Canadiens captain imparts his wisdom on newcomer Drouin

Pat Hickey

Montreal Gazette

Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty has spent a lot of time with newcomer Jonathan Drouin this summer and he had one piece of advice for the 22-year-old.

“I told him not to worry about whether he was playing on the wing or at centre because one thing I’ve learned is that things can change quickly here,” Pacioretty said Tuesday at the Islesmere Golf Club, the site of the captain’s annual golf tournament to benefit the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation and the player’s own foundation, which supports the Montreal General Hospital.

The team’s off-season changes were a major topic of conversation, but there is one lingering hangover from last season’s collapse in the first round of the playoffs. The Canadiens failed to score against the New York Rangers and general manager Marc Bergevin’s off-season machinations failed to plug a hole at centre.

Drouin will get a shot and there will be yet another attempt to determine whether Alex Galchenyuk is able and/or willing to do what it takes to play in the middle.

Philip Danault played a top-six role last season and said Tuesday that he’s going into camp with the goal of proving he can continue that role.

There’s also the expectation that Bergevin will use the $8.5 million in available cap space to bring in another offensive player. Toronto, Detroit, Dallas and Chicago are over the cap and will have to make moves before the season begins in mid-October. It’s a good bet that Washington will have to make some moves because the Capitals have only 17 players under contract and a mere $4 million to fill out the roster.

Coach Claude Julien said he would leave it up to Bergevin to assemble the team, but he noted that it’s always good to have a little money in the kitty.

The Canadiens are missing three of their top six defencemen from last season — Andrei Markov, Alexei Emelin and Nathan Beaulieu — but Julien noted that the Canadiens have restocked the lineup with Karl Alzner, David Schlemko, Joe Morrow, Jakub Jerabek and veteran Mark Streit.

“It’s going to be strange not having Andrei here because he’s been such a big part of this team for so long and I learned a lot from him,” said Pacioretty. “But you knew that it was going to happen at some point because of his age, and this gives an opportunity to other guys.”

Jeff Petry said the departure of Markov might allow him to play a more offensive role, but he also noted a defenceman’s primary role is to help keep the puck out of the net.

Petry said the introduction of new faces shouldn’t present a problem in terms of chemistry.

“There are guys who played with each other before and we have lots of exhibition games for guys to get to know each other,” said Petry.

Julien noted that the Canadiens are still one of the youngest teams in the NHL, a fact that wasn’t lost on Pacioretty.

“I can’t believe that I’m one of the oldest players on the team,” he said. The only older forwards on the roster are Czechs Tomas Plekanec and Ales Hemsky.

“There are a lot of young guys who have been getting better each year,” said Pacioretty. He also said he has been impressed with the skill displayed by Drouin and “we all know what Galchenyuk can do.”

Galchenyuk scored 30 goals two years ago and was on a point a game pace as a centre last season before he suffered a knee injury. His production tailed off and he finished the season as a fourth-line winger.

“He’s still a young player and we’ll work with him to reach his full potential,” said Julien. “He’ll be starting with a clean slate.”

Julien is also starting with a clean slate. He took over from Michel Therrien on Feb. 14 and wasn’t in a position where he could make major changes. He did patch up the penalty-kill by installing a more aggressive system, but he’ll have more time to put his mark on the team in training camp.

The Canadiens’ main camp opens on Sept. 15 and they’ll play an intra-squad game on Sept. 17 before launching an ambitious eight-game preseason schedule that includes four games at the Bell Centre, two in Quebec City and single games in Ottawa and Toronto.

Photo: Pierre Obendrauf/Montreal Gazette


  1. Lord Stanley of Surrey says:

    HOPE springs eternal….most magnificently in HIO.

    FREE TIMO!!! …Michael (Timo) had his negative tongue-in-cheek shtick in HIO, but He never was profane and should never have been banned from HIO. If there is any discretion and fair-mindness within the powers that be behind the scenes of HIO, TIMO’s ban should be rescinded immediately. Thank you.

  2. Millsie says:

    Who did we get for Rads?

  3. Rjay CH says:

    I have to say I’m not 100% sold on the talk of the overall club making a lateral movement in the offseason. Now yes, you won’t see story lines of the habs being a Stanley cup favourite, but there are a lot things that could fall into place that would change this club for the better.

    -The rookie movement (PIT,NSH) If the habs get exceeding performances from Galchenyuk,Drouin,Lehkonen,Danault,*Hudon, this team will go deep. Many teams are relying more on prospects in today’s game.

