Canadiens hold blood donor clinic


There will be blood at the Bell Centre on Wednesday … and it won’t be because David Desharnais dropped ’em with Shawn Thornton.
The Canadiens are holding their 30th annual blood drive.

It will take place at the Salle des pas perdus, which is in historic Windsor Station. The main entrance is at 1180 Avenue des Canadiens de Montréal (formerly Lagauchetière). Target is 675 units of blood for Héma-Québec.

The event goes from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and will be attended by players, Canadiens alumni and RDS personalities.

If you’re downtown, drop by and help save lives.

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  1. crazyhabsfan says:

    Atta boy Torts! How fun would that be in Montreal?!!

  2. The Pickle says:

    Wow that Kassian hit is disgusting. But is it Zack or Matt? Video title says Zack, announcer in the vid says Matt… if it’s Zack he also got a suspension at the WJC for a headshot. Matt Cooke 2.0 it appears…

  3. montreal ace says:

    I would love to ask Molson if it is feasible to treat Gomez as a business loss, and if the time is next year. I would give him the better part of the season to prove he is still a player, but i dont want to see a guy who wants to be traded, by playing with no effort. I would also like to see not one cent of his salary counted against the cap if he leaves and this means going to Hamilton. We all make mistakes, its by correcting them we learn the most in how to be winners.

  4. Marcusman says:

    What do you think Gallagher would of done had the Habs signed him and kept him on the roster. He’s still has the hot hand…I really think the whole season would started differently for the boys.

    • Chrisadiens says:

      He’s only 19, he needs to develop and not be rushed. Also, could you see him getting any top minutes from JM? He’d prolly play him on the 4th line. I hear what you are saying tho, I can’t wait to see him play either. Just not now, or under JM.

      Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

    • clubdehockey says:

      Probably not much different from what we saw from him in the pre-season (against AHL players, no less) : show flashes of brilliance, but still not be able to score at this level.

      Give him 2 years.

    • Matt. says:

      Gallagher would have toiled on the fourth line and would have been traded eventually to Minnesota for a former first round pick who turns out to be a bust.

  5. Neutral says:

    with the contract Gomez has – you gotta play him 1st or 2nd line or you’ll look like a fool that’s why no one wants him. if a team could get Gomez for 2.5 – 3 mil probably be a line up. he’d be great for a 3rd or 4th line. not for more than 2.5 – 3 mil. personally the way he’s playing 2.5 would be the max….

    • Neutral says:

      I don’t think anyone hates gomez- do something for the team for what he’s paid that’s what we wanna see. every player on this team is paid less than Gomez and they give it their all pretty much every game – he should look in the mirror and give himself some advice.

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      I understand what your saying but your wrong.

      When he first arrives here he has to play top line minutes (because of the contract and the perception that he is a top line guy). This being year 3 with the Habs, you absolutely do not have to play him on the top line just because he makes the most money. Why would you? Because you might embarass your GM? riiight.

      At this point, JM plays him in the top line because
      a) he believes he is a top line guy who is just in a funk (a stanky funk at that) and will come out of it;
      b) He sees something of value that Gomez brings to the 2nd line (which nobody else is seeing); or
      b) He feels he has no other option

      Last year, I would put my money on a combination of A and C. This year, with Eller playing well and DD giving it his all, I would say he no longer can rely on excuse C.

      JM’s mandate is to win… I am guessing PG supports him and his decisions if the team continues to win, even if Gomez is demoted or put in the press box.

      Bottom line is $$$$ y’all. Molson wants the playoffs and PG and JM would be stupid if they purposely put the team in a position where it could miss the playoffs by demoting an effective player and inserting Gomez just because he makes mad stacks.

      Give your head a shake if you think otherwise….

  6. thorandresson says:

    For all the Gomez haters, you gotta love what he told Eller last year “you gotta look at yourself in the mirror, and if you don’t like what you see, you go out there and change it and work harder.”

  7. HABZ24 says:

    gomez should stay the odd man out even when he becomes ready to play. weve given this floater money grubbing do nothing bum more then enough time to get it together.high time we sat out this BUM GOMEZ. what kind of mssg does it send to others on the team, hey we pay 8 million a yr for a guy to be a floater, why should the rest bust it. teams playing great as is, dont upset the apple cart go with whats working.


