Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin not in a rush to spend his extra cap money


The Canadiens open the NHL regular season on Oct. 5 in Buffalo and general manager Marc Bergevin still has almost $8.5 million in projected salary-cap space.

However, Bergevin says he isn’t in a rush to spend that money and is prepared to start the season with the players he already has — and keep that extra money in the bank.

“It’s a nice asset to have moving forward,” Bergevin said before the start of the Canadiens’ annual golf tournament Monday at Laval-sur-le-Lac. “I’m always looking to make the team better, but at this point there’s not much available, so I’ll just keep the cap space.”

Here are some of the other topics Bergevin spoke about during his media scrum Monday.

Is he comfortable with the team he has now heading into the season? “Internally, we have a healthy competition. We have a lot of defencemen … or NHL defencemen … and we have some young forwards who are trying to establish themselves as NHL players. We have eight pre-season games and Claude (Julien) will make a lot of experiments and then hopefully one of the young guys could make himself an NHL player for the Canadiens.”

Note: The young players Bergevin said have a shot at making the team are Nikita Scherbak, Charles Hudon, Mike McCarron and Jacob De La Rose, depending on how they perform during the pre-season.

On the pressure newcomer Jonathan Drouin will face with the Canadiens: “It’s Montreal, he’s a French-Canadian kid. But he embraced the fact that he’s from here and he wants to play for the Canadiens. All I said is be yourself, enjoy the ride. It’s a different environment than Tampa Bay, but I think he’s got a good head on his shoulders and will be able to handle the pressure that comes with it.”

On the possibility of Drouin being the No. 1 centre: “Regardless of where Jo plays this year … when I made that trade – I just want to be clear on this – I didn’t make that trade to say: ‘Well, Jo will be our next centre.’ No matter where he plays, I would have made that trade because getting a young player with that skill level, it doesn’t come that often and especially a French-Canadian kid that wants to be here, wants to be successful. It’s something that I couldn’t pass on.”

On still looking for a legitimate No. 1 centre five years after being hired as Canadiens GM: “I really do understand why that question is being asked … it’s a really good question. But I’m also aware the reality of the NHL general mangers … what’s out there, what guys are available. Nobody will give you a top centreman … nobody. Why would they do that? And if it ever would happen, it would cost an arm and a leg. Everybody knows that those guys are the toughest to get.”

On losing free-agent forward Alexander Radulov to the Dallas Stars: “We made an offer … same offer as he took with the Dallas Stars prior to them making that offer (a five-year, $31.25-million deal). So he decided to sign somewhere else. I respect that and we’re moving on.”

On the loss of free-agent defenceman Andrei Markov to the KHL: “I talked to Andrei, it was probably mid-June and he was firm on a two-year deal and, at the time, we were not willing to give him that. Once that happened, you start looking somewhere else, so we made transactions. We acquired David Schlemko and then Andrei changed his mind. He came back and he was willing to take a one-year deal. I made him an offer, which I personally thought that we had a deal done as far as agreeing on a deal where he felt comfortable. But the money wasn’t working out for him and I respect that and Andrei decided to go back home to Russia and that’s where he’s at today.”

On the hole Markov leaves on the Montreal blue line: “It’s a big hole. Andrei was a very good player for us. But we have Mark Streit, which I think fills some of that role. We got a David Schlemko … I think by committee we should be able to fill that gap. And let’s keep in mind we didn’t lose a 25-year-old defenceman. In all respect to Andrei, he’s going to turn 39 in December and at some point we had to move forward. But again, we tried our best to keep him and he decided to go back to Russia.”

On former coach Michel Therrien saying in recent interviews that he would be scouting for the Canadiens this season: “Well, it’s not really a scouting position. Michel’s going to spend part of the winter in Florida and he asked me if he could watch some games and give him a pass to watch games. So he’s going to be watching, but he’s not a full-time scout. But on a needed basis, I respect Mike’s position as a hockey guy, so if I need some secondary opinion there’s a chance I call Mike. But he doesn’t have a scouting position.”

Note: Therrien still has two years remaining on a contract extension Bergevin signed him to with the Canadiens in the summer of 2014 after the team had finished the regular season with a 46-28-8 record and advanced to the Eastern Conference final before losing to the New York Rangers.

