Canadiens hit the road after Thursday practice

Destination Pittsburgh, where they will play the Penguins Friday night.
Then a post-game flight to Toronto for a Saturday date with the Leafs, who also are battling for a playoff spot.
With a greater chance of success.

Pat Hickey’s game story

Quotes from the room

Dave Stubbs on Rene Bourque’s stand-up performance

Red Fisher’s column

John Kenney photo gallery

Pierre Ladouceur’s game report card


  1. timothy13 says:

    Okay, every empire eventually falls so the Habs will go through turmoil before they see success. Gainey did some damage and it is being seen now. Again. The success in the playoff two years ago is proving to be a fluke. Price is not a contender but a bust to have been kept on the team. Mmmmmmm, a major clean out from top to bottom for this team and that starts with the GM, coach, trainers, psychologists etc because the Montreal Canadiens lack confidence. Big time. I suppose fans will come back when they know there is a team that wants to and can win….not this year, next year is a maybe…………….sad but true……………

  2. Boomer says:

    Dave stubb’s article on rene bourque had an interesting quote from hamrlik… (on contract negotitations) “i wish montreal had handled the situation better”, i remember Sopel saying a similar thing in the offseason, i think PG firing coaches before games and trading players mid game, throwing cunneyworth under the bus and now this, he’s turning what used to be a first class franchise into a classless joke.

    Boom baby!

  3. Slightly Habnormal says:

    It would be very nice if we could replace Gauthier before the trade deadline. Frankly, the fact that he was able to pull the trigger on the Cammy deal scares me in that ownership is not keeping him on a short leash and he’ll be around another year.

    Replacing the GM needs to come before replacing the coach for obvious reasons..doing it before trade deadline gives the new GM opportunities to clean house and make deals before the draft. If Habs are looking to rebuild..then rebuild. In my mind the nucleus of this team should be:

    Price, Subban, Patches, Plecs, Cole, Emelin and you build from there (not to say that Bourque, DD, Ellers, AK etc are fodder but you need players to trade for players and in my opinion, with the exception of Bourque, they all seem to be cut from the same cloth)

    With the way the season is going we may have a top 5 draft pick which hasn’t happened since we won Price in the lottery (and the time pefore that we got Petr Svoboda) Our new GM needs to put those pieces in place first and then hire a coach he can work with.

    The more you know the less the better!

    • --Habs-- says:

      I don’t want to trash the parade here but its already too late for that this year. Assuming Molson replaced him today a new GM wouldn’t have enough time to make drastic changes.

  4. PeterStone says:

    I think the fact they are losing, and losing often is a good thing. Anyone who has followed NHL hockey, knows, small teams dont win cups. This season has finally shown the Habs ownership what everyone else in hockey already knew. Perhaps we even get lucky and we get new team management. I am going to make a prediction .. Management gets wiped clean .. Pierre Maguire gets hired with Scotty Bowman coming back as a consultant.

    I also think this team is better than it has displayed all year. On the wings you have MaxPac, Bourque, Cole, Gionta. Down the middle someone has to go. I dont think DD has much value … i am still not sold on Eller’s ability to be a Top 2 C in this league, but one of either Pleks or Lar’s has to go.

    Dee, thats where the mess really lies. Diaz, Weber, Kabs, broken Markov .. thats ugly. At least 2 of those have to be gone, and one has to be Kabs, the other should be Weber. Get some size, toughness, nastiness on Dee , and PRAY that Markov can come back. If he doesnt come back, then the problems are even bigger. Emelin, PK and JG are a solid core to build around.

    In nets I still believe Price can lead this team, though he needs to step up. He let in many weak goals this year and at terrible times in the games. yesterday for instance, weak 2nd goal against TB to put them back in the game. he needs to step up, he isnt “young” anymore.

    Hopefully the right GM can lead us.

  5. All the negatives on this site is nothing but trashing this player and another player. Trade this guy and that guy. My question is who will Habs get in return for any under achievers playing for our Habs.

    Majority has thrown Price under the bus and feed to the wolves. Its time for Carey Price to sit out all remainding HOME games. Price will not have to face the media after every practise or game. Price just cannot win at home and the record speaks for itself.

    Time to play Budaj and let him play goal until seasons end. Price looked asleep and lazy last night. The pressure in Montreal is getting to him and physically burning him out inside. It seems Price cannot be sleeping to well lately or there is more to the story? If this trend continues until trade deadline, PG better have to make neccessary trades to better the team next season?

    Trading Price to a contender that requires goaltending like St Jose for prospects and their 1st rounder 2012. Habs signed a goalie in the off season.

    How’s that feel to all the trolls out there????????

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      Yeah, no.

      Maybe Budaj should get a few more starts but you don’t sit Price for the rest of the season. That is an idiotic suggestion.

      Price needs to play, even if the intent is to trade him. It will make him better in the long run (just make sure you don’t wear him out by playing him every game).

      Also, if you put Price on the trading block, you better get more than one first round pick. I am pretty sure most GM’s see more value in the kid than most of the fans in Montreal. I read that somewhere but I can find the link, so, take it with a grain of salt please.

