Audio: No suspension for Malone hit fuels plenty of debate


Tampa Bay’s Ryan Malone: His hit on Chris Campoli is the topic of heated conversation today.
NHL Images

• AUDIO: Jacques Martin | Chris Campoli | Josh Gorges | Hal Gill | Erik Cole

• 3:35 pm ET update: No suspension will be given to Tampa Bay’s Ryan Malone for his hit Saturday on Canadiens’ Chris Campoli. Here is the explanation of Brendan Shanahan, the NHL’s disciplinarian.

The team is at a preseason bonding session near Collingwood, Ont.

Patrick V. Hickey is hovering nearby and will be filing updates on the stuff he’s allowed to see. (Primal Scream therapy and internal cleansings will take place behind closed doors.)

Hickey’s first bulletin from Collingwood brings good news: Chris Campoli is on the ice at the Monday morning practice. He also reports that, unlike past years, practices during the final team-building days of camp are closed to the public, though an outdoor autograph area has been set up. Govern yourselves accordingly if you’d planned to drive up from Toronto or other points nearby.

Teammates talk about hit on Campoli

Jack Todd’s take on the season

• Red Fisher’s Top 10: The 1959-’60 Canadiens

J.T. on toughness

Marc Antoine Godin sizes up the team

Puck ready to drop

Below, courtesy of @PKSubban1 on Twitter: From left: Travis Moen, Michael Cammalleri, P.K. Subban and Andrei Kostitsyn heading out to shop for groceries. Or do something else.


  1. four ten nine says:

    wHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING.We could have had Zenon Konopka for the same money Ottawa is paying him.No only can he fight—-HE WINS FACEOFFS–As a team we suck at both.It is high time the Mighty Habs start using the head between their shoulders.The Rocket must be turning in his grave at the crap we put out and have the gall to call ourselves HABS.I hate too say it buit we are nothing better than a 7th place team..You better ask Santa for golf clubs—-we will need them


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  3. Marc10 says:

    Well there’s some good news. Martin McGuire of 98.5FM (formerly CKAC) says Eller is on fire at practice and is looking like he’s not far away from rejoining the team.

    I like the ‘is on fire’ part…

    Looks like everybody is coming to the party…

    “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different”.
    Andy Warhol

    Go PK Go!

  4. Here we go again!!! The league allows another opposing player to walk scott free. BS indeed!! Some the players spoke out and thought it should have been a suspension for sure!!! Even the commentators said too. Wow!!! Wow!!! I guess we Habs fans got it all wrong and upper management not saying a word or address the situation for a tough guy who can play hockey by policing other teams not to go outside the box.

    Its time for Mr. Molson and PG to address the league and say enough is enough. The Habs will counter attack to the other teams star players if this sh*t continues.

    Where was the hooking call on Teddy Purcell who put his stick in between Chris Campoli hands that caused him to loose control of the puck for a moment.

    As all Habs fans can see that Ryan Malone had Chris Campoli line up for a big hit well before Chris Campoli was coming out of his own end.

    Well we all know now things has not change at all when it comes to Habs players being hurt on any play and league officals decides to turned the other cheek. Enough is enough and its time for Habs management to send a clear message to Shanny & CO.

    Either way you look at it. It should have been a suspension. Period. It seems all for not when it comes to Habs players being hurt by opposing players who takes liberity on a small team who has no enforcers to protect them. Sheesh!!! Go Habs Go!!

    • nunacanadien says:

      More like its time Mr. Molson stopped this lazy pace of just owning the habs to fill seats in the Molson Centre….

      Mr. Molson, it is time you stopped this practice of allowing your GM and your hockey management team to sit back on their thumbs earning big bucks doing nothing but just signing what is left over.

      Cause signing what is left over only gives us players like Campoli who get hurt easily cause hey, he’s only 6 feet tall! Most of the team is only 6 feet tall for f*ck’s sakes Mr. Molson!

      Another season where we make excuses for our hurt players and spend the whole season b*tching about how bad the refs are!

  5. SeriousFan09 says:

    Wow, I saved myself a lot of time by deciding not to dive in the latest circle jerk on team toughness.

    • nunacanadien says:

      Team toughness my butt, it’ll come apart like some raft made out of straw at the first big hit against a western team. You can’t build a tough team out of small players. The last team to do that was the CCCP with players like Kharlamov and their nasty hits on Esposito and the legends. If Gainey thinks he can rebuild the Red Army team he is sadly mistaken.

