Canadiens open 2011-12 season in Toronto

As has become customary in recent years, the Canadiens open the 2011-12 regular season in Toronto against the Maple Leafs on Thursday, Oct. 6.

They then help welcome Winnipeg back to the NHL with a game Sunday, Oct. 9.

The Canadiens home opener is on Thursday, Oct. 13 when they welcome the Calgary Flames to town.

On Dec. 19, the Canadiens start a six-game road trip in Boston that keeps them on the road until Jan. 4, 2012. Other stops on the trip include Chicago, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Tampa Bay and Florida. That is Montreal’s longest road trip of the season.

Fans in Montreal will have to wait until Jan. 4, 2012 to see the Winnipeg franchise come to Montreal. They also return on Sunday, Feb. 5 for a matinee, a game preceded by a Saturday game against the Capitals as part of the traditional Super Bowl weekend of afternoon games.

The Canadiens have 11 sets of back-to-back games in the coming season, the first Oct. 26-27, and the last on April 4-5.

The season wraps up on April 7 with a visit to the Bell Centre by – you guessed it – the Maple Leafs.

The entire schedule is available on


  1. Keith says:

    TSN has just reported that Andrei Markov has signed a THREE year contract! WOW! I wasn’t expecting 3 years. Sure hope his knees hold up, fingers and toes crossed.

  2. petefleet says:

    Let me get this straight. Philly is goalie away from winning the Cup 2 years ago so they trade their 2 star (franchise) players. The only thing I can think of to explain this, besides a brain tumor, is EGO. The 2 of them must have had huge heads in the dressing room. I kind of got that from Richards with his rant on PK. Like he had already made it into the “I’m to be respected” catagory. Strange trades for Philly. I predict that they do not make the playoffs this year.

    ***Habs Forever***

  3. Keith says:

    The NHL schedule is like Groundhog Day, it’s always the same year after year after year. And we always open on the road against the laffs. When was the last time the Habs opened at home? I can’t recall when it was.

  4. kakey says:

    Did eklund pick up the Philly trades rumors?

  5. JD_ says:

    Philly had a two- maybe three-year window.

    They made it to the SCF. The followin’ season they imploded.

    Holmgren has an opportunity to usher in a compellin’ youth movement and lock up an ostensibly solid goaltender to underpin the team’s development over the medium to long term.

    Edit: Just say the Bryzzy deal. No likey.

    With potentially some cap space to spare.

    Everythin’ a GM does is a gamble. Holmgren’s doin’ it from a position of strength.

    Kinda like the anti-Burkie.

  6. TheMock780 says:

    9 years, 51 million for Bryzgalov!?!?!? Holmgren and Snyder have gone loony

  7. SeriousFan09 says:

    Ilya Bryzgalov officially a Flyer. 9 years, 51 million. He’s signed until he’s 40, Paul Holmgren thanked Mike Gillis and Mike Milbury for their excellent advice on handling goaltending contracts.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

  8. Mattyleg says:

    Not sure if LA did the right thing here…
    They were developing a good young team into real contenders, and now Schenn and Simmonds are gone.
    Any idea why they might have done that?
    Are they stuck for Cap-space?

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • scrowe21 says:

      Clifford takes over Simmonds spot. They have a couple people that they could call up to fill his roll. Basically they gave up Schenn but now they have Richards signed til 2020 at a good price.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      No cap issue, I think they wanted to soldifiy their C position but really… their only 20+ goal scorers on wing are Justin Williams (Rot in hell!!!), Dustin Brown and Ryan Smyth. They must have serious faith in their other prospects to give up Schenn, especially considering most of their top prospects are Ds, not forwards.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

      • ds says:

        Even if Schenn pans out to an 80 pt player he will get more than 5.75 million/yr in 4 yrs from now so effectively Richards will save the money in the long run. If Schenn doesn’t work out they win the trade anyway so either way LA gets the win. I doubt Schenn will ever be that much better than Richards.

  9. Talik Sanis says:

    Paul Holmgren is a fracking genius. Forgive me for stating the obvious here, but he managed to clear out two apparent problem children (with a great deal of skill, mind), freeing up tremendous amounts of cap space, added in two twenty-two year old top nine/top six wingers, with skill and grit respectively, one of the most highly touted centre prospects, an all star goaltender and the eighth overall pick.

    The flyers are going to take some time to gel, but as early as the mid-season, and no later than a few years, they’re going to be amazing.

    Holmgren deserves a raise.

  10. G-Man says:

    Looks like Pronger is the new captain of the Flyers. Unless that back injury is really serious…
    I guess “no respect” Richards opened his yap once too often.
    Strange moves, but the Flyers must have felt something was very wrong in the room after giving those 2 huge contracts. I guess Holmgren ain’t the genius everyone around here thinks he is.

    • Talik Sanis says:

      He is the genius we think he is; he just flipped those two players for tremendous returns.

      • G-Man says:

        Look, a short time ago, the genius gave these two high salaries and term. They proved him completely wrong.
        Now, he’s thrown the reins to Giroux and Vanreimsdyke.
        He hasn’t been able to find a competent goalie.
        His defense is all old as molasses.
        He has no wiggle room with the salary cap if he signs Bryzgalov.