    -Galchenyuk and Drouin both fill centre positions, this would be ideal in spreading out the offence, however i feel Danualt will stay in the second C role leaving one of the two dynamic forwards filling 1C

    -We have A LOT of cap space going into next season and that’s never a bad thing if we find out mid season we need one more piece to put us over the top. whether that be a C or puck moving D

    -Lastly we have Carey price, and yes I will not argue that our D corps made a side step but i think we’ve all seen weak D corps make a huge run (PIT), it’s all about balance through the line up and the habs have a lot of depth going through it.

  4. B says:
    Max Pacioretty, LW, MTL — 64
    Jonathan Drouin, LW/RW, MTL — 59
    Alex Galchenyuk, C/LW, MTL — 54
    Brendan Gallagher, RW, MTL — 45
    Phillip Danault, C/LW, MTL — 43

    –Go Habs Go!–

  5. fastfreddy says:

    @Habcertain, I agree, we will need Chucky, Gally, Lehks, and Drouin to take a step up in order to go deep i the play-offs.

  6. ProHabs says:

    Why don’t the Habs just hire Guy Carbonneau already as a specialist coach or assistant coach so that he can help Drouin and Galchenyuk become better defensive centermen. It’s common sense.

  7. B says:

    The Captain’s golf tournament raised $257,440

    –Go Habs Go!–

  8. Bergevin's Foxhole says:


    News at Eleven.

  9. petefleet says:

    The one thing that MB had to do this summer was to create a team that could play in the regular season and win in the playoffs. Hopefully he did that with the new additions. It’s not the same game in April and its about time MB realized that. The refs put the whistles away and the crazy hockey begins. The Habs need players who can handle crazy April hockey. If they got that, they’ll be fine. If not it’s back to the drawing board.

    “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”
    Carey Price

    “You can’t believe everything you read on the INTERNET”.
    Abraham Lincoln

    ***Go Habs Go***

    • Strummer says:

      Would you put any of the blame on Coach Julien for the Habs’ playoff failure this past sesaon?

      -Some folks really have trouble letting go of stuff, eh?-

      • habcertain says:

        I think CJ gets a pass, as a mid season replacement. We still lack the assets for playoff hockey, physical players that can move the puck. The defense will surely be tested next year in this regard. We swapped Drouin for Rads, so it looks like a wash. Lehks, Chucky, Galley will all need career years to move the needle.

      • Forum Dog says:

        Tough to put a lot of blame on Julien. He came in and did a decent job all things considered. To my eyes, the problem with the Habs in that Rangers series is that they didn’t generate a lot of good scoring chances. Yeah they generated shots, but they didn’t have a tonne of quality action in front of Lundqvist, didn’t do a great job getting him moving, and didn’t bury the chances they did get. Personally I think that reflects a lack of personnel, especially the higher end guys that fight through the noise and put the puck in the net. Radulov put up 7 points, but Pacioretty and Danault (his running mates) were totally skunked….

        The defence wasn’t great either IMO. The Rags had some big bodies and put the pressure on.

  10. HabinBurlington says:

    Kind of neat read on the tradition that is the Stanley Cup.

  11. Butterface says:

    Hey look.

    I don’t like to burst bubbles, but the facts are the facts.

    Whether intended or mismanaged, Bergevin did not improve the team for the upcoming season. At best he went sideways. At worst we are moderately weaker and we will struggle to make the playoffs. Several teams in our division improved due to their acquisitions, their injured players returning or their players getting more experience and they could pass us in the standings.

    This huge salary cap cushion we have is not really there because we don’t have anything much to offer teams to get something good in return.

    We desperately need to keep the few prospects we have and also need our picks to accumulate more prospects. This is vitally important in a salary cap world. (We could give up one young goalie but the return is not worth it)

    So that leaves giving up a roster player to get a better roster player. So start thinking what you would give away to get a player from Washington, Toronto or Detroit.

    Dallas and Chicago aren’t really under much pressure with the cap.

    I am all for giving something in order to get something better, but who would we give up ? Galchenyuk’s value is too low at the moment. (buy low, sell high). The same could be said for Pleks and Gallagher…. but teams looking to shed cap do not want highly paid players in return.

    Teams will try to cherry pick the young low-cap players we want to keep.

    This is why I think Bergevin’s loss of Radu and Markov were giant mis-steps. Letting the 2017-18 “window” year pass is a huge mistake by Habs management.