  6. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I don’t know about You, but this photo of Moen, Camm, PK and AK dressed and looking like the 4 stooges is embarrassing …and IF I was a non-Hab Fan, I would make sure this was posted and distributed all over the internet just to reinforce it’s Dufusnesss
    …I like Our Team, but that photo does not do Us justice

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  7. O-ZoneVertigo says:

    I want the 1:40 min of my life back! Total BS. I see no ‘significant change of head position’ from Campoli. If that’s the basis of his reasoning for coming up with the decision that he’s made, how difficult would it be to show that in the video so that everyone could see how ‘significantly’ Campoli changed his head position?

  8. j2w4habs25 says:

    GO HABSS GO!… < — 1000 comment!

    Carey Price #31

  9. jrshabs1 says:


    Go Habs Go!!

  10. joe-hab-nuno says:

    Blah blah blah

    Time to get some Zzz’s

  11. brandonhab19 says:

    I’m sorry but what happened to Habs fans on the 80’s and early 90’s. That not only saw teams win stanley cups but see tough teams win, and enjoy it. We had players like Shayne Corson, he could fight hit and score. He had chris nilan, john kordic, teams didn’t push us around. And now suddenly none of us can deal with tough hockey, and the notion of players like this is absurd.

    I don’t get it. Every since the team went less tough and more european and flashy and small we’ve had minimal success, and been the knock around guys of the NHL.

    Even the red wings realized they needed to get tougher. Having abdelkater learn how to fight, having ericson, and signing commodore.

    We’re now the softest team in the league.

  12. joe-hab-nuno says:

    Prime time— most of us live in Quebec, where the greatest Canadian debate exists, to separate or not. Hope I didn’t start that crap again.

  13. joe-hab-nuno says:

    Patrick Roy

  14. PrimeTime says:

    This debate has gone way to deep into overtime and getting much worse than Price v Halak. Everyone is entitled to have and express an opinion but the personal mudslinging amonst Habs fans is getting ridiculous. Extremist positions can sway a debate but will never meet in the middle but for a moment when a common achievement is realized……and then the arguement will be how it was achieved and how to stay there. Hab fans have to be the most divided of all teams in any sport.

    • Matt. says:

      Could you imagine a debate among hab fans between who to keep: Coach Mario Tremblay or Patrick Roy…. at the time of the incident i mean.
      I digress….

    • The Dude says:

      Then its easy have a poll for All Habs fans from around the World who want…. an effeminate non performance team that has Youpie with a stretcher taped too his a$$ say “Globetrotters”…And all fans who want a Habs team that don’t take sh!t from NO ONE and with finals and perhaps a Big new Stanley Cup to Parade through downtown Montreal with say “Unite for the right too party!”It’s been too long baby……

  15. joe-hab-nuno says:

    I tweeted to Brian Wilde about how is it possible for Tiger Woods to stop his swing when noises bother him and a then a hockey player should be able to stop his check, in which he replied excellent post. I’ve played both sports and id have to say stopping your swing is alot harder then trying to reposition your body so that the receiving player doesn’t get hit with an elbow or shoulder. The problem is these players have been thought to finish their checks at a young age. Malone had plenty of time to see where Campoli’s head was when he initiated the hit. There is just so little respect for other players with some of these guys. All they see is an opposing player and have “run them over” for that split second and can’t turn the switch off for some reason. Enough with this grey area that they have these suspensions based on. This grey area changes depending how the disciplining committee feels that day. With that said I’m curious to know how many fans would like to get rid of the grey area with this poll.

  16. j2w4habs25 says:

    OMG that is clearly BS! It shouldve been a suspension for sure. Too bad the other team has to always get away esp when it comes to us they must really hate/jealous of us! flatt out losers!

    Carey Price #31

  17. slychard says:

    Pat, Pat, Pat, dat, dat, dat, dumb,dumb,dumb.

  18. jew4jah says:

    i just watched shanahan’s video explanation for NO suspension to malone. then i watched the video explanation for suspending clarke mcarthur. pure nonsense.
    when malone was ‘setting up his check’, campoli already had his head down. pretty much the same situation as the mcarthur hit. they both followed through with hits to the head.
    i think the decision making process is skewed. it appears as if they try to find a way to get the guys off for violations against montreal, any one else they try to find a way to punish the offending player.

    chara = חרה

    • Kooch7800 says:

      creating a grey area. The NHL’s specialty

    • Nina76 says:


  19. Kristopher7 says:

    Did Campbell used to make videos explaining why suspensions were dished out? Or did he just never give out suspensions?