        • Talik Sanis says:

          I was overstating the matter. I have no real feelings one way or the other for the entirety of his work and actually question some of his decisions about goaltending. I simply think that he deserves a great deal of praise for moving Carter and Richards, especially considering the tremendous returns. Shenn is a wonderful prospect and player, while Simmonds and Voracek are very young and very talented. Those assets and an 8th overall pick makes the Flyers, in my opinion, the winners in this collective deal, by a wide margin.

  11. SeriousFan09 says:

    This will forever be the biggest ‘who the hell saw that coming’ day of trades before the draft I bet.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

    • Sharks9 says:

      I feel like it’s just getting started. I believe tomorrow there will be some crazy deals as well, it usually takes someone to get the ball rolling with trades at deadline day/ draft day.

      25 before 14

  12. ds says:

    Seriously two legitamate number 1 centers dealt within 1 hour with very reasonable contracts, Gauthier should have grabbed either one. Its not like they cost too much.

    • JasonM says:

      No chance they’ll remain in the east, not for what they got back to ship them out of conference.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      8th overall in the draft and a former 7th overall isn’t cheap.
      Neither is the #1-ranked prospect by Hockey’s Future and Wayne Simmonds.

      MTL can’t offer that kind of package up that doesn’t involve names like Price, PK or Pacioretty.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

      • ds says:

        I’d deal Pac, Weber and 2 first round picks for Mike Richards any day of the week. Players like Richards are very hard to come by, big game scorer, two way responsible, and has determination to win. He’s just hitting the prime of his career (26), hasn’t had any major injuries, and would really help the team out. MTL does not have a clutch scorer on offense, they are second liners.

        Stamkos isn’t signed yet either, same with Parise, these guys are game changers which is something MTL has not had since Guy Lafleur. The only untouchables on MTL IMO are Price & Subban. Rest of them are easy to trade for the right offer.

        Jeff Carter is good too but is injury prone so I wouldn’t offer that much, easily Pac, Weber and 1st rounder though.

        • SeriousFan09 says:

          He’s also a self-important ass who doesn’t like the franchise D we have on our team. That’s a massive package for Richards and I wouldn’t pay it out, MTL can’t keep taking on larger contracts and dealing away farm strength that’s cheap.

          If Richards can’t handle dealing with the PHI media, he would spontaneously combust in MTL.

          – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
          SF09 on Twitter

          • ds says:

            If Richards came to MTL he would become a Subban fan, the fact he was on Philly and said stuff is because he was the captain and our teams played the previous year in the playoffs. Richards contract is cheap, 5.75 mill/yr for the next 8 years that’s nothing. Especially with the cap going up, in 5 years a player like Richards will easily be worth 8 million. Pacioretty has not proven anything at the NHL level yet. If his value is overinflated I say deal him, Pouillot put up the same numbers on MTL last year after his trade that Pac put up this year. Richards would be our first legit #1 center since Damphousse/Muller back in the day.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Schenn was the MVP of the WJC last year and Simmonds at 22 is turning into a really good power forward. Do we have the assets to make that kind of deal? Pacioretty and Weber? Maybe.

      Columbus gave up a potential 70 point scorer and a number 8 pick, neither of which we have.

    • TheMock780 says:

      Ya, cause the Habs had an 8th overall pick, Braydon Schenn, and Wayne Simmonds to give up for either of them

  13. Willy says:

    Maybe Philly makes a run at Brad Richards now? I, for one, am glad to see Carter and M Richards off to the western conference.

    • Malreg says:

      I’m guessing B. Richards and Bryzgalov… But the cap hits for B. Richards and Bryzgalov are both supposed to be higher then what Carter and M. Richards had…

      If they don’t get B. Richards, who are their centers? Briere, and Schenn?

    • HabinBurlington says:

      If they have room to do that, wow, Holmgren has been busy…gotta believe Burkie in toronto is pissed, he wanted either carter or richards if they were going anywhere.

    • Chris says:

      I’d be surprised…they are pretty set down the middle this season with Giroux, Briere and Schenn as their top three centers.

      These deals opened up the cap space to sign a veteran goalie, keep Hartnell and Leino while adding Voracek and Simmonds (two forwards with some size, physical play and offensive upside) to their top-9.

      They might sacrifice a bit for next season, but their line-up potentially becomes solid down the road IF these guys pan out as projected:


      And they get to potentially draft in the neighbourhood where they could get Ryan Murphy or Jonas Brodin, puck-moving defencemen that the Flyers could use in a year or two.

      Lots of risk, but lots of potential as well. And they are out from under the mountain of those two long-term contracts, giving them future flexibility.

  14. HabFanSince72 says:

    The Flyers are much less of a threat than they were an hour ago.

    They may end up very good 3-4 years from now, but it’s a very strange move.

    The real responsibility for the meltdown against Boston belongs to whoever thought Brian Boucher could stop a beachball.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Goaltending was brutal, but that dressing room had apparantly been split in half Carter/Richards had one chunk and Pronger was leading the other. Once Pronger was injured, that team fell apart.