    • thorandresson says:

      Your logic doesn’t make any sense. Gomez has been on the team a couple of years now, and you know what I’ve noticed this team busting their ass on most nights.

    • shiram says:

      If I’m a young center on the Habs, and I see Gomez faltering, going down to injury, I see it as my chance to make myself a spot on the team, play so well JM can’t take me out.
      It will be very interesting how JM handles Gomez’s return, and I’m sure it will spike up the # of comments on here.

      Moen for powerforward 2011/12!!

    • G-Man says:

      So glad you aren’t the coach or gm.


      When in doubt, blame PP.

  8. durocher says:

    FYI, former 2nd round pick and heavyweight Matt Kassian is on waivers

    • shiram says:

      Winger who’s AHL number looks worst than Moen’s NHL numbers, no thanx.

      Moen for powerforward 2011/12!!

    • Jordio-oh says:

      Whenever anyone complains about how the Habs draft, they should look at Matt Kasian. He was taken 57th overall after a season in the juniors where he had 6 points in 67 games. Unbelievable that (what I’m assuming) a pure fighter like this was taken ahead of Keith Yandle, Kris Letang and Patric Hornqvist.

    • thorandresson says:

      Not to be confused with Buffalo Sabres prospect Zach Kassian who was lights out at the WJC’s last year

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      I have an idea. Let’s stop putting the round in which they were drafted whenever we discuss picking up a new player. It is irrelevant. If he is no longer a prospect, then I don’t care when he was drafted.

      Fomer 2nd round pick… like that means he is good.

      The only time the “draft round” ris elevant is when your discussing player performances.

      i.e. Halak (after the playoff run): It is amazing that he wasn’t drafted until the 4th round in his draft year…


      Since being drafted in the first round, 4th overall, Pouliot has been an utter dissappointment.

      • RGM says:

        Halak was not drafted in the 4th round. He was drafted in the 9th round (which doesn’t exist anymore), 271st overall.

        Regarding when they’re picked, the skill level and projected ability absolutely plays a role. If the Islanders come along and say, “Look, we can’t afford the Tavares contract, we need to deal the #1 2009 overall pick,” do you offer two 4th rounders and Yannick Weber for him? No, you have to offer up someone or a pick that has an equal level of promise to deliver a good player.

        You can say that it doesn’t matter, but it does.

        GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!
        RGM’s Movember page:

  9. The first of many French pieces on Eyes on the Prize! We’re overjoyed to welcome the great Olivier Bouchard as a contributing writer.

    Seriousfan09 has started a Movember team named McPhee’s Irregulars. Donate to him, or me or the team to raise money for a great cause!

  10. JD_ says:

    Molson: “Hey, Pierre, could you come in here for a sec?”
    Gauthier: “What’s on your mind, Geoff?”
    Molson: “I just received a strange phone call. What did ol’ Reggie say the other day?”
    Gauthier: “He compared the Canadiens organization to a couple of 20th century totalitarian regimes that were run by ruthless sociopaths and that employed widespread murder, torture, and intimidation to further their twisted political objectives. They also carried out wholesale genocide.”
    Molson: “Hmm, I see. What is it we do again?”
    Gauthier: “We oversee a bunch of guys who try to put a small chunk of vulcanized rubber into a net.”
    Molson: “Is that it?”
    Gauthier: “There’s another bunch of guys on the other side tryin’ to do the same thing. Whoever does it more often wins.”
    Molson: “Ah, ok. Lunch?”

    St00pid ol’ Reggie. You’ve been obliterated by the Intraternetwebz and now you’re crackin’ up like your bud Bertie did a couple of years ago.

    Enjoy the rest of the slide.

  11. The Pickle says:

    @Marcusman, I can just see Gill lambasting the team between periods against Florida, yelling at everyone about turnovers and sloppy changes, and then turning to Price in his back up’s ball cap and yelling ” and lose the fu*&%ing pink pads” before sitting back down and slamming his stick on the ground. It’s a hilarious mental image..

  12. Ian Cobb says:

    1″Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.”
    – Napoleon Hill

    2″Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship.”
    – General Omar N. Bradley

  13. Chris F says:

    Is there a player in the NHL that is harder to trade than Gomez?
    I don’t think there is.
    Are Eller and Plekanecs better centers than Gomez, without a doubt. Is DD better right now? I think so.
    Is Nokelainen better suited to play center on the fourth line? I think so.
    Gomez comes back means Eller plays the wing. Blunden sits I guess. A big player like Blunden is useful. The fourth line of Blunden, Darche and Petteri had some good shifts against Boston, they were not pushed around. And that was nice to see for a change.
    A big, strong, fourth line that hits is crucial in the league. Nobody needs this more than this team. And no GM did less to address it than PG. Ryan White with Moen and Petteri could be very good.

