Liveblog: Canadiens on wrong end of a squeaker


Ryan Jones stripped Tomas Plekanec on a Canadiens power play and beat Carey Price with a five-hole backhand for a shorty.
Tom Gilbert added a long-range knuckler before Max-Pacioteyy’s backhand got the Canadiens on the board.
Excitement at the end … until Ryan Smyth’s empty-netter sealed the deal
The Canadiens had a TON of PPs … to no effect.
Shots were 29-14

PREGAME AUDIO:  Hal Gill | Jacques Martin


  1. Rickly33 says:

    Are there any canadiens fans on here, or just the ones that like to bash. You guys need to support the team no matter what’s going on. You maybe venting like me, or just a basher, but the people on here asking to trade everyone give your head a shake, if it bothers you that much stop watching, cause it ain’t healthy.

  2. The_Franchise31 says:

    If Rick Nash was playing for the Habs would give him away for nothing!? Some of the stuff I read on here is crazy. Besides like someone else said koatitsyn adds size and if we are gonna make a move for a big name they come with a big contract so one of out big contracts would have to go. Either Markov Gomez cammy gio or pleks and the only one I wouldn’t want to go is pleks

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      You´re right but we can´t trade our Nr.1 center, Markov has little trade value because of the doubts about his health, Gomez next to nothing because he´s useless, Gio is 5 years older than Nash, so that would leave Cammy as the only realistic candidate…

  3. Un Canadien errant says:

    The Canadiens let another one go tonight, allowing the Oilers to slip out of town with a 3-1 win. This is worrisome to those who saw the Canadiens as a high seed in the Eastern Conference. We can gradually see as the season progresses that the Canadiens will be in a battle to make the playoffs.

    We could point to various reasons to explain the loss, but we are running out of excuses. The team we iced is essentially our team. We can point to some players missing due to injuries, but nowadays we have to expect these, at no point in the season will we or probably any other team ice a fully healthy and complete lineup. The refereeing was not a factor. We didn’t get sand kicked in our face by a bunch of meanies. The win wasn’t stolen by a red-hot goalie, not with 4 shots at their net in the first period and 29 total. We can’t blame our own goalie, not when the only goals he lets in are on a short-handed breakaway, and another which bounces in off his own defenceman.

    It was the first game back in the lineup for Alexei Emelin after spending a few in the pressbox, and he acquitted himself relatively well, and shined on a hip check early in the first period. He was lowlighted on l’Antichambre for being behind the net instead of in front of it on a sequence which allowed a scoring chance by the Oilers, but he wasn’t the reason for the loss. He needs to play, and he will get better, but only if he plays.

    PK Subban kept things under control all game, except when he was creamed into the boards by Theo Peckham and spent a couple of seconds looking at the ref with the WTF posture instead of getting back in the game. He didn’t make any mistakes or take any big risks at the wrong time.

    Raphaël Diaz once again committed a big showy blunder, which led to a breakaway by Ryan Smyth, the second of the game by the Oilers shorthanded. If he makes many more of those, he’ll punch his ticket to Hamilton, once Andrei Markov and Chris Campoli come off the injured reserve.

    Mike Cammalleri and Erik Cole seemed to be the best of our forwards, outskating the Oilers all night and being dangerous with puck. Earlier on in the game, they seemed to form a mutual admiration society, each trying to find the other with delicate passes, and I was yelling at my best friend Plasma that they should shoot instead of insisting that the other should take the puck. They did start to fire the puck at the net more as the game wore on, but they hit posts or Mr. Khabibulin’s pads, instead of the back of the net. We need these guys to score with regularity if we are to win with regularity.

    The powerplay was abysmal again, and it’s time to revisit whether Tomas Plekanec is the solution at the point. It doesn’t seem to be working, and tonight Tomas was the reason for the turnover which led to the Oilers’ first and winning goal. I would advocate we use our defencemen for that role, once again giving the rookies the icetime and the experience. They have shown creativity with the puck, and probably can’t do any worse than the current crew. The powerplay needs to be lethal for us to win, and to keep the meanies away.