      I think the leadership of his most holiness Richards was exposed. Guy is a heck of a player, but a sanctimonious little prick as well.

  15. JD_ says:


    Talk about a housecleanin’.

    That pitiful outin’ against the Broonz seems to have been an eye-opener in Philly. House-league goaltendin’ and a heartless effort.

    Smells like more UFA to go along with Bryzzy.

  16. Malreg says:

    If Flyers use all this cap space just to give Bryzgalov $7 million a year they are fools…

  17. SeriousFan09 says:

    From the core of the team for the next decade to out of town with less than an hour between deals done, wow talk about your change-ups. Good news, we don’t have to deal with Richards sanctimonious whining about PK Subban not being nice to him.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

  18. lukas-joshua says:

    see guys that’s a GM

    It takes balls to do shit like that.

  19. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    So I guess LA is out of the running for Brad Richards now?

  20. TheMock780 says:

    TSN also saying that if Robyn Regher waives his no-trade clause that he’ll be moving to Buffalo

  21. mrhabby says:

    philly…pronger flexing his muscles and the terd owner snider

  22. Tremblant Habs Fan says:

    Wow, this is more exciting than trade deadline day!

  23. scrowe21 says:

    I want Schenn and Simmonds!

  24. since1988 says:

    I saw Eklund tweet PHI working on a big deal besides carter before TSN broke the Richards trade…i think he is a bum too but somehow he was in on this

    “I savour it every day, sometimes before practice I’m skating around and I’ll look at the logo on my jersey – I’m playing for the Canadiens!”
    – Mathieu Darche

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Except every day he mentions 3 different teams working on big deals, over a 2 week period he covers the whole NHL and has his ass covered on anything.

  25. Chris says:

    GMillerTSN Gord Miller
    Done deal, and it’s a blockbuster. Phi trades captain Mike Richards to LA for Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds.


    • since1988 says:

      Would someone like to speculate or explain what the Flyers are doing?

      I like the trades they got younger but their D are older they seemed so close last few years

      “I savour it every day, sometimes before practice I’m skating around and I’ll look at the logo on my jersey – I’m playing for the Canadiens!”
      – Mathieu Darche

      • Willy says:

        Carter was to make space for Bryz i assume. Richards, on the other hand, confuses me. Maybe he asked out cuz he’s tired of the dickheaded media there.

      • Chris says:

        I can’t believe the Flyers had the guts to do this, but I bow down…Holmgrem is bloody brilliant.

        Richards and Carter are both good to excellent players. But there were some rumblings around town that they aren’t great in the dressing room, particularly Carter. Richards essentially pulls in Wayne Simmonds, an up-and-coming power forward that can immediately slot into their top-6. Brayden Schenn is one of the top prospects (ranked #1 overall by Hockey’s Fugure) in all of hockey, and can step into Richards’ two-way center role at a much cheaper price.

        Carter was a no-show in the playoffs, and in return they got Voracek, who can immediately step into their top-9 and the chance to draft a decent player who is a year away from contributing.

        And it opens up room for Claude Giroux to take on more of a role with the team, James vanRiemsdyk will be given a chance to step up now that he looks poised to handle the load, they can keep Ville Leino and Scott Hartnell now and they can sign Bryzgalov. I liken this move to the Habs trading Pierre Turgeon away to make room for Saku Koivu, who was too good to be a third line center.

        It also means they have Bobrovsky as trade bait. The Flyers have been very good in recent years at rebuilding on the fly. I think they just did it again, but only time will tell if that is the right call.

        • mrhabby says:

          its a big balls move…kudo’s off to holmgren who was talking heat from snider..christ what moves.

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          What was LA thinking?

          While the Columbus deal makes sense for both teams, I just don’t understand the deal from LA’s standpoint. They give up two very highly rated cap friendly players for the second best guy called Richards in the NHL.And the other one would have been free.

          • Chris says:

            I whole heartedly agree. And there is significant potential for Brayden Schenn to be the same type of player as Mike Richards, but cheaper and perhaps with a better character.

        • 24 Cups says:

          Good recap, Chris. The only big question left in Philly is Pronger’s health.

          • Chris says:

            No question…if Pronger isn’t healthy, they take a big dip next year. But that isn’t the worst thing to happen sometimes…they pick up another top prospect (as they did when they nosedived right into James vanRiemsdyk) and pick up another defenceman via trade, free agency or the draft.

  26. JD_ says:

    Meh. I for one like openin’ the season at the gapin’ suckhole that is the ACC.

    If the Loafs win, that perenially deranged glee starts up in Nachoronto – more roadhouses than any city really needs – and the parade route is preliminarily mapped out.

    If the Loafs lose, the calls for Wilson’s head get underway.

    It’s a win-win.

    Speakin’ of lose-lose, watched about 30 seconds of the awards show last night. I gave up on that thing a long time ago. Hollywood D-listers combined with writin’ that would make a green and orange plaid jacket cringe.

    It’s like New Coke® bein’ introduced over and over and over again, year in and year out. There’s absolutely no feedback loop at the mothership.