  6. The Dude says:

    This team is soooo f’d -up man and NO WONDER WHY ! Price and Halak were the best tandem any team had and if one was off then you could throw in the other and it would pick up the team…so what do they do ,MOVE Halak”Stupid!” .And the so called management locks us down with the theory that a team of dwarfs can together mitey mouse the Habs to the Finals and are sighed too long term multy multy million dollar contracts”FAIL”. Then to address our lack of size and toughness they put Diaz ,Kabs and Campoli on the D” what!” and the best part is we play in the same Division as Boston and Philly “strike 4!” And it goes on and on with this Crap! And now rumors that Price’s agent want more than $7 million per on a long term “Just f’n lovely!”
    and last nights must win game ” What a joke and a choke!” Why don’t we just go over to the Rockets grave and blow it up while we’re at it….oh ,the shame!

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      Same division as boston, not the same division as Philly.

      Same conference as Philly. Now the next time you rant you can get it correct.

      Knowledge is Power!

  7. LNev says:

    So, regarding the photo… is that before or after insertion.

    Whichever… it’s a nice metaphor for the season.

  8. ed lopaz says:

    Is Price to “blame” for last night’s loss?


    When you don’t score, you don’t win!

    Was Price ready for those first 2 goals that were scored?


    When a goalie is so deep in his crease, he can not cover the angle properly, which allowed the first goal to hit the far corner.

    On the second goal, with AK 46 wrapping himself around the shooter but trying desperately not to take a penalty, Price was again surprised when the shot was released,

    and his move to fall down to his knees deep in his crease was the direct result of him not being ready.

    The team was clearly deflated when they fell behind 2-0.

    I know I was very upset.

    The third goal was scored through a screen on the power play. Not the type of goal where a goalie should be criticized.

    Overall, the last 20 games or so, Price has not been “hot”.

    This team needs hot goaltending to compete and to win.

    • Bleu blanc rouge says:

      It hurts me to say this but I have to stop letting my hopes cloud what my eyes tell me. Carey Price will probably never be a great goalie. I think he’s a pretty good goalie, but I just don’t see that compete level that a Patrick Roy had, you know that absolutely hate to lose mentality. Now I think we all would agree that Roy was a bit of a hot head, and maybe a bit too outspoken sometimes but it all stemmed from his absolute hate of losing. I think technically Price is a better goalie than Roy was, look at the equipement today and how light it is. Look at how effortlessly Price moves in it to make a save. Look at his positioning in the net. He is a lot bigger and a lot more square to the puck more often than Roy ever was. Price is very sound in the technical aspect of goaltending. Where Price falls short is his emotional side of goaltending. He doesn’t hate to lose enough to sprawl desperately across the net to make those desperation saves you used to see Roy make when you thought the puck was certainly going into the net. Roy had that intensity and desperation, Kipprusoff has it in Calgary, Tim Thomas has it in Boston and maybe a couple other goalies that escape me. Carey Price does not!

  9. keithman11 says:

    I signed up to say that most of you ‘fans’ are just in panic mode and would be terrible General Managers. One bad season and it’s time to throw away Price, Subban, basically the few pieces that HAVE future potential, because one had a bad game, and one didn’t get along with the coach that everyone wanted to get fired anyways?

    Subban is obviously a bit screwed up, but how many sophomore slumps have we seen from some future stars, and how many of them were traded?

    Price was below average last night, but if you’re team can’t score a goal then what’s the point? Luongo, Fleury, Lundqvist, Brodeur, all these guys have had slumps, but their teams will help them out a bit. Price HAS to be perfect, and that’s an unreasonable expectation for anyone to have.

    Really disappointed in this team, but the fans have become tiring to read. “Trade everyone!” Just isn’t a solution. What is? Probably nothing for this season – trade a couple assets for some picks and know that next year won’t be as bad as this one.

    And drop the Price/Halak debate. Can’t we accept that they are both very good goalies? Besides, Halak has yet to play a full season as a starter and do well. He’s a great 1B as of now, but don’t act like he doesn’t have anything to prove. One playoff run doesn’t make a career, and I bet you if Halak was here and Price had his last season in St Louis, there would have been mass habs fan suicide.

    • ont fan says:

      I’m with you some vets, if you are under 25 you stay. Last night was a stinker for everyone. We have a less than 10% chance of making the playoffs so we are sellers. Move who can be moved.

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      There you go trying to use common sense and logic. When will you learn? IT’S DOOM, I TELL YOU! DOOM!

      For the record I couldn’t agree more.
      Go Habs!

  10. Le Jadester says:

    Where is this JM is gonna be our next GM coming from ?
    Tell me its a bad joke ? Please ?
    Like WTF ?

    Habs, OLE !

    • SmartDog says:

      Well he’s been a GM before, and according to some may be a better GM than coach. He also knows the team (from his own 1950’s sort of view).

      Oh – and one more SMALL thing. He’s on the books for about $2 million over the next two years… so Molson wouldn’t have to spend more money on a GM and it would keep cash in his pocket. If JM becomes the GM it’s a sign that Molson’s thinking with his wallet. Period.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

      • powdered toastmann says:

        Scary stuff…

        Not sure if you can attribute Florida’s impressive improvement to JM’s departure, but as we all recall, JM left his GM position under the Royal palms and plunked himself down as the Habs coach a couple of years ago…I’m thinking (w/o any research) that you might be able to make a strong case for Florida’s recent resurgence based on the timing of JM’s heading out the door.

        • Natrous says:

          That’s a nice thought, but I don’t think it’s true. Dale Tallon has done more to improve Florida in two years than the previous few. Martin’s drafting history in FLA hasn’t looked good, and the team record during his time there was average at best, with – count’em – ZERO playoff appearances.

