Audio from Tuesday practice

After a day off following their win over the Rangers, your Montreal Canadiens returned to the practice ice in Brossard Tuesday morning to prepare their first game of the season against the Washington Capitals.
Ryan White won’t play Wednesday but is getting closer.

Travis Moen and Tomas Plekanec are practicing after sustaining knacks against the Rangers Sunday night.

Lines: Gomez-Nokelainen-Darche, Cole-Desharnais-Pacioretty, Blunden-Plekanec-Bourque, Kostitsyn-Eller-Moen.

D pairings: Kaberle-Campoli, Diaz-Emelin, Gill-Weber, Gorges-Subban

AUDIO: Rene Bourque | Ryan White | Mike Blunden | Randy Cunneyworth

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  1. habfan53 says:

    Lines: Gomez-Nokelainen-Darche, Cole-Desharnais-Pacioretty, Blunden-Plekanec-Bourque, Kostitsyn-Eller-Moen

    So we know from the last 10 days that 2 of these lines can score.
    I saw a good bounce to Plekanec’s game Sunday and Blunden and Bourque seemed to work well together and expect some scoring from this line so that is 3. The 4th could be our shut down line.

    But to state the obvious the scoring has to kick in Montreal has been shoutout 4 times this year on 10 occasions they have scored only 1 goal and on 9 more only 2. for an average of 2.55 per game.

    The BIG problem is in shootouts we’ve gone 7 times that is 21 shots and have score only once (and we won that game) That is 6 games with ZERO shootout goals PLEASE tell me how this is Carey Price’s fault

    Finally Montreal has lost 15 games after holding the lead at one point during the game many of these losses if not most was after holding the lead in the third period, when the team would go into a protective mode, under Randy Cunneyworth this seems to have changed. The team has been much more agressive in the third

    to paraphrase Nixon: If the Bruins do it, it is not illegal

  2. habstrinifan says:

    OK! Enough is enough! I am going to fall on my sword for this franchise. PG has suddenly become a ‘networking maniac’. He is in touch with everybody rumour has it. Scary!

    In order to save this franchise, I am offering myself, with no conditions, as trade material for PG to use. I have a list of 40 teams Package me with Gomez and Kaberle PG. However, I will not report if you trade me to Bruins or Leafs, PG!

    Leave our core intact PG, please!

    • nellis13 says:

      wouldn’t we get better deals around the trade deadline? what’s the rush? but PG pobablly should have hung on to cammy until then since realistically we don’t have much to trade assuming PK and JG on defence and DD MP EC LE TP are off limits. maybe AK? maaaaaaaaaaybe YW for the power play. the guys we want to trade; SG TK and even AM and BG aren’t tradeable.

      • nunacanadien says:

        It’s the horrible cycle after cycle mistake the Laffs make year after year, trying to make trades in hopes of landing a playoff spot. If you are the Anaheim Ducks of old, that makes sense and if you are lucky enough to have a solid team that players would be willing to be traded to….

  3. rhino514 says:

    In the unlikely case the Habs made the playoffs, any chance Gionta could be back? Anyone have a timeline for a torn biceps?
    I am amazed at the fact that there has been no uproar about the obvious fact that Gionta came back too early from his previous injury. It was never specified, but I am pretty sure it was the biceps…

    • Gerry H says:

      In general terms, a surgically repaired biceps tear takes 2-6 months to rehab. Haven’t heard anything more detailed about Gionta’s case.

    • ABHabsfan says:

      Gio’s first injury was a groin thing. Tough to make the connection to biceps

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I am not sure I believe the goin injury thing. I seem to recall initially hearing it was bicep injury, then it became groin, the old switcheroo of upper body to lower body injury.

        Based on the replay of when he grimaced, he was hardly doing to much with his arm, I am afraid his competitiveness, the teams desperation were a deadly combination that led to him coming back too soon.

  4. habstrinifan says:

    Some of the trade rumours being flogged on radio is scary. PG, please step AWAY from the phone. Forget the ‘bandwagon’ I may have to reserve my ‘jump off’ point on the Jacques Cartier bridge.

    Is there some sort of ghoulish force at work in everything HABS tis year?

    I know it’s not 75 virgins but I am sure there is some sort of reward in heaven for habs fans.

  5. nellis13 says:

    Gomez on the 4th line instead of Blunden? Not sure what to make of that.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      What I like about that is it seems to show Blunden has moved ahead of Darche on RC’s depth chart. This is not to overrate Blunden’s value but rather I think he provides more spark to the lineup than Darche. Darche has been a good foot soldier for the team, but does not provide enough physically or enough speed to stay in lineup once White returns . (Provided White plays like he did last year)

      • thorandresson says:

        Exactly, not enough speed for Darche, Blunden provides the speed with some punch. I really like the idea of having small centers flanked by big fast forwards.

        • nunacanadien says:

          Anyone notice that since Martin gave Emelin a talking to, that Emelin has basically been invisible the last while? Is Cunneyworth falling into the trap of discouraging individual initiative and trying to go back to the five men everywhere format? No wonder Cole is still grumbling. Cunneyworth you bastard if you are reading this, no disrespect to your coaching skills, but let Emelin and Cole beat the living crap outta the other teams cause the Habs need toughness. Without a good offense how can you ensure a good defense? But alas, Cunneyworth and Gauthier probably prescribe to the Gainey notion of a good defense ensures a win, but you need to score to win……

  6. Trisomy 21 says:

    This article:
    citing Camalleri’s comments in the dressing room, as well as Arpon Basu both say the word ‘Losers’ wasn’t used.

    Francois Gagnon is a hack.
    That is all.

    • avatar_58 says:

      Yes we know, let’s move on and wish cammy well

    • nunacanadien says:

      What if there is indeed truth to what Gauthier had to say, that they were indeed working on a Cammalleri deal for a long time, and that the third period trade was planned a long time ago too. But honestly, you would have to think that Gauthier is indeed decided to lose this season as Cammy says. If this is the case, then I wonder who else Gauthier plans to try and trade. Having said that, we can only look at the higher scoring Habs, Kosty, Cole, etc. This only helps to prove out that the Habs don’t intend to change their five man flying V formation play. Or the defense minded play. No wonder Cole is upset. Cole wants to crash the net but Gauthier and others in the Habs organization are all about not getting a penalty and depending Carey Price to stop all the shots. There is too much faith put in Carey. Once again the Habs are betting on Price and once again we see or plan to see a dismal playoff run. What players will want to sign with a defensive minded team except old aging veterans and wimpy rookies? What offensive minded Quebec born star in Tampa Bay will want to sign here unless we change our playbook? Since the days of Bob Gainey as Captain, the habs have always tried the old defense formula. However the habs were lucky in that period they lucked out on bad trades made all around the league including the demise of the WHL had a role to play in how the NHL changed. Now with a more stable NHL the habs in their current defensive minded play don’t stand a chance with the crash the net principle that Gary Bettman reminds all of us hockey fans that the NHL has changed the rules. Sad thing though, the habs are not about that style of play, and as a result regardless of what kinds of trades Gauthier makes, until he opens the doors and allows Cole and Subban to play offensively, the habs will continue their downward spiral and eclipse the losing laffs and the losing laffs playbook as well.

      • Trisomy 21 says:

        I think I do believe Gautier, but it annoys me to see reporters change the words around to stir things up and make a player on the team he’s reporting for look bad

        • thorandresson says:

          That’s how you sell papers though. Take something rational and make it sound crazy. Take the facts and twist them, cause the truth tends to be a bit boring.

      • vivsterjuve88 says:

        Where have you read that cole is upset?
        And when did not getting penalties become a strategy for us? We’re consistently one of the most penalized teams in the league.

        • thorandresson says:

          Seriously, Cole doesn’t seem upset at all. He seems like a legit great team guy and a guy they’ll keep. I love how he’s become a role model and mentor for the young players, especially when he paid LeBlanc to bring his parents to watch his first nhl game. Then there’s his consistency, every game he’s making a difference. What a great signing by PG, it also made Cammmalleri expendable…

    • idle says:

      Probably it lies somewhere between. Not as direct as calling the team losers but not as subtle as a general conversation about hockey mentality.

      To be honest, I don’t care even if he did call them losers. Not because he would be right, but because people say things they don’t mean when they are frustrated. He should have been frustrated, as should everyone, and if he spouts off and makes a fool of himself then so what? He can be embarrassed about it for awhile. People complain all the time that athletes give such cliche answers and never say anything meaningful, but when they do come out with some blunt honesty they get hammered and run out of town.

      • Trisomy 21 says:

        You’re right and I don’t think his teammates would be offended if he did use the word losers either. After all he would also be calling himself a loser if that were the case

  7. Psycho29 says:

    Garth Snow just tweeted that if he were GM he would offer Carey Price 18 years @ $9-million per.
    Mike Milbury twitted that Snow is crazy…he (Milbury) would never offer more than 16 years @ $12-million per.

  8. HabinBurlington says:

    So in looking at the Dpairings, are we going to 8 Dmen and 10 forwards next game? :)

  9. MiltonHab says:

    The major mess that the Habs are are is entirely due to Gainey. The moves so far that Gauthier has made have been decent, I wouldn’t be so quick to jettison Gauthier, the future does look bright!

    Bill Begin

    • habs03 says:

      All PG needs to do is simply send Gomez off to Europe in the summer and everything will be perfect, we would have enough money to resign PK and A.Kost and Price, and Also bring in a top 4 D-men like Gleason or Allen at 3.5M, and sign another top 9 forward, like Ruutu at 4.5 ..

      Top 9


      And on D, i’d put go with, to balance it into 3 “2nd pairings” also


      :) :) :)

      • nellis13 says:

        Markov? Who’s he?

        • Bill J says:

          Danny Markov, the former Detroit defenceman who exiled himself to the KHL I assume.

          If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

          Go Habs Go!

        • JayK-47 says:

          He used to be paired with Odelein.

        • nunacanadien says:

          Gauthier did not change the playbook that Gainey came up with. It is the playbook that the habs follow on the ice which is also partly to blame. Gauthier’s acquisition of a few players who are 6 feet tall and less than 200 pounds still number in a handful. That goes against what Gauthier recently said, which he basically said the recent signings were a mistake, that the Habs have gone too small and that they plan to sign to get bigger, or at least that was the excuse for Cammalleri. What the Habs need are scoring forwards and scoring defensemen. Kaberle is a special team player who only is good during a playoff run or when your whole team is healthy. Kaberle is a player no team that wants to shed cap space to sign scoring forwards should have. Why do you think it was so easy to acquie Kaberle’s contract? Kaberle is not exactly a crushing player.

        • ABHabsfan says:

          PLays goal for Sask.Blades

    • JF says:

      I sort of agree. People are quick to jump on Gauthier, accusing him of arrogance and lack of class, and of making panic moves to save his job, but IMO he’s made more good deals than bad. The mess he inherited tied his hands to a large extent; but he did make the team bigger and tougher; and he dealt promptly with the Cammalleri situation which, with hindsight, was threatening to become cancerous. However, he made some blunders over the summer; even if we assume he was assured by the doctors that Markov would be able to start the season, he should have had a plan B in place. He should also have signed another veteran Dman, and he should have added grit to the 4th line. But his worst mistake was the ill-timed firing of Jacques Martin; it should have been either earlier (well before the Christmas road trip) or later – or possibly not at all. Nevertheless, I hope that if Geoff Molson fires Gauthier, he has someone very good to put in his place, and does not simply recycle one of the Savards.

  10. christophor says:

    Chicago needs a 2nd line center and some help on their PK.

    Desharnais and Gill for Saad.

  11. Danny88 says:

    What would be a fair contract for Lars Eller?? That’s the one I don’t have much of an idea in terms of the contract he will receive at the end of the season. IDEAS??? i would probably say 6 years @ 3m?


  12. Interesting stat on the Capitals. In four sets of back to back games this season, they are 1-3 in second games. Their lone win against Columbus.