    I wonder how Gomez feels seeing his team have success without him? His stopping short and reluctance to drive to the net should be getting him time in the press box.

    • RGM says:

      Luongo, DiPietro, Lecavalier, Ehrhoff, was going to say Campbell but then I remember he was traded, there’s a few pretty immovable deals out there.

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!
      RGM’s Movember page:

      • J_P says:

        Erhoff is a heck of a player though, and I definitely think he’s tradeable. Everyone else on your list i agree with.

      • ffenliv says:

        The DiPetro deal is THE most untradeable contract out there. They signed him until the age of 85 for WAY more money than he’s worth. Factor in his constant injuries – and there you have it.

        Of course, even one stanley cup can erase all the bad signings. If the Habs were to win the cup next year with Gomez on the books, but sitting in the press box, or being useless on the ice, it wouldn’t matter.

        So, the solution to the Gomez problem isn’t to trade him, or to get him to play better. It’s just to win the cup. Easy-peasy.

    • Mats Naslund says:

      If he does get traded this year I would imagine it will come very close tot he deadline to a low-salary team looking to unload an impending expensive UFA. That way the team will not have to take on a bunch of Gomez’ expensive salary, yet will reap the reward of his higher cap hit to dollars paid salary next season. Moving him will also probably require throwing a prospect into the deal to sweeten it. I’d be very surprised to see Gomez moved under another scenario.

      • J_P says:

        We definitely need some decent play from him to make him attractive in any way. No team is going to pay a player 5.5 and 4.5 million for 37 points even if they’re getting 2 million of extra cap usage out of it.

    • CanadienBoy says:

      Gomez is done every time he drive to the net he get hurt .He just can not do it anymore.

    • thorandresson says:

      Actually Gomez is quite tradeable.

      His cap hit for the last 2 years is 7.35 as it always has been but his actual salary is 5.5 and 4.5 million, so a team that is looking to save money and stay close the cap minimum could save 4.7 million dollars if they were to acquire Gomez. Montreal could do the same of course, but I think they rather spend the money on players and cap relief rather than in their pockets. So he should be gone by this summer.

  14. The Pickle says:

    Pads is one thing, they require breaking in. His mask? He could wear a new one every night and not notice a difference (because there wouldn’t be any). I wonder who actually made the call to Pearn the Pink Pads, if it was JM or PG. Although I doubt JM even noticed he had different pads, maybe Perry hadn’t written it in JM’s notepad and that’s why he was Pearned?

    • Marcusman says:

      My guess is the order to sink the pink came from Hal Gill. Carey said the order came from “High up” and it’s just the thing a veteran leader would say to motivate his team while trying to snap a losing streak……” and ditch the f@#king pink pads!”

  15. The Pickle says:

    Perhaps Gomez should give some blood, and then next time we play the Broons, we can high stick Chara and Lucic bad enough that they need a transfusion. Fill em up with a little Essence of Gomez and watch their skills plummet.

  16. DEANDALLEY says:

    Get real People.

    Carey’s Pink pads, his new masks have nothing to do with how he plays.

    People have different ways of supporting their causes.

    Carey Price is all class. Some people should learn from him!

    If Carey kept wearing the Pink equip, he still would have won 3 in a row.

    Give it a rest people!

    “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”

    • ffenliv says:

      It’s hard to deny the superstitious nature of many professional athletes. I am, in this and in life, generally quite unwilling to ‘blame’ external factors. In this case, however, the totally unrelated factor equipment could, I suppose, have made its way into Price’s/the team’s/management’s heads.

      There’s also the matter of new equipment. It’s possible it wasn’t broken in quite in the way he liked it.

      I’m not blaming the equipment itself, but I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say it played its way into the superstitious head of one or more people.

      Didn’t Gainey banish the historic barber-pole jerseys, never to be seen again, after always losing in them?

      I totally think Price is a class act for all these gear auctions for charity, and I hope he continues to do so (and don’t imagine he will stop), but the human mind is a stupid thing!