(Photo: Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press)

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  1. Fleur says:

    So Max has moved on from last year has he? Good for him. I hope that means he’s going to show up IF the Habs make the playoffs this year. One more no-show from him and the Habs will have to move on from him.

  2. Forum Dog says:

    Good recap of the interview with Bergevin, with some good responses by him. On the ‘legitimate #1 centre’ question, I would have liked to see him pressed on why they haven’t been able to effectively develop one internally. I get that they are not readily available via trade, but they’ve had 5 years with Galchenyuk, who has shown pretty darned good potential when he has played there, yet they are now parachuting Drouin in to experiment at the position.

    • twilighthours says:

      At one point, I researched all the centres dealt since Bergevin became the Habs’ GM. There were definitely some players he could have acquired who would improve our current centre situation.

      I’m too lazy to go back and do that again, but yeah, we get it Marc, trading for a top 6 centre is hard.

    • Gerry Pigeon says:

      That’s a hard one for MB to answer, if he was pressed on why they couldn’t develop Chucky to be 1C.

      What are the possible answers?

      1) MB/MT/CJ screwed it up, didn’t handle him well, created hard feelings and a lack of trust/comfort, and generally got it wrong.

      2) MB/MT/CJ did what they could, but Chucky’s got a 10 cent head, and bad work ethic that couldn’t be overcome. Therefore, the trade rumours and three year contract.

      3) Some combination of 1 and 2.

      No way MB answers truthfully if any of the above are applicable. It would denigrate MB/MT or/and Chucky if he did, and just hurt everyone’s chances of harmony and improvement going forward.

      I’m guessing the best we can hope for going forward is Drouin proves himself as 1C, that Chucky proves himself on the wing, and Chucky gets traded for a quality center (2C) somewhere down the line.

      Oh, and team harmony until that day happens 🙂

  3. DipsyDoodler says:

    The usual misery here.

    I’m pretty stoked about having Galchenyuk AND Drouin. And re-signing Carey Price. Hope that $9M in cap space gets put to good use.

    Should be fun.


  4. theox_8 says:

    Loved the Drouin trade . With that being said , not too long ago he was a misguided spoiled little brat not willing to play in the AHL. Now he is a saviour and top line C ? It’s quite clear MB is just a pawn in the bigger scheme of things . Is Chucky traded yet ?

    • marvin20 says:

      was he a spoiled little brat or a mismanaged potential super star? I got a feeling Tampa did not use him properly and they will be kicking themselves.

    • Loop_G says:

      If you listen to any of his coaches, they would disagree with your assessment of Drouin as a brat. He simply wanted to play, and when he was demoted did go down with a great attitude and worked really hard. I have no idea where the MB is a pawn thing comes from, he got what he wanted. I don’t think there is anything wrong with trying Drouin at C and seeing how it goes.

      • twilighthours says:

        Here’s a quote from someone in the Lightning’s upper management:

        “Drouin is the biggest piece of s*** in the league. We would have given him away.”

        (Note: I really like this move by Bergevin)

  5. jon514 says:

    This season is starting off bitter-sweet for me. I very much disagree with nearly all of the moves MB “made/didn’t make” in the off-season. What that means is that even if the habs do well this season, it will bring into stark questioning my status as a superstar armchair GM. FWIW here are the decisions MB made that I disagree with:

    #1 Re-signing Carey Price

    Say what you will about Sergachev, the best trade trip the habs had this off-season was Carey Price. I like, no, love Price, but the only position where the Canadiens are stacked in the minors is at Goalie. Hockey is about asset management and keeping Carey makes it impossible for any of the younger assets to find a place with the big club, even though it looks like some of them might be ready. At the same time, no one will give you fair value for an unproven asset. The habs should have traded Price for a Center and hoped one of the prospects becomes the next Murray.

    #2 Trading Beaulieu for a 3rd round pick

    It’s clear Markov is no longer a first pair D. It’s also clear that the best puck-moving prospect the habs had was Beaulieu. Whatever people claim about the eye test, his numbers for his age vs. his peers tell the real story. Beaulieu should have been protected and re-signed to slot in at the 1B role because we have no one more ready. He’s a high risk/ high reward player.

