y’know, the one we keep comparing to the NY Yankees):

    Ron Hainsey becomes the only Habs 1st round pick in over 30 years to win the cup.

    • Don Birnam says:

      Hollywood Hainsey outplayed PK in the finals.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Was happy for him, loved how Sid gave him the Cup right away. He played really well for the Pens.

      • MustardTiger1337 says:

        Same PK with out a goal all finals?

        Pretty sure EVERYONE out played him.

        BUT don’t let the guys around here tell you different

        • Captain aHab says:

          Well look who’s back! Have you figured out yet that a 3-4 dman (who you say Subban is) doesn’t play on the 4th pairing (which you say Subban does)?

          #1 DMan + #2 DMan = 1st pairing
          #3 DMan + #4 DMan = 2nd pairing
          #5 DMan + #6 DMan = 3rd pairing
          #7 DMan + #8 DMan = 4th pairing

          Drop da puck already!

          • habcertain says:

            Save your breathe, haters just hate, if a person can’t give the guy credit for a strong overall performance, they are looking at something else.

          • toneez says:

            @habcertain … or he’s a fan of the Mango Harrumphing Shyt Gibbon and his name is LeaveTheCoachAlone using one of his many identities because he is too weak to stand behind his posts !!!

            All Habs all the Time

          • MustardTiger1337 says:

            yes a 4th dman on the 2nd pair

      • bwoar says:

        He also has better breath.

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      We’ve become a farm team IN the NHL!

      It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so. – Mark Twain

    • B says:

      Close, but it’s been 27 years. Turner Stevenson was drafted 12th overall in 1990 and won with NJ in 2003.

      –Go Habs Go!–

  9. bwoar says:

    Hey Rev – thanks for posting that Bruce Arthur / Nashville story. I hadn’t read it and it gives us the background missing from today’s discussion.

  10. marvin20 says:

    I heard Byron is planning on calling in sick when training camp starts

  11. CowanS says:

    over/under PK being traded out of Nashville within 3 years? PK’s mouthwash stunt backfired terribly, most likely putting a bad taste (pun) in his teammates mouths. No Hab fan can say forsure what the reason for PK’s departure, but, maybe his persona rubs people the wrong way. Maybe?

    • Psycho29 says:

      Hi Stu,
      Have you heard anything if Paul Byron is looking forward to training camp? Just wondering…

    • chilli says:

      PK is very popular on the team.
      More so than a few others – aka – the guy who’s name is being bandied about being left for expansion.
      That’s a nice narrative folks have built about this mouthwash thing backfiring – but it’s total BS.
      PK was protecting Crosby by not repeating what Crosby actually said. That’s a sign of respect between pros.
      A bad call on the ice, a goal-post and Murray outplaying Pekka is as much the storyline as Crosby in terms of the Preds losing.
      PK played great. He did his part and he is by far the most popular Pred for the fans.

      • habcertain says:

        What I find interesting is the folks who like PK are always being accused of perpetuating the PK talk, but it appears it is anti group that just can’t let it go. Speaks to things beyond hockey.

  12. marvin20 says:

    I agree; Montreal’s defense and goaltending is looking good for a number of years. Their primary focus needs to add more real goal scoring and a real top line center. Not an easy assignment but a job that needs to get done and it will hopefully get done without creating another hole to fill

  13. Arnou Ruelle says:

    I feel most of us have discussed this. But I like to guess what the protected list will be. So Saturday is the last day to finalize the list. It is either

    a) 7 forwards, 3 defensemen, 1 goalie
    or b) 8 skaters, 1 goalie

    Here’s what I feel management could do for both scenarios:


    7 Forwards


    3 Defensemen





    8 Skaters




    I’m doubt that Radulov will be included on this list, same as Jordie Benn. Beaulieu and Galchenyuk are the top core players that can be packaged to a trade deal. Finally, I believe a) scenario is the final protected list the Habs will give this Sunday.

    • Le Revenant says:

      Artturi Lehkonen doesn’t need to be protected, he has fewer than 3 seasons in pro hockey (AHL and NHL).

      • Arnou Ruelle says:

        Then perhaps, a modified version will come in this form:

        7 Forwards


        3 Defensemen




        Trade Plekanec for either a draft pick or put him in a deal along with either N8 or AG27. Danault can slot to 3rd line centre, then MB can fix the middle top-6.

        • on2ndthought says:

          I protect Hudon and DLRose over Shaw and Plekanec. Hope that their contracts protect them from LV. No way Bergevin doesn’t protect Shaw, but that’s what I’d do. I’m hoping I’ll be eating these words next year on Ste-Catherine’s.

          • Arnou Ruelle says:

            The expansion draft made things more complicated this year. Shaw is still a decent player for the Habs and I can’t see him being traded (unless an offer does peaks interest for MB). Plekanec and Emelin are the real core players, I felt Bergevin is trying to move. Its like David Desharnais last year, but was not able to get it done. To me, Peter Chiarelli did MB a HUGE favour in getting DD at the deadline. Nobody wants Davy in the league. This could be a scenario for both Pleks and Emelin.

    • veryhabby says:

      Arnou….I liked Benn a lot. I think he’s the type of dman we should resign actually. But it’s tough to chose between the 2. And then there is Emelin.

      Imagine we trade Beau and LV picks up Emelin? Wow that would be bad for our D.

      I do not like the thought of losing Hudon or one of Benn/Beau at all. and to me it’s a no brainer that one of those will be the one chosen by LV. I would be ok with MB offering a 2nd rounder to keep all 3 of those assets.

      • Arnou Ruelle says:

        Here’s what I thought when it comes to Charles Hudon: the cap for next season will be the same as this past season. So why not mgmt. use Hudon (if the Habs give him a contract) and Scherbak as 4th line players, make them regular NHLers with McCarron, and see them if they will develop. That way, Bergevin can save some cap room and sign big contracts. I don’t think trading Hudon (because he’s now RFA) is a solution.

    • veryhabby says:

      MY LIST:


      Benn/Beau…..I just can’t chose

      I really hope MTL doesn’t protect vets like Pleks/emelin. but seeing how this team values vets, and belief u can’t win without them, they will be protected over Hudon. I think that would be a mistake. Yes we are weak at C and what if LV takes Pleks? I doubt that happens, and if does then go to UFA market or bring up a kid. We need to start planning for life without Pleks anyways!

      • Arnou Ruelle says:

        Nathan Beaulieu has a higher value than Jordie Benn. Jordie could possibly be taken by Vegas. Beaulieu is 24, a 1st round pick, he can play offensively and defensively. The problem with N8 is his consistency. If a team that wants Beaulieu will say ‘we’ll trade one of our players for your #28 since we can develop him to a stud d-man’, then MB will make that move.

        Between Plekanec and Emelin? I can see Emelin not in the list than Pleky. Should MB choose to protect or trade #14 will be an interesting move come the following weeks.

        • veryhabby says:

          Eric Engels did his take on this for SN, reading it on my cell so unable to link it here.

          He has:
          Patches, Chuck, Gally, Shaw, Danault, Bryon, Hudon

          Says you shouldn’t expect for see 28 pt $6M man on that list as LV won’t take him anyways. Maybe Carr is protected instead of Hudon, but really Hudon is our best frwd prospect so you have to protect him

          For Dmen:
          Weber, Petry, Benn with the assumption that Beau is traded by Saturday. If not then Beau gets protected and MB offers LV something to not take Benn. He is as high on Benn as I am. With 2 yrs at $1.1M left Benn is a huge asset for our top 4 D, you don’t want to lose that. Especially since he outplayed and displaced Beau by the playoffs

          He feels LV will pick: Davidson, which is why he picked up that Jacub guy from overseas for depth replacement

          • Arnou Ruelle says:

            Brandon Davidson is also projected to be in LV. You’re right BTW that it boils down to either Carr or Hudon. Daniel Carr has proven his worth, so possibly he’ll be in that unprotected list. The real difficult part is with Beaulieu and Benn. I do like Benn to stay. But this all depends on how MB and mgmt. will work.

  14. marvin20 says:

    Alot of talk about PK and if he is as popular with his teammates as he is with the fans? Nashville said when they traded for him that they wanted PK to be himself. I think his teammates appreciate his talent but can only take his need to be center of attention in small dosses. I don’t think he means anything by it but he just needs to know when to hang low.

  15. Psycho29 says:

    Аrpon Basu Retweeted
    Canadiens Montréal‏ @CanadiensMTL · 1 hour ago

    TSN becomes English-language regional TV broadcaster of the Canadiens.

    • on2ndthought says:


    • veryhabby says:

      As a hab fan who was reduced to RDS blackouts which meant only 42 games on SN nationally…..does this mean we will see even LESS HAB GAMES? SN took some Wed games and made them nationally thru the season, along with all Sat night games. So now that TSN has those rights….does it mean all we get, out of region, will be Sat night games?


  16. Captain aHab says:

    Having seen both play in Junior, I actually think that Beaulieu looked better than Sergachev at that time. Went to a couple of games where he looked like a man among boys. Sergachev will need to speed his brain up considerably for the NHL. From the little we saw of Juulsen during prep games, I thought he looked like he processed play faster than Sergachev. Gonna be interesting to see how Serge develops.

    Drop da puck already!