          Just like SmartDog said, if Molson hires Martin it’ll be to save money, not win championships.

    • LNev says:

      Dreger had him as his #1 name to replace Gauthier on TSN last night.

      Dreger is also a fool, whose best insights mimic Bob MacKennzie’s and show up about a minute after MacKenzie posts his.

      He also never makes a statement. He never takes a stand, for example, he’ll say something like this:

      “There is a possibiltity that Montreal may consider making changes in the Front office before the end of the season, or during the off season.”

      Or basically: “I dunno, maybe… I’ll see what Bob says.”

      • powdered toastmann says:

        To start…absolutely necessary that the team is purged of JM, PG and BG. in any decision making capacity

        anything less signals more of the same, year in year out…ad infinitum

  11. Willy says:

    When Price steals a game he is a god. When he has a bad one then he is a sieve and should be traded for a bag of pucks. What is wrong with you people? Hopefully he signs a contract just long enough to get him to UFA status and then leaves so he doesn’t have to deal with this anymore, cause it seems to me he deserves better than the fans and media here give him. Most nights he is the only thing going for this team, but it’s pretty easy to forget that when he has a bad game isn’t it. Same goes for Subban, he should get out while he still has potential and desire to play.

    Lifetime fan of the team but ardent hater of the majority of the fan base.

  12. sherburnehabfan says:

    What has happened to the Habs powerplay this year?? They have gone game after game, month after month with NO improvement. Is it as simple as not having Kirk Muller anymore? If the Habs only had a 20% powerplay they would be in the playoff run.

    Hockey is a game played with a clock, the more time you play in the offensive side of center ice the less pressure you put on the defense.

    • RGM says:

      Hell even a 15% PP would be enough to at least be in the thick of things. 20% is getting up near League leader territory. Granted, that’s where they’ve been many of the past several seasons, so yeah point taken.

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
      Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

  13. DorvalTony says:

    How can the team rebuild with that sieve Price in the net?

    Btw Halak moved into 7th place in the NHL yesterday, next he’ll pass Tim Thomas to move into 6th.

    Canadiens traded the wrong goalie.

    • Willy says:

      Don’t you ever get tired of saying the same thing day in and day out. C’mon man.

    • habs178 says:

      I agree. I would’ve kept Halak too. I also think the year that Carb was fired, his biggest mistake was continuously playing Price after the all star break (when he rushed back from injury). What was our record at the end? Halak was on fire for the team while Carey was out, and we just went on a downward spiral when Carey came back. I yelled every damn night at the TV hoping to **** that Carbo would Halak in and he never did. First round exit thanks to the Bruins.

      I haven’t commented on the Price/Halak thing because really there’s nothing we can do, but I honestly think the wrong goalie was traded.

      “To disbelieve is easy; to scoff is simple; to have faith is harder”
      ~ Louis L’Amour
      I’ve got the faith!

  14. price365 says:

    Goaltending and Defence wins games – Goaltending was our problem last night. End of story

  15. ABHabsfan says:

    Tough to find many positives last night, tough to watch doesn’t begin to describe it. One good thing: I thought PK played well. He didn’t score (obviously) but he made some good plays and defensively he was sound. I can’t recall him getting beat or giving it up and he took the body well. Face to face with #8 and no back-down. He has had his troubles this year but I thought he was a bright spot last night

  16. homerbowen says:

    While not happy I accept the fact we will not be in the playoffs. In any event we would have gone deep with the current group. I would hope we can move some players near the deadline for prospects and picks and here are my picks to make available;

    Not part of future (as in 2012 and beyond) Gomez, Darche, Nokelainen, Campoli and Gill.

    Possible moves subjet to valuable return (but could still be part of team for 2012 and beyond) Gionta, Weber, Kostitsyn, Diaz, Kaberle and Desharnais.

    On the fence with Markov (injury prone) and Moen, however, Moen’s size lends me to have him re-signed.

  17. Storm Man says:

    We won last night!!!!!!!!! woooohoooooo….. Oh right we won a fight lol that is a good starting point for next year? Oh right again no NHL hockey next year,So with that said what KHL team would be fun to watch? I could watch the one lord martin coaches bahahahah.Btw Price will not sign here just saying:(.

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      Price is an RFA…. so he either signs, sits for the entire year, or PG trades him.

      Price will sign, but it might only be a one or two year contract.

      • Storm Man says:

        I know Price is a RFA… With a hockey lockout coming next year it gives him more power not to sign more than 1 year and his agent has asked for him to be delted…Lol at me now but you will see.

    • G-Man says:

      Price is RFA- he has no choice of team unless he receives and SIGNS an offer sheet. Well, I can always hope the thoroughbred wants to bolt from the corral.

    • tophab says:

      good i hope we trade that bum and draft malcom subban . price sucks.price is the main reason we will not make the playoffs.weak goals every game .

      • habs178 says:

        I think M Subban would be an awesome asset. But then again, we’re looking at him the way we looked at Price. Who knows…..

        “To disbelieve is easy; to scoff is simple; to have faith is harder”
        ~ Louis L’Amour
        I’ve got the faith!

    • Willy says:

      Yup, Price is most likely gone and then Subban shortly after. Bleak outlook if you ask me. But, hey, at least we will have a french speaking coach next year.