    #3 Trading Sergachev for yet another LW

    OK so bummer, Galchenyuk is a LW and not a Center. It’s OK-ish because we need a guy who can play behind Max and score 25-35 goals with the ice time he has. But now we have Drouin… and Drouin has only ever played LW… and we have Lehkonen who looks like a special player, but is also a LW… Let’s play Galchenyuk at RW and Drouin at Center… an ALL LW all the time line! What a mess!

    If that line of Drouin between Max & Chucky works out… I think it will change the game of hockey forever!

    • Loop_G says:

      Cannot understand your reasoning about Price. Price is better than any of those prospects, better than pretty much anyone actually. The entire point is to field the best team that you can, not to bring up prospects and that is accomplished by signing Price. You have to have minor league options in case of injury etc, or for an addition to a trade etc, but having Price is far better than having any one of our other prospects start.

      I understand some wanted to protect N8 and I would prefer he be on our team but no team in the NHL thought he was worth more than a 3rd, and he would at best be our number 4, probably a 5, so we don’t really lose a whole lot. If we did not trade him, we would have either lost him to expansion, or lost Benn, would have Emelin and his $4.5 million on the roster. I think MB thought he would sign Rads and needed Emelin’s money off to facilitate that.

      Trading Serge hurts but trading a prospect for a dynamic player like Drouin was an easy decision. Drouin has played center, right wind and left wing, Galchenyuk has also played both. Without Drouin on the roster this year, the team would be in a lot of trouble and while it would be great to land a center at least we are stronger on the wings. If we have too many good wingers, maybe Byron, Shaw, Fucale etc could help us land another center.

    • twilighthours says:

      I fear the Habs are teetering on the edge of a long decline into suckitude.

      I possibly mixed my metaphors there.

    • xman4227 says:

      Jon I think you nailed it with you comments. I know its near sacreligious to suggest that maybe we should have traded Price but I’m in 100% agreement.

      Price has the potential to be the best goalie in the world. But personally, I can’t put him there yet. Why? Because elite goalies steal games. Has he stolen games? Sure. But I’ve never seen him steal HUGE games or more importantly, playoff games. He hasn’t gotten it done when it really counted yet. And that is how he will be judged. Would anyone care about Patrick Roy’s regular season wins if he hadn’t taken an average 1986 team to a Cup on his back? Or 93? Brodeur. Hasek. These guys brought it in huge games. Even guys without cups like Lundqvist, Holtby and Anderson have stolen huge games in the playoffs for their teams. Not Carey. Not yet. I share your sentiment about guys like Fucale and McNiven in the wings that will probably be traded to be stars somewhere else because they have a slim chance of any kind of shot behind a guy they just signed to such a lucrative contract. I hope as much as anyone that we’ve yet to have seen Carey’s best season start to finish…..but I’m not so sure we haven’t. I’m not saying Theodore was as good as Price, but they hung on to him way too long because of one Vezina season. I’m afraid the same will happen as long as Carey continues to be above average in the regular season but never in the playoffs.

      Also think that hyping Drouin as they have because he’s young, talented and French Canadian is probably going too far. Especially trying to put him at centre when he’s always played wing. The Montreal market has a way of making big stars in lesser markets seem average. Turgeon? Denis Savard? Kovalev thrived when he came to Montreal but he was special. Like Radulov. And we always seem to get those players in the twilights of their careers or let them go too soon.

      I think Galchenyuk has been ruined in Montreal. He had amazing potential but by now, he should be on top of the roster in every category. Blame the coaches, media or even Marc’s handling of him but for whatever reason, it just hasn’t turned out as it probably would have in other markets. Some players are actually hurt by too much hand holding, kid glove treatment.

      Max has been pretty consistent….again in the regular season. But overall i think the C is much too heavy on his sweater in Montreal. If you were to remove it and give it to a player that plays big every night like Gallagher or a career captain like Weber, i think you’d give Max the breathing room he needs to really fly and focus on his best abilities. Which unfortunately isn’t Centre either.

      Respect the CH ….or don’t f&$@in put the sweater on

  6. Mavid says:


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    Weed Wacker – and Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

  7. No Cup For You says:

    At the end of the day this team is no better than when this regime arrived.
    Vroom VROom VROOM. Here comes the tank!

  8. LeaveTheCoachAlone says:

    On former coach Michel Therrien saying in recent interviews that he would be scouting for the Canadiens this season: “Well, it’s not really a scouting position. Michel’s going to spend part of the winter in Florida and he asked me if he could watch some games and give him a pass to watch games.