      • marzdesign says:

        to DEANDALLEY
        You get really, goalies are of an other type of player and persona… I wont take anything away from Carey, but i remember second famous soft-more he was sporting his red pads glove and blocker after the all-star break and he played terrible…i am not nhl goalie but i have played goalie for 15 years and when you switch equipment it will screw you up…look at every game that Price hand a new helmet he lost….or most of them example Heritage classic last year against Calgary…

    • HabinBurlington says:

      It is my understanding he has more than one pair of socks also, DAMN you Carey just wear the same jock strap and socks as you did against Boston the rest of the season you neurotic superstitious blank!

    • Stev.R says:

      Although I agree that the pads technically had nothing to do with it, and I find superstitions silly, I do believe in the power of routines. When one does something over and over, like driving to work, eventually a phenomena called “automatic thinking” starts to happen. Once automatic thinking starts a player can focus on something else while doing their routine. It’s possible that the pink pads, just by being something different than normal, could have interrupted his automatic thinking, and caused him to lose focus, for even a brief second.

    • shiram says:

      Maybe switching gear had a placebo effect on Price?
      Besides the pink gear was just ugly.

      Moen for powerforward 2011/12!!

      • jmsheehy19 says:

        A number of psychological studies have shown despite evidence against luck or superstition, the mere belief in them can have noticeable consequences. So that very well may be the case.

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      Don’t poo poo the danger of the double P!

    • DearyLeary says:

      Doesn’t matter. It’s Movember now, and the Power ‘stache is coming back. Fear the Pricey ‘stache.

  17. DEANDALLEY says:

    While the Red Cross is there, have them give the Habs some of the Wolverine’s Blood!

    “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”

  18. Higman says:

    [Halls of Copps Coliseum]

    Coach Jodoin: (to himself) Ugh, three losses in a row, what am I going to do?

    Gauthier: (in low voice from the popcorn stand) Pssst! Hey, Jodoin, over here.

    Jodoin: Huh? What was that? (Looks around. Halls are empty.)

    Gauthier: Pssst! Jodoin, over here! The popcorn stand.

    Jodoin: (Looks to the popcorn stand, sees top of Gauthier’s head.) Who is that back there?

    Gauthier: It’s me, Pierre!

    Jodoin: What are you doing back there, Pierre?

    Gauthier: I’m hiding.

    Jodoin: Hiding? From what?

    Gauthier: Didn’t you see that article Tremblay wrote about me? The media is on to me. I have to keep it low for a while, ya know what I mean?

    Jodoin: (Hears scuffling behind popcorn stand) Who is that back there with you?

    Gauthier: Shhhh!

    (Voice whines from behind stand): Can I come out now? My shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore.

    Jodoin: What the – ?

    Gauthier: (makes kicking motion) Quiet, you! Your shoulder does so still hurt. Do what you’re told!

    (Gomez pops his head up from behind the stand.)

    Gomez: Why do I have to hide behind this popcorn stand? My legs are getting tired crouching back here.

    Jodoin: Woah! Gomez? Pierre? What’s going on here?

    [Backup goal tender, Mayer appoaches]

    Gauthier: Hide! (Shoves Gomez back down and ducks)

    Jodoin: Hey Mayer, good show last night. We’ll get ’em next game.

    Mayer: Ya, coach. (Mayer keeps going)

    Gauthier: Whew, that was close! Look, there’s not much time. We gotta talk business. We need to squeak Gomez in. Now’s the time. What do ya got for me?

    Jodoin: Uh… you wanna put Gomez in my line up?

    Gauthier: Yup. Let’s do this thing.

    Gomez: (rising from behind stand) I’m ok. Really, I’m ok. My shoulder’s great. See! (Waving and flapping arm like a goose flapping wings)

    Gauthier: Don’t pay attention to him. We need to do this quick. Hopefully no one notices. We gotta sneak him into your line up before Treamblay gets any closer.

    Jodoin: Uh, well, uh…

    Gauthier: What’s the matter?

    Jodoin: Well, we’re kinda on a losing skid and I was kinda hoping to get out of it… know what I mean? (Coughs) Uh, he’s injured. Just keep him on injured reserve.

    Gomez: It’s fine!! (Swinging arm around like an orangutan looking for a mate)

    Gauthier: (Punches Gomez in shoulder) Shut up, you!