  13. Mats Naslund says:

    People aren’t seriously siting that rumor that was put out there on the Franchise on Team 990 on Sunday are they? I think they said during that broadcast maybe 100 times not to take the rumor seriously. It was pure conjecture.

    Price is an RFA. He doesn’t have the leverage to demand anything – let alone a 10 year deal at 7 – 10 Million.

    NHL contract negotiations are ruled by precedent. You simply aren’t going to see an RFA goalie earn more than his UFA contemporaries unless his stats are in every way superior to the rest of the league.

    Yes Price is without compare in terms of age. There is no metric by which you can argue he is more valuable than Ward, Lundqvist, Miller, Luongo or Backstrom. There is only one goalie in the league that has a cap hit above 7 and that is Bryzgalov – and there is no way MTL is going to repeat that move with an RFA.

    Cam Ward is the best comparrison (in terms of age), so long as you ignore his Stanley Cup ring – and he earned a 6 year deal worth 6.3M. It is entirely plausible that Montreal ups that offer to Price – but there is no way that they deviate so much as to offer 10 years or $10M. That is simply a crazy over-pay for a guy who has been good, but is still young in terms of goaltenders.

    • ed lopaz says:

      I think 6 years at 5 million would be fair for both sides.

      but I would be lying if I said I was happy with Price this past month or so.

      We really needed a huge boost from our goaltending and he has been very average since the end of December.

      Very few teams win more than they lose with “average” goaltending.

    • The Price rumours originated from JT Utah’s ridiculous 25 Stanley site.

      That alone should be enough to squelch any sensible discussion on the topic. Canadiens have time and leverage on their side, and there is no rush, in the middle of a disappointing season for both parties, to begin discussions at this point.

      • G-Man says:

        Now’s the perfect time, then. Price can be made more right and affordable! 😉


        Tanking- The Losers way of winning.

        • nunacanadien says:

          If Gauthier trades Price there would be no end to that. Look at how badly it went for Gauthier in getting rid of the reliable Halak and Halak’s playoff run that was not recognized but only by St. Louis. What would we get in return, then the habs would have to score five or six goals a night to win and we’d be like any team in the western conference. But we don’t have any reliable goal scorers. When Youppi scores more goals than Gomez, then you know something is wrong….

    • JUST ME says:

      TSN 990 is about as empty as CKAC all sports was . They start rumors stating that they have their sources…or that they read it somewhere. Tony M. is unique in that pathetic habit…
      The Franchise is an amateur show based around food hosted by two guys that keep on promising they will lose weight year after year. How can they be considerer as a reliable source ?

      I guess it was to be expected since Carey,P.K., AK,Moen,and Gill are all going to negociate new deals…or not …

      Actually the most reliable news comes from Toronto`s TSN head office. Funny how our rumors never get there …

  14. 24 Cups says:

    White mentioned in his audio clip that he didn’t expect to be back until after the All-Star game. For the sake of discussion, let’s assume there are no more injuries between now and then.

    That means we could add White to the roster without having to make any other roster moves. Gionta appears to be gone for the year so that just leaves Markov. If he did return before the trade deadline, that would mean that the Habs would have to move a player. Dump Campoli, or try and have Blunden or Darche pass waivers and be assigned to Hamilton.

    Moving Campoli would appear to be the best bet.

    BTW, the Bruins play five games this week. Not sure how many times that happens during a season.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Can you not have as many as three in the press box?

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • 24 Cups says:

        I should have mentioned that it would be a 23 man roster. Sorry.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Agree on Campoli being the guy to move, easiest guy we could afford to lose.

          • Detroit will be interested in Kaberle I think. It’s not so long ago that they took similar d-men with a lack of physicality (Murphy, Markov, Stuart and Rafalski) and made them al look pretty darn good. The way the Red Wings system is set up and given their cap space, if Kaberle plays half decent in the next few weeks, Detroit will continue to scout him.

          • thorandresson says:

            Moving Campoli for a pick, would essentially amount to buying a pick for a bit less than 1.7 million, not bad…

    • punkster says:

      Steve, your post does not include any mention of goalies, goalie controversies, goalie contracts, goalie stats, goalie futures, goalies of the past…or Gomez. I commend you.

      I think moving Campoli would be the right choice.

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

      • 24 Cups says:

        I’m even open to re-signing AK46! And I’m on my second day of short-term sobriety.

        • punkster says:

          Ya, I read that earlier too. AK is a keeper for sure.

          Seriously, while management has been less than stellar the team itself still has a good base. A few key changes or upgrades and we may see some happier days ahead.

          ***Subbang Baby!!!***

        • habsolutely416 says:

          you guys seriously think they should resign AK? the guy is a floater who shows up once every 2 weeks. his stats are skewed from stretches of hot streaks. players like dont have much value when they only contribute every so often. package him in a deal with gill, campoli and weber and cross your fingers….

          ill be in the slot 😉

    • Danny88 says:

      I think price will get 7M for 8 years… you have to remember the salary cap will probably increase next year.

  15. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …does anyOne know the real name of ‘E’ whom wrote the counter-blog to Gare Joyce’s juvenile ‘Decline Of The Canadiens’ article on Sportsnet ?
    …a truly wonderfully masterful rebuttle of Joyce
    …I don’t need ‘E’ to spell-out in My own mind that being a Montreal Canadiens’ Fan goes beyond the here and now …but, ‘E’ so effectively explained it grandly and eloquently on paper …or, as We say now ‘the blogosphere’ :)
    …I wish there was just one ‘professional’ Montreal sports journalist with the capability to write as intelligently and eloquently as ‘E’ on behalf of Our Team

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  16. thorandresson says:

    So I keep seeing comments where people complain about the GM, and also listening to the TSN 990 and they’re going on about how they don’t trust PG to make trades anymore.

    Yet you look at the poll here, and 77% of people think the Cammalleri deal was a good one and most people were also satisfied with the Halak move so what gives?

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Have you ever seen a baby throw its teddy bear out of the pram and then immediately start crying because he misses his teddy bear?

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • 24 Cups says:

      I think the main concern is that he might make a short term move to make the playoffs that the team would eventually regret for years to come. Especially if it’s related to our 1st round pick.

      Kurvers for Niedermayer still haunts the mind even if it was the laffs who made the blunder.

      • ed lopaz says:

        If I was Molson, every trade would have to be cleared through my office.

      • thorandresson says:

        I doubt that.

        I think he’ll ship off Weber and Campoli no matter what. If there’s a chance of making the playoffs he’ll keep the pending UFAs, Gill, Moen and Kostitsyn, you could also add Gomez to that list. And if they’re out he’ll trade all 4 and get picks/draft picks.

    • Trisomy 21 says:

      I don’t know many who were immediately satisfied with the Halak deal. Although it doesn’t seem that bad with how Eller has played and how bad Halak was last year and the beginning of this year, I didn’t expect much from Eller and thought that surely some other team could have offered more

      • thorandresson says:

        So isn’t it wiser to judge a trade in the aftermath? Many weren’t immediately satisfied, but now they are… So PG made a good move.

      • nunacanadien says:

        Eller shone in one game so far. So far Eller has not contributed to any winning games. I remain uncommitted that the Halak deal was good or bad. It was bad in the sense that we now don’t have a replacement for Price to save Price. Budaj is not good enough for us to say that Price is good enough to sit and to save for the playoffs as was Gainey’s desire to showcase Price as the next Dryden. Or at least some thoroughbred.

    • avatar_58 says:

      Kaberle, Campoli, Woywitka, Markov contract, Wizniewski, Moore, Metro, etc

      Plenty of reasons.

  17. HabinBurlington says:

    Any chance the Habs send White to Hamilton this weekend to play in Outdoor game for conditioning? Okay as I type that I realize that would be stupid, poor ice conditions etc…. But it would be great to see him there.

    Glad he is in the equation, that close to playing.

  18. Trisomy 21 says:

    Damn it I suppose that doesn’t make me a price bot

  19. krob1000 says:

    This is a weird statement but did the last Olympics kill the ambition of Ovie, Malkin and Kovalchuk? they have not been the same since…

    • Malkin has 51 points in 37 games.
      Kovy is on fire with 11 points in 8 games right now. 38 pts in 39 games on a defensive team like NJ.

      It’s Ovi who hasn’t been the same.
      35 pts in 43 games. 2 points in last 5.
      Still better than any of our forwards though.

      • krob1000 says:

        Malkin has come on the alst handful of weeks after Crosby really went down…he has stepped it up but he started out pretty poorly…was awful by his standards last year…he has also had a a couple of monster games but yes he is playing better…I still haven’t thought of him the same since though. With Pittsburgh’s injury troubles he has definitely stepped it up to a level that rivals his past successes…will he maintain that? I hope so …I like Malkin but all three seemed to suffer huge setbacks after those Olympics.

      • G-Man says:

        Ovi’s huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge contract was given too early in his career. Keep the players hungry or they lose their bite.


        Tanking- The Losers way of winning.

    • Trisomy 21 says:

      Sounds like you’re using a stereotype of Russians.
      I’m surprised you just didn’t say Russians don’t have heart.

      • krob1000 says:

        um yeah that is what I am saying? No…actually I was saying that on paper they were easily capable of winning it all…they disappointed everyone including themselves…that was the Olympics with 3 of the top 7 or 8 players in the game at the time (all in their prime) that they were supposed to do it. All 3 seem to have lost something after it….how you made that a statement about Russians in general? don’t know….but thanks. I would easily take any of them on the Habs and Datsyuk along with Crosby are my favourite two non Habs but thanks bud.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          No doubt it had to be disheartening for them the way that all played out. Will be interesting to see Krob, if the NHL goes to Sochi or not. I can only imagine how pissed Ovie and Comp. would be if they werent’ there when Olympics get played in Russia for first time ever.

          • HabsfanoftheHabs says:

            Didn’t Ovi and EM say they would be going to the Olympics whether the NHL goes or not? Not sure how that works, but I remember it being a strong statement at the time.

          • G-Man says:

            Apparently, there are only 22 Russians in the NHL these days.


            Tanking- The Losers way of winning.

          • krob1000 says:

            Especially after seeing Crosby score the winner at home….. I remember there was for a while a debate as to who one would start a team with….I guess Crosby straightened that out…until his injury of course. Of course they will want to play for their country in the Olympics and I wouldn’t blame them a bit and I also think it rather underhanded of the NHL if they do not go…

        • Trisomy 21 says:

          No problem bud, but if it’s not clear then here:
          No, it did not kill the ambition. Malkin’s best season was never matched because of how often he’s been injured, with points aside he’s been fairly consistent with points per game.

          As for Kovalchuk, despite being a point per game player this season, I assume you are referring to last season where he got 60 points in the season. On the Devils he doesn’t get the minutes that he got in Atlanta, but considering how poorly the entire team played for most of the year last year, I would not call 60 points lacking ambition.

          Leaving us with Ovechkin, eventhough he got more than a point per game last year, his totals aren’t what they used to be, but I would attribute this to what many critics predicted, that he won’t be able to play balls out like that for his whole career.

          I do find it funny that you’re talking about players who lack ambition but you only mention Russians, when I can think of a handful of Canadians and Americans on the decline and simply yet irrationally blame the Olympics to causing this.

    • HabsFan1111 says:

      Malkin is 1 point off the NHL scoring lead in 9 games fewer than the leader, playing better than ever I think.

    • Timo says:

      Would you not take any one of these for say… umm… Gomer?

      • Les Canayens says:

        Bweuuuuhh….whoahahahooha….(the sound of other teams’ GMs spitting their coffee and laughing their butt off at the other end of the telephone as someone approach them with that question)

        ☞ I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.☜

  20. krob1000 says:

    I heard on Local Radio that Ryan Miller may be on his way out of Buffalo….I kind of believe it possible. I can also see this week there being a couple of other bigger moves….I think the Cammi deal may have got the ball rolling. It is a perfect time witht he all star break coming…why wait until the deadline…other than for bidding war type deals with UFA’s…

  21. The Dude says:

    And here’s my fear with Gauthier at the helm…if he can sign Gorges for 4 million a year long term then what will he sign Carey Price for? I am absolutely sure Pierre is gonna give him a 10 for 10 contract !