    Maybe Radu’s contract desires were too long. Maybe Markov’s contract demands were too high. Maybe we are better served without them. Maybe losing a ‘window” year now is better for the longterm health of the club.

    But I have to say this will be a down year for the Habs and I do not see us using this cap space this year. We will struggle and we won’t get anywhere near a sniff at the cup.

    Yes I am a Debbie Downer.

    Does it mean we can sign UFAs next year ? Does it mean we can land an impact UFA next year ? Does it mean Bergevin and Molson have us chatting all year about what to do with our salary cap space ?

    Yes. I doubt it. Yes.

    Team in Transition.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…..

    • 3 points for a win says:

      Good post! I too am not THAT optimistic about the upcoming year. But it is still late August and the season does not start till mid October. So anything can happen. As MB said, “Expect the unexpected”. If I expect that not much will happen, then maybe the “unexpected” will happen 🙂

      I am sure other teams that are over the cap limit will want to shed. But I can bet they will hold on to their quality players and try to get rid of those who have high salary but low value.

      Also, just because you spend a lot of money does not always mean that you will get value for that money.

    • Don Birnam says:

      My bubble has been burst so many times, I’m just a limp piece of rubber,but thanks to booze and smoke I make it through the day.
      I’m getting reflated for the season.
      Keep The Faith amigo.
      Los Habs Para Siempre!

      Viva Timo Libre!

    • toneez says:

      Well the way I see it is maybe other teams got better or got injured players back but so did we !!! Chucky Gally Drouin all have another year behind their belt so I can see improvement there , next we have Hudon who could do well and others too !!! so I wouldn’t write us off too soon , yes others improved but until they are higher than us in the standings I will remain optimistic, otherwise what’s the use of being a Habs fan may as well root for another team and besides who knows we could just maybe be a surprise team this year …

      All Habs all the Time

      • Gerry Pigeon says:

        The team’s getting younger.

        Rads, Markov, Emelin gone, Drouin, Jarebek, and Alzner in.

        Next year, Pleks and Mitchell gone, DLR and Hudon in?

        MB is starting to roll over the roster, and finding cap space while doing so.

        Young legs, cap space, enthusiasm and optimism. I think this team might surprise, just like you say.

    • Loop_G says:

      Good post, but I do have a problem with your assumption that “facts are facts”, but the truth is those are just your opinions. There are a lot of questions going into this year and there are arguments to be made for both optimism and pessimism, however no matter which way you lean, it’s an opinion. Alner more than replaces Emelin in every aspect of the game, if one or two of the young guns can really make an impact, we could be better, if not, there are problems.

    • New says:

      I think opinions are not facts and you raise the concerns most Habs fans feel after 24 seasons of nada.

      I think Bergevin greatly improved the forwards this season – already. The loss of that little Russian leprechaun Radulov will hurt but is more than compensated for by the acquisition of Drouin. Drouin will become the new poster boy, is more offensively gifted and can take a pass in his zone and move it out without struggling.

      Bergevin has money and a roster. He has assets that work for other teams. Cap space isn’t the biggest factor for those teams, it is ending the incessant losing, just as with Montreal. Those other teams can lose with certain players so the logic is they might also win with others, and generate hype, cash, and a future of their investment.

      Markov hurts but he would be leaving soon anyway. The defense is as capable as last season overall, perhaps a bit more consistent. Weber is the key that allows Petry to play in his shadow, which works well. Goaltending is solid to the ECHL level and below. Montoya has much more than he has shown, somewhat like Dubynk.

      The Habs currently have five forwards capable of playing first line. They have another three minimum who are capable of second line. They have a bucket of capable 3rd and 4th line players. Put it together and you have a solid first line, a solid second line, a really good third line, and a consistent 4th line.

      Most other teams in the NHL are organizationally weaker and weaker on the roster than the Habs. The team looks finally to be ascending from perennial middle tier with slips to the bottom, to perennial top tier with an eye on contending annually.

      Last season the Habs juiced up scoring a little and it was the only real area where they dropped out of top tier consideration. This year scoring should be up again, with luck by a lot, without luck by a few.

      Losing Sergachev will probably hurt a few years from now, but no things in life are certain. In those few years the Habs roster will be changed in any case. Sergachev is a problem for tomorrow and Markov is a problem for yesterday.

      Habs are fine. Their biggest problem is overbearing media and fan pressure. That can motivate some while destroying others. Bergevin has money, assets, and opportunities. That he has so far resisted the impulse to squander any of that to appease the braying crowd is admirable.