    How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

  4. ZimHabwe says:

    Habs fans, relax. We have not yet lost a game so terribly that there should be a major reshuffle. In fact, I would go as far as to say the game plan is sound (yes I said it). All we need is slightly tighter defensive play and a bit more luck on our shots on goal. You just watch – things will eventually come into place. Teams like Toronto and Ottawa will soon be exposed and go on some losing streaks while those who are supposed to be in the top eight (including Montreal and (need I say) Boston) will take their rightful places, albeit a difficult climb to top tier.

  5. DLS HAB says:

    Christmas list: One tough guy in the mold of John Kordic, One big mean defenceman(although I hate to say it) in the Chara mold, one big centreman in the mold of big Jean, and finally another big winger in the mold of Rick Nash. Here comes Santa Clause, Here comes Sa…

  6. HardHabits says:

    To you from middling hands we pass
    The buck; be yours to turn the stiles.

  7. jo_maka says:

    From DGB’s tuesday workout:

    ”Nikolai Khabibulin – Has kept his goals against average under 1.00, although in fairness that’s not all that hard to do when Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins spend 57 minutes of every game just skating around the other team’s zone while whistling the Harlem Globetrotters theme song.”

    Oh well
    Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

  8. DLS HAB says:

    This team definitely needs some bigger guys!! Getting pushed off the puck to easy, Desharnais is that you? Golly!!!!!!!

  9. piper says:

    Hire PJ as GM now please.

  10. HardHabits says:

    I am all for that however it would take more than just tanking to right this ship but I am beginning to think that they will never win a Cup without it. DD has to go. Cammy can’t stay either with Gallagher and Kristo in the pipes. The Habs still need to draft well in late rounds. The also need a plan that isn’t play stale mate hockey and hope that goal-tending and specialty teams win it for you. I hate that hockey. I am sick of it. It’s boring and lifeless. It sucks.

    The Habs win playing aggressive fore-check and lose play JM style trapping. Go figure. Tonight’s game was possibly one of the least entertaining games I have watched in my life and I sat through the SCF game where the Flyers and Sabres had to skate around the ice to move the fog out of the way so they could see the puck.

    It’s pathetic. I can’t wait to hear the excuses. What’s worse is this team is hampered by needing to hire a French speaking coach. I say tank. Tank hard. Trade assets for picks. Get Boucher back here. Put Roy as GM if need be. Just get rid of Gainey and this crew of pacifists with a two-way forward fetish.

  11. doogie says:

    Finally, after all of these years being a Detroit Lions fan, I’ve got a sense that my team is finally headed in the right direction. Why- smart as hell GM in Martin Mayhew and a great coach in Jim Schwartz. The right people on the bus and THEN, they finally started building a team with good drafts and solid personnel from free agency and trades. A sports case study if ever there is one!

    Lions may finish 8-8 or 9-7 or whatever but they’ve finally got it headed in the right direction and, hopefully, for a long time!

    Molson-pay attention!

  12. chemic says:

    always funny how people think were able to trade does “so called” bad players? gill, spacek, moen and darche are gonna at the ned o fthis season, not need to get rid of this guys and of course no chance to find a team who wants them.

    trade our capitan after just on season with him a C is a strong and weak signal for every potential UFA outthere.

    people need to stop with this EA Sports type of thinking.

  13. rogus says:

    A little story about my kid’s Atom team that resembles the Habs. Strong players on a team mixed with some marginal players. Strong players carry the “team” to wins against weaker teams based on strong individual play. Weak teams get beat badly, due to the play of the strong individuals on the team. Strong teams consistently beat our team (Atoms and the Habs) in the 3rd period due to the few strong players playing too many mintes and having nothing left in the tank late in the game. Check the stats, it’s true. Poor asset management, poor coaching and poor depth are losing us games. There are a few stars on the team, but they are forced to play outside of their roles in order to carry the rest of the team. The coaches need to work with the team we have, get the right role players (Nokia has been great, really missing Halpern for DD, and Hamr for Diaz) and get more offensive in their strategies. My rant, and I’m no hockey guru, but I’m not far off. 🙂

  14. Neutral says:

    actually I don’t know who to put the blame on – But when a team scores a goal every 5 shots – wouldn’t you say there’s something wrong defensively….

