Canadiens name successor to Boivin


The Canadiens have appointed a new chief operation officer: Kevin Gilmore, a native of Arvida with extensive experience as a professional sports executive in southern California.

The team announcement:

Montreal Canadiens Chairman of the Board of Directors and Team Owner Geoff Molson announced today the appointment of Kevin Gilmore as Chief Operating Officer.
With the appointment of an experienced administrator like Kevin Gilmore as COO, Geoff Molson thus completes an important chapter in the restructuring of the company and paves the way for the smooth transfer of power. The new COO can turn to the presence and experience of Pierre Boivin until the end of June, when he officially steps down as President of the Montreal Canadiens, in favour of Geoff Molson who will take over as President and Chief Executive Officer.

The transition period that began last summer enabled us to consolidate our corporate philosophy and move in a direction that is more conducive to the organization’s growth, said Geoff Molson. We are very pleased that Kevin has accepted the invitation to return to Montreal to pursue his career and join our experienced management team. His extensive knowledge of the sports and entertainment industry, along with his legal experience and management qualities make him a top-rate asset for our company.
In his new role, Kevin Gilmore will work in conjunction with Geoff Molson, managing several key departments within the organization. As the newly appointed COO, Gilmore will supervise the departments of corporate sales, marketing and communications and spearhead major projects. Geoff Molson will focus on corporate development of all areas of the company and will also take an active role in the community.
A native of Arvida, Quebec, Kevin Gilmore boasts an impressive professional track record in the areas of corporate business, professional sports and the entertainment industry. He was involved with several prestigious conglomerates, including The Walt Disney Company and Anschutz Entertainment Group, Inc. (AEG). A graduate of the University of Ottawa, Gilmore launched his career at the Martineau Walker law firm in Montreal, before going on to practice law for three years as an associate with the Latham & Watkins firm in Los Angeles.
Perfectly fluent in French and English, Kevin Gilmore was recruited by the Walt Disney Company to lead the negotiations that resulted in Anaheim obtaining a National Hockey League franchise; the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, owned by the Disney Sports Enterprises. As the Mighty Ducks Vice President of Hockey Operations and Business Affairs, Gilmore was closely involved in the daily management and operations of the organization as legal advisor to the team’s president and general manager.

From 1996 to 1998, he served as Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Anaheim Sports, Inc., owners of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and the Anaheim Angels baseball club. Kevin Gilmore was responsible for all legal aspects of the operations of the NHL and MLB teams, as well as the Anaheim Stadium, for all legal matters relating to the operations, including licensing matters, advertising and broadcasting rights.
Between 1999 and 2006, Kevin Gilmore served as the Los Angeles Kings’Β  Vice President of Hockey Operations while still fulfilling his duties as Governor and General Manager of the Manchester Monarchs,Β  the Kings’ American Hockey League affiliate team. From 2006 to 2009, as Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategic Planning for Anschutz Entertainment Group, Inc., (AEG), Gilmore was responsible for all new business development initiatives for AEG’s overall world operations, including the management of venues, professional sports teams and the promotion of shows.
Married, with three children, Kevin Gilmore is a skilled businessman with an acute sense of corporate leadership and a strong vision, who was president and founder of two companies — Professional Sports Advisory Group, a professional sports consulting firm, which he ran from 1998 to 1999, and, since 2009, as head of the South Coast Soccer City, LLC, a 73,000-square- foot sports complex that features seven soccer fields under one roof.


