Canadiens gain point, fall farther behind

While the Canadiens were losing 4-3 to the Bruins in a shootout Wednesday night, the Leafs beat Edmonton in OT.
The results left the Canadiens in 12th place, eight behind eighth-place Toronto.
“Both teams played well, but at this time of year we need the two points,” Mathieu Darche said.

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  1. are Habs fans losing the spirit?? I tried to get them to smack talk the Bruins last night outside the Bell Centre..see what happened here..

  2. MasterHab says:

    I’m not disappointed that the fans cheered when Chara got dinged. My only regret is that the blind hatred of the Bruins displayed by Habs fans doesn’t extend to the Habs players. The biggest problem in pro sports today is that no one really hates anyone else. That’s why you get such lackluster games. Back in the golden age, guys like Richard didn’t just want to win; they wanted to kill you. But today every player has friends or former teammates on the other team, they’re often represented by the same agents and they all play golf together in the summer. Without hate there’s no intensity. Today, only the fans know how to work up a dislike for the other team.

    • Chris says:

      “Without hate there’s no intensity.”

      Athletes shouldn’t have to manufacture reasons to want to win…the competition is usually more than enough.

      You use Maurice Richard, one of the most fiery and tempermental players to ever lace on skates, to support your case. You probably think of Ted Lindsay as another example.

      But what about Jean Beliveau, respected and well-liked by all his opponents? What about Alex Delvecchio, a player who was universally well liked but went on to a Hall of Fame career? Frank Boucher? Red Kelly?

      Stan Mikita cleaned up his act, having been one of the most penalized players in the NHL, to set a better role model for his daughter. This notable attitude change resulted in him winning two Lady Byng Trophies while enjoying the most productive season of his illustrious career.

      Joe Sakic, Ron Francis, Nicklas Lidstrom, Wayne Gretzky, Jari Kurri, Joe Mullen, our own Mats Naslund…all are examples of players who competed hard, excelled, but almost always played with respect for their opponents, not “hate”.

    • Peter Young says:

      What Maurice Richard hated was losing. He was a competitor above all, and it was his supremely competitive nature that gave rise to his intensity. He didn’t have to hate any particular player or team as his incentive, although he may, in fact, have had a low regard for certain rivals, both players and teams (Lindsay and the Red Wings and Ezinicki and the Leafs, for example). His attitude to rival players and teams was the result, not the cause, of his intensely competitive nature.

      I rather think some competitive intensity is lost when we have most, if not all, players regarding the game as a “business” and, indeed, publicly referring to it as a “business,” as, for example, Cammalleri did several times in the interview he gave when he was shipped out.

      Of course, the same claim was made when professionalism took over the game more than a century ago. It was said the professional players were out there for the money, which they were paid whether they won or lost, rather than to win the game, the sole incentive for amateurs.

  3. jmsheehy19 says:

    I’m proposing a nickname for White.

    “The Honey Badger”

    If you don’t get that, YouTube it

  4. DorvalTony says:

    Remember the way Rocket used to look at Ted Lindsay? Think he “moved on?”

  5. aj says:

    In terms of Captaincy, would it be nice to have Josh Gorges have a “C” on his left upper chest in his jersey since we don’t have a captain to lead this team this season?

    I’m sure the Canadiens would have to look at that idea rather than having Alternates or “A”‘s direct this team.

    • RGM says:

      Don’t say that just yet, please. I’m still saving up money to hopefully be able to purchase a Set 3 home jersey gamer. The C will drive up the price. 😉

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
      “Scott Gomez, a potential Hall of Fame player, has two Stanley Cup rings and a Calder Trophy that says ‘I’m a player whom any authentic NHL coach will rely on to fix a game problem.’” – VancouverHab

      Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

  6. Chuck says:

    Cole, Pacioretty, Desharnais, Plekanec, Eller, Gionta, Leblanc, Bourque, White.

    That’s nine forwards that are locks to be on next year’s squad. I’d like to see Moen back, but he might have to me moved to address other concerns, especially on defence. Same with Kostitsyn. I’d keep him and get him back with Eller and Moen, but I’m not convinced that he won’t be moved for the same reasons as Travis. And unless he’s demoted or bought out, Gomez will be back. He’s such damaged goods right now that I can’t see another team taking a flyer on him. Darche is a conundrum. Be busts his ass, but if there’s an upgrade to be had he’ll need to go, too.

    Cole / Desharnais / Pacioretty
    Gionta / Plekanec / Bourque
    Leblanc /Eller /? (Kostitsyn)
    ? (Moen) / White (Gomez) / ? (Darche)

    Those are a lot of question marks that need to be addressed.

    Markov, Subban, Gorges and Emelin will be back. I’m not convinced about Diaz and Weber, though Raphael has proven that he can be an asset on the 3rd pairing. I’d still like to see an upgrade, though, and if Gill isn’t back it’ll be a big hole to fill.

    Markov / Subban
    Gorges / Emelin
    ? / ?

    As far as goal goes, we need a back-up that can play more than 10 games per year. He’s not much of a backup if we can’t afford the luxury of starting him against celler-dwellars and still feel confident in coming away with two points. That’s not a knock on Budaj, but I don’t feel that he has the confidence of the organization. I’d like to see someone with more veteran presence in that position to back-up Carey and shoulder some of the load.

    Price / ?

    Still, we’re not all that far off. We’ve got a squad that’s hung with the Stanley Cup winners all season, and were able to school Detroit and the Rangers. Now it’s time to work on consistency.

    • Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

      I’m gonna get shot for this one, but I think I’d take Moen over Gionta…. Never really bought into the “midget lion” hype.

      Lost a bottle of Kraken during this debacle of a season. Better gettem next year.

    • aj says:

      As far as the Kostitsyn and Moen trade rumors are concerned, they might be dealt with at this point, we might see one of them or both being traded at the same time. Since AK46 is not happy in his ice-time, he would love to leave this place. I want to see Moen back in the lineup but for how much?

      As far as I’m concerned, PG might be weighing his cards before puttinng them on the table. I would rather be a seller this summertime rather than the deadline ‘cuz their values are higher.

    • ManApart says:

      The team isn’t far off? They are only a few points from last in the league. If that’s not far off, then I don’t know what is. Don’t get fooled by competitive games vs good teams. They’ve equally been beat by all the worst teams in the league.

      They have a few good pieces, but make no mistake, they are as far off as pretty much anyone else in the league. You have your boys Gainey and Gauthier to thank for that.

      The team will finish as badly as the day Gainey came in. 8 years wasted. At least they will finally be gone at seasons end and hopefully we can have someone with a clue at the helm for once.

    • DorvalTony says:

      We’ve got a squad that can’t hold a lead in a must win game against Carolina.

      • powdered toastmann says:

        +1…As much as I like some of the current Habs (most agree on th e keepers i.e. Max P, Cole, Pleks, Emelin, Price, White…etc)…and as much as it hurts…this is a telling statement.

  7. Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

    How come McQuaid didn’t get tossed for not having his jersey tied down?

    Lost a bottle of Kraken during this debacle of a season. Better gettem next year.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      He plays for Bruins is all I can come up with.

    • shiram says:

      Edit : think Burly hit the nail on the head…

      • Bripro says:

        It’s called the Campbell preferential treatment rule:
        An official may not be allowed by law to discriminate against any hockey player protected under NHL rules, but he or she can still show preferential treatment towards players who meet a certain unspoken standard; i.e. wearing a Bruins’ jersey.

      • Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

        Another tick in the “Pays to Play for Boston” column. So far the only tick for being a Hab is all the strip clubs within crawling distance of the Bell Centre.

        My theory is that the referee’s have enough on their plates without worrying about the rules. You know, stuff like calling goaltender interference from the neutral zone, phantom hooks and high sticks, and making sure that no matter what you come across as less of a Douche than Timmy Peel.

        Lost a bottle of Kraken during this debacle of a season. Better gettem next year.

        • Bripro says:

          “calling goaltender interference from the neutral zone”.
          What’s with that? The ref standing RIGHT THERE doesn’t see anything, is in a better position to call an infraction, if there is one, but it gets called from the other end of the ice. It happened twice last night.
          We talked about that last night and we all agree that if one ref disagrees with the call, they should consult and be allowed to overrule.

          • Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

            Agreed, or just don’t let the neutral zone ref make calls that happen inside the hash marks or something. Or give all the officials head sets so they can COMMUNICATE what they’re seeing/thinking. Pretty cheap technology at this point, and I think a lot fo the weird calls we see would start to disappear.

            The goalie interference call that came from the neutral zone ref was marginal at best, I though. Thomas was pretty well out of his crease, the contact was incidental, and the “point of contact” was definitely out of the crease. Weak-ish at best.

            Lost a bottle of Kraken during this debacle of a season. Better gettem next year.

          • Bripro says:

            As for the call on Cole, I don’t blame RC for blowing a gasket. He was clearly pushed, and had nowhere to go.

    • DorvalTony says:

      Colon Campbull was on the refs’ bluetooth the whole game.

  8. Bripro says:

    There was on classless incident last night, and that was the rat’s attempted maiming of Emelin.
    I think we’ll start calling Marchand “Le petit Salo”!

  9. wd40 says:

    Habs fans are classless? Bruins fans have a real short and selective memory:!