    • piper says:

      Yes, Weber and Diaz are bad defencively. Gill has lost a step if thats possible. Thus PK is trying to do too much himself and failing badly. Spacek is Spacek and Emelin needs to play more and gain confidence. Yes defence sucks.

      • rogus says:

        Emelin has been treated poorly by JM and crew. He’s wayyyy better than Diaz, equally as good a Weber, and is the physical element we are missing out there. Does anyone who’s ever played hockey think there is a worse hit to take than that nasty hip he throws every night. He’s Kaspiritis without the dirty play. Even with a bit of the dirty, he’s EXACTLY what this team needs on D. Bottle that nasty, and pour it in Gill’s Gatorade…

  15. doogie says:

    There are more than 8 teams in the Eastern Conference better than the Canadiens. If you start naming them, you might get to 10 or 11 teams! Now that’s not a good thing!

  16. billylove says:

    Damn, only the Islanders have fewer pts. in the East and they have two games in hand. I’ll say it again, regardless of whether he’s to blame or not, JM (the COACH) must suffer the consequences for the unacceptable play of the team. He must go. Maybe time for an Occupy the Bell Centre!

    • swannyboy says:

      I agree,we must accept the players we have and have a system that gets the most out of them.Darshe,weber always on the pp,poor coaching.The molsons gotta change something…fast

  17. jo_maka says:

    So…even though he was OK and did nothing wrong in particular tonight, at least not worst than any other, RDS want to throw PK under the bus…….Go figure.

    In completely unrelated news, Yakupov just hired a new French teacher after he pearned the last one 2 weeks ago.
    Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

    • JayBee says:

      They’ve been riding PK hard this year. Funny how there’s not one mention of their golden boy Desharnais, though.

      • jo_maka says:

        And of course Gorges always playing goalie in front of Price is never a problem. The real problem is PK’s one-timer. Of course.

        Plek’s turnover on the shortie, not a problem. It’s because PK doesn’t follow the plan in the system from the modus operandi (shout out to JohnBellyful).

        This is sickening…..
        Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

  18. habaholic68NJ says:

    Time for another firing. Mr Molson, it is your turn. Please step up.

    *Listen to my instrumental tribute entitled “Habs at War” at

  19. Bim says:

    If I were the Habs I would tank this season and get the top draft choice. First though I would clean house of Management and coaching staff. Just disheartening watching this team since 1958 with all those great players and having to endure watching this smothering defensive style. Bye, Bye JM and PG its been a slice!

  20. samTHEman says:

    pj stock just passed lady gaga, nikki minaj, chris lee and the new addition tim peel on my all-time want-to-kill list.

  21. piper says:

    Not sure what everyone seems to like about DD. I see him as a good AHLer but just too slow and weak for the NHL.

    • rogus says:

      +1. If this is true against the Oilers, it’s going to be especially so against the big defensive minded teams. I was rooting for the little guy though.

    • munch17 says:

      I watched him closely. He lost every battle. They’re saying the bast line was Cole – Cammy – DD. Actually Cole and Cammy were fine – DD COMLETELY USELESS!!

    • JayBee says:

      There’s a large contingent of people who believe size is not an issue. Therefore they look at a guy like Desharnais and somehow think he can be a 2nd line center. How many centermen are 5’6 in the NHL? Anywone who wasn’t sipping the koolaid knew that DD would not be succesful at C. He also isn’t skilled/quick enough to be a top 6 winger….to small for the 3rd line.

      Like our other players he gets pushed off the puck with ease. Need more guys like Cole….if you’re small and you’re not scoring, you’re useless. If you’re big/gritty and not scoring you can still generate offense and be effective by hitting, winning board battles, etc.

      But I’ll let the koolaid sippers think size isn’t an issue.

    • Mark C says:

      I thought he stunk tonight, but you really think a player on a 47 point pace in the NHL is a AHLer?

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      Not his finest hour to be sure, but he’s had some good games.

  22. doug19 says:

    The Habs beat themselves from where I sit. I don’t blame the coach, he’s not on the ice. Pleks was sleeping big time on that short handed goal and he is not a great point man on the PP. We do not seem to have any dangerous (I should say slight )scoring threats from defense.
    I say give the Subbinator the green light at least there would be something to cheer about.