  22. munch17 says:

    Our coaches love to even out our lines. As a result we usually have four lines that can’t score- the last game was an exception( 67-51-72 played well) I would love to see a second line with AK47 and Bourque – both top line forwards – playing with Pleks or Gomez.It would give us a solid second line and put a little more pressure on opponents
    Eller is # 4 center on depth chart but could play on wing.
    I still think Gomez needs to put in situations where he can succeed – it is the only way to move him or see him play better.

  23. HabinBurlington says:

    Is it just me or has the media/protest group quieted down about RC and his lack of french? I am happy it appears to have, but not living there I am unsure.

    Look forward to watching tomorrows game, should be entertaining.

  24. mrhabby says:

    would the habs be crazy enough to trade Price for Marty Brodeur and Parise (from another post)…its crazy when you think about it for so many reasons. but , given the year the Habs have had on so many levels it makes you wonder. Does Molson have the balls to make a real change in direction of the club…make a huge, mamooth trade.

    • Malreg says:

      A top goalie for the next 10 years in exchange for a goalie about to retire and a UFA this summer?

      No thanks.

    • The Dude says:

      Parise’s another SMURF!

    • Bill J says:

      Dumbest trade rumour I’ve heard in weeks.

      Brodeur will be retiring this summer, so the trade becomes.

      Parise Smurf V. Price….

      Horrible idea, anyone thinking it’s good, wants the Habs to suck even more so they can “I told you they suck!”

      If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

      Go Habs Go!

    • ABHabsfan says:

      Better draft M. Subban or find another goalie for 2013-14 ’cause Marty F has 1 year left tops. Love to get Parise but if this year is circling the bowl, and it may well be, then why not just wait till FA time and offer Parise a great deal? Then you can make the necessary roster moves to fit his $7M or so under the cap. Then you can keep Price and not worry about the net long-term? Give this 5 more games and we will know exactly where we are.

    • Boomer says:

      i think if nj is shoppinh for a goalie, vancouver LA and now Buffalo would make more sense, theres no way we’re trading price unless (if the rumours are true) PG is having problems signing carey to a long term deal, ie carey wants out.

      Boom baby!

  25. PureGuava says:

    Subban for Kovalchuk is being talked about on tsn 990.

  26. Habsman1970 says:

    Jimmy Howard


  27. SteverenO says:

    Cut to the chase, boys.

    If you were the GM and tomorrow was game 1 of the stanley cup
    finals, You get to choose your goalie(s) starter and back up from this list.

    who would you pick?

    remember we are not talking long term. Just the one series. Age upside potential, charisma, language or irrelevant. Who gives you team the best chance to win the series that is starting tomorrow?. period

    I left out Tim Thomas because I think that there would be no debate if he were included.

    Tuuka Rask
    Corey Schneider
    Mike Smith
    Jimmy Howard
    Pikka Renne

    Before you choose one, you may want to know that all of these listed above have a higher save percentage than Carey Price this year.

    There are others that nay be considered who are also struggling this year…

    Ryan Miller, Cam Ward, etc.

    Of course , as Habs fans, we all know that Carey`s saves are by far more spectacular and important than anyone else`s goalies.

    In my opinion, much like Cammaleri, Price has been under performing this year, and I would not be so quick to give up 6 or 7 million dollars a year for many years to come because one great defensive forward who used to wear number 23, and a bunch of die-hard HABS fans “anointed” him as the worlds best goalie.

    ” if only they put the nets in the corners, Gainey would have been a 60 goal scorer”.

    What do you all think?

    Steve O.
    Qlik View – Data Discovery.
    Every team needs it- Every coach needs it.
    Every fan needs it!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Joe Daley.

    • Adriaan Harsta says:

      Lundqvist, no doubt about it in my mind.

    • RiverviewCanadien says:


    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      I think only one of those goaltenders plays for us so … what?

    • neumann103 says:

      From that list?
      in that order

      If Ryan Miller was on the list I would consider taking him.

      If Tim Thomas were on the list I wouldn’t take him over any of the four guys mentioned above.

      “Et le but!”

    • montrealtilldeath says:

      Save percentages is overrated as a statistic. I would prefer scoring chances save percentages over save percentages as a statistic. In Halak’s shutout over the Canadiens and Budaj’s win over New York there were few real scoring chances. Halak said it himself that he had very little work. Brian Engbloom noted that when Budaj was in the nets the Montreal D was much more vigilant with their D and they tend to relax and become more sloppy with Price as he said they figure he is better and will make the saves. TSN talking about Kovolchuk for Price? If that deal is offered I gaurentee that Jersey would take it. Subban is young and with Larry Robinson to school him and let him play;wow!! The Americans don’t follow the Don Cherry lead like some of the imbeciles in Canada. TSN is still trying to cover their “play the white way” comment in always trashing PK. The guy plays 25 minutes and covers the strongest opposition forwards. Look at what happened when we sat him against Winnipeg. There was no one on our D who was strong enough to match up with Evander Kane. Knowing Gauthier he is stupid enough to go for it. The player to trade is Plekanic. His eyes tell me he is a real disturber but he is one you will never catch openly. Note that when ever there are issues he is somehow involved.

      • neumann103 says:

        You were going along nicely there:

        Goaltending shots vs chances as a qualitative measure. Check!

        Kovalchuk for Price = happy NJ Devils. Check!

        Subban = good + maligned – Larry Robinson coaching. Check!

        Plekanec’s eyes?????????????? WTF?

        “Et le but!”

  28. habstrinifan says:

    I know this is way off the current crop of themes being discussed. But I can’t help thinking about the coaching situation for next year.

    Let me start by saying that I WANT Cunneyworth to succeed 100%. I want him to take the team into the playoffs. I BELIEVE that he has the confidence and enthusiasm of the players, escpecially the YOUNG players. I think Eller, for instance, is more comfortable under Cunneyworth despite being benched for games/periods. Also P.K, A.K, Max Pac etc are all playing better.

    But I think the MOST important requirement next year is that we have NO DRAMA and a solid, long-range choice for the ‘future’. Coaching will be the biggest ‘addition’ to this team for the 2012-2013 season.

    Regardless of what RC does, it would be too much ‘drama’ to retain him as coach. And WE CANNOT just lose him. And he deserves betetr than a secondary position which eventually leads no where here., as was the case with Kirk Muller. We lost an asset for nothing through lack of foresight.

    He has worked too hard and is really doing a great job.

    Candidates like Roy, Carbonneau etc etc are too much drama and have too many questionable elements.

    I cant help but thinking that there is a perfect confluence of events here. Bear with me before you stop reading.

    Guy Boucher is having a LOUSY time in Tampa. His insipid 1-3-1 (as criticised by Roy) has absolutely shredded the spirit of the Tampa veterans. And in the last game against us he looked like he was blowing a fuse in the dying minutes of the game as he was drawing out schemes during a timeout. All his ‘flaws’ are showing this season. BUT and this is a big BUT. Guy Boucher is young, needed to be brought down a peg or two and has. He is intelligent, reputedly has some brilliance in him and will ‘learn from this season’, I think. He is simply too smart not to.
    My solution is a ‘trade’ between Tampa and Mtl at the end of the season. And I say we play hard-ball with our terms with Tampa. We trade them Cunneyworth for Boucher… and a prospect or player. I think they need a coaching change more than we do so we can demand something.

    I also do not believe Cunneyworth can be retained here. And I think we should ve very very pro-active for Cunneyworth and for our team.

    I am sure RC would jump at the chance to go to Tampa. And I am sure all the Tampa players and Yzerman would be ecstatic. Boucher’s will not be retained there beyond some time next year .. bet on it.

    So we hire Boucher. We get him a ‘behind-the-scene’ mentor and stipulates in his contract a general style (and truly a style which has been our trademark) of play we want from the Canadiens. Failure to work towards that style is breach of contract. No 1-3-1. I know it is blasphemy to dictate to a coach how to coach but we are not dictating nuts and bolts, just general philosophy.

    Once Boucher is hired, we hire Larry Robinson as his assistant.

    So in 2012-2013 the Canadiens coaching will be (mentor like Demers who I think is not a great nuts and bolts but has a balanced approach to hockey… much like RC), Boucher, and Robinson.

    And Cunneyworth gets a great coaching position too and a great guy to work for.

    I think our players will be ok too.. Boucher knows a lot of them.

    If the language issue was a non factor I would not even have a question. RC would be our coach. But just too much drama for what will be a huge foundation and transitional year for the ,2012-2013.

    Now if we make the playoffs and go deep then… to hell with drama. LOL!

    Bottom line I want us to be as honourable as possible with RC. I also want us to be very very considered in the selection of the next coach. He must have a mandate to return the HABS to their roots and style…. which many still see when they see the CH, but a little less every day.

    And I think events here and in Tampa are fortuitous for this solution.

    • BTVHabsFan says:

      Gotta love RC….he couldn’t be a more lamer duck and the guys are playing hard for him….good for him! It’s too bad we could win the cup this year and he still won’t remain as coach….think he’s hitting the Rosetta Stone on team flights? LOL

    • mb says:

      Who cares about the drama? I’d take RC over Boucher in a heartbeat.

      OMG, how dare I say that. I’m such a bad French Canadian.

      Seriously though, I keep hoping that there is a slight, very slight chance that he stays… But it’s impossible, right?

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      “Let me start by saying that I WANT Cunneyworth to succeed 100%. I want him to take the team into the playoffs. ”

      OK, let me start by saying I WANT pie and sex every day.

      Now, re: your idea I love it. Boucher is great and Tampa’s real problem is they have three good forwards and no good goalies.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  29. HabinBurlington says:

    I would like to formally ask Mr. Boone to start a new Price/Halak free thread please?

    • BTVHabsFan says:

      Do we really need daily articles about Halak on this site? I get he was our stud goalie for six weeks but come on. Can we get daily updates regarding whatever Ribeiro, Lapierre, Higgins and Rivet are doing too?

    • mb says:

      I can’t even believe that this “debate” is still going on! Seriously! I thought we were over that already.

      I guess it’s a slow news day.

      • habsperspective says:

        Over what exactly, the passion of succeeding.

        Clearly some of us arent on the same page, never mind the right book.

        Its been twenty years since a championship, and yet expectations dont even come close to realizations.

        • mb says:

          I have the passion of succeeding, believe me.

          But Halak is gone. So are a ton of players. I got over it and I don’t start with the “what if / should have / would have”. The Habs kept Carey Price and that it what it is.

          I loved Jaro, and I was fortunate enough to attend the game againt the Blues last week and I did cheer for him after his shutout, as a way to say thank you, I guess.

          But in any way, he’s gone. Period. Even if this whole site keeps raging about it, it won’t change a thing.

  30. sherburnehabfan says:

    Trade Price, are you nuts??

    Price this year has had at times 4 rookie d-men, not fresh out of juniors, but new to the NHL d-men. PK at times has played like a rookie, Josh and Hal Gill who is good on the PK but has the mobility of the Statue of Liberty.

    If the choice of a new contract is 7@49 or 10@70 take the 7@49 and run with it because of the time value of money.

  31. habsperspective says:

    The true gift in being a winning general manager in Montreal, is managing expectations, and limiting pressure, if this is even possible.

    So many many gifted players have crashed and burned in Montreal, I dont even want to start that list.

    Gomez, is a great example. Jersey, is a market were if Montreal is ten in unrealistic expectations, there a two.

    The key to success, will become more and more important each year with the managing of that pressure.