  10. ont fan says:

    Say what you want about Gainey and PG. Every game, any game these days, there are a lot of scouts in the stands. When these two make deals, Kaberle for example, how many scouts watched, for who knows how long, before they pulled the trigger. We want to hate these two, but come on,there have to be about 10 guys with input. So the question, do you trust 8 out of the 10 who helped make these decisions?

  11. Chuck says:

    The great thing about this season is that it’s become much clearer what moves need to be made to get back into the elite of the conference.

    Most nights the team is competitive and is able to hang with the top-rated clubs, and even school them on occasion (Detroit and the Rangers, anyone?)

    If we were a mess like Columbus Gauthier wouldn’t know where to start. But their play this year has made it a lot more apparent on who stays, who goes, and what we need to pick up in return. Knowing which direction to start your journey is a vital first step in making it to your destination.

    • Ozmodiar says:


      If Markov comes back:
      #1. quality 4th line center to play between Moen/Darche and White.
      #2. 2nd pairing defenseman

      If Markov doesn’t come back:
      #1. 2nd paring defenseman
      #2. quality 4th line center
      #3. Another 2nd pairing defenseman

      I’d love our 4th line to be more of a factor. Even if we have to pay 3rd line center money. Gaustad/Stoll/trade?

    • HabinBurlington says:

      You are correct sir, it is very clear. I am hopeful, it is just as clear to PG et al.

  12. LA Loyalist says:

    Our shootout problems SOLVED!

    We need a guy to go to the net and p/up the rebounds.

  13. Ozmodiar says:

    Meh… The crowd didn’t really boo an injury to Chara because there wasn’t really an injury to Chara.

    He took a puck to the kisser. It was obvious he’d be okay. The cheer was the crowd’s way of saying – “Take that ya rotten bastard!”.

    Now, would the crowd still cheer if he fell head first into the boards and was lying motionless on the ice?? Hmmm….maybe. But that’s not what happened here, as much as everyone is making it out to be the case.

  14. shiram says:

    Very entertaining game last night, not the result I would have wanted, but it kept me entertained all night long. Good stuff.

    I don’t get the benching of Eller, his 4 minute penalty seems to have come from an accidental play, and it resulted in Pleks and DD taking too many draws, and losing too many draws.
    Player accountability is great, but there’s a cutoff where you actually hurt the team by benching guys.

    White plays exactly like what was expected, he is all fire and heart.

    About the boo-birds and Chara, I’d say most arenas have fans of the sort, it’s not a classy thing to do, but to brand the whole Habs fandom as unclassy is wrong.

    Darche, many complaints about his ice time, the guy in truth is not a top 2 winger, but he was asked by the coach to step up his game, and he did. He plays hard and with passion. He might not have the skills, but he is a great example of dedication and what hard work can achieve.

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      Fans of the sort? It was Chara ffs. Against any other team this would not happen.

      • shiram says:

        I hate Chara as a hockey player, but he is still a human being.
        Pleks apologised to him, and Pacioretty said he did not like people booing him, it’s just not a decent thing to do to boo someone who got hurt.

        • Mattyleg says:

          I agree.
          They were cheering him when he got hurt, btw.

          I wouldn’t brand all Habs fans as anything, but the actions of a large proportion have an impact on the perception of the whole.

          And Eller has been very very careless with his stick recently. Two games in a row he got high-sticking penalties with 3.5 minutes left, and one of them cost Carey a S/O. Last night he got 4 mins. That’s eight minutes in 4 games for careless stickwork. Benching him was a mesage. Be responsible with your stick. I imagine sitting Eller was partially disciplinary, and partly a message saying “you’re a liability, and I can’t risk putting you on the ice if you’re going to swing your stick around and get penalties.”

          Doesn’t mean I don’t love the kid, but he’s gotta take charge of his wood. Euuhhh…

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • shiram says:

            Oh yea, cheering, sorry, brain lapse this morning.
            I guess that’s fine with Eller, but it had an effect on our other centers, taking on a larger share of work. Pleks and DD took 46 of 58 draws, and they were below 50% on them.
            Pleks had nearly 25 mins, and DD 22
            I think having our 4 centers playing the whole game could have made a difference.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I would like to see the proof he is human and not some cyborg creation from the communist remnants of the old Czech Republic. 🙂

          • shiram says:

            He works out and lives like a machine, I read about his training regimem and this guy is clearly a physical fitness nut.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            I know, and he would be great on our team (did i really just say that) but I cannot respect the individual, as his whole dog and pony show after the MaxPac hit was complete BS.

        • Bripro says:

          My buddies and I sat watching the game last night, and when Chara got hurt, Tony (the true biased fanatic) cheered.
          I didn’t like that, but his view was:
          “He broke Max’s neck with no consequences except for comments by Dr. Recchi. Karma is a bitch!”
          I couldn’t really argue with him.

          • shiram says:

            But even Pacioretty said he did not like the people cheering when Chara got hurt, so if he can move past it, maybe everyone else should.

          • Bripro says:

            Some just take the game a little too seriously.
            Personally, I think that common sense should prevail.
            If the intent of a player is to injure or maim, they should be accountable to the same standards as the average citizen, regardless of the environment.
            If you’re outside the Bell center, get into a brawl, assault and seriously injure another individual, you are accountable. Why does it not apply to the players on the ice? It’s a double standard.

          • shiram says:

            Ok but at this point, even that police investigation did not find anything to do with Chara.
            I agree that something should have been done at the NHL level, but it was not.

          • Bripro says:

            They gave into political pressure.

          • shiram says:

            Bugs is that you?

          • Bripro says:

            🙂 … my alter ego.

  15. Chris says:

    Nice article over at Yahoo Sports asking whether concussions could actually kill the sport of football.

    I’ve been wondering the same thing myself for some time now, and hockey certainly has to be considered in the same category given its own concussion woes. In a litigation-happy society, I don’t think we’re very far off from the first successful lawsuits of children against their own parents for knowingly endangering their child by signing them up for hockey/football.

    The numbers in one of the cited articles are staggering…up to 2 million reported concussions of football players in the United States each season. Then there is the study from Dr. Paul Echlin, a physician working with the London Knights, who tracked 67 players in the OHL over the 2009-10 seasons, aged 16-21, and found that 21 of those players suffered a concussion, 5 of them suffering a repeat concussion.

    We move to curtail activities that are MUCH less risky than hockey and football are proving to be. We certainly avoid exposing minors, people who are not legally able to give informed consent, from participating in these activities.

    I’m definitley not calling for these sports to be banned. But something has got to change. We now know far more than we used to about the long-term effects of concussions, but our knowledge still remains rudimentry. Nonetheless, there is no question that there is cause for concern for these activities for children.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Thanks for the link Chris. My worry is how concussions are almost now being talked about as just another injury. The fact they get lumped into Upper Body injury. Things like, he should be back in a couple weeks, etc.. Seems to me that rather than recognizing what an epidemic problem this is, the barrage of concussions has just led to the trivialization of it. Hope I am dead wrong.

    • Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

      That number, 21 of 67 is scary. 1/3rd of the sample. I’m no stats guy, but that kind of frequency has to rattle some ones cage some where doesn’t it?

      Lost a bottle of Kraken during this debacle of a season. Better gettem next year.

  16. arcosenate says:

    Don’t really care if the crowd booed Chara, don’t really care if his 12 foot tall 300 pound feelings were hurt. Don’t think it’s a story. There is a bit of a rivalry between these teams, it’s been going on for a while, people paid their $100 bucks and if they feel like booing Chara they can.

    • Mattyleg says:

      I just think that not only does it make Montreal look as clueless and boorish as Boston fans, but it also sends a bad message to kids – that it’s alright to cheer another player’s injury.
      Start doing that and kids will start going after each other more and more violently. We see this sort of thing already.

      People booing Chara is one thing. Cheering an injury is another.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Matty I know what you are saying, but end of the day, I have zero respect for Chara. Had I been there, I can only imagine what I would have been saying/yelling. Yah its wrong, but I am not so good at forgiving a guy who intentionally hurt someone. I am even worse at forgetting.

        Unfortunately, our wonderful Mainstream Media will highlight the crowds reaction, while burying Marchand gutless cheapshot which occurred as time expired which no one in the media points out. They won’t talk about Thornton going out of his way to hit Emelin without the puck. No they will just concentrate on the fans, because it is an easy story, and this way, the players on the Boston team will still grant an interview.

    • ed lopaz says:

      the booing of Chara is balanced by the booing of Subban in virtually every arena (even in Toronto last weekend).

      I could care less about that stuff.

      If you pay $150 you can make any noises that you wish.

      And “if” Chara would have been seriously hurt, the place would have gone completely silent out of respect.

      no big deal.

      Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

  17. L Elle says:

    All the best conversations happen during the day, which begs the question.

    Are y’all independently wealthy?
    Goofing off at work?
    Work the night shift?
    Work for the government? (if youknowwhatImean)
    Or other?

    Great game last night. Didn’t hurt as much as the Carolina game with Spacek celebrating as if it were a game 7 in the SC Finals. Yeesh

    1 more elite forward, 1 more psycho D man, this team is comfortably in the playoffs. Gionta is clutch, lest we have forgotten.

    Poor Carey, needs to be Octopricey with this team.