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      I would trade Sergachev if I could get a McKinnon or Tavares. People need to temper their expectations. Playing defense in the NHL is a completely different animal. Sorta like playing QB in the NFL is much more difficult mentally than playing QB in college.

    • habsr4ever says:

      Juulsen is a keeper. Said it since we drafted him. Top 4. Not top paring dman though but he is going to do just fine in the show. Let’s not rush him. Chevy – well he is so talented I can see him becoming a top pairing guy. Again – let’s not rush him to the bigs. Nice to have that pipeline on our back end. Two top 4 dmen potentially in our system. How great is that?
      Now if we could only have those high end top 6 in our forward prospect pool though. Sure we have some potential but I am not as comfy with our fwd group as I am with our D group down there.

  17. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Another CBA question: Can a player SELECTIVELY waive his NMC?

    All you read about now are stories about teams asking (have or potentially) players to waive their NMC to expose them for LV. I don’t see why a player would do this unless it is only for this occasion.

    • Le Revenant says:

      It’s common for a player to waive his NMC for one team (Mike Cammalleri for Calgary at Pierre Gauthier’s ‘fait accompli’ request). Reportedly, Marc-André Fleury has waived his NMC specifically for Las Vegas, at the request of management, but not for any other team right now.

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        Why would the Pens give away MAF for free? Must be a deal…

        • Le Revenant says:

          Yeah, they can wheedle a lower-round pick out of George McPhee in return for letting him be exposed for their expansion draft.

          There’s also a lot of rumours that MAF will be traded to Calgary, pending working out the details and getting his approval.

          It’s not like the Pens want to leave him available, it’s just that they can only protect one of him or Matt Murray, they’re between the rock and the hard place.

        • Loop_G says:

          They do not have a choice, MAF does though. If he does not waive NMC, they Pens have to protect him and will lost Murray. He only has to waive it for teams he wants to waive it for so if he decides Vegas only, then that is it.

        • veryhabby says:

          LV not gonna do any teams a favor. Pits was either gonna lose MAF or Murray to the expansion draft. they asked him to waive in Feb, he said no only to LV. So they could not trade him at trade deadline. So as “nice” as MAF seems right now, the fact is that he didn’t help Pits get anything in return for him outside of not losing Murray. It’s Pits own doing. And there will be other teams get “screwed” by NTC. Imagine Ott loses Method because of Phaneuf not waiving his?

      • on2ndthought says:

        So, is MAF saying, “you can get rid of me, but you can’t get anything back”? (i.e. I will allow myself to be claimed on the expansion draft, but not traded away.)

        If so, what if McPhee ignores him and drafts someone else from PIT, that means Rutherford still has a goalie issue.

        • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

          Exactly. If he goes to LV, he loses his NMC (no?) and can get sent anywhere so why not just waive his NMC for every team right now? Looks like he stiffed Pitt.

    • joeybarrie says:

      I feel like if they choose to waive their NMC they can do it on a team by team basis. The contract is between the player and the team. So a player can say ill waive it if you let me go to X, Y or Z. But not A, B or C.
      Didnt Gorges do that to us?
      In the end the player is waiving it for one specific team no matter what. So I can’t imagine they couldnt be selective about it.

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        It is weird IMO because if you give it up for one team then they can flip you anywhere afterwards. Why just LV? Looks like the Pens are not going to get back good value for him. Don’t mind

        • Le Revenant says:

          The distinction is that when a player gets traded before a NTC or NMC kicks in, that clause then becomes non-binding to the team that acquired him. This is what we saw when the Preds matched the Flyers’ offer sheet for Shea Weber, according to the CBA they only have to match the dollar amount, not any other clauses Philly and Shea’s agent agreed to.

          Same with P.K., once Nashville acquired him, they only have to respect the dollar amount of the contract, not the NTC that was about to kick in.

          Kevin Bieksa, however, had a NMC with the Canucks, and agreed to waive it, but only for the Sharks and Ducks, and then only with the proviso that the team who’d acquire him had to agree to a contract extension for him to agree to waive and let the trade go through. He was under an enduring NMC and was basically holding all the cards.

          Ryan Kesler also had an NMC, and waived it for the Canucks to trade him, but kind of tied their hands by stating he’d only go to the Ducks.

          Remember also, Jarome Iginla telling Jay Feaster he’d go to the Bruins or the Penguins, and then changing his mind after the GM had a deal to trade him to the Bruins, deciding he only wanted to go to the Pens after all.

          [EDIT] Also, the player who gets traded with an effective NMC will also only waive it if the receiving team agrees to that clause being in effect, which players like Shea and P.K. didn’t have the option of doing. Shea memorably tried to guilt the Preds into gifting him a NMC out of the goodness of their heart, because of ‘all I’ve done for the community’, which was a little bit rich, since he’d tried to hightail it out of town to Philly. David Poile, wisely, stood firm.

          Kevin Bieksa, however, required that once he became a Duck, he again be protected with a NMC, protection which he currently enjoys, and might force the Ducks to put him on their protected list for the expansion draft.

        • joeybarrie says:

          I also feel like just because you waived it once, doesnt mean you have to do it again. The contract stays as is. The team acquiring you has to deal with it themselves.
          At least I think, thats what makes sense to me.

        • veryhabby says:

          we talked about this last night at dinner, lol, and my kid and hubby were saying that once you waive it and are traded that your NTC doesn’t come along with you anymore. It is void and new team can trade you elsewhere. I thought no way. Then why say yes to LV who may then trade you elsewhere? But that’s what they were convinced of. Any links to the correct answer?

  18. habsr4ever says:

    As I said a while back PK is wearing out his welcome in Nashville already. With his ME ME ME attitude and wanting attention ALL the time.
    Muzzled before the big game is no surprise after his game 3 guarantee win night and on going saga with Sid the Kid. Hopefully PK simply realizes the TEAM concept soon. You think he would have figured that out after being shipped out of Montreal for being that way. Oh well.
    Many posters didn’t like what I said as to why it was wrong and how the dressing room would respond and wouldn’t appreciate what PK did prior to game 3 but its pretty clear the team and mgmt didn’t appreciate it.
    PK the player is a solid NHL dman but PK the TEAMMATE is high maintenance and an issue. PK is better than this and hopefully prime time gets it and figures it out soon or he will be shipped out of Nashville soon.
    A current NHL head coach ran my daughter’s practice last night with us assistants learning and observing. I point blank asked him PK or Weber after practice. With zero hesitation – his answer was Shea Weber. 5 years from now he said his answer may change.

    Our top 5 GM wins yet another trade.
    Hopefully Bergy has a great off-season here. It is vital to our team. Price at $11 M will upset me and I will be the first to rip Bergy a new one if the Habs pay that kind of money for Carey. $9M for me is as high as I would go unless we get a shorter term (5 years ish).

    Congrats to the Pens on their cup win. They are clearly the top of the NHL right now and will push for it again next season. Without Letang and a banged up blue line and they still win it all – I mean wow. Congrats to Sid and his team. Full value for their championship.

    • thewatchman says:

      P.K. cares about the P.K. brand that will always be #1 with him.

    • The_Rocket_Returns says:

      So what sources of information are you relying on to know how PK’s teammates felt? I’m 99.9% sure it’s something you read somewhere, another commenter or maybe a blogger, who in turn is basing it on something they read somewhere or heard someone say … and on and on. Find me one teammate who’s gone on the record, or even been named as an anonymous source by a reputable journalist. Then I’ll believe it.

      Otherwise, it’s just the same nasty cloud of crap that PK haters have been spewing for years and will keep on spewing, no matter what. The guy could go politely quiet for a year, deflecting every question and credit to his teammates, score a point a game and finish +82 and the haters would still call him a selfish attention-seeking defensive liability.

      Whether it’s personal animosity or racial prejudice or some combination of both, it’s just pathetic.

      … Koivu to Zednik to Kovalev …

      • habsr4ever says:

        Not a PK hater what so ever.
        Solid hockey player. Just a dressing room issue and not a TEAM player.
        Clearly he is. If you can’t see it fine. Who trades a player one year after the $9 M contract? You don’t think there were BIG issues with PK on our team in that dressing room? Really? Give your head a shake.
        Don’t be calling us out saying its a personal animosity or racial prejudice when we are giving our opinion when clearly something was up with his TEAM play and attitude. We all have our own sources and beliefs. IF PK was purple or green or white or brown – RACE HAS ZERO to do with my criticism of PK’s I I I attitude. NONE. If Shea acted this way I would say the same damn thing about Shea.
        Get real already and realize we all have our opinions too.
        Stay classy my friend.

        • The_Rocket_Returns says:

          I’m not saying your dislike of PK is racially motivated. I’m sorry for giving that impression. It’s the message I was criticizing, not the messenger.

          Race is definitely an ingredient in the public discussion about PK. I grant you that PK doesn’t know when to shut his bleeping mouth and stop soaking up the spotlight — and he really ought to. That makes the whole thing even more complicated, because people who dislike PK purely for being an attention hog are mixed in with people who would think differently about him if he was not black. And the way the NHL’s all-white cast of reporters, talking heads and so-called insiders focuses on PK’s off-ice behavior over the plays he makes on the ice speaks volumes. They might not be racist — they’re almost certainly not — but there’s a racial dynamic operating, and they’re incapable of treating him like they would a white player or a nice quiet black guy like Iginla.