  18. Ian Cobb says:

    We went down hill right after Bourque won his fight. We all played as individuals last night, skating hard, working along the board and fore checking. But we forgot to work as a team together. Just like the (power) play, nobody made a play at the net with any real play in mind with a team mate. And the D can not hit the net, if they did, no one was in front to screen, tip it or scramble. And Mr.Price had one of his worse games as well. Both tenders should be played the rest of the way.

    This team has a duel character that works just like a corner set of street lights that goes from orange to green and from orange to red depending on the weather that day. You just never know when!

    • steeeve says:

      Hey Ian– Bourque is from your old stomping ground pipeline town Lac La Biche.I used to curl there every year–Minus 39 celsius this morning but no mosquitoes.Steve

  19. HabFanSince72 says:

    Jacques Martin.

    Two perhaps small things that came out this week:

    1. Laraque recounting the anecdote where JM publicly accused Cammalleri of “wanting a letter on his uniform”.

    2. On l’Antichambre JM saying “sometimes I don’t know if PK plays for the team or if he plays for PK.”

    In both cases, he was trying to hurt the team (in a passive-aggressive way).

    His attack on Cammi was not only counter-productive, it was unethical. And the only effect it could have was to make Cammi hated by his teammates.

    The statement about PK again can only hurt PK and therefore the team. Note that JM is still employed by the Canadiens (unlike Carbo who is still paid but not working for the team). As an employee he ought to have the team’s interests at heart. To go on TV and try to turn fans against PK is really very poor form.

    The suggestion that this guy, who clearly disliked most of his players, and drove many of them out of town for nothing in return, could become the next GM is preposterous.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • ed lopaz says:

      thanks for your post 72 – it saved me the trouble.

      I would like to add that the Martin’s statements about Subban went beyond “Antichambre” last night as they were repeated and discussed during the 1st intermission on RDS.

      The conversation began with the following (paraphrased and translated)

      “well, now that Martin confirmed on Antichambre what we all thought about Subban, that he is not liked in the dressing room, the question becomes WHAT TO DO ABOUT SUBBAN?”

      Benoit Brunet jumped all over this.

      “I told you he was a problem – his attitude is what bothers me – not only his physical mistakes – look how he is clowning around on the ice with Ovechkin during an important game….

      Damphousse agreed with enthusiasm to Brunet’s comments, then added his own little rip on Subban.

      Finally, Brunet concluded; “maybe Gauthier is going to have to step in and resolve this situation?”.

      I turned the channel.

      I said 3 years ago that there was a real threat that Martin and his pre-historic coaching techniques, and 60 year old attitudes could drive Subban out of this town.

      No one believed that Martin could have a negative influence on Subban or any other player.

      I am very concerned that Subban is extremely unhappy playing here.

      He is NOT the same player – and he might need to start fresh somewhere else.

      This is how the negative bullcrap gets spread around town about players.

      how the Habs could allow Martin to go on TV and talk about private matters in the room?

      It is terrible management once again.

      Martin is a first class a-hole.

      He has never won a thing at the NHL level.

      And he never will.

  20. jimmy shaker says:

    Just finished watching RC’s post game interview……I feel like he’s being so nice and accomodating to them (the media) when deep down he wants to tear there heads off and shove them all up their arce’s. It’s a tough spot for this guy with the team sucking and basically everyday is one step closer to his exit. I’d love it somehow if he could get this team into the dance and shut up the media, and he could keep his job, but the same shite would happen all over again next year with these slackers…… write this season off, bring in Crawford and Robinson, and for some weird reason (since Derren Dreger mentioned it) I think JM will come back as the GM!

    Can you guys imagine Torts here behind the bench for a week or two…that would be very comical!


  21. Newf_Habster says:

    I agree with CTV Montreal’s Brian Wilde on Twitter that he has thought that the Habs need to put Markov on LTIR and send Gomez to Hamilton. It would save them $13 million dollars in team salary cap.

    We can have a quick rebuilding like the Senators. Look at where they stand in Eastern Conference and they are about to pass the Bruins in our division.

  22. price365 says:

    Why don’t you admit it – price sucked – the team had 31 shots couldn’t buy a goal – that’s not the teams fault – that’s good goaltending from washington’s goalie – washington had 16 shots
    they had 3 goals after just 10 shots – you call that goaltending
    we only allowed 16 shots – you call that bad defence – some of you people have to watch more Hockey to try and understand it better
    plane and simple – we loss because of goaltending last night
    blame whom ever you want.

    • Psycho29 says:

      I agree he had a bad game, but last time I checked teams don’t win many games when you don’t score a goal.

      Like I mentioned below, in Price’s last 17 starts, the team has scored zero or only one goal 11 times.

      The fact that the PP was 0/7 including a 6-minute one…well that’s just brutal…..

    • mdp2011 says:

      So the Habs lost because of goaltending? So it’s not the team’s fault that they can’t score. So it’s Price’s fault that his team can’t score, got it, makes sense to me. Don’t read much into the shots, the Habs really didn’t dominate anyone last night.

      • bleedhabs81 says:

        I am a Price Booster and I am biased


        He was deep on the first goal (regardless of the screen by gorges) and he was deep on the second goal (which was the weakest of the 3 goals tonight).

        Bad luck? Yes (perfect shot through gorges)
        Bad D on Perraults goal? Yes (but still could have been stopped)

        So, yes, Price deserves some of the blame.

        However, you still need to score. A team that deos not score (especially on a 6 minute power play) has way more problems than the goalie.