    • New says:

      I retired so I could devote myself to reading insightful hockey prose by HIO staff and contributors. Tummy is empty but my mind is enriched.

    • smiler2729 says:

      I work 3-11 and use iPhone, this is freakin’ entertainment!

      Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.

    • #1 Here 😆

      Spacek, that was some funny. You just know he wanted to score. The man is the offensive output of a snail in a rabbit race yet he still scored. I just smiled and waved, you can only laugh at that.

      With Markov back next year the defense will be better, with the defense being better there will be less pressure on Price, so he’ll be better.

      Still waiting for our bona fide sniper coming down the right side, and blasting a shot with excitement every shift. Not asking for much, Just Guy LaFleur 2.0 circa Twenty12.

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      Custom Sports Figures
      Brandon, MB,Canada
      R7B 2R7
      Ph- 204 724 8418

  18. habsnyc says:

    Do they practice the shootout? Does Price watch tapes of the likely shooters and what they have done in the past?

    This is not a talent issue. It is either a small sample size or poor preparation.

    Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

  19. Psycho29 says:

    Just re-posting what I posted below:

    In 10 shootout games this season the Canadiens’ shooters are 7 for 37. That works out to a 18% average.

    5 of those 7 goals came in 2 of those games, a 4-3 loss to SJ (6 shooters) and 3 shootout goals in a 3-2 win over Pit (8 shooters)….

    The problem is not stopping the puck, its scoring in the shootout.

  20. habs17 says:

    1 step foward 2 steps back.

    I support Scott Gomez

  21. smiler2729 says:

    Think the Goat will be trusted to unload AK46, Camps, Kabs, Gommaise, Gill, Moen and all the other deadwood for something tangible? Gomez & Kaberle will have to be given away though.

    Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.

  22. Mattyleg says:

    Couple of thoughts on last night’s game:

    1) When I saw Kaberle with Campoli, my first thought was “maaaaaan, when is Markov coming back….?”

    b) Holy Hitting! That was such a physical game. We laid it on them, and didn’t back down. Only player out there I saw NOT finishing his checks was Gomez. I wasn’t looking for it, just happened directly in front of the closeup camera in the corner a few times.

    iii) I didn’t like the cheering for Chara’s injury. I thought that was pretty low. The term ‘class’ is bandied about around here pretty often, with Habs fans patting themselves on the back for being ‘classy’. Regardless of the nebulous interpretation of that word, cheering another player’s injury – and I don’t care who it is – shows a distinct lack of what some people would call ‘class’. Want respect? Then set a good example. Just because other idiots do things like that doesn’t mean that we should. Boston fans gave Chara a standing O? Good for them, it’s nothing more than I would expect. But give the other team fodder like cheering an injury, and you don’t deserve any respect. Clap him off, and you shame the other fans by being ‘classy’.

    [edit] That’s not to say that you can’t be happy it happened, and gain quiet satisfaction that a dirty basterd like him got a puck in the chops, but keep it to yourself and 21,000 others, and then do the right thing publicly.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • 123456 says:

      i understand your feelings – but i’d rather a stanley cup champion and less class then the most class and 25th place.

    • New says:

      The players on Montreal didn’t cheer for Chara’s injury. Some fans did. It depends if you support the team or you support the fans. Far as I can tell some people come to act up with the fans, some come to watch hockey. Chara and Kaberle have their names on last year’s Cup. Hockey is a game where a lot goes on. When you play any sport with passion stuff builds up and it gets rough. If we didn’t like that we’d play badminton or tennis or some other non-contact game. When fans get frustrated their passion spits out as venom because they can’t hit back otherwise. Montreal was long noted for it’s classy fans and their appreciation of the game. That was when they were winning. It is easy to be nice when you identify with the winner, except for Bruins fans who reflect the Marchand mentality. Fans take the Chara/MaxPac incident more seriously than the players. The players can play it out. The fans have to walk around with the rage.

      • Mattyleg says:

        I get it.
        It’s a venting thing, but I still don’t like it.
        Makes us look bad, even to our own players. I can only imagine what’s going through their minds when they see their fans acting like that.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

  23. Kimberly2u says:

    I feel sad they we won’t be able to see the kids play past April…how sad this is when they are just starting to play good but a little too late

  24. wall2bay says:

    Funny how everybody is making something outta the booing but nobody talks about when Chara got a standing O in Boston the game after he almost killed MaxPac!

    Stop bitchin Chara…’s not like you broke a neck and they carried you off the strecher!

    “I kind of feel sorry for players who never got a chance to be a Montreal Canadien” – Cammalleri

  25. avatar_58 says:

    So when are they losing Kaberle, Gill and Campoli? I have no clue who to replace them with, but it needs to happen to move forward.

  26. ed lopaz says:

    man did I like the way White was skating with and without the puck last night!

    I knew he could hit and fight but the kid can play hockey!

    he will score 15-20 goals in this league and he will bring energy every shift of every game.

    and how did you like my man, Louis, on the penalty kill to end the game??

    Louis has a special talent – stopping and starting and changing direction – its called the WORKING HARD Technique! – which makes him an effective PK man going forward.

    Gill has lost his ability to do anything other than the PK, and Campoli is not strong defensively either – cost us 2 goals!!

    But on the Campoli (Pouliot goal), it was my good friend Kaberle, who backed up and backed up in the neutral zone allowing the passing lane to open up to Pouliot.

    Its one thing to have lost speed, but Kaberle also makes very bad decisions in his defensive positioning – and had he stepped up and closed the gap that passing lane never would have been there.

    So a HUGE KUDOS to the boys for a fine effort in the 3rd and an excellent comeback.

    The team lost a point last night because Gill, Campoli, and Kaberle were not (and ARE NOT) good enough to be relied on.

    Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

    • 123456 says:

      when i saw campoli and kabs on the ice at the same time. . . .

      it should make us all appreciate how good subban and georges are. and diaz and emelin i think will only get better and better

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Yup, that is a pairing from Hell. Kaberle with an excellent defender can work, despite all of Kaberle’s defensive woes, he still has excellent skillsets. But combining his woes with Campoli, well that is a recipe for disaster.

        I would much rather see St. Denis playing, but alas we are like an old Consumers Distributing store as we “Showcase” our fine jewelry for the rest of the league to look at. Unfortunately our watches are not Tag’s or Rolex, we are still showing off those digital watches with a calculator on them. Noboday wants those anymore.

      • ed lopaz says:

        Emelin has figured it out – since the Bruins don’t want to take the instigator, he doesn’t have to fight.

        His hand gestures and threats to Thornton were great!!

        I was really enjoying that moment.

        Thankfully, it wasn’t my man Subban who gestured like that, otherwise it would be headlines all over the country,

        and half the posters here would be demanding that Subban be traded,

        and a few would be posting how they are “embarrassed” to have Subban on the team.

        But it was Emelin…so it was hilarious!!

        Where are those guys who were embarrassed to have Subban on the team??

        Have they been watching Subban play some of the best hockey of
        his career?

        Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

        • Mattyleg says:

          I loved how Campbell’s charge on PK ended up with him going face-first into the boards.

          I loved less how there was no call for charging, as the puck was on the other side of the ice.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • ed lopaz says:

            and how about the NO Call when Thornton against Emelin and Emelin never touched the puck on that play????

            yet – exactly same play on the other blue line, AK46 rams into Kelly (I think), and he gets the call on him for interference??


            Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Next year ED! We will have better D. We only have 4 that are NHL caliber build around. We have a lot of dead wood on the back end to move out as well as 3 up front to move.

    • krob1000 says:

      On that Kaberle thing…Aaron Ward pointed that out…btu Kaberle has to back up there…he is not the fastest dman and if he steps up and gets beat there he is in trouble. He was not moving back yet with any speeed and I really didnlt get that…that is way to far out for Kaberle to try and get that close….if Subban is there and steps up and misses everyone is on his ass, Gioll would have backed up, gorges would have backed up…the play seemed safe at the time…he had support or so he thought in Campoli…I disagree with Ward on that one…the d have been clearly isntructed to play things safe in the neutral zone….even Subban isn;t allowed to make that play…yeha he cuold have closed the gap a little bit once they got to the blueline..but looked safe…that play is on Campoli…not Kaberle…if you are balming JKaberle…then how did the Bruisn get the puck to begin with…Campoli, Price, Kaberle, whoever turned the puck over earlier on the shift? whoever else wasn’t in the greatest position? that is a stretch and ward does not like Kbaerle..or Abdrei K and often plays favorites and has grudges from his playing days as he has shown in other segments….

      • ed lopaz says:

        its not gap control there, its taking away a passing lane, with your body or an active stick.

        Kaberle’s stick is so small (cue to the jokes!!), he can’t use it to do anything!!

        You need to play to disrupt the flow in the neutral zone on that play.

        Kaberle backing up is not the problem – he just backed up right out of the flow of the passing lane.

  27. Kooch7800 says:

    Minus one For Boone and Stubbs and all the other montreal media trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill for the fans cheering when Chara got a puck in the face….really WHO CARES.

    Hold on to the negativity. Why not talk about how gritty the habs played last night despite terrible officiating. Are the habs fans as classless as Thornton when he gets hit to run around and trying to start bullying players cause he got hit….