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  2. GuyDoon says:

    I was born and raised in Arvida. The town was named after the then president of Alcan Inc, ARthur VIning DAvis. The streets were supposed to spell ARVIDA from the air, but that never completed. I lived in the “A” area of town. All the original houses built for the workers were mostly made of aluminum: roofing, siding, counter tops…. My grandfather loved to ask kids or strangers to get him something from the fridge. Most people would place a hand on the counter to pull on the heavy fridge door and as soon as you did, you grounded. ZAP! Old fool. It’s too bad the town architects didn’t talk to the natives when they built the “Manager’s quarters” (the nice houses) as the plant smog blows that way all year. The region is 98% french, and a hot bed of separatism to this day. They even considered separating from Quebec when the last referendum failed! No joke. I left the region in my 20’s and went overseas. I now work fo rthe same masters as Boone. Most people our age who are bilingual went to one of two english schools in Arvida (setup for the Bagotville military families and the Alcan families from outside). Mr Gilmour, and I must say I’d don’t know him, either went to St-Patrick High School (Catholic) or Saguenay Valley High. Winter lasts six months of the year and I remember playing hockey outside at -40C. However, the people are warm and the girls are hot!

    Good luck with the Habs Mr. Gilmour. Bring the Cup to Arvida and I’ll see you there.

    • EricInStL says:

      Thank you for that info. Very interesting and I am not being sarcastic. Good job.

      Anyone else have an interesting home town story ?

      I come for Park Extension in Montreal, same place that gave us Boone and Mr. Moore and me.

      And the only arena is named after Howie Morenz, not Mr. Moore it’s still to this day a gross oversight.

      Apart from that I miss the Dairy Queen… :O(

    • Chorske says:

      Love this post. I had never heard of Arvida until today. Thanks for giving us the inside scoop on the place. It sounds awesomely quirky.

  3. samTHEman says:

    If I were JM, I would obviously cut our veterans some minutes for a few reasons.

    A. Rest for playoffs
    B. Decrease chance of injury
    C. Increase minutes of Eller, Desharnais lines to increase their confidence

    I’m against sitting Pleks because he’s missed a few games lately and he needs to track his game back. Imo he got enough rest.

    Maybe even sit Hamrlik and Gill for Spacek now that he’s back and Picard/Weber for 1 of the 2 games. Ideally this game vs Ottawa since it wouldn’t be good to sit too long before the playoffs and accumulate rust.

  4. 134 says:

    Bring back “Habs Inside/Out”!!!!

    • EricInStL says:

      Every time you write Habs you gotta pay !!!!!

      I owe them 1$…..

      Sure they’re YOUR Canadiens. Just don’t say it, mention it or use it without them making $$$$ off it. Nothing wrong with that mind you.

  5. EricInStL says:

    This has got to be one of the easiest jobs in North America.

    Other easiest jobs in team sports = LA Lakers, St-Louis Cardinals, Cubbies and Packers, Manchester United, Barcelona, etc

    Oh yeah, and also any programming director for sports radio in Montreal. Let’s see, let’s talk about hockey !!!!!!

    You land that job = winning the lottery.

  6. 24 Cups says:

    Adam Foote, the last of the active Nordiques (in the NHL), is set to announce his retirement tomorrow.

    Twenty years, two Cups and $43M in earnings. I’ll take it in a heartbeat.

    • 24 Cups says:

      Sounds good to me. A fresh Spacek will come in handy once the playoffs start. Martin should give Hamrlik and Gill a game off each this week, as well.

      • Mark C says:

        I would also think that maybe Weber should pull back into the lineup for one or both games. Makes sense to give some guys a game off, plus Weber needs some live action in case he’s needed in the playoffs.

        • 24 Cups says:

          You’re right, Mark, but reaity states that Weber’s best bet is to go out and buy a Kobe eReader.

          • Mark C says:

            Good one, as long as he doesn’t start constructing paper airplanes he can still have a nice career.

        • Drive_For_25 says:

          I would love it if I didn’t see Weber out there again for the rest of the year. I think once Picard is healthy again, there is gonna be no need at all for Weber. With Spacek coming back we already have to sit out an NHL caliber D-Man in Mara or Sopel or Hammer and once Picard is ready that will make 2 NHL caliber D-Men we’re sitting out. I don’t see a spot or need for Weber at all for the rest of the year……THANK GOD!!!!

          GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Favorite Son says:

      So who’s out? Mara or Sopel?