    Happy to hear Lidstrom won his seventh Norris. With him signin’ on for another year, he has a shot at tyin’ one of Orr’s seemingly unattainable records of epic awesomeness. I’m not a bettin’ man, but I think there’s possibly a decently probable chance the Nickster might potentially make it into the HHoF.


    Carter’s gone to Columbus, eh? Better keep yer eye on the g-friend, Jared Boll.

    A 7th overall with three years under his belt, an upcomin’ 8th overall, and a replacement for the 3rd rounder traded away for Versteeg, all for a 26 year-old 30-goal scorer who is just about to embark on an 11-year contract with a $5M+ annual cap hit.

    Somebody’s swingin’ for the fences and it ain’t Bobby Clobber’s protege.

  27. Habinator Smith says:

    Montreal just sits idly by and watches Scott Gomez for another three years.

    Habinator Smith

  28. mdp2011 says:

    Wow, what is going on in Philly??? If the Mike Richards to L.A. rumors are true, they are blowing up the same team that went to the SCF a year ago with no goalie. Wow, I know they need a goalie, but to trade both Richards and Carter is insane.

  29. SeriousFan09 says:

    Jeff Carter and now Mike Richards to be traded out of PHI?

    In the immortal words of Bob Cole “EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING!”

    Or as someone suggested as well, “Whoa Baby! What is goin’ on in Pennsylvania!”

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

  30. Chris says:

    Gord miller tweets
    Mike Richards to LA for a package including Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds? Hearing from good sources that it could happen

  31. mrhabby says:

    Leafs in on Richards (eklund) for what its worth…..puk my guts out if this ever happens.

  32. Chris says:

    I would really love to see brooks laich in a habs uniform. Plays like he wants to win. The debate over pouliot i think should be long over. After his stupid penalty on the bruins i think that was the last of pouliot. As for gomez, well to look at the glass half full, His contract is all down hill from here

    • mrhabby says:

      you just saw the flyers rape the jackets…the price to pay is very steep. some one will over pay for brooks.

    • ds says:

      I don’t get the hype on Laich, he puts up 40-50 pts a year on one of the most offensively gifted teams in the NHL he’s just gonna put up 30 pts in MTL. Better off with Kost and Wiz.

  33. Say Ash says:

    This just in: Scott Gomez still with Habs.

    • kazmojo says:

      Not sure anyone would take him after last season, with another season at $7M+. The best we can hope for is that he is traded next year to a team that needs to make cap floor, with an actual salary less than the cap hit. Still his play would need to improve. He’s not worth the $5.5M owed in 2012-13, or even the $4.5M in 2013-14.

    • mrhabby says:

      ah crap my pants.

  34. naweed235 says:

    just a question… what if PG signs Wiz and Markov and throws a $ 2M / 1 year deal at Kovalev and puts him on our third line and PP? this would keep our team very competitive for this year and If Markov is back to his old self we could use the Wiz as trade bate on the dead line… Also by the end of the year we have spacek’s and Kovi’s contract off our hands so we can make a play for a solid top 6 UFA which is going to be more abundant next year compared to now…

  35. Any word on Kirk Muller’s coaching situation? It seems vacant jobs are filling up fast.

  36. eric says:

    Jersey likes defensive coaches so let’s trade him to the Devils for a draft pick and hire Kirk.Nothing in the rule book that says you can’t trade a coach is there, unless he has a no trade deal.

  37. since1988 says:

    Twitter is lighting up with rumours of Versteeg to FLA and Eklund says Flyers working on something bigger…

    “I savour it every day, sometimes before practice I’m skating around and I’ll look at the logo on my jersey – I’m playing for the Canadiens!”
    – Mathieu Darche

    • habaddict_andy says:

      If you want to kill the rumor the same instance you put it, you mention that name.
      “and Eklund says Flyers working on something bigger…”

      Go! Hockey! Go!

      • since1988 says:

        Haha he isn’t the one that mentioned Versteeg…but yes i know they probably dont have another big trade

        “I savour it every day, sometimes before practice I’m skating around and I’ll look at the logo on my jersey – I’m playing for the Canadiens!”
        – Mathieu Darche

    • prankstergod says:

      apparently false, as per lebrun and bob mac

      • since1988 says:

        Bob Mac just tweeted Simmonds and Scheen would be going to Flyers in some deal for Mike Richards

        “I savour it every day, sometimes before practice I’m skating around and I’ll look at the logo on my jersey – I’m playing for the Canadiens!”
        – Mathieu Darche

        • prankstergod says:

          wow! that’s insane. potentially a great deal for philly but risky since schenn hasn’t played any nhl games yet. guess the kings finally get their big name centre – high price though

    • _Habsoloutly_ says:

      Thats impossible. According to HI/O posters FLA is only interested in taking Spacek and Gomez off of the habs.

  38. SeriousFan09 says:

    Philly just yanked Columbus’s pants down for Carter. 8th overall (see Murphy, Strome, Zibanejad, Hamilton), Voracek and a 3rd-round pick.