    I find it real nice to see Shanahan give in depth details for each suspension that is handed out.

  20. SmartDog says:

    Totally lost respect for Shanahan with this one. The guy’s in a vulnerable position with his head down. He barely has possession, and instead of going for the puck which he could easily do, Malone hits him square in the head (which he could also EASILY have NOT done if he wanted to). I mean, isn’t the point that if you can avoid hitting a guy in the head you should?

    Shanahan whimped out. After all the recent hulabaloo, he’s afraid if he takes out all headshots he’ll get canned. Welcome back the Campbell era. Shany’s revolution lasted about 10 days.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  21. sag says:

    In response to Omit earlier regarding the Boston Feb game:

    Omit wrote: “We did win two of those fights handily, so what are you embarrassed about? Beating up on Spacek and Pyatt is embarrassing, but to the Bruins. Tough team to do something like that, eh?”

    I am not embarrassed about the team winning or losing a fight. Gorges is the man for standing up to a guy like Malone. More embarrassed for being a fan of something where that would happen. Maybe it is a bit dramatic, but I thought hockey was tarnished a bit that game. An Iginla v. Lacav scrap is an example of a classic tough, passionate fight that would have happened regardless of the threat of suspension. Alternatively, bloodying an unwilling opponent like Campbell v. Pyatt is pathetic to put it mildly. I have the same problem with guys getting tagged when they clearly got rid of the puck long ago like Chara on Max. Otherwise, let the bodies fly.

  22. pat s says:

    I read the posts today regarding malone’s hit and I have to say that it is crazy what i have to read. First, Campbell is anti-montreal b/c of no suspension to chara, now shans is anti-montreal b/c of no suspension to malone. Some of you just need to realize that this is the habs fault what is going on. You want a small team, you want no toughness on our team this is what you get. You want a team with speed, a pretty boy style, well than don’t do go crying to mommy b/c somebody is playing to rough in the school yard. The peoiple that want toughness on this team say these things will happen and they do happen, yet the people that don’t like blue collar hockey just want to live in denial and cry the blues when things like this happen. Excellent call Shannon, let the boys play. Lets keep playing the pretty boy style in Montreal–its awesome.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I think this is up there with the dumbest comment of the day award.

      Gold star for you…..

      you are an idiot

      • HardHabits says:

        yes because your reply is so well thought out

        the difference is he said something

        you said nothing

        • Kooch7800 says:

          Because I am sick and tired of people just not getting it. What Shanny did yesterday was undermine himself and the headshot rule and create a grey area. If you can’t see that then I am sorry the NHL will always have issues cause the players, ref’s and fans will never really no what the exact rules are. This is similar to the obstruction penalty that the ref’s call and don’t call.
          Shanny by not suspending sends a message that some direct hits to the head are warranted. He could have given Malone 1 game and no one would have complained. The only consistent with the NHL is inconsistency

      • pat s says:

        kooch–how much you get paid for being a habs fan, just trying to figure out why you would get so mad–the habs must pay you big dollars

        if it was that bad of a hit shans woiuld have suspended him—i think shans knows what he is doing so stop being a cry baby

        i looked at the video and i predicted that shans would give no suspension on this hit –so shans is an idiot also b/c he is the one that didn’t the give the suspension according to your argument—don’t you notice that it is always montreal that gets the short end of the stick when it comes to an altercation on the ice–that is your only comeback, is get personnal b/c you no where to go on your argument —

        • Kooch7800 says:

          By not calling the hit a head shot they are creating a grey area contributing more to the confusion. The NHL never takes a true stance and continues to be an old boys club that will never get better until they actually address something.

          To go that harsh for a few games in the preseason on discipline to now back off is the exact opposite of what they should do.
          the nfl has been smart enough to put a rule into place on head hits….why can’t the NHL while people are on skates moving a lot faster?

          By creating a grey area you watch at how inconsistent the NHL will be in calling head shots this year. We like to rag on the ref’s but I can understand why they don’t know what to call. By Shanahan’s definition the Ref got the call wrong on the ice which i 100% disagree with. Shanny is saying this shouldn’t be a penalty.

          How confused are you on what is a head shot now?
          Make it a blanket penalty with an automatic penalty for a hit for the head

          • pat s says:

            i’m not confused at all–i think the new sherriff was correct in not giving a suspension to malone—i saw the video at least 20 times and i agree with him–if this was a montreal player that did it you would be saying he doesn’t deserve a suspension

            shelby’s hit did deserve a suspension–i think the new sherriff is doing a great job to tell you the truth

    • Propwash says:

      The point is, headshots, no matter how they’re delivered needs to be eliminated from the game, and Shanahan himself stated that. Meanwhile he went and undermined the very thing he is trying to prevent.
      It has nothing to do with being a team full of goons and thugs. I’m a fan of hockey the way it is meant to be played, not some friking offspring of the movie Slapshot.