    Gomez: Ouchy, ouchy.

    Jodoin: Well, Bruiser was asking for a couple nights off. Maybe Gomez could dress as the mascot? No one would even know it was him.

    Gauthier: Ya. Do it.

    • RGM says:


      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!
      RGM’s Movember page:

    • petefleet says:

      That is the funniest post I’ve read in a long time. Good job. I wish it were true though.

      Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

      ***Habs Forever***

    • eric says:

      that would be PSST MR. Jodoin, it’s me MR Gauthier with MR Gomez

      • Higman says:

        Gomez: (calls his wife) Guess what, hon?!

        Wife: What’s up baby cakes?

        Gomez: They finally made me an official cheerleader!

        Wife: You’re taking Youppie’s place?

        Gomez: Close! I’m going to be Bruiser!! Gotta work my way up, they said, before I get to be Youppie.

        Wife: You gonna be able to do the job with your hurt shoulder?

        Gomez: Uh, hmm, my shoulder’s fine. (Muttering to self) Job… work… ugh… You know, on second thought, maybe I should call in today, feeling a little cramp in my, er, neck. Hard to wear those heavy mascot masks with a hurt neck.

        When the tough gets going, the laughs start flowing. Like Price said, “Chill.”

  19. shameless patting myself on the back time, goin to NYC this weekend, forgot the habs’ll be there too, so i took a peak at ticket availability and i am so stoked to be cheerin on the boys at msg on saturday, even though its a crappy hockey venue

  20. RGM says:

    I posted this last night and I will post it again this morning, because it’s always fun and of interest when this sort of thing happens. Carey’s mask artist, David Arrigo, tweeted last night that he has finished the work on Carey’s Remembrance Day 2011 mask. It will debut next week against the Oilers. Mask celebrates the history of all of Canada’s armed forces with a special bit of emphasis on Quebec’s contributions to the Canadian Forces. It will be auctioned off at Legends Depot after the 11th.

    More info as I get it. 🙂

    GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!
    RGM’s Movember page:

  21. Malreg says:

    So Rejean Tremblay thinks the Canadiens Management is just like the propaganda machine of Nazi Germany, or Soviet Russia…

    Has this guy ever taken a history class? If he has any press credentials with the Canadiens I hope they are revoked immediately.

    • RD says:

      They wont be revoked. When ever someone operates in a way that upsets unreasonable people, they’ll invoke the nazi, the hitlers and whatever else to draw attention to themselves.

      If he wanted to be accurate, he could have simply compared Gauthier to Stephen Harper. After he won the election, he severely limited press access to the government.

      A fair comparison and no raw wounds opened up in the process.

  22. gwebster says:

    Gallagher scored 3 goals and got 1 assist last night. He got points on all 4 of Vancouver’s goal. I still remember Boone calling him a bubble prospect last summer!

    • DearyLeary says:

      And rightly so. His size will always bring questions about how he will transition to professional hockey.

      On the bright side he showed admirably during the preseason (but so did Guimauve among others gone by the wayside).

      We’re likely to see him at the World Juniors this year, and we can expect him to put up a lot of points (so did Danny Kristo when he was playing in the WJHC as a 19 year old). It doesn’t always guarantee success in the NHL.

      We need to stop treating prospects as “can’t miss” the second we see some success at any level. Gallagher has a strong skillset: he’s improved his footspeed appreciably, he goes to the net with purpose, he has good instincts, and finishes well. Will he be a 50 goal scorer in the NHL, extremely doubtful; will he be able to handle zone coverage, unsure; will he win battles on the boards with much larger defencemen, probably not (although his tenacity is a great asset of his).

      I think he’ll make the NHL, but just because he’s scoring hat-tricks in junior let’s not prop him up as the ‘next one’.

    • I watched the game last night. Ovechkin’s play is weak, slow, and his shooting was off. When the Caps pulled the goalie, and placed 6 players on the ice, Boudreau put the 6 hardest working guys on, and it payed off.

      I never read the above article, but I don’t care who you are, management has to play to win. Leave the losing to others.

      Shane Oliver
      Brandon, MB,Canada
      R7B 2R7
      Ph- 204 724 8418

    • avatar_58 says:

      Doesn’t sound like it, just sounds like Ovechkin had a bad game

      • habs12 says:

        Judging by ovechkins reaction, he knows he isn’t playing that well..the crazy thing about ovie is that even when playing badly he is still a point per game player.