      No problem being fifth overall this season, easily higher. Say what you will but the best playoff series this last year was Montreal against NY. The NY five man coverage was exhausting for them and still the Habs almost made it through. I think had they not made strange again at the trade deadline the Habs would have taken NY, but that is opinion and opinions aren’t worth a pinch when compared to results.

      The Habs were broken and they are being repaired, starting to fire on all cylinders, and the future is bright.

      Until October anyway.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Good read New!

      • Forum Dog says:

        Wouldn’t say the forwards have been ‘greatly’ improved. I like Drouin more than Radulov, especially over the term of the contract, but he is going to have immense pressure as a homeboy and not the same supporting cast he had in Tampa. When it comes to forwards, Pacioretty is the only sure thing IMO and any real ‘improvement’ is going to be from within, and not as a result of the moves that Bergevin made.

        The only way the defence is as capable as it was last year is if they can get some first pairing production out of a guy like Jerabek or maybe Schlemmy, and the real reason for either of those guys succeeding will be Weber. It’s not impossible that it will all come together for that defensive corps, and I like Alzner as a steadier replacement for Emelin, but I see them as doing little more than maintaining the status quo back there, and may even have some extra trouble getting to pucks and confusing the forecheck.

        Any time Price is your goalie, that position is solid and sound. I also agree that they have depth in the system, so check-mark there. However, comparing Dubnyk to Montoya is extremely misplaced.

        By my count, there are currently 3 guys capable of playing the 1st line: Pacioretty, Galchenyuk and Drouin. And the way things have gone with Galchenyuk, I’m not sure the organization itself would believe that. There is no way that you could consider Danault, Gallagher, Shaw, Lehkonen, Hemsky or Plekanec as top-liners at this point. They are capable players, but only in a 2nd or 3rd line role.

        You say most other teams are organizationally weaker than the Habs. I don’t believe that the Habs are ‘weak’ by any stretch, but I am not sure they are near the top in ‘organizational strength’, especially if you are taking prospect depth into consideration. Even within their division I think there are arguments to be made for other teams.

        The best playoff series last year for the Habs was against the Rags, but that is the only one they had and it was not even that good. It was far from the best series in the league. Unless of course you missed all the others. That SCF was pretty freaking fun to watch…..

        • deGaspe says:

          I keep hearing the “supporting cast” knock on Drouin. Know who his most common line mates were last year? Brian Boyle and Vallteri Filppula (34.1% at ES). Know who his second most common line mates were? Alex Killorn and Brayden Point (23.6% at ES). How about after that….Alex Kilron and Yanni Gourde (15.6% at ES). He skated 13% of his ES time with Palat and Stamkos. So 87% of his shifts were with the above players and Namesnikov. The idea that somehow he rode the coattails in Tampa is completely erroneous.

          • krob1000 says:

            BOTH Drouin and Galchenyuk have major upside with better usage

          • Forum Dog says:

            Not rode the coat-tails, but amongst forwards he was:
            3rd in avg. and total PP time last year;
            3/4 in avg. and total EVS time, and amongst players with at least 60 games;
            5/4 in avg. and total ice.

            The only minutes he didn’t get were PK, so he had lots of opportunities. Note also that half of his points (26 of 53) came on the PP, where Tampa ranked 6th and had studs like Kucherov and Hedman operating. MTL’s ran at 13th (including a red-hot start) and only had one player over 20 PP points. Could that change this year? Sure, it could, with the addition of Drouin. Although I’m not sure he was the driving force there (cough, Hedman).

            By comparison, Galchenyuk was:
            3/4 in PP
            5/10 in EVS
            4/9 in total TOI

          • deGaspe says:

            That doesn’t answer the “supporting cast” point. you said he doesn’t have the same supporting cast he had in Tampa. The implication being that Drouin was dependent on those he played with to post the numbers that he did. He did not in fact get a ton of ice time with Tampa’s top players with the exception of on the power play. The fact that he got all that ice time is great! He’ll get more with the Habs and make good use of it I hope.

            Galchenyuk should see similar usage stats. This kid has been so mismanaged it’s embarrassing…or should be anyway.

            My point on Drouin is that his usage/linemates in Tampa should give us great hope for what he can do here…not make us doubt that he’s an upgrade over Radulov.