          As for who trades someone’s $9 million contract one year later … I could flip that around and say: Who trades *for* that contract? A GM who just made the Cup finals, who went on TSN 690 recently and said he wanted to make the trade because they hadn’t won anything with Weber. I’ll trust Poile’s judgement over Bergevin’s.

          … Koivu to Zednik to Kovalev …

          • MustardTiger1337 says:

            EVERY argument around here ends up with you guys calling it racially motivated.

          • habsr4ever says:

            ok fair enough.
            YES I did read it that way. All good.
            We will have to agree to disagree on PK though.
            To me he is not a TEAM player and he is too much I I I.
            Poile – sorry but he has been in a GM for how long and has never won a cup. He is good but sorry he isn’t all that he is cracked up to be.
            Having what I have seen and heard – I wouldn’t want PK in my dressing room but I love what he brings on the ice. But I will take Shea no problem at all over PK on the ice and more so OFF the ice with his teammates.
            No brainer for me.
            All good if people don’t agree.

  19. adamkennelly says:

    also – I can’t believe anyone on here is suggesting the Habs try to go after Kovalchuk – seriously – that is not how you build and win a Cup – that is what you do when you are desperate.

    • Dust says:

      so adding a guy who will score 25 -40 goals isn’t how you build a winner?

      • WarHero says:

        +1 – we are goal starved, so if we can get him for the right price, why not?

      • adamkennelly says:

        we need to quit acting like we are close – we do need scoring for sure but this guy is old – 4 years out of the league, won’t come free and needs a top notch center we don’t have in order to produce like people are expecting.

        I’m of the opinion this team needs a change in philosophy – give the young guys a chance to play – develop and if we are there come Feb/March – then make a move for veteran scoring.

        • veryhabby says:

          so trade our young guys who have now proven themselves for vet help at the deadline?

          We are a few pcs away. With parity in the league, we have some nice pcs. Add 2 more top 6 players (easier said then done) and then hope luck is on our side. LUCK is huge in winning the cup. think about it, Pits were 1 goal away from being eliminated and end up winning the cup.

    • Loop_G says:

      No, he is what you add when you think you are really close and need to add on offensive piece to a mature team. He would not fit a rebuild but would work here.

    • habsr4ever says:

      Depends on what we have to give up to get him AND what we have to pay him to play here.
      We need more goals obviously. Kovalchuk will bring that. Our team is built to win now and this would help us.
      Again – what is the price to get him and what is the contract?
      What other options does Bergy have?
      Obviously we don’t know the answer to these questions but in Bergy I trust. He’ll make the right decision on the options he hopefully has to add goals to our top six and some size with grit/sandpaper.
      Is it true Gallagher is on the block? Tanev heading our way.
      I assume a dman plus Gallagher would be the “package” going the other way (N8). With Tanev and a pick coming our way.
      As the rumor mill turns.
      Other strange one involves Grioux coming here with Chucky being part of the package. Personally I have wanted Simmonds to come to Montreal for a long long time. Wonder what it would take to land him instead. AT one time it was Gallagher and Pateryn wasn’t it…..oh boy – has that ship sailed or what.
      Hjarlmason from the Hawks sounds like he is getting moved….with Bergy’s connections with the Hawks – I can see him sniffing around that option as well. But we are spending enough money on our cap on Dmen already. And hawks want to go cheaper. Maybe Benn but again we would need to get rid of Emelin then or yes Petry to clear up some cap space for our back end. Too many moving parts to make this rumor happen.

      Huberdeau from FLA is the guy I hope Bergy targets. FLA will move a core piece as well. I am not a Bjugstad fan (injured a way too much) and I am luke warm to Barkov. I’ll take my chances with Huberdeau over these other two if we are in on an FLA core forward piece no problem.

      • on2ndthought says:

        Barkov could be our Kopitar. One of the few I’d be happy to trade Galchenyuk for.

      • veryhabby says:

        habsr4ever… some good questions

        I have to look up this Tanev kid, is he that good?

        No to Giroux. If it’s gonna cost us to upgrade then I want more size too.

        Hjarlmason…I would so go for that. Yes trade them Benn if need be or Beau who is young and also cheap. Hjarl makes $4.1M? I would so do it even if we can’t move Emelin. Maybe expose him, you never know. How many more years does he have?

        Why is FLDA looking to move a core pc? If anything they will add to their core. They have some REALLY nice young pcs, ZERO reason to trade away one? Why?

  20. joeybarrie says:

    @bwoar and the others in the letting PK be PK discussion.
    I remember a few seasons ago playing Boston (2014?) in the playoffs. PK Subban was all anyone wanted to interview and show. But he kept saying, “its all business” nothing personal. Here to play hockey and get to the next round, focus on winning and nothing personal. We were literally winning because Boston could not do that. They kept it personal and took their eyes off their goal (and we were a better team, of course). Driving them crazy.
    I think PK learned a lot from that. I think he tried to take that mentality and adhere to it a lot of times as he is aware of how his personality comes off in certain situations.
    I honestly believe that with their backs to the wall, he simply wanted to focus on the game. I don’t think the Preds said anything to him. Why would they? Those two crazy games in Nashville with that insane crowd and all their confidence is why they were in the series at all.
    When he is interviewed, PK is thoughtful, sincere and interesting. I can completely understand PK didnt want to deal with anything but the game. For me this is all media and fan based. It was simply a matter of a player not wanting to be available to media and try to win a hockey game.

    • Le Revenant says:

      “I don’t think the Preds said anything to him.”

      We don’t need to guess at whether the Predators said anything to P.K. Bruce Arthur reported that they certainly did direct his behaviour with respect to the media prior to Game 6.

    • habsr4ever says:

      Where there is smoke there is fire.
      We all love PK’s interviews and we all love him off the ice in the community and how talented he is. The TEAM stuff is where he lacks.
      PK knew he screwed up and at the very least he himself made that decision but again where there is smoke there is fire. I believe the article more than I don’t. I’ll leave it at that.

      Shea is a pro. And we are so lucky we have him.

    • on2ndthought says:

      Good comment, JB. I agree that PK is one of the more thoughtful interviews in sport. There is a difference between that and his ‘on stage’ persona. Perhaps he’ll learn to use the former more when it is a professional setting and reserve the latter for PR purposes.

  21. habs001 says:

    Weber for the Habs had a fantastic season and has not been given credit for it by many fans…Tied for second for most goals scored by D in the NHL…Played 7th most minutes on D in the league…Solid as a rock on D with minimal mistakes…

  22. habs001 says:

    Weber for the Habs had a fantastic season and has not been given credit for it by many fans…Tied for second for most goals scored by D in the NHL…Played 7th most minutes on D in the league…Solid as a rock on D with minimal mistakes…

  23. bwoar says:

    “When I hear “PK’s antics” I hear Trump-like dog whistle garbage.”

    “Bergevin moved Subban basically because he and Therrien are old style French Quebecers who didn’t like anyone rocking their crappy, sinking boat.”

    Pot, meet kettle

  24. Gerry Pigeon says:

    Trade Carey for a center, for goals.

    If MB is allowed to sign Carey for north of $7M and longer than 4 more years, Habs will fall out of playoff contention during that new contract, and MB will get fired.

    Pens have won 3 of last 9 Cups, Hawks another 3. Goals, MB.

    • joeybarrie says:

      Corey Crawford, Matt Murray, MA Fleury.
      Caps have been a scoring machine in the Ovechkin era….. No Cups.
      Only reason Pens beat Caps was how well MA Fleury played against them. In the games Pens won, Fleury was .943, .944, .947 and 1.000.

      Trading Price may give us more goals, but how many? Who do you trade to get? Crosby? Matthews? Otherwise, you are trading to get 30-35 goals for a season.
      Offer sheet Johansen, Preds cant afford to match. After signing Markov, Beaulieu, Radulov and Galchenyuk we should have 4.5 million or so to go. We will then have 8 Ds. Dump Emelin and we can offer 8 million.
      Maybe Kuznetsov. Caps cant sign all their big players.
      Trade for RNH, or Duchene. It wont take Price to get those guys.

      To me it makes no sense to give up the best Goalie in the league and one of the top 5 best players in the league. Cause you arent getting one of the other best players in return.
      Say what you want. But PK and Weber are very very close in terms of their capabilities and play. Trading Price for a top 30 player is nothing but a step down and then we are further away than we were before.

    • Loop_G says:

      No point to that. If you trade carey you are admitting you are full re-build mode. If you trade Carey it is for young players and picks

    • krob1000 says:

      Only way I would trade Price is if someone like Tavares or Crosby is coming back!! just kidding but can you imagine Crosby a Hab?

      maybe Crosby should fulfill his destiny and just come MTL! lol
      The thing I love about Crosby is you don’t just get a first line center with him…you get a whole first line with just him. He instantly makes any third liners 1st liners….it is incredible. The amount of scoring chances that his linemates miss is outrageous but it doesn’t matter…he keeps on feeding them. He makes what appear to be blind passes on his backhand to guys in traffic in the slot on their tape …and those backhand passes are harder then I can shoot a puck…and he does it with someone on his back…unreal talent and going to be a sad day for hockey when his game declines…ideally by then McDavid is having even more success to carry the torch.