      • Kooch7800 says:

        +1000. The league is discrediting themselves and making grey areas. All principle head contact should be a banned. It isn’t that hard to do. They do it in Junior as well as in International hockey and it has never been a problem.

    • sag says:

      Agreed about there being no conspiracies or malice behind the decisions. And you are right that no one can complain about rough play when it is within, or even in the same range as the rules. Headshots are not within the rules, however. Charging and boarding are not within the rules either. Would you call someone overly soft or uncanadian for saying they have a problem with what Clarke did to Kharlamov?

      • HardHabits says:

        I stopped watching the Summit Series after that two hander and from that day on despised Bobby Clarke. I was 12 at the time. I could care less that Canada won because it was a cheat. Ugly Canadian hockey got schooled by Russian finesse.

        I watched that f*ckin’ idiot dance around after his goal beating Boston. Imagine I was cheering for BOSTON!!! I watched hockey players skate around the ice to move the fog around and still couldn’t hold back my disgust. Yes at 13.

        I waited until the next year when the Habs beat those douchetards. Mind you I was upset that they swept them. I was hoping for more of a challenge from the Flyers.

        Nevertheless. I am all in favour of the Habs toughening up. Nothing pleased more than seeing Robinson clean Schultz clock.

        I am sick of these pretty boy Habs as Pat S calls them.

        The Habs need to toughen up and take care of business on the ice. Cleanly yes. But with heads held high and tails in the air, not head hanging with tails between their legs.

        • pat s says:

          HardHabits–it was the cheapest shot a player can do–you are correct–i hated the flyers with a passion with that bully team and finally montreal responded with guys like robinson–i was only 12 myself and i was finally able to go on the schoolyard and say who is next–robinson is one of my favorite hab players(nilan., roy etc)

          whats kills me is that shans was called the new sheriff in town by the same people that are crying now and they don’t trust his decison–its always us that gets the short end of the stick when it comes to an altercation–like really, we won 2 cups with that blue collar style under serge savard and nobody would do this to montreal and if they did montreal would take care of it themselves—now, the strategy is to go cry to mommy–how many times did i post on this website that i have to turn the tv b/c i can’t tolerate seeing montreal players get bullied and what happened with malone is a prime example

      • pat s says:

        sag–trust me,i agree when it comes to headshots i don’t like it either–i agreed with the shelby suspension for example but on this one, your taught when your young to keep your head up and malone finsihed his check—i agree completely with shans decision on this –if this was a habs player that did this the whole website would be saying it was a clean hit

        i didn’t like the brandon smith suspension also—just take out hitting all together and all these arguments would exist i guess–i’m sure many people on this website would like that kind of hockey

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      Pat, thanks for a word from the caveman school of hockey…What are you talking about? Size made no difference in that case. Malone went head-hunting in an exhibition game his team was losing badly. Caught Campoli in a vulnerable position and went for it. What a hero. Are you seriously trying to depict it as a good hockey play. One can only hope that Malone gets his head rattled in the same manner. Live by the sword, die by the sword. But I hope the league suspends whoever does eventually separates his one IQ point from the other if it’s a dirty hit like Saturday night’s.

      • pat s says:

        don’t you notice that its an ongoing story with montreal–always the shortend of the stick when it comes to an altercation–always always always–

        i like shans, he is the new sheriff in town and i trust his decision–that is the bottom line for me

        all of sudden now, shans is an idiot, doesn’t know what he is doing blah blah–a week ago he was the best thing that happend for the NHL according the majority of posts on this website, now he doesn’t know what he is doing—give me a break–

    • G-Man says:

      #1 on the most absurd post today chart.

      • pat s says:

        reading on this website how the NHL has a new sherriff in town and than crying how brutal he is b/c he didn’t suspend malone is the #1 absurd posts i read

        get it through your head if what such a bad and dirty hit the new sherriff would have suspended him–

  23. JasonM says:

    I see the reasoning behind why there was no suspension given and in a way I do agree with it and I appreciate the time and effort to describe why. However, I strongly feel Malone was going for a big hit on a player who didn’t see him coming and while he was committed for the big hit he easily skated over a free puck that was turned over due to an aggressive forechecking that could have resulted in a scoring opportunity.