  23. Newf_Habster says:

    The best part of last night’s game was Bourque downed Hendricks in a fight. I like it because he has shown to us that he can take care of it himself.

  24. LesHabs says:

    As long as Darche is in the lineup, the Habs will not be making the playoffs.

    When is White expexted to play?

  25. cashbagg says:

    Why do so many of you assume that Geoff Molson knows what he’s doing? Just wondering.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Because he earned his fortune the old fashioned way?

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • Strummer says:

        By inheritence, better known as The Sperm Lottery

        “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”
        -Dennis Miller

    • slamtherimtim says:

      i dont think he does , rich kid with no brains bought his daddies old team , with daddies old money , and let it turn into a joke

    • RGM says:

      He owns the team. Owners are generally not instrumental parts of the day-to-day operations of a hockey club. Honestly, do you think the Calgary Flames Inside/Out website goes on and on and on every day wondering why the hell N. Murray Edwards isn’t doing more to help the club?

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
      Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

  26. Habsssssssswin says:

    Saturday night scares the sh*t outta me ……

  27. savethepuck says:

    This team has had too many games this year that they can’t put the puck in the net. Is it really that hard to get traffic in front of a goaltender for the odd screen or deflection? Other teams don’t seem to have a problem doing it against the Habs. Two of their goals were on screens. Cunny gave Neuwirth a lot of credit for playing a great game, I think he just played a great 3rd period. I was a goaltender and if you throw pucks into my pads and chest for 2 periods without any traffic in front of me, I’m going to be playing with loads of confidence and be focused late in the game. The only good scoring chance in the first 2 periods was Bourque’s breakaway when it was 2-0. Neuwirth missed it by at least a foot and it hit the post. If that goes in, it’s a different game, but I and getting tired of the whats ifs for this team.

    “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

  28. Marcusman says:

    Gomez looked great on that one shot though…

  29. Habsssssssswin says:


  30. BLACK ICE says:

    When Price leaves Montreal this summer to go back to BC he needs to leave Montreal in his rear view mirror!

    • RGM says:

      By default, he would be.

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
      Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      It would be only human to feel that way.

      I’m sure he’s fed up with the media and fans in the city and who can blame him?

      The Habs were once a dynasty or the NYY of hockey. That is going on two decades ago.

      Now they are a team who is partly run by the French media and every minor situation turns into fiasco.

      Its a great place to play when you’re winning, they say, but with all the turmoil constantly surrounding the team that is a very tough thing to do.

      Why not go play in another strong hockey market where you can concentrate on winning games instead of all the off ice crap 24/7.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        “Now they are a team who is partly run by the French media …”

        You really should cheer for another team then.

        Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

        • Mattyleg says:

          I still don’t understand why France-based media would be interested in the Canadiens!

          I think they have “foot” over there to get worked up about.

          [edit] And you overestimate how much players and management pay attention to the media. They don’t pay a hell of a lot. Why would they be interested in reading stuff written by people who, 90% of the time, don’t have a clue what’s going on? It’s like Jack Todd. You don’t have to read his articles to be able to tell what’s written there. So you don’t.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          I’m as diehard of a Habs fan as you’ll ever see my friend.

          But yeah, some of the fans and some of the media and even some of the people in the organization make me sick.

          Booing Price, the American anthem, booing Briesbois and causing him to have a nervous breakdown, that’s garbage.

          There are a lot of things that go on in Montreal that are just stupid but I do my best to not let it ruin things for me.

          • Mattyleg says:

            I agree, that sort of sh!it makes me sick too.
            Every time I hear people booing their own team, my hackles go up.
            Freakin’ idiots with a misplaced sense of ‘entitlement’.

            —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • RH says:

            Don’t forget the Na Na Hey Hey song….that’s kind of annoying in the middle of the season. It should only come out when the Habs are about to win a playoff series.

          • HabFanSince72 says:

            “Booing Price, the American anthem, …”

            That’s not what we were talking about.

            Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • tophab says:

        give us tomas or rask instead of price and we would be a first place club.price will never win because he will always give up weak goals when it,s most important,can not take presure.

  31. SmartDog says:

    When will the Goat be put out to pasture?:
    a) today
    b) tomorrow
    c) Monday or Tuesday
    d) within the next two weeks

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  32. BLACK ICE says:

    To Bill J:

    What I meant with my post from the prev thread was that when a player sucked in a game he should tell the Media that HE did suck that game!

  33. i found the solution for RC to implement in his practice routine for the team..

    that should help them a little….


  34. who cares any more says:

    … during last night’s preamble to the game, TSN analysts made the astounding yet bewildering assertion that sometime during the game, Rene Bourque would have to engage in a fight with a player from the Capitols. “Have to …!” As much as to suggest that the inevitability of the fight was due to some rule of the game; as if to say, “No one wants to do this but it MUST happen because of some dictate somewhere.”

    … the fight did happen as we all witnessed and I am at a complete loss to understand how that fight did anything at all to affect the outcome of the game.

    … now I know many of you see no problem with this type of thing in the game today; that is your right and your opinion, and you’re welcome to it. And I know like many others, I come across as some leftist pinko sissy because I see this kind of thing as a distraction at best and a direct flaunting of the game’s ethos at worst.

    … but no matter your views, I suspect there are many who will agree with me. In all my years as a hockey player and fan, I have never encountered such a ridiculous notion as that which seeks to defend the practice of fighting by claiming it cannot be avoided. I have of course witnessed and sometimes been involved in skirmishes which resulted from previous player interactions. But never has anything as upfront as a fight ever occurred BECAUSE it was required by some code as though both combatants were duty-bound to engage and unable to resist.