    Who cares about Chara getting a puck int he face. Last night was a good game of hockey and the habs played well

  28. Phil C says:

    The trade deadline can’t come quickly enough, not because I want them to tank, it’s because I think they will actually improve if they can unload Gill and Campoli and let the kids play. Go back to a 6 D system so that the Habs can give more ice to the young forwards. Let’s see if anyone else can step up for next year. It is tough to win when 4 of your 7 defenseman are barely NHL ready. That means one or two of them are on the ice every other shift. Sometimes you are only as good as your worst players, regardless of how good you best players are. The state of the defense is Gauthier’s worst legacy be far. His moves up front have been much better. I wonder who is their defense pro scout?

    It is obvious that the “tough love” routine does not work on AK, they need to find another way to get through to him. But if they are trying to completely crush him, playing him with Gomez and a different winger every time is the perfect formula.

    Gomez… Never mind.

  29. HabsFansince49 says:

    We did get a precious point after fighting back against Bruins team due to win. But if we are realistic, unless some teams above really tank (the Leafs beat the Oilers in OT), this season is over. But worse, much worse, the future is also bleak. Not because of our young players and some veterans. Because the team is not properly managed and I have to add there is far too much JM in RC. Benching Eller for an accidental penalty; putting Bourque in the shoot out; refusing to pair Eller and AK46; over playing the first line…geez Jacques are you still there? Or are you just behind the curtains with Mr Gainey?

  30. Ian Cobb says:

    You know! that was a very good hard fought hockey game last night, between two teams that are at different ends of the standings.

    We played the Stanley cup champs, (that hurts to say) with a much younger and weaker defensive core than the Bruins. Our speed, heart, desire to keep a float, kept us in the game against a much better team. We hit them back and kept them off guard with sound checking. For a bottom team, we played a terrific game.

    Our best player last night was PK, who probably had his best outing of the year.

    Next best players were, Cole, Price, Darche, Gorges, Desharnais, Pacioretty, and Plekanec.
    With honourable mention to Emelin, Leblanc and Kostitsyn.

    The rest were there in spirit, except for Campolie and Eller who should have stayed in bed.

    • New says:

      I think Eller was ok. He started too physical, got mad, and got caught doing what they were doing to him. Bruins are good at pointing that out to officials. They get you off your game. Nice to see they caught Marchand’s clip.

  31. Habitall says:

    Don’t laugh, but … If you want to match Boston for nastiness, and up the intimidation factor, how about getting a 5’11, 212 pounder named _Darrell Powe_? Plays for Minnesota now, but last year for the Flyers. Remember the game last year where the guy was a one-man wrecking ball against our players? Nearly concussed Halpern by hitting him from behind? Prior to the Chara incident, I thought it was the dirtiest playing we witnessed last year. Dirty, but effective.

    Of course, I’m not really serious about having Powe, but man he plays with energy and recklessness that would change the dynamic of our games with Boston. Let’s give them something to really whine about.

  32. LA Loyalist says:

    Why can’t Carey “Joe Thornton” Price not stop shoot-outs? That’s not a rhetorical. It should be the high point of his game for any goalie, mano-a-mango, the blood pumping. It makes no sense.

    Aside from that the lads played hard. I think Emelin is my new favorite player, reminds me of Dave Manson and Rick Green.

    • alfieturcotte says:

      Carey freezes whenever a player starts the shootout with speed. Very frustrating to watch.

    • ont fan says:

      0 for 3 on the shootout and that’s the question? There you go.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        It’s a macro question. His record is terrible in shoot outs. There is a software issue with Price. Maybe maturity will fix it, but if you don’t see it and deny the mathematical evidence the heart break will be all the worse when it comes.

        I blame Gainey, by the way, for playing him as a #1 when he wasn’t. He freezes under pressure.

        Bring the death threats. I have insurance.

        • habs03 says:

          So how about Halak’s 1-5 record in SO…

          • LA Loyalist says:

            Did I mention Halak? No, it was about goalies in general who should LOVE shoot-outs as the ultimate expression of their skill.

        • HFX-HabFan says:

          Please, tell us all again how great your son is at hockey, and how he would fare so much better than Price even though he isn’t a goalie.

          • LA Loyalist says:

            Now that you mention it… the season for his Squirts team just finished and he played every position on the team, including goal when the goalie didn’t show up.

            Bet you never had the stones to do that. 🙂

        • ont fan says:

          He’s 70% lifetime. Who is having a good year. Maybe 3 guys. Get me a goal or two in the shootout and we lose, then we can talk about it.


        • HabinBurlington says:

          Software issue? Really, the fact Seguin is one of the most talented players in the game on a breakaway and you call it a software issue. Does your hardware even fricking realize that we get shots too and our shooters suck! Give up on your Blaming Price already, that song is old like your hardware. 1 shooter for Boston scored in the shootout, that should be enough for us to win or at least get to next round of shootouts.

        • Psycho29 says:

          In 10 shootout games this season the Canadiens’ shooters are 7 for 37. That works out to a 18% average.

          5 of those 7 goals came in 2 of those games, a 4-3 loss to SJ (6 shooters) and 3 shootout goals in a 3-2 win over Pit (8 shooters)….

          The problem is not stopping the puck, its scoring in the shootout.

          You’re Welcome.

    • G-Man says:

      Mano-a-mango? No wonder PRice can’t stop anything during the SO. He’s not armed with fresh fruit. 😉

    • joeybarrie says:

      Honestly. Our boys didn’t put one puck past Thomas. And we blame the goalie. He did pretty good last season in shootouts. But in the end it simply comes down to this…. The team ranks 27th in shootout wins. 27th place in scoring percentage. 25th in save percentage. We have a 2nd place 37 shots with 7 goals.
      We cannot score in a shootout.

  33. Habitoban says:

    So Benny still can’t get any respect on this site. No he doesn’t have a lot of points (9 goals and 9 assists) and still falls a lot. But he’s +15, he’s 2nd on the team in game winners, 7th on the team in hits, he’s getting double digit minutes, including top 6 duties and some PP. His penalty minutes are the same as Eller’s.

    The last straw for Benny was when he and White did a Hanson brothers imitation on Boychuk (I think). People agreed with JM at the time to bench him for the balance of the series. Funny that this is the type of play that people on this site have been clamouring for. And he would have been delighted to play here for $1M. Pity.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      Benny would have been fine for the 3rd or 4th line but lets face facts with or without him on this team it would make really zero difference on this teams overall performance

    • habs03 says:

      Disagree, Pouliot isn’t good enough to be a top 6 player, and he really doesn’t fit or play the type of game to be a good bottom 6 player. He has the skill set, effort is there, even though it might not know, but mental not strong enough, the Wild were screwed him up. I don’t think the Bruins are even going to resign him. I hope he goes to a low market team that struggling and gives him extra ice time and see if he can find his game by playing more and more minutes.

    • alfieturcotte says:

      Agreed. I would take Pouliot and his $1MM over $3.5MM Rene Bourque any day.

  34. smiler2729 says:

    The Habs deserved to win that one last night.

    As for L’Affaire Chara, Part Deux, lots of chatter about the “classless Montreal fans” throughout the hockey world, while I don’t condone it, I’m not really going to condemn it, the heat of an emotional hockey game against a bitter dirty rival and all…

    It’s not as if Bruins fans wouldn’t have reacted the same way if it were Subban… As for the classless thing, I was at a Montreal game 10 years ago when some in the Bell Center actually booed “O Canada”, there’s always some in the bunch.

    I hope Chara gets over his disappointment and, as captain, talks to some of his teammates about playing hockey instead of submarining, flipping birds and basically acting like idiots…

    Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.

  35. Chuck says:

    Everyone’s talking about Chara’s puck to the chin, but I’m more concerned about Thornton and the bullet that he took in the back from Emelin’s snub-nosed .45. He must be one tough dude to be able to get right back up like that after suffering such a serious injury. I mean, you don’t just raise your hands in the air like you’re being mugged in a back alley and crumple to the ice if you’ve received a clean body check.

    The same folks that were in charge security at Dallas Police headquarters must be manning the player’s garage entrance at the Bell Centre.

  36. alfieturcotte says:


    Who scored one of the goals against us — Pouliot and his $1MM salary; Who did he go around — Campoli one of the 2 band aids PG picked up after his $6MM Markov unsurprisingly was not fit to play. The other, Kaberle ($4MM), makes me cringe every time he steps on the ice.

    Can someone please also tell PG and RC that Rene Bourque is a 3rd or 4th line winger; certainly not fit to play with Pleks and not to take a turn on shootouts. The guy is over 6′ feet tall and plays with less intensity than 5″6 Desharnais. Another debacle of a trade by PG!

    • Clay says:

      A little melodramatic, no? I just want to point out that this was only Pouliot’s 9th goal of the year.
      Although I agree with your conclusions – that Gautier should be gone – a little objectivity goes a long way..
      ☞ “Talent is a gift from God, but you only succeed with hard work. Yvan was proof of that.” – Jean Beliveau. ☜

      • alfieturcotte says:

        I didn’t realize that posts had to be objective in a fan forum website — by virtue of its title, it’s subjective moron.

        Pouliot’s 9 goals are 3 less than Pleks and he plays many less minutes. The point here is that PG should have signed Poluiot for $1MM, it’s a low risk gamble for a player of his potential. He might remain a 15-goal player or actually develop into a 25-30 goal player. At $1mm, very little downside.