    Ive said it before, you need to have players, that care the least of opinion and rhetoric. Therefore can focus on there ability’s solely.

    • Mattyleg says:

      Very nice joking.

      I won’t go too far into it, but you seem to be forgetting how well Gomer played in New York.

      Players don’t look at the media. Especially not when they’re losing.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • habsperspective says:

        Your wrong and missing the point, fatal combination.

        NY is another of those pressure markets, its as unrealistic as it gets. And further evryone fails in New York. Even Jagr.

        I should also add for his standards. And Jagr was, or is one of those guys that can tune stuff out.

        But man look what happened to Glen Sathers reputation alone in NY, cash screws even the most level headed individuals.

        • ABHabsfan says:

          I don’t think you can argue with the current results in NYC.

          • habsperspective says:

            Maybe not, but someone pointed out the other day, theyve only scored five more goals then the Habs this season.

            With guys like Richards, and Gaborik. Henrik, is a beast. There playing team for the first time in a long time, which says tonnes about Torts.

  32. Mattyleg says:

    Some serious faces in the dressing room after Sunday’s win.
    Even Gomez wasn’t grinning and cracking jokes.
    I like it, even if I find it a little bit scary.
    As has been said, there are enough teams in the East struggling now, and we’ve been looking stronger and stronger over the past few games. I’d be surprised if we didn’t string a couple of Ws together.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  33. English is not a Crime says:

    I have to check the calendar. I could have sworn the one I hung up a few days ago said 2012, but apparently I need to go find the one that says 2010.

  34. Captain aHab says:

    I have a source reporting to me that it’s lunch time soon. Take it to the bank cause that source nailed the “time for breakfast” rumour earlier this morning.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      The second best 4 words in the English language: “Let’s break for lunch.”

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  35. BTVHabsFan says:

    This Price-Halak discussion is insane! Get the hell over it! Anyone with a clue can see that Halak is surrounded by a young, big and fast team….put Price in St. Louis and his numbers would same or better. Yes Jaro….thank you for the playoff run in 2010, you are in fact the second coming of christ…now everyone move on….If you must talk about trading our biggest asset then keep Carey and trade PK….tired of his Avery like antics….put up or shut up.

  36. The Dude says:

    Simple question…. On the heel of the rumor bout Price’s Agent rejecting a 7 mill per 10 year deal ,who here would agree to a 10 year 100 million contract lock-down for Carey Price??? Pricebots won’t answer this because their answer is “YES” lol.

    • PureGuava says:

      The day that happens is the day I purchase a Jets jersey.

    • RiverviewCanadien says:

      simple answer.


    • kirkiswork says:

      Long term contracts are scary, think of Richter and Gomez.

    • aj says:

      how about like this: Since everybody is suggesting for a Price trade, how about we suggest PG to make that trade for Ryan Miller come Feb 27. Since he’s feeling the pinch and he also ranted against the Sabres recently, maybe he should get a change of scene like Cammy did for a trade to get Bourque.

    • Bill J says:

      Woohoo, I’m not a Pricebot. Since I am replying!

      There’s no way any rumour involving the Habs is legit, never are, never will be.

      But 10 Million for 10 years ? No thanks. Not yet anyways, and by yet. I mean if he leads them to the Cup THIS year in the state that the Habs are in, he may very well be worth it.

      p.s., to be clear. I don’t see the Habs winning the cup this season, so I am implying there’s no way 10 million per for 10 years is happening.

      BUT, if they do win the Cup this year. I believe it starts with Price playing lights out from now to game 7 of the finals.

      If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

      Go Habs Go!

    • RGM says:

      Yes on the heel of fake news stories, let’s create another strawman argument to knock the goalie.

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
      Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

  37. aj says:

    in other Habs news, JM is invited in L’Antichambre:

    Probably, he might discuss how he got fired and got replaced by a pretender/unilingual-anglo coach named Randy Cunneyworth and that he will criticize along w/ Therrien, Tremblay, and Carbonneau the current style of play of the Canadiens. If Martin will bring to the discussion his “defensive style” of coaching as a fit for the Canadiens, I’ll roll my eyes on that.

    • BTVHabsFan says:

      Speaking of Tremblay…..I still blame him for Patrick Roy being traded….see that smug look on his face

      • aj says:

        Well that’s already enough for a reason why Roy “would” answer if the Canadiens call him for a head coaching job. He didn’t said “I will”, so therefore, its an iffy.

        Make no mistake, if the Nordiques are back next season, Roy will coach there.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        there is the holy trinity of blame – we can debate the order.

        Tremblay for losing his cool.
        Houle for not being the ’eminence gris’ and making peace.
        Ron Corey for sitting where he sat and for hiring Houle and Tremblay in the first place.

        The Habs organization for letting the President sit so near the bench –

        And Roy for not just going down the tunnel and throwing things until he felt better.

        We’d be 2 Cups better if Mr. Corey had stayed home with a head cold that night and watched the came on TV.

        And thus fall empires. We’re still feeing it today.

  38. twilighthours says:

    I was cruising along in the “Defending Byzantium” article until I hit the reference to “terrible power play luck” and the “unsustainably high” save % of opposing goaltenders (.937).

    This sad, blind dependence on advanced “stats” (none of which are stats at all) is getting ridiculous.

    Or maybe I’m wrong. Don’t worry folks, everything will regress to the mean soon enough and the Habs will no longer suck.

  39. JF says:

    Every time the Habs play a really good game, I delude myself for about a day that the team is turning things around, that we’ll stop blowing leads, start winning consistently, move up in the standings. I look forward to the next game. Then reality sets in. We have a bit more size and grit, but we are still a fragile team, a team that struggles to score, a team with a totally ineffective powerplay. The chances of our putting together a sustained winning streak are still about nil.

  40. PureGuava says:

    Mark my words, Gauthier’s last act as GM will be to sign Saint Carey to a 15 yr deal for 6 million per season.

  41. aj says:

    Let’s be honest, would you trade a solid goaltender even when he’s performing well regardless of those OT losses (regardless of your opinions, he IS a solid goaltender. His teammates aren’t!)?

    This business of trading Price is ludicrous IMHO. We all know that many teams will get to him and no matter which team he goes (if he gets traded, hopefully not), his offer along w/ an agent who’s going to back him up will eventually ask for a $6.5 to a $7+ Million per yr contract.

    I’m not going to trade him if I were a GM of the Canadiens if that’s the case. One more thing, Halak got the offer of $4+ Million per year since that was the bargaining offer at that time. Like I said before, these players don’t get cheap and his value will go up once his contract expires. Halak might value of up to $7 or $8 Million after his deal ends.

    • PureGuava says:

      I don’t think there’s a goaltender I wouldn’t trade him for.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      The O/T – shootout losses are very worrying because it MAY indicate the lack of a “killer instinct” to close out an opponent and refuse to lose. Yes Price is young. He might be the Joe Thornton of goalies. O/T is like a mini-playoff game.

      Price is very good, but does he have that extra gear?

      And if not, can it come with maturity?

      And that “killer instinct” is a lot more important in the playoffs than during the regular season.

  42. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Other recent news – On June 4, 1963, Plante was traded to the New York Rangers, with Phil Goyette and Don Marshall in exchange for Gump Worsley, Dave Balon, Leon Rochefort, and Len Ronson.
    Jacques Plante to the Rangers? I can’t believe it! Blake and Pollock are idiots!

  43. jrshabs1 says:

    The hatin’ on the Habs by the T.O. media is a joke. The 2 big sports networks own the leafs so what else would you expect than total disrespect to the leafs supposed arch rival. Any Hab fan will tell you that the Boston Bruins are the Habs true rival. It’s too bad the T.O. media has chosen to be so brazzen in thier contempt for the Canadiens because it cheapens the NHL with what information is given to the public. I think any Hab fan will tell you that the Cammy/Bourque trade was at the very least a tie and in my opinion a win for the Habs. Maybe the Habs traded Cammy the way they did is so he could go to Calgary his #1 chioce. That makes better sense doesn’t it? The T.O. media has put the black hat on the Habs, crucifying thier every move. The white hat is on the leafs head who ironicaly haven’t made the playoffs since the lockout which has apparently gone unnoticed by the same T.O. media.

    Go Habs Go!!

  44. j2w4habs25 says:

    Pierre Gauthier spotted in New Jersey today

    Carey Price #31

  45. PureGuava says:

    I’ll settle the Price vs. Halak debate once and for all:


    Only when Price is dealt, can the healing begin.

  46. RGM says:

    We’re entering the Twilight Zone. Trade Price and go with whom as our goaltending tandem? Budaj and Mayer? Good grief.

    Honestly you people are ridiculous. Do we really want to go back to the bad old days of Jeff Hackett, Andy Moog, and Jocelyn Thibault between the pipes?

    GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
    Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

  47. HabFanSince72 says:

    That story about the Toronto mayor going on a diet reminds me of this classic scene from the Wire:

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  48. Hobie Hansen says:

    I’m looking forward to Bourque’s 2nd game tomorrow night and to see if Scott Gomez shows up for the 3rd straight game.

    • Bill J says:

      Re Bourque, will be interesting to see how the Caps interact with him.

      I hope Cunneyworth reminds Bourque to not take the bait, because it’s a safe bet the Caps want to pay him back for the Backstrom head shot.

      If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

      Go Habs Go!

  49. krob1000 says:

    Did I just wake up in a time warp? Halak vs Price? really?

  50. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Trade Price to the highest bidder for (I am sure they could get back quite a bit), players, picks, prospects.

    Sign PK long term. In this years draft, do what it ever it takes to pick Malcolm to be the future goalie and develop him properly.

    Aren’t all the Subban boys die hard Canadiens fans?

    • aj says:

      How about like this: Carey Price will sign $7 million as his bargaining price once the Canadiens offer him a contract.

      Cmon guys, these players will not get cheap! If that’s his asking price (since his last name is Price, therefore “The Price is Right”), then Molson will have to bite the bullet to make him stay here.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      … sure… in the past tense…

  51. From a source stating that Carey Price could be on the move to New Jersey Devils for Zach Parise and Martin Brodeur? Habs might get a VETERAN goalie who has more wins than Patrick Roy. Habs are now in Cap space problems. More trades on the horizon………Perhaps?

    Needs tweaking at its BEST!!!!

    Source!!!! Source!!!! Send a reply to Halak’s agent soonest!!! Rumors!!!! Rumors!!!! Can it be STOP??? Na, its not offical yet? Halak agent

  52. smiler2729 says:

    Is anybody else tired of all the sports buzz words that everyone uses over the last decade?

    Process, pieces, market, brand, culture, etc…

    Sports talk guys have become so freakin’ anal

    Jack Edwards sucks chowdah chunks

  53. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Mr. Joyce – If you can’t be intelligent or humourous, please be brief. Go Habs!

  54. LL says:

    Ode to Jaro

    Oh Jaro, my life…my life is no more
    The deepest darkest despair in the abyss of my soul.
    How can I live without those blue eyes now gone to the Blues.

    When the soldiers came and took you away…I cried a Babylonian tear
    The evil King Caesar Price has destroyed our land our hope our future
    Pillage, rape, famine and plague, not to mention the Stats, the Stats

    Oh dear Gods, please please hear me.
    Alas, no one listens……no one cares
    I must leave this cold Jaroless world. The horror, the horror

  55. HabFanSince72 says:

    OK, this debate can’t be put off any longer.

    It’s been almost two years now, and all of us have kept our head in the sand long enough.

    There is no game tonight so we will have plenty of time to finally discuss the elephant in the room.

    Please think about this. Take your time before replying. It’s a biggie.

    So here goes.

    Should we have traded Price instead of Halak?

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • mb says:


      Put Halak in nets behind the Canadiens defense and offense.

      Put Price in nets behind the Blues defense and offense.

      Who gets the better numbers, then?

      Both goaltenders are good, but I think Carey Price has a slight edge.