    • J_P says:

      Even if there was, washington would be smart enough to fire the coach, unlike a bleu/blanc/rouge wearing franchise lol

      I think giving ovie the C was the worst idea. He is washingtons best player, but he’s definitely not their best leader. Brooks Laich should be their captain. I think if ovie wasnt wearing the C he would be a much better player.

  23. HabinBurlington says:

    Amazing how Kyle Turris and his agent have turned him into such a wanted player. FOr a guy who was drafted high in the first round and yet to show alot, he has Marketed himself into quite the position. Of course he is still at the poker table and if Maloney and Turris don’t agree on contract soon or trade him, he won’t play any hockey this year.

    So, the question is, does Turris really have what it takes to be a 1st or 2nd line bonafide Center? Seems to have quite a few teams believing he does. Not sure I like how he has handled this scenario, but he does essentially play for a team run by Bettman, that can’t be good can it?

    • stevieboy says:

      Says Gomez has been the prime supporter of Eller, helping him along. That alone shows Gomez has helped this team. Pretty impressive.


      • nunacanadien says:

        Gomez is the great cheer leader. But at 7 million a year, he is a very expensive stable pony then, what, Gomez also gives backrubs to Subban? What other excuse do we need to have this small man basically destroy our on ice work ethic? Never mind cheer leading and giving back rubs in the dressing room. We hired Gomez to score and play hockey. All he does it play hot potatoe with the puck for fear of getting hit. Gomez needs to go.

      • habfan53 says:

        I saw the interview last night on RDS. Eller was very complimentary to Gomez.

    • G-Man says:

      Kyle Turris’ agent is giving a young untried player extremely bad advice. He should have signed an entry level contract and gone to work proving his worth. Instead, Turris looks like an idiot who may lose a complete season.
      16 points in 65 games shows he’s like Eller in production (last season). He has no bargaining power- hopefully he will smarten up and get back to playing- he has already pretty much lost the first half of this season.

      When in doubt, blame PP.

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      I don’t believe I would want him on my team. Get rid of the clubhouse lawyers? Of course, Billy Martin wasn’t always right.

    • J_P says:

      Ive read that calgary and ottawa are two of the primary teams targeting him. It makes complete sense because both teams lack depth at center, and dont really have any potential star centers in the system.

      I dont even know what Turris is thinking on this one. I understand he was rushed in the NHL and could maybe turn out to be a good player, but his attitude is all wrong. Hes getting some real bad advice from his agent.

  24. Ian Cobb says:

    Another sad day for our country in the war efforts of another military family yesterday.

    As I stood on the side of the 401 Hi-Way of hero’s with my flag again, we repatriated yet another fallen soldier back home.!

    Give blood! and wear a poppy!

  25. petefleet says:

    About Joe Thornton: He’s a notorious whiner. I remember last year or the year before when the Habs were handing the Sharks thier own ass, he cried between periods that they were obviously the better team. At the time MTL was up in the game 3-1 or something. I don’t put any weight behind anything he says. Let’s look at it another way. BOS got rid of him and SJ hasn’t done a GD thing with him in the lineup. Joe is a snivelling jerk and very poor loser….and Torts is right, he hasn’t won anything of any importance. His team mates should be ashamed of him. I am.

    Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

    ***Habs Forever***

    • twilighthours says:

      I think MTL went up 3-0 or 4-0 in that game, and then hung on for 2 periods and barely squeaked it out. I remember thinking afterwards, “Joe was right.”

      But Joe is soft and has a history of shabby playoff performances.

      • avatar_58 says:

        Aruging you are the better team from a losing standpoint is just that – loser talk.

        “Losers always whine about their best, winners go home and f*** the prom queen”

        • petefleet says:

          Well said.

          Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

          ***Habs Forever***

        • twilighthours says:

          We do that all the time on HIO. So many of us complained that the Habs were actually the better team after the loss to Boston last year.

        • bleedhabs81 says:

          Don’t f*** the princess. Do the maid

          -Matt Good-

          Of course, to put this in context, he called out his wife for being a gold digger on another song on the album…

      • petefleet says:

        What part of Toronto are you from?

        Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

        ***Habs Forever***

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Agree about Thornton, but in fairness to him he did leave the Bruins. That counts for something.