        • LA Loyalist says:

          Poo is a real sore spot around here. There is no question the kid had talent, and losing him also means in the end we got NOTHING for The Tender One ™ , another problem child. But Poo was also a head case, and at some point he ran out of highway. Just another example of how bad we were (are we better now?) developing young un’s.

      • G-Man says:

        Careful Clay. You’re dealing with a subjective moron. Not much room for leeway there.

  37. 123456 says:

    OK let me be the first to go down this path – yes it was a great game. We all love MAX PAC – he is a budding star but hear me out.

    Habs scored 3 goals.
    Goal 1 – very nice play by Subban and Darche. I was honestly yelling at Subban for not driving to the net with the puck (I though he could beat his Dman). Instead Darche dearted between TWO bruins Dmen and got open in front and Subban made a great pass. Overall a very nice goal.
    Goal 2 – MAX PAC. THe best part of the goal is what doea make Max a great players – HE GETS OPEN. Max entered the zone late and found a soft spot in the defense and DD hit him with a good pass. MAX takes a quick one timer and beats Thomas – sorry folks but thomas SHOULD HAVE saved that one – it was a leaky goal
    GOAL 3 – I like Cole just as much as hte next Habs fan. But if not for Chara’s HUGE mistake the goal does not happen
    (INSERT SIDE NOTE – look at Coles goal… it was a mini break away… NOONE in the shootout used that same move???)

    Now to be fair – if i am going to look at the game as I did above – then 2 of bostons goals should not have happened because both GIll and Campoli handed the bruins scoring chances.

    In the end the game was great. Habs had a lot of scoring chances and the Bruins are only VERY SLIGHTLY better than the Habs. The future does look bright because the weakest linkls on this team are the older guys – Kabs/Campoli/Gill…. Gill at least brings great PK skills.

    • mdp2011 says:

      Don’t know if you realize this, but Hockey is a game of mistakes, the majority of goals scored in hockey are the result of turnovers, some more glaring than others, but turnovers nonetheless.

    • habsnyc says:

      The Bruins are only VERY SLIGHTLY better than the Habs?

      72 points and a +62 goal differential is VERY SLIGHTLY better than 56 points and a -3 goal differential? I mean it is one thing to say that there is enough parity in the league, so that unlike basketball today or hockey in the 70’s, a #15 team can compete against a #1 team. But, as division leaders, defending champions, with the best power forward, trophy winning defenseman and goalie and one of the best young stars in the league, the Bruins are an elite team and Montreal is not yet a playoff team.

      Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

      • 123456 says:

        IDK i look at the season series this year, the playoffs last year – head to head try to tell me the brunis are that much better.

        • habsnyc says:

          There is a difference between playing hard against one rival and playing hard against 29 teams. The playoffs last year mean nothing. Boston got much better, Montreal got much worse.

          Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

    • vegas says:

      Can’t wait until Habs trade Gill, problem is every game he plays his value goes down. He is absolutely useless 5 on 5 and i think his PK succes is starting to be overated. It just pains me to see him on the ice. As far as Campoli goes, couldn’t care less we probably wouldn’t get anything for him anyways. I wish Cunneyworth stops using the 7 D and goes with 4 legit lines. He’s got enough guys to do it. Pair eller back up with AK pleas and add either LL or White as the other winger

    • habstrinifan says:

      You may not like this reply but how could you have been following the play and be “yelling at Subban for not driving to the net “. You could see the body language and eye contact communication between Darch and Subban. It was one of those plays that almost happened in slow motion .. it developed so nicely.

  38. krob1000 says:

    I wonder if Cunneyworth has been given indication he is going to keep th job and is just moulding guys for next year?
    If not I am really confused by his running guys ragged and us running out of gas…we did not get any chances in the OT because the same 4 guys played it all….after having played too much already….Pleks got stuck out there for an entire PK the one time that ended up biting us too. Eller and Kosititsyn are both fast ,strong offesnive guys and would be perfect for 4 on 4. Gorges? Gorges when we need to score? where is this coming from? Like I said this may all be a part of prepping guys for next year…but Bourque is playing some very questionalbe hockey…far worse than AK IMO and he is getting time in good situations…I realize Cunneyworth did give AK a pp chance and he also had he and Gomer go out ona 4 on 4 earlier…but really…nobody wants to play with Gomez…it is painfully obvious.
    In a 4 on 4 situation ….Pleks , Cole and Pacioretty are our best choices….but even before DD…i would place Eller and Kostitsyn, then would be DD IMO just because Eller is better defensively and his size becomes a factor in defensive situations and his skating ability is probably only surpassed by Patches, Cole and Pleks…even then…it would be close…Lars can fly.

    The benching of him for a high stick on a follow through is ridiculous too….if it were a lazy penalty I would get it but a follow through? c’mon…that was moronic….I have long thought we were out of the playoff race but the fan in me always wants us to somehow mount an improbable comeback and make the playoffs….being the only team to have come back and beat the Bruins all year, at home, in that atmosphere with the call seemingly stacking against us,etc…would have been a huge confidence boost…h well….the Leafs won and we fell another point behind, the Ducks won and I guess we are still hable to have our cake and eat it too…it was an entertaining game.

    The non call on Thornton and thte penalty on LEblanc were shameful, the fact Marchand did not get ejected was equally frustrating…I wish soemone would stick up for Emelin…..he hits a ton but will not fight….so the boys not know his history…he should be almost like a scorer..where guys stick up for him…he can do his punishing cleanly and someone else cal deal witht he aftermath…it is geting pretty intimidating to enter the Habs zone with both PK and Emelin lurking back there ready to make a Rock em Sock em video every game lately.

  39. 123456 says:

    Chara and Thomas – what a pair. Chara was dissappointed in the crowd reaction? Oh my – he must have forgetten his intent to injure a Habs player. And Thomas – he didn’t hear any of the cheers or booing… I understand its the party line for a player to say they do not hear the fans – but they do!! Any players will tell you they hear the noise… especially for a goalie when the puck is not in their end.

    I must admit during the game I was dissappointed Pleks went over to Chara to give him words of encouragement. This is the NHL – it’s a business – it’s about winning games. I dont want a team full of ladies. Pleks can certainly make a gesture – but twice? Come on Plekes – be a man.

    • krob1000 says:

      I am ok with Pleks doing that…it was a puck and he is a firend of Chara’s. Say what you want but none of those guys like seeing anyone get a puck in the face (well some of the BRuins may)….but Pleks is a class act and that was a good gesture and it was classless of the Habs fans. It does not matter that Chara did what he did…that should have been the legue who handled that..they failed….you don’t cheer when a guy gets a puck in the face…even it is Marchand… just don’t do it.

      • 123456 says:

        First – i didnt realize pleks and chara were friends.

        While I agree mos thabs fans would feel less anger towards chara if the league did what they should have, but in the end the fans pay a lot of money to see games and they can cheer a minor cut to the face. I can say with certainty if chara was on a stretcher noone would have been cheering.

        My 7 year old son plays – we talk all the time about teams and players we like. I say I dislike Chara the most – why?? because he is very good, tough, big, strong, etc. I like the bruines and the flyers the least – why?? good, strong teams with tough players. tough teams to play against – i am sure we all agree on that point and that is what i teach my son (and others on the team i speak with). So while there is a general reason to dislike the better, stronger teams such as philly and boston – let’s not forget chara’s intent to hurt max pac. if you do not believe there was intent to injure you have not played the game.

    • I guess he was Czeching him out!

      EDIT oops I just realized, he isn’t a spy he’s Slovak.

      Shane Oliver Inc.
      Custom Sports Figures
      Brandon, MB,Canada
      R7B 2R7
      Ph- 204 724 8418

    • Clay says:

      I want any player on my team to do what Pleks did. Sports without sportsmanship isn’t worth watching.

      ☞ “Talent is a gift from God, but you only succeed with hard work. Yvan was proof of that.” – Jean Beliveau. ☜

  40. VTHockey11 says:

    Absolutely cracking game last night even though we ended up losing!

    Finally some encouraging things about this team. We outhit and out-toughed the Bruins thanks to Emelin, Subban, White and everyone else putting in huge efforts. Seeing Desharnais go one-on-one against Chara, pushing and shoving him, was amazing to watch.

    Pacioretty is just a wizard. Good to finally have a guy who can be a consistent 30+ goal scorer. Subban is starting to stretch himself out a bit more again – he’s playing superb defense and making more rushes which are his strong suit. He’s dangerous. Emelin is an absolute beast. Nice to see a guy out there who can hit viciously hard and who hits clean every time. White is great. Hope he stays up. He plays hard, he’s scrappy, and boy can he throw a punch! The youth on this team is really, really encouraging.

    Unfortunately though, the game was marred by horrible interference calls (and non-calls), and a ridiculously dirty, typical Marchand play.

    We had ridiculous goaltender interference calls because of Lucic’s absolutely brutal takedown of Ryan Miller earlier this season.

    Take note, NHL: it’s not interference when a player makes incidental contact with a goalie who is 5 feet out of the crease. I understand protecting goalies from blatant takedowns like Lucic on Miller, but the call when Thomas was ten feet out of the crease? Absurd.