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        MB did not “greatly” improve the forwards this off-season. That is an exaggeration. “Greatly” would have been if he added Drouin AND kept Rads. Short-term the forwards are not significantly better. Long-term replacing Rads with Drouin is better but does not “greatly” make the team better. The only way they will be better short-term is if their young players improve

        Also, the team does not have an established number one center and their number 2 has become a 3. So the team is going into the preseason hoping Pleks goes back to normal, Danault improves and Drouin and/or Chucky take the reins of the position. People are forgetting that Danault, Chucky and Drouin still have not played a full season at center yet in their NHL careers. It will be a win if one, two or all of them just stay at the position IMO.

    • Gerry Pigeon says:

      While I agree with you the team’s in transition, I’m not sure I agree with your implication that MB isn’t doing a good enough job.

      I’d rather he let unreasonably demanding vets go in favour of playing the young ones, so while you may yet be right this season will be a dip, it’s like managing an investment portfolio. Don’t overpay for PAST winners, sit tight with the value stocks you bought, keep looking for others to add with the cap space you have.

  12. Lord Stanley of Surrey says:

    Absolutely spectacular summer weather here, but I smell pre-season.

    FREE TIMO!!! …Michael (Timo) had his negative tongue-in-cheek shtick in HIO, but He never was profane and should never have been banned from HIO. If there is any discretion and fair-mindness within the powers that be behind the scenes of HIO, TIMO’s ban should be rescinded immediately. Thank you.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Morning Christopher,

      Question for you, given we all can type Timo without hassle, isn’t it fair to assume he has not been banned? I’m getting the impression he has decided to take a long sabbatical from the site.

      If I recall reading his posts in the past, he had quite a few different peoples email address. Given that I haven’t seen a post from anyone stating that Timo emailed them and spoke about being banned, I’m not convinced he is banned.

      Hope you are well, pre season definitely in the air.

      • Don Birnam says:

        If he did visit Cousin Front on the Commune,odds are he won’t be back,
        unless the Astral Projection and Reincarnation were successful.

        Viva Timo Libre!

    • GrimJim says:

      Timo’s posts are still shown in the Live Blog threads from April. If he were banned, wouldn’t all his posts disappear?

  13. 3 points for a win says:

    The last time the Habs had at least this much cap space to spend, Gainey went out and got Gomez. I trust that MB will be a little better than that.

    Let’s face it, no team is going to get rid of their #1 or #2 centre. My solution is that for the next 3 drafts years, Montreal pick the best centre available for at least the 1st two rounds, maybe three and hope at least 2 or 3 turn out well.

    As we all know, defense and wingers can be traded for. This way they can build a team from the middle.

  14. Mavid says:


    º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º

    Weed Wacker – and Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

  15. Joey24 says:

    I am excited as always at this time of year for hockey and for My Habs to do well. It’s been so long since we won a cup.24 Year void and we have 24 Cups. Maybe it ends this year. For that to happen, Drouin has to be the star we have been waiting for to emerge. Galchenyuk has to breakout. Max must have his best year. Our no name defense have to establish themselves. And Carey Price needs another MVP season. Doable? Why not? It’s why we watch. Here’s to a great year habfans!

  16. GrimJim says:

    Ryan white gets a PTO with VanCity.
    Sorry if this was discussed before.

  17. Le Revenant says:

    Hey guys, don’t want to start nothing, but o2t just called everyone on this thread slow. So let’s get ‘im!

    « Il m’a cross-checké, je l’ai cross-checké. Il m’a ensuite dit : “Sais-tu qui je suis?” Je lui ai répondu: “Je ne sais pas qui tu es, mais si tu veux savoir qui je suis, on peut y aller”. Il n’a pas jeté les gants et ç’a fini là. » –Bokondji Imama

    • on2ndthought says:

      Content blocked, Cal.

      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      “Please. This isn’t a bar fight. Have some class.” – Adrian Tepes

  18. habcertain says:

    As per Hickey, DET / WAS /TOR / DAL / CHI all need to lighten their load. If he is on the money, who could be likely candidates that MB could chase?

  19. bwoar says:

    Two key parts of this article:

    1. Jeff Petry said the departure of Markov might allow him to play a more offensive role, but he also noted a defenceman’s primary role is to help keep the puck out of the net.

    Atta boy, Jeff. The mark of a great defenseman is not being scored on.

    2. Julien on Galchenyuk: “He’s still a young player and we’ll work with him to reach his full potential,” said Julien. “He’ll be starting with a clean slate.”

    As discussed earlier right here on this site.

    CHeers all

  20. bwoar says:


    Incredibly, I only now watched Deadwood earlier this year. The scenes with Swearengen and Wu are absolute classics.

    You’re probably off watching American Gods now – yes they do that fine book justice.