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      You’re absolutely right, Pleks is not a good point man on the PP. Everyone seems to agree on that point. And yet there was JM telling everyone after the game that he’s going to keep using him there. That’s scary on a bunch of levels.

    • 24moreCups says:

      They could even try Emelin on the point, I know he not a big time scorer but he played the point in the KHL and in his last season had a career high goals.

      That way we leave Pleks at Centre and please no more Darche on the PP especially when you’re down a goal.

  23. HardHabits says:

    Not too worry. We’re stuck with this crap for another 3 years, at least until all these ludicrous contracts expire. By then PG, Martin and Gainey will be gone. Hopefully.

    At least if we tanked those three years we’d come out smelling roses after that. Knowing this club though we’ll be coming in 6th to 10th in that span with maybe 1 play-off round win to show for it and a depleted farm system to boot.

    I doubt by then the fans figure it out as the organization will repackage the team amidst a new marketing plan and 21,273 suckers will buy the lie lock stock and barrel.

    I wish this team would just get over it and rebuild proper.


    To you from middling hands we pass
    The buck; be yours to turn the stiles.

  24. SeriousFan09 says:

    JM’s laying the blame for bad PP on the young players. Not that he’s putting Plekanec on the point or having Darche be a waste of space, or playing DD over Eller. And using his top sniper on the PK.

    Good stuff there. Special teams coach who doesn’t know how to use them.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

  25. DEANDALLEY says:

    I have been a Habs fan since 1969!
    I have been a Price fan since his Bulldog’s days!
    I love Price to death BUT if he resigns in Montreal again then i’m done with him! I can’t put myself through that anymore. He should have enough smarts to know that this team will never be no more than what it is now under this God Awful Management!

    “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”

  26. chemic says:

    i dont know whats more pathetic?

    the habs-pp or all those louthmouth haters on this site.

    why people dont understand that we ran into an f***ing hot golatender. jep, PP was awful but we had our chances. if you wanna a cheap scapegoat then blame Pleks for his no look pass.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      Y’know, when they showed Khabby’s hilites, I really didn’t see any spectacular saves that wouldn’t have been made by most other goalies. With this team, it’s always about spectacular goaltending. I don’t believe it.

    • habsrpast says:

      they always run into a hot goalie, because they never score, so they make the goalie look good.
      can’t you see that?

      • chemic says:

        just check khabis stats this season, im wait until another pointless argument from the haters.

      • jon514 says:

        Awesome. You said it. The habs have run into exactly 8 hot goaltenders now. They plan to run into about 45 more before the end of the year.

        There is officially a sickness in the HABS locker room. Not sure who or what it is, but there is no reason for this many talented scorers to be this snakebit.

        They play hard. They win puck battles. They crash the net. They outshoot their opponents each and every night! They don’t need to win the Yakupov sweepstakes. They have 4 Proven 20-35 Goal scorers and 4 up and coming Rookies in the lineup. What? Is? Going? On?

        Maybe they need to try something different. Burn some Sage. Send them to boot camp. Make them watch Braveheart before each and every game. Something has got to get these guys scoring!

        “Let’s be clear on the facts…”

    • olematelot says:

      The loudmouth haters are by far the more pathetic, no contest.

    • rogus says:

      82 games in the year. Not looking good so far bud. Bad PP, weak play by the majority, lots of AHL level players on the team. Price has got to thinking about getting out of here as he has very little help. Cole, Cammi, Max Pac and Eller showed up in front. JG26, PK and Emelin in the back. Can’t win with half a team on the ice. It was clear in the 3rd that once the line and a half that cared got tired, the game was over. JM’s system has failed.

  27. otter649 says:

    Khalbulin (sp) still without a regualtion loss this season…..

  28. habsrpast says:

    how come habs always make the opposing goalie look like a vezina winner?
    could it be because this team has no talent and can’t ever score?
    or could it be the players are overhyped, and just not very good?
    YES! YES! YES!
    trade Cammalleri, AK, Gionta, Gomez, Spatchek, Darche, Gill, Diaz.
    ah hell, just trade the whole team!

    but first, fire Martin and Gauthier!