    REALLY? He asked you for permission to watch games and a for a pass? Like he needs anyones permission or free passes to attend games. What a total douchebag scared like a little child comment.

    This GM is a egomaniacal narcissist. The same guy who stood behind Therrien a year before his demise saying the team’s responsibility fell on him. What a year later, hes had a change of heart?

    This TEAM is going nowhere, but this is the first time ive seen, Pierre Gauthier behavior from our chief idiot.

  9. berc says:

    Greetings all. Nothing of value to add; it was a pleasure being offline most of the summer. Here’s to 120 points in ’17-’18. And here’s a snippet of very old hockey history:

  10. Coach K says:

    Galchenyuk’s days as a Hab are numbered. That much is clear.

    Dumped to the 4th line after trying to return too early from injury. Grudgingly given power play time on the 2nd wave until things got desperate enough that they HAD to move him to the 1st wave where surprisingly, with better talent to work with, he produced as he gradually returned to health!

    Zero confidence shown by the GM (and maybe even some disdain) along with no presser upon his re-signing. And his new coach (no better than the old one when it comes to having faith in youth) is parroting the party line when asked about it. This, despite being a proven 30 goal scorer and putting up the same number of points/game (regular season) as did last season’s darling, Radulov. And all of it at the NHL level.

    Meanwhile, “Jo” is now on a nickname basis with management and is clearly established in the foxhole having been handed the keys to the family Cadillac and the #1 centre gig to go along with the big media splash upon his signing.

    Yes he fills a need for the local market, I get that, but he’s proven nothing at the NHL level all while behaving like a petulant little adolescent during contract negotiations and providing nothing but headaches for his then GM. Oh yeah, and last season he and Galchenyuk had basically the same points/game (regular season) but Galchenyuk’s +/- was far better at less than half of Drouin’s as was his shooting percentage.

    I hate to believe that favoritism could be at play in what was once the classiest organization in professional sport but management’s body of work speaks for itself.

    AG27 will be dangled as trade bait by Christmas. Book it!

    -Defence doesn’t win championships…it only stops you from losing them-

    • Gerry Pigeon says:

      That’s one way to look at it.

      At this point, I’d agree that MB/MT/CJ have disdain for Chucky and he’s going to be traded come hell or high water.

      But the favoritism angle is more like going all in at the poker table, cause you’re running low on chips and need to win now, or just die a slow inevitable death.

      Chucky was the anointed one, until his lack of defensive attention and faceoff improvement became his undoing. Not to mention his off-ice activities. Here’s where other posters say his off ice activities shouldn’t matter, and to a degree, I would agree. Lafleur was no saint off the ice, but he got the job done on the ice, and no one said a thing.

      But when you see a penchant for immaturity/bad decision making in Chucky’s personal life reflected in his on-ice performance (lack of attention to faceoffs and defensive play), then I’d say it’s understandable that MB traded for Drouin, and hopes he can be what Chucky has failed to become.

    • Le Revenant says:

      Alex is also on a nickname basis, Michel Therrien, Claude Julien and Marc Bergevin regularly call him ‘Chucky’.

  11. DipsyDoodler says:


    Are you still supporting the Chargers?


  12. DipsyDoodler says:

    How the mighty have fallen. Red Wings a train wreck. Jim Nill’s Stars a lottery team. Stevey Y getting hosed by Marc Bergevin. Mike Badcock being celebrated for making the Leafs merely mediocre.


  13. ProHabs says:

    Total mismanagement to have 8.5 million sitting in salary cap and nothing to spend it on. Of course there is nobody out there to spend it on now, it is too late. If the team is not going to spend to the cap, then should they not slash ticket prices, or beer prices.

    • Cal says:

      Galchenyuk is likely still being dangled as trade bait, so he could end up being part of a package by mid-November. Right now, many teams are willing to see if a prospect can surprise them, so they’re looking inwards for immediate help. Once reality sets in, players will begin being moved.

      • ProHabs says:

        You could be right Cal. I just really find it really frustrating that the team has as many holes at it does (Defence, center, size up front) and they are willing and ready to start the season 8.5 million dollars behind the starting line of most other teams. If they are going to charge an arm and a leg in order to go watch this team play, then they better be spending to the cap and putting the best team possible on the ice.