  7. RetroMikey says:

    Finally! My wish has come true and Boivin is gone in June!
    See ya Boivin!
    You did more damage to this organization than good by peddling into the hockey operations of our club these past years.
    Now all we need is a shuffle in the scouting department!
    Welcome aboard Kevin!

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

    • Corporate says:

      Please explain yourself. Cause when I checked, the team was going nowhere when Boivin came to the team. Now the team is beaming with popularity again. I don’t get your anger towards Boivin..

    • Chorske says:

      This is the stupidest post I have read today.
      1. Name one thing Boivin did wrong- keeping in mind his actual job description. One thing.
      2. The scouting department has been shuffled, as recently as this past spring. And I am not sure what one has to do with the other anyway.

      I would also add that scouting seems to have improved by leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. Certainly our pro scouting has uncovered some seriously undervalued treasures in Halpern, Moore, and the Wiz. So all this adds up to you being really not all that clued in.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        “Name one thing Boivin did wrong-”

        I don’t like the new circus atmosphere at the Bell Ctr. I much preferred it when all the atmosphere came from the fans, with the help of the organist.

        The horn after each goal. The competition to see which half of the crowd yells the loudest. The fitness instructor. The epilepsy inducing light shows. Etc …

        • fbkj says:

          this isnt a very sound gripe, i get why it would upset you but, this is a result of a new venue and the directions sports has taken in general

        • Chorske says:

          This is silly. Allow me to rephrase: Name one MEANINGFUL thing Boivin may have done wrong.

          Gotta say, if the worst we can come up with is “the games is too damn noisy”, then Boivin has done a pretty kick ass job. No?

      • notbigbird says:

        Was it not Boivin who was the first to insist on the French-only policy for coaches? A lot of people on this site think that’s wrong.

    • fbkj says:

      boivin is a marketing genius, the presentation of the games are hands down the envy of the league

      retromikey, what grade are you in?

  8. 4m3y2j says:


    Learn to read,he is from Quebec and exceptionally qualified for the job.That is how corporations do work-

    • HH was being sarcastic, because Gilmore isn’t a French name.

    • HardHabits says:

      I was being sarcastic.

      At least trends are changing. A bit. Slowly at that.

      Rather than have the job be a spring-board for a local yokel as I so ineloquently assert it is a case of a prodigal son, well more like a prodigal cousin, no scratch that, an immigrant’s son who happens to be from Quebec for a few generations now so he’s kind of like a prodigal son but not really, but he’s returning home, well back. So in a way I guess you can say it’s progress.

      Good that he’s qualified. Wouldn’t want a no track record thingy getting in the way of the set in stone rule.

  9. HardHabits says:

    What, what, what???? They couldn’t find somebody who was Quebecois? How are French people supposed to get a spring board to better jobs in the USA now?

  10. notbigbird says:

    Somehow, I thought Molson was going to take over Boivin’s job?

    • That’s because as usual you don’t know what you’re talking about, and you didn’t read the release.

      Boivin holds 3 positions: President, COO and CEO. Molson is taking over President and CEO, Gilmore is taking over COO. READ THE ARTICLE.

      You’re seriously like the dumb kids in my classes, asking questions 3 seconds after the answer was given.

    • ZepFan2 says:

      “funny you also remember it but its not in this story?”

      No? Then what’s this then?

      “when he officially steps down as President of the Montreal Canadiens, in favour of Geoff Molson who will take over as President and Chief Executive Officer.”

      Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Head-shots League.

    • _Habsoloutly_ says:


  11. Jordio-oh says:

    Posted this on the other thread, but its tough to tell which one is the live one:

    Just thought everyone would like to know that i spotted Jonas Gustavsson at the coffee shop across from my building about 15 minutes ago. He looked pretty bummed out. Either because the Leafs are shit and he’s going to be stuck at back-up all next season or because his girlfriend is a 3 out of 10, on a good day.

    Jury is still out.