    One part of the video they provided is the “It was legal but we don’t like it.” It reeks far too much of the “strong hockey play, awkward ending” excuse we got when Pacioretty was steamrolled into the boards and there’s work to be made in this front as the intent to injure was there.

    Nonetheless, I appreciate the video they provided, it takes guts to put themselves out there to describe why you felt that way. While many Hab fans will tear Shanaban a new one for being “against the Habs”, I feel comfortable in general with the decision provided and appreciate the honesty and their explanation. These type of decisions are rarely a popular one.

    It’s a breath of fresh air compared of years of shady business from the Campbell era. (one that helped earn the Bruins a title)

  24. slychard says:

    Ok. I’m on an iPhone so I don’t know the order of insults and to whoom… I hope it’s not directed at my posts but if they are, so what, I don’t care. 1010 if it was my post that left you confused I digress, my iPhone (typing with thumbs) forces me to self edit from sheer frustration so I cut corners with wild abandon. Not to mention the two glasses of wine. Ummm merlot. Let’s just say Shanny is no better then Campell who’s no better then all of them at NHL headquarters.

  25. slychard says:

    I stated nepotism and timing of teams and circumstances as a means to down play the conspiracy theory that the league is bias to the Canadiens franchise. Let me be clear; do I think Shanty dropped the ball? Absolutely.

  26. Colomb27 says:

    For whatever reason, Malone was out for blood on Saturday night. The league ought to study the sequence of events leading up to the hit as well as the hit itself. This was a premeditated act.

    Let’s move on Hab fans! A big night awaits us in Toronto on Thursday and we can’t be expending all this energy on a Pittsburgh cast-away like Malone, although I do wish he was in our colours.

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      I can’t agree with your final thought. I couldn’t be happier he doesn’t play for the Habs. Idiots like Malone beget other stupid plays. Unfortunately teams seem to play down to the same level. Marc Savard can thank his teammates for creating a climate that has probably ended his career. We’ll see how TB fans respond when some big guy with only a tiny bit of talent catches Martin St Louis in an awkward position and, instead of letting up, decapitates him because he KNOWS Malone is looking to do that to one of his teammates.

  27. Everlasting1 says:

    At the next Habs-Bolts game, if not a single Hab goes after Malone and trashes him, I’ll officially and decisively brand them a bunch of ball-less pansies.

    When the Hebrew scouts investigate the Promised Land of Canaan and return to discourage the other Hebrews from entering it..”We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.” [Numbers 13:33]

    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    • Propwash says:

      Would love to see PK destroy him in his patented clean, yet innards exploding check.

      • ProHabs says:

        It should never have to fall on PK to exact revenge on other players. We should have other big and tough players to do that. PK is too valuable on the ice and he should never be put into a situation that he might hurt himself.

    • Tony McLean says:

      I’m biting my tongue. Poor Gorgeous got splattered, you want that again?
      “The point is that Fergie wasn’t, and didn’t have to be, a non stop brawler. His hard earned reputation preceded him, and he could keep the opposition in line without spending all night in the penalty box.” – Jean Beliveau

    • Mark C says:

      Which Blues player gave Jumbo Joe his trashing?

    • jimmy shaker says:

      replying to everlasting’s thread at 1026………..I wouldn’t mind that at all, but our toughest tough guys (moen and white) would get out toughed by malone in a heart beat. Gorges coming to camps rescue….sort of…… was and will be the extent of the habs retribution!


  28. SmartDog says:

    Why doesn’t Shanahan just say: Malone hit a Montreal Canadien. No suspension for that.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  29. ari says:

    Comments by mj. Edit is not working

  30. slychard says:

    How about youppie! He’s the biggest guy on the roster

  31. Propwash says:

    Ted Bird and Abe Hefter are doing a Sunday NHL week in review on Habs Talk Radio. I always like Ted’s sense of humor.

  32. JF says:

    J.T. has a hilarious skit on bonding:

  33. slychard says:

    Was that comment ment for me hardhabit? It’s hard to tell since I’m on an iPhone.

  34. ari says:

    Absolutely agree with Majid.every team in any sport need some dogs.what we have here is bunch of pussycats who are good player but not all of them on the same team.