  25. krob1000 says:

    Nathan Beaulieu

    Offensively gifted skater, with a good first pass and ability to beat first man on forecheck and skate himself out of trouble. Like all guys of that skill set he is still occasionally guilty of a terrible turnover but overall in that regard the good outweighs he bad.

    On pp in limited opportunity he IMO operates the top of the umbrella better than any current HAb with great lateral mobility. In last year and a bit he has added a pretty good clapper from the point and most often manages to get pucks through while also having his head up and possessing the ability to go cross seam at last minute. He creates plenty of offense and has a decent knack for finding open space as a trailer but does not seem to finish off the chances…but gets a ton of them relative to the number of attempts he makes jumping in holes and trailing rushes.

    HIO and sadly even the Habs IMO need to assess the plays he does make while considering what another dman may have done in a similar situation….like Galchneyuk up front people get frustrated occasionally at a turnover but neglect the fact another player likely would have already dumped the puck or may not have even had it still, gone glass and out or something to lead to the opportunity that may or may not develop.

    This IMo was where some people underrated Subban too….however Subban’s turnovers sometimes were a result of doing too much not just a poor decision or bad play.

    Defensively….like offensively Nates presence on the ice negates tons of chances that just never happen because he is on the ice. His foot speed and skating allow him to shut down plays when pursuing from side or in recovery. He also gaps up very well and this means he does not allow easy entry to the zone or give opposing players time to make a play….because those plays do not happen nobody credits him for them…I do. Too often in recent years Habs have had numerous dmen lacking mobility that concede the blueline or back off creating time and trailers to have the high slot….Nate does not have to do that and neither does Petry…..but occasionally they will get walked 1 on 1 and it looks really bad but is far better than the alternative of numerous chances and zone entries…again most do not consider this.

    Nate is able to get away with pinching a few more times out of a hundred than others because of his recovery speed…however, his issues imo defensively are in the dzone once the zone is gained. Despite his great skating I find he has troubles in close quarters defending and almost plays too upright or too tall if that makes sense in those situations? He is susceptible to getting beat by a quick turn off the wall for whatever reason. He is also occasionally guilty of puck watching and losing focus positionally in set d situations.

    He has above average toughness and is willing to block shots and sacrifice himself. I am going to suggest his will improve over time in the stick positioning and set d zone stuff and that it would be a terrible mistake to let him go. He likely finds himself in fewer of those situations than most because of his skating and the number of plays that never happen with him on ice vs a slower option who is forced to concede time and space.

    Overall Nate IMO is still top 2 ceiling dman if he shores up the dzone, stick and puck watching at times…. and at minimum is a top 4 right now at this very moment….only acknowledging the glaring errors is foolish IMO when one really analyzes his game…his game makes him susceptible to those but overall he does WAY more good than bad.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      Very educational, and really appreciated. I think they should hang onto a 24 year old who is so mobile, but I doubt that they actually do. I really fear what the summer might bring.

      • habsr4ever says:

        Healthy scratch by our head coach in our final game of the season. People on here talk about N8 like he is Paul Coffey or something when in fact he is a bottom pairing dman at best. He shows flashes but is a way too inconsistent for me out there. If we lose him and he isn’t back next season – I won’t lose one single minute of sleep over it.
        Just like Lars Eller and how we kept waiting and waiting and waiting for him to become our coveted top six BIG centre. There comes a time where you need to move forward from players who simply aren’t panning out in your organization. Trade them and hope they pan out some place else in a different system/city/situation/coach/linemates. Solid guys but just didn’t fit here. We have been more than patient with N8. If we trade him so be it and good on Bergy for giving N8 a new opportunity to get his career on track because it isn’t working out here by any stretch of the imagination. Just my two cents.

        • krob1000 says:

          Same coach who started playoffs with Glahenyuk as 4th lien winger…insane.
          Lars Eller was just as underestimated and under appreciated…ironically enough guys like Danault, Malhotra and Desharnais are overrated?…go figure…just rade the farm for Drouina dn get it over with already.

          All players offer different things but too many people do not understand the things that don’t happen and who or why things happen and sadly only watch the puck carrier and can only see blatant errors or great plays. Some people who do not understand Plekanec either, Eller, or how Galchenyuk still manages to produce despite apparently being so awful according to HIO.

          Lars Eller was NEVER given a chance to be a top 6 center…classic case of being pigeon holed and labeled early…had several long stretches where he was teams most effective player up front and still couldn’t get a sniff…development window gone IMO… he is what he was used as in MTl and that is fine…MTL missed him hugely this year

    • veryhabby says:

      I would hate to lose Nate

      The thing is right now to make this team better we have Nate, chuck, 25th pick, extra 2nd round picks, any prospect not called Serg. I can not imagine MTL giving up on Gally or Lehk.

      So if we want to get better up front, logic would be to trade from the D. With Serg, Lernout, Juulsen coming along we can get buy losing Nate to make our top 6 better. If it’s for a bottom 6 frwd then obviously no thanks

      • krob1000 says:

        See IMO the thing is the team is instantly better is they correctly use Nate and Chucky …and can still improve internally before reaching out.

    • Don Birnam says:

      I like that Nate will jump in and drop his mitts to protect a team mate,but what the heck is going on in the kids head?
      Que Blammo Gusto Brain Farts.
      Conky effects?

      • krob1000 says:

        I am going to chalk some of it up to confidence….and some of it just is flat out lack of focus at times it appears. Many of those really, really good skates have such a perfect glide on their skates that they often drift and worse yet …sometimes they have just grown up not having to worry about 2 feet one way or the other…at this level he has to.

        There is NO room for positional error or a second of puck watching……hockey is just so fast out there…I get a kick out of coaching kids and running controlled scrimmages…the ones where you say stop when I blow the whistle. Even in little kids hockey…when you see something and you blow the whistle to show them something positionally…a few of them will take a fraction of a second too long to stop….the result? the chessboard now looks NOTHING like what you wanted to show them…and you have to move them back to where they were. Imagine what happens in a fraction of a second in the NHL? Nate definitely needs to respect that fact and ideology because his skating does not help him in the dzone….too many back door seams and unchecked guys that IMO are a result of puckwatching and likely a product of 18 years of not having to worry about it at this level growing up.

    • New says:

      You either move Beaulieu or protect him as one of the 3. To do otherwise will go down in history as a classic blunder.

      Somebody willing to pony up a 19-21 year old gifted center who has yet to break into a lineup set at top 2 center for the next 6 years? Sure, take the chance. At least it looked like an opportunity to improve your team.

      Otherwise someone is going to look incompetent as early as November 2017. And then it won’t let up ever. Ask Houle.

    • bwoar says:

      Great post and in-depth. I mostly agree with you even though the brain cramps are maddening. Maybe not a top-2 but a top-4, once you make peacw with him having a bit of Brisebois about him.

      He looks at the puck on his stick and wastes time with it, that allows forecheckers to outplay him. He also has a tougher time than he should when finding a forward to move the puck, a consequence of his useful habit of skating with it all the time but a turnover problem. The time and space he tends to earn with his skating are often conceded as he figures out what to do next. I think that part will smooth out in time. The kid is frustrating but there’s too much talent and raw ability there.

      Like I said yesterday, if the team trades him, that will make Subban, McDonagh and Streit as homegrown PMD that they have failed to hang on to, and that’s just in very recent memory.

      • New says:

        You take the bad with the good and make it into experience.

        The thing is that the game is so tight now. Ottawa’s boring style isn’t new, St Louis played it in the 60’s so they could stay in the game and at least have a chance.

        A guy like Subban (and no this isn’t a poke at the heartstrings of PK fanatics) can’t recover a bobbled puck at the blueline (either blue line). He just doesn’t have the speed and quick first step. Beaulieu can at least catch up and harass the puck carrier who took it away.

        Sorry. I just get wound up when people dismiss the value of Habs players because the coach or management and they don’t get along. Cammi spoke up and was gone within hours. His opinion was the honest truth. I thought he was a one trick pony myself, but the only pony the Habs had who knew that trick. They didn’t care. He spoke out.

        Somehow Montreal hockey has become a situation where media, fans, and staff can be unrelenting in their comments but the players have to toe the line and say they support the coach and they’re sure he didn’t say such a thing.

        If management’s ego can’t take a mirror glance there isn’t much hope of a Cup run.

        Montreal has always had a thing about team distractions. But really, what is a distraction? A kid having a birthday party? Or you have to get off your chair Monday morning and re-motivate people instead of preening about the office?

  26. WarHero says:

    Some food for thought …

    Since we all love to be arm chair GM’s, I thought I would put myself in Marc Bergevin’s shoes and come up with a plan for re-tooling the Habs.

    May I present to you ….. Transforming the Habs – 6 Simple Steps

    1) Get Vegas to take Plekanec

    While I have always loved the fact that Pleks is a “Home-Grown” Habs talent, I am starting to truly believe that his time as a productive offensive 2nd line centre has come to an end. That’s not to say that he doesn’t have his uses. His defensive game is still top notch, but 6 Mill is just way to much for what Pleks now provides. I think Bergevin jumped the gun on this extension and is paying for it now with a salary cap hand-cuff.