      OK maybe not of his own free will but it still counts.

    • J_P says:

      Its actually just funny because of one of the biggest knocks on Joe Thornton is that he is a soft player. Pretty ironic of him to be calling another team soft.

  26. Mats Naslund says:

    I have to agree with what has been posted below. Eller’s giveaway was a very generous non-call as he was being slashed repeatedly by a player not quick enough to catch up to him. Not a whole lot he could do on that play differently other than ice the puck and cause a different bad play. Eller is the kind of young player who excels with creative players. He’s got incredible vision and he can stick handle in a phone booth.

    • stephen says:

      I could see that giveaway coming when Eller chose not to pass the puck off to the defenseman (can’t remember who it was…) toward the boards for a give-and-go and instead trying his own luck up the middle.

      Rewinding that play even further, I think there was a turnover that sent the Habs back into their zone to begin with, so it was a bad shift overall.

      I have no doubt Eller will learn to make a quicker, safer decision next time. Just hope Martin has patience enough for him to grow.

      • Mats Naslund says:

        you’re absolutely right – the neutral zone turnover forced the tired line back into the defensive zone to clear it again – which was why Eller was the one to start the break out.

  27. Bill J says:

    Rejean Tremblay is merely upset that the information he needs to validate his job is being controlled. Freedom of the press ?

    Are you kidding me ?

    Why not use that angle with companies that are linked to our every day lives, and not entertainment.

    IE, the Government, Big Tobacco, Gas prices (why are Americans paying half what we are for gas at the pumps), education etc etc… The press in this case is a farce, nice try Rejean.

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

    • gwebster says:

      Yeah, Rejean is one pathetic loser. Comparing Guathier to Hitler or the Soviets is absolutely accurate and warranted. Let’s occupy the Bell Centre! Seriously though, the Canadiens are generous enough with information and have little obligation to provide us with anything.

  28. 24 Cups says:

    Five signs that the Apocalypse can’t be too far off.

    1. Chris Higgins scores his 6th goal of the season in just 12 games. We all know the symbolism behind the number six. Too bad it didn’t happen on Hallow’s Eve instead of last night.

    2. Clueless cops shoot and kill two harmless cows in a residential neighbourhood. If this was hockey, Shanahan would be looking at a 20 game suspension with no pay for these thugs.

    3. Kim Kardashian quits her marriage after just 72 days. She received tons of coin for the staged event to the tune of $700,000 a day fo the short time she was married. Kind of reminds me of Scott Gomez playinfg for the Habs.

    4. The PM of Greece decides to put his own interests above those of the world economy. Even then, the riff raff in the country riot over the notion that there might be a referendum. I say we cut Greece loose and let them turn into a 3rd world country. Better yet, they can become the Phoenix Coyotes.

    5. Christmas commercials have now started on television. I live in fear of what the advertising department at Tim Hortons must be dreaming up right now. The same mundane message repeated over and over again. Much like a video clip of a Jacques Martin interview.

    Sunny and a high of 16 today. One last chance to play the game of honour and integrity.

  29. A-Titties says:

    Regarding Eller…

    Jacques, he hasn’t shown you he can score because you haven’t put him consistently on a line with highly skilled players, and because you’ve forced him into a defensive role and benched him whenever he tries to step outside of it. It is a good thing that he is becoming a well rounded player, but he certainly looked like a guy who can bury thirty plus when he pulled that sick toe drag and fired a laser the other night against the Bruins.

    As for the giveaway – it was pretty obvious that should have been two minutes for slashing to anyone that was watching, I don’t get why JM and some fans are ragging on him for that. He was just starting the breakout, and would have been just fine if he hadn’t taken a two hander that 99 times out of a 100 is called a slash.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I think he is improving offensively, but he also completely missed/whiffed on an empty cage when fed beautifully that game, and got stoned by Rask on another one timer. That toe drag was beautiful and hope his finish is improving.

      But he still has work to do on his offensive game.

  30. The Cat says:

    I wonder if anyone really cares deep down about hearing what R.Ladouceur really has to say. I cant imagine theres that much of a demand. Most habs fans care more about the gossip than they do actual hockey.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  31. HabinBurlington says:

    Have to admit, I was quite surprised when I hear Thornton’s comments regarding the Ranger, especially considering they just lost the game. Torterella is pure entertainment, you knew that his response at the press conference wouldn’t be the end of it.