  35. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I finally got a look at Shanahan’s video explanation
    …what a tortured, stretching of manufactured logic
    …just as I remember seeing it when the incident occurred, Campoli was bent over in a competition to round a third player going for the puck which He had chipped-ahead …the puck 5 to 8 feet ahead of Him, …in fact the puck was closer to Malone at a point when Malone easily could have taken possession of the puck, but instead decides to ignore the puck, going by it to finish an aggressive collision with Campoli’s head
    …Campoli’s head was in a consistent elevation for a period of time, bent over in attempting to round the third player …Malone had all kinds of time to see Campoli’s trajectory, head and body alignment from the high slot AND the opportunity to take possession of the puck before deciding, instead, to ‘drive into’ Campoli’s head
    …based on Crosby’s experience, We still can not be sure Campoli is 100 % unaffected
    …and, I can not see ‘any way’, looking at the video, and listening to Shanahan’s breakdown and explanation, that this decision was based on anything but willful bias by Shanahan, either for Yzerman, or against the Habs
    …the explanation makes absolutely no sense to Me otherwise

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

    • 1010 says:

      I would be willing to bet that by the end of the season we’ll be so sick of Shanahans’ moronic attempts at sounding like his conclusions are totally logical that we’ll miss the Colon calling refs and “just trying to be a hockey dad.”
      It’s not even into the regular season yet and I rate the guy a total douchebag.

      GO HABS…

    • caladin says:

      I have to disagree with you. I don’t like the hit, and I would have given him 1-2 games myself, but I’m biased. I think Shanahan has shown integrity in sticking to the rules as they were explained to the players before the season started.
      Thinking he did Stevie Y a huge favor here is a joke. Tampa’s season does not rest on having Malone for the first game or 2 of the season, and Tampa’s one of the “softer” teams in the league and so is looking for Shanahan to be strict on everyone.
      The Chara hit last year was disgusting, and the way the NHL handled it was truly infuriating. This is nothing like that, the hit wasn’t nearly as bad, and the decision was explained in public in detail instead of the “hockey play” crap we got handed last year.
      Oh and for the little things… this is the hardest decision we’ve made shows a lot more class than buttman’s “we are extraordinarily comfortable with our decision”.
      It was a nasty hit, he got a major and a close call on a suspension didn’t go our way. This is not evidence of the kind of clear bias the league showed last year. For that we’ll have to wait for a Booin to pull something nasty. We all know that won’t take long.
      I know a lot of you disagree with me, and fair enough.

      • Shane1313 says:

        I actually appreciate that comment. Part of me doesn’t want any sort of outrage because last year’s incident 1000% deserved an outcry. I really love what Shanahan has been doing and love that he’s sticking with it. I really would have liked a couple games because I do believe it fit the description of a “hit” to the head. But I’d rather have a couple mistakes here and there, as he’s at least staying strong with his rules. It is difficult though because it seemingly is the exact hit we want to take away.

      • 1010 says:

        Not only do I disagree with you, but you’ve left me totally confused.
        You either think he should of got a suspension…or you think Shanahan showed integrity and called it by the rules. Which is it? I mean, even considering your bias as a Hab fan you either think it’s a suspension – meaning Shanahan blew the call- or you think that he has stuck to the rules as laid out earlier and the guy deserves no suspension. Right?
        I’m not trying to be difficult here but Malone had time to ascertain Campolis’ head level and finished the check with a lot more enthusiasm than Clark MacArthur did on his hit. And that is the thing that disturbs me.
        I don’t know about the Shanahan taking care of Stevie Y theory but a t the very least I think that Shanahan has to put the brakes on this suspension train-if even just a little bit- and what better place to start than right here.
        The guys just another member of the old boys club in my opinion.

        GO HABS…

      • habstrinifan says:

        Good post Caladin! There are however questions surrounding the decision.

        1) It was a difficult decision, YES, but why the extended delay for the video.
        2) What effect did the ‘growing cacophony’ from people like Milbury and ‘anonymous’ GMs and players have on Shanahan. He or the NHL should have addressed this..categorically denying it or admitting a reconsideration if it wa sthe case.
        3) Why did the elbow directed at Campoli’s head, as Malone finished the check, not play more into Shanahan’s decision. A simple viewing of the hit shows clearly that Malone used his elbow to ‘finish’ the hit. And I say FINISH deliberately as it demonstrates one of the the most careless and unmindful illegalities, committed by players, which cause the most injury.

        I think that the only way the NHL can implement, without remorse and with full eventual support, the type of correction aimed at by Shanahan is to do the following.

        Use the Malone incident as to make a season long adjustment period:

        During that period do the following!

        All ‘flagrant illegal HITS be punished as Shanahan has done in the cases before Malone. The arbiter of what is a flagrant hit is totally the province of Shanahan’s department.
        No recourse will be provided to the team for hits like these.