    PHilly can now sign Bryzgalov and put a potential blue-chipper in their talent pool, plus Voracek is still young with room to grow. Not bad, CLB will plod along expecting Carter’s goals to solve the problem while they continue to ignore their defence, mainly that their best D is Jan Hejda and Fedor Tyutin.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      I’m not sure it’s such a bad deal for Columbus. This looks to me like a good deal for both teams.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        Columbus’s issue is not just they had no top-end C. They have no defence and their goaltending is spotty, you can’t make the playoffs with that situation, especially when you play in the Central.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
        SF09 on Twitter

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          Sure, they still suck but the deal is not bad per se. They gave up potential (Voracek and picks) for a very good player.

          I dare say there are lots of Voraceks out there but not many Jeff Carters.

          • Sean Bonjovi says:

            If Voracek were an UFA this summer where would he rank among the available forwards?

            * Ville Leino would make Sergei Samsonov look like Alex Kovalev *

    • 24 Cups says:

      There is major heat in Columbus to win now. Right now. In that regard, both teams have equal leverage.

      At least they get a young, high quality player who will produce immediately. The Flyers get back the 3rd rounder for Bryzgslov as well as a kid who will take Carter’s spot in the line-up. Hamilton, Strome and Murpghy bring in a major asset for down the road.

      The real question isn’t the value of the trade. It’s whether or not Bryzgslov is worth $50M. He’s been pretty crappy in the playoffs lately. Detroit lit him up big time this year.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        And I maintain without some serious splash to put somebody on D who’s better than #3-4 position on a lot of NHL team’s rosters and do something about goaltending, this is spinning their wheels in the mud for CLB.

        I don’t think Bryzgalov has to be great for PHI, he just has to play well and let the PHI D do their work to make his life easy. Agree the contract $ is off but hey, PHI’s window is closing and if they win a Title, no one’s going to talk about the contract.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
        SF09 on Twitter

        • 24 Cups says:

          Well said, Robert.

          I wonder if Columbus has enough cap space left (I didn’t check) to sign an UFA Dman.

          There also won’t be any more excuses for Nash. Time for him to kick it up a notch and play like a superstar.

    • habaddict_andy says:

      Ouch! Philly seems to surprise every years around the draft day.

      Go! Hockey! Go!

      • 24 Cups says:

        Holmgren has real stones. He also has a ton of pressure from Ed Snider who wants to win a Cup before he kicks off. He’s about the same age as Dave Stubbs – around 78.

  39. Neutral says:

    It shows how Bad Habs want to win a cup. Carter a big center going to columbus and a good 2nd line one and we’re stuck with Gomez.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Columbus paid an 8th overall pick and a former 7th overall pick to get him. Can we pay similar in terms to PHI without it crippling the team at another position?

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

      • LA Loyalist says:

        Pouliot is a former top pick (#4?) and lots of posters want his head on a stick (I’m personally tortured, not wanting to give up on him).

        Point is different teams have different needs and different time frames.

        If we don’t get a #1 center (who don’t grow on trees), other weaknesses could be irrelevant.

        Which is why we need to sign Wiz even if it seems like Urge Overkill if Markov is healthy and Emilin works out. We have few tradeable forwards, in reality, so I don’t even know who we could have traded for Carter. ?

        If we are still 2, 3 years out, which I agree with, I guess it’s irrelevant, but still it’s annoying.

        • SeriousFan09 says:

          Problem is Pouliot might as well be a 140th overall pick right now the way he flops around the ice. Voracek at least has better promise and 8th overall even in a weaker year is damn good.

          Agree the No. 1 C issue is overriding at times, I really want to see what Eller does in the next couple years. Pleks took much longer in the A before he was ready for the show, Eller could surpass his development curve.

          – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
          SF09 on Twitter

    • t1tan5 says:

      Did you see what they gave up for Carter? Robbery! That’s an eleven (11!!) year contract they’re taking on.

    • JayBee says:

      Columbus paid a very high price.

      You want Carter? Then be prepared to give up Pacioretty, a 1st and a 2nd..and that’s just to get the ball rolling.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        Another consideration for those generic American teams is they have to have “stars” to promote just to sell tickets. Not a problem we have in Canada, but it would be a consideration in Columbus… (wherever that is…)

  40. eric says:

    Why doesn’t the replies follow the post you are replying to?

  41. 24 Cups says:

    I just looked at the schedule in terms of possible dates for this year’s Summit.

    I know that Ian likes the idea of a Friday road game on TV at Hurleys to go hand in hand with the home game on Saturday. This year there are only two choices that fit that criteria.

    Nov 25th against Philadelphia & Nov 26th at home to Pittsburgh.

    March 16th against Ottawa & March 17th at home to the Islanders.

    The March dates bring in the snowstorm factor as well as the point that both teams are NHL doormats. It’s also the school break in Ontario.

    If you forget the Friday away game, two other contests that might be of interest would be Boston on Oct 22nd and Toronto on Oct 29th. Decent weather, more daylight and a chance to see one of our most hated rivals in person.