    … is there any better reason to leave the current game behind, if it has devolved into this kind of mindless nonsense?

    definition of insanity: keep doing same thing expecting a different result

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      I dunno, if I’m on a team battling for a playoff birth and a player elbows the best player on my team in the head and injures him, weakening our playoff chances, I’d consider dropping the gloves.

      It’s called team spirit. Should they have put their heads down, shrugged their shoulders and said oh well it happens…

    • Kooch7800 says:

      The fight was about accountability for his cheap shot. The media over hyped it for sure and it goes to show that Bourque is a stand up guy.

      If he was a punk like Lappierre, avery etc he just would have skated away and continued to cheap shot people.

      I am fine with it.

      Are you more fine with people being able to do whatever they want on the ice like Elbow your teams best player in the head and put him out indefinetly? Bourque got five games which in the long run isn’t much considering Backstrom isn’t playing

      • who cares any more says:

        … the whole point of settling scores by players themselves has come about because the league over time has lost its ability to exert policing authority. And no, hockey not always been like this. There was a time when the referees had the authority to punish – immediately – penalties such as elbowing, or any other infractions against the rules. There was a time when the rules were clear. There was a time when players understood authority and respected it without having to be coached into doing so. There was a time when players like Mike Bossey would not fight, but the league saw more dollar signs in another direction. There was a time when the league put game officials on the ice and then stood back and let them officiate. There was a time certainly when fights would occur, but only due directly to what had just happened; there was never a time when the presence of referees was such a meaningless thing that scores had to be settled in a later game, for God’s sake.

        … there was a time when hockey was never like this.

        definition of insanity: keep doing same thing expecting a different result

        • Kooch7800 says:

          Hockey officiating has always been suspect in the NHL or any league for that matter. From men’s league to kids to professional hockey. Look at Rocket Richard and the riots….I guess the league was more fair back then….it has always been like this accept now the players can police themselves less because of further rules and fear of suspension.
          Hockey has less respect in the game now than in many years cause they don’t fear someone will be coming after them. I respect Bourque for standing up and taking on the Caps player cause he knew what he did was wrong.
          Just like I don’t respect a lot of the bruins players who go after non fighters to try and intimidate…that isn’t right

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      I agree with you completely, what a complete load of bollocks. Bourque was suspended for 5 games and lost thousands of dollars in lost wages. That is punishment enough. But no, enter the neanderthal element who think everything should be settled with fisticuffs (they would want six shooters in the street but have discovered that that doesn’t happen anymore). Morons!

      I think Hendricks should now be suspended for, you guessed it, five games. Why? For deliberately and with malice aforethought attempting to inflict a head injury on Bourque. I think he should also be charged for assault. If someone walks into my office and starts a fight, I expect them to be charged with assualt, why would this be different?

      Until the NHL decides to drag itself out of the gutter and become a true professional sport, all the other BS they spout about caring about the players health is exactly that, BS. Incidents like last night make a travesty of the sport. Boooooo!

  35. Habsssssssswin says:

    99% Done! … Habs will be Canada’s worst team next season. Shameful.

  36. boonie says:

    I was convinced our PP was our undoing this year.

    So I checked the numbers, through 46 games, our PP has been converted chances at an abysmal 12.3% rate, down from a 19.0% clip through the 46 games last year. That sounds (and is) horrible. In real terms, that’s a difference of 8 PPGs or about 0.17 goals per game.

    And, we have scored MORE overall this year than last year through 46 games, 129 to 125. We’ve let up 11 more goals too. So, net/net our goal differential is off 7 and we have 13 fewer points.

    There’s more to this story than PP, or GA. I’ll be damned if I can make sense of the numbers. Perhaps someone with more insights can offer some.

    Oh, and one more thing, one other big difference this year is shots. We are taking about 10% fewer shots 29.5 vs. 32.4 which means our shooting percentage is way better…. and I suppose that’s our silver lining.

  37. MiltonHab says:

    Time to blow it up!

  38. Hobie Hansen says:

    It is going to be a painful 30-something games to finish out the season. You could just tell that about half the team has just mailed it in.

    With the coaching fiasco, the language debate, our two highest paid players contributing absolutely nothing, a feeble PP, Price and his agent saying no thanks and the list goes on and on…we’re done.

    The question that I have now is if we unload everything we can before the deadline and come back with the cupboard completely bare for a couple seasons. Do we forget about the playoffs for a few years while we rebuild?

    Or do we maybe trade a couple guys, make some adjustments and comeback with the goal of making the playoffs next season.?

    • Vladdy Mondavi says:

      Price and his agent said, “no, thanks” to what? Key-lime pie?

      Opinions are like kittens, I’m giving them away.

  39. avatar_58 says:

    God this team sucks.

  40. smiler2729 says:

    Good post by J0nHabs, I agree with all except Gionta, keep the captain.

    But the first to see his own head roll should, SHOULD, be The Vegan Goat, Reggie Milbury, man of mystery and intrigue, close to the vest, shrewd judge of talent, blah blah blah… we all know it, we all repeatedly write it here, what does it take for Geoff Molson to do it???

    This team has some decent players and what seems to be a good coach but the whole atmosphere around the team is toxic cuz of the mess that is Goats.