        Hits like Malone, where there may be some justifiable questions will be treated as follows.

        ON ice officiating of the hit be exactly as punitive and decisive as the calls made for the Malone hit by the referee.

        Then for THIS SEASON ONLY, each player in the league committing, for the first time, a hit similar to Malone, will be called in and shown the ‘faulty’ parts of the hit… the parts Shanahan himself said he had difficulty with. And a ‘demerit’ mark is filed against the player.
        Any subsequent hit by that player during the season with the same ‘problems’ as contained in that first hit will be judged and punished as a FLAGRANT HIT.

        The point being that the player has been schooled and advised to modify his ‘hitting’ and DID NOT.

        This would give the entire league( each player in the league)
        an ENTIRE season to adjust and correct bad tendencies by individual players when delivering a proper hockey-hit. It would also provide a huge file for everyone in the league to view and learn.

        And it will quiet the fears of everyone concerned with a first time un-malicious mistake made by a player while ensuring that the player will have the incentive to take the precaution to rectify any illegal aspects of his hitting.

        Once the 2011-2012 season is OVER, everyone would have had a fair, prolonged, and reasoned exposure to the new rules and the learning process would have been completed.

        Then there would be no excuse for anyone and Shanahan can mete out his punishment with full justification since he would have given everyone the chance to change.

  36. ProHabs says:

    I don’t think Shanahan likes the Montreal Canadians. Didn’t he turn down a very generous offer to play here years ago.

  37. Neutral says:

    I think I have the answer. maybe PG and JM think the Habs don’t have any stars so why bother bringing in an enforcer.

  38. 1010 says:

    Check out Shanahans’ explanation of the player’s head position during the Clark MacArthur hit (and subsequent 2 game suspension) and compare that with his explanation on the Malone hit and you will soon realize that Shanahan is just as full of s#*! as the last moron. Seriously, it’s all one big joke.

    GO HABS…

  39. DEANDALLEY says:

    Check this out!

    Price looks like a giant compaired to the three other Habs!

    WOW ….

  40. Mike D says:

    Just curious….

    Does anyone else get the douchechills looking at that pic of Malone?

    – Honestly yours

  41. slychard says:

    I don’t think Shannys decision was not necessarily a diss on the Habs as much as it was a big for his pal In Tampa. Had Malone taken out say…Lucic it would have been the same result, just as say Chara had stanchioned any player for another team last year, the result would have been the same. So, the hab’s are not being secluded by the league simply caught in the crosshairs of bad timing, luck, and nepotism.

  42. HardHabits says:

    So many flaccid comments today. Not surprising considering the Habs need to get bigger and stronger.

  43. showey47 says:

    So shanny’s explanation is basically that campoli lost the puck,had his head down to reach for it hence put himself in harms way? What shanny fails to mention was the other player teddy purcell who was putting the back pressure by hooking campoli and lifted his stick to cause the turnover in the first place and the fact that malone slightly left his feet to throw the hit. This play can also be seen as a puck battle between purcell and campoli where malone took advantage of campoli who was being hooked and tied up by purcell.

    • DearyLeary says:

      Or we could just point out that Malone elbowed Campoli in the face.

    • Chorske says:

      It doesn’t make any sense to me either. But you can be sure that the league will be closely watching the next Habs-TB game for the slightest sign that the Habs are looking to even the score. Arseholes.

      I suppose Shanahan had to prove he was willing to let SOME of the big hit mentality stay in the game- that crap plays well with the gorilla crowd- and I guess he chose this play to make that point. Like Burke says, Shanny is walking a fine line. But as JT put it in her excellent post: it would be nice if the league could make a choice, and stick with it consistently.

  44. LL says:

    I know I’m still not over Charagate, and that’s why this non suspension feels worse than it probably really is.

    But, if only we could clone Larry Robinson. The perfect hockey specimen.

  45. Habitant in Surrey says:

    This is a re-post of what Stephen, aka ‘The Dude’ posted a couple threads ago (yesterday ?): I think it was one of the most memorable gems posted here in quite awhile, …funny, but in it’s simple way quite on the mark …so, hope You won’t mind Me taken the liberty, Stephen, to re-post on Your behalf

    “…I knew this rich guy from India who everyone called King and he once told me that back in the Punjab he would hire all the crooks so as to stop people from stealing from him and never had a problem.”

    … 🙂

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  46. Pucknut says:

    For those of you who remember & for those of you who long for a return to those glory days.