    2) Resign Radulov after the expansion draft.

    This is an absolute must! The energy that Radulov displayed shift after shift with his never-give-up style is just to contagious to ever consider letting him walk. He had a lot to prove to both himself and his peers and, I would suggest, did a fabulous job doing so. If Bergevin can’t get this deal done it will be major fail and could bring about his demise if a suitable replacement cannot be found.

    3) Trade for Artem Anisimov (if possible)

    Many of you may not agree with this and that’s ok. I’ve been an Anisimov fan since his days with the Blue Jackets and feel that both his size and skill with the puck could be just want we are looking for. Many will argue that he had the advantage of having great wingers in Kane/Panarin . If I’m being honest, yes, he did benefit from their ability to finish. However, it’s usually his hard work that creates the space his wingers need to do their thing.

    4) Trade with the Devils to get Kovalchuk and the first overall pick.

    Crazy? Maybe …. doable? I think so! All signs point to New Jersey wanting players who can help them complete now and to compliment the skill of Taylor Hall. I can think of 2 players right off the bat that would fill these needs quite adequately. If I was Marc Bergervin, I would be calling Rey Shero and offering: Galchenyuk, Beaulieu, the 25th pick and whatever else required. I believe both Galchenyuk & Beaulieu have a lot more to offer, but I don’t believe they will ever reach their full potential with Montreal.

    5) Draft Nolan Patrick 1st overall

    Could this guy be the elusive big center that Montreal has been craving for so long? This question will take time to answer, but it’s an answer I would be willing wait for. Some of you might say it should be Hirschier, and for good reason. The kid had an amazing developmental year. It’s his size that turns me off. I feel Patrick brings the same skill set and that his size will give him the advantage in the long run.

    6) Sign Martin Hanzal as a Free Agent

    Another crazy idea? Maybe so … but I sure would like to see what a 6’6″ Martin Hanzal could do in a Habs jersey with the energy of the Bell Centre as the fuel! I wouldn’t want to see a long deal … 4 years tops. This would allows the Habs to run with an Anisimov/Hanzal duo until Patrick is ready and based on the contracts, give them options when it comes time to unload one of them.

    Of course, some this could change based on the NHL readiness of Nolan Patrick. If the Habs feel he is ready to make the jump now, perhaps Bergevin takes a chance and only tries to sign Hanzal, leaving Anisimov as option 2. Mind you, based on how crazy contracts get during free agency, it might be wise for Bergevin to only explore the Anisimov option. Given his Chicago connections, getting a deal done wouldn’t be the hard part.

    What would your plan be?

    • habcertain says:

      I think number 4 is a bridge too far.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      1) MB won’t give him away for free so forget giving LV something to take him. I wouldn’t either. I do think they should trade him. He’s a 3rd liner now and Danault can do that job.

      2) Agree but for how long???

      3) Agree but prefer to get Hanzal instead without giving up assets. Giving up two 2nd rounders for a 3rd liner last year was not good IMO for a team with few prospects.

      4) No

      5) No unless blowing things up.

      6) Agree if at a reasonable contract.

      • WarHero says:

        1. Yer right, a trade would be better. Either would work, but the assets would be nice.

        2. 5 years tops … nothing past 35

        3. I’m with you, I would prefer not to give the assets either.

        4. I figured you’d say not to that and I understand your reasoning why from previous posts.

        5. Fair enough. Would be a good reset point I guess.

        6. 🙂

    • veryhabby says:

      thinking some similar stuff…..

      #1. Only if we need cap space for this season. And if we can’t get LV to take him what about a buyout? The thing is buyouts are before UFA market opens. So unless MB is certain to land new C in the offseason you have to keep him. It’s just one year, and like I said if we don’t need the cap space then why bother letting him go.

      #2. 100% agree. If they sign him before and have to protect him, just dumb no matter what NHL threaten. MTL will wait till after LV to sign Markov, so do it here too.

      #3. If we do #4 then we don’t have the assets for this one. I would go with #4 which leads to #5. So we may have to realistically skip this one.

      #4. Been wishing this non stop. Not too sure what the market value is for Kov though. Will teams desperate for scoring make his value go up? Is a 2nd rounder really enough for Kov?

      1st for Chuck, Beau, 25th
      Kov for our best 2nd round pick

      That’s 4 assets going for just 2 in return. Not sure if it’s enough though. As a fan who likes both Chuck/Beau I of course believe it is

      #5. YES 100%. He doesn’t have to be a superstar generational talent. But a Seguin or even a Staal, that’s ok for me. A centre who can lead our 2 top wingers, that’s what I want to see

      #6. Nope. Dont’ care for this one really. The cap hit it will take, especially if Pleks is still here then for sure this one is a no.

    • Le Revenant says:

      Initial half-baked thoughts on your plan:

      1) I’m not sure I support the idea of inducing the Golden Chaparral Nugget Rancher Kings to take Tomas, necessarily. I hated the contract extension when it was announced, would have preferred we trade the depreciating asset and change things up at centre, but right now I don’t think his contract is a problem, with only one more season to run. We have cap space to work with for next season, and there’s not really anyone we could spend extra space on that I can see.

      Also, and this hurts to admit, we can’t really spare Tomas unless you can obtain some of these other options you list further on. Problem is, the expansion draft happens first, before the entry draft and UFA signings. We would be taking a chance that, with Tomas gone to that ideal hockey town of Las Vegas, we’d end up not being able to attract any of those options you list, and with a big giant hole at centre, or should we say an even more gianter hole at centre, and nothing to plug it with.

      2) Le Revenant MAY 10, 2017 AT 3:30 PM

      Not to be deliberately provocative, but I repeat that I hope the Canadiens don’t re-sign Alexander Radulov. I think he had a great season, can’t find fault with anything he did aside from maybe the penalties, but how his season went doesn’t really affect what I think should happen next.

      We got Alex on a prove-it contract, a one-year no-risk deal that ensured he’d be on his best behaviour and would work hard or we could easily unload him. We had success, in a way, with Alex Semin on such a deal last year, in that he was easily disposed of when we figured out that it wasn’t going to work out. It made sense to follow the same path again this season with another reclamation project.

      Going forward though, we’re now going to be forced to compete with other teams for his services, and the contract will be a significant burden, in terms of duration and dollar amount. If something goes wrong, if Alex’s impetuousness resurfaces, we’re stuck with him.

      His age is a significant factor too. He’ll be 31 in July, and it’s hard to imagine him maintaining the same level of play much more than one or two seasons. The contract is liable to need to be five seasons or thereabouts to be competitive with other offers, whether from Las Vegas or otherwise.

      Watching the Rangers lose last night, and the storm of shade washing over players like Dan Girardi and Marc Staal and Rick Nash, you can’t help but think that Alex’s might quickly turn into one these types of contracts, lavished on a core player that you convince yourself you absolutely can’t afford to lose, but eventually realize the cost-benefit equation is all out of whack. Like we realized with Josh Gorges, and again with Alexei Emelin.

      Besides, Alex would perpetuate the insidious, chronic disease we say we suffer from, which is that we’re just good enough to get into the playoffs, not good enough to be a realistic contender, but too good to manoeuvre into a beneficial draft position. Alex will soak up a lot of cap space, block a (budget) kid’s development path, and neither take us over the top, or allow us to truly compete with the Phoenixes and the Vancouvers for draft supremacy.

      I knew this was a pipe dream, but for my money, if I’d been in charge, I would have traded Alex for a bounty of picks and prospects at the deadline, and walked away cackling.

      3) Le Revenant MAY 12, 2017 AT 7:11 PM

      Beggars Can’t Be Choosers: Reportedly, the Blackhawks will shop Artem Anisimov to create cap space. 6’4″ centre, shoots left, had a couple of 20-goal seasons in Chicago, although that’s with talent on his wings, not sure he’d reach that total with the Canadiens.

      He has four more seasons to go on his $4.5M/yr contract.

      He’d be a big improvement for our Top 6 over Phillip Danault. If Alex Galchenyuk straightens up and flies right, we could really have something there, a couple of big centres in our Top 6. Phillip Danault and Tomas Plekanec are the centres on the Bottom 6, not ideal since that would be four lefties in the middle, but we have Torrey Mitchell, Bryan Flynn and Mike McCarron would can play wing and take draws on the right side.

      How cheap do you guys think we could get him? Is this where Marc Bergevin can use his Chicago connection, maybe call in some IOU’s?

      Could we send Andrew Shaw back the other way in the package? Recoup those two second round picks they stoled from us?

      4) I’m not interested in Ilya Kovalchuk, at market rates certainly. Same argument as above with Alex Radulov, but with the added detraction that he’s unproven, at least in our uniform.

      Also, I don’t think we can pry the first overall pick without debilitating losses to our roster. It’s not like we have a Tyler Myers or Todd Bertuzzi or Seth Jones burning a hole in our pocket, a prized asset we can readily part with. We need all our assets currently. Teams like the Ducks or the Preds with a stud defenceman to open the bidding with are in much better position to trade than we are.

      5) What’s not to like about Nolan Patrick? Big strong kid, right-handed centreman, he’d fill a giant need of ours, but it’s not realistic to consider. Why waste time planning for my future with Cobie Smulders, when I know it can never be, since she’s allergic to shellfish, and I really like my seafood?