  29. rogus says:

    It has to be coaching! Les Boys cant score with this roster? Cammi, Gio, Cole, have been huge goalscorers anywhere else they’ve played. I am sick of watching 1 line teams that get outshot 2-1 beat us night in and night out. Something has got to give, yes Carey is the franchise, but the on ice product is boring, uninspired, garbage. My son’s Atom team is more exciting to watch than the Habs. Maybe I should see if he can motivate the team, because it’s clear that Martin can’t. Maybe Lafleur could give shooting lessons. Anyone have Molson’s e-mail???

  30. SeriousFan09 says:

    JM likes his undrafted AHL guys way too much over guys with real futures in the NHL.

    Desharnais is manhandled easily and can’t carry the play for his line which as a centre, he is supposed to do. Darche has ONE goal and 0 assists for his season. Neither deserve their ice time while a growing talent at centre who can actually hold the puck in open ice and move with speed is ignored and a 3-time 20G scorer (Okay he was out tonight but for the rest of the nights, AK is losing to Darche for PP time).

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

    • rogus says:

      Who ever heard of a 5’6 centre? My 10 year old son is 5’2 and 120, and has more grit than DD. I should start teaching him French. So sad what Martin, PG and BG have done to this team. Saku come home!!!

  31. topher5468 says:

    I agree, making the playoffs is not likely. Oh well, I just want to see Marky come back and play well.

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  32. Rob D says:

    That anemic offense in the preseason wasn’t a mirage. They are going to have games where they get production from Cole, Cammy and Gionta (although I am wondering what he has left at this point, long time to be so unproductive for a guy like him) and maybe Kostitsyn with his traditional “every 12th game I show up..maybe” type of deal but yeesh..that PP belongs in a toxic waste container..

    Watched bits and pieces of the game as I was working…Dont know if they need to make changes this early or not. Too easy to panic but they aren’t a team that is going to overcome a big pt. deficit to make the playoffs, they’ll have to stay close and hope they can get healthy and get some of these guys scoring.

    That Oilers team has a lot of youthful a couple of years they could be Cup contenders. But they only had 13 shots tonight and still won. Unacceptable..but what are you going to do? Trade who? For what? I think we just have to bite the bullet and hope they come around. Just like every year.

  33. Big Ted says:

    The bottom line is that this team was the better team at a lot of things tonight. They moved their legs better than a team that is supposed to be younger and faster. They controlled the puck with more conviction. Their D was more sound. But they had poor finish yet again, they blew their power-play chances, and they threw out too many no-look passes.

    That said, you look at our losses this year, and of the 9, there have been 2 in OT/SO, 1 by a goal, and 3 more by 1 goal plus an empty-netter… this just goes to show that this team has been in most games. Two other losses were by two goals. This team has been in most games this year and they’ve been the better team in most games. What they need to do is start finishing chances at key moments in games, particularly on the PP. This team could very easily have 9-10 wins if they had done that already.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      They came out without intensity and played the whole first half that way. They’ve got to do better if they want to make the playoffs. It’s not looking good. The trouble with playing it tight and waiting for the breaks is that sometimes the other team gets them.

  34. TSN Team 990 has a horrible post game show.

    CJAD was way better.

    Sigh, only game on now are the Blues.

    I know I know

    Shane Oliver
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

  35. habsperspective says:

    Honestly, does anyone else think the signing of Markov is a major reason to why were here.

    His going to miss half the season, and even when returned, will probably be a hit away from a career ending injury. Lets face it bigger names from the past have succumbed permanently to lesser injury’s.

    We could of signed 3 other defenceman, instead we sign a guy who will have no positive effect on this team this season. And utlimately will cause a likely complete overhaul.

    So essentially one missing cog, means the difference of not making the playoffs.

    Management needs an overhaul. This is a serious oversight.

  36. Propwash says:

    It’s easy to blame Martin.
    To me, the Habs outchanced Edmonton and ran into a guy who has let in 9 goals now all season, and has the lowest gaa. in the NHL at this point.

    It could have been a 5-2 win imo.


  37. habaholic68NJ says:

    JM does not understand chemistry. When a line is clicking, do not change it. “Spreading the offense over 3 lines” is a JM theory that is not cutting it. If a player goes down, replace him with a call up appropriate for that position. Stop playing musical chairs with everyone else. That is why most passes are in skates or bouncing off other players.