    We had to watch an absolutely, positively dirty play from Marchand and sadly we didn’t retaliate. Was waiting for White to step up again in the third. Mark my words, at some point Marchand’s dirty play is going to come back to bite him in the ass. Someone is going to finally say, “I’m sick of this guy” and he’s going to get a good elbow to the head. I’m not an advocate of dirty play at all, but when you constantly play dirty someone’s going to get back at you. Watch your back, Marchand.

    Finally, I hate Chara as much as the next guy, but he responded really well to the cheering in Montreal, and frankly, I’d much rather cheer a legitimate, legal takedown of Chara than cheer a puck to the face.

    Too bad we lost but it was great to see our guys hit hard, play gritty hockey, really rush the net, and fight back. It was a solid effort that could have been even better sans a few mistakes from the likes of Kaberle and Gill.

  41. Marc10 says:

    Is Chara for real?!

  42. avatar_58 says:

    Two cents – awesome physical play. Boston looked intimidated, especially that moron Thornton.

    F Chara. That’s how I feel about the whining about class. I don’t have to respect that dirty player just because he’s a vet and a captain. He can kiss the adjoining region of the back of my legs.

  43. HabinBurlington says:

    Completely unrelated, but read this article and call BS on it.

    Bryan McCabe says he is done, that the offers came in but he said no. BS, no one made you an offer.

  44. HABitual Fan says:

    Coach C is quick to send messages to his young guys …. “make a mistake and you will be benched”. It’s difficult to build confidence when every mistake is punished. I’d rather him give Eller a blast on the bench and get him back on the ice, than bench the kid for stuff that Pleks and company do on a regular basis (take bad penalties). Poor coaching decisions are costing this team far too many games (and the reffing has my stomach reeling!).

    “…but it’s still better than cheering for the Leafs!”

    • ABHabsfan says:

      Agree with you, dude. Eller’s penalty was just bad luck, if he hit the puck then caught the guy in the face it’s no penalty. He fans on it, clips the guy, gets 4 min and a front row seat for 20 minutes. It seems to be the wrong message for a 22 yr old who has been playing pretty well. Why doesn’t kaberle get benched? That guy is getting 18 min/game and messing himself everytime he has to make a d-play

    • Le Jadester says:

      I think that cost us the Carolina game too !

      If we had an extra 3 points we woulda been right behind the Craps.

      Randy’s decision making needs to be accountable. But hey who cares. Just another rookie coach learnign the ropes at the expense of our team making the playoffs ?

      Habs, OLE !

  45. Bob_Sacamano says:

    That game showed us again what a joke this league and their Bruins are. The non call on Thornton against Emelin who really gets under their skin was so typical for it. Furthermore the so-called tough Bruins are the only team in this league that can´t take a clean, hard hit without some kind of ridiculous retaliation. Laughable.

    @Boone: Next time that ugly monkey gets a puck in his ugly face I will enjoy it again.

    • CanadienBoy says:

      x2 watch the replay of the canuck game and was not much better , like the refs are getting ready for the playoff just does not make sense two step forward and ten back

  46. Habsbill24 says:

    Chara must be as dumb as he is big. After chasing Max around last year, then ramming him into the boards, then lying about not knowing where he was on the ice and after showing no remorse for the injury (not to mention Dr. Recchi’s idiot comments) he is surprised that fans cheered when he got hurt? Of course they did, just like the fans in Boston cheered Chara for nearly killing Max in the first game in Boston after the hit. The Bruins bring on that kind of fan reaction for their basically dirty play such as the low hits by Marchand or the back stabbing by Lucic against only smaller players, anything that happens to any Bruin that is bad will be cheered. They are not liked, nor is their style of hockey. That is so obvious it surprised me that Chara doesn’t get it.

  47. RGM says:

    There’s a lot of pontificating and finger-pointing going on vis-a-vis the Montreal crowd today for their cheering at the sight of Zdeno Chara doubled over on the ice, the recipient of a puck to the face on a Tomas Plekanec clearing attempt. People are calling them “classless” and no doubt will cite this in a long line of “classless” antics like jeering the American national anthem or singling out certain players.

    And to them I say only this… what.

    If it were any other player than Zdeno Chara, be it the execrable Brad Marchand or the orangutan-like Milan Lucic and especially if it were concussion-prone Quebec homeboy Patrice Bergeron, the response would have been different, I believe. There would have been genuine concern at seeing a sportsman injured in the context of the game. But it’s different with Chara. It’s not about his ability to bully around other players due to his immense size or the fact that he’s got a good slapper that he’s put to use on many occasions. It’s not about him as a hockey player in the context of winning and losing hockey games.

    From the moment Chara said “he kind of jumped into it” on March 8, 2011, anything that happens to him on the ice is personal, a comeuppance for his deliberate (and successful) attempt to injure Max Pacioretty. Yes, Pacioretty has moved on and forgiven. Guess what? There’s no law saying that fans have only a certain timeframe to loathe a player for his intentional actions that left a popular young player in a heap on the ice, unable to move, severely concussed, two vertebrae in his neck fractured. That action, and his defense of his action immediately thereafter, does not have an expiration date in the minds of many Canadiens fans.

    Let’s point out a basic fact here: Zdeno Chara did not miss a shift after that hockey play that sent Habs fans into a cheering fit. And make no mistake, getting hit in the face with a puck is part of the game. It happens. Chara himself said in the Stubbs article, “I’ve taken a lot of pucks in the face.” We’ve seen our own captain-in-waiting take a Mike Green slapshot to the back of the head, a shot so hard it left a puck imprint on Josh’s helmet, and Gorges didn’t miss a game.

    So all this braying to the heavens about Habs fans getting a bit of a rise of what was in effect a relatively harmless play is more than a little bit overblown. John Lu of TSN, a guy who I respect and have tweeted back and forth with a couple times, posted on Twitter last night that the cheering was “bad karma” for Habs fans. Well, OK, fine. In the grand scheme of things, if I am walking to work and slip on a patch of ice and hit the deck, and a couple schoolkids who saw it laugh at me, I guess we can call it even. But has anybody considered that perhaps, just perhaps, what happened to Chara last night was his own little bit of karma getting back at him for what he did last year? Maybe the hockey gods agree that what Chara did to Pacioretty was a hockey play, and so they tossed a hockey play right into Chara’s face.

    Let’s go back to the media types and extend it to include fans and speculators wagging their disapproving fingers at Canadiens fans for their lack of compassion for Zdeno Chara. I would venture that many of them said one, some, or all of the following things in the wake of the Chara attack on Pacioretty:
    * Pacioretty had it coming based on what he did giving Chara a shove in the back after scoring the winning OT goal in the previous game
    * Chara did not know, and could not have known where he was on the ice, and what happened was just an unfortunate accident
    * Chara was not to blame because he just has to play in the environment around him; the arena was built in an unsafe manner therefore it is the fault of the Bell Centre
    * The Canadiens exaggerated the extent of Pacioretty’s injuries in an attempt to get Chara suspended (this despite the Canadiens announcing Pacioretty’s injuries only after it was announced that Chara would receive no supplementary discipline from the NHL)
    * It was a hockey play. This isn’t ice dancing. These things happen.

    This wasn’t a uniform mentality, thankfully. Many people were very concerned about the health and well-being of Pacioretty. But how quickly did the NHL move to sweep this incident under the rug? How quickly did they pronounce that there would be no supplementary discipline? How quickly did they (the media, the fans of other teams, etc.) shift the emphasis off of a player that broke another player’s neck, and instead make it more about the injured player and the fact that he went and saw a movie? We don’t even need to go out and comb Twitter or Facebook for some of the truly classless and deranged things said by Bruins fans about Pacioretty’s injury because we all know what’s out there. People saying that he looked better on a stretcher – that is classless.

    Could Chara have been seriously injured by the puck? Absolutely. We all remember what happened to the Habs own Trent McCleary, But guess what? He wasn’t hurt. Didn’t even miss a shift. There were people out there cheering like depraved lunatics at the Roman Colosseum at the sight of Max Pacioretty’s prone body on the ice. They cheered the injury and they revelled in it and they mocked him in the aftermath. Guy had a broken neck and a severe concussion and they denigrated him every step of the way.

    Is it perhaps a bit lacking in moral clarity and dignity to take a small amount of pleasure at the sight of Chara doubled over in pain? Sure it is. But ultimately it’s much ado about nothing. If there were a real sense that Chara was in any danger or serious pain, I’m sure that the initial cheers would have melted away to genuine concern and that those cheering would feel pretty bad about themselves. But as I alluded to earlier, it’s pretty much no worse than Nelson Muntz pointing and laughing at some mishap endured by a character on The Simpsons. It may be mean-spirited but the feigned media outrage is vastly disproportionate to the event in question.

    GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
    “Scott Gomez, a potential Hall of Fame player, has two Stanley Cup rings and a Calder Trophy that says ‘I’m a player whom any authentic NHL coach will rely on to fix a game problem.’” – VancouverHab

    Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Very long, but worth the read. Agree RGM. I was cheering at home when the puck felled the missing link. I kind of felt bad for cheering, my wife gave me a double take look and said that isn’t fair, I said it three words, “It was Chara”, she said to me, “As you were”.

    • mb says:

      100% spot on.

      Do I think the crowd showed any class? No. Do I think people should cheer on an injured player? No. But like you stated, had it been any other player in the league, the reaction would have been a lot different. Had it been a serious injury, it would have been different also.