    • Bill J says:

      No. For the last 2 years I have consistently maintained that position, unlike some Halakites who only leave their basements when Jaro flashes for a few weeks.

      If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

      Go Habs Go!

      • idle says:

        Bill, for a guy who likes to post his opinions you sure don’t like it when others do

        • Bill J says:

          Huh ? Where did I state others opinions are invalid ?

          Nowhere, that’s where!

          The post you replied to, was a reply to a requested opinion.

          So maybe your opinion is baseless ?

          And if I didn’t like to discuss opposing opinions, I would have left this site long ago. But you certainly didn’t think about that before posting your nonsense, did you ?

          This site was created for Hab fans, even with the new site name, it still represents “Absolutely everything about the Montreal Canadiens”

          It doesn’t say in the top left corner “Absolutely everything about former Montreal Canadiens players” does it ?

          If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

          Go Habs Go!

          • Bill J says:

            If you think I really care what YOU think of me, your even more pathetic then I thought!

            Get a life Shiloh, you desperately need one.

            If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

            Go Habs Go!

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      Of course, at the end of the year, we’d be 82-0 with Jaro, doncha know.

    • habsperspective says:

      Goaltenders are a dime a dozen, most teams have atleast as good as a goaltender, as either Price or Halak. What isnt as easy to find, is puck mobile defneceman, and durable first line centers.

      Look at the last 10 Cup winners, you could argue Carey is better then 8 or 9 of them.

      Goaltending is not the issue.

      Clutch scroing is, from forwards and defence. Chara, Lidstrom, Byfuglien, Seabrook, Gonchar, even Campbell. Many more.

      Not Diaz, Weber, Campoli, Gill, or an injury.

    • idle says:

      I would have kept them both, at least for another season and let things play out more. Their salaries were still manageable, and Price’s stock could only have risen. Halak’s stock was pretty high based on his playoff run, but he never got a chance to back it up the next season and he was never ‘shopped around’.

      There is nothing wrong with having two strong goalies. The Blues are doing well with it now. I don’t care if goalies want to play 60+ games a season, it is not to their benefit. 41 – 41 or if you want to give the nod to one of them 47 – 35 . Both guys fresh all year, insurance against injury, and 2 chances to get a hot goalie in the playoffs. As we saw a couple of years ago, a hot goalie in the playoffs can make some noise.

    • GoGioGo says:

      *DISCLAIMER : This is not an attempt to restart the Halak vs. Price debate. So please don’t flame.* But…

      I’ve always said we should have traded Price, simply because our team really sucks, and we could have had a lot in return. And we would have managed pretty well with Halak as number one.

      • habsperspective says:

        Well said, there was certainly much more equity in a Price, then some Danish dude.

        Which in turn would of yielded a far better all around product that would of surpassed any slight edge Price may have.

        And with that said, Halaks, one on ones, aka, shootouts, penalty shots, or breakaways. Cannot be worse then Careys.

      • Bill J says:

        You think they would have gotten a good return on Price, when he had struggled through his worst professional season, lost his #1 spot to a his backup ?

        Hmmmm, even if you may be correct. All you’re proving is that Price is a better asset then Jaro.

        I personally am happy with Eller, his progression is coming along quite nicely.

        If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

        Go Habs Go!

        • habsperspective says:

          I could be wrong, but I dont think they were both up for contract the same year, which means you could of signed Jaro, and gave it more time to assess properly.

          Either way, either Halak, or Price could of achieved a greater return.

          And Eller, may very well turn into a 25 goal scorer. But hes not tough enough is my opinion to truly flourish in this pressure cooker environment. Aka Ribeiro.

          And Price is a better asset then Jaro, but not the edge that would mean the difference in winning a cup or not.

          • Bill J says:

            One was a RFA with arbitration rights (Jaro) the other was simply a RFA.

            So yes they were both up for contracts.

            If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

            Go Habs Go!

          • LA Loyalist says:

            We are lucky Eller is working out at all. He should have spent a year in Hamilton – – and that is on management feeling they had to play him to justify the trade.

            Which was BAD management and quite damning.

    • Willy says:

      Not at all. Look at the difference in the quality of teams in front of them.

    • habstrinifan says:

      No it was the right decision to keep Price.

      Price and Halak were at comparatively the same stage in their career. There are differences in their makeup.

      PRICE is naturally more talented and more physically gifted but, as is often the case with extraordinarily talented people, he is more mercurial and moody in personality. UNTIL he learns to overcome down periods in his career and bad games and the ‘blown shot’, he can be considered as still ‘developing’. If he does grow to have the dominating will and confidence of Roy (rememebr Roy had his weak periods, but, in the 2ND stage of his career, was MONEY, simply because he had meshed his enormous talent with a total control of his mental processes.
      Price’s upside then is very very high and even if he never becomes the ‘elite mind’ ,he will always be an above average goalie and will most likely NEVER lose a number one status in the principal years of his career.

      HALAK does not possess the natural talents or physical gifts of Price. Halak must work and work at his craft. And that is a laborious requirement and does not ensure results as outstanding as Halak achieved during the great playoff run. Unfortunately the goalie position is not like a skater who can be less talented and less skilled, but whose dedication and hard work can be absolutely maximised by assigning him a 3rd line checking-type function. A goaltender cannot hide his lack of talent through hard work. A goaltender like Halak, will lose his number one status many times during the principal years of his career.

      I am a huge fan of Halak. As far as goalies go, the HABS owe him more of a bow of thanks for what he gave us than we owe Price so far in his career. But keeping Price was the right choice. Whether Price becomes ‘all that he could be’ is still a question for the future, but Halak has.

      Some related matters.

      Price should start Wednesday. If the game was a back-t-back I would have started Budaj. Hopefully the rest has restored the sagging spirit and motivation of Price. Remember I talked about the moodiness he must conquer. H e needs to re-focus and the rest and Budaj’s performance may do the trick.

      Price’s contract: No way do I give him more than 5 to 6 million. If he insists on more I package him for two or three TOP (and I do mean TOP) LINE players. I think recent events have proven that you do not put all your eggs in the galie position. A competent goalie behind a very strong team is better odds than depending on the ‘superstar’ goalie.

  56. neumann103 says:

    Carey Price Math

    I am not as certain of these things as many but is it accurate to say that
    In 2012 Price is RFA but arbitration eligible
    A qualifying offer would be $3M
    If not under contract, price will be a UFA for the 2014/2015 season

    So that establishes a floor. The Canadiens can offer $3M and then negotiate and match offer sheets. With an offer that low, Price could/would take the defensive step of filing for arbitration in case they can’t work it out in time.

    If they don’t come to an agreement they go to arbitration where they try to minimize his value, build bad will and the arbitrator awards a 1 year contract at something in the vicinity of $5 million.

    Price is pissed off.

    Have to renegotiate a year out with an unhappy player.

    What it really comes down to is how many UFA years you want to buy now, understanding that:
    the potential arbitration outcome sets a floor
    the player has to want to be here
    there is a premium paid to players who have to deal with Quebec taxes
    any potential consideration of new CBA terms (will there be a limit on contract length and how would that affect grandfathering of a long deal or the landscape for renegotiation of a new deal after a shorter deal expires).

    In general I am not in favour of a lot of dubious restraint of trade rules in employment and the draft, the salary cap and other features of pro sport really are problematic. But as a fan I would really like to see a limit on contract length of perhaps 5 years (along with a soft cap/luxury tax). I mean how often do you see a >5year deal that is an unalloyed good for all parties? It seems to me that most long term deals become an albatross at some point.

    So anyhow back to Price. Unless you just want to offer $5M per year for 2 years and then let him walk you are interested in buying some UFA years. So

    5 years for $30M. Cap hit $6M per year. Salary beginning at $5M and going up $0.5M per year
    $5, $5.5, $6, $6.5, $7
    when Gomez gets buried this becomes the highest paid player on the team (which is appropriate).

    If in 2017 he is worth more than $7M and wants to stay deal with it, but don’t go all DiPietro on it.

    “Et le but!”

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Rumour is he’s already turned down $7M/7 years.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • G-Man says:

      I am definitely not a fan of overpaying goalies and giving them term. Price’s numbers this season indicate he is an average goalie. Rinne and Luongo and DiPietro won the lottery, but giving Price anything approaching $7 mil is just stupid. He hasn’t proved anything, especially in the post-season, and that’s where it counts. Overpaying for a good regular season goalie is a mug’s game.


      Tanking- The Losers way of winning.

  57. Storm Man says:

    Is this not a site about Les Canadiens? Why oh why do some on here talk about Ex Habs?.. Maybe this site should have a whole page each day on what Ex Habs did each night… All it does is feed the trolls who sit in mom’s spare room with a lap top.

    • ont fan says:

      The fans here always think we traded or gave away the wrong guy. Can’t simply move on. Whenever I hear another coach or GM interviewed, and they talk about the best goalies in the league, Prices name always comes up but I have never heard Halaks name, ever.

  58. aj says:

    I just want to say this to all those Halak fans right now:

    If you’re a diehard fan, go live in St Louis. The Canadiens already traded the guy – Case closed.

    Price is the #1 Goaltender here and that’s enough to end this useless debate!

  59. Storm Man says:

    Must be troll day on here today.

  60. cuzzie says:

    PG spotted in Newark. Does Lou want Gomer back?

    Mr. Bad Example!

  61. novahab says:

    I just want to start with Price is going no where. Look at the flyers ,they spent on players and suffered with no goaltendering. You just don’t find a top 5 goalie. The one players I say is being shopped is Pleks. DD has taken top spot, Eller is going no where and you’ll never be able to trade Gomez. So where does Pleks fit in on this team. He amazing on the Pk but weak on the forecheck .If Cunneyworth and PG are serious about going bigger and Markov is not even skating yet . Pleks and a young D-man may bring a quality size D-man back.

  62. PureGuava says:

    Price has three more wins than Halak……in 15 more starts!


    • HabinBurlington says:

      And here we go again…..

      Halak is a very good goalie, but he is no longer Montreal’s goalie.

      Tim Thomas and Rask have better stats than Halak, why don’t you go argue on the Bruins website about Halak being better than them.

    • Bill J says:

      Refer to my reply to DTony, you are listed as “select few other posters”

      btw, Elliot has three more wins then Jaro with 3 less games played. Oh my!

      If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

      Go Habs Go!

      • 24 Cups says:

        Bill – I wish you and Gerald would stop taking the bait. Just because a guy throws a line in the water…..

        • Bill J says:

          I’ve frequented this site for many years now, and I am faced with two options.

          1) challenge idiocy.
          2) find another place to discuss the Habs.

          Too many valuable opinions have been muted because they’ve chosen to go elsewhere, it is time we true Hab fans become a bit more truculent like the team, and concuss a few of these boneheads once and for all.

          Maybe we can regain some of the valuable posters we’ve lost over the years.

          If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

          Go Habs Go!

          • Chrisadiens says:

            Twitter has become my #1 source for all things Habs. It doesn’t crash and you can ignore/block people.

            Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

          • 24 Cups says:

            The only problem with Twitter is there can’t be any discussion or exchange of ideas due to the limit on post length.

            It’s funny, but I’m just the opposite of you. I think Twitter is a waste of time outside of maybe hearing from Bob McKenzie about a tidbit of hockey news.

          • crazyhabsfan says:

            x 2 on the Twitter… excellent for following sports. Are you following @BizNasty2point0 ? Bissonnette is a riot! Would love to have that guy in the Habs dressing room.

    • novahab says:

      No kidding and the Blues players have played alot better than the Habs. You put Price in St Louis and he number one with a bullet.

    • Mattyleg says:

      You have no intelligent posts…. in far, far too many!

      Far too many.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • aj says:

      @ PureGuava:

      Why are there still many Halakites commenting in this website?

      Isn’t it time that you guys should stop contesting about this Price vs Halak debate.

    • aemarchand11 says:

      Our team also sucks.