    Holy shit, where’s the Tylenol?!?!

    Jack Edwards is a clam

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Of the three head coaches currently being paid by the club Cunneyworth is quite clearly the worst.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • Kooch7800 says:

        Cunneyworth doesn’t have much to work with I am afraid. Look at our D core and our veterans are just plain sucking the big one.

        He has also been thrown under the bus by his superiors publicly and knows he is done after the season. Hard to motivate someone by saying they won’ t be back

  41. Strummer says:

    As this site was once referred to as Habs Inside/Out,

    It is now “Habs Over and Out”

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”
    -Dennis Miller

  42. j0nHABS says:

    Players Habs should Trade:

    GILL – Loved what he has done for the team but we need to move on, a contender may want his PK skills. He is just too slow now and our D needs to be more mobile. Prospect or 2nd rounder.

    KABERLE – He just sucks, get what you can for him. Like a 3rd rounder.

    CAMPOLI – For the same reasons for getting rid of Kaberle. 5th Rounder.

    WEBER – He has a good shot, but the idea that he might have been the next Striet is long gone. He is too small and can not compete in the corners with the bigger players. Prospect or 4th rounder.

    NOKELAINEN – He just isn’t good enough, he’s big but doesn’t use his size. Most likely a throw in from any trade made.

    KOSTITSYN – Could have a better player with the same skill set. Package him with a couple players and go after a big fish. Coupled with picks and players for a active player.

    PLEKANEC – This one I would have the biggest problem with, I love the guy but we could have a better number one center. Coupled with picks and players for active player.

    GOMEZ – For the obvious reasons. A mint to wash the bad taste out of my mouth.

    GIO – Habs are moving in a different direction and I don’t think that he fits anymore. DD and Diaz should be the only small players kept. Gallager can come up after a year with Hamilton.
    Coupled with picks and players for active player.

    Habs could do many different things but the ball has to start rolling.

    Do it now PG, don’t wait!!

    • odber says:

      excatly,set the market yourself,,can,t expect the people who pay the bills,,the fans,,,to watch this crap until feb 27th ,,,deal with it.

    • HardHabits says:

      I agree with this post.

    • aj says:

      Why include Gauthier as a part of the solution in rebuilding this team when he already proved to be a part of the problem?

      When trade deadline ends on Feb 27, that should be THE LAST TIME Geoff Molson is going to allow him to make trades. After this season, he should fire that S.O.B. for good!

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      I agree except that you can’t really expect to get anything for Gill, Campoli or Weber. Gionta is injured. Gomez has the albatross.

      Moen and AK46 have value.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • mrhabby says:

      if the team is going to get bigger, tougher why do we get rid of a big body in AK.
      Also, why trade one the best 2 way players in the league. 29 teams would love pleks.

      • Kooch7800 says:

        We would need to get rid of AK cause he actually has market value…..not many of our other players do. You can bring back in some size and hopefully somebody more consistent. 2 goals in his last 17 games and people think he is a top 6 forward…year right.

        Just like Eller is a number 2 centre. He is a number 3 at best

    • boonie says:

      Even McKenzie said Gill is gone at the deadline. But a second is unlikely. We got Wiz for a second well before the deadline when prices are less inflated. Brewer went for a third at the deadline. He’s younger and plays north of 20 minutes per game. Expect a Mara/Sopel-esque 5th rounder.

      No one wanted Campoli or Kaberle, so we can’t expect much of return for these guys. Again, 4/5ths rounders.

      You can’t trade all our D, we still have to ice a team. In a MAB role, Weber might be effective. Also, no playoff team NEEDS Weber, so he is more of a draft day/off season throw-in.

      Nokia, Gomez — yeah, whatever… no one cares.

      Plecs is a tougher one, because we will still need a second line centre and he’s a very good one. Signed for a while, at a reasonable price. Still, if the Wings lose a Datsyuk and come begging, then sure —

      If GIO is gone for the year, then we can’t move him. Which means an off season move which doesn’t yield much value. Probably best to hope he recovers nicely, plays well next year and move him when playoff contenders can off his salary and are willing to pay a high price.

      Kostitsyn — now this is the one I like. With the right auction, I see him going for a 1st plus a decent prospect. He’s still young-ish, no contractual baggage, suggests 30 goal/power forward potential AND his brother improved greatly outside of Montreal, suggesting to an ego-centric GM that the upside is there. I see AK47 and think Penner like returns.

    • ABHabsfan says:

      Agree with most of your proposed deals but you sure are throwing in a lot of picks. There will be nothing for the Habs to do on draft day. You can’t trade away too many picks, it’s the future of any club.
      Who is this #1 centre everyone talks of? Let’s put a name on this player we all think we should get and what it would take to get him. Myself I think this player needs to be drafted because there just isn’t a guy avaulable that the Habs can get with the assets they have. The most valuable asset we have is CP and if he gets traded there had better be a plan for another 65 game goalie somewhere.
      There are moves to be made, no doubt. But let’s sart putting actual names to the returns on moving a guy like Pleks and Gio and AK. That’s about 60-70 goals (should be anyway if they were playing up to average) going out the door. If we are going to improve, we need 80 goals coming back. Who’s it going to be?

    • tophab says:


      where,s price,s name?what about him?

  43. HNS says:

    Is it too late to get Hilak back?

  44. Vladdy Mondavi says:

    I’m a passionate fan, but also a realist. The playoffs are but a feint hope at this point.