    Oh Joe, why you doing this to yourself, I wonder what PG/JM would think if one of their players said that after a game, LOL.

  32. HabinBurlington says:

    So I read the Google Translate version of Tremblay’s rant. Am I correct in assuming the issue is PG not letting Tremblay interview Ladouceur? And who in the article is referencing this to Soviet Union and Nazi Germany?

    I am amazed lately, it seems for a few weeks now there have been multiple references to Nazi Germany at this place. I found nothing wrong with Hal Gill commenting on his mustache, but the rest of these references need to come to a stop.

    Having a father who lived through that regime and spend the better parts of 10 years in a prison camp during WWII, I can assure whoever makes the reference that there is actually zero similarities.

    Is PG overprotective, yah sure sounds like it, do I wish we had a bit more access to information, yah probably. But the track record of the Montreal Hockey Media taking information and running with it suggests that PG and BG probably like to keep as much info. close to their vest as possible.

    Reporters are still allowed to dig and work their stories, if they have to work a bit harder, well so are the rest of us working stiffs today.

    But enough of these ridiculous comparisons to Eastern Bloc and Nazi Germany, that is just plain stupid.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Tremblay is out to lunch of course with his comparison to totalitarianism, but he’s right about the Habs secrecy obsession. It’s just hockey ffs. Let the fellow give an interview.

      • G-Man says:

        PG is probably stopping language issue nonsense before it starts. It is Rejean Tremblay, after all, crap journalist and soft porn fiction writer. Let him rot.


        When in doubt, blame PP.

  33. HolyHabs says:

    There is some nice middle ground between the Blowhard in Toronto and the Ghost in Montreal. The guy on the other side of the 401 kisses every camera and mike within a mile. The guy on this side believes he will get some fatal plague.

    It’s easy to understand how the Ghost of Montreal wants to control the message as the media here try and twist and turn and play gotcha with every word and at every turn, but some common sense should apply.

    Withholding interviews sometimes also says a lot about how you trust the people that work for you. What could Ladouceur say that would make the Omerta house of cards come tumbling down?

    • HardHabits says:

      The journalists (in this case the French press) only have themselves to blame.

      My view is the Habs are too open to the press with the players. These so called journalists should try and actually work for a living rather than have everything handed to them on a silver platter.

      • HolyHabs says:

        In the good old days, Tremblay and Burt Raymond ruled. They had inside access and leakers. They would print their scoops and walk around like rock stars like they knew more than everyone else. They even served a purpose to get on the lazy guys or set the table to run someone out of town. No more. That’s why the grizzlies are p*ssed.

        • G-Man says:

          Journalists “running” players and management out of town is just a display of arrogance and ignorance. Especially those 2 political putzes.


          When in doubt, blame PP.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        It’s just hockey. It’s a diversion, not something really important.

  34. HardHabits says:

    Réjean Tremblay is such an A-hole. Two words lazy boy. Investigative Journalism. It’s something you in your cushy little world of easy access to wannabe vedettes wouldn’t understand even if it was translated for you in an article written by Francois Gagnon.

    Good on the Habs for keeping a lid on things. There’s an old expression, “loose lips, sink ships.”

    I am sure the reporters who broke Watergate bemoaned the Nixon’s administration’s access to information too.

    • 24 Cups says:

      The situation reminds me of Stephen Harper and the way he runs his Conservative party.

      • HolyHabs says:

        You’re in the wrong toilet. Open the door, take a left turn and another left turn then another left turn and you should arrive at your desired location.

        • Chris says:

          Oh, phew. I thought for a crazy second there that Steve’s comparing the Montreal Canadiens’ media access policies that limit access to more junior members of the organization to the Conservative Government of Canada’s media access policies that limit media access to more junior Members of Parliament might have been a good one.

          Thank you for pointing out that it was nothing but left-wing drivel.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        Good analogy 24C. The PC sell Canadian nationalism and the Habs sell the mystique of the Canadiens, but in reality they’re both corporate fellators.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Investigative journalism? About hockey?

      Does Gauthier think the assistant to the assistant coach is going to slip up and reveal some secret that will … what … cause fans to stop buying tickets and beer?

  35. christophor says:

    I wasn’t aware “freedom of the press” meant “we can access any information we want”.

    Silly me thought it was about not being prosecuted, persecuted, or threatened for what one writes.

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