  12. observer says:


    Just one day after the end of the Kings’ 2005–06 regular season, AEG decided to clean house. On April 18, 2006, President/Hockey Operations and General Manager Dave Taylor and Director of Player Personnel Bill O’Flaherty were relieved of their duties, and Vice President and Assistant General Manager Kevin Gilmore was re-assigned to other duties within AEG. Torchetti and assistant coaches Mark Hardy and Ray Bennett, along with goaltending consultant Andy Nowicki, were also fired. Kings CEO Tim Leiweke also announced that he would no longer be the team’s Chief Executive Officer.

    Another interesting point Gauthier was signed as Anaheim GM in 1998 which was the last year Gilmore was there. Not sure if signing was before or after Gilmore left Anaheim?

  13. Chuck says:

    Show me the money! πŸ™‚

  14. RJB says:

    According to Ian Mendes on twitter, Spatch is in tonight!!

    “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”
    – Bilbo Baggins

  15. gerrymjrb says:

    Good. The old boys club looking after each other…yawn!

  16. Kooch7800 says:

    I wonder if the habbies are going to resign markov? Sorry switching the subject cause who really cares about this dude

    • Mark C says:

      I think they have to. I know about the injury risk, but Markov even at 90% has a huge impact on this team. A defensive corps built around a healthy Markov and Subban is immediately a top-5 group.

      • Could you imagine this defense corps if you replace Hamrlik with Markov, Sopel with Gorges, and Mara with Spacek?

        Markov – Wiz
        Gill – Subban
        Spacek – Gorges

        That’s a top 5 defense corps in the NHL, easy.

        • observer says:

          They’ll have to pay big to keep Wisniewski – maybe too much? Need more youth back there, maybe Tinordi won’t be too far away or one of those Hamilton defensemen by next season?

          • DearyLeary says:

            Tinordi is a project as of now. At least 2-4 years in the AHL.

          • dh says:

            Hopefully they ask him instead of just letting him go as they have done with other players. That could be a solid D and I love having PK and Wiz on the PP. Both for their shots and the threat of their shots that opens it up for the forwards.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Observer, you of all people should remember what happened to all those young leaf defencemen that were rushed into the NHL back in the 80’s it killed them.

            Tinordi is 1-2 more jr. seasons and 1-2 seasons in Hamilton away from sniffing at a job up here.

        • Mark C says:

          I know some people would poo poo that group for a lack of size and toughness, but that group is very defensively savvy and could really transition the puck. Also, that group could score 50+ goals, and has 4-5 good-to-great PK guys.

        • Britton says:

          Personally I’d prefer…


          But that’s just me.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          And put price in nets and the goals against are going to be pretty low. Lets just hope we can do better on the injuries. The last few seasons we have had some big ones.

          Every team goes through it but we always seem to be near the top lately

      • dicktracy says:

        Just wondering if too much is being made of the re-injury risk. Haven’t a lot of player had similar injuries/surgery’s and come back strong. Was not the second knee injury just bad luck and not a result of the first injury?
        Anyway maybe not but just wondering because if the last 3 years have just been a string of bad luck injuries then I think it would be wise to take a chance that his luck could change.

    • G-Man says:

      habbies? you Darren Dutchyson on Terrible Sports Network?
      Please, it’s Habs….habbies….sheesh!

  17. DearyLeary says:

    Can someone explain how this could possibly change the day to day operation of the team, and why we should care?

    • Gilmore is in charge of the business side of things, if he sucks at let’s say; marketing, sales go down and maybe the Habs won’t spend to the cap anymore. That’s how it affects the team. Not suggesting it’ll happen, but there you go.

    • Jim Edson says:

      Might mark the beginning of an era where on ice success is established as “the” team priority over “the brand”.

      …..My empire is crumbling, my international sponsors are deserting me, my authority is questioned, I am held in contempt wherever I go.

      Who am I: Mohamar Ghadaffi or Gary Bettman.

  18. Mark C says:

    He looks young enough that even the Observer and others in the anti-management troop will be OK with this selection, right?

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