    • GrimJim says:

      Yeah, Al and Wu were the best comic duo in a long time.
      Haven’t got to American Gods yet. Amazon Prime is on my wife’s iPad and she is binging Transparent.

  21. sag says:

    Agreed, Tretiak is the best I’ve ever seen. By far the best player ever drafted who never played an NHL game.
    Roy for me is the best hab tender of all time and I’m old enough to appreciate Dryden. Truthfully, I think Tony O would have put up equal numbers or better. My mom would have won 5 cups with the Habs during 29’s tenure
    Fav hab as a teen.1. Naslund 2. Roy and 3. Chellios. All those departures left a mark as indelible as blue Monday or the strike year that killed the hope of a a sure title. What a team and no way they lose with Filipe calling the shots. The mid 90’s were heart wrenching pay back for having it so good for so long!

    • Don Birnam says:

      Jake The Snake was the best Habs Goalie amigo.

      Viva Timo Libre!

    • scamorza says:

      Well Dryden’s saves on Pappin and D Hull in 71 were more important than Richards two nifty goals and let’s not forget Lemaire’s slap shot from close to center ice on who was that goalie that was with the habs but was now starting in the Blackhawks goal oh yea Tony O. I don’t disagree completely but cmon he was a great reason for those cups wins along with the other greats on the habs teams in the 70’s . Truth be told I never saw your mom play in goal so I could stand corrected

      come to Dorion suits where you get no….”hassoles” _ Yvon Lambert

    • The way Roy left really left a bad taste in the ol yap. Really too bad how the fans turned on him. But that’s what fans do, you’re a hero until you’re not.

      Chellios=Awesome Hab but I was never a big defenseman fan, there’s a reason I play defense now at 46, it’s easy 😆

      Another laugh out loud comment, I wasn’t a big Naslund fan because he wore Jofa. Oh the silly teen I was.

      I used to use “Who is the most famous Habs of all time to never wear the Jersey yet sits in the Hall of Fame” trivia question. Until the internet arrived no one knew the answer.

      Shane Oliver
      What Carey Price thinks of your Opinion on his contract.

  22. sag says:

    So, only 2 days left to subscribe to Brian Wilde’s new initiative, Recrutes. I’ve read a few pieces and like what I’ve read/heard. Can anyone whose invested the 8 cents a day comment about the service?

  23. on2ndthought says:

    So, two days of practice, then 7 games in 8 nights? Ridiculous. Give the coach the players for 4 or 5 days; then start the meaningless cash grabbing.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “Please. This isn’t a bar fight. Have some class.” – Adrian Tepes

    • B says:

      The Red vs White intersquad scrimmage game raises a lot of money for the Children’s Foundation, after that the meaningless cash grabs begin on the 18th with 8 preseason games in 13 days.

      –Go Habs Go!–

  24. I am very excited for this coming season. Our Division rocks, Sens Suck, Bruins Suck, Leafs over achieved, we will destroy them all.

    So say You All

    Greatest Goalie I ever saw: Tretiak

    Fav Hab as a teen: Shayne Corson. I wore his number and he spelled my name incorrectly.

    Fav Hab Goalie: Dryden, between that Mask, Danny Gallivan, and 70’s Cups, my lord the Habs were great….the rest of the league, not so much.

    Fav Hab as an adult would have to be Jean Beliveau, and Dickie Moore. Back during the 04 lockout I wrote every living Hall of Fame Canadiens player to thank them for playing the game for next to nothing. Every single player except Dryden sent me an autograph and Jean and Dickie wrote me letters thanking me for my service. Dickie was awesome.

    I liked Guy LaFleur and then not so much as he played for the Nordiques.

    From XM 91, NHL Radio, Leafs Preview.
    Boomer Gordon: They overpaid Marleau, he got paid and it won’t pay out. Come the last week of the season they will be fighting for a playoff position.

    Flyers Preview: Claude Giroux has had his best days. He looks like a player who got paid and now goes through the motions.

    Five Things That Will Stink this Season.

    1. Colorado
    2. Colorado
    3. Colorado
    4. Colorado
    5. Colorado

    I don’t think Joe is running the show.

    Shane Actual: Back to Summer Troops!

    Shane Oliver
    What Carey Price thinks of your Opinion on his contract.

    • Habfan17 says:

      I m also looking forward to the start of the season. I have to wonder though, it should be fun!!

      I am also curious if Bergevin will be able to swing a deal to get another top 6 forward from one of the CAP stretched teams.


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