    On a personal note, I wonder how important it is to have everyone sitting in one or two locations. Would we be able to enhance our chances of better seats by going with groupings of 8, or is it really that important where we have our seats?

    Food for thought.

    • mrhabby says:

      prefer fall games for sure and either rival ..does not matter to me and as long as don’t end up sitting next to the professor iam good to go.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Nov. 26th is a great day! Okay my birthday may only be important to me, but certainly fits my criteria for a good weekend.

      • 24 Cups says:

        Gerald – There are about 80 people who attend the Summit, so at $12 for a Molson tall boy that comes out to a tab of close to $1000. I hope the birthday boy has deep pockets.

        There are no buyouts on this one!

    • GrimJim says:

      There is also the Nov 19 game against the Rangers. Or if we want to get creative the are two Sat-Sun home back-to-backs, Jan 14-15 against Ott and NYR and then the Super Bowl weekend Feb 4-5 against WAsh and Winn. I’m good with Nov 25-26 though.

      • 24 Cups says:

        Jim – Outside of the Montreal residents, anything in winter becomes a gamble. Especially seeing that you have to pay up front for the hotel and tickets. I think some people would take a pass which would hurt the turnout.

        The only problem I see with a home and home series, is that it would possibly split the crowd in terms of which game they might want to see. I think Ian’s prime directive is to get something that appeals to the most people without turning anyone completely off.

        With all the venom on this site, I think the Boston game (Oct 22) would be a real barnburner.

  42. JayBee says:

    Love Max’s response to the Bruins winning the cup. This guy says all the right things.

    He basically said that he turned off the TV before game 7 was over cuz he just couldn’t stomach watching them win. I don’t blame him.

  43. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Carter traded to Columbus

    Also Bob McKenzie says MTL is back in on Jagr
    @TSNBobMcKenzie: Hearing that the “mystery” third NHL team on Jagr’s list is MTL. JJ intrigued at possibility of hooking up with Tomas Plekanec.

    • Chris says:

      Not a bad trade. That means PH must be getting close to signing Bryz

    • naweed235 says:

      basically for a (pouliot equivalent and a 1st and 3rd rounder… ) we could’ve done that 😉

      • shiram says:

        Usually an Eastern will prefer to deal players to a Western team.
        Also not sure a Pouliot is of equal value to a Voracek.
        But yea, we could probably have made a similar offer.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Voracek has 3 seasons in NHL worst was rookie with 38 pts. then 50 and 46. Hardly ever missed a game to injury either. Pouliot’s best is 30 points in 4 seasons. Not sure you can say Pouliot equivalent.

      • savethepuck says:

        A 21 year old with 46 points in 80 games is not a Pouliot clone. See what he is in another 2 years.

        “That beautiful bastard scored semi-conscious.” On the Rocket’s Game 7 game winning goal against the Bruin’s April, 1952

      • GrimJim says:

        I’m not sure our 17th pick equates with CLB’s 8th pick, and trading a 1st and a 3rd this year would have meant MTL doesn’t pick until the 4th round. Do you really want to inflict such pain on HH?

    • Mikey_39 says:

      I find Columbus loses this trade. Voracek AND a first AND a third? I really don’t understand why they would have to give up so much. Voracek put up 50 points last season. Anyway, it’s a great move for philly. They get a young player back, plus two great draft picks, and the money to sign the goalie they’ve been needing for years

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Will be entertaining to hear Richie Rich Maclean on the Fan hear in Toronto break this down. He still thinks the Columbus sun rises and sets on his backside for him figuring out to take Rick Nash 1st overall.

    • mrhabby says:

      Philly over a barellllllll for christ sake.

      ps..can’t see hartnell or briere or anyone of their core going anywhere else now.

  44. Hobie Hansen says:

    @ Tom

    Here we were getting along so nicely today and now you’re looking for some action i guess?

    Without a doubt, Montreal hasn’t had a rock on defense in quite sometime.

    I’m not saying I don’t love Subban and that he hasn’t thrown some awesome hits and been in a few scraps.

    And If you don’t remember seeing Lucic shove Price and Mitch Melnick and Chris Nilan ripping Gill on the air for days after for doing nothing, can’t help you there?

    My point was, that 95% of the teams in the NHL have 1 or 2 two big men on their blue line that love to fight if anyone gets out of line in their zone.

    Its standard. I know you’re not big on fighting but you have to realize Tom that not everybody shares your opinion.

    Like i said every team in the league except Montreal and Florida has an enforcer back there.

    It’s as simple as that. Maybe you don’t think a team needs one but 9/10 GMs do and so do most people here…

    • Viruk42 says:

      I think it’s actually more logical to have a couple 4th line forwards who can fight. You’ve got 6 Dmen, 12 forwards. If somebody has to fight, would you rather be down to 5 Dmen or 11 forwards? It’d be good to have strong Dmen who can clear the front of the net (which I think guys like Subban and Gill can do), alongside some forwards who can fight.

      As you say, Lucic shoving Price and Gill not doing anything – but I’d rather not have Gill in the box. I’d rather have, say, Konopka. But perhaps that’s just me.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        I agree 100%.