    My only aspirations remaining for this season are:
    (1) the Maple Leafs don’t make the playoffs,
    (2) PG manages to obtain some picks or prospects for the players he can without blowing up the team,
    (3) the younger players (esp. Emelin) continues developing, and
    (4) Montreal is able to turn things around next season (à la Ottawa) with a smart coaching change (i.e. get someone from Detroit’s system it worked for T-Bay and Ottawa … is Shanahan available?)

    Opinions are like kittens, I’m giving them away.

    • aj says:

      (1) The Leafs are in a 50/50 tight race. So whether we like it or not, they may get to the Playoffs.
      (2) PG already blew up this team. His ass should be out the door soon.
      (3) They will continue to develop along with other prospect who competed at the WJC.
      (4) RC is ok for me. What they need to change in the coaching staff is the goaltending coach. Pierre Groulx is unreliable to me.

      • Vladdy Mondavi says:

        Re: (1) I know it’s a possibility the Leafs make the playoffs. I just hope they don’t. … In a perfect world they’ll be sitting in 8th on the last game of the season and the Habs beat them and the 9th place team (let’s say Winnipeg) wins to pass them in the standings. That scenario would make everything all right in the world.

        Opinions are like kittens, I’m giving them away.

  45. I got home at 10, watched the game and half way through the first I was skipping frames. That was one pathetic performance. The power play was a stinker. There was no offense what so ever. Carey only had to make three saves worth mentioning and he sucked on all three goals. Too deep, and not ready.

    This team is a puzzler. Shouldn’t beat the Rags on a back to back, and they do. Had three days to prepare for a tired Caps team and play like that. Nice work Habs, every single one of you should refund the fans their money.

    Makes for classic reading here on Hockey Inside Out. Their will be a lot of giggles for sure.


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    Custom Sports Figures
    Brandon, MB,Canada
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    Ph- 204 724 8418

    • Psycho29 says:

      Yep Price has to be better; but so does the entire team. I thought that Bourque’s scrap would have given the team a boost, but no such luck…
      I heard an interesting stat this morning, in Price’s last 17 starts, The Habs have scored zero or one goal 11 times….

      Like you said though, life goes on!

      • tophab says:

        true and price gave up at least 12 bad goals that cost us games .if we had a goalie we would be in the platoffs.Price is the reason we are not.The only reason.

  46. Landof10000lakesHab says:

    Ok, what’s next?

    How about:

    Play it out, work hard, lots of ice time for the younger players.

    Move Moen, Gill, AK, Weber, and Campoli by trade deadline.

    Top 5 pick and a few extras based on deadline moves.

    This season ensures $$ savings on Price / PK contracts.

    GM change before draft day.

    Louis Leblanc up for keeps next season.

    Gallagher, Bournival, Beaulieu, Kristo, Tinordi, Holland, Pateryn, Ellis, all with the Dogs next season.

    CBA expires = Gomez bought out.

    Markov ready to go next season.

    No wishing on 6’6″ 120 point Centres, but brighter days ahead, for sure.

    • martincurran55 says:

      I would keep AK if they can get him signed. If they don’t get him inked by Feb 27th, then they move him.

    • Vladdy Mondavi says:

      Great points and optimism. I’m with you on all of them.

      I would also add have Budaj play more games than he has. …Although now that I think of it, this tactic could prove pivotal in negotiations with Price.

      Opinions are like kittens, I’m giving them away.

  47. RGM says:

    Kyle Chipchura scored a goal last night. He’s with Phoenix now. Had to sign a two-way deal for the NHL minimum just to get a chance to compete for a roster spot. He has more goals now than Scott Gomez does in the past 10 months. Just let that sink in for a moment.

    Ryan O’Byrne did too. But, as you would expect from Ryan O’Byrne, it was in his own net.

    GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
    Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

  48. 24 Cups says:

    It’s all over now, Baby Blue.

    The Habs are basically eleven points out of a playoff spot and the only thing that could possibly save them would be a long, extended winning streak. Up until this precise moment in time, there hasn’t been any inkling that faint glimmer of hope is even remotely possible. The next stop on the way to desolation row is February 27th. No need to buy a ticket in advance. Just look for the sad eyed lady of the lowlands, she’ll be sure to find you a good seat.

    “Leave your stepping stones behind, something calls for you
    Forget the dead you’ve left, they will not follow you
    The vagabond who’s rapping at your door
    Is standing in the clothes that you once wore
    Strike another match, go start anew
    And it’s all over now, Baby Blue.”

    • DAVE. N says:

      yup…when you spend 20% of the game on the PP, with the head coach supposedly running it…have the worst PP in the league, and the worst in team history since ’67…and you are in your own barn,against a team fighting for your playoff spot…

      ’nuff said

    • ABHabsfan says:

      That song is going to be in my head all day now. Not a bad one to have kicking around the cranium, though

  49. martincurran55 says:

    We still have 5-6 weeks before the deadline. Let’s hope some of these guys can play a bit better so we may actually get some return from them. Lets “Fail for Nail.”

    • RGM says:

      #FailForNail or #BlowForGrigorenko – take your pick. No pun intended.

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
      Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

  50. j0nHABS says:

    Habs are now officially sellers! Lets get bigger and more skilled!!

  51. SmartDog says:

    Okay, now that we’ve seen Gomez play his ONE good game of the year before returning to form, let’s get on with the business of preparing for the 2012-2013 season shall we?

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

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