      “I have a different constitution. I have a different brain; I have a different heart; I got tiger blood, man.” – Charlie Sheen.

  63. Its time to trade Price? This would eliminate Halak/Price on who was the better goalie? Trade Price to Tampa for Lecavalier or to Pittsburgh for Fleury and a pick. Fleury has won a cup and that is more what Price has earned. Let the rumors start.

  64. Mattyleg says:

    This made me laugh:
    Don’t care much for the NFL.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  65. 24 Cups says:

    Note Eller’s name. I also think that AK46 would be close to making these lists.

  66. mb says:

    So, who wants to start new rumors?

    PentonKirk Kirk Penton
    Spotted in the lobby of my Newark hotel this morning: Habs GM Pierre Gauthier. #winnipegjets

    And no, I have no clue who Kirk Penton is. But trade rumors would change from the (incessant) Halak talks, wouldn’t it.

    EDIT: Kirk Penton: CFL/NHL reporter for the Winnipeg Sun

    • habs03 says:

      A rumour coming out of MTL are almost never true, for the simply reason that PG and management don’t like to leak any information out. As opposed to loud mouths like Burke, image your Luke Schenn right now.

  67. 24 Cups says:

    – the literate blogger makes some good points but so does Gare Joyce. I think we all acknowledge that the cherished memories of the glory days are long gone. However, both of Gainey’s five year plans have not put the team is a position where they can realistically contend for a Cup (each plan had one brief flicker of hope). You also have to question if there is a real plan in place after the events of the past four months (although games lost and played under the cap floor is still probably the biggest story of the year. And no, I’m not making excuses for the team, just stating what I feel are real reasons).

    – this is my new theme for the month. Mr. Gauthier has to give serious consideration to taking the money saved on the Cammalleri trade to re-sign AK46 (I can’t believe I just said that). That would indirectly (bare with me) make the trade Cammalleri & Ramo for Bourque/AK/2nd rounder. It would also not negate what we have picked up in size and net presence from the trade.

    – I think Cunneyworth is in the toughest spot in the league. No one should be critical of this guy. However, firing Martin (knee-jerk reaction, panic move?) was the 2nd worst thing to happen to the Habs this year right behind the Markov non-start.

    – Pierre Ladouceur’s report cards are starting to wear thin. Way too many throughout the season and a marking scheme that is too compact to the point that it really doesn’t say anything due to the limited range. The Ontario school system has a spot ready for this guy once he retires from his hockey gig.

    – Crosby will never be the same. I read that article and all I can think of is Markov. If he ever returns, what percentage of the old Markov will he be? He’s sure to have a lot of doubts and boogeymen floating around in his head.

    – The turnarounds by Ottawa and St. Louis (1st place in the West) are interesting news, but just like Montreal, Buffalo’s demise is a story worth discussing. A team that spent cap space like drunken sailors is now suffering a major hangover.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      If indeed they keep the line together of AK/Eller/Bourque and this line develops, that could be helpful in the signing of AK. Rarely has AK had the benefit of another physical winger on his line to share the hard work with. I am hopeful this trio finds chemistry and it makes AK’s time here more productive.

      One of the biggest obstacles this past off season for AK seemed to be the perception that he and JM were not exactly full of dialogue. With JM no longer the coach, the fact he has not been line juggled as much this season, perhaps he will have a wanting to sign here. We may not get that much ballyhooed “hometown discount” (I think they border on myths) but if he wants to sign here that would be good.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      The main thing wrong with firing Martin is that it wasn’t done after last seaon.

      I will agree that the way it was done looked panic and desperate and does not help the overall impression that there is no plan. Ditto with how Cammi went – looked knee jerk and like we have no plan.

      As for RC, basically, he has a free pass to try stuff and see what works. I think he will earn some respect no matter how we do.

      And re Crosby, I think he would trade places with Markov in a heartbeat. A head injury is far more serious than anything physical.

      l’Anne du Tanque ™ the race to the bottom

      • RGM says:

        “Doctor, what’s more serious: a head injury or a foot injury?”
        “A head injury.”
        “Well, you don’t have all the facts. The foot has been severely burned.”

        Oh Michael Scott, how I miss you.

        GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
        Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

      • 24 Cups says:

        LA – I guess what I’m worried about is that Markov’s leg injury could turn into a “head injury”, so to speak.

    • ed lopaz says:


      on your first point, I tried to point out at the beginning of the season how CRAZY it was to start the season with 5 million of cap space + Markov on injured reserve.

      it was like the Habs thought they could compete with a 54 million dollar lineup vs the teams that spend to the max.

      the team, if I recall, got off to a HORRIBLE start to the season, and that leads me to the second point

      Firing Martin was NOT a knee jerk, impulsive decision. I believe there were discussions before the season began that Martin’s system did not fit the players Gauthier wanted to bring in.

      Gauthier signed Cole – martin refused to play him on the PP

      Gauthier signed Emelin – martin was reluctant to play him at the outset as well

      these are just 2 examples which I think point to the fundamental differences that emerged AT THE BEGINNING of the season.

      then, when Gautheir fired Pearn – it was all over for the so called friendship between Martin and Gauthier, it was Gauthier embarrassing Martin and implying that there was a problem in the room that needed to be addressed.

      I think Martin has been on thin ice for a long time.

      The fans at the Bell were NOT BEING ENTERTAINED and the team had one of the worst home records in their history when Martin was canned.

      What does that mean when a team is constantly losing at home?

      Gauthier’s phone is ringing after every loss.

      Molson is getting calls from guys that have been part of his corporate world for years.

      These ‘SUITS” were being embarrassed in front of their clients.

      The season ticket holders and the sponsors were becoming increasingly upset.

      Firing Martin was NOT a panic move.

      That’s a story that the media is spinning because neither the English media nor the French media like Gauthier.

      Gauthier does not answer the bell for media.

      He is a not liked in this town – and the French media were writing articles critical of him not “protecting” French players since the beginning.

      here is an article written by Bertrand Raymond on June 23rd 2010. Its title is The Philosophy Of Pierre gauthier

      here is the first paragraph

      Même si Pierre Gauthier a été à l’emploi des Nordiques durant 12 ans, vous ne le verrez probablement jamais avec une fleur de lys à la boutonnière. Il a autant de chances de posséder une carte de membre du parti Québécois que Pierre Boivin en a d’entrer au Vatican.

      translated roughly:

      even if Gauthier was working for the Nordiques for 12 years, you will probably never see him with a Fleur de Lys. he has the same chance of being a card carrying member of the Parti Quebecois as Pierre Boivin has of entering the Vatican

      i.e – Gauthier is no friend of the “pure” Quebecois.

      Martin’s days were numbered the day Gainey stepped down.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        Ed, you are right I am sure. That said, there is a huge difference between reality and perception, and often perception wins out in the public mind.

        Since Bob blew up the Koivu team, we have looked very reactionary and out of control, and the Cammi move doesn’t help. It could be 100% true that PG and Feaster were talking already, but that’s not how it looks.

        If you look at PG’s moves – getting Wiz, getting Cole, swapping out Cammi for Bourque, it does seem there is a plan to get more team toughness to complement the speed.

        But the Markov problem, not signing Wiz because you expect Markov back, then having to sign Kaberle… not looking good there.

        Perception and reality often conflict.

        • ed lopaz says:

          I agree with you LA.

          The idea that Martin was “suddenly” fired just does not fly with me.

          I know some of the “suits” in this town, and they certainly have Molson’s coordinates (I don’t, by the way).

          Molson is a bright guy – calculated, and surrounded by some of the best business minds in the city.

          I never liked Gauthier.

          I used to argue with our buddy Serious 09 telling him that Gauthier was arrogant and had a certain ruthlessness about him that I couldn’t relate to.

          But Gauthier is not impulsive either.

      • 24 Cups says:

        Good points, Ed. I guess what I was trying to say is that if the Habs wanted to try and sqeak into the playoffs, they would have stood a better chance with Martin behind the bench (not that I’m advocating we should always be a bubble team) .

        • ed lopaz says:

          maybe you are right, 24.

          I still believe that the wins are going to come.

          I know it seems crazy.

          But I think we are on the right track and we are a better team today than we have been all season.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        Ed – why bring the suits into it? They fired Martin because they thought the team was underperforming.

        No need for a conspiracy.

        Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

        • ed lopaz says:

          72, yes the team was under performing, but especially at home.

          and when a team loses so many games at home, the people

          paying the bills start to become restless.

          habs is a HUGE business in this town.

          there are a lot of important “stakeholders”

    • Chris says:

      Buffalo is a good example of a good team signing 2 guys and trading for a third and hoping to build on a franchise goaltender and a young stud defenceman.

      That franchise goaltender has had a hiccup season (as does frequently happen) and everything has gone down the toilet. The young stud defenceman has had a forgettable season.

      Leino was a terrible signing, but Regehr and Ehrhoff have performed at a consistent enough level given the change in teammates. I don’t think the spending was to blame.

    • CanadienBoy says:

      Firing Martin was the best thing ever THE TEAM WAS BORING ,they have throw more check the last 3 game than the hole year hell the last 3 years

  68. CanadienBoy says:

    6 weeks of rumours coming on ,curious at which side will be the most accurate ,the 4 period ,chac ,hockey buss etc… ?

  69. HabinBurlington says:

    There will be no COlton Orr to spar with Schultz at the Outdoor Classic in the Hammer as he has hurt his ACL.

    • Bill J says:

      I guess that’s what happens to goons when they try to actually play hockey, their knees go BOOM!

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      Go Habs Go!

  70. HabinBurlington says:

    Which is more likely to occur?
    Toronto Mayor Ford loses 50lbs in 6months
    Montreal Canadiens make the playoffs

  71. HabinBurlington says:

    There are rumblings that Burke is talking to the Blues about Halak, would be interesting to watch those still loyal as they suddenly become Leaf fans.

  72. DorvalTony says:

    A literate blogger who defends this quagmire and uses profanity like a high school boy. Denial is not just a river in Africa.

    • Bill J says:

      You have a serious mental imbalance. And that opinion is not solely based on this post, seriously seek help.

      Only a bonafide loser spends as much time and energy on a site to solely argue and insult what the vast majority come here for…. The Habs in this case.

      It’s a free country you will answer, but I still maintain your level of lunacy needs to be verified. You, ManApart and a select few others need to get out more, and stay away from fan sites you clearly disagree with.

      If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

      Go Habs Go!

      • G-Man says:

        Easy, Bill. Or Boone will state that this isn’t a fan site. It’s all so confusing…


        Tanking- The Losers way of winning.

        • Bill J says:

          Well if it ain’t a fan site, they should modify the blurb at the top left corner of the page… 😉

          If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

          Go Habs Go!

          • HabinBurlington says:

            How come they are allowed to say Montreal Canadiens but not Habs. I realize Hab is a trademark, but how different from saying the name of the actual team. Perhaps from now on we should all refer to them as the Pro Hockey team in the City of Montreal.

    • G-Man says:

      So, to your mind then, if Joyce does not use an epithet his arguments are valid?

      The Habs aren’t in a quagmire. Don’t believe all the TSN hype and all those from out of town like Cam Cole (who professed his dislike of all things Habs last season. Ergo, I never read him) who want to stir up stuff. See? I used stuff instead of s***. That better, DT?


      Tanking- The Losers way of winning.

    • avatar_58 says:

      Oh noes, he used a swearword! Mommy what’s a %$%#?

      • Bob_Sacamano says:

        And only once he did use it in a long article which was well-written and overall spot on. I find it really ridiculous that we have to use words like friggin´ or stuff like §$%§$% when everyone knows we mean f**k. A word which most people use btw and which shouldn´t be condemned anymore.

        As for that Tony or ManApart who was mentioned or that RetroMikey clown, they should be ignored. I highly doubt that they are all Canadiens fans to begin with.

  73. AndyF says:

    Did Pierre Ladouceur really give Gionta a 6.5 score for this week?! Am I missing something?