        I just don’t like teams having that mental or physical edge against us in our own end.

        I must say that no team in the league even thinks twice about bumping Price or getting involved in a scrum in front of out net.

        Other teams seem to have a couple guys that the forwards take one look at and decide they’d better just get on with the line change and forget it….

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        I agree 100%.

        I just don’t like teams having that mental or physical edge against us in our own end.

        I must say that no team in the league even thinks twice about bumping Price or getting involved in a scrum in front of our net.

        Other teams seem to have a couple guys that the forwards take one look at and decide they’d better just get on with the line change and forget it….

  45. SmartDog says:

    Q. What’s the definition of POOR ASSET MANAGEMENT?
    A. Close to ONE-FIFTH of our cap room this year is going to Scott Gomez and Jaroslav Spacek. It’s like starting with a 20% handicap.

    • shiram says:

      Was trying to make a point, but it’s actually 17.5% or so, so pretty close.
      I still hope Spacek wears a different jersey next season.
      Gomez? No comment.

  46. SmartDog says:

    Sabres have only 3 D under contract for the coming year. I wonder if they’d take Spacek back? We could throw in Scott Gomez and a coupla signed jerseys.

  47. ZepFan2 says:

    For the love of God, sit Markov for the opener in TO.

    Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

  48. TomNickle says:

    Stubbs just tweeted that the Habs have four back to back sets in the last 21 days of the season. Is the NHL retaliating for Geoff Molson’s remarks after the Chara assault?

    Holy Cow.

  49. lukas-joshua says:

    If there’s any season ticket holders on here. That want to sell their tickets to the Oct 13 and 15 games, please let me know. I need 2 tickets for each game.

  50. TomNickle says:

    Darren Dreger reports that Robyn Regehr has been asked to waive his NTC to accept a trade to Buffalo.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Maybe Gauthier should take notes. TOUGH DEFENSEMEN. They do actually exist.

      • TomNickle says:

        Why don’t we see what the Sabres are giving up before saying that Gauthier should’ve have beat them to the punch.

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          I’m not saying he should beat them to the punch but I just want a guy with some guts back there who’s over 5’11” and can hang with the big boys.

          Gill is softer than a baby’s bottom. The Wiz had heart but isn’t a match for the big boys and that’s about it….

          • TomNickle says:

            Subban, Gill, Yemelin.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            Subban is not a tough guy! Yemelin has never played in the NHL and Gill stands there and watches when people slap around Price.

          • shiram says:

            They drafted Tinordi as well, I’m sure PG is aware of the need for size and youth etc..

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            Can’t wait for Tinordi!!!!!

            We haven’t had a quality defenseman since Souray left that will even say boo if a guy like Lucic or Perry starts a ruckus in front of our goaltender

          • ABHabsfan says:

            $4M for a so-called shut-down d-man who couldn’t shut anyone down? Sabres can have him. Regehr is not the player he used to be.

          • TomNickle says:

            Hobie. You have some clarity issues. Gill NEVER stands around and watches Price get roughed up.

            Subban doesn’t back away from any challenges and goes after anyone who gets anywhere near Price and Yemelin stood up the NHL’s bodycheck leader in the World Championships without blinking an eye.

            Not having a goon or a Chara doesn’t equate to not being tough. Our defense needs to play tougher around Price when play is going on, but that’s as a whole. Gill, Gorges and Subban adequately protect Price. It was Sopel, Spacek and Hamrlik who stood by and watched him get whacked.

          • DearyLeary says:

            Wait… what? Haven’t had a quality defenceman since Souray? You know… the guy who’s wasting away in the AHL because nobody in the league wants him? The guy who breaks his hand [i]every year[/i]? The guy who misses hits more than he lands them? etc etc.

            What in the world was ‘quality’ about Souray other than his shot?

          • habs03 says:

            I know we’re small but I don’t see how anyone can watch the games we played vs Boston, and see how teams like Van City played Boston, and call us soft. Our team is small but far more soft.

        • Chris says:

          Robyn Regehr and chara are pretty tight. They climbed killamangaro together.

          Im all for a good Defense but that might have some turnmoil in the locker room

      • eric says:

        I live in Calgary. He’s not a fighter if that’sw what you mean Hobie

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          Fighter/tough always seems to get mixed up. I actually lived in Calgary and still watch a lot of their games.

          Reghr may not scrap often, like Larry Robinson didn’t, but he puts a stop to crap going on in front of the net real quickly by at least putting the bear hug on somebody or knocking them on their but.

          And if he has to fight he will without question.

  51. Morenz7 says:

    Has Markov indeed struck a deal with the Canadiens?
    This Sovetsky Sport item seems to quote Sergei Isakov, Don Meehan’s man in Moscow, confirming that Markov has agreed to two years, $11.5M and turned down good offers from the KHL.

    Used Google translator, but if anyone out there speaks Russian…
    I do wonder whether this is just Isakov reacting to Marinaro’s report, thinking the cat is already out of the bag.

  52. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Woo-Hoo! My two habs games this year – New years eve, and Feb. 26. Party!!!!!