      But to say that “it has nothing to do with previous events”… He needs to get a clue.
      Pacioretty moved on. Good for him, really. I haven’t. I probably won’t ever.

      So to all the people calling the crowd classless, yes, you might be right. But saying that it wasn’t justified, is ignorant. People don’t forget, and people don’t forgive at times. But they were not booing a player getting hit by a puck. They were booing a player who “accidentally” nearly killed someone.

      (Oh and, I did kinda believed him at first when he said he didn’t mean to hurt him… Then he said he didn’t know where he was on the ice and that the stanchion was there… Then he said he didn’t even know it was Pacioretty… Then he said Max basically jumped into the stanchion… How in the world can one believe such assessments? I don’t. Sorry.)

    • Excellent writing RGM, but that’s expected from you.

      Well done!

      Shane Oliver Inc.
      Custom Sports Figures
      Brandon, MB,Canada
      R7B 2R7
      Ph- 204 724 8418

    • G-Man says:

      John Luu really shouldn’t “cover” the Canadiens. He’s been trying to stir shit up all year. In fact, TSN, SportsNet and the CBC should all be kept away, too.
      I would have been delivering a standing O if Chara had to be taken away on a stretcher- classless though it may be- because of the NHL’s bush league reaction to the Pac injury.

    • 123456 says:

      hit the nail on the head regardin gthte patch hit. dirty play and chara lied about it. all nhl players know who is on the ice. chara is a coward (anyone else notice hte minus 3 last night). i also think we (and other teams fans) pile on chara bc the bruins organization “appears” to get away with a lot of infractions.

      i liken it to this – remember shaq in the NBA got away with traveling because well thats what he did. well the bruins are know as a tough team…. i question why that allows them to get away with stuff but i understand the human mind and the refs knwo the bruins play on the edge so they let them get away with more.

      until the league takes a stand against the bruins there will continue to be an “appearance” of favoritism

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Agree except one point, the entire NBA is now sponsored by Samsonite. The NBA has completely bastardized the rulebook, it hasn’t led to injuries like the NHL but the rulebook of the NBA is long out the window.

  48. Mad Habber says:

    Rumoured players I would love to see the Habs acquire but probably won’t happen:

    1) Chris Stewart RW/LW: Falling out of favor in St. Louis because of inconsistent play, but he is a guy that scored 28 the last two seasons. Been mentioned as available in some rumours.

    “Chris Stewart skated on the fourth line at practice on Wednesday in an attempt to shake him out of his current funk. “Before you can think about scoring goals, you’ve got to start to work,” coach Ken Hitchcock said. “Does this get his attention and do all that stuff? We’ll see, but we need him to have way more impact on the game. He’s too good a player to just go quietly by the night.” He played with Scott Nichol and Chris Porter in the session and Hithcock is hoping that the move will challenge Stewart to rise to the occasion. The 24-year-old winger has one goal and four points in his last 14 games. (Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch)”

    I wonder if the Habs could pull out a inconsistent forward (Kostitsyn) for inconsistent forward trade. If that isn’t enough perhaps the Blues would take on of the defenseman habs should unload before the deadline for extra depth.

    TO St. Louis:
    Andrei Kostitsyn
    Hal Gill
    3rd pick

    2) Jeff Carter/Peter Statsny: This one would be most difficult because most of the rumours suggest both would require a big return. However both are centre’s that can play with an edge, and can be considered a #1. In order for it to happen however something would have to be done with Scott Gomez, perhaps either team might take him back considering his actual salary goes down and both might be rebuilding so the cap hit might be considered a good thing. More than likely he would have to be burried.

    I know most everyone will hate this but perhaps this is where the first comes into play. Outside the top 5 most first rounders are a gamble and either one of these guys are already a somewhat proven commidity. Not to mention that I have heard alot that the talent level in this draft isn’t as high as deep as it has been previously or will be in the future. Neither is over the hill yet either. Still perhaps this one would be better left until draft day. Even still I doubt the first alone would be enough, but with the way the Habs are playing prehaps it will.

    I think either one of these guys would look good in the shoot-out line up and will actually have at least one serious threat in it. Though neither Columbus or Colorado have seen fit to give them much of a try.

    TO Colorado/Columbus:
    MTL 1st 2012
    Alexander Avtsin
    Dany Kristo
    Yanick Weber
    *Scott Gomez*

    Doubt this is enough..

    3) Jack Johnson D: Probably not going to happen, since I can’t see anything the Habs could give up to acquire him. But they definitely need another defenseman like him. Actually the could use a couple blueliners.

    That leaves Moen, Kaberle, Campoli to dealt for picks. They can keep Moen but he is most likely to get the best return of these three.


    With the addition of Carter/Statsny shift Pleks to the wing, but use him as a centre on the pk.

    New line-up:

    Darche-White-Moen (some else if dealt)

    Johnson or ?- Subban


    I realize some of these deals sacrafice a bit of the future but the team gets better right now. And none of the guys added are too old so they will be around for a while.

    • RGM says:

      I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume you mean Paul Stastny. Peter Stastny is 55 years old and probably slower than Skillsy.

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
      “Scott Gomez, a potential Hall of Fame player, has two Stanley Cup rings and a Calder Trophy that says ‘I’m a player whom any authentic NHL coach will rely on to fix a game problem.’” – VancouverHab

      Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

      • HabinBurlington says:

        You sure he is slower?

        • 123456 says:

          lol RGM stated probably slower

        • RGM says:

          Was hoping someone would catch that. LOL
          I like Hal, he’s a good guy and you don’t make it to 37 in the NHL without having some ability. But he ain’t what the kids call a “speedster.”

          GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
          “Scott Gomez, a potential Hall of Fame player, has two Stanley Cup rings and a Calder Trophy that says ‘I’m a player whom any authentic NHL coach will rely on to fix a game problem.’” – VancouverHab

          Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Agree, no harm intended. Guy has been great for the team over the years, but the years have added up.

  49. AnimalMother says:

    Game. Over. Sell.

  50. habs178 says:

    Great game, poopy result.

    Price needs to close that gaping five hole. That shot should’ve been stopped. Regardless if Pouliot got around Campoli, he is is our last line of defence, and well, more times than not this season, he’s letting in the goals that should be stopped.

    I really want to see the Bergeron goal again. The only angle TSN showed was from the corner Bergeron was in, and it was so fast, I’m still shocked it went in. Anyone know where I can see it?

    “To disbelieve is easy; to scoff is simple; to have faith is harder”
    ~ Louis L’Amour
    I’ve got the faith!

    • RGM says:

      I’m with you on that Bergeron goal. I thought it hit the crossbar myself. That they didn’t even bother to review it is a bit strange – they never once showed the overhead camera angle on TSN.

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
      “Scott Gomez, a potential Hall of Fame player, has two Stanley Cup rings and a Calder Trophy that says ‘I’m a player whom any authentic NHL coach will rely on to fix a game problem.’” – VancouverHab

      Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

      • habs178 says:

        RIGHT??!!?! That’s exactly what I’m saying! After the beauty goal by Patches, we saw the replay from every angle possible. That Bergeron goal, I dunno. I was surprised too that RC didn’t get it reviewed. I’m like you though, looks like it hits the crossbar, rolls, and then out. My wife who hates hockey even commented on the “replay”. She was like, that’s not in eh? Guess we were both wrong.

        “To disbelieve is easy; to scoff is simple; to have faith is harder”
        ~ Louis L’Amour
        I’ve got the faith!

  51. remi_10069 says:

    It would be good to have a public review of the refing after every game ie you can log into the NHL website and see a quick summary of how the league interpreted the refing. Understand they can get calls wrong but it would make us feel better to see the refs from last night’s game get an F and a fine / suspension / demotion to the ECHL. They are supposed to be professionals and hence should be held accountable just like other professionals. What happens to an engineer then they screw up and a piece of a bridge falls and kills someone? Oh ya, nothing….


  52. Habfan4lfe says:

    Last night gave me a good appreciation of how cheap Boston is and how pathetic the NHL is to have such totally useless and chicken $hit refs. Every time I see the worst refs on the ice, the next game I am in disbelief how bad they are. I loved the charging from behind on Emelin by a experienced Thorton. Wow, that was classy. Look at me everyone I can nail someone from behind and get away with it. How there could be no suspensions to Boston after that game just seals the deal on the NHL. A Bush league. I wish I could have been there, I’d have spit on Thorton. Cheap POS hockey player. Same goes to Marchand.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      That hit by Thornton was such an obvious cheap shot crybaby hit on Emelin. His ego could not stand the fact Emelin got the better of him earlier. But the classless ape couldn’t find a way to get back at Emelin cleanly and the refs just watch and do nothing. So sick and tired of the Bruins, but more sick and tired of this league pandering to their every bowel movement.

      • SmartDog says:

        At some point, someone is going to TOTALLY cheap shot a Bruin into the hospital and after basically just say it’s how THEY play, I was just playing their game. And then the league refs might wake up for a little while to the idea that letting them get away with the shit they do is going to come back to haunt them. It seems like refs in Boston get sucked into a different standard. Being an a-hole is so much a part of their game, it’s all relative.

        Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I can’t remember the details, but I seem to recall that we had just a powerplay or two and then the Thornton hit. To me it reeked of refs thinking, “oh we can’t give Montreal another powerplay now, that would be too many in a row so we will let it go”

          On top of that, if Emelin doesn’t stay down on ice, they don’t give Marchand a penalty. And the fricking media, gimme a break. Ferrarro was almost trying to find a way to endorse Marchand, he said there was no need for the hit, but zero outrage. Boy I am one pissed off person this morning. For one night i want to dress for the Habs against Bruins and just go apesh#t.

          • Carnegie says:

            I agree. The ref seem to be constantly trying to influence the game. Instead of properly conducting the game, they are endlessly making “non-calls”, and “make-up” calls. They know that whatever they say stands, so it is power trip. Yeras ago, I was convinced the game was fixed. I realized it was not possible, however, of late, I am wondering.
            Not blaming the whole game on the refs, Price gets the bigger share of that, by far.

  53. HabinBurlington says:

    Great entertainment. Great effort from much of the team.
    Questionable Coaching, A group of 3 defenders whom only 1 can be part of next years roster, with a 4th defender not dressed who falls into the same category. Only 1 of Kaberle/Weber/Campoli/Gill can be seen in Montreal next season. I believe it will be Kaberle, which is fine provided 2 other GOOD defencemen are brought in.

    I would rather watch Beaulieu develop in the NHL next season than see Campoli/Gill/Weber/Kaberle.

    Mr. Markov we need you and another Emelin.

    And can people please recognize that in a shootout the shooter has the advantage. If on average we allow 1 goal out of 3 shots we should be tied or winning those. While it would be wonderful to see Price be superhuman, but come on. Every shootout we are in this year, I watch our team get weak and pathetic shots on the opposing goalie while other teams come down with purpose, strong shots or solid dekes.

    Our talented players must be our talented players in the shootout. Andrei Kostitsyn should be superior in this domain, a healthy Gionta should be superior as should MaxPac. Instead …..oh it is awful to watch shootouts.

    But a great game to watch.

    Marchand, I have had more love for my morning dumps than I ever will for you!

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Gerald, I agree 100%. I think the teams biggest issue all along was the blueline. Funny thing is I shudder to think what it would have been like if Diaz and Emelin had not taken to the pro game so quickly. No one including I imagine, PG would have thought that before the season. Shows how poorly this team was put together. No its more complicated with Karbrele and his seemingly immovable contract. Now, along with Gomez, we have two of those.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Yup it all starts from the goal out. Whether Price has been spectacular or not is irrelevant, he provided above average goaltending, not elite I admit. But good enough to be a top 16 team in the NHL. Then we get to our blueline and it all falls apart. I would comment on lack of scoring depth of this team, but that is irrelevant also. Until the blueline is improved adding goalscoring provides no cure. Scoring 3 goals a night should win games on average, but we simply watch our blueline give up elite scoring chances every game.

        Edit: Jim one point though, it isn’t the contracts of Kaberle/Gomez stopping this team from getting better defencemen. PG had all summer to shop for these players. I liked signing Markov, but even after that, we could have had O’Brien or others. Instead we wait and end up with Campoli and then he adds Kaberle.

      • Strummer says:

        Kaberle’s contract is not immovable.
        It will be a slam dunk compared to Cammaleri’s and he got moved.

        “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”
        -Dennis Miller

        • Ali says:

          I honestly laugh at anyone who says this. Carolina found nobody else interested in him other than Mtl, many reputed reporters have said this (McKenzie, Dreger, Friedman). The ONLY WAY you move him is by taking another bad contract back in return.

  54. Habfan10912 says:

    PK makes mistakes due to mental lapses and never lack of effort. Campoli and Gill make mistakes because of lack of effort. I am sure I am overstating this, but under Coach Count, lack of effort by veterans was tolerated as evidenced by Gomez seldom showing up and never having ice time taken. I think RC is beginning to change that culture. I hope PG supports him by finding a different home for Campoli, Gill, and Gomez.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I agree Jim, but did not understand his use of the Eller line. He has to stick with that group, our team was gassed by the OT because he was playing 2 lines only.

      Very fun game to watch. Marchand is a vile weed and I am being far to considerate. I can’t believe that ratlike creature had the gaul to call our crowd classless while he delivers a cheapshot at the horn on Emelin. I missed Chelios and Lemieux on that play. Either would have immediately ran the prick through the boards not caring of the penalty to follow.

    • G-Man says:

      Every Dman makes mistakes. Chara made 1 hell of a blunder in the 3rd period last night. He’s a Norris winner.
      Putting your spin on these errors, whether mental lapses or lack of effort, depends upon which Dman makes the mistake I guess.

      It would have been great if Price had come up big in what probably was the most intense and hard-hitting game this season.
      Lastly, do the Habs even practice SO? I mean, ffs, how can they all be so pathetic at it?

      • HabinBurlington says:

        They all make mistakes, but not game after game G, I hear what you are saying but reality is that to be a contending team you cannot have the combination of Dmen we do in our Bottom 3-4 dmen.

        As for Shoot-out, I am beyond perplexed at our impotence. Maybe RC should give these guys Viagara before the shootout, because the blanks being fired are not finding that big eggcell of a net.

        • G-Man says:

          Yep, Burli. Every Dman. Game after game. That O’Byrne trade is looking worse and worse: Habs really could have used another Dman with size this season.
          As is, I would do all I could to trade Diaz and Weber. Together, they make 1 good all around offensive Dman. They are too small to take up 2 roster spots. Hell, I’d throw in Campoli, too for 1 decent stay-at-home Dman that hits.

  55. SmartDog says:

    Here’s a nice little stat. Combine the playing time of Campoli and Kaberle and it’s LESS than PK played alone. Money well spent Pierre! Crazy that it costs $6 million to (badly) plug holes in our D. And amazing that previous to this PG was our head pro scout.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  56. gismo111 says:

    Let’s see who they are going to get at the trades deadline, another Gomez lol . It just scares me to think that Gauthier and Gainey are still in control, obviously next year won’t be any better. Get rid of them now and give someone else a chance to try to put a team together. Great reward for Gomez last night, 12 plus minutes of play after his goofing around at practice and his poor effort on the ice. Instead let’s bench our talented players, Kostitsyn might be lazy at times but you have 100 more times to get a goal out of him than Gomez, stats don’t lie.
    Still and always will be a Habs fan but i am sick of the way they run the team

    • SmartDog says:

      What? You don’t want more like Kaberle? More like Campoli? Bourque? C’mon, these guys are at least good for a laugh…

      Kaberle’s blunders are hilariously bad and watching Campoli is like watching an AHL call-up in his first game. And Bourque…. zzzzzzz

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  57. Thomas Le Fan says:

    A couple of thoughts. We out hit and out fought the Bruins and lost. So much for that theory. Refereeing is very puzzling. Phantom calls both ways.
    Just think, we could have been waiting for Pouliot to score is first in 16 games!
    Win or lose, I hate the shootout. But for the love of all that is holy … SHOOT the puck!
    Boo hoo for anyone who thought it “classless” (I’m talking to you Ray Ferraro) for booing Chara and applauding the puck in the face. At least he didn’t go to hospital and miss half a season. Maybe Colin Campbell can suspend our fans for a few games.

    Go Habs!

    • SmartDog says:

      >Just think, we could have been waiting for Pouliot to score is first in 16 games!

      At $1 million, that’s a lot better than waiting for Gomez to score his first in 50 games. And at least Pouliot has moves. I think Kostitsyn’s gone about 15 games too. Pouliot’s a very good 3rd liner. For that money we should’ve kept him.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  58. HNS says:

    When is Habs management going to realize Price is not that good. When ??? Mr. Softie needs to go.

  59. Carnegie says:

    Noticed that Price didn’t move too much on the winning shoot-out goal. Guess he figured the the post brothers would do it for him again……….

  60. HabsFanMTL says:

    so with Ellers playing time demoted to just 6 mins last night after his “accidental” high stick that cost a 4 min penalty, i guess this is what we have to look forward to for the rest of the season is sitting our more “talented” players for incidental mistakes to risk losing games when we so desperately need 2 points every game. The game before he sat Kostitsyn for half the game and we lost. We need goal scorers out there yeah sure i believe u should discipline them but not at the expense of losing much needed points i think RC is going to far

  61. DadidolizedDougHarvey says:

    Call me a cretin or a moron, but until Chara owns up for his intentional hit on Max, somewhere inside of me there will be a spark of glee whenever a Bruin hits the ice. I was satisfied when Horton got levelled last year in the playoffs, don’t feel bad at all for marc savard, and as far as Chara’s blood, let it flow… It wasn’t like he got hit in the eye or had his neck broken….

  62. Haligonian-Hab says:

    There isn’t much I can agree with here…

  63. John Q Public says:

    Non calls, phantom calls and just taking up too much ice!
    Fixed ? Looks like it more every day.

    The goalies should be fair game if they leave the crease.
    And if you touch them outside the crease it really shouldn’t be a penalty.
    Bring back the real goal posts!

    Rc is boring compared to JM.
    At least he tried to get PP and lines going by changing them up.
    Pk brings it every big game, love to see that.

    DD will never be a so called No 1 center, just to small.

    Lets go PG shake it up.

    Big center or a real sniper.

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