    The players are trying, but are styfled by the SYSTEM and the lack of chemistry from the constant line juggling.

    The PP sucks with Pleks on the point and no one able to carry the puck into the zone. This team cannot hit the net. Why? They seem to miss the net or hit the goal post more than any other team.

    *Listen to my instrumental tribute entitled “Habs at War” at

  38. Pucknut says:

    Anyone think the Habs play like the Martin’s personality?

  39. LL says:

    Martin sucks, bring back Muller.

    Trade Price for Rinne.

    PG needs to eat meat

    1993, I wish.

    Good night 😉

  40. HabFanSince72 says:

    Leafs lost badly again. Only Ottawa has conceded more goals. I don’t see them making the playoffs at this rate.

  41. Haligonian-Hab says:

    If the Habs can’t make break-out passes, they can’t win.
    If the Habs can’t make neutral-zone passes, they can’t win.
    If the Habs can’t carry the puck over the opposing blue-line, they can’t win.
    If the Habs can’t get the puck to the net, they can’t win.
    If the Habs can’t put the puck into the net, they can’t win.

    This team cannot do ANY of these on a consistent basis, therefore, they can’t win.

    I still hope, though..

  42. habsrpast says:

    habs are 2-6 at home.

  43. GUNKA DIN says:

    I thought it was a fast, entertaining game, and my Habs played well enough to win. Sometimes its just bad luck.

    The season is long, and luck tends to even out. Wait until the hospital ward empties before launching the life boats and leaving JM on an island somewhere in the south Pacific.

    see my blog at

    • HardHabits says:

      The fast entertaining part was watching the Oilers. The Habs play was more a comedy of errors.

      • Mark C says:

        It was entertaining watching a team get 14 shots and being outshot by 15? You really do have a thing for tanking teams.

        • HardHabits says:

          They played a great road game.

          The Oilers are also in the top 5 over-all and will probably play in a Cup final before the Habs even win another play-off round by the looks of things.

          • Mark C says:

            How is being outshot 2-to-1 playing a good road game?

            Something tells me you wouldn’t think Montreal’s playoff run from two years ago was just Montreal playing a great road game.

  44. C-Sword says:

    I hope that AK 46 comes back soon, cause Darche just seemed lost while playing on the 3rd line with Eller and Moen, they had no chemistry at all.

  45. badbalance says:

    Emelin should play from now on, when Markov comes back, pair him up with Emelin and let him mneotr the kid

  46. habsrpast says:

    I heard habs worked yesterday and today in practice, on the PP.
    really shows- ZERO GOALS!


    this team has NO SCORERS!

    please tank the rest of the season. we need that #1 pick!


  47. Habfan4lfe says:

    I don’t know what was worse, the coaching or the players. Pretty close. What a garbage game.

  48. HabFanSince72 says:

    I’m no JM fan but it’s hard to see how this one is on him.

    Cammy and Gionta are not scoring. Plex had a poor game – culminating in that blind pass at the end (not his first of the night). Subbie is slumping badly.

    • Habfan4lfe says:

      He’s using the wrong players constantly. How is that not the coaches fault? He’s got the creativity of a rock, when he should be mixing the lines, he’s not and when he should leave them be he mixes them up. He’s a disaster and he’s the chief reason we lost because he can’t motivate the players. The guys were playing like zombies out there and he did nothing to put a spark in their pants.

    • JayBee says:

      Not on him? Darche and Desharnais on the PP while Eller sits on the bench.

      Pleks at the point for how many games on the anemic PP?

      Playing a D-man on the 4th line?

      Dump and chase when you’re a small team?

      Darche, Patches and Gio on the PP? None of them can pass.

      Of course it’s on the coach.

    • habfanacrossthed says:

      Couldn’t of said it any better! Terrible PP. Watching Gionta and Plekanec turnover the puck was upsetting. Certain times guys are shooting with such hesistance. Other times like Pleks on the 2-1 just give it to Khabibulin. Fake the pass then shoot or something.

      GHOD – Go Habs Or Die

  49. topher5468 says:

    PP was the reason for this disgusting loss. PK has a great shot, get it on the efin net more than 1/2 the time and I guarantee he’ll score 15-20 goals

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  50. JayBee says:

    We aren’t making the playoffs this year.

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