  53. savethepuck says:

    Getting sick of this every year. When are thwe Laffs gonna have to come to our barn to open the season for a change. Can anyone tell me the last time the Habs didn’t open the season in Toronto.

    “That beautiful bastard scored semi-conscious.” On the Rocket’s Game 7 game winning goal against the Bruin’s April, 1952

    • JF says:

      We opened in Toronto the last two years. The year before, I think it was Carolina and the year before that Buffalo. The League’s fixation with our starting and ending in Toronto is recent.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Brian Burke still has tons of influence at NHL Head Office, as was evident when the former leaf coach Murhpy called Burke for suspension advice.

        Burke knows nothing gets the “Leaf Nation” going better than a Leaf Hab game especially if they win. That is a 10 game win streak, buys Ronnie Wilson 2 more months of coaching time as well.

  54. mrhabby says:

    Habs-leafs rivalry not what it use to be but i kind of expecting it to get better as the leafs try to improve. dial up the nastiness please.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      mrhabby… careful this site is all about skill, speed and finesse. People get agitated around here when you mention the words nastiness, sandpaper, grit, role player, fight…

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Are you using an extra large stick as you stir that pot Hobie! LOL

      • HalifaxHabs says:

        you always say stuff like that Hobie

        “be careful this site is all about skill, speed and finesse. People get agitated around here when you mention the words nastiness, sandpaper, grit, role player, fight”

        you’re not exactly being accurate, people call you out for the specifics of your post, because you do make some debatable claims sometimes.

        I don’t think there’s anyone on here who wouldn’t like to see the Habs find a way to get a bit tougher without sacrificing speed. Also not everyone agrees with your assessments of how tough some of our current players are.

        Usually your psosts are entertaining, but I cringe when you spit out that line that insiuates you’re the only person who would like to see the Habs add some size.

      • mrhabby says:

        HH..we get your message..chill.

  55. HabinBurlington says:

    A schedule designed to appease the Leaf fans, can’t they develop a rivalry with some team already?

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      It might change this year but that rivalry is pretty quiet at the moment…

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Winning their home opener against us is their SCF.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I’ve always said, any rivalry between Toronto and Montreal over the last thirty years has been a Toronto media creation. Toronto has been abysmal, while we’ve been winning Cups.

      “I hate the Bruins more than the Nordiques, who I hate more than the Flyers.”

      • Stef says:

        Seriously? 30 years? Mtl hasn’t won a cup in 18 of them.

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          Stef, the point I’m making is that maybe in the 60’s there was a Canadiens-Leafs rivalry, but not since then. I’ve been been watching the Canadiens since the 70’s, and the Leafs never mattered. I think we swept them a couple of times in an early round on the way to the cup.

          Since then, Montreal has been up and down, and so has Toronto. Montreal’s real rivalries have been with the Bruins and the hated and dearly departed Nordiques (why will Quebec taxpayers pay to build an arena for Peladeau? If they buy it, why don’t they keep it and run it like the Green Bay Packers?)

          I only learned to speak English in my teens, and started to watch hockey broadcasts in English in the 80’s. I was flabbergasted to learn during those that we were pitted in an intense, historic rivalry with the Leafs. I never knew. During the French broadcasts, the announcers would talk about the risks of looking past this game against Toronto to a more important one coming up against a playoff team. The analysts would caution that they had a couple good players, they could surprise you, never mind their place in the standings….

          Rest assured I’m well aware of the chronology: 71, 73, 76-79, 86, 93, 2013, …

          “I hate the Bruins more than the Nordiques, who I hate more than the Flyers.”

  56. BKAK72 says:

    Anybody else notice the following on the site/schedule: NHL (Winnipeg)

    …makes you wonder what exactly was going on throughout the spring when designing the schedule.


  57. SeriousFan09 says:

    Playing PHI/BOS back to back, than Boston again. Except Tim Peel, Chris Lee, Stephane Auger and L’Ecuyer to get the duties there.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

  58. If I counted correctly (and that’s a big ol’ ‘if’), the Canadiens only have 12 back-to-back games this year. That’s a few less than last year, correct?

  59. Hobie Hansen says:

    I’ve heard a lot of people complain in my circle of friends and family that when they return to Montreal for the Holidays that the Habs are on the road every year….

    I’m closer to Montreal, in Ottawa, but when I used to live in Toronto and Calgary I’d also been annoyed that every Christmas the Habs were on the road when I came home to visit.

  60. S_Dot says:

    So-Cal Swing; Nov 30, Dec 1 and Dec 3!

    Who’s coming with?

  61. DearyLeary says:

    Why can’t we play one of our real rivals for big games?

    eff off Toronto, nobody cares about you anymore.

  62. RGM says:

    Road trips of 6 (the Xmas trip) and 4 (3 games out west and then in Buffalo 2 days after Vancouver) games, but never a homestand lasting more than 3 games. Sounds fair.
    Washington & Winnipeg get the Super Bowl matinees.
    Jaro’s grand return on January 10th.

    During the long summer, we all get to be pretend GM.

  63. DanielTheRussian says:

    Playing the Leafs the First and Last game of the season…again.

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