      6) Despite Eric Bélanger’s cool reception to the notion of trading for Martin Hanzal, about he not necessarily being the fix for what ails the Canadiens, at the right price, as an asset that doesn’t cost us anything to acquire but precious cap space, I’d not be against.

      My plan would be to trumpily architect a way to not lose a young prospect to Vegas, but rather surrender a Jordie Benn or some such like player, who in the grand scheme really has no effect on our future. Aside from that, I’d protect our cap space, and keep acquiring and protecting assets and keep accumulating picks and keep building, with no regard for any ‘window’ some critics are convinced exists currently.

  27. Habby_Haberton says:

    I’ll tell you one guy I know who is looking forward to training camp… Paul Byron.

  28. Le Revenant says:

    Rocket_Returns wrote: “…it bugs me that many people preferred to talk about his words (Listerine, Game Three guarantee) rather than his deeds (Nashville’s best defenseman in the series: a force defensively, superb at moving the puck forward.)”

    P.K. himself kind of took his eye off the ball a little bit at the end there, and caused people to talk about his words rather than his deeds. He wasn’t an innocent bystander, or even just a participant, but an actual instigator of this sideshow. It didn’t help that he stood to profit from it financially, that he had a motive other than just winning a Stanley Cup, as he told David Poile when he got to Nashville.

    Brandon Prust created the same media distraction with his ‘walrus’ comments one playoff, and a couple years later with his sortie against the referees, and it got him traded out of town. Even though Brandon had quickly backed down from his comments, instead of upping the ante.

    I’ve always maintained Brandy Chastain’s celebration when she ripped off her jersey after scoring a shootout goal was contrived and self-serving, since she had a contract to promote the sport bra she was wearing underneath. She had a motive beyond just winning the game, her focus was at least divided.

    Same with the Joe Horn cellphone touchdown celebration and other examples, it leads to a player spending team time on matters other than winning a game. So it’s hard for me to rubber-stamp P.K.’s Listerine side journey, and I’m not surprised that there was a behind-the-scenes response from the team.

    • JohnBellyful says:

      I thought it particularly telling that the camera caught PK gargling with Listerine at the bench. And passing the bottle to teammates.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Sorry nothing wrong IMO with athletic women ripping off their shirts.

    • bwoar says:

      Good call on Prust, I’d forgotten that one already. Good guy but really bad timing.

      • Le Revenant says:

        P.K. was the author of his own misfortune here, he’ll have to suffer the slings and arrows of da haterz, but he’s hardly the first to use the media to cause a big flap and get burned by it. But it’s always hard to keep things in proportion with P.K., for me or HIO or anybody else.

    • FlyAngler says:

      And P K should know better because he and the Habs benefited from Shawn Thorntons puerile behavior in the series against the Bruins a few years back. Thornton’s squirting the water bottle at P K was used by the Habs to generate a rallying cry and seemed to turn the series around if you remember. The Pens might have won the Cup this year anyway, but game 5 after Listerinegate will forever show that Sid had a goal and three assists and P K was pointless, a minus 2 with 2 penalties……

      “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

    • The_Rocket_Returns says:

      I agree that he made it worse for himself and his team. That was stupid.

      But sheesh, the way the hockey world was so ready to pounce on it and blow it wildly out of proportion — as a gesture, as a problem, as something worth talking about — was idiotic.

      The image that sticks with me is the reporter asking PK a Listerine question after Game 6. The dude just lost the bleeping Cup and, of all the questions the reporter might ask, he’s asking about that?

      If reporters and media figures and a great many fans were capable of reacting like grown-ups, PK’s Listerine comment would have been a quickly-forgotten footnote. Instead they blew it up and PK was glad to help and before long it was one giant clusterbleep of people unsure how to act around a black guy.

      … Koivu to Zednik to Kovalev …

  29. Mavid says:

    **sigh** its over..a bored Mavid wondering the streets at night is never a good thing..

    º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º

    Weed Wacker – and Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

    • Don Birnam says:

      I’ve been wandering the streets aimlessly for awhile now.
      The Saloons are my refuge.

      • Mavid says:

        so your saying I should take up drinking?

        º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º

        Weed Wacker – and Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

  30. boonie says:

    Ok, so price + Gallagher and Byron .

  31. B says:

    Here’s a list of some upcoming NHL and Canadiens dates.
    Please let me know of any errors or omissions.

    June 15 buyout period begins
    June 17 5:00 pm teams submit expansion draft protected lists
    June 18 10:00 am league releases / announces protected lists
    June 18 to 21 Vegas can negotiate with and sign UFAs
    June 20 Vegas submits expansion draft selections
    June 21 league releases / announces Vegas’ selection list
    June 23 & 24 NHL Entry draft
    June 25 teams can start talking to UFAs (but not sign until Jul 1)
    June 25 5:00 pm Deadline for RFA qualifying offers
    June 26 teams can start talking to RFAs (but not sign offer sheets until Jul 1)
    June 30 buyout period ends
    July 1 12:00 noon UFA signing period begins
    July 2 to 6 Canadiens’ development camp
    July 5 5:00 pm deadline for player-elected salary arbitration notification
    July 6 5:00 pm deadline for team-elected salary arbitration notification
    July 20 to Aug 4 arbitration hearings
    Aug 6 deadline for arbitration decisions
    Sept 8 to 10 Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto rookie tournament in Toronto
    Sept 21 Vancouver vs LA in Shanghai China
    Sept 23 LA vs Vancouver in Beijing China
    Sept 24 Hockeyville USA game, St. Louis vs Pittsburgh in Belle Vernon, PA
    Sept 25 Hockeyville Canada game, Ottawa vs NJ in O’Leary, PEI
    Oct 6 Laval Rocket home opener
    Nov 10 & 11 Colorado vs Ottawa in Stockholm Sweden
    Dec 16 Montreal vs Ottawa outdoor in Ottawa
    Jan 1 Buffalo vs Rangers outdoor in NYC
    Jan 27 & 28 All star week-end in Tampa
    Mar 3 Toronto vs Washington outdoor in Annapolis Maryland

    –Go Habs Go!–

  32. adamkennelly says:

    Does Beaulieu have more trade value than Benn and if so – why?

    I would think the Habs want Vegas to take Emelin – I would. Bring in Lernout and give him a shot.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Of course. N8 has potential and Benn has none (is what he is). Also N8 has an all-around better physical and athletic profile (younger, faster, etc.).

      • adamkennelly says:

        trade value is higher but not as much as we think….Habs want to get rid of him because of his inconsistencies but we think other teams want him for his potential. We spent a first rounder on him – no way we would get one back at this stage.

        Habs really need to improve their player development…

        • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

          You can’t get a young promising prospect for N8…only one who has not met expectations like N8. I do think you can get an upcoming 2018 UFA player like Evander Kane or James Neal who won’t be signed by their respective teams. I really like EK as a line-mate for Gally.

        • bwoar says:

          I think you could absolutely get a first rounder – seems like he was a #17, I wouldn’t be shocked if in this less-ballyhooed draft we got close to that back. Dude got 28 points this year, is young, skates great, cheap contract. Plenty of value there, not sure we ought to trade him frankly.

          How much ballyhoo depends on who ya talk to, though.

          • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

            You forget N8 was removed in the playoffs. They devalued him.

          • bwoar says:

            Nah, I just don’t think it’s as profoundly bad as made out here.

          • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

            It doesn’t matter what we think. If I’m a GM negotiating with MB, I’m going to use that to get a better deal. MB can’t demand a lot fo r a player he didn’t use in a deciding playoff game. That is like selling food you won’t eat.

    • New says:

      Beaulieu’s issues are not with his ability or potential. The team doesn’t see him as a fit with the way they want to do things.

      Look at who they have acquired as D – Petry, Benn, Davidson, Nesterov, Weber. Beaulieu is different than those guys. He isn’t what Montreal wants.

      Beaulieu can easily bring you a high return, so you move him before the expansion draft (preferably for a player you don’t need to protect) or protect him and move him after.

      • bwoar says:

        Beaulieu is a younger Petry. I will continue to beat that drum unless he proves otherwise.

        • New says:

          People would likely be puzzled by Beaulieu, unless you don’t follow the Habs. Scouts would tell you he gets fifth minutes but is third in D scoring, 3rd in D shots, is a plus player, plays up tempo, all situations, thinks the game, needs to be taught that rough doesn’t mean you just drop them.

          This kid is a fine young D (24 years old) who doesn’t fit with this team. He and Galchenyuk can do so much better elsewhere, which equates to team trophies and dollars.

          Yes, he is worth quite a bit. Unless you follow the Habs and know he is in the doghouse with the powers that be.

    • Dust says:

      I would want vegas to take Davidson.

      IF you want to trade Emelin i would think you could trade him for a 2nd or 3rd round pick

    • on2ndthought says:

      Pretty sure MB will be looking for a prospect in return. Will most likely get a boom or bust guy: say something like Debrincat, Sprong etc.

  33. boonie says:

    Not saying we should, but…

    Some fans want us to fleet a #1 center. Would we do soon-to-be UFA Price for soon-to-be UFA Tavares?

    If their respective teams can’t get commitments, they need to move them.

    Certainly each has lots of value.

    Personally, I’d prefer to pay top money to a top forward over similar money to a tender.