  47. novahab says:

    This is a clear message to the Habs fan , players and especially Mr. Molson that the NHL at the top has decleared open season on Habs players. Shanny just did what he was told and this is going to get worst. Players are not dumb they know they can take out our players and they will get at worst a slap on the wrist.
    The only thing that going to get that weasl Bettman attention is a big fat 100 million dollar law suite. The Molson paid over 600 millin for this team and building and Bettman is jeopardize that investment.

  48. Anyone want to spoil my friend who’s a Leafs fan’s pool like we did last year? It’s a yahoo h2h pool

    League ID: 28463
    password: goleafs

    draft is in around 50 minutes

  49. MD says:

    So, i am reading Boone works as a scout for russians according russian Sport Express….

  50. homerbowen says:

    Sad thing…even dressed as troops they look like pussies!!!

  51. LA Loyalist says:

    Blackhawks just signed Ray Emery 1 year 1 way $600k.

    He looked pretty darn good on Ducks last year.

    What are we paying Budaj?

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Is Ray still the great team guy he was in Ottawa? Or maybe the great team guy who wanted to scrap with the trainer in the khl because god forbid he wear a team hat on the bench. Think I will pass thanks.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        From what I heard out here he was fine. Did his job.

        People mature. He went through hell with that operation and you have to give the guy credit for coming back from it. That would change anyone.

        I think your info is out of date.

        • Mike D says:

          On the other hand, makes you wonder why Anaheim didn’t re-sign him then. He did do a good job for them when Hiller went down and obviously wasn’t asking for a big payday.

          – Honestly yours

        • Chorske says:

          Regardless of whether his info is out of date, there wasn’t exactly a rush among teams to pick him up, was there? And either way, Chicago is the better fit for Emery. He’ll get more games backing up Crawford. Budaj’s role is clear: sit on the bench, start ten games, and be happy you got that many. Emery wouldn’t have liked that, any more than he would have liked playing third string behind Ellis and Hiller in Anaheim.

    • less than colorado was paying him

    • Chorske says:

      Seriously? Mr Road Rage himself? Uh, no.

    • Mark C says:

      Did he look darn good in the playoffs, with that sub .900 SV% and 3 plus GAA in six games? He played fine for ten games and then fell apart when the games matter must. Also, odd that someone who likes to point out from time to time, where would we be if Price got hurt, would advocate a player with part of his leg bone missing.

      Can’t you just stick to the Dustin Penner scouting reports?

  52. Matt. says:

    I’ve looked at this hit many times now, trying to be objective as possible, and this is what confuses me…

    The MacArthur and Abdelkader hit. MacArthur got two games for that hit, and Malone gets zero…
    Not as bad as Mike Murphy’s calls last year, but the main thing is that Campoli seems to be ok

    • Brinkley says:

      Quite simple really.

      Had Malone laid the same hit on a Boston Bruin he would have been suspended – daddy Campbell would have seen to that!

      If Chara did not get suspended for the hit on Max P. there should never be a suspension for any hit in the NHL – just my opinion (except of course hits on a Bruin player).

  53. HabinBurlington says:

    Brad Winchester still an UFA?

  54. sag says:

    Last night on ESPN “classic” games? The February game against the Bruins, where they kicked the snot out of our heavyweights Spacec, Pyatt et al.. It may have been classic to Collie or PJ, but it was embarrassing to many who love the game.

    • C_exacte says:

      you serious??? when does half a year account as a classic, might as well replay the pacioretty hit in between all of these ads that show up every 5 minutes “bruin fans your team was the 2011 stanley cup champs”

      • ProHabs says:

        The Bruins might have been given the Cup last year, but trust me, all of those Boston fans (who also root for the Bruins) are hurting soooo bad these days from the collapse of the BoSox. That has got to be killing them.

      • sag says:

        Yep, the info line said it was a brawl filled classic. Last time I chatted with Webster, assault was not defined the same as brawl. I felt both Pyatt and Spacec indicated to the Briuns they did not want any real part of it. Campbell and Horton (think it was Horton) went at them anyway. Then the Max thing. Turned me off hockey almost enough to miss a shift on RDS.

    • Caper says:

      ESPN Boston Classic perhaps. Lets Yvon Lambert’s winning goal in 1979 agains the Goons. Now that’s a classic.

    • Omit says:

      We did win two of those fights handily, so what are you embarrassed about? Beating up on Spacek and Pyatt is embarrassing, but to the Bruins. Tough team to do something like that, eh?

      “Time wounds all heels”. – J.L.

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