        • Cal says:

          Bergevin deals his way into these problems. If you want loyalty, he says, buy a dog. Maybe, he’d get a more positive reaction if he didn’t disrespect his players so much when negotiating with them.
          He could have locked up Radulov, but remember last summer when he chased Lucic for a 7 year deal before “settling” for Radulov and a 1 year “show me” deal?
          Why rush into a 2 year deal for Plekanec, when 1 could have done it?

          The only impact move he’s made is trading for Drouin. If Drouin flops (I really don’t think he will), Bergevin will be drummed out. Trying him at #1 center will work as long as Julien doesn’t try to turn him into Bergeron right away. The kid will screw up and learn from it. Or, they can treat him like Galchenyuk and put him on the 4th line.

          • marvin20 says:

            ” Bergevin deals his way into these problems. If you want loyalty, he says, buy a dog. Maybe, he’d get a more positive reaction if he didn’t disrespect his players so much when negotiating with them.”

            How is that disrespectful? The negotiation with Radulov was complete at that time and he took the exact same contract MB offered in Dallas a few days later. His statement is 100% true Radulov has no loyalty, but a little savings in tax money.

            I realize the narrative on here has been bash MB no matter what, but why try an d push a false narrative?

        • Loop_G says:

          Spending money for the sake of spending is bad cap management, not this. There were very few, almost no free agents worth spending that kind of money on this year after Rads bailed, and they need space next year. I would rather have the space to improve when the time is right and give more chances to the kids than to sign people just because there is money to spend.

    • marvin20 says:

      Washington was severally out coached in the Toronto series.

  14. Mavid says:

    mini summit news..
    All the orders are in and I have received everyones money..I will be putting the deposit in tomorrow for 19 tickets…thanks to everyone who participated..

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    Weed Wacker – and Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

  15. bwoar says:

    @ Don Birnam

    Yeah for sure, Pezzetta hurt him with the right. The fight ended there, winner Pezzetta. I just hope he doesn’t go into every fight using the rope-a-dope punching bag technique coz he was pretty open until he landed the kill shot.

    I like him – if he can skate and fight he can be a Dirty Champ.

  16. krob1000 says:

    My new favourite Hab Jonathan Drouin…all of his 2016-17 goals. A couple of things stand out in this clip. Drouin can score ALL types of goals…he is NOT reliant on others. Most notable though IMO aside from the raw skill was his awareness level….he scores about 6 or 7 goals with an unbelievable sense of awareness using (sometimes leading goalie/defender into) defenders as screens and scoring. This leads me to believe he should play with Patch and Gallagher or someone who will go to net.

    He can freewheel, can fly and you can tell watching the clip that he generated most of these goals as the primary generator….with other top talents it is going to be a sight….ya I know I am tooting his horn a lot. I believe it is warranted though. Just watch the clip….he has Kovalev skill, elite speed, elite awareness (reminds me Alfredsson using defenders as screens), ability to slow the game down and then accelerate past everyone, always has head up and doesn’t shoot to get a shot on goal…shoots to score…his shot isn’t heavy…just astute and accurate.

    I had seen comments of coaches calling him a savant…just watch this clip for the subtleties and awareness…a savant indeed…and this is just last years goals….not points, not chances and his minutes were somewhat limited with respect to linemates,etc

    New fave Hab from this season until he leaves is Drouin….yes, prior to ever playing a game.

    • RightNyder says:

      The presence of Drouin and the non-presence of MT are the two biggest reasons to look forward to the beginning of the season.

      Knowing MB is the one in charge of dealing with Johnny Capspace and the possibility that David Schlemko could be our second-best d-man tempers my enthusiasm ever-so-slightly.

      • krob1000 says:

        I cannot believe Habs have Drouin….as the season gets closer I am becoming more and more giddy with the reality the Habs essentially have the equivalent of a first overall pick entering his prime on a reasonable contract who is French Canadian? how did this happen? Not sure…..but I have been begging for it for years and am excited that MB was able to pull it off. Drouin checks every box….winner, entertainer, works, loves pressure, elite bring out your seat talent, young, marketable, dynamic ….literally everything we want….and entering his prime?