    Garth is a former goalie. Price is a marquee player.

    We’d likely to have add more. Would you do it?

    • Cal says:

      In a heart beat.
      Pens just proved that you need depth a forward to win, especially when one is the best player in the game.
      Preds were 2 wins away without a #1 center, but an awesome top 4 D and Jeckyll/Hyde goaltending.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Tavares 27 year old elite center
      Price 30 year old elite goalie

      In today’s NHL who would you rather pay 10 million/year to? There is no GM, even this one, who would choose Price.

    • FlyAngler says:

      The Islanders have won a grand total of one (1) round in the playoffs since they drafted John Tavares. With Carey Price the Canadiens may not have won a cup, but they did get to the Conference Finals and win rounds in other years as well, which they would not have without Price in the nets. I am not saying that I would pay price $10 million, but I wouldn’t consider trading him for Tavares either unless I had a sure replacement who was nearly as good and right now the Habs don’t.

      “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

    • Dust says:

      If i’m the NYI i don’t trade Tavares for a guy that could walk in a year.
      Not a chance

      • toneez says:

        @Dust … JT and Price are in the same boat, both their contracts expire at the end of next season so what’s the difference …

        All Habs all the Time

  34. JohnBellyful says:

    PK muzzled before the big game?
    I can see how that would leave him confused: a shutdown defenceman being told to shut up.

  35. JohnBellyful says:

    Imagine what a big boost it would be for hockey in Las Vegas if Subban were traded to the Knights for their first round draft picks for the next two years and a player or two they picked up from the other teams.
    (I sensed interest in PK was beginning to wane on this site so I’m doing what I can to give it new life.)

    • bwoar says:

      JB doing G-d’s work as always!

      The NHL could not handle PK in Sin City. The league would simply spontaneously combust. I like it!

    • Le Revenant says:

      That’s a pretty transparent attempt to stimulate our attention, de piqué notre attention, as we’d say in Québec.

      Personally, now that the Preds’ playoff run is over and done with, I think this whole subject should be s’banned, or 76’ed, as the parlance goes.

      • FormalWare says:

        “S’banned”, or “76’ed”. Well done! Collectors’ coinage, that.

        Montréal Canadiens: “Season after season under the same, low ceiling.” – D.M.

  36. bwoar says:

    It is kinda funny how Nashville decided not to “let PK be PK” right before the most important game of the year. I wonder if they know something we don’t?

    Oh wait, no… we all know it already.

    That ‘silence’ must be what’s delaying Cowen’s end-of-year PK article.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      And they still lost.

    • Luke says:

      The select all, find “Subban” and replace with “Crosby” must not have worked as seamlessly as one hoped.

      But in a 37,000-word article, there was bound to be some issues.

    • joeybarrie says:

      Is that what happened? Or did the coach simply decide to have the players focus on the game? Maybe PK wanted to focus and have no distractions.
      Seems to me we are looking for something to jump on with all this.

      In the end its a great story. a 16th place team made it to the finals in a year where anyone could have come out of the West. If anyone could have come out of the West, I am glad it was PK.

      • bwoar says:

        But that’s my point, Joey. It was the first thing Poile said about acquiring him – that they would let PK be PK. And part of doing that is letting his exuberance out – a joie de jouer that’s unique in hockey – and it comes with the trash talk, the antics, etc. It’s part of the package. It’s what they traded for and lauded and swore that they wanted.

        And as DDO points out – they lost. I’m frankly surprised that didn’t let him go off and be the guy he is, since they clearly valued that more than their previous captain, and quite possibly quenched just a little bit of the fire they might have had out on the ice by imposing a gag order pre-game.

        It’s bizarre management, don’t you think? Suddenly deciding right when it counts, that he has to “focus”?

        • mrhabby says:

          true..but why piss of the likes of Crosby et all who clearly had some off games and then all of a sudden he wakes up and kills it.

        • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

          This is a very salient point. Why did they trade Weber for PK to make PK act like Weber???

          Like I said below, I think there is more to this story than a Listerine joke. I think he wanted the Crosby match-up and he wasn’t getting it. If this was the case, I actually agree with him. I picked the Pens to win because I thought whoever Ellis-Josi ended up with, they wouldn’t be able to handle. They should have put PK on Crosby and left Ekholm on Malkin after game 1. No disrespect to Malkin but how can you have the most expensive Dman in the league and not match him up against the best player??? This whole thing makes no sense.

          Anyway doesn’t matter because they still would have lost without Johansen. No goal scoring.

          • bwoar says:

            Isshhhh….. I’m not sure I ought to touch this comment but, Crosby would’ve handed Subban his jock strap, DDO. That’s why.

            And if PK was actually upset about not getting *his* preferred matchup, hmm…. yikes on bikes, is all I’ll say. I’m gonna think better of him than that.

          • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

            If you’re an elite athlete, you want to go up against the best. There is nothing wrong with that. BTW PK would have done better against Crosby than Ellis. No doubt in my mind. He’s played him before. Anyway, still would have lost but Nashville has to rethink their defense combos IMO next year…especially with McDavid and Drisietl coming.

      • mrhabby says:

        Subban loves to talk crap its his nature to try and get under the other players skin. Given the Listerine scandal I kinda think he was politely told to concentrate on the game.

    • mrhabby says:

      HAHAH..they know all about Subbies antics. He was told to shut it for sure.

  37. mrhabby says:

    Cal…$7m will not sign Price for so many reasons that we all know. I wish but not going to happen.

  38. SmartDog says:

    Paul Byron is exci…. zzzzzzzzzz….

    Seriously there’s NO news? Come on HIO.

    With Marc Bergevin’s leadership:
    The “C” stands for Cronyism.
    The “H” stands for Hubris.

  39. Luke says:

    Lotsa ChitterChatter on the ol’ Internet that the Vegas Knights are going to trade for Clarkson.

    Clarkson, a prospect and a first rounder is the current scuttlebutt.
    For what? Who knows. Freedom from the contract…

  40. PK says:

    Mavid is at Koivu-Mondou, on her countdown.

  41. boing007 says:

    Seems to me that the ‘Win Now’ mantra is the same as the ‘Window of Opportunity’ mantra. What’s the diff?

    Richard R

    • Habfan17 says:

      I want Bergevin to build a team that has a realistic chance to “win” any season.

      I don’t subscribe to the notion, that there is a window. Yes, the core is getting older, but new players will come in and some will stand out. Teams always have turnover.

      What Bergevin and his management team need to do better, is identify and develop the players who can become difference makers.
      They need to stop trying to change them!


  42. Mavid says:


    º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º

    Weed Wacker – and Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

    • jols says:

      Lol. Huge PK fan and I think this is hilarious. Great job by whoever came up with it. Very funny.

      • Psycho29 says:

        I still have my PK/Habs Sweater and T-Shirt, but I have moved on…Plus we have to be able to laugh at stuff…

        Was golfing with a buddy on the weekend who was ranting about the Habs (Like HI/O only I got to see it live!).
        I asked him if it was worth getting all bent out of shape about. I told him that the Habs have won 14 Cups in my lifetime, and I can remember 11 of them. Seen the Cup get raised live once. I’ve been spoiled. Am I going to get upset about a bunch of multi-millionaires playing a game today? Not any more. More important things in life.
        OK I’m ready for the season to start!!!! GoHABSGo !!!!

        Sorry for the early mornin’ rant!

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Well done…lol.

      BTW one point I have not seen about the Sid vs. PK is that they were really not matched up against each other. This whole thing was started basically by PK on an expletive-filled drive by at the end of a game. The only time they were really matched up was, coincidentaly, on the PK. PK-Ekholm were matched up against Malkin while Ellis-Josi were matched up against Crosby. When PK played here he always got the Crosby match-up. The more I look at this story, the more I think there was more to this than just mouthwash. I think PK wanted the Crosby matchup (sorta like the “C” here) and tried to stir things up to get it. This is the type of thing that would get teamates (Ellis nice guy) and the coach upset. I think the media missed an underlying story here by focusing on the Listetine optics instead.

  43. Captain aHab says:

    RN, you said:

    I’m more fearful of “hey, I just added RNH’s giant salary for 43 more years” than I am “Sergachev, McCarron, Scherbak and 12 other puds for Tavares”.

    I’m actually more worried about “hey, I just added RNH’s giant salary for 43 more years in return for Sergachev, McCarron, Scherbak and 12 other puds.”

    If Subban had won the Cup, I would have been at DEFCON 1 on this but mebbe this has slipped to DEFCON 2 or 3 now.

    Drop da puck already!

  44. Captain aHab says:

    Do you think the kids recognized him?

    I wonder if he was a #1C for their street hockey game or if he got demoted to the checking line.

    Drop da puck already!

  45. Habnormal says:

    RN is correct. What a well reasoned and scholarly argument with actual objective evidence re Weber and PK. Enough said

  46. montreal ace says:

    Subban did not have a better year then Weber, he had a longer year.

    • SmartDog says:

      But longer IS better.
      At least that’s what she said.
      With Marc Bergevin’s leadership:
      The “C” stands for Cronyism.
      The “H” stands for Hubris.