  74. SmartDog says:

    Why always the same boring practice picture. Might as well have an icon of a goofy kid with a hockey stick. C’mon guys, you have to have some more interesting practices pics than this.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I prefer the picture when Diaz’s cousin Raphael skates on the ice and starts peppering Theodore with shots!

    • Chris says:

      I actually miss the photo section at the old site. It was often fun to see what some of our more witty and creative posters would come up with for captions! :)

      Now, I think you can only comment on the whole album. And that’s not nearly as fun.

  75. Mattyleg says:

    The problem with prospects is that we have to resign ourselves to sitting back and watching 2-3 years of crap hockey.

    That won’t fly in Montreal. Toronto, yes, because they’re used to it.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  76. Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

    I’m a Price fan and I;d do it in a heartbeat. I don’t see a cup in the next ten years with or without the guy anyway. Not his fault, get him somewhere he can be appreciated, maybe some of the picks, prospects and cap room we’d get in return would expedite the Cup process. But if the last 20 years are any indication we’d end up with a couple Donald Audette’s.

    Dear Mtl Canadiens,
    Please beat Boston to tie the season series. You are about to cost me three bottles of rum in a little over a year.

  77. Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

    What have we been watching for the last 20 years? Other than some marginal blips, we’ve been middling or worse.

    Dear Mtl Canadiens,
    Please beat Boston to tie the season series. You are about to cost me three bottles of rum in a little over a year.

  78. 24 Cups says:

    “That won’t fly in Montreal.”

    Those days are long gone, which of course is part of the problem.

  79. HabinBurlington says:

    Your signature is soo true. I am building up quite a debt at my local. For years I was generally ahead, but now I feel like the Leaf Fans who have bets with these same Bruin Fans.

  80. mb says:

    Agree! Goaltending is obviously not the problem with this team, but not the solution either. As much as I think Price is good, he won’t bring the cup by himself. If we can get good prospects (and I said good, not average or below average) and draft picks for him, maybe we can get out of this hole in a couple of years. Plus, I don’t believe in the “franchise goaltender” thing. I’m a huge Carey Price fan, but I remain ralistic.

  81. Hit the nail on the head!!! Spot on!!!! Agree 100%

    +1 too boot!!!!!

  82. Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

    I think we over value most of our players, but I think our expectations are more in line with what the rest of the hockey world really thinks of Price than our expectations/value are in a guy like Kostitsyn (who should be resigned as well).

    The trouble with this group of MTL Canadiens is that there is no dominant player. Eric Cole is going to lead the team in scoring with 65-70 points. I know high end talent is hard to come by, but we always seem to come up short in all we do. I really, truly, honestly believe that there are too many reasons for guys to sign somewhere else.

    Dear Mtl Canadiens,
    Please beat Boston to tie the season series. You are about to cost me three bottles of rum in a little over a year.

  83. PureGuava says:

    It was the wrist injury that did him in…he was fine when he got here.

  84. Mattyleg says:

    I wouldn’t call us that.
    And in a league where there is so much parity, all you have to do is make the final 8, and it’s anyone’s game.
    What I’m talking about is not ‘middling to worse’, I’m talking about 29-30th place for 2-3 seasons.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  85. Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

    I forgot about that, severed tendons or something eh?

    Dear Mtl Canadiens,
    Please beat Boston to tie the season series. You are about to cost me three bottles of rum in a little over a year.

  86. Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

    Exactly. There are many goaltenders out there now who are good enough to win if the team is good. When was the last time a goalie stole a cup? I don’t mean a round, but stole the whole thing. Maybe it’s just Roy flooding my memory, but it did used to happen. Didn’t Ranford steal the ’91 cup?

    Dear Mtl Canadiens,
    Please beat Boston to tie the season series. You are about to cost me three bottles of rum in a little over a year.

  87. Mattyleg says:

    No no, I’m not talking about ‘dynasties’ and whatnot.
    I’m talking about fans, who already boo their own team when they are leading 3-1, stopping going to games to watch their team lose.
    Fans who will stop watching RDS, and who will stop buying merchandise because it’s too painful.
    Look at how many people have stopped this year, and we’re not nearly as bad as we would be if we dumped half our players and ‘picked up some good prospects’.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  88. Bill J says:

    See, that is your opinion… 21 thousand fans who pay high prices to see the games in person disagree with you.

    Don’t believe me ? Refer to the Molson Cup…

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  89. idle says:

    I have to agree with this comment. My issue was never that I liked Halak more then Price or didn’t like Price. My issue was that Halak was not given a fair shake. All along he was not even considered a possibility for the job because of course it would be Carry Price. Of course.

    Us Habs fans have a strange mix of hating on 90% of our roster 90% of the time and blindly anointing the other 10% who can do no wrong. We are so desperate for a star that we grab onto whatever prospect we think is the best at the time and once we do it could take 3 or 4 years for it do die down even if it has never materialized. We see it now with P.K, who I also feel can be a big time player eventually, but for now has not really done much of anything special. Yet daily we hear about how great P.K is. If LL was up for just a bit longer it would have taken hold with him too.

    I get excited about players potential too. But I think we need to be a bit more realistic about things. Let the players actually achieve some things before making them your poster boys. They probably will benefit from not being tossed in the boiler so soon.

    Now Price is a very fine goalie and if this team ever gets itself together and starts winning consistently I am sure price will be a big part of it. But now and at that point is when to celebrate it, not 3 years ago when he hadn’t done anything and at the expense of another young talented goalie who only wanted the same chance at the job that Price had.

  90. Mattyleg says:

    No he’s not.
    His team is better than the Habs.
    Halak is a good goalie, but like any goalie, has ups and downs.
    Halak has shown many times that he can’t handle a full workload, but still makes #1 goalie money.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  91. Storm Man says:

    ROFLMAO….. Shiloh you need to lay off what you are taking each day….

  92. Bill J says:

    Revisionist BS!

    Funny you weren’t saying this when Jaro sucked a$$ earlier this season eh ?

    Hitchcock has nothing to do with the improved Blues ?

    Oddly enough, Jaro ALWAYS succeeds in the first season under a new coaching system.

    Not the first time, nor the last that Hitch impacts a goalie who is a flash in the pan type.

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  93. aemarchand11 says:

    Halak and timely scoring got us to the Conferance final. Aside from that its easy to argue that neither goalie has accomplish any major championship. Price/Toews won the world juniors which is more than Halak has done.

    Halak, when he has good performances is lights out, but price is the more constantly sound goalie.

    Halak is a lot like Pavalec.

  94. Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

    Yeah man, i make the same bet every season, a quart of rum on the Boston season series. Last year I went double or nothing on the playoffs. When we were up 2-0 I almost went to collect. Been all down hill since.

    Dear Mtl Canadiens,
    Please beat Boston to tie the season series. You are about to cost me three bottles of rum in a little over a year.

  95. Bill J says:

    More BS, because I was looking for the idiot Halakites earlier this season, and NONE of you had the balls to say ANYTHING!!!!

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  96. Storm Man says:

    Shiloh I would hope at the age you are your house is paid off.. Mine is at the age of 35 :) but anyways you talk about hero-worship I understand you have one for Halak but look at the facts he is the back-up on the Blues and come playoffs time he will be having a good seat on the bench watching. You are older than me but I’m thinking at this point I’m smarter.

  97. Willy says:

    Why so angry Shiloh? I believe Storm Man is just trying to live with the present (messed up) team that the Habs are fielding rather than day dreaming about what might have been. But, hey i woulda kept Roy all those years ago so what do i know.

  98. Bill J says:

    This from the guy whose still angry 2 years later…. Pot, meet kettle.

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  99. Mattyleg says:

    You’re tellin’ me.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  100. Storm Man says:

    Hmmm funny you do talk about Halak a lot on here…. As you can tell I have no hero’s on the team as I look at them as a team win or lose.

  101. PureGuava says:

    He’s like Patrice Brisbois…except not French, classy, or likable.

  102. G-Man says:

    Stirring the pot today, Shiloh? 😀


    Tanking- The Losers way of winning.

  103. LL says:

    I didn’t realize it was hate on all our best players’ day.

    PK is immature, and maybe the fame has gone a little to his head.
    All fixable with time.

    Again, which player are you watching? Attitude aside, he’s playing top minutes even though he’s not ready for them.

    Let’s support the kid, ey?

  104. derfab says:

    Damn good player, whatever his supposed shortcomings. Many of his situational errors are from trying to compensate for the fact that there are few players on this squad that are able or willing to have his (or anyone elses) back. Price is an exception, one of the tougher guys on the club, which is part of why he gets the low fives. These two are amongst the most talented habs since Roy and, prior to that, the big 3.

  105. LA Loyalist says:

    He needs the mentoring that Larry Robinson got. He has outgrown what Hal Gill can do for him, and without Markov here the mental pressure to carry the team is too much.

    Why do we not have a specialist coach for the D? Why? I’m not saying we have to turn into the NFL, but surely this is a critical job?

  106. Willy says:

    What are you thrilled with about hockey or this team? Certainly seems like nothing. Seriously, I haven’t heard whining like this in a long time.

  107. twilighthours says:

    And also a much, much, much better hockey player.

  108. BTVHabsFan says:

    LOL he does turn the puck over as well as Breezer did

  109. PureGuava says:

    how much?

    Brisbois won a cup, and had 420 pts in 1009 NHL games. He had an 18 yr career and finished a plus 1.

  110. tophab says:

    halak will be the starter when the playoffs come.

  111. Mattyleg says:

    I have it on pretty good authority (don’t ask me how; let’s just say “I invented it”) that the soup will be Curried Deer.
    Mark my words: if it isn’t, I’ll conveniently forget and continue to make predictions about other things. If it is, then I’ll remind everyone about it for eternity.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  112. HabinBurlington says:

    For future posting on this topic, you would be best to refer to it as venison, especially up in Hunting Country. :)

  113. j0nHABS says:

    Brisbois fell out of my favor when he bailed on the team during a playoff run and went to Europe for some personal reason.
    He was not that great.
    And a head case to boot.

  114. twilighthours says:

    I’ll feel pretty good about PK’s career stats when it’s all said and done.

    PK’s already reached Breezer’s career high in pts (38) and did that in his rookie year. He also went to the Allstar game and was named to the all-rookie team (both things Breezer never did).

    Might it be a bit early to jump on a 2nd year pro?

  115. tophab says:

    stupid fans pick the molson cup.

  116. InPriceWeTrust31 says:

    They did offer him a extension this past week, but he is looking for more years , the offer was 10 years at 7 mill similar to Rinne. moree years are betterr.

    Quelle arrete de carey price!

  117. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Pricebots? Wake-up call? Mommy always said you were special?

  118. Mattyleg says:

    What’s a Price-bot?

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  119. habsnyc says:

    I do not know what Price wants to be paid. I do not know what Montreal would offer him. The benchmark is Rinne’s deal $49 million for seven seasons. I doubt a deal gets done during the season.

    Price’s value is lower at the moment than last year. I think he would like to have a stronger second half and negotiate with better performance. The team is in flux. I think Price would like more information before committing to a long term deal. Despite speculation that his job is in jeopardy, I think the Molsons would allow PG to negotiate a long term deal with Price during the season.

    Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

  120. ABHabsfan says:

    What do you get again by giving up a RFA to an offer sheet? I know it varies depending on amount, but there is a top-end, right?

  121. Ian Cobb says:

    Spread the cap around more evenly to create a TEAM that will play for and back up each other.

  122. ZepFan2 says:

    I guess I’m a “Price-bot”.

    That being said, if the rumour was true (which I don’t believe it is) , I would have no problem with the Habs saying buh-bye to Price and taking the picks.

    Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

  123. Boomer says:

    the problem with going to arbitration is that it might leave bad blood between the two parties, and the problem with long term and expensive contracts is the player might not perform to par and the team is stuck with a massive contract and cant trade em (Luongo), or heck even GOMEZ lol
    nothing over 4 years for anyone, but thats not how it works :(

    Boom baby!