        Unbelievable….cannot wait til opening night…I take my son every year and I can’t wait to see the look in his eye taking in the warmup….we always go down to Habs end for pregame warmup and I can’t wait to see the look in his eyes as he skates around in a Habs jersey…I am guessing Drouin going to have that same fire in his eyes of Habs greats of the past and I am hoping my son and I can literally see the fire in his eyes

      • Loop_G says:

        Schlemko is, at best, our 4th best D. Weber, Petry and Alzner are all pretty clearly better. He does seem to be the type that can fill a bottom end role well though in that he won’t make many mistakes.

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    • Coach K says:

      Yes, all of that is true but…can he grind?

      Guaranteed that some of the glitter is gonna rub off that shiny new undersized bauble of Bergy’s once other teams figure him out and he gets pinned/double teamed in the corners on a regular basis.

      Just sayin’…

      -Defence doesn’t win championships…it only stops you from losing them-

    • The_Rocket_Returns says:

      I love those goals he scores from a distance on screens. His shot isn’t hard — it practically wobbles sometimes — but he has a fantastic sense of where the holes are going to be and how goalies are shifting their weight. Will be fun to watch him.

      … Koivu to Zednik to Kovalev …

  17. bwoar says:

    “Malkin is a freelancer. And Seguin. And Subban. And Patrick Kane. And Galchenyuk”

    Galchenyuk is not in their league, dude. Guy Lafleur? He could freelance because no one could touch him and he always, always made something happen.

    Speaking of Subban, he’s no Karlsson. Both he and Galchenyuk frequently freelanced themselves into a no-man’s land, or put a teammate in a bad position that led to a turnover or cost a nice scoring chance, or straight up lost the puck trying to do too much.

    That doesn’t happen much to Patrick Kane or Tyler Seguin.

    These guys we’re talking about are star players, but just not that one extra notch above the competition around them. That’s why there’s little tolerance for them doing whatever they want. Ryan Johansen has been in trouble for this too.

    The league is full of these players *cough* Pacioretty *cough* and even a notorious freelancer like Ovechkin – who arguably is that notch above – has tempered his game to try and be a better player.

    …Linden Vey? ;D

    • RightNyder says:

      Agreed that in today’s overcoached game, freelancing is more frowned upon than ever before. Just wait until Seguin gets a load of Hitchcock.

      Subban’s good always, always outweighed the bad. Especially in the playoffs. When everyone’s working hard and following structure, that talent shines through. No surprise he’s been to at least the semifinals three times in six playoffs and the Man Mountain, well, hasn’t. But that’s another fun argument for a different day.

      Galchenyuk’s certainly not a generational talent. But he’s proven that he won’t pull a cart and the only time he truly shone was when he was allowed to run.

      So let the kid run. I’m hopeful this “you’re a winger now” talk is just that – a last-ditch effort to get him to run. Otherwise, it’s time to send him to Colorado with their vast, unspoiled running plains.

  18. pmaraw says:

    Did Geoff Molson really say he was talking to Bergevin about Tavares and actually use his name? And isn’t that tampering?

    • pmaraw says:

      Richard Labbé‏Verified account @Richardlabbe 9h9 hours ago

      Of note this AM at #Habs golf tourney: G.Molson saying he and GM Bergevin hold discussions regarding star players,”including (John) Tavares’

  19. RightNyder says:

    Someone from a general ‘manger’ (that’s right Disco Stu, I’m typo complaining jerkface guy) is pretty much our only hope at this point.

    I especially like the part where he screwed Markov and is obviously bitter MT has cut off hot tub privileges.

    What a gonad.

    • RightNyder says:

      Off the top of my head, centres acquired by other teams without giving up a limb during MB’s tenure: Seguin, O’Reilly, Staal, Johansen (couple of fingers there, though), Spezza, Linden Vey, Kesler.

    • The_Rocket_Returns says:

      Yeah. I mean, credit to him for (apparently) finally being transparent about what happened with Markov. I don’t want to bash on a guy when he’s finally honest and open. But goodness it makes him look like a tool. “Markov wanted two years and then I signed Schlemko so Markov said he’d take one year but I offered $5 million and he wanted $6 million, so screw that guy he’s 39 years old and also I signed Streit who’s 39 years old and not nearly as good.”

      And somehow we’re supposed to see Bergie’s cap space as evidence of shrewd management and not a screwup.

      … Koivu to Zednik to Kovalev …

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