    • chilli says:

      That’s like saying Max Paccioretty had a better year than Mike Fisher.
      The year is based on playoffs.
      The regular season is completely meaningless without a playoff appearance or a playoff run.
      Max was playing golf 2 months ago. With Weber.
      PK had a much better year. He was asked to be a shut down defenseman and he delivered.

  47. Cal says:

    For those posting that PK’s contract was why he was traded: Weber’s contract is a $7.857mil hit until July 2027.
    He will be paid less, $3mil in fact, when 2022/23 starts.
    Loads of folks keep saying the Habs will trade him to a team wanting to hit the Cap Floor.
    Ain’t gonna happen. No team wants an albatross like that on its books. Excepting the Habs, of course.
    My guess is he will be Prongered that year.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Look at the cash payments. This season is the last of the high upfront money for Weber so there are few teams who would be interested in oaying him 8 million cash next month. Next season those upfront payments are gone and his cash salary drops to 6 million with the 7.8 cap hit. This will be a lot more palatable to teams; especially cap floor teams like Arizona.

      • Cal says:

        I look at all the young talent on teams like Arizona. These guys will have to be paid. That means no room for ill thought out contracts.
        I don’t blame Weber for putting pen to paper on that offer sheet, but that doesn’t make him less all about himself than PK.

        Taking on this contract was a blunder. Overpaying for Price will be the same.

      • SmartDog says:

        Subban’s contract = expensive but worth it
        Weber’s contract = how can we move it?

        With Marc Bergevin’s leadership:
        The “C” stands for Cronyism.
        The “H” stands for Hubris.

        • Dust says:

          it’s been proved that
          Subbans contract = how can we move it? (it allready happened) In 2 years when the other nashville d need new contracts Subban will be who they try to move again i would wager

          • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

            Not true. Ekholm makes only 3.75 mlion for the same contract length as PK so they can afford him. Rinne and his 7 million will be gone in 2 years and replaced by much cheaper Sarros. If this D survives the expansion draft, they should be around 5 seasons.

    • MustardTiger1337 says:

      Had nothing to do with money.

    • montreal ace says:

      2018/19 Weber will start being paid 3 million less then Subban per year

      • RightNyder says:

        2009-10: Weber paid $4M more as Subban goes to semifinals with only two NHL games under his belt.
        2010-11: Weber paid nearly $4M more as Subban scores two fewer goals as a rookie.
        2011-12: Weber paid $4M more for 13 more points.
        2012-13: Weber paid $11M(!) more as Subban wins Norris Trophy
        2013-14: Weber paid $11M(!) more as Subban gets three fewer points and also goes to semifinals again; where Weber has never been.
        2014-15: Weber paid $7M more as Subban outscores him by 15 points, is a first-team all-star and a Norris finalist.
        2015-16: Weber paid $7M more as Subban records the same amount of points in 10 fewer games.
        2016-17: Weber paid $3M more as Subban records two fewer points in 12 fewer games and goes to the final, two rounds past where Weber has ever gone.

        Total: Weber paid $50M (!!!!!!) more than Subban during that stretch. Both were first-team all-stars twice. Subban won a Norris, Weber did not. Subban in the playoffs: 13-37-50; two semifinals, one finals.
        Weber in the playoffs during the same span: 11-11-22. Never past the second round.

        IMO, P.K. Subban is better than Shea Weber. He’s four years younger. He drives offence. He’s a capable shutdown defender. He plays better in the playoffs.

        You may not like his antics, you may not like people talking about a guy who’s no longer on the Canadiens.

        But this notion that we can’t be pissed at MB for not getting enough in a trade (and we can all still love Shea Weber, BTW) is weak.

        And, even if you still want to argue that Weber’s better (and I’m always happy to entertain those well-reasoned arguments, not feeble troll efforts) there’s no way in hell he’s been $50M better.

        Good on MB for letting Nashville fork out the biggest part of that money. But, since the Habs already have a licence to print money, wouldn’t you still rather have the better, younger player?

        • Dust says:

          Better is subjective and AS we’ve seen over the past year just as many people think Weber is the better player as people who think Subban is the better player.
          Younger is the only fact.
          The Thing you fail to mention in your rant is the fact that Webers cap hit is 1.2 million less than Subban.
          That is a pretty big deal in a cap world

        • habsfan0 says:

          Agree 100%.
          I also suspect that, aside from Pittsburgh Penguins players,staff, and fans ,NOBODY was happier to see them win the Cup than MB, MT, & GM.

    • bwoar says:

      Hmm. Something’s not right here. This:

      “For those posting that PK’s contract was why he was traded”

      Doesn’t jive with this:

      “Ain’t gonna happen. No team wants an albatross like that on its books. Excepting the Habs, of course.”

      I’m pretty sure the 9M albatross contract they traded is proof enough that you’re out to lunch with this argument.

      The fact that there’s still a faction bemused by WEBER’s contract and not SUBBAN’s contract is the real puzzler here. That people are questioning Weber’s team spirit over it, while completely ignoring the antics of the guy going the other way, is really, really out to lunch.

      • Cal says:

        PK will be productive longer than Weber.
        When I hear “PK’s antics” I hear Trump-like dog whistle garbage.
        I don’t question Captain Stoic’s team spirit. He just hasn’t won 2 playoff rounds with it.
        I’ll take a player with joie de vivre who delivers every time over more bland pudding.
        Bergevin moved Subban basically because he and Therrien are old style French Quebecers who didn’t like anyone rocking their crappy, sinking boat. They’d rather worry about his personality and not focus on the game he brings.
        This trade has been explained as a wash. It isn’t.

        • Le Revenant says:

          The same old-style French Quebecers who chanted his name at the Nouveau Forum every time he rushed the puck?

          Or old-style French Quebecers like Mike Babcock, Mike Milbury and Don Cherry?

        • The_Rocket_Returns says:

          The interview Poile gave recently about trading for PK was revealing.

          They wanted him, said Polie, and wanted to trade Weber, because they hadn’t won anything.

          Weber was nice and all — but at the end of the day, he wasn’t a winner.

          … Koivu to Zednik to Kovalev …

    • thewatchman says:

      Weber will not be playing in 2027 he will be retired and Nashville is on the hook not Montreal,there is ZERO chance Weber plays the last 3 years of his deal for 1 million per.

  48. The_Rocket_Returns says:

    I don’t want to rehash the PK discussions, but will toss in my $.02: it bugs me that many people preferred to talk about his words (Listerine, Game Three guarantee) rather than his deeds (Nashville’s best defenseman in the series: a force defensively, superb at moving the puck forward.)

    … Koivu to Zednik to Kovalev …

  49. cbhabsfan says:

    I’m hearing from my buddy who usually hears about these things long before me that Carey Price’s first number to be brought to the table was $11M.

    That’s sounds pretty high even as a starting point to me. Has anyone else heard anything like this?

    • myron.selby says:

      And did your buddy get this from Bergevin or Price? I’m sure both of them are keeping all and sundry current on the state of negotiations so it could be either of them.

    • The_Rocket_Returns says:

      If it’s true, that’s fine. It’s what negotiations are all about. And hey, he has Bergie over a barrel: the dude spent his prime years with a middling bunch of skaters who rely almost entirely on him for success, and there’s not much of a farm system. If he wants Bergie to pay up for him not to chase a Cup on a better team, so be it.

      … Koivu to Zednik to Kovalev …

    • Cal says:

      Price plays 62 of 82 games. He should be paid that way. $7 mil max.
      Frankly, though, trying to build around an expensive goalie and over-priced D has gotten the Habs absolutely nowhere.
      So, of course, MB will carry on like this works.

      • SmartDog says:

        > So, of course, MB will carry on like this works.

        Bingo. The guy doesn’t change, doesn’t learn. Which I guess is why, even coming from Chicago, he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. If he didn’t learn there, he’s not going to learn here on his own. Stubborn. Proud. Stoopid.

        With Marc Bergevin’s leadership:
        The “C” stands for Cronyism.
        The “H” stands for Hubris.

      • mrhabby says:

        haha….right nice try.

      • The_Rocket_Returns says:

        True, only 62 of 82 games. But every minute of those 62 games, not just the 20-25 minutes a top skater would get. If we’re talking per-minute rates, even $11 million would still be cheap. (Not that I want him at $11 million. Just saying that pay-per-game isn’t the best way to think about it.)

        Watching Rinne implode was a good reminder that goaltending is vital. I’d rather pay for an elite netminder than hope a merely-good-but-cheaper goalie will deliver. And say he comes in at $9 million per year: that’s basically his salary this season plus half of what Bergie paid Emelin.

        You could subtract Emelin completely from this roster and it wouldn’t make the slightest difference. So think of it this way: ditch Emelin, keep Carey and have an extra $2 million to play with.

        … Koivu to Zednik to Kovalev …

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      The only thing I heard was from Friedman who said the opening number was high.

    • GrimJim says:

      I think it was either elliott friedman or renaud lavoie who said that you make it high so you aren’t negotiating against yourself and you give yourself a million or 1.5 mil to wiggle within. If the opening ask is 11 mil with that wiggle room that leaves a target settlement at 9.5 to 10 mil. But on the other hand, who is Price most often compared to is Lundquist. Lundquist’s contract is a six year deal for 11, 10, 9.5, 9, 7.5, 7, 5.5 for a cap hit of 8.5.

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