  124. bleedhabs81 says:

    I am not sure what you are struggling with Mattyleg

    Since bot is short for robot and Price is short for Carey Price it clearly means robotic Price. I don’t know how this is not clear. Sounds like you need a wake up call.

    Ahhh, sarcasm… there should be a font for it.

  125. Propwash says:

    Clearly it’s wrong to support your team’s goaltender, who woulda thunk it??

    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  126. Mattyleg says:

    Your posts are a crime.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  127. RGM says:

    I woulda said at 41 past the hour, every hour, but the point stands.

    GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
    Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

  128. Bill J says:

    Oops, my bad…. You called out another poster…

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  129. HabinBurlington says:

    Interesting response Shiloh, I simply don’t get the need to argue over a decision the team made almost 2 years ago. I could tell you Jaro is the greatest goalie in the world and he still won’t show up in a Montreal jersey, don’t get the need to rehash past moves.

  130. English is not a Crime says:

    Pretty much sums up all of your posts on the topic over the past 2 yrs.

  131. Thomas Le Fan says:

    I hear that’s why she thought you were special. Special delivery.

  132. Bill J says:

    Ian, by your logic we will NEVER have a elite player EVER!!!!!

    Come on , it’s 2012 and salaries have ballooned, saying no player should earn more then 5 million is cap basement talk.

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  133. HabinBurlington says:

    I don’t think the Price contract gets done until the Gomez contract is dealt with one way or the other, trade, waivers, Hamilton etc….

    I would guess middle of offseason.

  134. Bill J says:

    I somewhat agree, in the sense that only once Gomez is gone will Price be signed. And before Gomez is gone, the Habs will already have traded for a better center to replace Gomez.

    However, I do believe we could see Gomez gone sooner too, not necessarily exclusive to this offseason.

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  135. Bill J says:

    Isn’t Hedman injured ?

    Is it a concussion ? If so, not interested in this trade idea.

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  136. Vladdy Mondavi says:

    Not a bad trade, but I don’t see TB making that trade, if not for financial issues alone.

    Opinions are like kittens, I’m giving them away.

  137. ZepFan2 says:

    “They did offer him a extension this past week, but he is looking for more years , the offer was 10 years at 7 mill similar to Rinne.”

    Really? Maybe you can supply a link to back up your statement.

    Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

  138. powdered toastmann says:

    I’m too lazy to check…but surely someone must have stated this truth before me…Long term contracts just don’t work…(they’re incentive Zappers)

  139. Bill J says:

    The truth is, these contract offers/requests are Hab rumours.

    When is the last time you heard a Hab rumour that ended up actually happening ?

    Nuf said!

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  140. Bill J says:

    How old is Crosby ? Will he be OK too ? 😉

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  141. Mattyleg says:

    Yes, it’s silly.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  142. HabsTrueBlue says:

    Has there ever been an NHL player who gained an extra burst of quickness at the age of 25?

  143. CanadienBoy says:

    DD as the same amount of point than Jagr or Heatley or Marchand plus i think he know better than you and i about what he has to do

  144. English is not a Crime says:

    You are any different? It’s 2 yrs ago now, let it go already.

  145. ABHabsfan says:

    I’m not sure how you would find something like that out

  146. G-Man says:

    All the old books said an athlete reached their peak from 24 to 27. With all the extra roids and HGH, etc… who knows?
    I mean, like, how old was Lance (I am not doping) Armstrong?


    Tanking- The Losers way of winning.

  147. LA Loyalist says:

    actually, working on a treadmill with an expert coach, you can identify very specific technical flaws (or bad habits, if you prefer) in a skater.

    I worked with a coach after an injury who spotted that my left leg was stronger than my right, even though I am right handed – reason being I had broken my right ankle and that bone no longer bends – anyway, yeah 25 is late, but if there are specific things he can work on – like getting his weight on his toes for his first stride or two, improvement is possible.

    One would hope that Habs coaches look at this sort of thing – or am I being wildly optimistic?

  148. neumann103 says:

    Can’t really reproduce a table correctly due to formatting limitations in comments

    There are trigger levels for various compensation. Starting from base in 2005 the triggers points have been moved upwards indexed with average NHL salary.

    I won’t bother with the sub $4.7M compensation. I mean if someone offer sheets Price less than $4.7M it is a no-brainer to match.

    Most likely any offer sheet would be in the range
    $4,701,132 to $6,268,175 First-, second-, and third-round pick

    next up
    $6,268,176 to $7,835,219 Two first-round picks and a second- and third-round pick.
    Not likely to happen but if so, things get interesting. If the team was likely to finish bottom 5 in the next couple of years this is a huge foundation for a rebuild.

    $7,835,220 and above Four first-round picks
    Completely insane. Never going to happen, Of course you would take the picks

    “Et le but!”

  149. Timo says:

    I don’t think Blunded will be in the lineup when White’s back. I was hoping that Darche would sit but he is turning into Breezer – impossible to bump from the roster.

  150. Danny88 says:

    A few more big bodied blue liners (hopefully physical not like gill) would be nicer :)


  151. JayK-47 says:

    At 25 I upped my game to run 18 miles a week and ran my fastest 3 miles in 18:30 at 4,895 ft above sea level. It took me 3 months of work where my previous fastest ever was 21:05.

    So yeah, it’s possible. Where to find out… the Habs trainers?

  152. HabinBurlington says:

    With JM absolutely Darche would stay, but I am starting to think RC likes how Blunden is playing.

  153. bleedhabs81 says:

    Nice summary.

    I wouldn’t feel confident with any picks though. If another team had Price, I am not entirely sure you can bank on that team sucking.

    Also, if your not going to build around him, why even send out an offer sheet?

    Bottom line, if there is an offer sheet, I would imagine the team that is trying to get Price is also looking to drastically improve now (making the chances of a good pick less likely).

  154. krob1000 says:

    I think Blunden is next years Darche if RC stays….one way very cheap contract…and guy who can play up and down the bottom 2 and sometimes 3 lines…kind of like Moen…not quite as versatile but offers many fo the same skllis minus the pk. Blunden would likely jump at a one way deal and we will probably need two or three 600k types to get under the cap and Blunden is a perfect fit…especially if RC remains.

  155. remi_10069 says:

    Bang on, no pun intended. I like what Darche did while he was with the big club but despite his size (217???, who knew) he is unfortunately not NHL caliber and is old. Definitely keep Blunden. He looked good in the pre-season and so far has proven that he can put the puck in the net. White, Blunden, Moen, Bourque, Emelin…watch the hitting get contageous. We should add someone who can actually fight to help clean up the messes that start when our bashers level an opponent.


  156. habsolutely416 says:

    i think blunden has more to offer and we will see it as he gets more ice time.

    ill be in the slot 😉

  157. ABHabsfan says:

    I’m sure it’s possible to do. I meant how do you find out if another player in the NHL has done something like that, gained a step after the age of 25. Sounds like you are a good runner though

  158. christophor says:

    Everyone is.
    Plek, Eller, and Louis/Bournival can be the Habs’ top 3 centers on a winger-heavy team.

  159. ZepFan2 says:

    We’re in complete agreement here.

    Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

  160. HabinBurlington says:

    In the words of a famous person from LA, “Cant we all just get along!”

  161. LA Loyalist says:

    Dude, your abbatoir is legendary, it speaks for itself.

  162. Mattyleg says:

    Yep, nothing like RetroMikey saying “…and HH agrees with me” to boost the ol’ ego.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  163. Bill J says:

    Why do you believe everything you hear on TSN ? Really Dave, it’s getting tiresome to read your posts on a fictional subject.

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  164. mb says:

    Well, we’re talking about Carey Price and Habs fans, here. CP could sign a 550 000$ contract and yet, he’d still have to hear it from the boo birds. Then, the game after, he gets named first star, and by the end of the month, he gets the Molson cup. And then, the month of November starts.

  165. Mattyleg says:

    The posters were bad enough, but it was Le Bleuet (Mark II) that broke the Habits’ back!
    I like this approach.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  166. Mattyleg says:

    Bill, you’re awfully testy today!
    Bit of sarcasm here, methinks…

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  167. Bill J says:

    Where did I imply you read TSN ? Nm Dave, continue believing every bs rumour TSN radio spews. Your business.

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  168. Bill J says:

    lol, nice. Tired of idiocy, far too many good posters have left this site lately, leaving far too many fools to “take over”

    The Halak worshiping earlier surprised me, and may have set the tone for me today on the site.

    btw, I do like Dave, and think he has valuable input. Sometimes though, when he gets a bee in his undies… He tends to go into hyperbole hyperdrive.

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  169. Mattyleg says:

    Yeah, I hears ya.
    Sometimes it gets under your skin even though you tell yourself it’s stupid.
    HH is having some bitter laffs. Made me chuckle.
    There are still good posters here, and we got your back.

    They. They got your…
    I don’t mean to imply..

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  170. The Dude says:

    Bill J ,YOU KNOW THE ONLY REASON FANS HAVE LEFT THIS SITE IS BECAUSE OF THIS DISMAL HABS PERFORMANCE..and too pawn it off on others is bullsh!t. And as for fans like pie-chart Berkshire or whomever the door is always open,may I recomend more sugar whilst posting towards others.

  171. Bill J says:

    Dude: with all due respect, I do not require “sugar” in my posts, clearly people like you are allowed to post whatever crosses your minds. Therefore, I too am allowed that same privilege.

    Dave: hyperbole hyperdrive is on again buddy. 😉

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  172. HardHabits says:

    after All-Star break 2013!

  173. CanadienBoy says:

    The word is next year with White after the all start

  174. Psycho29 says:

    Subban for Byfuglien?

  175. HabinBurlington says:

    If indeed he is actually scouting the premiere UFA Parise, tell me before a trade is made that a contract would be in place.

    P.S. My understanding Parise will only sign here if Gomez is here…

  176. Bill J says:

    re your ps, gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1/3 of a teams salary on two smurfs.

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  177. longbow says:

    Agree with that. With no signature to a contract extension I would absolutely walk away. I’d hate to see him go back to Jersey on July 1st. I wouldn’t trust Lou as far as I could throw him.

    “A constant smirk upon the face, and a whiffing activity of the body, are strong indications of futility.” Lord Chesterfield

  178. ProHabs says:

    My sources are saying Subban for Bogosian.

  179. HabinBurlington says:

    the dots were my sarcasm giveaway :)

  180. Bill J says:


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    Go Habs Go!

  181. HabinBurlington says:

    Big Shot, big body, but I think less talent.

  182. VancouverHab says:

    Great link — thanks!

  183. Bill J says:

    Again, you idiot. You have me wrong. In fact … On this topic alone, Ive never been to a summit.

    Why don’t you talk about the Habs and quit stalking me. It’s weird.

    As for “sticking up for a summit poster” perhaps the irony that that type of fan who is social, as opposed to anti-social basement dwellers like yourself he is more agreeable to be pleasant to.

    I know for a bully like yourself, that is a hard concept to grasp, problem with you trying to bully me, I’m not meek in any way. Thus why you concluded when I said if a idiot chose to speak to me the way you did “that day” he would likely get a fist to the face. No self respecting person would accept being spoken to the way you do to me and others. So you assumed I would surely punch you in the face, as you know your a total a**hole. Since then you’ve accused me of threatening you. Quite sad that you missed the point.

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  184. Bill J says:

    What are you 14 ?

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

  185. HardHabits says:

    Double standard for sure. I like it because it’s forcing me to the higher ground.

  186. Bill J says:

    Just so I’m clear, are either of you implying me ? Just curious, no need for long rants.

    btw in one case I am truly wanting to know, that is… Dave.

    Habso, who again is working his own agenda is another story, and the query to him was for lol’s

    If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

    Go Habs Go!

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